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DEC 30 

of River Falls TIKES 




Neunpaper: Thlof River Pallb TIM ES • 

Inclusive Dates 

Of This Microfilm: Jul" 1,1970 - Dae 30,1970 


ilurical Society 2/W 



-n— >■■----'- 




A Week 

I'hief River falls Times w 

TOaf Unr Mb. f«.to«t«i Co— ly. Mtanota 

W.dmday, July 1. 1»70 

Postal Notice. 

Biulnou-will-bc. conducted Ai- 

usual Friday, July 3, with regular 
delivery-' and 'window, service at 
the Thief River Foils post office. 
All star routes will 6c run ac- 
cording to schedule, according to 
It. J. Drydcn, postmaster. 

Police Dep't. 

Warns Against 
Using; Fireworks 

In encouraging practices which 
will lead to a safe Fourth of July 
holiday, the Thlci River Falls 
police department has urged 
special care in travel, boating 
and swimming and issued a 
warning regarding fireworks. 
. Section 21 of Minnesota 
be unlawful to offer for sale, 
expose for salc,~Bcll at retail or 
wholesale or to use or explode 
any fireworks, 

Section 24 provides that the 
state fire marslial or ony'sherlff, 
police officer, constable or local 
fire marshal shall seize, take, 
remove or cause to be removed, 
at Ihe expense of the owner, -all 
stocks of fireworks offered or 
exposed Tor sale, stored or held in 
violation of stale law. 

Police Chief Elton Cummlngs 
noted that one report of minor 
burns had been received this year 
as a result of fireworks. 
Provision Is made in tho law for 
permits to be issued to groups or 
organizations for supervised 
fireworks displays. 

Record 636 Enroll 
For Summer School 

classifications as 

ZONING MAP for Thief River Falls will look like this following use class mentions. There ore now 14 different 

completion of the' requirements Tor adopting an ordinance revision, shown in the key for the map above. Residential area comprises most 

Public hearing has been held and first reading of the changes held to of the city's rones, with several large tracts for public and industrial 

chongclhccity'sioningordinancefromgcnernltomorespcclflchind uses. 

Northland State Budget Approved 

Council Shores - 
Federal Grant ; 

..-LaWtf -. ^Ecanomic.^Ojj- 
portunity has approved a 1750,000 
special Impact grant to the 
Minnesota Economic Op- 
portunity office. 

The approval for the grant, 
which Is to be used to establish 
the Mahube Community 
Development corporation, was 
announced by Congressman Odin 
Langcn yesterday. The cor-, 
porotlon will promote economic 

~ development activities by 
establishing a system of timber, 
specialty crop and tourist en- 
terprises serving Mahnomen. 
Hubbard. Decker , East Po lk Red 

~" Lukc7~CIourwaler ond Fen- 
nlngton counties. 
The project, a Joint effort of the 

Mahube, ..CammuniLy„councll, 

petrolt Lakes, headed by 
. Delmouro Hultgrco, and the 
Inter-County Community council, 

' Budget jf 1417,285 has boon" 
approved Tor tho 1070-71 school 
year for Northland State Junior 

_coUego by Uio Minnesot a stat e 
Junior colUgCjboard. 

— All- expenses of the college, 
except building, from. July, 1, 
1970, through Juno 30, 1WI, are to ' 

-*» cWW«V. the- budget, ' Which"" 
is, according to Northland 
president Victor Charles, about 
172,000 higher than was last 
year's. Enrollment for the 
coming year Is projected at 303 
rull'tlmo students. 

ThelargestBhareof tho money, 
1354,003, will be used for salaries ' 
of administrative personnel, 
faculty, staff, and students 
working part time at tho college, 
Supplies, equipment, repairs, 
communications, travel, freight, 
etc.. will total 144,827. and 
property rental, Insurance and 
-■"'*y-flervlco"wlll"cosM8;4 55: 

Oklcc. directed - by Roy 
Jorgcnson, was requested by 
those communilyoctioh agencies" 
under title 1-D of the economic 
opportunity act of 1964. ■ 

4-Day Program 
At Red Lake To^ 
Start Tomorrow 

Vino Delorin Jr.'wlll bo the 
feature speaker Sunday at the 
Bth annual international Indian 
dance celebration at Red Lake. 
Dolor la's 2 p.m. address will 
highlight a four-day celebration. 
The festivities all held at the 
Red Lake village fairgrounds. 
begin tomorrow (Thursday) and 
continue Jhro ugh _J_uly_5^ 

Dclarla hi a Standing ■ Rock 
Sioux from a' family of Ameri- 
ca/] Indians of scholar, church- 
man a ndwn rri or<hi of a n ccstors ._ 

He Is the former" executive 
director of the National Congress 
of American Indians, and this 
. spring . completed workfor a 
Juris Doctor low -"degree urihe 
University of Colorado, Boulder. 

Linnae Hanson . 
jEnters Hereford; 
Queen Contest; ; 

'-'■ '"Miss- tlnnS«V*flansoBi-i-i6 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Si' . 
Hanson of rural Thler River 
Falls, Is competing today for the 
title of Minnesota Hereford queen 
at the state field day being held 
near Mahnomen, 

Crowning of the state, queen 
will take place as one of the ac- 
tivities of tho Minnesota Junior 
Hereford association event being 

held nt Oxley ^Hereford ranch 

southeast of Mahnomen. Linnae's 
brother Ross, a student at the 
University of Minnesota, Is a 
former.' president of the s tate 


A student at Lincoln senior high 
school, Linnae has shown 
Hereford cattle ns 4-H club 
projects nt the county fair and 
assisted In showing' Ihcfamlly's" 
herd In open class competition 
throughout the area. 

CAROL PASSA, IB, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Passa of rum 
Thief River Falls, will be among candidates for the Miss Thief Rivet 
Falls title nt Ihe Jaycee Aquacade. The official Miss AmcricJ 
preliminary pageant will be held Saturday, July 25. In the Lincolr 
senior high school, auditorium. 

Carol Passa In 
Queen Pageant 

by Marvin Lundln H 
Times Kdllor' ij 
(This Is the fourlh-lnji sMics of 
*" dldalesTor the 

annual Joyces Aquacade. The social workti 

four-year degree. After college 
she hopes to use the knowledge 
gained to provide assistance to 
persons who need help, 
what In the manner of a 

Really, It's The Berries! 

Hermanson Has 24-Acre Farm 

„.eant nt which the 1U70. Mis 
Thief Hiver Falls will bo crowned 
will be held SaiurdayrJulyasrar 
the Lincoln -senior high school 
auditorium.) \ 

"1 guess it sounds funny, but 1 
wont to help pconje-^pwple who 
really need' help," is the way 
Carol Passu ^explains licr am- 
bitions and desires following 
college. And by the way she says 

-11,-you know she ... _ 
Eightccn-ycnr-old Carol Is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Passa of rural Thief River Palls, 
a 1969 graduate of Lincoln senior 
high school and attended one 
year of junior college — *'— '- 

JnndJSlaUs ' ' 

t three and 

- / 

\ by Jim Lee 

Times Reporter 
Strawberry season has arrived. 
And that means picking, sor- 
ting and packing, as well as 
selling, for A.C. Hermanson, who 
has -bectf raising strawberries, 
raspberries and other, garden 
produce on his' farm south of 
Thief River Palls since 1B32. 

Not large by midwest stan- . 
dards, Hermonson's farm con- 
\ — Binc~nf~24-a cr cs y 10 of -which "arc - 
used for- crop whllc-thc rest Is 
yard and woods. Those 10 acres 
. produce, in addition to (he 
berries, sweet cem, tomatoes. 
cucumbers, carrots, dill and 
potatoes, allfor sale, and flowers, . 
not for sale. ■ 

"I got froie out of Detroit, 

Mich." Elermsnion sayi. A 

native of Thler River Falls. 

he went to Detroit to work, 

but found thing* pretty hard 

there during the early IBSO'i. 

Hermanson points at one of his 

fields and continues. "My dad 

told me 'There's 14 acres, you'd 

better come back and not starve 

' to death in Detroit.' I came back 

and . talked $ the fellow that. 

owned that land, but he said he 


$700 in travelers' checks thaiTaT* 

leave with my dad when 1 went 

back to Detroit, and If he changed ' 

his mind, he could have the (700 

for theland. Next day ho sold It to 

■ ■ . "It'sworthalotmorcthanthal 

SOON TO HE RASPBERRIES arc these blossoms on tho bushes nt now tut u, e(1 it was „n ( u ]i „f 

Hcrmanson's berry form south of Thief River Foils. Hermanson has W oods nn[ j stones, and everybody 

been ro Isingberrlcs and garden produce on the same farm since 1832. nnd bc^ dumping stuff on It. I 

had to clear it all by myself, and 
hod to build roods. I was broke, 
too! But, like I tell tho girls (hired 
to help pick the berries), 'Quit- 
ters never win, and winners 
never quit!" 

Hermanson hires a number of 
local girls to pick tho 
strawberries andrnspberrics 
every summer.He already has 
five hired to begin" picking "and 
more waiting to be h ired. He may 
"need "is, ".though il v 

During Ihe winter months 
Hermanson moves to Thief River 
Falls nnd spends a great deal of' 
his time In the public library. 
"I've got n lot to learn." he says.. 
"I don't know it all yet." Last 
winter he studied economy, ond 
from— his -research -drew the 
opinion that the future . "looks 

one-half Inches tall, weighs Off 
pounds, has hrown hair, blue eyes 
and a 33-22-35 figure. Her talent 
will be a humorous Interpretive 
rending and her sponsor will be 
her employer, the newly-opened 
Tns tee- Free*. 

This fall Carol will enroll at 
North Dakota stale university nt 
' Fargoinacourse called "Fol '"" 
Relationships nnd C 
Development" which leads 

While at .Northland, she was 
vice president of ihe Newman 
'Clubhand n memberof the "N" 
club. Her high school activities at 
Lincoln included library club. 
Future Teachers of America and, 
plnying- violin- In the- concert — - -—'--- 
Orchestra. idi 

As a 4-H club member for seven 
years she won two trips to the 
state fair gave quite a number of 
demonstrntlonsan 4-H club 
projects and served "as a junior 
leader. Her hobbies include 
sewing (she makes about half of 
her own clolhes), good natured 
practical Joking tnot to hurl 
anybody), dancing, bowling and 
wat ching football and hockey. 

Enrollment for the i 

'session of Thief River Falls 
public schools hit a record high Of 
030 pupils for the 1970 year, ac- 
cording to Supt. L. M. Johnson. 
' The total compares with the 1909 
'enrollment of -too students. 

A total of 31B students enrolled 
in the elementary school 
curriculum are studying In eight 
levels orreadlrig; six levels of 
mathematics (Including ad- 
vanced mathematics! , com- 
munity studies, drama, art and 
outdoor science. 

— ^nieic^reuisXpUDlliinjeiid.ina__ 
classes. 77 in mathematics, nine in drama. 68 In art, 
23 In community studies and 21 In 
outdoor science. Part of the 
rending program for elementary ■ 
students Is funded through Title I 
of the elementary and secondary 
education act, Sup). Johnson 
said. , 

Most of the materinl used for 
the summer school Instruction is 
of on individualized nature, the 
superintendent added. Rending 
lenchers arc teantcd with four 
reading teachers to a team. 
These instructors Include Myrtle ' 
Spangrud, Morion Glgslad. Edith 

-Etlcr, Dorothy Hanson. Vernon 
Treat. Elda Hanson, Kristine 
Johnson nnd Frank Womack. 

Teaching elementary 
mathematics ore Ronald 
Lcverlngton, Patrick- Klemlsch 

. nnd" John SchmiU.. Diane. Mar- __ 
shall "instructs'dra'ma " and art 
with. Richard Tyler' and Scnara 

-Skny also instructlngnrt classes. 
ItTjirald. Novak- directs Ihe. 
community-studies program with 
David Stromlund taking care of 
the outdoor science students and 
Allan Bergnn serving as speech 

i Secondary students numbering 

, \ 276 have a large range of studies 

.jopen to Ihem from the oris nnd 

Sciences through vocational 

education, Supt. Johnson added. 

"ThcrcTire pa- sen I or- high school 

students enrolled in auto body 

repair, English 12. art seminar, 

biology and social studies. - V 

Instructors In the senior high 

-school -prog ram include Kcnnelh 

Wagner, auto body repair; 

Michael Tillmunn, English; Don 

Lerud, art seminar; Everett 

Marshall and Ted Hellie. 

English; Ed Krystosek and 

Frank Kne. socinl studies;'nnd 

Lawrence Brown, biology. 

There ore 1IUI junior high school 
students enrolled in 

mathematics, social studies, . 
English, art. home economics. 



lopmentnl rending and 

— CaroThlfTlwiralder&roirierc — ; 
nnd three younger sisters. 
Dennis, 21, is married, n 1070 
graduate of the University of 
Minnesota, and will be entering 
grnduolu school in wildlife 
management. Pat, 19, graduated 

-from the electronics course nt the 

area technical institute this year. 

Candy. 17, will be a senior nt 

Child ^ncoln high school In the fall; 

Appraisers Work 
On East Side 

Appraisers working on the 
state-ordered reappraisal of 

property In Thief River Falls arc 
continuing their efforts in the Red 
Lake Rapids addition and the ■ 
.Allco-drivo-areaahbi.- -'" " 

■cording to Bob Stone, head of the 
appraisal firm- 
Stone repeated that apprnlsers 
will not e'nler homes to make an 
inside npprnlsal unless a 
responsible adult Is home at the 
time. Whcnlhcrc Is no respon- 
sible adult nt home, however, the 
home will be photographed and 


as he needed last year.. The 
picking season runs from, now 
until school starts, and oc- 
casionally, depending upon how 
long the plants bear fruit, 

beyond. -- — ■ 

"Il'i like milking a caw, 

though." the gardener says. 

"You've got to mitk it every ,-—-] 

Thc'rimpie rain the Thief River ;-Tcke POSltlOn 
Falls area has been blessed with *.«■.■• 
this spring doesn't bother him- At HUTChmSOn 

much cither.* "The rain really 

didn't hurl, il really did me some- Executive director _af the 

good. The water stood between """ 

Despite his dim outlook for the 
future, however, things don't look* 
so bad at present forHcrmnnson, 
whosavs he could driven new cor 
every year if he had more land 
planted to strawberries. 
Slrowberry season has arrived. 

Birkeland To 


Educational Research ^.ajid 
Development .. council _ has. ac- 
cepted the position of assistant 
superintendent of schools at 
Hutchinson. •"■ 

~ E. Dale" Birkeland, 6triaavG~oI 
Lrt of the slate with ccr- absence as assistant supcrin- 
Chief raspberries. Down In lendent of schools at East Grand 

the raspberry rows f which 
Winked Up above ground level) 
and then went right dawn. It 
really made them nice. 
— " Care It rfnlly_wba L_m okca. 
them. I'm about the only one in 

this ■ - - ■ 


southern Minnesota those who , Forks Inst year and former 
raise them have lo bury them In superintendent of schools at Red 
the winter time. That's because Lake Falls, is currently attending 
they don't have snow. Mine don't Ihe University of Minnesota on a 
get covered and they stand here speclol grunt studying methods 
nnd programs of assisting 
handicapped children.' 

OFHt'KltS of Districts A nnd B of the Conference 
on Geriatric care, division of the Minnesota 
Hospital association, ore pictured during n session 
on "Care for the Blind Aged" held recently nt 
' Northwestern hospital in Thief River Falls. Left to 
Irwin Anderson. Beltrami count y,_ vice 

j Park nursing hamc-Thic"_RlY£_ r _ 

*"""" and Warren Jensen, St. Louis county, cunlcrence 
commiviioner from Districts A and B, Anderson 
succeeds Don Colcandcr. formerly of Clearbrook. 
who has moved front the area. Speaking at the 
meeting were Miss Mary DeVoy. consultant lo the 
blind on aging for the Minneapolis society of blind. 

(Continued on page 4) 

chairman: J. M. Roche, administrator of Oakland nnd John Wclgel, acting director of the conference. 



NEW J & B 


All Nationally Known Brands 









■i ■ r 



The Gunderson 
Family Reunion 
Held At Erskine 

Descendants of Herman and 
Anna Gunderson met Sunday,- 
June 7, near Erskine at Lake 
. Sarah Farmers Union camp for 
their annual reunion. The event 
Included a pot-luck dinner. 
program, business meeting and 
picture taking. 

The program began with the 
singing of-. "America". Mrs. 
Elvcrn Gunderson led In prayer 
and gave the narration ns her 
husband showed slides .of their 
trip to the sau(hcm states. Slides 
of last year's reunion were shown 
by Gloria Gunderson. 

During; the b us In ess "session, 
Klvem Gunderson of Uejou was 
ducted president, Martin 
' Ellingson of Fosslon, vice 
president; and Mrs. Clarence 
Howard or Ok lee, secretary- 
Irc.isurer. The date for the next 
reunion was set for June 0, 1971 nt 
the Kiiiii.' location. 

that Henry 


Wcdncsdny.Julyl.1970 / Thief River Falls. Minn. 

wot Onrj-was-thpold«t- 
ihciiibcr present and Mary Belli 
' Toman of. Virginia, the youngest. 
. Coming from" the ■ greatest 
NliKtirtcc were Mr. and Mrs. Rod 
Krafiness of Bau Clnire, Wis., 
and Mr. nnd.Mrs. Dunne Howard 
of Rochester. 

Attending the reunion were Mr. 
and Mrs. Ole Gunderson,; Mary 
Gunderson,- Mr. and Mrs. John E. 
Gunderson nnd Henry .Gun- 
derson. nil of Gary; Mr. and Mrs. 
Mtirliti Ellingson of Fosslon: Mr. ' 
and Mrs. Albert Howard, and Mr, 
and Mrs. Clarence Howard of 
(Jklee. and Mrs. Hurry Hanson 
and Mrs, Howard Hanson, Wendy 
and Joanne, all of Trail; 

Also Mr. and "Mrs; Hod 
Krafiness or. Eou Claire. .Wis.; 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Duane Howard of 
Rochester: Mr. and Mrs. Ber- 
nard- Gunderson and Duane of 
Hibblng; Gloria Gunderson uf- 
Minneapolfs. Mrs!' "Morslm!! 
, Toman. Michael nnd Mary Beth, 
....and .,Mr. nnd.Mrs. Kernel .Gun- 
derson. Lisa and .Sherry of 
Virginia: and Mr. and Mrs. Obcrt 
Gunderson and Mr, and Mrs. 
Klvurn Gunderson, David, Kevin 
and Michael of Uejou. 

tuxedos with pink tipped car-. 
nation boutonnlcrcs. The groom's 
boutonnlere was on all-while 

. For her daughter's wedding. 
Mrs. Stroble chose a light blue 
sleeveless, knit dress with beige 
accessories and o corsage of 
while daisies with pfnk roses. 
Mrs. /damson wore a pink two- 
pleco knit dress, accented with 
olive, green accessories. Her 
corsage was similar to the one 
worn by' ihc mother of the bride. 
Special. guests at the wedding 
were Mrs.' Hilda Hnngaard, 
grandmother of the bride, Grant 
Adamson and Mr. and Mrs. 
Stanley Infold, grandparents of 
the groom.' 

■ A reception In the church 
parlors, folio wed. Jewell Th'yren, 
a friend of the bride presided at 
the guest book as Arlys and 
Roxanno Adamson. sisters of the . 
groom, served- the punch. The - 
three-tiered wedding cake. 
trimmed with pink roses and 
lilies of the valley and topped 
r with, n miniature bride and 
groom, was cut and served by 
Mrs. Art Ilnmbeck and Mrs. 
Vernn Froiland, friends of the 

Celebrate Their 

*%r*L A • served Uie anniversary cake 

£5fh Anniversary baked and decorated by Mr* 
Torjus Johnson_ and' Mrs. Olc 

Gulllck liyklum, president of Our 
Savior's ALCWns hostess. ' 

At the reception Misses Arlys 
und Laurel Mognuson cut and 
served fjie anniversary cake 

Renae Dianne Myrum 
To Wed Don Roberts 

Mr. and Mrs. Bcrncll Myrum of 
Pcngllly, and formerly of Trail, 
announce the engagement of 
their daughter, Rcnnc Dianne, to 
Don Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs, 
Don Roberts, Sr., of Pcngllly. 

Miss Myrum will be attending 
Hlbbing State Junior college In 
the Tall. Her fiance Is employed 
as mechnlc at Koivlsto's Ser- 
vfecnter at KcewaUn. 

No Wedding date has.bccrvsct. 

■Urn! tr. — Pou ring— 


Twenty-fifth wedding an- 
niversary of Mr. and Mrs, 
Lyndon Magnuson of Grygla was 
observed Sunday, June 21. nl an 
open house celebration at Our 
Savior's Lutheran church at 

The couple, Lyndon Magnuson 
and Engcborg Homme; were 
united In marriage on May 24, 
IMS with Rev. C. L. Hatmrnst of 
Grygla officiating. Attending the 
couple were Mr. and Mrs. Torjus 
Johnson. They were special 
guests at the open house 
celebration, together with Mrs. 
Anna Homme, mother of Mrs. . 

Mr. and Mrs. Magnuson 
presently own nnd operate o farm 
near Grygla. They have four 
children: Miss Arlys Magnuson - 
of Arlington, Va., Mrs. Richard 
(Barbara) Johnson of Moorhond 
and Miss .Laurel and' David 
Magnuson, both of. Grygla. All 
were present (or the celebration. 

The event began with a 
program with ^Richard Johnson, 
master of ceremonies, giving the 
devotions based on Gen. 2:1B-2S. 
The hymn, "Children of the 
Heavenly Father,'; was suns by 
the assembled guests. Headings 
given were "May These Be Your 
Blesslngs r " by Mrs. Knutc 

Byklum. Mrs.- Richard Johnson 
poured as Maureen Johnson and 
Miss Ha thy Harbott presided at 
the guest book. 

The open house celebration 
continued that evening at the 
home of the couple. 

Debra Ann Phelps To 
Wed Larry A. Megan' 

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Phelps of 
- Thief River Fall* announce the 
engagement of their daughter, 
D»EBRA- Ann, to Larry Allen 
Mogen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy 
. Mogen, also of Thief River Falls. 

An August wedding Is being . 


Mrs. Sclmer Holback and son, 
Carrol, of Menomonle,- Wis., 
arrived on Monday last week, 
nnd were houjc guests at the Ole. 
Lerol home until- Thursday. Mrs. 
Holback is a cousin of Mrs. Lerol; 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mouslcy of 
Apple ton, —Wis., -announce the .. 
birth or a daughter, Amy Jo, on 
June 11. The child weighed lbs., 
3 oz. Mrs. Mousley is the former 
Joan Young who taught Business 
Education at the Thief River 
Falls area vocational - technical 



StroblerAdamson Vows- 
Are Exchanged June 6 

Paula Ann Slrnble and 
Don L. -Adamson exchanged 
miirrjnge vows on Salurday, 
June 6. at 2:30 p.m.. ut Redeemer 
Lutheran church in this city. Rev. 
Iltulien Wangtierg, pastor at 
Trinity Lutheran church, of- 
ficiated at the double ring 

Parents uf. the couple arc Mr. 
and Mrs. Harold- Stroble. Mrs. 
Carol Adamson and Mr. Mcrlyn 
Adamson. all of .this city. 

Baskets of flowers graced the 
chancel tor -the ceremony at- 
tended by approximately IM 
relatives and friends,' Mrs. Ruth 

Jensen, a friend or the bride, 
presided nt the organ. She played - 
the traditional wedding marches' 
and also accompanied Mary 
Bren, a friend of the bride, ns she 
sang, "Song of Ruth;" 

The bride was escorted to the 
altar and given In mnrrl*"'<- -liy-- 
hcr father. She was attired in a 
floor-length gown of satin with an 
organia overlay, styled in empire 
.fnshion- with "li ■fitted bodice 
featuring a rounded, neckline. 
Daisy motifs and ruffled lace 
trimmed the bodice. 'Matching 
ruffled lace formed the cuffs of 
the % organza leg-of-mutlt 


Men's & Women's 

July 6th 

Thoio oro fho botfor 
— grade wlgt.-^ 

*35.. $ 55 


f. Thlof Rivsr Fall* 

. the 

skirt nnd the detachable train of 
silk organza were applligued 
daisy motifs. Her waltz length 
. veil of bridal mist was held by a 
-Ifeodpreee — ol — white — apple - 
blossoms. She carried a cascade 
bouquctof whltcdalsies with pink ■ 
carnations and while ribbon 

— Mtss-Karcn-Chnrison-of*.lhls- 
city, a friend, served the bride ns 
her personal attendant. 

As her only attendant, the bride 
chose her friend. Miss II. Michele 
Schonlzen of Red Lake Pulls as 
maid of honor. She was attired In 
an empire fashioned, floor-length 
gown of pink silk brocade with 
lace trim nt the neckline and 
around, the hemline^J!ink.npple_ 
blossoms trimmed her headpiece 
and she carried a cascade of 
white and pink daisies with pink 

or the bride, was (lower girl. Her 
pink empire fashioned, floor- 
length gown. 'styled like the one 
worn by the maid of honor. 
featured ruffles around the skirl. 
ScoitBrovaldotTTnil.a cnusln of - 
the bride, curried till; rings. - 

Attending the groom ns bust 
ninn was Jerry Parnhnm of Thief 
River Fulls. Ushers were Greg 
Kuuppltn and Bob Dicken. also of 


Presiding ut Iho gift table were 
Joan Pcllmnn, Margaret Fox and 
Peggy Almqulst. Wultrcsscs 
were Sheila Johnson. Jaync 
Sorenson. Nicki Kloubcc. Linda 
Goddnrd and Lynette Wold. All 
are friends of the bride. 
. .AtlendmgithCccrepioriy were . 
relatives nnd friends from 
Colorado Springs. Colo.; Ford- 
vlile, I'ark River and Forest 
Park. N. D.; St. HUnlrc. 
Goodridge, Gully. Trail, Red 
Lnkc Foils, Warren, Wnrroad, 
Morn and Minneapolis. 

For -traveling on the wedding 
trip to the Black Hills of South 
Dakota, the bride changed into a 
light pink knit ensemble. 

The bride" and "groom are 
graduates of Lincoln high school 
and both are employed In this 
city. The bride is employed by Ihe 
Thief River Falls Public library 
and the groom by the Soo Line 

Mr. and Mrs. Adamson arc now 
at home at 319's South Riverside, 
Thief River Falls. Photo, Ncal 
Fox Studio 

A O. Stokke 
Held Saturday 

Ten red roses, representing 
Mr. and Mrs. A.JJ^Slokke's ten' 
children, centered the (able* at' 
Noper's Fireside room on 
Snturday for the Stokke. family 
reunion dinner. Of the children, 
two, Margaret Stokke of Colorado 
Springs, Colo., and Spec. S Paul 
Slokke, stationed with the U.S. 
Army in Germany, were' unable 
to attend. 

—Those present were Major Ed 
Stokkrand-hl-rwifc of Colorado- 
Springs, Colo.: Richard Stokke. 
his wife nnd children. Cindy and 
Rick of Mlzrmh; Ted Stohhei-hls 
-wife nnd children .-Ram nnd Brad 
of Marquette] Mich,; Mrs. 
Kenneth (Roberta) Kelly, her 
husband and children, . Cathy, 
Julie. Danny, Sandy onALaurlo 
of Grand Rapids; David^tokkc, 
his wife nnd children.- Mike, 
Marie and Marsha of Hamilton, 
III.; Mrs. Bill -y) Bond, 

hctjiusband, and children, Jeff, 
Pat and Brenda of Frldloy; Steve 
Stokke, at home, and John, who 
recently graduated - from Ihi 

RedeemefLCW Hoin^ ,I 25UrAnn[v t rsiirYni>r-y 

To Host District 
Rally In October 

At the regular meeting of the 
Redeemer Lutheran church 
Women, held Monday, June 22, 

Ruins were made for hosting the 
orlhwcst district fall rally of the 
Lutheran Church of -America. 
The one day rally Is scheduled for 
October 20. Sessions will be held 
at the Redeemer church with 
members of the LCW serving the 
morning coffee, noon dinner and 
afternoon lunch. 

Mrs. . Mnurlts Scholln^, 
president, of (he Naomi unit, 
presided at the meeting. Guest 
speaker was Rov. Allen Fa del. 
Interim pastor nt the Evcngclieal 
Covenant church. He spoke of his 
missionary work In Japan. 
Special music was provided by 
the Sandc sisters. Mrs. Ed 
Swnnson was in charge of Ihe 
devotional meditations. 

Its "Pnycation" lime for those 
vho sell' their "Don't Wants" 
■ Times Classified Ad. 

Arlys Magnuson; "For 

Dad" by David Magnuson; "The 
Marriage of True Minds" nnd 
"To Thine-Own Self Be True" 
(William Shakespeare) by Mrs. 
-Richard Johnson; "Home" and 
"Especially for Father's Day" by 
Mrs. Jim Larson; "Ma and the 
Auto" and "When Mother Cooked 
w(th Wood" by Miss Laurel 
Magnuson, and "Happy Years" 
by Miss Naomi Johnson. 

Mrs. Roland Sundbcrg read a 
history of the couple which she 
had composed and Richard 
Johnson sang "01' Man River." 
Duets were "God Will Take Care 
of You" by Mrs. Jim Larson and 
Miss Naomi Johnson; "How 
Great Thou Art" by Miss Laurel 
Mognuson and Mrs. Richard 
Johnson; and "The King of. Love ■ 
My Shepherd Is" by Mr. and Mrs. 
Richard Johnson. The program 
concluded with Rev. Gary Olson 
extending best wishes and giving 
Ihc Bcncdlctlnn, the. couple ex- 
tending Ihclr appreciation, and 
the assembled guests singing 
"Now -Thank We All Our God" 
and the table prayer. 
■ A reception followed with Mrs., 


2 The only plac* In.rh* NcirtwMt where you cart sifter 

6 RENTorBUY^urSlencferGtrri. _ " fl 

Rodney Brodins 

Are Honored On 
25th Anniversary 

Over 200 relatives and friends 
attended the lawn party held on 
Sunday, June 14, in honor of Mr. 
and Mrs. Rodney. Brodln of this 

city. Th e even t, In obs ervance of_ 

their 25th wedding anniversary, 
i was held at their residence on 
Oakland Park rood. 

Serving as host and hostess 
were the couple's son • In • law 

— ond daughter, Mr. nnTT-Mrs. 
Larry (Ruthl) McDowell. Two 
daughters: Elizabeth and Jane, 
presided al the guest book and 
Robert Brodin, a son, welcomed 
. the guests. Daiuind Carol Brodin, 
a son and daughter, together with 
Mark and Jewell Thyren, n 
nephew and niece of the couple, 
sang an appropriate selection. 
Among the special guests, 
present were Mrs., Brodln's ' 
mother, Mrs. L. A. Ulvin, and Mr. 
Brodln's father and his wife, Mr. 
and Mrs. A. V. Brodin. 

Also present we're Rev. 
Leonard Undhoim of Wnrrond, 
who assisted at the wedding whin 

■ Rodney Brodin and Marian Ulvln 
were married, 25 years ago nl tho 
Mission Covenant church at 
Roseau. Present loo, were five of 
Ihc six attendants at the wedding. 
They wcro: Mrs. Allen Fadcl, a 
sister of Mrs. Brodin; Mrs. Don 
Thyren, a sister of Mr. Brodin; 
" -_Kc nncth -Grand of floscau.- 

Roseau, Warroad, Lake Branson. 
BemldJI, Kennedy, Stephen, ond 
.the area surrounding Thief Rivor- 


t0» E. 2nd 

Ihlef River Falls 



Grand Forks, Nottfc Dakota 




cousin- of Mrs. Brodin; Vernon 
Johnson of Lake Branson, a 
cousin of Mr. Brodin, and Ncls 
Holmbcrg. Lowell Ulvln, a 
brother or Mrs.' Brodin, who 
served as one of the attendants, 
was unable to atldnd due to an 

At the anniversary celebration, 
Nels Holmbcrg gave the 
devotional message, Mrs. 
-Kenneth Grand presided at the 
punch bowl and Mrs, Allen Fadel 
nnd Mrs. Don Thyren poured. 
The three-tiered anniversary 
cake, decorated with red roses 
— and-sllvcr leaves, was cut and 
served by Mrs. Mcndcll Erlckson 
of Karlstad, a cousin of Mrs, 

Bouquets of red roses with 
silver leaves formed the theme of 
the open house celebration. To 
correspond with the theme, silver 
candelabra decorated with red 
roses were placed on cither side 
" of the nnnlvcrsnry enke. 

Itclatlvcsand friends attending 
the celebration were from Grand 
Forks, /N.D., Minneapolis, 

Qivtlle Sustads 
Honored \,(puestsy 
At Gathering 

Rev. arid Mrs. Orviflc Suslod 
and Kevin of Arvnda, Colo., who 
arrived here Sunday morning to 
visit relatives, were honored 
guests at a family gathering 
Xlondny evening nt Riverside 
park In this. city. A pot-luck 
w as fl crvrd. 

Mrs A. Robi no 
Of France Is 
Feted At Party 

.-' Mrs. Arthur Roblno, Diana ond 
David of Paris, Froncc, were 
honored guests at a coffee party 
on Wednesday afternoon, June 
24, at the Howard Hesse homo. 

Thosi! present were'Mi*"Don — 
Scurlock of Brca, Calif.; Mra.- 
Davo Gunthropc ond Jimmy of 
Omnha.-Ncb,; Mrs.LUly Person,- 
Mrs. Wilbur Hollstrom, Mrs. 
Amanda Ilallstrom and Mrs. 
Mclvln Anderson, all of Thief 
River Falls; 

Also Mrs, Virgil Eckstein and 
family, Mrs. Carl Anderson, Mrs. 
Edgar Naplln. Mrs. Maurice 
Stclgor and Brldglt, Mrs. 
Douglas Stolger,' Mrs. John 
Stelgcr, Mrs. Mlnnlo Erlckson, 
Mrs. John Erickeon and Craig, 
Mre James Erlckson, Marlow, 
David ond Oram, Mrs. Clifton 
Johnson, Mra. Richard Krusc, 
Tina and Tim, Mrs. William 
Kruso. Mrs. Moymlc CulHhgahid 
ond Mrs. Leonard Mclln, all of 
the Black River community, and 
Brent Weiss of Crookslon. 

Mrs. Roblno Is (he former 
Magdollnc Hesse of tho Black 
River community, a daughter of 
the, late Mrs. Henry Hcssc and 
Henry Hesse. 


Mrs. Terry' Erlc kson left last 
"week" for" CciT«flny"ttr-J0l-rher 
husband who Is stationed there 
with tho Armod Forces. 
"" House guests at tho Ole Urol 
home from Sunday until Wed- 
nesday were their grandson and 
his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
Colo of Portland, Ore., who were 
enroute to Washington, D.C.; 
where they will bo making their 
home, 'Visiting with tho Coles at 
the Lerol homo on Monday 
evening were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 
Cole and fnmUy of Argyle. 

Mrs. V. F. Roborge returned 
Friday after- spending n_wcck In. 
Minneapolis. While there she 
attended tho wedding of her 
grandson, - John Galbralth on 
Friday evening. Ho and his wife 
will bo making their home at 
Forgo, N.D. Mrs!' Robcrge was 


Mowing Diverted 
Crop Acreage 

Win ton Knutson, chairman of 
the Pennington county ASCS 
committee, asks producers who 
-ara-particlpatlng-ln-thc annual 
wheat and feed grain programs 
to give serious consideration to 
delaying mowing 'of diverted, 
acres under the wheat and reed 
grain program, the designated 
acres under Iho cropland adjust- 
ment program, dltchbanks, 
roadside ditches and fence lines 
until July 15. This will give Ihc 
ground nesting birds and their 
young a belter chance of sur- 

Thlsdocsnot mean that you ore 
not to cut or spray noxious weeds 
that arc a real problem. These 
-should be spot -sprayed orclipped- 
at least six inches high if done 
before July 15. 

-""Producers participating In tho 
programs ore required to control 
noxious weeds on acres In the 
programs In Order to be eligible 
for payment. 

VWVI Veterans 

Veterans or World War I 
(VWWn Barracks 3520 will hold 
Its regular monthly meeting July 
6 at 2:30 p.m. in the Thief River 
Foils VFW clubrooms. - 
-.Among the special guc,sts 
expected arc Ihc department 
chlef-or-staff-and h i s "w i fe -JUr 


Thief Rivet Falla, Minn.— ' Wednesday, July 1, 197& ; 

Columbus, Ohio. 

Dr. Lund Is director of the 
school of home economics and 
associate dean of the college of 
agriculture al Ohio state 
university, nnd also serves as 
professor and chairman.' of tho 
department of home economic 

„.,„ John N. Rocll, 

Faribault. Mrs. Rocll, who Is 
chief of siotr of the VWWI 
auxiliary, will help In an attempt 
to form a local auxiliary. — -— 

All Barracks 3520 members arc 
urged to attend, us arc all other 
veterans of World War I, their 
wives and sisters. 

Dr. Lois Lund 
Named. As Boss 
Of The Year 

Dr. Louis A: Lund, daughter of 
Mr. ond Mrs. Robert J. Lund ol 
Thief River Falls, was named 
"Boss of the Year" by the Mirror 
chapter, American Business 
Women's association, - nt a 
banquet held recently In 

-of thcr- 

rctrtmd-devclopmen I 

center at ' 

She is a member of the 
American Association of 
University professors, Phi Up- 
"sllon" Omlcronr-PhlLnmbdn 
Thcta, Omlcron Nu, National 
Council On Family relations, 
National Council on Consumer 
information- ond the Ar- 
chaeological Institute- of 

Dr. Lund is the first woman to 
be honored with "Boss .of the 
Year" award- In -thc_ city of. 
Columbus,.. . . 

f&atimm ! 

.fl9SERVICE5 i 


Raymond J. Gosden, Pastor 

■ Wed., July 1.-0:30 p.m, Board 

meeting, 7:30 Monthly 

-business meeting, followed by 
Bible study and prayer. 

Sun., July 5. 10 a.m. Bible. 
school, for all ages. 11 a.m. 
Morning worship. 7:30 p;m. 
Fellowship hour.- GucsLspcaker . 
at both services will be Rev. 
. George Thompson of St. Paul. 

Wed., July 8, 7:30 p.m. Bible 
study and prayer, with Pastor 
-Gosden. leading. 

July 10-12. Senior high retreat, 
10th grade through age 20. 

July 12-W, Junior nigh camp. 
grades 7, 8 and 9. 


attending were Rev. 
Sustad> mother, Mrs.Tilllc 
Sustad of this city; his brother 
nnd family, Mr. and Mrs. I.croy 
Sustad and Peggy or Viking, 
together with Mr, and Mrs. Alton 
Sackcll, Mr. and Mrs. Aleck 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 
Tnngquist, Malcolm Tangqulst, 
Mrs. Florence Obcrg ond Diane 
and Tommy Anderson, oil or 

Also Mr. and Mrs. Ncls 
Holmbcrg, Mr. ond Mrs. Charles 
Erlckson and family, Mr. and 
Mrs. Paul Tongqulst and Jason, 
Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght Tnngquist 
and Heidi, Mrs. James Erlckson 
and children, Mr. and Mrs. Dole 
Stark and family, Mr. and Mrs. 
John Erlckson, Esther Droits, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. David Droits, Mrs. 
Roger Sackctt and girls and 
Donna WUhclm, oil or Thief River 

Also Rev. nnd Mrs. Wnllcr 
Blackwood of Lake Jenny, Rev. 
and Mrs. Fred Gruuslrum of 
Viking and Linda Raftcsclh of 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rchm, 
city, girl June 29, 7 lbs., QV* oz. 

Mr. and Mrs. James 
Engclsrud, Ncwfolden, boy, June 
20, 7 lbs.. H oi„ Jay Allen 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Puppe, city, 
girl, June 30, 7 lbs., AV, ox. 

The Harvey Patten home In 
this city was the scene of a family 
gathering on Sunday, June 21. 
Guests were Mrs. Mary Pornow 
of this city. Miss Patty parnow or 
Decatur, Go.; Mrs. Matha Bcntz 
or Dututh, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley 
Chrlsllanson of El Monte, Calif.. 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Pamow, 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pnrnoiw 
ond Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Pnmow 
and children. 

Continues — 

2 DAYS - JULY 6 S 7 

10 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday — 10 A.M. to .7 P.M. Tuesday 

• ALL FIRST HUN QUALITY WIGS — HO SECONOS. Th«u or. NOT CHEAP. Wc-o^oohlngly-trbsrEc wlas. 
' 100*/* fy*rh*rtc Rb*r of Ko»ktloa and Dynal that took*, fmfs and octs better then human hair. ' 

* Al awv-cs-rft-i. Just comb end go. 

' EfKk NU-LOOX wtf cns-sroBttwd by tfc* mcmirfoct-irar for oa* ytar ogolast d-rftcts In matvrtoJ and wortmcnsMp. 
' trottulamtd wig styflm from in ft Dm's Is-asty Solo* win assist U yow MtKtlon. Styling Included, 


and up 

.Two New Styles to choose ■from . . . . 

The Side Partw ? fl ft th" Swtngar Dut n h Hi'i y ulr j 

plus our utual curiy & semi-curly Nu-Loolc wigs. 




'■ ] 

■ ■ . r 

.".■■■ ■■■■:i 






>S 8 



Polyester Double Knits 

No Iron - Easy W«h. - No, Wrinkle -' 
— -60 , F' l wid».-jinw.patternt ._. 

Reg. to $7.98 yd. 

^sam*****™*.™**** m-k tt>MXTmxy»c^ttymixM>y<*K>9K 

L. G. Bratland, whd returned to 
Uielr home Sunday. 

Mr, nnd Mrs. Martin Johnson 
of Cambridge, Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
Dlckmnnn one! John Schneider of 
Fairmont, and Mr. ond Mrs. 
LcRoy Scholin of tins' city spent 
.Sfll«i5nXJ!V.cllliia_Jt_U» Art 
Farsbcr*", Sr., home. All hod 
altcndca Ihe-auclioh Bole on the 

Visitors at the H. B. Raflescth 
home the post weekend were Mr. 
and Mrs. "James (Dclores) 
Sellable and daughters: Michelle, 
Sharon, Sandra and Rita Fayo, of 
Grand Rapids, Mich.; Mr. ond 
Mrs. Kcnnelh Raftcsclh, Dale 
and Donna of "Minneapolis and 
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Raflescth, 
Bruce and Brian of Grove City. 
Saturday evening the group had a 
picnic at Tindolph pork together 
with Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Raf- 
lescth of Rosewood and Mr. and 
Mrs. Roy Johnson of Thief River 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rust of 
Sioux Falls, S. D., arrlvcdhere on 
Salurday evening lo visll at Ihe 
Joe Peterson home. Joining Ihem 
on Sunday for. dinner and Ihc 
evening wcro Mr. and Mrs. Ed 
Peterson and Mr. and Mrs. Dick 
Peterson and children or 

Mrs. V. F. Roborge visited 
briefly on Sunday at Mahnomen 
wilh her nephew and niece, Ihe 
Sherman Robnrj*es J _ - 

Mrs. Lena Molslod of this city 
attended the christening of her 
granddaughter, Chcrrle Ann, 
Infant daughter or Mr. ond Mrs. 
Larry Molstnd of SI. Paul. The 

—christening— was- held—a t-Wor — 
thlngton lost Sunday. Mrs, 
Molstad wnsnlso present at lhc_ 
dinner hold o"l Wbrlhlngton at the 
home of Mr. ond Mrs. Lloyd, 

_Jncobson, pnrenls_of Mrs,ljirry^_ 
Molstad. Several other relatives 
and friends also atlended ihc 
dinner. Before reluming home, 
Mrs. Molslod spent a few days in 
SI. Paul at the home of her son 
and family. 

Mrs. Ray Malcro and Mary 
Lynne of Eaton, Colo., ond Mrs. 
Glenn Bernstein were coffee 

_gue3t3_on _W.cdnesday_nt jhcJ5cL_ 
Fisher home. 
Mrs. Harvey Fallon ond her 

„fii8rr ^Mrs^Stanlcy Christlanson 
-r El Montc^Collf., " drove- fo" 
hunderUny, Onl., Canada to 

' . oltcnd Ihc Lutheran Women's 
! Missionary League convention of 
the Lutheran Chruch-Mfssouri 

Dennis Quam of Pullman, 
Wash., flying a Beech Crnfl 
plane, arrived In Thief River 
Falls, a week ago Saturday, with 
his wife ond two children to visit 
nt ihc Vcmon Quam home. They 

^returned homo the following 

— Tu osd oyr— Th»— Do n n Is- Qua m . 
family will be moving back lo 
Seattle, Wash., where 1 he will be 
associated with Sea-Toe In- 
dustries, Inc. He has been em- 
ployed til Washington Slato 
University ot PuUmrui for iho 
past Ihrcc years. 

The John Kolaskns entertained 
at their home Monday evening, 
June 22, in honor of Mr, ond Mrs. 
Ray Malcro, Mary Lynne nnd 
Jay Allen of Ealon, Cofo. Guests 
were Mr. nnd Mrs. George Gall, 
W. and Mrs. Pclc Brcrariy.Mr. 
Ond Mrs, Glen Bcmsleln nnd Mr. ■ 
■ H nnd.Mrs. Ed Fisher. 

'HlPheips, Froehle 
| Work With Boy 
| Scouts, Camping 

8 Two Thief River Foils 
>j .. resi dents hnyc been Invol ved In 
'9 ihc opening of^ Camp 
K . Wabaunaquat on While Earth 
(I Lake in Becker counly. The camp 

2 officially opened for the year on 

5 Steve Phelps, Thief River 

I Falls, will serve as a scoulcrafl 

3 Instructor lo the 70 Scout troops 
R from 15 counties which will nl : 

8* tend ."ihc camp ihls summer. 
' Harold Froehle. also of Thief 

„ River Falls, Is the district camp 

■ promotion chairman who has- 

Q worked with troops, encouraging 

§ troop and individual camp nl- 

Q ■tendance. 

B Boy scout troops from Holt, 

5 Grecnbush. St. Illlairc, KorlstOd. 

B Oklee. and Roseau ns well as 

" Thief River Foils will attend Ihe 
cr, in addltionto 

The Vet era as administration's 
onnunl report says veterans. . 
Ihelr families and survivors of 
deceased vclcrans account for 
nearly 90 million of America's 
population of lust over 200 

troops from o number ol North 
Dakota and other Minnesota 

A Drid-irict. 

000 buiinru 

ern 350.000 *i 



■ Wednesday. July I, IQ70 Thief River Falls, Minn. 

MosquitO Control New Record Of 

Difficult On 
Small Area Basis 

636 Enrolled In 
Summer School 

(continued from page 11 

Most common pest mosquitoes 
In Minnesota (Acdes) notch from 
eggs and grow as larvae; or 
■•wlgglors", in temporary pools 
of watcr.-Thcy hatch' in these, 
pools alter heavy rainfalls, 
reports Hay Thompson, assistant 
Marshall county agent. 

Although adults of some 
species can fly 10 to It miles. 

Teachers working in the Junior 
high school program arc Joe 
Forbcrg nnd Blllic Blnnkenfcld 
(Mary- Tyler mbitltutc for 
-Forbcm), mathematics; Jack 
Boycr. social studies; Leon a 
Brocker. developmental readlpg; 
Paula Fosse and Mary Kuntz, 
English; Donovan Fuglebcrg, 

— art; Bonccta Bumgarncr (Karen 

lly most TJnhl substitute, for Miss. 

' abundant close to their water- Bumgamcrl. home economics; 
■ breeding area. Adults rest in. It i chord Grclscn. typing; Jack 
dense shrubbery, weeds, tall McDcrmfd, Industrial arts; and 

(;rass nnd. shaded "luwns. .The- Arthur Welter, science,— Virgil — j 
urge number of eggs- produced, Burger is the summcr^school 
the numerous pools of water and librarian and James Frcmslud Is 

the mosquitoes' extensive fllRht 

range make chemical control 


. For a control program to be 
. effective, It must cover a large 

area and Involve other methods 

in addition to chemical control. A 
. -complete program should be 

considered for a community. 

Thompson said 
You can make residual or 

space treatments with ln- 
cclicides In cities, farmyards 

'the secondary counselor. 

Metro Council 
Approves Site 
For State Zoo 

Metropolitan council approved 
the Lebanon Hills site in Dakota 
county as site for the Minnesota 
zoo, according to an article by 
"Jofin Kelly in fnc SCFuuITZoJiccr 

The Lebanon Hills site won out 
over sites proposed at Anoka, 
Battle Creek nnd the Bailey (arm " 
in Washington county. The ap- 
proved site in in the village -of 
Apple Valley. Next hurdle for the 
zoo site is the legislative building ._ 
commission hearing on July 23. 

Mrs, Walter Wclgelt of Thief 
River Falls is u member of the 

Services were held at Buffalo KamieL Williams, 'n son of tho Full*; six sisters: Mn. Ida the singing of the hymns. In- 

on Tuesday, June 33, with Rev. late Edward nnd Louise Do Kyscr BJorgcof Hopkins, Mrs. Christine lermcnt was In tha Community 

Daondl Thomas officiating. Rev.- William, W aatoniiiIay_7J8MaLKc^ 

-TlIariitfWnmBn-Dfflcmiednrmo-^k^ u "B^|glum ]rTl«2, he of Minneapolis; Mrs, Agnes Wold «*—.».««-it™<i..i...-i u .™.«rf 

rites at Slrnndqulst. Yvctte Bocn 
was the organist and Mrs. " 
Douglas Thun and Mrs, Philip 
Bocn were vocalists 1 . 

Pallbearers were Raymond 
and Olgcr Olson, Arnold and Dale 
Vlxlc. nephews of Mrs. Hebert, 
and Vance ond-Vcrnlc Lelrooth, 
grandsons. Interment was In the 
Korlstad cemetery. 

Mrs. Hebort, tho former 

Christine Olson, was bom Nov. 3, „ ,„ „ 

.iBOO-ln-Swcdcn to.Mr. nnd-Mrs^_ Fo nj W h er e he was employedTSy 

Immigrated to the United States 
and was employed for a short 
tiipo at Mollnc and Chicago, III., 
before settling In South Dakota. 
He moved to 'ifle OkJeo com- 
munity In 1MI.. The following 
year, no was married to Helen 
Krcmer and Uio coup lo. farmed 
near Oklee until 1BJ5 when Uicy 

Red Liikd rnus. m ivu, ukj 
moved into the city of Red Lake 

of Rockford, III., Mrs. Theresa 
Swcdburg of Las Angeles, Calif.; 
and Mrs. Josephine Helgoland of" 
Thief River Falls. 

preceded In death by 

nrfi thn " 

c sister um 

c brothen. 

mosquitoes move and most of the 
insecticides listed here don't last 
long outdoors. 

Proper precautions to protect 
humans, pets and wildlife should 
be fallowed in the use of all in- 
secticides. Don't use excessive 

Insecticides for hydraulic and 
mist blowers for adult mosquito ;j a ' tc ' ^ or jcaf board". 

control would be Sevln. _ >_ 

methorychlor, fenthion, " 
malathion nnd naled, 

Do not treat food or feed crops 
with fenthion, or contaminate 
fish-bearing water with fenthion 
or malathion. Fenthion is highly 
toxic to birds. 
Fogging provides a rapid, 
iwmry treatment but 
lias little residual elfecl. Fogging 
works only when there is little or 
no wind in the evening or at night. 
Fogging equipment ordinarily 
ses diluted oil solutions. In- 
icides (or use in foggers for 
adult mosquitoes are miilnthiun, 
vapoma and nnled. 

If possible, nn effective 
mosquito control should Include 
treatment of water breeding 
areas. An effective larval control 
program requires highly trained 
technicians, For efficient control, 
know (he breeding 
with time chemical jonnson wwnsnip, f oik county to •■ , -.. . - _ 

-treitliiiont-lwforc-adults,enierge^01c„and_Amnnda Stabcrg AlVItl-NC 15011,-60 

PICKING STilAWHEltlMES on Hcrmnnson" 
River Falls Is 5usanJIoliknc33,.ThlctR.iy.ctEnIIs..onc.of sovccnU(|-ls_ 
hired by A. C. Hermanson to help harvest the crop, which according to 
Hcrmonson Js "like a cow, you have to milk It every day." 

John Olson. At the age of three 
years, she came to the United 
States with her parents, who 
settled In Foldnhl township, 
Marshall county. There she grew 
to womanhood. She was married 
on Oct. 21. 1899 to Alfred 
Hcgstrom. To this union, 11 
chlldreh were born. The 
Hcgstroms made their homo In 
-the-. Fo Idifhl , .- - Etrnndrjuist— nnd 
Karlstad communities. Mr. 
Hcgstrom died in 1033. She was 
married on Juno 21, 1952 lo Paul 
Hebert. The couple resided for 
awhile In SL Paul and since 1<»1 
had made their home at Buffalo 
with Mrs. Robert's daughter, 
Mrs.'Hclmn McNccly. 

Surviving arc her- -husband; 
five daughters: Myrtle Ekman, 
Hclma -McNccly, Alphlldn 
Robertson,. Esther Arnold and 
Irene Murtlnuk;' four sons: 
farm south of Thief Walter. Clifford, Oscar, and 

the 'Smith Paper company until 
retirement] For the past seven 
years, he had been a resident of 
the Hlllcrcat Nursing home. 

Surviving are two sons: Ed- 
ward Williams of Langdon.N. D., 
and Richard of this city; two 
daughters: Mrs. Walter (Agnes) 
Toulouse of Red Lake Falls and 
Mrs. Joseph Willctt of Plummcr, 
and 25 grandchildren. 

Ho was preceded In death by 
his wife in 194a, seven brothers 
and five sisters. 

Andine Newton 
Funeral Services 
Held Here Tues. 

Funeral services were held 
Tuesday at 2p.m., at [he Be Uiuny 
Lutheran church for Miss -Andine 

Mrs. J. Gunstod 
Services Held 
At St. Hilalre— 

Funeral services for Mrs. John 
were held Monday at 2 p.m., at 
the Calvary Lutheran church- at 

died Thursday at Northwestern 
'Rev. James Swanson officiated 
at the . services. Mrs, James 
Johnson served as organist, 
playing the accompaniment for 

Green Funeral home In charge of 
arrangements. ... 

Pallbearers were Pat Conlcy. 

Blrdcnn'Andersorr,- Thorvnfd — 

Koldcn, Donald Hanson, 
Woodrow Almquist and Curtis 
Johnson. ' 

Mrs. Gunstad, the former Anna 
Anderson, was born March 19] 
1838 In Rocks bury township. 
Pennington county to Erlck and 
Christine Anderson. There she 
attended school and grew" to 
wnmanhootL_5hc_ was.unlted In 
marriage to John Gunstad in 1912 
and the couple had since lived 
and farmed in the St. Hi] a ire 

is survived by her 

Hllolre; one daughter, Mrs. 
Kermlt (Dorothy) Hanson of this 
city;. five grandchildren and one 


She was preceded in death by 
two sisters and one brother. - 

Rites Set For 
C. Bergerson, 
Trail Farmer 

Funeral services will be held 
Thursday at 2 p.m., at the 
Bethany Lutheran church, north- 
west of Gully for Clarence 
BerKcrson, 55, of rural Trail, who 
died Saturday at the Fosston 
hospital. Rev. Darrcll Vetter will 
officiate. Interment will be In the 
church cemetery. 

The body is reposing, at the 
Pcltcrson Funeral home, Oklee, 
and will repose at the church for 
one hour prior to the time of 

Clarence Bergerson,, a lifetime 
resident of the Trail community, 
was born March 1, 1915 In 
Johnson township, Polk county to 

Mrs; F-rRunger, 
Mother of Larry 
Runger, Dies -- 

Mrs. F. P. Hunger. itf. of 
Jiomcdalc, Idaho, mother of 
'Lorry Hunger of this city, died 
Tuesduv.""Jun"e"23, nt'Homednler' 
Ices were held In 
that city on Monday. 

Mrs. Runger. the'former Kate 
Van Znnn, was born In Holland 
and came to the United Stales at 
the age of eight years. She was 
' married at Sheldon, fa:; to F. P. 
Hunger and they celebrated their 
TQth wedding anniversary at 
Hoinedale on May" 17 of this year 
with all of their ID children 
present. Before moving to Idaho, 
the Hungers lived and farmed for 
35 years in the Wnrroad 
munlty. ' ■ 

In addition lo her husband and 
10 children, she is survived by 18 
grandchildren and eight great - 

Services Held 
Today For Mrs. 

linncnpolls; seven grand- 
children, two sisters: Emma 
Nelson of Thief River Foils, and 
Mrs. Agnes Brndow of Pine 
Hlver; and five brothers: Oscar 
Brckkcstran . of\ Newfoldcn, 
Leonard of Gntike. , Carl of 
Starbuck and John and HJalmer, 
both of Portland. Ore, ' 

She was preceded In' death by 
"one~Konr~Dcnnls;-nnd- three -- 

Christine Hebert 
Services Held 
At Strandquist 

-2-T'fur Mrs. Christine Hcgstrom 
Hebort, 89, or Buffalo and for- 
merly of the'Strandquist area. 
Mrs. Hebert died on Sunday, 

children, zrgfeargrnndehl drcn, ^[den, a -^^ iu vcr Fa \^ 
three great-great -grandcri drcn Miss Newton died Friday at the 
and one sister, Mrs. Ben Vixie. Dav | d ii crrn an Nursing home In 

Two daughters: Mrs. Evelyn Minneapolis. 

' " "-•"»•— nev. Bruce Anderson officiated 
at the services. Mrs. Arnold 
Hammer served as organist and 
soloist. Interment was In the 
Im ma nuc). cemetery with the 
Green Funeral home in charge of 

Pallbearers were Arnold 
Hammer,- Erwln Hclgeland, 
Wallace Tlemnn, Edwin 
Helgclnnd, Adam Lendobcjo and 

Funeral Services 
Held at RLF For 
K. Williams 

.. Requiem High Mass for Kamlcl 
Williams", ei,"of Red LnkeFaHs,- 
who died Sunday morning at the 

Hlllcrcst nursing home, were Miss Andine Newton, a 

held today (Wednesday) nt 9 daughter of the late Abraham 

a.m., at St. Joseph's Catholic - and Annie Newton, was born 

church at Red Luke Falls. He was April 12, 1890 at Fisher. In 1904, 

thefathcrof Richard Williams of she moved with the family to 

Thief River Falls. Pennington county and resided 

Rev. Wm. Keefe officiated nt here until 1912, when she moved 

the services. Interment was In St. to Minneapolis. There she -was 

Mary's Catholic cemetery, employed for several years by 

Petersen Funeral home, - Red . iho University of Minnesota as a 

Lake Falls, wos In charge of fraternity house mother. She 

arrangements. later worked for many years at 

Serving as pallbearers were the Glen Lake Sanitarium. She 

Jerome. Robert an d Micha el, m a de her ho me at Hopkins. 

_» — ij iimi-H »-j She Is survived by omfbrother, 
Maurice Newton of Thief River 

Last Week Long 
In Car Crashes 
-For City Police 

Four incidents other Ihnn'aiito 
accidents graced the Thief River 
Falls police department blotter 
during the past week, 
_ June 23 at If a.m. Lynetlc 

west of Lallree 

—Norlhwcstern Bell telephone- 
company building. After she got 
out of the car. it started to roll, 
striking a parked car belonging 
lo Dean Ornqulst, city, parked 
behind it. which then rolled back 
into another . car, belonging to 
Glenn Jordc, which was also 
parked. No damage was reported 
on the Borshclm car, JMo on 
(he Omquist vehicle, and SSO on 
the Jorde cnr.y 

A parked car belonging to 
Lnvcrne Reierson, city, parked 
on First slrceL_east of Kriealc 
avenue, wa.5_str_uck by a hll-and- 

-rim vehicle- June- 24 ulTlra^m.-,- 
causing $450 in damage.- A car 
ownod-by Robert -Raymond- 
Olson, city, was Inter located and 
has-been tentatively identified as 
the hlt-nnd-run vehicle. Charges 
arc pending. Damage lo the 
Olson car were placed at SI ID. 
■»olir;i K, city, was 

. driving-west on Third Street June/ 

technical school parking lot was 
■ the scene of a head-on collision 
— betwcen-netlf'drlvcn by Dennis 
Skjervcn, Crooks ton. who was 
driving south, and another, 
driven by Donald Orsland, city., 
—which -was.- headed- north. - The" 
crash resulted In MOD damages to 
- the Skjervcn auto and MM to the 
Orsland machine. 

June 20 the city park and 
recreation department notified 
police of the IhefL JUnc-7 of six 
flats of assorted plants, worth 
$150, from the city greenhouse. 
Also on June 20, damage lo a 
gate at the Catholic cemetery 
was reported. The "gale was" 
apparently struck by a vehicle, 
which destroyed one-half of the 

Vandalism to the E and B car 
wash. Thief River Falls, was 
reported June 29. A towel vending 
machine was pried open, a water 
gun and the coin exchanging 
machine were damaged. The 
cash loss was estimated it 10 
cents, damages were placed at 

A Ncwfotden man, Raymond 
Bccklund, told police Juno 28 that 
n looLtKiX.caniainlnK_tools.waS'. 
taken from his station wagon. 
The tool box Is gray with red 
drawers, and most of the tools 
inside were Craftsman brand. 

Social Security 
Man Here^Tues. - 

TlliKFKlVER FALLS TIMES PAGES |iiriri»miiririijiinirjiririutimniNnirimiiriiuririirifimrifiii itiriiiitiriuimtiriiitiHiJuaitiMJiiiiMuinnittMiimiirirjiiiicjiijrjMiiimiiiiiiiiiifttjmriumniiinjria 

ThU'fHivcrFalla, Minn. Wednesday, July 1,1070 | 







Mormon Elders 
Serving Area 
As Missionaries- 

Elders Vernon D. Cole and 


ic to Third sireut, Klruek'th. 
left side nf the II car. 

Damage to the flrst/iuto was 
estimated at / .$300-to 

SamuolsonV car damage was 
placed at $75. ' / 
- The -Thief .iyf " " 

Forks. N. D„ will be In Thief 
lliver Falls uttheclly auditorium 
ti Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Its "Pay cation" time for those 
who sell their "Don't. Wonts" 
with a Times Classified Ad, 

frcsently serving in the. Thief 
liver Falls area as missionaries 
of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latler-Day Saints. 

They arc among the 13.000 
young men and women who nre 
serving two-year terms, without 
pay, throughout the world. 

Curing this two yenrs of ser- 
vice, the two wilt serve In various 
areas throughout the North 
Centra l__Stntcs mission, which . 
encompasses all of Minnesota. 
Manitoba, and parts of North and 
South Dakota^ Ontario and 
Wisconsin'. " " ' ' 

Both elders have been on their 
missions for seven months, the 
last month of which has been - 

Carol Passa Is 
Candidate For 
Miss TRF Title 

- Mary Beth. B. will be going into 
fourth grade at Northrop; and 
Sherry, &, will start kindergarten 

at Northrop- Ihisyear.-— ■ 

About her enjoyment of 
—practical Joking, — CaroLcxi- 
plalned: "Like, there were these 
guys. And we fixed up a can- 
dlelight supper tind everything 
like it was something special and 
pretended they had forgotten 
about it. And they, couldn't 
remember what the occasion 
was. Stuff, like that." 

And some people say the 
feminine mind doesn't have a 
pecial cflpacity^ for hatching 
S schemes. "*— 

tin Thief River Falls. Elder = 
Cole, from Ln Pucnte. Calif., has = 
served In Aberdeen, S. D., while = 
.Elder Foihcringhum, Pleasant e 
Grove. Utah, served ln*he Albert = 
Lea and Manknto areas. ^e ", 

They are currently consulting' "•»*■ 
'; who nre in I ores ted in the = 

Dr. Orion D. Belch 

HOUIS: tti5 
f t* 12 Sertwdayt 
i U1-1120 

113 Z. Third St. 

Bergerson, who arc now 
.deceased. Ife was married on 

June 2G, 1942 at Gully to Helen 

Lund /The couple farmed In Gully 
'.township, Polk county, rural 

He is survived by his wife, one 

son. James Bergerson of Trail; 

one brother. Palmer Bergerson. 

also of Trail; and three sisters: 

Mrs. Joslc BJcrklle of Trail. Mrs. 

Mclvln (Ellen) Munlerof Fosston 

and Mrs. Olgn Lnngscth nf Gully, 
In addition to his parents, he" 
preceded In death by three 

FredJtorchardt . 
Dies Tuesday; 
Services Friday 

-Fred Uorchardt, GO, a resident ■ 
of Thief River Falls for many 
years. Jlied Tuesday at North- 
wesledi hospital. 

Funeral services for Fred 
Borchardt wilt be held Friday at 2 
n.m,. at ' the Green Funeral 
ith Rev. Alexander 
— Stol f u I r-paslo r^a t-Zlon-Luuw 
church, officlting. Interment win 
be in Greenwood! cemetery. 

The body will repose at the 
funeral home from this evening 
(Wednesday) until time of" ser- 
vices, A complete oblluary wilt 
be In the Monday edition of Iho 

Funeral service.-, were held 
today (Wednesday) at 10:30 a.m., 
at the Bethlehem Lutheran 
church at Ncwfolden for Mrs. 
Alvln-(Ella) Nelson, CO, or 
Newfolden. A lifetime resident of 
Marshall county, Mrs. Nelson 
died Sunday at the University 
hospital in Minneapolis. 

Itcv. C. L. Kalmoc officiated at 
the services. Lester Elscth and 
Deland Elscth sang Iwo selec- 
tions with/ Mrs. Alton Carlson 
serving n£ organist. Interment 
wns-iti - ihe-J-lnglish Lutheran, 
■ry at Strnndquisl. Green 
Funeral home was in chame of 

Pallbearers were Basil Elscth, 
Lester Elscth, Douglas Thun, 
Henry Nelson, Wallace Nelson 
and Elmer Nelson. - 

Mrs. Nelson, the former Ella 
Brckkcstran, was born April 11, 
1910 In Marshall county lo Mr. 
and Mrs. Olaf Brekkcstrjjn, who 
are now deceased. She was united 
in marriage to Alvln Nelson on 
Dec. 20. 1920 'and after their 
age the couple lived for 
In Slrnndqulst. In 




n ■ duut l nc." T l l^ 
contacted at 402^ N. Main", Thief 
River Falls, or reached by = 
telephone nt C81-2140. S 

RRV Shows Board 1 
Reviews Report 1 
On DehLPayraent I 

Annual business meeting of the = 

Hed Itlvcr Valley winter shows = 

tward of managers, Inc. was held = 

"tly^nt the agricultural = 

research center of the Northwest 5 

agricultural experiment station, = 

Crookslon. S 

William E. Dorscy, S 

sentlng the University of E 

esotn extension sc/vice, nnd ■ = 

M. J. Augustine, representing the g 
lied River Valley Dairymen's = 
association, arc members of the = 
board from Thief River Falls. 5 
A hii!hll|',h( or Hie ineelliii! for = 
the board members was the In- = 
—form niton- they-received on Ihe = 
financial condition qf the shows = 
now after refinancing about four E 
and one-hair years ago. Olaf C. = 
Solhe, sccretnry-lrensurer, 5 
reported paying off 143,750 on the 5 
principal in four and one-half = 
years plus interest payments. He = 
noted further that the mortgage E 
remaining on"thewlntcr shows ^ 
property has been reduced to = 
$131,250. = 

B. E. Youngrjuisl, president, 5 
expressed appreciation, to the = 
-boird ofnianngersforlliclr'ln"^" 
dividual cooperation, and par- = 
liculorly he noted the loyalty of = 
those who pledged to the original E 
building fund— indicating that = 
trom $2,000 lo $3,000 comes In on | 
these old, pledges each year. = 

Further, he made special note 3 
of the importance of (lie = 
sustaining fund-indicuting that, = 
_ "while.- we .are. in -excellent— 3 
financial condition -with the | 
money in the bank, we musl =: 
make u considered effort during a 
lli.: full of 15711 to m;ike sure ih:il = 
Ihe suslaining lund is molnluim-d = 
in such ;i way ih.ii we can cun- S 
iniuc t» meet these payments = 
year after year." A .spccntl note = 
of cumincndatlon was extended ^ 
lo Marvin It. Campbell, l>oar<l g 
meinUvr, who Mas provided = 
Ic.idcrMup on major financial = 
matters. = 

Tlie bnard of managers. 0:1 5 
recflmmcndlition of the = 
organiralions represented. == 
eleVIlHWIie^followriiprnemrjt'rs— g: 
on the lionrd of directors: Marvin = 
H. Campbell, Crookslon— E 

Crnokston Chamber or Com- | 

■; Dale Pulkrabek, Angus— = : 

11 Farmers Union; E 

Hsnn. Fosston— Red = 

Valley Livestock = 

m: Herman Skyberg = 

Jr., tast Grand Forks— = 

Minnesota Farm ilurcnu: Olaf C. S 

Soiiie. Crookston-Red River = 

Valley Development assoclallon. =, 

A new member was elected to = 

the board -of managers to = 

represent the Red River Valley E 

crops and soils association. = 

Elected was James R. Lofgrcn. 5 

agronomist nt the Northwest = 

agricultural experiment station. = 

Officers elected were B. E. | 

Voungqulst, Crookslon,- presl- g 

dent; William Strlcklcr. Euclid, S 

vice president; and James II. j| 

Lofgrcn, secretary -treasurer. H 

Dr. Loffiren "replaces"Dr.~Olaf | 

C. Soine as secretary -treasurer, e 

Dr. Soine resigned after a 25- = 

year period of continuous ser- E 

Hoard df managers endorsed = 

unanimously and voted to sell a E 

tract of approximately five acres g ' 

of the city of Crookslon for E 

liie purpose of locating :i new = 

rmory. The board felt that the 5 

teation of the urinary would be 5 
iglily-complemenlary- to. the— = . 

uiny meetings nnd other nc- E 

held during winter shows = 





Reg. 98c 

. only 

20" BOX 


7:75x15 or 14 
Reg.' $24.47 $l"y67 







Reg. $1.25 or $1.00 



Reg. $4.88 
NOW - 

$099 1 

34 5C 



Reg. $9.99 $ JT 99 



»_—» ttil-cs. Liahtweights, 

Standard Models, < 

HIAWATHA- Best Bikes Built 





UseOur BudgerTa)HPIan~ 

Super buy on this black and chrome 
fun machine-! Huret 5-spocd stick shift 
console. Dual hand brakes on hi-rise 
handlebars. Banana saddle plus 20" 
cheolor slick rear tire! kmi 


Rncy styling, from h'-riso 
.handlebars, nana. 
seat one) chromedfon- 
dorst Knobby roar tire. 
Boys', greon, girls', rnsp- 
borry. Whito'trim, 

Uio Your Crodit 



Mr.' nnd Mrs. Lewis Hjerkfie 
iind elrl* visited Sattirilny 
evenJrts at Hie Josie Bjcrklie 

Mrs. Sclmo Joha^nnspcnl Irom 
TueMtay until Friday at ' the 

at the Lester 

? Mr. and Mrs. 

son, Mrs. Marvin 

children ami ^irs. 

Gonwlek.- — - — 

3-Speed 26-Inch 
Hiawatha Lightweight 


20-Inch Boys' or Girls' 
Hiawatha' Sport Bicycle 

Changs goors with a twist ol your wrist for easy 
pedalling on inclinos. Ruggod onough (or tho 
kids — groat riding lor Mom or Front and 
roar colipor hand brakes, chrome rims. 2-tono 
spring saddle rofloctor. Slook black onomet. 



America's /J umbor Ono Biko IVi sototy and styling 
, . . with eight roflcctors to lot biko ba soon in 
tho dark from any diroctionl Now longor (romo. 
groovy 2-tono colors, chentor slick roar tiro, 
chromed fonders. paddod soddlo. coostorbrokesl 

siiu i u tin juu uiui umiuu i 

LUU II Mil LUI IlUt I LUUIUllllU LUIUll^ IlilLU LtUU t IJIUUI til J U ItJ 1 1 ILLUI tlllim tlLLU ttUUIUlULUUlLUl Ull 


Wednesday. July 1,1070 Thief Hivnr Falls.' illlnn. 

TJFL Delegates 
Help To Select 
State Candidates 

Pennington county delegates 
were among approximately 1.200 
who gathered in Dululh last 
weekend lo help select DKL 
candidates for olilce In the full 
elections. Tile state convention 
win held Friday. Saturday and- 
- Sunday In the Dululh convention*' 

E. Presteqaard 

Attehds Seminar '-~ 

Pennington county register of 
deeds nil ended the educational, 
seminar June 23 and 1!G at 





by the 

' Nell 


Official do 
McEwcii, I'eiinington county 
.chairman; Mrs. Emmcll 
(Agnes) [sruclsim, county 
chairwoman; Charles Kiitnskn. 
Hnbcrl Kinsman, Mrs. Clarence 
(Frances) Strnmocrg and Mrs. 
Kenneth (Beth), lialldin. Others 
attending from Thief Hlvcr Falls- 
were Mr. and Mrs. AlSollom. Mr. 
' niid Mrs. Ed Kfaemer and Mr. 
and Mrs, Kenneth Hers. Sollom is 
endorsed hv the county DKL for 
the [Mist ill slate, representative 
from District G7H. 
Former Vice President Hubert 
_J!._Hum|ihn-y was endorsed 
Kridav as the OKI. can (filiate for 
■■■• : ' - - . Eugene Me- 





irtlusf ; 7117w"ils*|ieafiir 
at the Krkiuv evening dinner. 

Sen. Walter Mondale was 
keynnie sjieaker at the Saturday 

nidi, Hlb- 
inr; Elmer 

.Stiannaus. former slate 
chairman. attorney 
, and Ronald Anderson. 

Register of Deeds 
association. Speakers at the 
event included. Dnve Kennedy, 
attorney, assistant state counsel; 
" William Schtnnker. Scott county 
-surveyor and liaison officer from ' 
Minnesota County Surveyors 
association; and Julius A. Colter, 
'attorney. Scott county Torrens 

District A-B 
jCouncil Meets „ 

Miss Ardith DeVoy. consultant ■ 
on iiffine for the Minneapolis 
Society for the Illind. presented 
the program ot the District A-B ' 
council meeting of the Con- 
ference of Geriatric Cnrr 
- Division 
Hospital association. 

Other action at the meeting, 
-held-al -Norlhweslern-hospital, 
Thief Itivcr Falls. Thursday. 
Included election of Irwin An- 
derson, administrator of 
Ueltrnmi Nursing. home, as vice 
clialrmmi to- succeed Donald 
Coleman, who has moved out of 
the area. John Welgel. acting 
director of the conference on 
aging discussed licensure of 
administrators. Form 1503- 
Evalunlion form on welfare 
patients, reimbursement, •in- 
termediate cur 1 facility- cer- 
tiiication status and future trends 
and development, 

J. M, Itoche. Thief River Falls, 
district chairman, conducted the 
meeting, .which had 33 
representatives from fourteen, 
member homes present. 


River Valley. 

Mrs. Sena Chcrvcstad was an 
honored guest at a surprise birth- 
dnyparixpn Friday evening. Her 
guests were Mrs. Bcnnle Carlson 
of Gully, Mrs, Oscar Lundccn, 

The Goodrldflo Bit and Bridle 
Club onioyed tho weekend 
cnmplnfl near Winnipeg, Can., 
and nticndlnj Ihe hone races and 
visitlnfl Iho too. Campers n- 
cludedtho Bob Prestabafi family. 
Mrs. Lynn Hanson and .Mike, the 
Merle Lundccn family. Mrs. Jack 
Fladnlcckl and Marcla. Lorl 
Lundeen, Beth rtadnleckl and 
Mr. and Mrs. Elvon ' Hamilton 
and children. The July meeting 

the 12th — * 


un. cur**** »«'■«■ > 
Tit,.*, aw. m-um ■■■ ■ 
Mrs. Don K lens lad. Karen Ann 

CHECKING A HOAD MAP while pawing through 
Thief fllver Falls Tuesday on their way Jo An- 
chorage, Alaska, wcrclhrcc college students from_ 
he— Minnesota - M(mrot .. M j ch .. llclt ,q r lg)il)-lvoi Novak, Dennis 
Marietta and Greg Williams. The three left Monroe 

Sharyl Johnson bath of Ersklne, 
Mrs. Bob Solhcim of BcmldJI, Mr. 
and Mrs, Ingmor Molde .of 
Montivcdlo, Mr. and Mrs. Gunny 
Gundcrson, Killyn Olson. Mr. and 
Mrs. EmcstGlsselquistand Mrs. 
G under Anderson all of Thief 
River Falls, Mrs. Joslc Huston, 
the Orlando Chorvcslnd family, 
Mrs. Bob Wiseth, Mr. and Mrs. 
OlafEngland of Ersklne,- Mr. and 
Mrs. Kory Chcrvcstad. Mr. and 
Mrs. Ralph Sorcnson. Mrs. Ben 
Olson and Mrs. Fred Lundccn. 
Those sending grcctinssbut who 
were unable to attend wcro Gun- 
dcr Gunderson, Mrs. Virgil Rnd- 
nlcckl and Mrs. Ruby Jonnson. 
Mrs. Roman Radnlccki and 
— Bclh were Monday afternoon 
.coffee guests at the Kenneth 
Cartier home in Grand Forks, 
about two weeks ago, and plan to travel for another Mr. and Mrs. Gust Ivcrson 
two months before reaching their destination. They were Saturday evening callers at 
slated thai. the 'rip would Involvc.nbout-l.HM.mllcs _ thc.Olaf .Stolons homo. Sunday 
of bicycling on the way to Anchorage, but that they afternoon visitors were Thor- ' 
plan lo return to Michigan by plane in order to make mond Lundln and Mrs. Alice 
rtlntlmc!o_nttcndcolIcgcinlJicfatl..._ :... ^f;, un S fl _. ot -^/Bromorton,- 

Stanley Radnlccki. Mrs, Malcolm wl11 .■* /"IS »ow; ,i"iii nr>h 
Slucy. Mrs. Clarence Howard, consistofo. Troll Ride at the Bob 
Mrs. Clifford Johnson and Mrs. 

Calif. Is well cnoughl to leave the Ho'rohT Haugcn home" 
hospital and Is home with her vemon Ivcrson family, Mr. and 
lomlly. ••— "..-_ .. J & — ---■ 

Synod Chooses 
Rev. G. Orvick -„ 
As President 

Debt Mutes To 
Have Worship 

I be held i" 

■ deaf 

k-ery Sunday 

at 11 a.m. m ihe Itadgvr' 

Evangelical Free church, 
" Badger, formerly known as the 

Gospel Mission, 
Dale i'etersnn:wiH conduct the 

service during the regular ser- 
_v ictUltaL. Lt-Hoy Hinll er is th e 

i -Synod. 

' Nctv Solum . 

The meeting was called to 
order by Dwight Johnson, The 
flag pledges were given and roll 
call was taken by naming your 
favorite Ice cream flavor.. There 
was no .old business. New 
business was u club lour. It was 
voted to have one. Junior lenders 
are to plan a program for leaders 
council. A motion wus mode to 
give each person that went to 
camp a dollar. The meeting was ou rn ed :- Open I ng- songs - » 
Swing Low, and America, 
project 'report was given by 

. Leonard Kron on art. Recreation 
wos lead bv Lvle and, Dwight 
Johnson. Lunch was served by 

"thcOipluiuiaiul Bulger families. 
Barbara Holmstrom. reporter 

The monthly meeting of the 

Smiley -Ml Club was held on June 

II at the Smiley Hall. The'meeting 

idled to order by President' 

Prcstabak form. 

Kory Chcrvcstad and Dennis 
McGcrry made a business trip to 
Grafton on Sunday. 

Kurt and Vnlorlc Wiseth were 
weekend- guests at the Orlando 
Chcrvcstad home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lundccn 
visited at tho Herbert Lundeen 
home on Sunday evening. 

Swede Lund of Thief River 
Falls called at the Orlando 
Chcrvcstad home on Thursday 
'•afternoon. , 

Mrs. Roman Radnlccki and 
children were' Thursday supper 

f;ucs tsat the C.L.Bowman home 
n Thief River Falls. Ole Hoglnnd 
was also a brief caller there the 
same evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kory Chcrvcstad 
were Sunday, supper guests at the 
Ralph Sorcnson. 

The Decrpark \-H annual 
picnic will be held at the Orlando 
. Chcrvcstad home on July nth 
beginning at 7 p.m. withn sof tball 
game and ending In a picnic 
.supper. nnd_campJirc.. Guests ,at_ 
the picnic will "be Redwood 
County exchange. 4-H members 
who will be guests Tor a week at 
the Dick and Roman Radnlccki 
and Orlando Chcrvcstad homes. 

Knutc Evens on was honored on 
his 75lh birthday at his home on 
Friday afternoon. Well wishers 
were Mrs. Regno Gundcrson. the 
Bob Wiseth family, Mrs. Sena 
Chcrvcstad, Billy Glssclquist, 
Kory Chervcstnd, Mr. and Mrs. 
Simon Brcllnnd and the. Orlando 

,, . Mrs. Orlan Hanson, Dd.. u „ u 

_ . , „ . . ... M ,Sr v i n Dole and the Marlyn Hnugcn 

Gustafson called at the Edwin fnml |„ Mr Haugcn received two 

Hnlvorson home Sundoy lost decorated birthday cokes and 

filers at the Ed and Clifford SSffigBSS? rf^rTrl^R 
Arvcson home Sunday evening Sunday afternoon and ovenTng 

Virgil Eckstein and Maurice were Mr.-nnd Mrs. Vernon visltorsat the Joslc Rustan home 

Slclgcr.. •£„,!? " nnson . i .. 1? of were Mr. and Mrs. Julian Gun- ~- . 

Betty Swonson, reporter Ibblng and Mr. and Mrs. Harry dc rs on. Mrs. Audrey Bergcrs on . Chcrvcstad family. 

H ^ n3 , on -„, , , „ . i. and Mr. and Mrsf Edwin J. Mr imH Mm. Oill 

Lylc Walne. Lorry Ko 1 ™- Rustan of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
David Rindahl ondboyld Ar- Friday afternoon coffee guests 

yeson called ot the Howard „, wc ( toman rtadnleckl It o me 

Hanson home. included Mmes. Harold Hougen, 

Mrs. Ed Arvcson, Mrs. Clifford M olcolm'Slucy, Kenneth Slucy, 

Arvcson and Mrs. Verner Ar- Adolpn Peterson and Ole Gun- 

veson attended a baby Shower at de ra on 
the Clifford Swanson home for M nnd Mn Conrnd OIaon of 

rm« k$Z'™ £ . pTi! Crookston were Sunday visitors 

Roger Koldens (nee Pam Hon- m ^ 0rlan sto]aat ^^ 

jjFrtlc^Tn^""" - ■■»- ■ - - „ ^I«— iUchar rl Prrri ulL-flad. 

relatives. and 

The mceUng of theSI. Hilairc 4- 
H club was called Id order by Jim 
Gunstad In May. Flag pledges 
were said and roll call was taken. 
Secretary and treasure's reports 
were given. Business Included 
complcllon of records, 4-H tour; 
"and Dalrv Dav. Demonstrations „_ n 

- — wcroHivcnby-Marilyn.on.rnbblt3 - _ Jon ; „„___„ 

md Jim -Gunstad -on Swine and Myrtle Trulsori "and other chad* returned to the"* Virgil Coin 1 rcKTHrFrt da yn Iter 
'rlends reminded i,„rinii.rki hnmn nn frldnv - 

Mr. and Mrs. Cullcn of Bcmidji 
were weekend guests at the 
Oscar Lundccn home. 

Mmefl. Orlan Hanson and 
Vernon Ivcrson spent Wednesday 
and Saturday at the Harold 
Hnugcn home helping their 
mother paint. Marlyn Hnugcn 
called there on Sunday. 

Mmonv- Orlando. Chcrvestnd 
and Knutc Evcnson attended the 
funeral for Elsie Hlgdum ot 

Mr. -and Mrs. Charles Jones. 
Guests for tho afternoon and 
supper on Fathers day at tho 
Jones home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Gary Dorgon, Terry and Jamie of 
Red Lake Falls. 

Tuesday morning callers and 
coffee guests at the Clarence 
Peterson home were Andrew 
Dahle or Indiana and Adatph 
Christophers on of Thief River 

Joyce Peterson visited Wed- 
nesday afternoon with Mrs. 
David Duprcc and infant son 
Kurt Charles at Northwestern 

Mrs. Edwin Helgoland,. Mrs, - 
Odin Hanson and Mrs. Clarence 
Peterson attended the Prayer 
.Breakfast at Trinity Lutheran 
church Wednesday morning. 

Joyce Peterson was a supper 
and evening guest a week ago 
-Friday at, the Warren Mosbeck 
home In Polk Centre. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tormod 
Christiansen" returned home on 
Tuesday after spending two 
weeks In St. Paul and Milwaukee. 
Wis. vislling relatives. In St. Paul 
they spent some .time wlthMhclr 
son and family the Dell 
Christlansons and one oltcmoon 
_with Mrs._Christianson's..alstcr._.. 
Mrs. Dora Lindslronr. - In 
Milwaukee they visited their son 
nnd daughter- In-law. Mr. and 
Mrs. Norman Chris tlonson and 
-also spent one evening with the 
Erlin Nabbcns. Mr. and Mrs. 
Chrislianson mode the trip by bus 
and iraln except for their return 
home from St. Paul, when their 
son Dell brought them home by 
car. He returned homo the next 

lis "Paycallon" lime for those 
who sell their "Don't Wants" 
. with a Times Classified Ad. 

Potato Growers 
Get Extension 
On Certification 

Minnesota Agriculture Com- 
missioner Robert W. (Bob) 
Carlson has announced exercise 
of his emergency authority to 
extend Minnesota department of 
- agriculture deadlines for seed 
potato certification, affecting 
growers in 15 counties. 

He sold the action was taken in 
recognition or the emergency 
situation threatening severe 
economic loss to Minnesota's 
potato industry because of record 
rainfall frequency this spring. 

"Weather conditions hav.e 
made it impossible for seed 
potato growers in northwestern 
Minnesota to determine Ihclr 
plantings of seed potato acreage 
within the time specified in Ihe 
present regulations." Com- 
missioner Carlson declared. 

His emergency order extended ' 
the deadline far submitting ap- 
plications for seed potato cer- 
tification from Juno 30 to July 15, 
and waived the penally for late 
applications that normally would 
have applied effectlc June IS. 

Deadline changes apply only to 
certified seed potato growers in 

Kittson,. Marshall. polk._P.crt 

nington, Red Lake, Norman, 
Mnnnomcn, Clay, Becker, 
Wilkin, Oltcrtnll, Roseau. Lake of 
the Woods, Bcltftmi and 
Clearwater counties. 

Area Students 
At UND Honored 

Several Thief River Falls area 
students were included among 
the l.7B0studcnts at University of 
North 'Dakota, Grand Forks, 
named to spring quarter dean's 


; Eligibility Tor the dean's list in 
any academic division requires 
that the student be enrolled full 
time in at least 12 hours of 

— Coon 

STORY HOURSESSJONS are held each Tuesda; 
Bertha Hastad, assistant librarian, Is shown in the 

i. ot the Thief River Falls public library. 


above photo with some of the youngsters attending 

tho story hour this week. -The story session Is i 
several programs adopted by the library -to 
stimulate Interest in books and reading by children 
during the summer months, 

Price Support 
Loan Rate Set 
For Soybeans 

Lutheran Women's Missionary 

Icagua June 23-25. 
Mrs. Dennis Kezar and Mrs, 

Ken Onken, representing St. 

John's Lutheran church, Thief 

River Falls, were present at the 
". convention, held in Thunder Boy, 

Ont. Mrs. Ifarvc ■-■"■■- -*-■-* 
' River Falls, and 

Stan Christcnson, El Monte, 

Calif., also attended as guests. 
Mrs. Fred Derkcy, Perham, 

KMtt C*u. OMtfi&jr* ' 


rey' Pottcn" ThUf hcKl^th^chVrch^lfand 

With the announcement of the S^ HS,^ ^fi^ SSW P^^ "^ 
county price-support loan rate of 
12.12 per bushel- for 1970-crop 
soybeans, Winton Knutson, 
chairman of the Pennington 
County agricultural Stabilization, 
and Conservation (ASC) com- 

U ,iUM ' n ^ l l^^ n «mr,Ji r^ a '»°" t » 1C «rb»»™»™ """ "awn, ana Mr. ana mrs. U u.y 
have now been announced for d rtook fll p roJec[3| omong Anndal and Tracy of Thlel River 
wheat, bar lev. oats, rye. Rax- ., ,i u.r. it •- ' u_jj„" =•_«. "* 

fats at the 

?£,&$'£& pn ? w ' t o W. and Mrs. Donald Megan. 

■North District, and Mrs. K. S. Elnln Roger and Susan o( 

Ansorgc, Baudotto, was elected Embarrass, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. 

regional vice president. In ad- - Wallace Anderson, Dcbby and 

dltion. the. organization un- Dawn, and Mr. and Mrs. Gary 

Evangelical -Lulli 
which Includes t-iearwaiei 
church. (Jklee, and Ml. Ollvi 
church. Trail, in lis annua 
convention at Bethany Luthernr 
college in .Mankato from June Z2 
2G elected Rev. George M. Orvick 

(if Madison, Wis, as its president, 

urvtck. served as president- Donald Knutson. Fliig pledges 
since Januarv when he succeeded were said and roll call was mken. 
Rev. J B, 'Madson. President Business consisted of dairy Day 
Orvick is pastor o[ the 1600- plans, lair booth, fair demon- 
member Holy Cross Lutheran slrntions. workshops and. theclub 
Church in Madison, Wisconsin, tour. Demonstrations were given 
—Olliur— u Kici' rti— wlected— were— by-Jixly T/irkclson-and Jeff ,Knut- 
Rev. Luther Vangen. pastor of son. Project reports were given 
icordiii Lutheran Church Hi ''>' Kurt Nelson and Jeff 

livestock. Lunch was served. 

The meeting of the St. Hilairc t- 
If club was called to order June 
II, 1970.018:00 p.m. Flag pledges 
ten-said and roll cull was taken. 

Radnlccki home 

R ^ ky "S r Mi° ( .w b ^ l H d , n n y .- nn cvcnl "R nfIcr "pcndlnS Iho week 
i "?-^I m-".^"™?™'! visiting with friends m BcmldJI. 

and girls and Mr. and Sirs. Larry 

SccrVbry a^d^Vcasure's reports Lloyd Walne home. The Larry Mrs! *Ing mar Mold c"and Kalhy'of 

were read nnd approved.. Old . Wabe^m^ylujve returned from Montcv 7 deo . other. Sunday af- 

business included Completion of "« West Coast and arc living tcmwm nnd BUMls J wcrc 

records, Dairy Day. nnd con- near Kens I ng ton, Minn. m Glc „ TASa ^f nmi ] yi Lhu, 

ervallon spring project. New Cnllm Dt °> e JorDcn 0,lclle «--■--—■ — - 

' Eau Clair. 





Rev. W. C. Gullix 

secretary; and Rev. Sophu 
Portage' Wis., treasurer. 

The Evangelical Lutheran 
Synod has congregations in the 
mid-west and on -the east and 
west coasts. -It was formerly 
known as the Norwegian. Synod, 




Cent o<t Highway 59 


,._.. Slides were shown ( 

Fitting and Showing of Sheep. 
Lunch was served by the 
Heiswliiger family followed by a 
game of baseball. 

The tour is being planned on 
our regular meeting night, 
Monday. July 13. It will begin ot 
■ thu-Sortcberg Farm-fbllowed.by_ 
the Baslngcr. Nelson, Newton, 
and finally the Knutson form. 
County Agent Terry Coumcyn 
will be our guest. - 

Jeff Knutson, reporter 

[Slack River 

The Black River A-li Club was 
held June It. Demonstrations 
were given by Joey Scholln on 
clathlngritogcr Hesse on rabbits. - 
Project reports by Brian Sleiger 
on potatoes, Joel Johnson' on 
Indoor gardening. . Special 
business was on demonstrations,' 
dress revue, club tour, and 
records. ■ Lunch was sorvod-by— 

business was the Dress Revue * 
and the fair exhibits. Project 
talks were given by Peggy 
Hnugcn and Shirley Taylor. A . 
demonstration was given by Lylc 
Ydnke. Lunch was later served 
by the Armstrong and Yankc 

Little Oak 

Mr.'. Amlt )!••(*■, C.JrtJ,. ' 

The community was saddened 
with (he news of the tragic death 
of Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Olaf 
Olson: Also the death of Clarence 
.Bcrgcson of theAVanfioarca. The_ 
kindest sympathy is extended to 
both families. 

Mr. and Mrs. Nels Asp and 
George Asp visited Mrs. Ruth 
Rhodegord of Ncwfotdcn on 

Those that called on Elmer 
Engstrom for his birthday on 
Thursday were Mrs. Sclma" 
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Jorgcn 
Oftclic and Mrs. Bcrncll My rum 
and Stacy. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Arvcson 
and Dale visited at the Edwin 
llolvorson home. 

Sunday visitors ot the Edwin 
llolvorson home were Edwin's 
cousins,— Rose. -Johnson —of 
Clearbrook, Mrs. Clara Miles, 

Mrs. Carl and Jim , 


. Mrs. Ole Gundcrson and the 

Julian Gundcrson family arrived 

home- on -Thursday-afternoon. - 

Mrs, Ole Gundcrson had spent 

the last two weeks visiting in 

and Mrs. GlTmerOflellc, Mr. and 
Mrs. Lawrence Grim, Mr. and 
Mrs. Nels Asp, George Asp, Mrs. 
Bcmcll My rum and Stacy nnd 
Don Walsh, . 

Thursday evening visitors at 
the Harry Hansons were Mr. and Mlnnennnli' 

.Mn-^(^^!X«™.D"l^nrHl._K e ^i8nd-tmHdr. 

" l ; n ' : ■ , . j ,. , ,. on Saturday morning and will 

Monday evening .visitors at the ™ nd a ^.^ vacation hero 

and Mra. Carl Ekwald, Mr. and lIotBlml ^ud al u, e Scnn 
Mrs. Pete Peterson f of Moose ciicrvcslnd's on Wednesday. 
Lake and Mrs. Amanda Peterson M „_ Cnr , swonson of Shcvlln 
visited there on Sunday. 



of fntcrnational Falls. 

. Attention Farmers 

Far top prices consign your livestock to tf» 


Sale every Tuesday 1 p.m. sharp 

BaldMT Hwp. Slww. Smdl Cchn S«M Bn»— 

«« To» UntMX In Cortr 











Values to 

*7.88 * 

Ladi«s, Oxfords — Sport Shoes • Dress Shoes — Sandals - Canvas 

from s 2.88 to s 6.88 

CHILDREN'S Value to £4^ 4»«* &M «k«« 

shoes.: :i„!2.88 $ 4.88 




of Norfolk, 

The following gathered nt the 
Edwin Berg home lo honor them 
on their 40th wedding an- 
niversary un June 251h, Mr. and 
Mrs. Arnold Brovald, Mr. and 

. Mrs. Elmer Brovald. Mr. and 
Mrs. Orland Rindahl, Mr. and 
Mrs. Mcrvin Rindahl. Mr. and 
Mrs. ArllcForcondMr. and Mrs. 
Carl Syvcrson and girls. 

-■ Mr. nnd-Mrs.Jorgen Oftelle. ■ 
Mrs. Lewis BJcrklle," Bruce. 

■ Renae and Jonclic visited Mr. 
and Mrs. Herbert Gulsclh ol 
Crookston on Thursday. 

Mrs. Sclma Johnson attended 
the Tclclagct at Oklcc on Friday 
and Saturday. She was a guest at 
the Thorwald BJomaraa home. 

The following reminded Mrs. 
Nels Asp of her birthday the lath, 
Mr. and Mrs. Jorgcn Oftclir 
Mrs. Lewis Bjerklie and girls an 

■ George Asp, 

Mrs. Elmer Engstror. 
relumed home from the North. 
western hospital on Friday. 

George Asp left Sunday after a 
lOday visit at the Nels Asp home. 
He will visit In Minneapolis with 
relatives before leaving for Los 
.AnRcIes where he Is employed at 
the Airescarch Aviation com- 

Callers at the Lewis: BJerkllo 
home during the week were:. 
Orbcn Good, Ted Roy. Arnold 
"HfiugWMyTtle , I , misohr~ r Jrur." 
Johnny and Jimmy Olson. . 

Mrs. Howard Hanson and girls 
attended the Vera Feragcn- 
Roger Hovel wedding the Trinity 

Mrs, Irene Good and children 
visited nt the Willie Good home 
on Saturday. 

- - Los tor— A r veson -loft -for-the 
. citic* on 'Sunday to be employed. — 
^"Wishing Mrs*. Lewis B jerk fir— — ' 
happy birthday this week-were: 
Mrs. Gerald SJuleslod, ■ Cheryl, 
Joni. David, Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen 
Bjerklie. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Asp, 
Mr. ond Mrs. Jorgcn Oftelle. Lorl 
and Bridge! SJuIcstad, Henry 
Bjerklie and George Asp. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Arvcson 
received the good news thai their 
niece. Mrs. Donald Blrkbcck 
(Priscilla Johnson) of El Cujon. 

academic work, and 
a "D" (3.0) average. 
Those named to (he dean's list 
—iin-tho college of-arts-anri science*. 
include ' Dale Johnson, 
Ncwfoldcn; Beatrice 
Kasprowicz, Strandqulst: and 
Thomas Tunbcrg, Thief River 

.Falls. David Reeve and David 
Swonson, bath Thief River Falls, 
were among those honored In the 
college of Intsiness and public 

Included an the dean's list in 
the college of -education wore 
James Hcdny, Newfolden; Betty 
Johmon and Kathleen Slenberg. 

' Okloo; and Sloven Honobrink. 

"Nancy Swanson, ond Carol 
Wcstmun, Thiol Jtlvcr Falls. 

-Byron Flololand, Okloo._ond 

"DiTvTdKIIdnhl, Thief River FalU, 

earned dean's Mil ipoU In. the 

' college of engineering, and In Ihe 
University college, Sandra Ness 
and Ronald Hunger. Thief River 

- Falls, received honors. 

wheat, barley, oa'ls, rye, fU«- 
sccd, grain sorghum- and 
soybeans. - 

For each of these crops, except 
oats and"soybcans, which are not 
terminally oriented, the U. S. 
department of agriculture this 
year modernized the method of 
establishing county loan rates In 
response lo changing conditions 
,. ... in marketing, transportation and 
al lcost international trade. However, in . 
the . major producing areas af 
ihcsc crops, very Iltde change 

them the purchase of Cambridge Falls. 

property, the training of native Friday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. 

missionaries, scholarships for EarlSundcrsnndAlanandSclma 

training workers, and the pur- Sanders of Embarrass were 

chases of two busts for lunch guests at the Kenneth Coon 

Redeemer Lutheran church, " t " nc J 

Kukabekn Falls. Ont. 

. family i 

-hnsb ee n mu drtn-thc~mo>crop- 
loan rates. All county loon roles 
arc bascdon the national average 
price support loan rote. 

■ For Pennington County, tho 
1970-crop rates other than 
soybeans arc: Wheat, $1.34; 
barley, 7B cents; rye, $1.00: 
flaxseed, $2.53; and ■ oats, 55 
cents. j 

Announcement is expected in 
the near future of county price- 
support loan and purchase ratcs_ 
for com, Winton Knutson said. As 
In the case of oats and soybeans, 
no change Is to be made In the 
method of dcrmining county 

-rates for- this crop. 

2 local Women . 
Attend LWML 
Meet In Canada 

TwoThlef River Falls women 

were among the 230 delegates 

"that "attended the Minnesota 

. . North District convention of the 

panel truck for A bo ton hospital, 

Many Pesticides 

Sunday Mrs. Gary Bruggemnn 
of Fort Lewis, Wash, visited by 
telephone with her father, Alvln 
Hyland to wish him a happy 

Last Sunday Mr, and Mrs. 
Norman Nelson and children of 
Oklcc visited at the Clifford Vnd 

Of This Year 

More than 100 tons of pesticides 
will have to be disposed of by 
Minnesota consumers when state 
department of agriculture 
rcstrlctloni take effect July 1, 
according lo Commissioner 
Robert W. (Bob) Carlson. 

He emphasized that consumers 



to guidelines established by the 
- Mln"nesota~pallutl on~controf 

Agriculture department of- 
ficials based the estimate that 
more than 200 tons of pesticides 
will require special disposal on 
the basis of a sample survey 
finding the average household 
has at least a half-pound of "bug 
-killers'-* containing the seven 
chemicals tabbed hazardous to 
the environment. 

— Homeland-. garden, .use. .of.. 
pesticides containing the 
restricted chemicals will be 
actually banned effective July J. 
The 30 specified restricted uses, 
by permit only when alternative 
controls are not available, 'lire 
reserved fo? farmers, com- 
mercial . licensed . pest ..control . 
operators, greenhouses and 

Commissioner Carlson 
■ repeated -his- appeal -for every . 
householder to read the label 
before buying or using any 
pesticide, and to set aside for 
proper disposal those containing 
any amount . of Ihe seven 
restricted pesticides. 

— All Inquiries regarding disposal 
of pesticides should be directed to 
the solid waste section of the 
Minnesota pollution control 
agency- The agency 'has 
recommended that pesticides be 
returned, when possible^ lo the 
dealer, distributor, manufac- 
turer or an approved recon- 
ditioning firm; or. buried In a 
PCA approved sanllary landfill; 
or, buried in small amounts" (not 
over five pounds dry or one gallon 
llfluld) at least 18 inches deep in 
an Isolated location a safe 
distance from potable water 
supplies and waterways, the 
locnUon-properiy-mnrked -and 
recorded tmju lure reference. 

Meets At Minpt 

-Hallinglaget .of America held 
Its 63rd annual convention at 
Mlnot State college, MInot, N. D. 
The three-day meet was con- 
cluded June 28 with a Norwegian 
church service In Augustana 
Lutheran church near the college 
campus Sunday, with Rev. 

■ : Casper-Norvlg, Wllliston. N. D., 

' jjlficlntlng: . 

, '. Canada as well as a number of 
slates Vas represented at the 

. convention. All officers were' re- 
elected to serve another two-year 

. term. Nextyear's convention will 
. be held in BcmldJI.- 


Xf«. *•*■ Aim. 1 

Sunday supper guests at the 
Bert Coan home 'were Mr. and 
Mrs. Lean McMohon and their 

frandson Tommy McMohon of 
larvcy, N. D. 

Last Tuesday Mrs. .Dcna 
Rcfsncss visited with Mr. and 
Mrs. Martin Engcn. 

Wednesday Denu Rcfsness. 
attended the funeral af Milan 
Engcn at the Zion church In Thief 
River Falls. 

Friday Dcna Rcfsncss went 

with Mr. and Mrs. John Sund on a - 

business trip to Grand Forks, N. 


Sunday Mrs. David Bumqulst 

_and Ruby John son ac companied 
MrsTlJcna Rcfsncss to"NcwTbIdcn 
where they visited at the George 
Lindgren home. 

Mr, and Mrs. John Coan and 
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Coan and 
Bcckynttcndcd the 25th wedding ™ 
anniversary °n Sunday for Mr, 
and Mrs. Sclvln Rlchtcr 
(Margaret Svarci at Fergus 
Falls, Minn. On their way home 
they stopped at Calloway and 
visited at the Merrill Baker and 
Henry Katzenbcrger homes. 

— Mr.— and-Mrs. Norman— An- 
derson and Ihclr granddaughters, 
Dcbby.and Dawn Anderson were 
camping in Warroud last Wed- 
nesday and Thursday. 

Last week Mr. and Mrs. 
Clarence Peterson and children 
spent from Saturday till Tuesday 

"camping at Thunder Bay On- 
tario, Canada where Clarence 
attended a Lions convention. 

Last Friday Mr. and Mrs.. 
CI a re nce_ Peterson look Karl Jo, 
Becky and "Jon to.Oslo where the 
children visited with, their 
grandparents, the Freedom 
Martins, whhV Mr. and Mrs. 
Clarence Peterson attended a 
rural letter carrier convention at 
the Sheraton Hotel in Rochester. 
The- Petersons -visited -with 
Jerry Peterson In Minneapolis 
Saturday evening. Sunday they 
left for Rochester where they 
attended the convention. They 
also visited at the Larry Foley 
home In Byron, Minn. Mr. Foley 
was a former teacher here. They 
returned Wednesday and picked 
up the children and were supper 
guests at the Freedom Martin 

few days visiting with 
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert 
Coan and with the Kenneth 

-■ Sunday those who came to help 
.Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Miller 
celebrate their anniversary and 
Mrs. Milter's birthday and. also 
Mori Lou's birthday were Mr. 
and Mrs. Morris Miller, Mr. and 
Mrs. Richard Anderson, Jodl and 
Jennifer, all of Thief River Falls, • 
Mr. and Mrs, Leon McMuhart ot 
Oklee, Tommy McMohon of. . 
Harvey, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. 
Norman Miller, Brenda. Bonnio 
and Mike of Grccnbush, Mr. and 
Mrs.. Bert Coan. Mr. and Mrs. 
Dick Mllle'r. Bobby and Tammle 
and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Coan, 
Roger, and Marcia. Mrs. -Miller 
(Dorothy) served a delicious 
lunch featuring 3 birthday ond 
anniversary cakes. They all 
received many nice cards and 
gifts in honor of (he events. 

Visitors during the week at;the 
Jack Johnsrud home were Mr. 
and Mrs. Enock Johnsrud, Mr. 
and , Mrs. Walllo Hen ten and 
family, Mr. and Mrs* Clifford 
Johnsrud and girls, Mary Ann 
Lappuganrd, Mr. and Mrs. 
Gordon Teliefson and Jorgen 
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hougen and 
family of H ibblng and Mr. and 
Mrs. Harry Teliefson and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hcnford Rolsland 
left Monday for Grand Forks, N. 
D. to visit Henford's brother 
Enrest who Is a patient at the 
hospital' there. 

Mrs. Bob Zavoral and Marion 
it Monday at the Kenneth 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Waale 
helped Mrs. Asblorn Asojornson 
celebrate her birthday Friday 

Guests during tho week at Ihe 
John Hoffman home were 
Glcnnlo Iverson, Mr. ond Mrs. 
Leon Ivcrson, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Norman 
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Roger 
Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Hank 

' and Hnrlcn. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Berrcs, 
- -Sieve and Dorothy of. Richfield, 
Minn, are spending a week at the 
John Hoffman home. 
- Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forrignn 
(Irene Hoffman) of Latham, New 
York arrived last Monday and 
will spend a week visiting at the 
Oldrich Hoffman home and with 
—othor relatives and friends. 

Sunday visitors *ot the Oldrich 
Hoffman* home were G. A. 
Kompcn; Alvln Kompcn, Mr. and 
Mrs. Alfred Ivcrson. Leslie and 
Gary and Richard and Irene 
Farrigan of New York. 

Friday Mr. and Mrs; Lester. 
Vad and children visited at the 
Clifford Vad home. 

Sunday Mrs. Betty Hanson, 
Anita, Kim and Robby visited at 
the Clifford Vad home. 

Supper guests on Wednesday at 
the Orlin Ilanson home were Mr, 
and Mrs. Martin Johnson of 
McClusky, N. D. 

Friday Mr. and Mrs. Orlin 
Hanson. Dean and Dale motored 
to Grand Forks on a business 
trip. They were accompanied bv 
Vance and Monte Haugcn and 
Harlcn Ivcrson. 

Curtis Forfangof Ha I lock spent 
Ihe weekend with Brian and 
Brent Wells. 

.rFnlu'vUI lTd nTTh7 

Donald Horachck home. 

Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs, 
Wcndal Bcmdt, Mark and Kay 
visited at the Don Horachck 
home. Carl McPhcarson was also 
a caller there. 

Sunday Mrs. George Horachck 
and children and David Leo 
visited nt the Ross Ordway home. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Henry Waale 
visited Sunday afternoon at the 
Hclmcr Ncsscth home near 

■Last Tuesday. Mrs. Pat 
Vnughan was n coffee guest with 
Mrs. Don Horachck. 

Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Theo 
Forfa ng of Hallock nnd M r. ond | 

Mrs. .Clyde Hutchinson were- 
coffee guests at the -Bernard- 
Wells home. 

Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Percy 
Ua Ivcrson. Elaine and Jimmy 
visited at the Ernest Hcdcn 

Mrs, . Alvin Field spent list 
week In Forgo, N. D.with her 
daughter Renae who was. a 
parent at the St. Lukes hospital 
In . r orgo. 

Mr. and Mrs! Elnar Sand 
visited Sunday al the Mclvin 
Mnlhson home ut_Oklee. 

Tuesday Mr. and. Mrs. 
Lawrence Grim of Trail were 
supper guests at the Elnar Sand 

. Thursday Mr, and Mrs. Elnar 
Sand helped their granddaughter 
Valerie Sand celebrate her 7th 

Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Slg 
Slgurdson visited at the Orlic 
Hofdahl home. 

Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Ed Rustan (Dclorls Slgurdson) of 
Coder Rapids, Iowa arrived, to 
spend 2 weeks with Mr. and Mrs. 
Slg SigQrdson and other friends 
and relatives, . 

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Coan visited 
Monday evening at the Elnar 
Sand home. 

' . Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Einar 
Sand' were dinner guests at , the 
Slg Slgurdion home. 
^3 Mrs, Orlin Hanson and Mrs._ 
Vernon Ivcrson spent Wednesday 
and Saturday painting for their 
mother, Mrs, Harold Hougen, 

Mr. and Mrs. Slg Slgurdson 
visited Friday evening ni the 
Aslok Dahle home. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Curtis 
Johnsan-nnd family or rural Thief 
River Falls and Mr. and Mrs. 
Henry Waale visited at the Slg 
-_Slgurdson home. 

Fathers day dinner guests ot- 
itic Frank Lund home last Sun- ' 
day were Mr. nnd Mrs. Duanc 
Noel, Julie and Mike. Mr. and 
Mrs. Nell Glllespl and Steven. 
Lloyd Lund' called from New 
York, where he Is employed to 
wish his father a happy Fathers 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weight. 
Matt and John of Borger, Texas 
spent last week visiting at the 
Bcnnle Svanjord home. 

Last Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. 
Bcnnle Svanjord and Mr. and 
Mrs. Arthur Walght Jr. vislled 
with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ilclnzc 
in Thlcr River Falls. 
"Mr.'and Mrs. Helmer Nascth - 
were . c offee gur.its nt th e Frn nli 


TliicnUvcrTaHsrMiiiri. Y/edneS&ay7J\ByT71Wl0~ 

Jr.. John and Matt of Texas and 
Mr. and Mrs. Bcnnio Svanjord 
were dinner guests Saturday with 
Mr. ond Mrs. George Gundcrson. 
Mrs. Frank Lund attended the 
party at the Herbert Zlcms home 
at Gully last week. 

md Mrs. Orlin Stcnvik and 
children- of Embarrass, Minn, 
and Oscar Stcnvik of Thief River 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Klem- 
mentson of Mcintosh visited 
Sunday at the Henry Kiem- 
mentson home, 

A large crowd attended the 
Golden wedding anniversary 
party at the J^alth Lutheran 
church In.Goodridgc on Sundoy 
. for Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Race. 
Congratulations Jerry nnd Til lie. 

Mrs. Max Jcnson was a lunch 
guest at the Bert Coan home on 

Wednesday Anker Jfanson of 
Montana was a dinner gucsLat 
the Ernest Hcdcn homo. 

Last week Mrs. Percy 
Hnlvcrson and Mrs, Harlcy 
Ha rdccofl- spent 5 days house 
cleaning for their mother, Mrs. 
Ernest Hcdcn. 

—Thursday ovenlng guests at the 
Edgar Miller home were Mr. and 
Mrs, Orlin Stcnvik and children 
of 'Embarrass, Mr. and Sfre, 
.Kenneth Coon, Mnrcln nnd Roger 
and Roslc and Rhonda Ivcrson, - 

Marl Lou Miller 
Celebrates 12 Birthday - 
■ Those who came to help Mary 
Lou celebrate her 12th birthday 
June 26th In addition to her 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. .Edgar 
Miller and sister Shirley and 
brothers, Jacky nnd Gary were 
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Slgrud. Mr. 
and Mrs. James Coan, Mr. and 
Mrs. Dick Miller. Mr. and Mrs. 
Bernard Wells. Mrs. Harry 
Paulson and Becky Coan, Dcbby 
Slgrud, Joann Paulson, Bobby 
Paulson. Gene Miller. Bobby 
Miller. Tammle Miller, Brent. 
Brian and Candy e'e Wells and 
Roslc nnd Rhonda Ivcrson. Marl 
Lou's mother served a delicious 
lunch featuring 2 birthday cakes. ' 
They also helped Mrs, Miller 
celebrate her birthday and also 
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Millers 
wedding anniversary which wos 

Juno 28th. They all received 
many' nice cards and gifts In 
■ honor of all the occasions. " 

Moryfield . . . 

lit*. OU Aula*. OHM 

Tuesday afternoon visitors at 
the Ole Austad home "were Mrs, - 
Ingvnld Olson nnd Ivy of Oklcc; 
Other visitors during the week 
were Mr. nnd Mrs. Asbjorn 
Asbjornson. Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald 
Mackf Sarah and Robert My rum, 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Vad ana 
children. Mrs. Charles Magncll . 
nnd children, Dale Myrum, 
Clayton Myrum- of Kecwntln. 
Mrs. Marlyn Haugcn and Willie 

Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Haugcn * 
and children visited at the Sclma ' 
Sot berg home at Gonvlck on 
Sunday. They also visited with 
Dannie Moon and Mr. and Mrs. 
Darryl Moen of Seattle, Wash. 

Weekend guests aL.lhc Lester 
Vud home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Dean Curran and two children of 
Grand Forks. .-. 

- Saturday- evening visitors .at 
the Asblorn Asbjornson home 
were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 
Schlofort of Plummcr nnd Robert . 
Myrum. ". 

Mrs. Ole Austad, Judy and 
Tracy visited with Mrs. Bill 
Singer Saturday afternoon. 

Mrs. Charles Magncll and 
children visited at the Lester Vad 
home Wednesday evening. An- 
nette was an overnight guest. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Miller of 
Grygla visited at the Asblorn 
Asbjornson home Wednesday. 
Thursday visitors were Mr. and 
Mrs. Henry Waale or Goodridge 

Gunnor Austad left on Tuesday 
for his home in Paramount. Colli. 
after a three weeks visit with 
relatives in Minnesota. 

Mrs. Ole Austad and' girts 
visited at the Mcrald llolvorson ' 
home In Deer Park on Thursday 
afternoon. - 

Lund home on Sunday. 

Monday Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Lund vislled with Mr. and Mrs. 
Carl Lund at the rest home in 
Mcintosh and also with Clarence 
Bergcson, who Is a patient at the 
Fosston hospital. 

Mrs. Max Jcnson was a lunch' 
Quest at the Bert Coan home on 
Wednesday. Evening callers" at 
the Coan home were Mr. and 
Mrs. Harold Uglum. 

Mrs. Bert Coan and Mrs. 
Kenneth Coan, Mnrcln and Roger 
were coffee guests nt the Pal 
Vaughom home on" Thursday 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Weight 


Dr. F. W. Hazard 

r Photw Wl-MW 


Bacausa ol othir buslnat* Interests I. am Mills? tba 
Brit* Spot Loundertttt. 

This Is cm excsllcmt opportunity for ■otnoon* to Ink* 
or«r a succtulul growing buslnau. 

Tho Building and Equipment ai* In «tc*Ltont condi- 
tion. Financial record* and tsrets avallabla to quallliod 


.( or Tefttphont 637-3425, Mvnrof, Minn. 



Sybil Larson spent n couple of - 
days 'helping out at her aunt 
Shirley Anderson home In 
Strandqulst last week. 

Albert Larson relumed home 
on Thursday after having un- 
derwent surgery at Grand Forks ' 
a week ago. We wish Mrs. Larson 
a speedy recovery. 



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July 4 &5 

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"Wednesday, July 1, 1970 Thief HJvcr Falls. Minn. 

Imagination Needed. 
Farm Leaders Told ' 

■■poor Image" for agriculture. 

■'Formers wore being blamed 
fur food price increases, yet they 
were receiving little benefit from 
ihe higher 'middle man' costs 
involved in processing and 
marketing food," Peters-sold. 
■'Also, some urban dwellers, 
including some legislators, were 
under the Impression that manv 
farmers were 'getting rich' off ■ 
■subsidy* payments from tax 

These and many other 
"myitis" about agriculture ore 
-discussed , in the Now Holland 
brochure, which was dubbed a 
■■farm inllacy flghlcr." 
Farmers, who tin ve done so- 
much lo improve the standard of 
living for North America by 
producing an abundance of low 
1-to cmt food; are not benefiting ns 
' ' they should from their own 
contribution/'- I'uter s said , "and_ 
ihls"ls -something New^tollantj- 
sayji the public needs to know." 
The one-day conference was 
sponsored Jointly by tho 
University ' of Minnesota and 
Gamma Sigma Delta, national 
agrlcbilural professional society. 

- Agriculture, -business and 
education lenders, who gathered 
in St. Paul Monday to discuss 
agriculture's image, were lold 
thai a. time for aggressive 
and Imaginative leadership, not 
for dofensivoness and 

Paul C. Johnson, retired editor 
of "Prairie Karmer" magazine, 
lold participants in a conference 
on "Communlcallng Agriculture 
to Ihe'Non-Agriculturnl l*ublic, 
(hot most non-farm und 
especially big-city people like lo 
think- well at agriculture ns a 
vocation and of farmers as 

^•Ttiey have come (o lake a 
■cheap and adequate fond supply 
Tor granted, and Ihey have pi-"" 
of Other prfibleitis-lf 

think about. K. 

carn.their.KWHlwill.b^ helping^ 

solve these problems, * -....— 
He went on to say that "Our 
success in food production, ct'en 
in the face of rising population, 
represents a solid first step and 
" on achievement of which we can 
be proud. Ilather than worry -so 
much about whether or nol this 
achievement Is being ap- 
preciated, -we ought to shift our 

Skllls-and-cnergies-to-the total 

s that beset I 

and c 


"We have prove 
produce food sui 

ived that we can 
produce food successfully. We 
have proved lhal we could be 

our neighbors. 

Planted On State 
Land This Year 

mecllngi, and these Ideas arc 
effective because there Is 
genuine interest from community 
clllicns In continuing community 
" councils focusing on youlli, the 
center officials add. 

Hansons Attend 
4fh Sunflower 
Meet In Memphis 

Mr. and Mrs. SI Hanson 
relumed recently from the fourth 
international sunflower con- 
ference held June 23-25 of the 
Shcralon-Pcobody hotel in 
Memphis, Tcnn. Hansen was a 
delegate from tho Minnesota 
Sunflower Growers association. 

Dcryl Bondshu of the Lyng 
Seed company in Modesto, Calif., 
relumed to Thief River Falls 
with the Hansons and U their 
house guest while attending lo 
business Interests and visiting In 
tho community, ' 

' Previous biennial sunflower 
conferences have been held ot 
College Station, Texas; Mordcn, 
Manitoba; and Crooks ton in IBM, 
IflGG and 1HG8, respectively. 
Purpose Is to provide an op- 
portunity for scientists and 
others interested In the culture, 
processing and utilisation nl 
sunflowers, lo shore scientific 
findings and pertinent .ex- 


weal he 

of Mali 
the ei 
report i 


— relation: 
agriculture's image 
ported in pari by som 
findings in a recent .Mir 
Tribune Minnesota Po 
While, research analyst 
poll, told the con to re r 

rman, nearly five million 
ere planted on 5.000 acres 
;-owned lands Ihis spring, 
mservatlon department 
d today, 
utiicial.i in the division of lands 
and forestry.. -said planting 
weather was Ideal— cool with- 
plenty of moisture. In fact, some 
of the sites chosen for planting 
could not be reached because of 

TKANstl-'ttflKINC HKRHIES from picking boxes into pint containers 

for sale is one or the tasks involved in the handling of strawberries on 

the Ilermanson farm, south ofThlef River Falls, where A. p. Her- 

manson-ralsos strawberries, raspberries, sweet comj tomatoes, dill, 

,. carrots, cucumbers ond potatoes. Susan Molskness (left), and 

nti „ Corecn Kloubec ore two of tho girls hired by Ilermanson to help with 

™ ™* harvest. 

planted n 

: of the- 

I. ' Paul 
for the 
ev par- 

it of six 

.... ,__.,* instead, 
nine made up of the 
bulk of" the - evergreen trees 
planted this spring along with 


state m 

.i B iimiiure, the responses by 
urban respondenLs were quite 
similar to those of rural farm 
respondenLs. It was only In the 
sensitive area'-of taxation 

*i anv wlde ; disagrcenienl between 
urban and rural farm respon-. 


Several s 

i fur and white 
ivorile food for deer), 
•s were planted with a 





\ that i 


: xpla. 

result ol hundreds of 
a lifetime of experience 
six things measured at 
in lime. Also, the public 
agriculture. like that ofi 
' industry'- changes over time- 
both favorablv and unfavorably. 
Another, conference speaker 
expressed more concern about 

age of 
■■ other 

iage. L 


public relations program built 
around a brochure tilled "Hiw're 
They Ueally Doin' Down on the 
Farm?" ' - 

lie said lhal Ihe program was 

initiated as a result of the com- 

panv management's feeling that 

several public - misconceptions 

-wcre-resulling-iii an-undeserved 

_._ rily to 

provide wildlife food nnd cover. 

A little over 100.000 or the total 
seedlings planted were made up 
of broadleaf and shrub species. 

Included were «.000 black 
w alnu t seedlings that were 
"planleiTTii southern MiiineSoiaT" 
Using improved management 
Icchniiiues nnd proper- growing 
silL'seleeliou, black walnut can 
lie harvested fur lumber and 
. veneer at 00-lK) years of age. 

Black walnut is the most 
valuable tree grown in Minnesota 
with some choice logs selling for 
several hundred dollars each, 


Saturday visitors at the Donald 

Mack home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Karl Akin of Thief Itiver Falls. 
Selma Snlberg and Ole Aascn of 
Clearbsook visited nt the Marlyn 
ilnugen home Monday. - 

Mure than half the drowning 
victims in pools are under the age 
of ten. Children should be wat- 
ched very carefully when in the 
water. It only inkesn few seconds 
for q child to be in over his head— 

MOVING THROUGH A row of strawberries on the Ilermanson farm' 

south of Thief River Falls Is Linda Trochmann. Thief River Falls. All 
the" produccfromthe farm is sold right-on the farm-by -A. -C.-ller-- 
mnnson, who has been raising berries and vegetables there since l'J32. 

Youth Councils 
Organized Thru 
Health Center 

Mrs. Margaret KJclgren of 
Thief River Falls spent the 
weekend ot her farm. _ 

Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. 
Alfred Iverson, Gary and Leslie, 
G. A. Kompcn and Alvln, Mr. ana 
Mrs. Richard Fnrrigon of 
California visited at the Oldrich 
Hoffman home. 

Mark Rlndahl mode a business 
trip to Kccwatin on Monday and 
also visited at tho Milton Olson 

Kuye Marquis was a Sunday 
overnight guest of Potty's at tho 
Leonard Johnson home. 

Saturday evening Mrs. Vernon 
Holthuscn and no. Mrs. 

Ardcll Holthuscn and Lome were 
callers at the Clarence Johnson 

— Mr— -and— Mrs.- Jerry Hacc 
celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary Sunday, June 28, 
1070. Quests and attendance were 
from tho following areas: 
Coodridgc, Rltga, Iowa, 
California. Hibbing, Minnesota 
and Duluth, Minn., and Min- 

Sunday afternoon visitors at . 
the Clarence Johnson home were 
Cheryl Sjulcstod and Rcnue 
SJulcstad of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Tommy Itindahl and .David 
Solberg left Thursday for the 
mines and they also visited at the 
Virgil Prigge home and they 
relumed home on Saturday." 
— Mrs-AUcc^Lundin-flntLIhor^. 
man Lundin of Bremerton, 
Washington were Sunday 
overnight guests at the Obert 
Hovct home. 

Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Leonard Johnson called at the . 
Clarence Hanson and John 
Nelson homes. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Loyd Bogelle and 
Jimmy went for o few. days visit 
with his mother in Auburn, 

Heidi Crlstcr left for a month's 
visit with her godparents In 
Beaver Cl(y, Nebraska. — 

Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Clayton Johnsrud visited with 
Mrs. Emma Johnsrrud in Thief 
River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson, 

Mrs. Jim Meredith. Pamela and 
Rosa of Dougway, Utah visited at 
tho Clayton Johnsrud home. 
. On Thursday 'Mrs. Clayton 
Johnsrud visited In Grand Forks 
with Mrs. Jim Meredith jind 
family. " , . ", 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horcjsh of 
Minneapolis spent from Tuesday 
till Thursday ot the Carl Ekwall 
home. , , 

Wednesday afternoon visitors 
at tho Carl Ekwall home were 
Mrs. Joo Horcjsh, Mrs.- Don 
Grochow, Kcvffl> Keith and Scott 
all of Thief River Falls, Mr. and 
Mrs." Robert Horejsh of Min- 
neapolis," and Martin and Leo 
Johnson. J ___ 

Mrs." Alice- Lunden and Thor- " 
man of Bremerton, Washington 
-visited Monday evening at Ihe 
Henry Hovel home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vert Leckron and 
family of Grond Forks, Mr. and 
Mrs. Earl Marquis and family, 
Mr. and Mrs/ Orris Olion, and 
Mrs. Ada Marauls visited at Ihe 
Dick Marquis homo on Sunday 

Sunday dinner guests at the 
Richard Miller home were Mr. 
and Mrs. Morris Milter of Thief 
River Falls,. Mr. and Mrs. Nor- 
man Miller, Michael, Bonnie of 

Saturday afternoon luncheon 
guests at tho Bob Zavoral home 
were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 
Johnson Jean nnd Jim, Mr. and 
Mrs. Bobby Zavoral and Mn'rion.- 
Mrs. Merle Nocscth, Dave and 
Denise and Jo Ann, Mrs. John 
Kotrbo and Marie. 

Thursday afternoon Mrs. Dlck> 
Marquis nnd Dorccn were coffee 
guests at the Mordy Morrison 

Jimmy had os supper guests Mr. 
and MrsrEob ■2nvor»Tand-Mr. - 
nnd Mrs. Swcn SJulcstad nnd 
Plena c of Phoenix, Arizona. The 
occasion was Mr, and Mrs. Swcn 
SJulcstad's 29th wedding an- 

Sunday afternoon callers at the 
Gerald SJulcstad home were Mr. 
and Mrs. Norman Rude and 
family of Gonvick. 

Sunday evening Rcnnc 
SJulestnd of Phoenix, Arizona 
was an overnight guest of Cheryl 

Friday Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
Sigrud ond Debbie were dinner 
guests at the George Vraa home. 

Ann Rude Is staying at the 
Koward -SJulcstad -homo- taking- 
care of his children while Mrs. 
SJulcstad Is" In the hospital 
recovering from an operation she 
had Friday evening, we all wish 
Karen o speedy recovery. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller, 
Bobby ond Tammy wished Mary 
Lou and Mrs. Edgar Miller a 
happy birthday on Friday 
evening and Sunday 'evening. 

Dorccn Marquis went back 
with the Vcrl Leckron family on 
Sunday afternoon to (heir home 
In Grand Forks lo spend a Tew 
days visiting. 

Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Dicky 
Miller visited with her dad 
PalmcjJJoKc who Is a patie n t at 
Northwestern hospital! 

Callers during the week at the 
Richard MillcrTiomc wcro Mrs. 
Galen D ah! en and girls, Mr. and 
Mrs. Leon Iverson, Rondo ond 

Mr. ond Mrs. Alfred Iverson - 
visited with Otto and Marie FJcld. 

■at their homo on Thursday 

Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Nor- 
man Rude ond Theresa and Ann 
Rudo of Minneapolis visited, at 
the Howard and Gerald SJulcstad 

Monday Mr, ond Mrs. Gorfield 
Iverson were coffee guests at the 
George Vraa homo. 

Renao SJulcstad 
Arizona was an ovc.— „_.. „ 
of Jean Johnson on Monday 

"Permit Burg visited at Ihe 
George Vraa home on Wed- 
nesday. , 

Sunday evening supper guests 
nt the Carl Ekwall's homo was 
"Mrs. Lnurcl Wlttmnn nnd girls of 
Wnrren. , „ „ 

Saturday forenoon Mrs. Erling 
Dohlcn was a coffee guest at the 
LcRoy Johnsrud homo. 

Mrs. Ann Stcnvlck, Mrs. 
Yvonne Hedlund and Jennifer of 
Thief River Falls visited Sunday 
at the Tcloy Johnsrud home. 

Saturday evening Mr.and Mrs. 
Erling Dnhlcn visited with Mr, 
nnd Mrs. Olar Olson. 

Sunday afternoon Mrs: LcRoy 
Johnsrud, Tamnro and,LoNnc 
visited nt the Emma Johnsrud 
and Harry Huscth home. 

Mrs. Kenny COan. Morcionnd 
Roger, Mrs. Bobby Znvornl nnd 
Marlon visited Monday evening 
nt the Allen Berndt home. 

Thursday evening Mrs. Gerald 
SJulcstad, Cheryl, Jbnlc, David, . 
Bridget and Lorrfe, Orbln Good 
and Jimmy Olson helped Mrs: 
Louis BJcrklic celebrate her 

Sunday evening visitors nt the 
Clarence Johnson home were Mr. 

visiting al the Carl Ekwnlllind 
Lester Evcnson homes. V^- 

Friday afternoon callers at the 
Clarence Johnson home were Mr. 
and Mrs. BUI Zavoral of Grygla, 
■Minnesota and Mrs. Louis Quomy 

Mr. nnd Mr3.,Edwardfttucy^_. 
visited at the Tom Cullcn/nome. 
Mr, and Mrs. Tommy Cuflen nnd 
family ntso". visited there on 
Friday night. . 

Sunday evening visitors ot the 
Gerald SJulcstad nomo were Mr. ■ 
nnd Mrs. Swcn SJulcstad nnd 
Rcnnc of Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. 
and Mrs. Bobby Zavoral and 
Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
SJulcstad and family. ' 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard Rycn 
and -family-- orxSeotlle, 
Washington. 01071 Banjul ol .. 
Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. Holy or 
Rycn of Newport Rickey. Florida 
are visiting ot the Jim Savage 

Mr.' and Mrs, Bert DcRochc, 
Betty nnd Bonnie . of Shclton. 
Washington were weekend guests 
ot the Mordy Morrison home. 

Tuesday cvcnlng'supper gucsta 
atlhe'HcrbVranhomewercLylc * 
Wotnc, John Lovely, Gene 
Paulson, Milch Marquis, Ludy - 
Urdahl and Henry Tongcn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Swcn SJuleslod 
nnd Rcnao of Phoenix, Arizona 
nrrlvcd In this area on Sunday 
afternoon to spend three weeks. 
visiting ■ friends ond relatives 
here. . 

Mr. nnd Mrs.. Floy d Hole nnd 

Judy of St. Paul, Minnesota were 
visitors from Tucsdny until 
Friday at the Clarence Johnson 

Tuesday evening visitors ot Ihe 
Merle Nncsoth home were Mr. 

—Mr.- ond-Mrs.-Earl-Vroa-and. 

famlly of Roscmont, Minnesota. 
came Thursday to the George 
Vrna home. Coffee guests there 
were Florence Sic nvlck. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Mcrvln Rlndahl 
attended the 40th nnnivcrsnry of 
Mr, ond Mrs. Edwin Bergh at 
their home In Gully on Sunday 

Tucsdny evening Mrs. Obert 
Hovct and boys called at the Loyd, 
WnLno home. 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Gust. Iverson 
visited Saturday evening nt the 
Olnf Stolons. ' — , , 

Sunday evening Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Bobby Johnsrud and girls were 
-brief -co llcrs-ot-tho-Jcrry-nnce- 
homo and were loler visitors at 
the Bud Race home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Ycager of 
Brhnington, Washington nnd 
LotHc Evcnson of Portland, 
Oregon arrived Thursday af- 
ternoon to spend two weeks 

Clarence Johnson, Jcnn ond . 


Darwin and Cindy nnd Morlin 
Kolrba and David SJulcstad were 
visitors at the Howard SJulcstad. 
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Sntre, 
Gdry ond Dawn of Grygla were 
Saturday evening supper guests 
at the Roger Kriel home, 


Nfl^| jl 

Corner of lit & Mapl* 
Thtal Rh-N Falla 
PHONE 681-3832 

MiSCCA Offers 
Services For 
State Industries ~ 



beginning lo 1 
[rallied systcn 


industries are 

new con- 

1 system to cure some 

Crcnnlal manufacturing 
daches— nulsa nco work, .short 
or.iiong runs and rush jobs, the 
kind that devour plant floor space 
and personnel. 

"By contracting these Jobs to 
Minnesota. Worluhop services, 
work can' be Accomplished with 
double benefits," says LcRoy 
Wicks trom, marketing manager 
for a network of 20 sheltered 
workshops throughout Min- 

the contracts provide training 
and paying Jobs until he is ready 
lor full-scale industrial com- 
'petition. Far the manufacturer, 
the •workshops arc a flexible 
subcontract resource which 
provide quality work at a com- 
petitive price. - ■' . 

Minnesota Workshop services' 
contract procurement program js 

'guests at dinner on Sunday Mr. 
. ond Mrs. Omar Houlc, Mr. and 
Mrs. Emery LaCoursJeni, Mrs. 
Lorraine Brulo, Mrs. Velldo 
Collier, Mrs. Eleanor Gng nor o nri , 
Vera on Morrlero. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Parcntcou 
-and famllyaro *pcndiflgnportJon_ 
of tho week at Maple Lake as 
guests of her mother Mrs. Ed 

Mr. andilrs. Maurice Boucher 
and family have reb " 
home In -Milwaukee 
here wllh relatives. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Karcl of 
Gnlncsvllle, Florida 'who were, 
recently married will be honored 
at a reception July 12th at the 
Brooks Plummcr Presbyterian 
church In Plummcr wllh an open 
house from two till four p.m. All 
friends and relatives are Invited 
to attend. 


will be employed Oils sumrocrTY . 

Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Koskela 5^,^°,,™^ wUh '"*■ ». * ,», _.w—* 

o t uSnfri iK^hZJ ?*irf£2 Mary Corlson of Red Loke Valla 

had I*? m ;f^f™ m %, A r h," visited lost Sunday evening nt the ^Thosc ga 


Thief Rfvcr Falls, Minn. - Wednesday, July 1. 1870 


in, ■ uuu iiiid. niariiu juu 

and family of Minneapolis wc 
week agoSundoy dinner guests at 
the homo of Mrs. Caroline 

•iJfiS^^^n^nl^f", 1 ^ «r. ana airs, me.v.n uk. 
,7„; ^|^ n( m 1 . P ^iS S r. n mH* «n<l <"»w attended the cclcbrntl. 
!™" _ rt fiFT mothcr ' ?*?• N ^ held In Trail on Saturday. 

Robyn ond Scott Hlckerson hold the symbolic key lo tho "Heroic" VW 
which will be given away free at the Satellite Drive In Theatre during 
LOVE BUG WEEK! Registration will begin July Sth'nnd the drawing 
will be August 4th. 

ILIl's NEEDablc - It's SALE- 
nble with Times Classified Ad. 
Ph. 681-M50. . 

Jaeger. She was accompanied 
home by Dinne and Nicky Jaeger 
of St. Paul who will visit there 
until Wednesday.' 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wichtermon 
of Portland, Oregon arrived hero 
Sunday to visit nt the home of his 
mother, Mrs. Olive Wichtermon. 

Mrs. M; J. Shcldahl, Mary Beth 

Jos.-Fallon-home.— They-had- 
rcccntly returned from a 
vacation trip to California. 

Mrs. Nick Eskcll and Edward 
visited Sunday evening at Ihe 
Mclvin Eskcll home where they 
helped Melvin celebrate his 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Eskcll 

held in Troll on Saturday. 

Brlllih flanotlclit J.B.S. 
Haitians otlmatei thsl a nun 
it* p pin S out of hli bathtub li 
covered by a film ot water 
1/fiOth of an Inch thick and 
weighing one pound but that a 

Mr. ond Mrs. Worren Mosbeck 
and family, Mr. ond Mrs. Oscar 
Mosbeck, Mr. and Mrs. Auggle 
Anderson of Litchfield, Mr, and 
Mrs, Vera! Mosbeck ond family, 
Charles Swonson of Red Lake 
Falls, Mrs, Ttobert Sorvig Carol 
Mark and Debbie and Mr. and 
Mrs. Donald Mosbeck and 

Mrs. Don Scurlock of Brca, 
Calif, nnd Mrs. Dave Gunthorpc 
and Jimmy of Omaha, Nebraska 
arrived last week for a few weeks 
visit at the Lilly Person home In 
Thief River Falls. Mrs. Wick has 
also been.vlsillng there Includlng- 
thls past weekend. 

People prono to n 

IiBbI(-»"Vrte"r~r»nHiirn pttijili' 

now llml niehard Niion I- 

Prniilrnt uf llu- United dtalr. 



Doel pay that premium 00 
yon* botn* ot auto baton 
yott cliadc tmx rcrt#s> 

■ .for 


■ _ spent a portion of Tast week with 
• thelruocleandnuntMr.andMrs. 

he spent two weeks with the 
Nollonol Guards. 

Mrs. George Foumlcr was 
pleasantly surprised Tuesday 
afternoon when a group of ladies 
come lo her house for coffee. 
Kathy Fournicr gave her 

r \ ci ^ °[ Rrandmolhcra Duirof.ovcrshocs wedding other niece. Prii 

fi pl» tot all tout worth, Tna suim) 
way Is with Llfo Insuronc*. 



For A Good 

Place To Deal 

' SEE 



-^'•66 BUICK Elecfro 4 Jr. auto, frans.. P.S., P.I, 

wTCHEV7{mp6laV -t; 2 dr. H;T^imtoHrons: 

•66 IUICK Skylark Convtrrobtt. quto. treeai^ P.S. 
'66 CHEV. Impala 4 dr. outo. rrans. 
'44 OLDS. Cuttatt Holiday 2 dr. H.T.. auto, trans. 
'66 CADILLAC D*vlllct 4 dr. H.T., auto, .trails., P-S,, P.I. 

P. Windows, P. Seat 
*66 TEMPEST Cuttom V-8. 2 dr. H.T., auto, trans., PJ„ 

Northwestern mental 
center In Crookston has token 
inltlntlng port In helping- youth 
councils gel organized in area 
communities. At present there 
are active youth councils In 
Crooksion, East Grand Forks. 
Red Lake Falls. Thief River 
Falls. Wnrren and Mahnomen. 
Main [unction of these councils is 
interest in local youth services 
and activities for positive 
development of young people. 

At first.' when these groups 
were being organized, com- 
munity people fell Hint no one 
knew Just exactly how ihe bits 
ond pieces of successful - 

vestignllve group, searching out 
- problem areas, gathering facts 

aftd considering methods of 

action. They also examine at- - Terry and Dale went to Min- 
llludesofndultstowardthejoulh nea polls on Wcdncsdav. They 
community and youlh toward the visited at the Rodney Anderson 
odult community ond evaluate and the "llarley Anderson homes. 
the effects of these attitudes. Sunday Mr. ond Mrs. Harold 

£— Anolher-objectivc-ia-lo-lnlllnlc. — Ardctsoi^^c/ry^nd-Dalr - 

" through existing agencies, 
youth programs and to 
dlnatc and support existing 

Future plnns for Ihcse out- 
standing groups involve such 
things as helping to establish 
more youlh centers in com- 
munities, stnrl "Big Brother' 


and Mrs. Rodney Anderson and 
girls attended a Anderson 
reunion at Starbuck. Minnesota. 
Dale Anderson returned home 
with Jessy Anderson Sunday. Mr. 

programs, assist youlh in pooling _ u, c Hodncy Am 

community resources for ob- "->-> -■-- -■ 

lainlng technical nnd vocational 

nssistnnce nnd requesting funds 

from federal orgnnlialions to 

carry out the youth development 

program. In communities. Many 

other ventures arc being 

devclooed and tried at these 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gagnerr 
Mr. and Mrs. Torkel Gunderson 
and Mr. and Mrs.' Arlan Fore 
. went to Milwaukee where they 

Society for Crippled Children and attended thc_wcddlng of Keith 
Adults Inc. (MISCCAJ. The "-'-'- J - J "— --*—■-■-- 
project was begun with n grant 
from the slate department of 
vocational rehabilitation. 
Cooperating workshops are 
' equipped to do assembly. 
packaging of all types, wood- 
working, light fabricating, 
drilling, deburrlng, sewing, 
. catalog making nod a variety of 
— ot her— j obs — und^J- experienced" 
supervision. Services nre bid 
competitively through Minnesota 
Workshop services, which is 
'housed ' ol MISCCA's 

headquarters, 2«M Lyndale Ave. 
-So.. Minneapolis. 55405 (377- 
-«S»). ' 
. "Skills of physically, visually, 
mentally and emotionnlly han- 
dicapped persons are developed 
in ihese shops," s;iid Wikstrnm. 
"To help them lo be independent 
of state institutions or welfare 
rolls. More than 1,000 workers 
each year are ready to enter the 
labor .market nflur eviilunli 

Roland Gagner at Mentor. 
John Rote of Milwaukee, Mrs. 
" HearV Skorhelm and MrsTEtlryl* 
Westerlund of Red Lake Falls. 
were weekend guests at Ihe Herb 
Derosler home. 

remained at Camp Ripley where Tony Schiefcrt ond DoEtlc, Mrs. 

Georgo Fournler and Joan 

Mrs.- Clifford Noyes left on 
Thursday for Germnnv where 
she will visit her brother ond 
sister - In- low, Mr. ond Mrs. 
Hans Brieger ond attend the 

._ her to put them an, there 

was a shower coming up. Mrs. 
Don Fournicr pinned bloomers on 
the honored guest and after she 
opened her gifts and expressed 
her Ihonks. a dessert luncheon 
was served. Present were Mrs. 
Adrian Fournicr, Mrs, Art 
Laundry, Miss Laura Gagnon, ' 
Mrs. Ernest Gagnan,'Mrs. Louis 
Laundry, Mrs. Ernest PnradbT 
and Mrs. Joe Stc. Marie all of 
Terrebonne, Mrs. Ray Perms of 
Red Lake Falls, Mrs. Don 
Fournler, Nancy, Knlhy nnd 
Karen of Oklec, Mrs. Hank 
Allholf nnd Mrs. George Rcwortz 
of Plummcr and Mrs. Paul 
-and training.- bach-in paid on-lhe— yvilkcns and Mrsr Mervln-Hydcr- 

'- "' '' : >—"■■'- >■• •'- Mr> nnd Mrs. George Fournler 

will celebrate their golden 
wedding on Sunday, July, 5th at 
St. Joseph's churcri in Brooks. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vntlhoucr 
ond family of Plummcr were 
Tuesday evening callers at Ihe 
Mcrvln Hyde home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Hockamlor 
of Clarkslon, Iowa spent the past 
week here with Mr. and Mrs. 
Herb Derosler. 

Sunday guests at the George 

Outreach Camp 
Is At Metigpshe 

Mcintosh pastors are among 
those scheduled to spook at the 
Oulrcoch camp al Mctlgoshe 
slate park near Bottineau, N. D. 

The camp, continuing through 
Sunday evening's service nt 7:45, 
-features Rev. Oliver Urdahl. 
Mcintosh, In addition to Rev. 
Dale'Striker, formerly of Lnnda. 
— N,-D„ and now of Mdiland. S. D.;_ 
Rev. Hamor Benson. Turtle 
Lake. N. D.; Rev. Joel T. 
Pederson," Mcintosh,' Outreach 
director, nnd several others. The 
camp offers daily sessions for 
children, youth and adults, and 
evening sessions at 7:45. A' 
special "Remember America" 
program is scheduled for July 4. 

Its "I'aycotlon" time fur those 
who sell their- "Don't Wonts" 
with 11 Times Classified Ad. 

Fournicr home were Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Arthur 'Lussler, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Luvernc Lussler and family 
and Mr. and Mrs. Don Foumlcr 
and family. 

Mr. ond'MrsTArthur Hnggen, 
Jim ond Botty were Sunday 
guests at the Arne Arlt home ot 

Mr. and Mrs Pete Robldoux 
sere Sunday supper guests at the 
Norcissc Robidoux home. 
Evening guests were Mr. and 
Mrs. Pete Bulc. Mr. and Mrs. 

.Leonard Boucher and Mrs. 
Ollvenc Juneau. 
'Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lanlel and 
family of Crooksion were Sunday 
5 o'clock dinner gucsls-.of his 

'mother Mrs. Mario LonleL . ^. — 
' Annie Blnlr of -Altona, Man. 

jnd Mrs. Dcrald Carpcntci 

ond family of Aurora camt 
Thursday to visit her parents Mr. 
ond Mrs. Sidney Myhre coming 
on Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. 
-Larry Myhro, Don, Allen and 
Lorl of Anaheim.. Calif. 

Mr. and Mrs. Luvernc Lussler 
and family of So. Milwaukee 
arrived Saturday to visil their 
parents Mr. ond Mrs. Art Lussler 
Mr. nnd Mrs. George Fournicr 
ond to attend the 50th on- 

•U PONTIAC IONNEVILLE 4 dr. autd. Irons., P.S., P.B. 

dlr cond. 
*4» CHEV. Impala V-8, J dr. H.T.. auto, troos., P.S., 

air cond. " 

'67 OLDS. Dslta 2 dr. auto: trans.. P.S., P.B. . 
'6? PLYMOUTH 2 dr.. auto, trons.. P,S., V-8 
'65 MERCURY 4 dr. auto, trons., P.S., P.B. 
'67 CHEV. Impolo V-8 4-dr.. outo. trans., P.S.. P.B. 
'66 PLYMOUTH B«1vcderc V-8, 4-dr. Wagon, auto. 

'66 OLDS. Jet- Star 2 dr. auto, trans, P.S. 
'65 BUICK Skylark Grand Sport 2~~a>. HJ„ 4 ipd., V-l 
■ J 4B^HEV^Impalo-4-dr^- V -a r -04t t c^4roat.. 
*60,G.M.C. truck with duals and grain box 
'47 PONTIAC Catolino 4 dr. auto, trons.. P.S. 
'64 PONTIAC CatoHna 4" dr. Wagon, auto, trant.. P.S.. 

'65 FORD Custom V-8, 4 dr., auto, trans. 
'45 CHEV. -Blscaym! 4 eyl.. 4 dr.. ttd. trans. 
'40 CHEV. 4 dr. BelAIr 6 cyl., ltd. tram. 

_. icily where thi 

- between adulls-and. youlh. the 
center reports. 

Through the efforts, of clergy, 
law enforcement officials, school 
principals, conches, 
workers and counselors, servii 
clubs and fralern. 

orgnnlialions. and weifai 
workers, meetings were set 1 

talking about ways to learn moi 
about youth needs nnd prevcnlii 
of delinquency. 

Most of it all boiled dow 
fact that teenagers do ni 
much recreational opporti 
small towns and rural Al 
center officials said. Teen cen- 
ters became the focus of the 
scene in many lowns os n result 
of youlh council meetings. 

In the Mahnomen youth 
council, youth ond adults join 
together In planning nnd 
assisting youth services and an 
advisory committee composed of 

~ youths 'helps In planning ot" Ihe 
council. Drug abuse nnd ad; 
diction become a prevalent i*suc 
t many youth council meetings 
mH his-wnid iseu saed-w i I h-y «ul h- 
who had actually tried put some 
of the drugs and gave their 
personal opinion of their ex- 
periences In an xf tort lo further 
understand and help' prevent 
drug abuse 

Main purpose nl;o 
is lo dri clop way- 
persons anj agincii-i can woi 
together. . 
Youth councils .ire lo funrtu 

r.a^|i:kir.C discussion 0' 

.planning group-. «r.d as an 1 


leaving the ladies nt the Pioneer 
Memorial Home tended her a 

Mr. and Mrs. Amlc Cckclla and 
Allsu of Minneapolis were • 
weekend guests of her mother 
Mrs. Pearl Laniel and family. 
Arnlc.and Alice come to attend 
her class reunion at thc'Plummer 
high school." " 

Duanc Tougas and David 
Myhre were both hos pi tallied 
Saturday evening following on 
unusual accident while prac- 
ticing baseball. The two boys who 
were out to catch the ball 
collided head on and were taken 
to St. Johns hospital In Red Lake. 
Foils,— Duane-was-later— trails-^ 
ferrcd toSt. Lukes In Fargo when- 
It was feared his Injuries might 
be quite serious. David was 
released Sunday after being held 
for observation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ringstad 
and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rlngstnd 
and family were Thursday 
supper guests at the Bud Van- 
dc venter home. 

Mrs. Dick -Reck, Georgene, 
Claudia and Michelle spent a 
1 portion of Ihe week wllh their 
mother. Mrs. Claude Burt at 
Wulhnlla. N.D. 

Mitchell Stark of Plummcr was 
a Friday overnight guest at the 
Mcrvln Hyde homo. 

Mrs. Pearl -Laniel was on- 
ovcrnlght guest of Mr. and Mrs. 
Louie Parenteau at their new ■ 
home In Grand Forks where they 
recently moved. 

Mr. and Mrs. Junior Gagner 
ond four children of Rathdrum, 
Idaho, .are here visiting his. 
parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
Gagner and other relatives and 

uuiui, muu., ond Debbie returned Trom u 
might guest vacation spent nt South Dakota. 

*■ F --'- Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnllcr Novnk 

entertained Sunday in honor of 
the 1st wedding anniversary of 
their son - In - law and daughter, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy .Walter. Guests 
besides Mr. and Mrs. Wnllcr and 
Renac were Mr. nnd Mrs. Herb 
Walter, Bnrb, Marilyn, Dovld, 
Roger of Plummcr. Mr. and Mrs. 
James Smith and family of St 
Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 
Mnrklcy ond twins of Denver,' 
Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 
Walter of Thief River Falls and 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Novak and 
family of Warren. 
' Mr; and Mrs. Arthur-Qagner 
were honored Sunday on their 
30th wedding anniversary with 
about SO of their neighbors, 
relatives and friends gathered at 
their home for a buffet dinner. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robidoux 
entertained ot a dinner party 
Saturday evening for his parents 
Mr. ond Mrs. Pete Robidoux who 
' were celebrating their 48th 
wedding anniversary. Evening 

Suests were Mr. and Mrs. 
inrclssc RobklouxrMr. ond Mrs. " 

■ Vomc Felling and famljy, Mr. 
and Mrs. Lloyd Bruggcman. 

■ Steve and Becky, und Mr. ond 
Mrs: Pete Buie. 

' Orion Vondcvchtcr of the Cities' 
came Saturday to attend his class 
reunion and to visit his parents 
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Vnndcvcnlcr. 
. Mrs. Bob "Wichtermon, Chucky 
and Tony of Minneapolis arc 
spending- two weeks here with her_ 
-art'nis Mr. and Mrs." Leonard 
Jouchcr while >hcr husband 
spends the two weeks at Denver, 
Colo., wllh the National "Guard. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gagner 
were honored at a farewell party 
Sunday evening at' Morcoux 
Corner when a number of friends 
-and relatives gathered there. Mi 

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Golden Triangle 

-StartingrTh uf sclay , 'Sutyjt, J,.9T0 

and Mrs. Gogi 

■c -moving "li 

Cassavan arc living oh\ tho 
"--- :r'fnrm. 

ond Mrs. Aurcl Porenlcou 

and Mr. and Mrs. Marc Parcn- 
tcou went to Ihe Cities Inst 
weekend where Marc and Aurcl 
"Were delegates to the Republican - 

Alice SchmiU of Grand Forks 
is spending a week here with Mrs. 
Pearl Laniel. . ' 

■ Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Loufmnn 
and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Bud 
Vandevcnter, Mr. nnd Mrs. Gust 
Torgrimson-ond George Burlh- 
wlck were Sunday evening guests 
nt the Art Haggo home. - 

Mr. and Mrs. Dclbert SchmiU 
tDcLayne SchieferU arc Ihe 

if a 9 pound baby girl 

_ _ them Thursday. June 

25th. This, little girl has been' 
named Dcanna Marie. 

Mrs. Lena Dclormc had as her 





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Wednesday, July 1, 1070 "Thief River Falls, Minn . 

—visited at (ho Eugene lUjudhomc 
at Pcnccr Sunday evening. 

Last Sunday dinner gucsla at 
Hie Louie Talc home were Mr 
and Mr "" 

Sheldon Mortrud, 

Debblcand Cindy of Thief River and daughter of Vienna, Virginia. 4*°Wirs_c 
FallS Mr ond'-NIrsr-Edwnrd arrived hero Monday-to spond.o Jumi. L. t 

WW II Vets Hear 

Cut Off-Date 
For VA Benefits: 

Time is running out for about 
• 2;HO,OOQ-World War II veterans 

who have not used their GI loan 

guaranty benefits. . - , 

The final cutoff date for World 

War II loans is July 23. 1070, for 

those whose loan eli({lbllily has 

not expired, according lo John It. 

Murphy, director of Ihe Veterans 

Administration center nt Fort 
"Snelllnfi. reminded 

■ Loan guaranty benefits 

governed by individual _.. „,„..„,.„ 

pkrnliiin dales, based on dales of Lake Uronson Monday lo.attcnd 
military service and length J>f the Galilee Lutheran Bible camp. 
wrv irc Elma Aune and Sally Anderson 

: h»*.;v<t. under .the law. accompanied Mr. and Mrs. 
Wayne Huud and Michael to 
Bemidir,;Sunday -afternoon to. 
babysit with Michael While his 

of Ihcirson David who celebrated 

his 1st birthday. _ ■--.-.— o'wocVs 

Donald. Martha and Honald pro tut* 
McGroRor of Radium spent !? ]*'•. 
Sundny at Ihe Gene Nelson home,'- p,. D ii e ,ii 
while their parents went on ~to "ftiy.r f 
Walker where they attended a none. jii 

■ .tn^Dtror* mis' Co 



. Lcn Lckstrom. 

LcSvicr. SueAnn, Kimbcrly, 

Edward Jr. and Raymond of 
Thief .River Falls. On Sunday 
Pam Tale accompanied the 
LcSvicr's home lo spend a couple 
weeks. Visitors Monday at the 
Louie Tale homo were Mrs. Ed 
Lund. Mrs. Constance Ruud, 
Olga Engevik. Dorecn Ruud, and 
Mrs. Elena Skoglund. 

Michelle Stanlslowskl of-Blaine 
was an overnight guest Sunday at 
the Wayne Larson home. 

Bonnie Ituud, Mnrcene. 
Rhonda and Renclle Nilson. 
Arlyne Johnson and Randy Taie. 
Alan ond-Kristi Lunsclter left for 

few days the Harold 
Kngg home. 

Mrs. Lucille Harmonlng and 
Mrs. Roger Harmonlng and 
aiildren of.Rcd Lake Falls were 
Sundny afternoon visitors at the . 
John Guslafson homo. 

Mrs. Florence Obern and Mrs. 
Al Osborne and Hilda Larson 

Eliinbeth Barr or Thief 

River. Fallswcrc evening visitors 
at the Egbert. Malberg home 
■ Wednesdays "~ 



r IS ORDERED, Thai the n«rlr 

IProbate Cburl Stall 

,1 ft, McOowill 

!n ThIM R 


—Murpuy.poinle.doul. there njso ]s_ 
an over-nil July 25 deadline tor 
Wwld War II veterans. He em- 
phasized that this July 25 
deadline does nol affect 
' eligibility for loans established 

bv military service since 1955. 
. *JJt advised World War II 
' veterans who do not know their 
■' expiration dales to Ret in louch 
wiih the Fort SnellinR VA office if 
they are seeking a GI loan. It will 
be helpful to have discharge or 
•iepiiralinn papers handy at the 

Veterans who know their loan 
guaranty lerminal dales, but 
whose applications cannot he 
submitted lo Ihe VA before Ihe 
July 15 deadline, should have 
[heir lenders write or telephone 
their VA offices to explain the 
- prnlili-m, Mnrphv said. 

parents a 


Reports-on Viking 
News of the Week 

Danny Suitad Honored at n- 
Forwrll Party 

Danny Sustad was the Rural of 
honor at u forwell jiicnlc supper 
sponsored by Iho young people of 
the Viking Covenant church in 
the church park Wednesday 
evening. He was presented with a 
going awoj; Rift from the young 


JN RE ESTATE OF Lillian Allci 
Rotwli. Deeedml. 

people. Danny 

left Friday 

,5oo. ood loans 
amounting lo J77 hillinn have 
been guaranteed ly the VA since 
the program was .initiated 
following World War II, the 
director reported. 

Under the program, the VA 
guarantees up to 60 per cenl (not 
to exceed (12.500) of the out- 
standing balance on home loans 
for veterans, he said. 

from Thief 
River "Fafis" for Fort Ord. 
California where he will receive 
-his — National — Guard — basic- 

State Delegates 
Hear Of Disposal 
Of Pesticides 

Two Minnesota delegates are 
participating in a special national 
conference on pesticide disposal 
"cTillrd'1n-Wiisliut«tan...D-_" '"" 
Hie President's cabinet 
miltee on the environment and 
the U. S. department qf 
agriculture, according to Min- 
nesota Agriculture Com- 
missioner Robert W. (Bob) 
—Carlton — 

flslled with' Mr. nhd Mrs. Wesley 
Granslrom. their son and 
daughter-in-law. also visiting 
with (heir son Wallace Gran- 
slrom;- while there Ihey helped 
Mr. and Mrs, Wesley Granslrom 
celebrate their 1st wedding an- 



itv cabinet are Ur. Ilollin M. 
ni'stouri. Minnesota depart- 
it of agriculture nd- 
islraliir for plant and en- 
umetilal concerns; andG. B. 

. „ also snen 

Fathers day together wilH their 
sons. Rev. and Mrs. Granslrom 
were delegates' from here lo Ihe 
National Annual -Northwestern 
conference. Mrs. Granslrom also 
attended Ihe National- Covenant 
Women's meeting while there. 
The Granslroms accompanied 
Rev. and Mrs. Sam Ulskerud 
from Chicago to Foley ahd from 
Ihere came bv bus home, 
by Mrs. Virgil Fankhanel and 
»•• — Children -of-Barnsville.sp-'nt the 
week visiting at the FFIililT 
Johnson and. Willis Johnson 
homes. - 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hjcllc and 

Steven, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 

Ranum and Janet spent Sunday 


j>n. OeCKVHil. 


— nrwtnnlpcipvh 
■'- Joy sign Is ci....,, 

i Wednesday afternoon Mr. 

the day sightseeing. 

the solid ' 


>sal section of the Minnesota 
pollution control agency. 
— "Seheduliiig-ol-^-a— natiunaL 
conference dramatizes the top 
priority assigned to determining 
a nraelical but ecologically safe 

is of destroying or isolating 

and Mrs. "Edwin Swanson of Thief 
River Falls visited at the Egbert 
Malborg home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Sacketl 
were dinner guests of Ihe Orville 
Peters of Thief River Falls en- 
joying their Sunday dinner r ' "— 

n at OKlee, also 


die IV 





agriculture and pollution 
■s share responsibilities 
pesticide control program 
iiiesoio, implemcnling a 
.(ate law. Agriculture 
es the sale and use of 

._ ted pesticides and 

1 control Is cooperating in 
development of a sate disposal 
program for unwanted and 
contraband pesticides. 

"We In Minnesota are familiar 

witlt. the 'magnitude of the 

disposal problem. We had to 


- recommended disposal 

t Ml 

River Foils and Dunne Clmdder 
of Braham. ■ . . 

. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Peterson 
entertained at a 5 o'clock Sunday ■ 
dinner at Ihelr home In Thief 
River Falls having as • their 
guests .Mr. and Mrs. Gerald 
Peterson and Janet and Jeanne 
Crlvella ot Tillamook. Oregon, 
Mrs. Dagney Peterson. Robert 
Anderson and Dale Anderson of 
Viking andMr. "and Mrs. Eddie 
Upsund of Thief River Falls. 

Marjorle Tornell a former 
resident of Viking, who was 
seriously injured in a' car ac- 
cident the last of May is now at 
home in Mlnneapofis ahd is 
reported lo be improving. We ore 
indeed happy to hear tills and 
— '-*- '"- ■— - i continued and 


Mrs. LeRov Sustad 

it have an approved type 

tor pesli 

Carlson advised. 
~ • 'ive Minnesota guidelines 
ride~disposal -arcr tir 
pesticides or empty 
containers lo manufacturer, 
dislnbutur or dealer: (2) burial 
in a sanitary landfill dump 
approved by P.C.A. (Minnesota 
— has onlv two.aLpresentl^or (31 
Iiurial-tn limited quantities (live 
pounds or one gallon maximum ), 
smashing containers, at least IB 

deep i 


-|wnt mm "safe-distance from all 
notable water .supplies, and 
permanently mark and record 
the burial location. 

Pollution control also oilers 
special guidance lo responsible 
agencies of local government in 
imunily disposal 


"Rul. do 

. undi 

household .. . 
cint-ralor. disjxisal or garbage 
can. Whcn-in doubt how or where 
la dispose of pesticides, lock 
them up until you can be at' 
by local, or stale authorlti 
.sate .methods _.for your area." 
Commissioner Carlson warned, 


Sunday Mr. and firs. Harvey 
Dyrud of Newfolden visited 
briefly at the Louie Taie home 
and alio attended the church 
services held al the Galikc school 

Mrs. IngoborR Lovcn and 

Roger. Mr. ana Mrs, Ronald 

. Engclslad. Derel and Reed were 

supper cursls at the Ed 

Engelstad home last" Friday- 

" Mr. and Mr», Cheshc Ruud 

ArViida;' Colorado and Donna 
Wilhclm. of Thief River Falls 
were enter mined to Sundny 
dinner at Ihe Mrs. Tillle Sustad 
home in Thief River Falls. The 
Orville Sustads came Sunday 
(ew days with their mother. Mrs. 
Tlllic Sustad and with Ihe I-eRoy 
Sustads here. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andy bakke ol 
Newfolden were Monday af- 
ternoon and coffee RUcsts al Ihe 
Oscar Swnnson home. 

Mr. .and" Mrs. ArI~Skfld5Cnr 
Michael and Michelle of Middle 
River were evening visitors 
Sunday al the Harvey Swenson 

A birthday parly was Riven 
Mrs. Gordon Skjcrven at their 
home Sunday afternoon. Coming 
lo help her celebrate were her 
sisters and family, they are Mr. 
and Mrs: Vernon Sundby of 
Stephen. Mr. and Mrs. Bill 
Sundby and Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
Carlson of rural ArRylc and Mrs.' 
Sophie Sundby of Thief River 
Falls. Also there for the day were 

l Kalny Skjerven and John Rokke. 
Birthday cake and pot luck 

. supper was served by Ihe self 
invited- guests and a pleasant 
afternoon was spent, 
bea'dvised - Mr. and Mrs." Mclvin -Grand- 
strand attended the confirmation 
services al the Salem Lutheran 
church near Stephen on Sunday.- 
Among Ihe confirmnnds were 
David and Roberta Grandslrnnd. 
following the services they and 
Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Grandslrnnd 
and Earl were among the dinner 
Rues Is at the Bobbv Grands trand 
liomc at Karlstad.' 

Thursday " evening Mr. and 
Mrs. Larry Guslafson and Stacy 
QflThicfJtivcr. Falls. Mr. 'and 
Mrs. Clarence Gustafson, Mr. 
and Mrs. Wallace Hanson. Nancy 
and Ann, Mrs. John Guslafson 
and children and Lewayne 
Gustafson were entertained at a 
birthday supper al Ihe Bill tlnnk- 
man home in Crookslon In honor 

^end the week at the -Mrs 

Dagney Peterson home. 
■ Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Skjerven 

and family attended the wedding 

of Nancy Skjerven to Paul Mc- 
Donald which was at the Grafton 

Lutheran church at Grafton, N. 

D. Saturday evening. Later in the 

evening the Skjcrvens visited 

with Mrs. HMcr SJtJcrven of. 

rural Grafton. 
Thursday Mr, and Mrs. Duanc . 

WcnLzcl of Waterloo, Iowa were 

dinner guests at the Egbert 

Malberg home. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swonson. 

Aleck Anderson, Mr.- and Mrs. 

ERbert Malberg nnd Dale An- . 

derson were among those from 

Viking who attended the funeral 

for Wm. EnRen at the First 

Lutheran church- In Warren 

Tuesday oftemoon. 
Thursday evening supper 

guests at Ihe LeRoy Sustad home 
-uxre^Irs^JMC-Sustad and_ 

Donna Wllhelm of Thief River 

Falls nnd Rev. and Mrs. Fred 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Swanson 

visited al the Jay Pokcnwlnski 

home in Warren Monday 


- PFC Charles Swanson. son of 

Mr. and Mrs. Hnrvey Swenson 

.underwent surgery on his bock 

last Tuesday due to an injury he 
'received while performing his - 

military duties, he is now nt the 

Renumont hospital nt El Paso, 

Texas and we wish him a good 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shorn anil 
family visited at the Amarln 
Olsou home Sunday afternoon. 

Mrs. Allan Anderson of 
California. Mrs. Melvln Hngcn of 
Roseau and Mrs. Mclvin Grand- 
strand were visitors at ihe Olgcr 

Foss home Wednesday afternoon. 5,0^;;, ^n "room in tne 1 

Sundny evening visitors at the In Thin nw«r Fain, Mini 

_Bogor Anderson home were Mr. mai noMco «*"oi <» 

anu'-Mnrr-Melvin-Aasaml and KSir fSVi^ iTmn HZa 
Phyllis ot Argyle and L"yitr?~™rtc6 _ arDr<rtht«i-tn^i*« 

JerRcnson of Warren. Daica Juno 30. wo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Maynnrd Pelors, * ^"""L"] 

Orvil, Mindy and Wanda of (Protmio Couri 5««u * 

Grand Forks, N. D. were callers wurit a. i^otm*"' 
-anturAltoirSackelthomeFTidoy — Aimma«.w_£c!l![on.cL_. 

afternoon. Alton Sackett then Tnict Riv«r Finn, Minn. : 

accompanied Maynard to Pine 

Lake where - they, spent the of- 
tcrnoonandevenlng fishing. Mrs. ■ 
Peters and the children'wcnt on 
and spent the afternoon and 
evening al the Orville Peters 
home in Thief River Falls. 

Saturday nflernoon callers at 

Hie Mrs. Uzzfe Peterson home wo. at the oim» of 
-were~i\Ir^iind-MrB.-Douglas — fJM' r J ? Imeiii "mm 

Johnson or Spokane, Wash., Mr. 10 cad „ 

and Mrs. Norman Kelly of Council will m«r«i 

Scnppoose, Oregon and Mrs. ""• „ o( in» torn! 

Leoniird Larson. including Plant *m 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tangnulst puriunnfio wnnnin 

and Jason of Thief River Falls S" , * c j , ' e h o ;,{"*J , Ti 

were afternoon visitors Sundny at MimitoM; and n mc 

Ihe Clarence Tangnulst home. s,w»iker,inc. Contu 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J I *„. E "L?' C C1. S "! 

Halvorson. Dorene ilnd Darcy. S 'c U 'm."!S m.?' b 

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Halvorson, ncpc-mma ttn oolm 

Jodl and Tamtny and Mrs. s"*"' * ^""Jl! 

Hannah Halvorson attended Ihe ",„,„,; T "', 1",' 

wedding' of John llellqulst to ocpoiii will b* r*t 

Vicky Ericksonal the Redeemer lufamitiino bonaiio* 

Lutheran church In Thief River a*' o^wimio «v U m ol 

Falls Saturday afternoon. John , or opening moi. on 

llellqulst is a nephew of Mrs. and return doeufntn 
Hannah Halvorson. i °\ ; „■ «,*~Si liSj?! 

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Sackett • Si™.U*i. ion.?, 

together with Mrs. OlgaMcIviebf dollar o«pont. 

■ Thief 'River Falls were supper |"f " or,l n f""~ '11 

„:Kueal5 .at the Rodger .Sac ke It „^, e . ,Js1iS."i« 

home Sunday evening, iir>eftriect;taiiirtgi 

■ Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pclerson AC pipe wiicnum . 

of Tillamook. Oregon -were SJ'JJ.™ „ !£, " '3 , 

forenoon visitors Sunday nt the corporation nopt - i; 

Mrs. LlKie Peterson home.- oo»« • 17. and oitii 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Hanson ™[?'S US^Jlt'S 

-and family spent the weekend al cotn , cwiiiiki, tnp 

the Erhard Woe tie I home n( txrnd acceptable to 
— fJasscl. Janell and John-Honnon— ^ou fl ijtnuji la^l-jc 

returned home after having spent . ^fj f*'',,, w ,inou' 

the week at Ihe Woetzel home. city cierk ot im en 

Oscar and Freeman Foss' of, ra "V. f i!!^ !, ?j, l " 
Gri-enbush spent Sunday at the ^ "":.,.„" „,^,„. 
--tllRer Foss home. 

Gerald Peterson of Tillamook. 

_OregoiLJn'as_n r>idny_ fore noon " 

caller and coffee guest nt the 
Alton Sackett home. 

> repreienlallva < 
;nl and petlllon (1 

River Pdlli Timet am 
Daled June 3). IHO 

3 Sande. Decedent 

Public Notices 

Card of Thank* 

, Wc wont to take this op- 
portunity to thank the many 
friends and relatives Umt helped 
us to colcbrato our UUi wedding 

-anniversary on Juno 20th. It wm 
a day we will never forget. Thnnk 
you each and everyone. Emlc 
and Aiic Selle. ttilp 

"FOR LONG TERM, Low r»ta 
Federal Land Bank loans on well 
Improve* farms, write or ice 

■ Canvas shop has moved to E07 
No. Arnold. Chas. U Bowman. 



- delivery rake. Phone G81-13B3. 
52tfp - 

FOR SALE — i John Deere 4 
bar aide delivery rake. 1 model B 
John Deere tractor. Phone 601- 
5981 otter p.m. H52p 

FOR SALE — New Holland 

baler. No. 26B like now. Gfll-ltCB. 

2t52p ^^^^ 

" FOR SALE '— Mlnncsobi 4 bar 
side delivery rake. Minnesota 
mower for parts. Johnson Bros,, 
lit. 1', Goodrldgc. 2t52p 

FOR SALE — IBM Fordson 

Cialor dicscl tractor with 
ydrnullcs. three point hitch and 
heavy duty Ford loader. Also 
John Dccrc No. 11 trailer type 
mower equipped with hookup for 
hay conditioner. Gal-lull. Hnrvey 
Troska. Goodrldgc. 2t53p 

FOR SALE — John Dcerc 
tractor A wide front. W In- . 
tcrnatlonal tractor, Just 
overhauled. 10 and 12 ft. tandem 

— dlao— 3-antLLtaimm_pjoW3._ 

'HOBATE coum 

ORDERED. Tnal tn 


" Thc'MINNESOTA' Line "of 
Mowers, Rakes, and Wagons arc 
.always your best buy. They are 
low In price and fully guaranteed. 
See us today. Consumers Coop, 
T.R. Falls. It52c 

FOR SALE — 14*0x38 tires. 
lubes and rims. Parts for a G. 
John Deere. 681-4845. It53p 

FOR SALE— C20 Oliver baler 
wasn't used two years. Shcdded 
like new. Bud Zblcwski, Radium, 
Minn. 2t5 2n 

WANTED TO BUY - 20 in. or 
larger brush breaker plow, 
Please state make ■ and price. 
Write to Arthur Tledcn LaPortc. 
Minn. 3t53p 

Help Wanted 

aovehtisc'ment fob bids 

Tne Cily Council ol Ihe dry ol Tnlol 

lalM propoiali tor \V0 WATER 






llnetollowlno' EGG S 

: pipe unimr^ A Grade, large. , .1 

i manhoin 71 A <irade,, medium- 1 

•oo'nnMMeei - B Grade, large — 1 

J pound*; o»'» Pullets : C 

y 2u?S'IinDaM C Grade .- c 

miiceiiann^t . C Grade 1 

E"E p w£?J'.t" WheoLNo. l-Hw. flO lb. test 
hi enj °ir f J r Wheat. No. 2, 57 test ...... 1.! 

HJ.<tDr_j:r:! OnU>= . __.. . , , 



ihc-Job trmlnfnv ruaranletd - 
TiBTP"m»M-rmi lucretirut.— — 
CUtTOMBRt ■■— Our iB«n»ni 

ctKJriS 1 and "conUiu] ' NaUona 
and local advirtuin* alwar 

pU to .If*. 
'COMPANY — NaUonalty know 



TthTt^. Jnty 7rfi 

3 pjn. fo I pjn._oc_ 

— FOR SALE 1M9 Ford 4 

Slckup, 6 cyl. , 3 ipecd, IM0 Dodsc 
, pickup, 40,000 miles. 19M 
Buick Lo Sebrc, 4 dr. Phone CBl- 
5306. . 2t53p^ 

FORSALE-lBCaChov. Sports 
Custom Impala. Ph. Ml-2839 or 
ace E. C. Morbcn, Greenwood St. 

West. 47tfc - - 

■ FOR SALE — 1B55 Chevrolet 
. sedan. Bucket scats. 1150.00. Lylc 
Longtin, Red Lake Falls, 233-3701 ■ 
a fter five. ' , 2t52c 

FOR SALE — 1BC2 Rambler, 
1150.00. Phono G3I-1540. Frank 
Armstrong. Rt. 1. , 2t52p 

FOR SALE — '67 Ford G atoxic 
500. 289 motor, V-fl. new tires, A-l - 
shape, 34,000 miles. Edwin Sen- 
urn.. 6S1-484S. R52P 

FOR SALE — 1007^ Firebird, 
red. p.«., p.b., 320 V-fl, automaUc, 
23 000 ' miles, warranty 
remaining. New Dunlop Foreign 
Doobone Radial Tires. (1995 no 
trade. Cull C81-M79. 52tfc " 

FOR SALE — 1058 Chcv. 2S3 
engine, straight slick. .Donald 
Hanson, Lot T-50, West Trailer 
Court. Ph_. eai- 5342. It52p 

FOR* SALE — '05 Rambler 
station waflon,6cyl„ auto:, radio. 
Cood condition. 510& N. Arnold. 
Ph. G81-1B33. . SOtfc . 

FOR SALE — 2 wheel frailer 
running gear' with hitch. Also- 
. partly constructed duck boat and 
' materials *f° cover. $25.00. Call 
081-3284. 2t52C . 

FOR SALE — 1969 Pontine. 
Firebird, 350, 4 speed slick. Will 
help arrange financing. Ph. cai- 
54B2. 2152C 

FOR SALE — '60 Plymouth 
Belvedere II, cyl., staV trans., 
^dr-sedanlowmlleagc. 65Cncv. 
Caprice hardtop, B cyl., 327 
automatic, power steering, new 
-Urc*,-low-nileagc^fiaL-2101 ■ 

FOR SALE - 1965 White 
Mustang, -with black, vinyl lop, _ 
good condition, 3 speed floor 
shift. 289 cu. In. 11.200. Call af-. 
ter 4 at 681-4441. Edwin 
Senum. »|MP 

FORSALE — 1948 Chcv. coupe. 

- 340 h.p. 12 volt: H.D, noor3 speed. 
' 'traction bars, large rear rubber. 

4.11 rear end all new gauges in A- 
1 shape. Ph." 754-5244, Lake 
Bronson exchange, Robert 
Prosscr. Hullock, Minnesota. 
• ll52cj 

FOR SALE — '65 Chcv. con- 
vertible, new Urcs nnd paint Job. 
Will sell reasonable. Phone 681- 

2288. 2t53p ■ ] 

FOR SALE - 1903 Chevy II; 
cyl., straight- stick; 4 door. 
Ifnrvcy Lambert, Rl. 2. Thief 
River Falls, Minn. Phone 681- 
1281. It52p 

FOR SALE - *61 Chcv. wagon: 
nix cyl. just overhauled, standard 
trans, clean. 681-4615 after 6 



FOR SALE — 1965 Vi ton Chev. 
pickup. G cyl., 3 spd.; 1905 Chev. 
BclAlr, 4 dr. sedan, 283, auto, 
trans., radio. Both in very good 
condition. Call 681-4351. ask. for 
Jim. Can be seen at Gcno's Body 
Shop, lfwy 59 west of TRF. 

Household Gds. 

SPOT" CASH for your used 
furniture. One piece or a 
houseful. Ph. 681-3268 or see 
Ra mlck's Furniture. - <3t*c 

FOR SALE - 3 small upright 
nlnnos Parts for 1959 Ford 
CalaKie. P" 68I-1479.- ' 1152c 

See our selection of decorative 
plllows-wc have 30 different 
Types lo choose from. The Cra»_ 
Shop. 524 Riverside Avenue. Shop 
hours l-fl p-m.. Mondays through. 

Saturday s. ■ ■ I.tMp 

, Mirroo-Acx-iriplctosclcaion 
of woll mirroraft'ia door mirrors. 
Sco them now at Coast to Coast.. 

20tfc _ 


DUAL RODS to 12 ft. 

By KIRSCH 1*11 iii"> 

SoBMim & Ownm 

FOR SALE - I Cory four 
- burner coffee maker. 5 counter 
stools, numerous cafe plates and 
cups. Phone 405-3343 or wrlte*ox . 
152. Plum mcr. Minn. 4152c 

FOR SALE - Double com- 
partment kitchen sink. All fit- 
tings included. Price. (15.00. 
Phone 6BH60 1. H52P 

"NEVER used anything like 
' It" say users "of Blue Lustre 
carpet cleaner. Rent electric 
shampooer II. Coast to Coast 

Store. 1152c 

. FORSALE — Used beige wall - 
lo - wall carpeting nnd pad. ap- 
proximately 12x30 ft. Phone, 081- ; ■ 

. 3569. . Silfc .-;_ 

WANTED — Bunk bed sets, 
complete or without mattresses 
Will give awov assorted Jars and 
bottles. ' Buroard Sturrc, 
Goodrldgc. »Mc 

Wanted to Rent 

farm house with 3 bedrooms, 
within 20 miles or TR. Falls. Call 
collect 796-3154, Oklee, Minn. 
exchange. 401 fc_ 

New teacher wonts to rent a 
room, in a private home, with 
some kitchen privileges. Con- 
tact: Box 132 Cedar Sauk Road, 
Saukville, Wisconsin: 4153p 

WANTED TO RENT - 2 or 3 
bedroom house inor around Thief 
River Falls. Call 081-2260 or ' 

681-5643. 3fltfc 

bedroom house with oarage in 
Thief River Falls. Write Box 1. 
"Burgess Hall. University OfSO'.— 
Dak.. Vermillion, So. Dak. 570C9. 

pasture for 2 ponies, one mare 
and 3 mo. old colt. Contact Mary- 
Ann Carlson at 681-1502. 
2t52c ... - 


Miscellaneous Miscellaneous 

Real Estate 

Reduce sofa and fast with 
GoBoio'. tablets and E-VAP 

■•water Pills". Parkins Comer 
Drug. 12t52p 

Minn. 34tfp 

f.iving ui 111L- i-rwi oiiujj, 
tivcrsldc Avenue. Many of 
best articles arc one - of - a - kind 
and will not be repealed— our 

stock Is constantly changing. 
Shop hours 1-0 p.m. Mondays . 
through Saturdays. H52p 

New and Reuseabte Sloe] for 
Sale — Largest stock of angles.' 
channels, flats, strips, bars and 
sheets in area. Wholesale prices. 
Bolts 30 cents. Good 55 gallon ' 
drums on hand. We buy scrap 
metals and iron. Evans Steel, 
Thief River Falls, Minn. 

FOR SALE — Double pickup, 
hollow body Gibson guitar with a 
blgsby vibrato, and vlbrolux 
reverb Fender amplifier. Ph. 081- 

,2385. ■ 1152c 

FOR SALE: Channel Mai- 
tar antenna*. Black and 
White Motorola Quasar Co- 
lor and reconditioned used 

,_ ._ _ . [liable at 

Moslues. Specially priced nt 10 • 
eenls each. «»c 



To buy of tall 


MhmMota Fanra 

J. D. FM|» 

man faim salb 

IDS Sort 2od St 
Tbtol Ur. nils 



Coleman Cos Spate Htattf. 
Elactric " doLhti DiTr«r 
Electifc'BullMn Rang*, top 

I — Refrigarator 

Maytag automatic Washer 

Seiglar auto. Wood Heater 

1— Arctic boat 35 KP. mo- 
tor with trallei 
2 — Used Campers (small) 
1 — Camper Buses - 
2 — Gas door furnaces 


Thief River Folli, Minn. 

Penease while typing paper 500 
sheet size SVixll, 11.23. The' 
Times. 821fo 

WANTED - June gross or blue 
grass to bo used for culling sod 
from. Call 945-3501 at Fertile. 

4t54c ■ 

FOR SALE — Five hcovy duty 
Jack screws. Garden cultivator 
with interchangeable blades. 

Fuel barrels and cans. Ice tongs. 
Tools of all kinds. Call 6BI-42S2. 

■ - -'--H52p~ yy . . 

FOR SALE — Jack pine 
lumber (Roufth) 1x4x8" at 180.00 
per m., lxflxll" at 100.00, 2x4x8" 
at J100.00. 2x4x10" ol $110.00.. - 
also a good supply of planed 

2x4x8" and 10". Floorlna 1105.00. 

_fi_ln._drop. siding Three FORSAliF — ^ hwtmnm home. 
milescast^Wannoska. Phone425- [ull basement, fireplace, natural 
7522, Melvln E. Krucacr. 44tfc. — * fl — ~" 

FOR SALE — Table saw, 
mitre saw, pull type swolhcr, 
Mrs. Amelia Lien, Middle River. 
Ph. 222-3004. H52p 

WANTED - A used auto, slide 
projector to be donated to the Sr. 
Ctliicns Center In TRF. Cull 081- 
5543. 3t53c 

Classified Ad Rates 

. 4c Pt Word. CMtwImtwi tfti) 


Real Estate 

moved. Make offer. One block 
cast of bowling alley on Oakland . 
Park Drive. Ed Welle ConsL Co., 
Moorhcad, Minn, Ph. 233-1104, 

238-14B3. . SltfC • 

FOR SALE — Leased lake 
front modern cottage with . 
fireplace, reasonable. Springfield 
Island, Worrood. Mrs, Betty 
Knudson, Roseau. Tele. 403-1850. 
II52C -_ ._. „.. _.. 


Thief River Falls. Minn. Wednesday, July 1. 1970 

Situation Want. Situation Want. 

Burt's Fix-It Shop 


. Lawmmoww Scrvte* 

Wsldbsg. Electrical 

Appuancea, Soo-Cata 

Lot 41 W. Tndlw Cotut 

flw— 481-21 84 

Real Estate 

Real Estate 

FOR SALE — Modem house In FOR SALE 

Holton00by3O0ft.tot.Pi1cedfor property, 4 plex. 

sale Immediately-. -Ph. 874-5087. monthinr--- - 

. ■ us*-.- .. . _ Ah|y y ; 

FOR SALE — IMi Sunllner 
10x00 ft. 3 bedroom mobile home 
with front entrance with 10x20 ft. 
heated laundry and play room on 
back entrance. SLocnted In 
Newfolden on 2 corner lots. Also 
hooked lo city sewer and water. 
Ph. 874-2285 or contact Sherman 
Lysne,' Newfolden, Minn. . 


FOR SALE - Building sites. 
River frontage. Will -sell 
reasonable, 2 mi. So. on Highway 
32. Ph. 6B1-4824 after 4 p.m. 

.™ w^™...- Irenlt. 

gas heat, garage. Phone 081-1204. 

FORSALE — 50 by 10O ft. lot In 

Newfolden. Ph. 874-5087. 

- Income 
r .- r ... t . . ,...-. 1330.00 per 
month income. West side closo in. 
A buy nt only 111,500.00. Wehdcl 

~ "' E. 2nd St. Ph. .631- 



trirtl Tf»IUr«^ MablK Memi 

Will do digRlng for water line 
drain fields etc. Contact Clarence 
Aniot. Ph. GH143I5 or Ol^ 


"2I52C" " 

, FOR SALE — 1965 nulck 
Electro 223, 4 d/., hardtop, well 
equipped, very clean, p.b., p.s., 
very good tires. Sec it at 621 E. 1st • 
St. Phone 681-4415. 52tfc 

FOR SALE — 1007 Opal 
Kadcttc station wagon. A-l cond. ■■ 
4 spd. shift on floor. Radio and 
heater. Can bo scon at 420 Kinney 
Ave. Norman Strand. 1152c 


FOR SALE — RcR. poodle 
pups. 8 wceks_ old. 175.00 ^for 

The United Stnlc-s has nearly 
.2.3 billion acres of land. Of this, 
about G30 million acres are 
suitable -for regular cultivation. 

No 3. 30 lb. lest 

■"• .«( Plnx No. 1 

* "!"• «re ■ 

f.n r, ,', No t Feed Bnrtey 

■i-tr I-* Dumm 

chuko. . BUTTERFAT 

b g^.ppt-, 


and Mrs 


""Guslafson were visitors al Hie 
Larry Guslafson home in Thief. ■ 
River Falls Sunday evening, 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Krohn also 
Julie and' John Mead spent 
Sunday at Hie Alex Krohn home 
at Williams. 

Mrs, Frank llamrick of Warren 
and Mrs. Rob Ivcrson and 
children of Alvarado visited ot , 
1 home Thurs- 

a tier 

day afi 

Sir. and Mrs. Russcl Floberg' 
and children. Leslcr Floberg and 
.Mrs. Anna Halvorson were 
Sunday afternoon visitors nt ihe 
Floyd Full on home of rural 
Good ridge, - « - 

Recently spendinfi n pleasant 
afternoon at the Mrs. Hannah 
Halvorson home were Mr. and 
Albert llellqulst --of- 


• Sp orting Goods 

FOR RENT ■— Coleman 
campers. Vcrn's outdoor sports. 

WANTED — Man for work on 

frnin and beef cattle farm. 
lensonable wages plus benefits. 
- I Iouko fu rn . Ph,ono-773-211 0..Eost_ 
Grand Forks-. 2t53c . - 

Auto, Trallefs 

FOR SALE — .1000 Ford 4-dr. 
sedan, G cyl. auto. Irons. Call 08 1- 
3541. 43tfp """ 

FOR SALE - 00 cc Bridpe- 
stonc with windshield. 1,400- 
mlles. Dunne Zablnshl, Warren, 
742-7200. '4154C 

Km blW Hsmf* t»* 

-- Mkat Tns0«- Httt* 
Cmttom Mod* 




Inboard Cabin Crclssu 
Flue Condition Throughout - 

For lafonnotJoB wrlht 
Bent 41 or caO oBl-4372 

- FOR SALE — 1966 4 door 
hardtop Oldsmobitc in good 
condition. «0D discount off 
current book price. Call 681-3041 
during the day. Call Roy A. 
'Jorgenson, Gai-4144 after 7:00 
p.m. 44tfc 




ih. ny 


FOR SALE — _tS'j ft, 
Fiberglass boat with 75 hp 
Evinrudc motor and tcallcr. All 
In good condition.! Telephone 681- 
4175." 2l 53p 

FOR SALE — 16' SUrerafl 
Jupiter boat and trailer and 40 
h p. Johnson motor. Phone 081- 

— life .— 3tS4p 

FOR SALE ■— 15-foot 
Alumacraft runabout with 05 h.p. 
Mercury motor and trailer. Call 
463-1339 at Roseau or contact 
Gary Schrocder, Salol. It52c 

— FOR SALE — Honda 50 Super- 
Sport, good cdiVditlbn.'Call 294- 
3)67. Ii52p 

FOR SALE - 1B6B Honda SO 
Scrambler, 4,000 ml. Must scllr 
Phone 681-2378. It52p 

FOR SALE - 1950 h ton Chov. 
6 pickup, body nnd tires good. 
Motnr. necd-i-WDgK^-gSJaygglL 

■ FOR SALE — MeCullbch go 
'karl. New 3t» h.p. Clinton engine. 
Slick tires. Extra' onglne if 
desired. Call 081-3181. ' 3t52c 




from SID'S 

1?$9 Dodgo Pnlrcrn 2 dr.. Hardtop 

'.factory olr.''lb,0W.mIIe» \ 

1«8 Pr/mourh Fury III 4 dr. Hardtop 

Low mlhago 
T9S8~Plyrnoutti FFury 11 "JUrrcxcellehtcond. 
1968 Plymouth Valliapt 2 dr. 6 cyl. 

Sfandard rranunUiloti ' , 

1766 Ford Galaxie 50(S XL 2 dr. Hardtop 

■- Btfcliot Mat, 

1966 Chevrolet 4 dr. V-8. stand, trans. 

1967 Buick Skylark 400 2 dr. Hardtop > 

4 l)M«d 

Pontiac 2 plus 2 - 2 dr. Hardtop 
4 isMd. PJ. 


1961 Fo rd 2 dr. Hardto p 


Plymouth 4 dr., one owner 



Hwr- 32 5oarh 

Phone 68M303 

L , . 



\ ' 




t '■■■■■■ -I 

r — - 

— _._' 




■ " ■ ' ■■!■■■ .- !■ 

i ■ - i 

" " ; ■' 


i i 

. ' ■ i ■■ i | 

■ - 

"NVIJVC"— Tlie new way to 
I'iin nylon. Acrylnn and 
nlvesler carpeting. Just, spray 
i {ilul wim-, oft. At Coast to Lonsi 
ni-es. Mlfc ■ 

We have n good selection of 

lever sunsuils for tiny young 
idlesjiiea L-0. The Craft Shop, 

!4 Riverside Avenue. Shop hours" 
i-O p.m., Mondays through 
Saturdays. It5!p 

Reduce excess body nulds with 

FLUIDF.X diurelic tablets, only 

— Jl-.tM-at-J-trB-Drugs- — — 4t54p 

FORSALE — 1-1350 Ford *h ton 
pickup. Motorola T.V. IB & W> 
console. Dortiible Mognavox T.V- 
■ Remington model B .25 cal. rifle. 
B mm Jap. pistol. Snow planes. 41 
Coll revolver. Lloublc nccx 
electric guitar. Coll 064-2509. 
52tfc . . 

For summer plcnlcs-liis and 
hers cookout aprons-handy, hot 
dish enrriers-and' fresh 
homemade hamburger buns on 
Tuesdays and Saturdnys-at he 
Craft Shop, 524 Riverside 
Avenue. Shop hours 1-0 p.m,, 
Mondays through Saturdays. 
H52p - 

FOR SALE — flack yard 

■swimming pool. 15 ft. round. 3 ft.. 

deep with filter. 1 yr. old. Perfect 

..condition. 165. 6H1 -S043, 405 

Spruce. 1152c 

White mimeograph paper 
8VxH" only.ll.60 per ream. 10 
ream lots Sl.40 per ream. Colored 
mimeo 8Ht"xll In 10 ream lots. 
(1.45 per ream. The Times. 

92tfp ■ 

FREE Sketgas regulator for 
home cylinder use. Call SJoberg 
Appliance. ■ lOlfc 

Wanted to buy oc trade an- 
tiques al Junction antique and 
gift shop, one mile west of T. R. 
Falls, across from sales bam. 
Ph. 681-5840, OBlfc 

Roll tickets lor. sale— single 
roll, 2jOOO tickets per roll Sl.65 - 
Book Uqkets,.5O0, per book, 65, 
.cents. Times, Main ol 4th St.' 

Rummage Sales 

Main garage, Wed. nnd Thurs., 
July 1st and 2nd. Aluminum 
combination windows '(2fl'.ix36) 
-cmwaainl 1251^03;').. storm_ 
windows ■ and windows, bed- 
spread and matching lined- 
drapes, metal cot, outdoor 
Christmas decorations, clothing 
antPmtsc. It52c 

and Saturday. Women's and 
girl's cothlng.of assorted slies. 

Ho. 305 — 380 Acres • 240 
cropland, modem 3 bedroom 
homo, BO*x54' bam. OklM 
school district. 318.500, Lou 
than 1/4 down, good terms. 

No. 314 — 1G0 acres . II ml 
SX. ot Thief JUtst Falls. Z 
bedroom homo. Includes 120 
acre* 01 crop; Just SU JOOJO. 

No. 31C — 16900. Buys G 
room modem home, oil lur. 
nace. closo to store and 
scbooL located In Thiol Rl' 
Ter FaUs. . 

No. 323 — SIJXX dawn will 
put iron In' tout own busi- 
ness. Modem cafe, building 
eus all equipment and 11*-, 
g qucaters. . Cross. . 17,000 
per month. Full price 

No. 304 — 400 COW UNIT 
RANCH — Two modem 
homes, excellent oat build- 
ings, miles and miles ol new 
fence, new working corrals 
end chutes, 2 mile* of Uto 
water plus 5 stock ponds 
and a world ol grass.. 

Strout Realty 

Vi mile S.E. of Clry 
on 5J" «w call 681-5546 

Electric Cord organ like new- story, 3 bedroom. 1 dowi 
(35.00. 2 miles out on Airport road kitchen', cartxtted living 



Treated for Rodents - 
and Insects" 

„Guarflnteed_Knotle"_ _ 

s 6.20 

mart botes 


North Highway 59 


(;ood rummage including several 
argc slies of women's clothes. 

-Thurs.. Fri.,' o.m. to 7 p.m. 
.Clothlng-for-all .ages. Ncwjnd 
used linolcum..9xl2,.Kid.i spec |a .L 
on dress-up clothing for play. 
Baby clothes for dolls. 623 No. 

full both, full basement and at- 
tached garage.' Call 081-2208 aRcr 
5 for appointment. ' 4t53c 

LOTS FOR SALE — Aascby's 
Housing Development, Hi way 59 
So. SOtfc 



FOR SALE — Used aluminum 
lithgraphic plates 23"x35", 23 
cents each. Ideal lining hog pens 
and granaries. -Bock door of 
Times. 36tfP 

FOR SALE — ' 1 Fender 
telecasier with case. 1-year old, 
very good condition, new strings. 
1 Sears Sllvcrtone amp. with 2 
enclosures, good condition, has 
tremeln nnd vibrato, also fun- 
— itmcr C"nt3i:t-C8MZ3ir-^itsgp - 

■ EXCELLENT, Efficient. 
economical, Blue Lustre carpet 
cleaner. Rent electric shampooer.' 
51. Kcllv Hardware. 1152c 

FOR SALE — ElcclrTrtirooder 

hood; automatic -washer and 

dryer; 3 double and one >*. sized 

beds: electric and treddle sew- 

— Tnii machines — Burnard Sturrc. " 

_ H _ -lt52C — 

ll.-<-r oil sal-- fnnn 11 o.m. UI 

midnight Kifi-VCafc. T.R..Falls. 

lutfc _ 


-704 -So. O'indo]ph._ln_giirnge,_ 
Thurs. and Fri. R52c 


and Thursday. Floor lamp, toys 
and clothing. 317 E. nihil. 

-It52p - - - 

RUMMAGE SALE - Clothing 
and misc. Wed Thurs. and Fn. 
_End-of-So._Tindolph.Jurn left, 1_ 
blocks. 1st place on right. 

tt 52p _. 

clothing and misc. Items. All day. 
Thursday, fl a.m. on. Mrs. Elof- 
son, 327 No. Merrfffm. H52p 

Baby's, children's and adult s 
clothing, steel cabinet, drapes, 
records, toys and misc. Wcd^ 
Thurs.; and Frl. End of South , 
Tindolph, turn left, one mile. 


' RUMMAGE SALE - 235 So? 
Kncale. Th ur-. and Frl. It52c 


Crockcr- in garage. Girls and 
women's clothing and misc. Wed. 
evening. Thurs. and Fri. 

Frutt & Veq. 


FOR SALE -" Nice r 
rhubarb. Also booking orders 
strawberries -and raspberries. 
681-2865, Mrs. Emil Ilflgmnn: 
2t52c . 

FOR SALE — Hcrmansoh's 
rich-home- grown- slrawbornes- 
now sold-cii-cry afternoon ot his 
farm. 2 mi South of Thief River 
Falls oft the Airport road. 

PHONE 681-3900 

160 A. farm next to Newfol- 
doa Tlllago. limits. Almost 
all under cultivation. No 
buildings. .570 pet.JI.___ 

Sereral other Tery good 

2 bedroom bungalow home. 
Large llrutg room with wall 
to wall carpeting. D. H. kit- 
chen has cabinets. Bath. At- 
tached garage. BoautUal 
shade trees, beautiful yard. 

1 bedroom home. Large kit* 
chen with lots of cabinets. 
L. B. Full basement with 
Lennox oil lumoxo. Largo 
one car garage. Very good 
location. ' 

2 bedroom bungalow borne. 
LJL A DJL bore wall to 
wall carpeting. Large kit' 
thSBhos new cabins txr ut- 
ility room, garage, lumate, 
dty gas. Lot 246 yc dsep. 

Tor Sale - to be mored — 
-ia>A-tl.-bT-a4-lt,-llat- top 

roof garago, 8 It. onthOad 
door, - double walL . 1250 
takes it. 

4 opt home. Very well built 
bouse. Beautiful yardX Close 
In. Income .S300 per mo. All 
street improvements paid. 

Tear J3S8, 



Ml -4740 

BRAND NEW — 24x52* 3 
bedroom rambler. Large LA 
h_go bedrooms. "His" and 
-Hers" wardrobe* and 2nd 
bath oil large master bed- 
"roonirFimy Wnpete drCen-- - 
erous" cabinet and counter 
space In th« kitchen. Am. 
pla dining area lor 0-10 peo- 
ple. Full basement. Nat— r. 

al I 

1 boat. 75* lot I 

boautilully wooded acre 
loL Large carpeted llrlng. 
roam. Kitchen bat ample 
dining area. Extra Jargo 2*x 
30 It garage. Just, outside 
dry limits. 

cation. 38.500. 

• In S.W. lo- 

L— ge S bedroom 
home on 60 A. of land 4 ml 
So. ol TJLF. Cood dedry 
bam. granary and double 
garage. '/» ~' "* — ' — ' 

1 ml rlrer lront- 

3 bedroom brand new sam- 
blar to-be moved. Plumbing 
and wiring in. Only 31CL5D0 
Exceptionally line 3 bedim. 
home close to new Jr. H.-S. 
2 bedrooms, bath and kitch- 
enette, in basement- Attach- 
ed garage. 

3 bedroom brick rambler on 
targe lot In choice East side 
location. Large Uvusgroom, 
formal dining t orn . Son 
room, family room, two 
baths, fireplace, range, to* 
lrlgerator, drapes and cur- 
, tains Included. . Pat io, doa- 
ble garage. Ready lor 1m- 
medlate possession. W e 
can show you this line 
home by appointment on 
days, nights or weekends. 

room older borne in good 
East side location. 1 block 
from school and store. Na- 
tural gas heat Detached 
garage. Comer lot. We can 
show .this one any time al- 
ter 10 A-M. 

In excellent East side loca- 
tion. Owner's good taste & 
Immaculate care makee 
this one "special''. 



107 t. 2nd St -M.Ml.4ffW 

FOR SALE — Excellent 3 
bedroom with 2 bath. All modem ' 
home with new 2 car garage. 
Carpeting, draperics,*connissurc 
clcc. oven and pull out range. 
Garbage disposal, and many fine '■ 
features.- 1 ncomcTrom basement 
if desired. Wcndci Realty, 204 E. 
2nd St. Ph. 681-1332. _ 2t52c 

FOR SALE - New 3 bedroom 
and bath modem home. Good 
S.E. location. Has small house In 
back that rents for 175.00 per 
month. I22'.500.00. To sec contact 
Ken Wcndel. 204 E. 2nd St. Phone 
681-1312. 2152c . 

FOR SALE - For the en- 
terprising Investor a 3 bedroom 
older homo.on 180 ft. frontage.. 
Furniture Included. 12.500. 
Wcndel Realty. 204 East 2nd St. 
Ph. 681-1332. . 2t52c 

FOR SALE — A very 
desirable river lot. Close In. A 
bcoutv. Wcndel Realty. 204 E. 
2nd. 681-1332. 2152c -*> 

FOR SALE — 2 bedroom, 
modern home on excellent corner 
lot, double garage. Close In. 
Southwest location, Only 
$10,500.00. Wcndci Realty. Ph. 
681-1332.. -2152c 

FOR SALE — A substantial 
' 10m c on corner 

._., , close In, full 

basement, 4 bedrooms and 14 
bath for the enterprising family 
that Likes some jwk woodwork, 
maple floors, built In. china 
cabinet and who would enloy 
—redecorating etc. Wcndel- Realty. 
G81-1332. 2I52C 

FOR SALE — Lovely new 

home less than yrs. olo with 5 
bedrooms, 2 baths. Carpeting. 
draperies and many excellent 
features'. Southeast location. 
Wcndel Really. 681-1332. 
2t52c - ' . ^ 

FOR SALE - lti'story with 
full basement, all modem home 
on south side. Price reduced to 
113,500. A well built home and 
ro om jor.a-tnira OMeoroom up. 

FOR SALE — Hnrshflcld 
trailer, l0it50.""Bxl2 entry. 1966- 
modcl. Eric Dcrocher", I21B N. 
Duluth . Call 6B1-1163. 1152c 

■ FOR SALE — 7 room brick 
rambler. 301 N. Kendall. Ph. 601- 

4309. 44tfc - 

- FORSALE — 2 bedroom home 
In Middle River, nice location. 
Call 222-3305. 4t55p 

icrcs ai lanu in umiuii u, j-ti 

mllesN.W. of Thief River Falls in 
Hayland. Harry A. Johnson, 
routeJ, Thief River Falls. 

... west trailer court, semi- 
furnished. Call 281-4855. Crook- 
ston Minn., after p.m. 


• FOR SALE — 10 x 40 Dclroltcr 
2 bedroom mobile home, 1B67 
model. Ph. 681-2231. 3fjtfc 

FOR SALE — River lots 
100x140. Ph. 681-2829 or can be 
seen nt Greenwood St. West. Sec 
E. C. Morbcn. 47tfc 

FOR SALE — Hay meadow. 
Ray Sou rd iff, Newfolden. Phone 
449-2352. Charlie Matlsen farm, 
mi. north of TRF. -4t52p 

For Rent 


Lamest Mnrhine Mode 
tiny or Brush Land 
Write to L. Derrhelm 


Weed Spraying 

Ughr Sdf-Propelled 




Phone 964-2735 

electric and hand trim merer r 1 
removal of trimmings. Call fi 

Barth's Aerial 

Phone- 481 -5464 
Thief River Wis. Mlnr 

basement t 
utilities pal 
ill W. Non 

., ui, furnished, 

Erickson -Cabins, 




For Estimates Cat! 

S8M31S or 681-3245 



Swenson Plumbing 

A Heating; Inc. 

TV SKRVfCE - Expert ser- 
vice bv faclorv trained 
technician on TVs. stereos and 
other electronic products. Larson 
Music fu. service dept. 6HI-215T,, 

FOR SALE — 1901 Wcslwood 
10x50' 1001 Gold Seal model 
trailcrhousc. Two bedrooms. . 

Furnished. _ nlr condltoner, ... 

louvcred windows. Entry flxlO. 
-fuel tank. J3.3O0. Contact Ted 
Hc gvcdt 6B1-3808. 50tfc 

FOR SALE — Small house In . 


4 bedroom older home. 

2 story homo wftb full base* 
menL coiner lot 2 car gar* 
age. .enclosed porch. 2>/t 
bath, close in. 531X0000. 

10.K..V/X miles out with 3 
bedroom home, bam, other 

B0 acres with 12x64 trailer 
house all lurnlshed family 
roem. Two 

Arnold Realty 

---Pnwo8t'4571 — 

FOR RENT - 1 bedroom 
"furnished basement npt. in new 
house' Just outside city limits. 
Suitable for working girls or 
married couple. Ph. cai-4743. 

two working men or student until 
Sept. 1st. Call 081-5350 or sec 
room at 507 Dewey North. 


FOR RENT— Nicely furnished ■ 
all paneled apt. I block from 

downtown. Available July 1st. 


FOR RENT — Modern cabin 
fully furnished, utilities nnd 
sleeping room, 081-2500, D & Q 
Motel.. 42tfc . 

FOR RENT — Second floor of 
Viking cafe located at 212 No. 
LaBree. Ph. 681-4450. . TOUp 

FOR RENT — 23x70 ground 
floor downtown location. Suitable ■ 
for small store or office. Times. 
SStfc . 

FOR RENT — Duplex ! 
bedroom, fully furnished, lights, 
heal, water, garbage collection 
paid. Large lawn. Move right In. 
I'h. cai -1480. 4Ctfc 

' 'FOR RENT — Apt. Charlson 
bldg. Main and 2nd. Telephone 
G3I -3930. ' 1152^ -^ - ■_ 

Farm .home for rent. Four 
bedrooms, within driving 
distance of Thief River Falls. Ph. 

No; 085-1238. • 2l53p _^ 

Roll — Bresh-^proy 


Painting & Decorating 

Phono 222-3304 
Middle RlTOr, Minnesota 


Have your custom sickle 
mowing dona now. In or 
around town. 

- — CALL — 

Phone 681-2109 


WANTED - Baby sitting jobs, 

" or part lime. Mary Cnrriere. 

Knight Ave. N. Ph. 6B1-G472. 

Experienced carpet nnd 
upholstery clconing. Dry foam 
shampoo. Fast drying. Sanfnrd 
Brcnna. Ph. 081-1759. It52c 

Sewing Machine Service 
Any make or age. Parts 
arallable. All work guaran- 
teed and reasonable. NOR- 

1st SL Phone Gal -44 15. ' 


Phone 681-5913 
Residential. Commercial 

& Farm Wiring 


bulls, fat cattle for butchering 
also butchering hogs. Joppru 
Inc. 081-2602. 83lfo 

FORSALE — 2 yr. old Chestnut 
gelding, very gentle. Also western 
saddle, saddle blanket nnd bridle. 



Thiol River Foils 


-Home. 681.2003— 

FOR SALE — 3 bedroom and 
l»4 both. All modem home- on 
outskirts. 1. acre. "--»■■— 

attached garage. To sec call 

Wcndel Realty. Ph. 081-1332. 1999 or 081-3591 

2t52C ' " ' FOR RENT 

rooms, with frig., hot plate ft 
Working men preferred. Private 

-entrance. Call 681-1585 evenings 
-or early mornings, 21D Duluth N. 


FOR RENT — Furnished room 
far working— man or elderly- 
person. Hot and cold water. 
Inquire at Apt. No. 2 or call 081- 

KIQ nr Mtl.SMI. 21tfc 




Phone 964-2735 



Sauk Center, Minn. 


-FORSALE —.Good- modern .4 _ 
bedroom house for sAuyin nice 
location In Ncwfoldorf, Minn. 
Cambcll Thompson, Newfolden, 
Minn. 3l52p 

Hesse For Sale: 

2 bedroom house. 

dltion. Sejknate garage oa 
large well keot lot.. Cood 
terms. Price WMOM. — 

2 acres land located south 
edge ol town next to sev- 
enth dor AdventUt church. 
SI . 20 0.00 per-acie--Tenns.— 

For 1 

Archie Wilson at' 


105 East 2nd Street 

Thief River Falls 
Phone 0B1. 5524 or call 
681-2905 alter 5:0 pan. 

FOR SALE — 2 bedroom and bedroom opt. all turn. Lights, -hoi 

balh modern home on large water, hoot, garbage collection 

comer lot. Utility room. 16x24 paid. 1100 monthly: Move right in. 

garage. Ploy yard renced "for Phone 681-1480. 50Uc 

children. Carpeting and drapes. : 

Also Will include washer and pq^ nENT — 2 bedroom un- 

Z" er.ll yr. old and stove and f urn | S hed opt. 1130 per mo. 681- 


jfour r«Uo-T.V. pnbtems. 



dryerAl „.. . 

frfg:3yrs. old. Only J15.0L..... 

_bcc this good buy contact Wcndci ■ ^_ 

Realty. 2152c _; F0R REfJT _ 3 room apt. 

FORSALE — Exc. 1 story Stove, refrigerator heal nnd 
commercial bldg. hovlng-full— water furnished. Coll evenings at 

basement 2 bdrm. and bath. 515 N. LaBrcc or 6BI-4682. 

your outboard and lawn mower's 
serviced now. Sully's Weklinu 
Shop. Johnson - Toro - Rolens 
Sales -a Service, Phone 00MG72. 
-Thief River Falls, Minnesota 
■>oi. 24tfc 

FOR SALE - Bull, year old. - 
color red. Beef strain shorthorn. 
Ray Hutr. Radium. Minn. 

FOR SALE — Immediately, 3 
yr. old Chestnut stallion. Broke lo 
ride but very spirited. Can be 

FORSALE — Yearling quarter 

horse, gelding. $05.00 Dcbra Lien. 
Middle River. Ph. 222-3«H. 

Its ■■Paycation" time for those 
who sell their -1'Don't- Wants" 
with Times Classified Ad. 

"mod-TupLZlir. Die. Jcar-Approx .— Worhl "ft " : 
20x30 store area suitable for TV prclcrred. 
shop, appl. repair, clcc. shop or 

FOR_SALE — - bedroom 
modem liomc, Corner lot. Ph. 

G81-1320.- 4152c 


50x128 fl. corner lot. Close ln_S.E. 
loc. Wcndel Really, 204 E. 2nd. 
Phone 681-1332. 3t53c 

FOR SALE — 1968 Schult. 3 
bedroom, 12xGB. also skirting. 
. Cflll_B74-51!3, Newfolden. .. 

- 3I52C ; 

. FORSALE - 3 bedroom older 
home, double garage.- real -good 
cond. Phone 681-3018. 2l52p 

Hoyr Feed, Seed 

acres of mixture of Alfalfa and . 

Timothy hay. Leon McMahon 796- 
3232, Oklec. It52p 

Hoy land for rent to put up on 
shores. Mixed hay. Sam Oswald. 
Rt. No. 1. Il52p 


Well estabUshed trucking business In Thiol Rlrer Fall*. 
Included! Trucks, Tans, warehouses and special Interstate 
.Commerce Commission "RIGHTS" in South Dakota, Hortb 
Dakota and Minnesota. Also erclaslTe.proIl table contract 
with North American Van Unes-Thls Is a proren basineee 
that has provided prosperltr. Independence and_eecurlrf 
(or two families (or a generation. 



107 E. 2nd Sheet Thlel RItoi Falls phone CT1-47I0 






Legion and Arctic Atop 
Trap League Standings 

U'glon dumped thi' Times 123- 
1 lp and Arctic Cat squired by 
Const ■ lo - Const 119-118 tii 
remain tied for first place in the 
Thief Hivcr Imp league stand- 

Three tennis arc tied fur . 
second, Just Jwo points In back of 
Ihc lenders. Union stale bank 
downed tilt.* E'lmnnacy 134-117, 
VFW defeated Wilson Brothers 
115-1 11 anil I.. 1!. Hard got by . 
Custom Motors ty-ll!", despite 
Mark Malison's straight 25 fur 
the losers, to slay with Arctie Cut 
nndttiPl.cp.lnn. — — — 

A & W had u sinilfi'il 25 from 
linrrv Fellmnn and posted n 11H- 
110 vVinry over HJnrkman's to 
claim sole possession of third 

In other euniesis. Grundy's 
downed the Shrine team 1SO-U3 
and I.ind Motors got by Northern 
Male bank 131-ll'J. 

In the Legion's 121-m triumph. 
';:iry_HiiuKliliinji!mi.n 23-i, Al 


Wednesday. July 1,1070 Thief River Falls, Minn. 

2. Orville FernRen 17-7 nnd Si 
Schnnticn n 16-4 in the losing 

Dean Anderson shot 24-2, Norm 
Olson 23-5, Howard Hogcn 23-3, 
Pat Fischer 23-1 nnd Walt 
Fischer :i 20-0 in L>. B. Haiti' 
victory over Custom Motors. ■' 

For Custom Motors. Mark 
Malison shot n straight 25, Mark 
ilugcn.22-7. Dale. Schanticn 20-6. 
Sieve Johnson 20-3 nnd Bruce 
Mattson an 18~i. 

A & W hud n straight 25 from 
Harry FcUmnti, while Bob 


Dick Scullhiirp 3(1-1 .-anil Don 


For the 

, Iloh Mai 

2-2. Mark Sw 
Mnrv l.undin I!K1. Clarence 
MalL-un 1H-4 and Ken Kuhler 14-8. 
Arelie Cat had a 23-1 from Lorn 
Uremia, Ike liuglm shot a t'J-C. 
lloiuiieSliernia-6. Dale Ander 
22'G and Hurl Lai 

(Jrendahl'.nhot 2J-*. Curt Ness 22- 
I'. Warren Hanestad 20-3 nnd Dob 
'Ohlhuuscr an 18-1 in the win over 
For Itjorkman's it was Dave 
^UJorknlnn with an 18-5, Enrl 
Dagg bach 15-8, 

Dick Bjiirkmnn 1.3-7 and Wendy 
Olson 11-8. 

In Lind Motors, drubbing of 
Northern state bank,' Lambert 
llrunkhorst shot a 22-C. F.D. Ball 
22-1, Hall Loge2M. David Lee 20- 
7 and Ed Krystosek an" 18-8, 

For Northern state bank. 
Sandy Wilson shot a 24-0. Jonnie ' 
Wilson 20-1. John FcruRen 21-3. 
Kandy. Linn 21-41. and Sld.Brouse.__ 

n IIH. 

dropped the Shrine 
behind 'tony JJorn's 22-1, Tony 
Uurn Jr. 23-1. Hick BruRReman 
22-4, Hu._ Marvin 1B-B and Bud 
Hrooten who shot a 22-4. 
Shrine. had - a 20-5 'by Irvin | jK[ 
- Wi I:inn7 Lc itoy-Nn bben 2 1 -Or Gen c — jy^ 

VFW Tops Schmidt's 
In Fast Pitch Play 

VFW rallied .or five ruru In tho ,-- . . 

top-of iho seventh Inning lo down Brodin (S.H.l, W_Smllh (VFW), 

Schmidts 5-2 In men's fast pilch and Overbyo (F.D.) all tied with 

soflball piny on Monday evening, one. 

The rally was trlgaered by ^ . , ._.; 

Myrah.'s three run norner oft CrOOKSTOIl WlHS; , 

losing pitcher Lawrcnz who was _ _ _• . - ■ 

L L Tops In Legion 

...... ' Lowrcm who was 

replaced In the seventh- by 

Drees of VFW gave up Just five 
Wis and -only-two-eamod-run* 
while striking out two for tho win. 
. VFW Is now 4-1 op Ihc year and 
still in second place behind 

VFW 5 

3 1 I 

1NSTHUCTOR RON NOVAK Is shown here Riving a 
few butting tips to one of the Llt)!e National League 
players during yesterdays action between Ihc Cubs 

H. Drees 3b 
Wilson If 
TunbcrR cf . 

Smith c j 

Olfcrdahl tb ....... 4 

T. Johnson ss 3 

11. Drees p 3 

nnd Dodgers. The Little Nallonal League is divided Pederwm 2b 3 

into six learns fornlneand len year olds who piny Grovum rf ' 1 

their games in the afternoon at the fnlrground Myrah rf - . 2 

diamonds. •_ • 37 


Wicklander stun 23-3. Hay Thyre 
21-2, Stub I'ahlen 21-1, Jim 
Husetb I7H ;ind Huss Embury 1G- 

' VFW Mini twn 25"s in their win 
over Wilson Brothers, who Inst 
• (heir fourth in a row. Frank 
Hunter shut 1 'J 11. Tubby Lund 23- 
3. Hubby Lane 21KI. Hay 
JiirRensoii 17-5 and Keith Ilugge n 
lfi-1 (or VFW, 

Wilson Hrothers, who won Iheir 
first four matches of the season 
before rumiiiiR into bad tuck, had 
Sinn Wilson shooting a 23>0. Myrt 
Wilson. l'J-2. Mwvin Skadsem 21-"" 

■ 21-1. Phil Prichnrd 10-3 and 
Carl Lee ISO. - 

Traps will be open on Wed- 
nesday nighl nl G:30, 

UH">n -. 

Arctic Cat 


Union St. Bank 

Lind Motors 

Northern St. Bunk" . 
Custom Motors 


mens fust pilch soltbnll league 
by hurling 22 strike-outs In 19 2-3 
Innings. Melvie's is /currently 
holding down first place-In the 
IcaRue standings. 



Swoboda of New York, at .230 and 

Mock Jones of Montreal baiting Monanvpn ef 2b 

.232. The National- UnBue L cat-^ij a i v ^™n jh 

Cher would be John Botcman or Dormndy 2 b . " " ' 
the Expos hilling on even .200. — ■ ■ - 

With these Ilnc-ups'you coutd 
have Chris Short nnd Wolly - 
Bunker on Ihc hll] facing each 
other with their combined marks' 
of 3-11 and on era of 0.78. 

Stokke cf . 
. Malbcrg rf, p . . , 

Norecn, c 

LaCourslcre 3b . 

Baseball League 

^Crookston upped It's record to 
G-o In American Legion baseball 
play with a win lost Thursday 
over Oslo 11-2 nnd last night 
dawned Hallock 10-5 behind the 
h bl hurling of Grnlg Conklns who Is 
■ now 2-0 on the year. 

Crookaton is now 5-0 in the 
Northwest Legion conference and 
will go up agninsl Thief River 
Falls next. Crooks ton collected 12 

2 hits off the Hnllock pitcher. 
. Swnnson, while committing Ihrcc 

errors to Hollock's two. 
Thursday, June 25 

3 Crookslon 11 • G • 1 
5 Oslo 2 - G - 5 

L. Pntybytski <W> 

bi C. Wisk (L) 

- Tuesday, June 30 

^0 — Crookston 10 - I2T3 - — 

"0 Hallock 5"- 8 - 2~ 

, "WHEN THE CLOUD OF DUST had lifted nnd they saw what had 
occurred, there was Jimmy safe at second and Tom n-hugglng third." 
Casey might not have been at bat, but this youngster was safely 
hugging third in yesterday's Little National League action at the fair- 
grounds during Ihc Cubs and Dodgers game. 

' Little: 

ml League 

;. Pirn 



Highlanding Hatl 

Coast- to-Cua 


VFW .vs. Times 
. L: rL' Hart*- vsr Wilson Bros. - 
Arctic Cat vs. Custom Motors 
A L W vs. Coast lo Coast 
Uncoil St. Bunk vs. Hjorkmnn-; 
Lind Motors vs. Pharmacy 
Shrine vs. Northern St. Hank 
Legion vs. Grundy's 

In'1927 the"" New York Giants 
allowed only 20 points to be 
scored against litem Tor the 
entire season to set theiN.F.L. 




South on Hwy. 59 

Thursday, July 2 

S—'XHE-t SOULS".-...- 

Saturday, July 4 

8 P.M. 'til Cloiing — Open 12 Noon 

1:00 Dodgers v 

2:30 Giants vs. Astros 

MrnS Fast Pitch Softball 
Wednesday. July 1 
Falls Diesel vs. Schmidt Beer 

Weiln csda y ,' ' J tily ; T " 
0:oo lied Sox vs. Yankees 
7:15 Indians vs. Tigers 
Thursday, July 2 
-G:0I1 Heil Sox vs. While Sox 
7:15 Orioles vs. Indians __ 

Amrrican League 
Wednesday, July 1 
-5M5 Athletics vs. Iloyals 
7:15 Senators vs. Brewers 
Tliursdny, July 2 
5:45 Royals vs. Senators 
7:15 Twins vs. Angels 

Church Softball ' 
Monday. July G 
Free Church vs. Covenant at 

— -Vatholt — — 

First Baptist vs. Clenrbrook nl 
Niirlhwrst Legion llasrball 
Thursday, July 2 
Roseau nl Newfolden 
T.R. Falls al Crookston- 
Hnllock at Oslo 
Warroad at Middle River 
K.G. Furks at Warren - 
Sauthraol .Manitoba 


That should be some baseball 
game tonight at Detroit. 53.089 
fans will be on hand lo watch 
Denny -McLnln start his flrst" 
gnmc of the season.' 
His battery mate, Bill Frechun, 

. has written and published ar- 
ticles which show that there Is not 
much love between the two. 
Mickey Lollch was lefl behind at 
the All-Star game. McLnln Is 

— bankrupt -a nd~i>o~ has_Jiad_n_o. 
workouts with a professional 
team fur almost a year. 
McLuin claims he kept i 
by playing basketball and plt- 

with Mike Lundgrpn 


- Jerry " Schulti, former 

University of North Dakota t ^ iui Hii t¥i . tu „ ltill „ 

baseball and basketball alar who eventually gels rained out.... 

graduated In 1907, Is currently Milwaukee Is currently 7,000 fans 

F. oUln « • 27S . '°f. Mnnchestcr, behind [h c nacc set lost ycor for 

What has to be my favorite 
football learn of all time was the 
1022and 1923 Oorong Indians who 
wcrccoached by Jim Thorpe. His 
record wasn't too good. In two 
years* of N.F.L. Competition the 
Indlons won only three games 
nnd lost 12 before they disbanded, 
but hc had some beautiful players 
—onhlslcntn.-His start Ing-llno-up . 
' could hnve been like this: 

Ends, Arrowhead, Black Bear 
Tackles, Red Fang, Dcodoyc 
Guards.-WrinklcMeatrBuffalo - 
Center, Barrel 

Quarterback, Xnvler Down- 
Running Backs, Laughing Gas, 
Red Fox and Tomahawk 

All of these players -arc of- 
ficially recognized as being 
members of the Indians who 
actually played for the Marlon, 
Ohio, team and were from the 
Carlisle school leanr. 

What ever happened to....Hugh 
McElhenny, Danny Villunucva, 
Rip/Hawkins, Cookie Gilchrist, 
Stcifc Stoncbrcaker. Jimlllngo, 
Dick Modzclcwskl, Rocky 
Colavllo, Blrdlc Tebbets and 
Dwlght Slcblcr? 

/' Short thoughts.,,. Docs anyone 
'know any names from the San 
Diego Padres roslcr?....Evcry 
time 1 watch Ihc National League 
jilay on T.V. I fall asleep. I'd even 
watch Oakland before any N.L. 
Team,... Haw can those Golden 
Glove fighters belt the heck out of 
each other and at the end of the 
light go and hug Ihc guyT.TT.The 
Atlanta Braves fans show up at 
":30 (or an evening contest that 

Uelnnd If ... 

Lnwreni p . . 
Shern rf .... 


3 10/ 

2G 2 5. 2' 
B - Dormndy. LOB - VFW 8. 
SchmldUT. Hit - Coltom, Myrah. 
SB - N. Drees ■ 

lp h r cr bb so 
Drees (Wl- 7 5 2 2 4 2 
Lnwrcni ID 


Schmidts 2 - 5 


; (As of June 27) 

(minimum of a at bats) 

nb h pel. 

Ford M 14 7 .500 

Almnuist S. II 8 4 .500 

Coltom S 12 5 ,410 

Smith M 12 5 .410 

Offcrdahl V. ; 13 5 .384 

Lllleiord M 17 6 .352 

Domiady S 3 .333 

Ovcrbye F. D 10 3 .300 

J. Drury S. SI 11 3 .272 

Cardinal M 11 3 .272 

Key - M (Melvles) S.SI. (St. 
Hllairc) S.' (Schmidts! V. (VFW) 
F.D. (Falls Diesel) 
' Home Runs 

J. Drury (S.H.). Cardinal (M), 
Walker (M) all lied with two. 


Hour -Day. Week -Moil 




First Aid Tips Are 
Given For Boaters 

In. this dawning Age of 
Aquarius, it is entire families 
Umt "go down to the sea In 
ships." Boating, in' the last 
decade, has grown to be a family 

In his role as captain. 

his or her back. Llf I (he neck and 
till 'tho head back. Hold tho 
victim's nostrils closed, take a 
deep breath and place your 
mouth completely over the 
victim' - L 

System Aired 
By Educators 

EOLOD_SECTIOM- Pages 1, thru 8 

A slab college system Is not 

"really a true state college 

system" unless It Is represented 

In the Twin Cities metropolitan 

in nis roic as captain, me ™.™ nl™ Aii-' tniB"th»mnnth nrca.VlcoChancellorThomasW. 

r.lhjrk wl*lp.l»p.. S%™.tacte,?t£ M K* ■' «" M—oin. «.!. 

Thief River Falls Times! 

Votum» Number Rfty-ntn* 

Thlaf Rlyir Falls, Pannlngton Caunfy, Mlnniiota Wadiwtdoy, Jufy 1, tf70 

the boat on course nnd the crew 

until you sec tho chest' rise. At 
uic lhmi on course nnu mc crew .l,. ' i", „„„,,„ ,",*„' ,11, 

out of trouble. The fint-matc, obou[ a ( , mM „ mlnule »"■ 
. Far infants and small children, 
. place your mouth over the crdld's 
mouth and nose. Babies require 
only small puffs of air from 
rescuer's checks. Repent 20 to 30 
times per minute. Be sure not to 
till the infant's head back too far. 

Upper Midwest 
Writer Conclave 
Set At Bemidji 

Notionaly-known writers such 
ns-Mark-Harris, -Paul -Englc. — 
David Ray, La uren ce Wyott and 

college board said recently. 

olherwldc known as Mom, Is In 
charge or the galley and the first- 
aid department. 

'• While checking out the larder, 
Mom should also mnko a close 
check on the first-aid cabinet 
aboard ship. Being prepared 
when Illness or nccideni strikes 
Is half the battle, since medical 
Lssi stance is usually if long way 
off. Every boat, no matter what 
Its siic, should have several rolls ' 
of bandage, adhesive" bandages 
and tape, alcohol, a soothing, . 
medicated cream or' spray, 
aspirin for relieving pain, 
seasickness pills, an antiseptic 
and tweezers for removing 
spllnlcrs. _ __ 

At the dttlsci, Mom and Dad' 

Ice Cream— Hot DOflS 
B-B.Quet — Mai ts— Sodas 
Banana Seats — Soft Drinks 

Open II (un. to II pjn. 


Hth Street Gulf 

The Twin Cities area ■ t» (he 
home of 60 per cent of the state's 
population, hc noted.- "I Ihlnfc 
(here are people on tho state 
college board and in tho chan- 
cellor's office who seo some 
dlstj net advantages to the rest of 
Iho state college system with the 
establishment of some kind of 
state college facility 1 In the 
metropolitan area," Kelly said. 
."Metropolitan students might 
do well to have another" op- 
Uon...thc distinctly different kind 
of education could be available 
from a metropolitan state 
college." he added. .The vice 
chancellor noted that about 5,000 
of the students at state colleges In 
St. Cloud and Manknta ore from- 
.the . mclropolitan_Twln_ Cities - 

certain problems lhat turn up. BCCOnd anm]nl Upper Midwest wf^tor of (he Minnesota JiJgfa 
when boaling. First, of course, is writers'- conference July 20-31 at 
sunburn. If the bum is severe or v BemldJI. The state's only two- 
week writers conference invites 

students, teachers, writers and 

any other interested citizens, to 

National book award winner 

Robert Hly, Minnesota con- 
servationist and nature writer 

Slr-rd F. Olson, nnd- North 

Dakota poet Tom McGralh will 

be among the evening speakers. 
Works by students attending 

the conference will -be given 

Individual attention by 

specialists In fiction, poetry and 

nonflctlon. There wlil be cusses 

for beginning writers as well as 

advanced or professional writers. 
Each conferee will be able to 

develop writing skills through 

small group meetings and in- 
formal discussions as well as 

through regularly scheduled 

class sessions. Four apprentice 

instructors, awarded grants to 

the conference on the basis of 

their wrilihg potential, will be on 

hand lo assist the student. 
Mark Harris, who will lead the 

fiction workshop, Is noted for his 

novels "The Southpaw," "Bang" 

Hie Drum Slowly,' 1 nnd "Woke 

Up Stupid." 
Paul Englc will lead Ihc poetry 

blistered, sec a doctor. For 
moderate burn, a soothing, 
medicated cream or spray ap- 
plied after a gentle, cool shower 
will offer soothing roller. Take a 
couple or aspirin tablets to 
relieve Ihc pain. Light, loose 
clothing will be less-abrasive to 
sensitive areas. 

Sunstroke is another 
possibility, and it can be very 
dangerous. Symptoms arc high 
body temperature with flushed 
arid dry skin. Get to a doctor as 
qulcly as possible. In tho 
meantime, reduce the body's 
temperature, by having, the. 
person He down In a cool place 
wilh -head and shoulders 
elevated. Apply.cold water or ice 
to the head. Wrapping in wet 
sheets or pulling the person Into a 
shower of 90I0 water will also 
help reduce the fever. - 

If the small fry pick up splin- 
ters white playing an Ihc clock, 
carefully clean the area with 
alcohol. Pick out tho splinter with 
cither a tweezer or a needle that 
has been sterilized over flame; 
Wash thcarca again and apply an 
adhesive bandage. 

Every ship should have this 
hard and fast rule: Each child 
life preserver at all 
, It should be Ihc approved 
that Insures that a child 
Tailing into the water will 
automatically float face up until 
he Is rescued. 
' All members of the 
fu rlherm orcein ould kno w ho w to 
administer artificial" rcspira ti on. 

education coordinating com- 
~ mlsslon.-snld his commission has 
advised the University of Min- 
nesota to "strive for a change of 
mix of its students." 

Presently about half the 
students at the Twin Cities 
campus arc lower division 
students (freshmen and 
sophomores). The commission 
recommended that the Twin 
Cities have one-third lower 
division, one-third upper division 
and one-third graduate students 
"to- get better utilization of that 
. faculity for advanced studies," 
Hawk said. 

If this ocurrcd, (hero would be 
additional upper division 
capacity at the Twin Cities 
campus. This would be one 
alternative to meet the growing 
enrollment of the IBTQ'b. Other 
alternatives arc establishment or 
a state college in the 
metropolitan area, establishment 
of a university branch at 
Rochester, establishment of a 
Junior college' at SL Paul and 


D«tr find the entlronmtnt at Tcxico's Puiet Sound Refinery 
Billable for dilly residence. 

Commended by Wuhlnilon Sum Witcr Pollution. Control 
- Commission for 1U tfiorU In the coruerrstlon field, Tcxico'i 
Hennery l«»l»o spprowd by the region's eitibllthed wildlife. 

Writers^ workshop and now 
director of the international 
writing program at Ihc 
University of Iowa, Englc 
the Yale series of younger poets 
prize for his first book of poems, 


Anothe r |own-b as 

behind the pace set last year for 1 

the same number 

N.H., In the AA Eastern league. 

Jerry feels he hds . a good whcn thcv p i nycd at Scn[ . 
chance to advance lathe. Yankees u Cii „ Too ba d Thief River Falls 

-_r r David Ray, will leach the .„ ._ ■ „■ .... 

Tho victim should be placed on _ beitinninn Dootrv. workshop -He ■.■repnamtaUve^twquId m a k e Inn 

' - . ho" pubMed three boots of «» S al If Jl !K.~*5 v ? JLT** 

poetry with Cornell University ^,"S^ voklnd ^ r<rf ? t iP erf ?r in 

press, served as an cdilor of re g'" , ' I, 8 vocational cducaUon 

"Epoch" magazine. and and Ihnt role wnlw performed in 

published in "Saturday Review", ~ n specialized Intltutli 

"Poetry", "The Paris Review" er " rnpA nnlu 

«rbiill I. 


McLuin claims hc kept in shape 
by playing basketball and pit- 
ching lo some high school bat- 
ters; who knows, maybe he was 
hit hard by them. 

No. one can miss as much 
practice time and actual playing 
conditions as McLaln did ana not 
(eel the effects. Why would the 
- . Detroit management-oven ollow- 
hlm to start throwing In a game 
right away? Money, that's why. 
The Tiger bosses only sec the 
crowd coming In tonight; if they 
aren't a little more careful, 
McLaln could throw loo hard, or 
loo much the first time out qnd 
maybe be lost for the rest of -the 

McLain claims hc will have no 
-problem pitching- against -the - 
hitters because he has learned a 
About M Future Farmers of ] 0[ from reading box scores. If 
America chapters in Minnesota... that's the case. I should be able to 
schools arc taking pari in the ■ -- -■ 
pheasant egg salvage project, it 
was announced today. 
.... Under t he pheasant egg 
salvage program; FFA nnd " "" 

Sunday. July 5 
12:30 Tournament at Gntzke 
G.itzke vs. Greenbush 
Sundown vs. Vila 
(irunthnl vs. Vnssar 

AAA farm team at Syracuse 

"Nrv^ next year.-/- _ _ 

A native of Wh'eaton, Schullz 
was a two-lime' all conference . 
basketball guard and also named 
to the all-conference baseball 

We have amassed 

the best and the highest . 

Star teams, now let's try io put on 
1 paper the' poorest delegation 
-according to their balling 


docsn'l have o golf 
slcnd of on open Held with a.fcw_ 
holes dug In It. Instcnd'of calling 
them the greens, they should call 
them the browns.... Anyone 
disagree with anything I said? 

5EH Red Lake Tour 
Guides Available 

50 FFA Groups 
Help Pheasant 
Rescue Project : 

could start off by putting Jacl 
Hernandez at short and his .218 
average. At second It would be 
Eddie Leon of C leave land and his 
.222 average. Jim Klrkpatrick, 
.also balling .222. would be Ihc 

Indian guides arc now 
available Tor trips through Ihc 
Red Lake reservation. 

Arranged and co-sponsored by 
Bemidji Stale college Indian 
Community Action project, 

catcher with Norm Cash of Minnesota Concentrated I Ei 

Detroit handllnRjhe first baso i^_F^^ n, v P"J^ p ^i» 

while-carrying a .227^vWgc™ rhood X " " . r "T*r^n<r-tho 

Bureau 1 

youth arc gathering up 
pheasant eggs- from nests 
destroyed by mowing operations, 
hatching them out and releasing' 
Ihc birds into the wild. 
Many of the eggs arc. taken 

„ from, destroyed. nests in-nlfalfn — hits and will bo-credited with-hi 

win 20 this 

Can't you hear Denny talking to 

himself when batter conies up: 


for two a gainst- the- Sena tors — iL. 

Who's the opposition? I don't 

know and I'm sure lhat some-of 

those S3. 000 fans -/don't know 

' cither, and they don't care. . 

Denny McLain, will last three 

innings, give up.fivi 


CABIN TENT — 10W10" 

PUP TENT— 5'x7" 



12 ft. • 14 fr. - 16 fr. (used) 17Vs ft. 
Hi h.'H SM : 


fields, which are preferred 
' nesting sties duI arc usually 
. mowed before the nests arc 

hutched out. Mowing operations 

arc reaching Uieir peak in the 

Minnesota pheasant ronge this 

Officials of tl»e conservation 
-department, FFA- -and-4-H 

leaders ask thai anyone who finds 
.a destroyed nest wilh eggs, to 

collect the eggs and notify FFA 

or -i-H members. 

- Charles Lundgren played one 
year In the N.F.L*; thai was 1323' 
wlien he was a running bock for 
Ih'e Hoc k Island Indepe ndents. 
Head the Times Classified /Ads 

I loss of the yet 

Sophomore Tom Tunberg of 
Thief River Falls is one of 15 
UND baseball players who were 
able to record a grade average of 
3.0 or bclter'in second semester 
course work. UND grades are 
computed on .a 4.0 basis for a 
straight A. with 3.0 a straight B 
average. -^ ' 

Overall the UND baseball team 
showed a 2.75 grade point 
average: a B minus. 

Reports from UND football,. - 
hockey and basketball coaches 
recently revealed 57 gridders, 30 
hockey players and 15 basketball 
players recorded an average of 
2.70 or better lasl semester: 10 of 

Third base would belong to Ken „„„„„„ 

McMullen 0/ Washington, hilling f r ° 8 f nm . \ 

.242. The outfielders would be SS' CC /"'-*; --;---- - 

MinlTot "a" ot'pS? Ted ™^"™^™ ™ 

Uhlaondcr of Cleveland, balling 
-;2+drnnd Ray Foster of Cleveland 
jvjtll the best overage of Ihc 

bu n chT hTI fir i g~irticf ty-^250.— ' — 
The National Lcacuc line-up 

would find Bobby Wine of 

Montreal hitting .179 at short; 

CtcteBoyerat third batting .1843; 

Tommy Helms of Cincinnati 

hittingata. 207 clip at second and 

first baseman Dcron Johnson of 

Philadelphia batting .231. The 

outfielders would be Clcon Jones 

Indian Affairs, 
irovidcs free guide 
lly. Monday through 
extensive tours of the 

Chlppewo reservation. Starting . 

al Iho Bemidji Chamber of - 
. Co mm cr cc— -B u ry a n_ I loused — 

tourists guided to _ the- 
-MTJKfcn ere ,rw e rv q'tlon, where 
■they will GTjoIncd by ' 

dozen guides' for a personalized 


and other periodicals. 

Non-fiction will be taught by 
Pulltizcr prize nominee James 
Dcgnan, a noted conservationist 
and public affairs writer from 
Los Gatos, California, He has 
-written lWo~ tuxibooke-nndTthr" 
published in such magazines ns 
"Atlantic Monthly" and "Kenyon 
Review". His essay, "Who Runs 
California?" was nominated for a 
Pulilizcr Prize in 19477. 
' Laurence Wyott, whowlll teach 
the beginning fiction workshop. Is 
author, or "The Darkening 
Green" ns well as n number of 
short stories which have .ap- 
peared In "Arizona Quarterly," 
"Discourse," and. "Westen 
Humanities Review". 

Information and application 
blanks may be obtained from 
William Elliott and Ronald 
Lyccttc, co-directors, Upper 
Midwest Writers' Conference, 
Department of English. Bemidji 
StatcCollcgo. BemldJIrMIn-" 
nesota 5CG0I. Credits will be 
awarded toward graduate and 
undergraduate degrees and may 
be transferred to another in- 
stitution. A studenl may corn up 
to nine quarter hours of credit 
jnd Ihe-conferencc-pcrmila- 
itudcnls lo audit courses If basic 

The two-hour outing will in- 
clude inspection of Ihc fishery. 
craft shops,' the mill, cedar plant 
picnic sites, tribal council 
headquarters, and the burial 
grounds at Poncmah Indian. 

of New York hitting .227, Ron artifacts will also be avoHobkr 


Saturday, June 4 


Sarving 6-10 pjn. wMnlNs— 5:30-9 pjn. Sot. Nlra 

-Dancing 9;00 to Closing 



American Legion Club 

Vief-Nam Veterans Welcome 


the university's St. Paul campus, 
Hawk said. 

One of Ihc problems before 
Hawk's committee is to decide 
whether Junior colleges and area 
vocational-technical schools 
should be combined under one 
board. Junior college 

rcprcscn la lives "favor "a com- 

Sire hens I vc approach with the 
unlor colleges and vocational 
schools combined, Hawk said. * 

Tho state board for vocational 
education and the area 
'ocational— technical school- 

ccrncd only with vocational 
education," Hawk added. 
This issue emphasizes the 

groat difficulty in attempting to 
arrivcatnpproprlatc, productive 
nnd effective solutions to various 
problems in higher education, hc 

"To. Insure thc-publlc Is 
protected, the bill directs the ■ 
secretary of agriculture to 
develop regulations insuring that 
the custom slaughtering 
operations and all Ihc products 
thereof arc separated from the 
meat which will be sold at retail 
and lhat Ihc custom slaughtering 
operations arc conducted in a 
sanitary manner," hc added. 

"This insures that alt meal sold 
at retail in these establishments 
would come from packing plants ' 
lhat arc subject to Ihc regular 
standards or the wholesome meal 
act, Consequently, (hc bill fully 
rcluins the protection to tho 
public that is Included in the 
wholesome meal act." 

Lnngen concluded, his 
statement to the -committee by 
noting that (he small locker plant 
is a stable, important enterprise 
In rural communities and should 
not be forced out of business 
' under these conditions. 

Litter Problem 
Held To Minimum 
At State Parks 

. Reports from state park 
managers and operators oi 
private campgrounds reveal (hat 
littering problems' pver-the 
Memorial day weekend were hold 
to a minimum. 

' Officials of the conservation 

department's division of parks 
and recreation said campground 
managers and -supervisors ol 
recreation sites believe that 
users of such areas arc making a 
conscious effort to improve 

Some Ihlnk that the ncw-cm- 
phasls on environmental 
problems, including littering and 
pollution, is making people aware 
of the need to correct the 

The power of social pressures., 
which mokes littering unac- 
ceptable behavior may be having 
on effeci, one official lhcorlicd\ 

Minnesota Leads 
U.Srln Turkey — 
Numbers Raised 

Minnesota and California 
departments of agriculture arc 
. pulling feathers again over the 
. nallonal turkey production 

An article in flic national "Crop 
Reporters" magazine renewed 
the feud, when Minnesota 
Agriculture Commissioner 
Robert W. (Bob) Carlson 
discovered turkeys among"' the 46 
agricultural "firsts" clnlmed by 

"Minnesota has held the turkey 
production championship since 
1967," Commissioner Carlson 
.exploded, seeking the counsel of 
his chief agricultural statistician, 
Francis Graham, to refute Ihc 

claim mndc by Graham's 

. western counterpart. 

"I guess It depends upon . 

7.whethor you count or weigh the" 

' turkeys," Grnhnm responded 

Hc explained that Minnesota is 
indeed, turkey production 
champion, in numbers raised, but 
thai California can also claim "a 
leg" of the title for pounds of 
turkey produced. 

In 1909, Minnesota bested - 
California 16,547.000 to 15,132,000 
In tho number of lurkcys raised. 
But California bested Minnesota 
301,309,000 In 272,010.000. in 
poundage marketed. Thai also 
gave. California Ihe edge In 
turkey Income. K9.439.0O0 to 

-Ml, 132,000. . ' 

Graham came up with another 
angle In Minnesota's favor. 
"Minnesota is wayout in front in 
production of the kind of lurkcys 
that consumers prefer, (he light- 
weight breeds. Last year more 
than onc-thlrd.our total produc- 
■,B04,000 turkeys. \ 

He reported California raised 
"only 226;ooo light lurkcys, or only 
two per cent of the national 
supply. California makes up Its 
poundage title with heavy 
turkeys, used mainly for further 
processing into roasts, rolls, 
masts nnd cold meats. 

Slow down and live. 

'k-'kft *frk*k y k*k*k1c , k A A A A * )»j- 
July 4fh * 

Independence Day* 

Be a Patriotic American J 

This reminder ipomorod by tho ' » 

[V.F.W. AUXILIARY — Thief River Falls J 

*i If Tou atlll have a U-itai Hag. you can purchaM a now J 
^ " M.ltar (lag by colling 681.2916 or 6S1-11J7 ^ 


Langen Bill To 
Exempt Lockers 
From Meat Act 

Congressman Odin Langen has 
urged the House agriculture 
committee to promptly approve 
and send, to the' full House of 
Representatives a bill, which he 
sponsored, exempting small 
locker plants that engage in 
custom slaughtering operations 
from the full provisions of tho 
wholesome meat net of 10C7. 
— Lnngen noted tharthc Congress- 
was operating "under a 
December 15 deadline which 
would force many. of [hose small 
plants oul of business if this 
legislation is not enacted Into 
law. Similar legislation bus 
already ,bccn-npprovod- by the 
"This bill 'would merely 

operations from thcri 
lhat their operations be under 
condnuous inspecdon by state or 
federal officials," hc said. "If 
they were subject tb this 
requirement, It would be an 
Impossible financial burden 
because Ihe plants arc charged n 
fee to cover the salories of the 




Over 100 Machines 
to choose from 




Tony Do ran 


We appreciated your attending our Grand 
Opening and hope you like Taste Free* 
and Tastee Foods; 

We welcome your suggestions for any im- 
provement in products or sorvice and hope 
you will come again. 


.Dick A oil Hi* girls err 

Tastee Freez 

Corner 3rd and Knight 

Don t forget the bank. 

Stop in-beforc you leavc.'Wehayc some ideas (oliclp make your trip more enjoy- 
able. A travel loan, can help -you go now and pay later. A safe deposit box can 
protect your jewelry and valuable papers. A boat loan.'An auto loan. Even financ- 
ing for a beach house .or mountain cabin. And, we c an also provide you with the 
world's best traveling companions — Bank or A rncrica -Travelers Cheques. Ask. 
for these and other valuable services before leaving on your next vacation." "•' 



Member F.D.I.C. 


Wednesday. July J, 1070 Thief River Falls. Minn. 

lii Church Services 

Evangelical Covenant Church 

Allen Fadcl, 
Interim Pa si or 
Wed.. July 1, 7:45 p.m. Family 
fellowship hour. Bible study in I 
Corinthians. Prayer. Hymns and • 
Christian fellowship for the entire 
Sun., July S, Sunday school. 


Evangelical I.ulhrrnn Synod 

David LllleKard, Pastor 
Messiah ISIndlng's Funeral 
Chapel. TRF),- Sun.. July 3. 
Worship service al 11:15 a.m. 

St. Petri 13 W. and i N. of 
Grygla), Worship service on July 
12 at 2:30 p.m. 
t-., -(OkicOrSumrJuly 

St. HllaiircALC Parish 
James II, Swanson, Pastor 

Snn.. July 5, 0:30 a.m. Cnlvary 
■"orshlp service. 11:00 a.m. Si. 
Paul! worship service. Thcrdwlll 
be Communion at bolh services. 

Wcd.,JulyB.B:0Op.m.St. Pnull 
Church Women meet at the 
church. The Calvary Church 
Women will present the program. 
2:00 p.m. Alary - Martha circle 
meets nt Selma Wlk's. 

Thursday and Friday, 
Photographs will be taken for our 
pictorial directories. All pictures 
will be taken at Calvary. .. 

fjih Norlno Swanson at- the Rev. and Mrs. Verne Hagun- European countries, before they rural Thief River Falls and Miss day. 
Stanley Swnnson home of rural beck and Lynclle of Bclolt, Wis., leave for Rome. Italy and Africa Bernlcc K nuts on spent Thursday Jtlungncss were, visitors 
Karlstad. J '. • m* «nri tf n w«.«ri„n Mmm. where he will teach the- coming in Winnipeg Canada Sunttnv evenino. 

year. — ■--- *--- 

Mn. Edwin Anderson visited 
Sunday evening at the home of. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fosholm at 

Dinner guests at the Jnrvls 
Torgenon nomc Saturday were 
her- sister and brother -In- law. 


Arnold Larson and Donnle and 
Hannah Larson helped the 


Vespers. 7:45 p.m. A guest 
speaker from Oifk Hilts Bible 
Institute, ilemidji. will be with us 
this week Tor both. morning and 
cvcning~scrviccs. i 
Sun., July IE, Installation 
— service-for-PftstorPaul Mann.- 
Il;oa a.m. Ilev. 'Carl Jnnson, 
Superinlendcnt of Die Northwest 
District of the Covenant will be 
the guest speaker. 3:00 p.m. A 
special "Reception" service and 
fellowship for the Manns with 
B'recliflss from pastors in the Red 
River Valley. The public is In- 

ng worship , 5, Worship service 

Wed.. July 8, Ladles 'aid 8 p.m. 
at Lualnc Johnson's. Patty 

Johnson and Bernlce Johnson 

Oak Park tOklccJ, Sun.. July 3, 
Worship service 10 a.m. 

Parish; The young people will 
have - a~food "Htancf — for "the 
celebration In Oklec on July 4. 
from noon on.- - 

Ncwfolden Lutheran Parish 
Alma -Rural Argyle 
Bethlehem -Ncwfolden. _ 
Nojvfoldun, Minnesota. ~~ " 
■ ' Clifford L.Kalmoc, Pastor 

These announcements are for 

the month of July: : . 

Almn: Worshjp, services, 9:15 

— Julyr 

Faith Lutheran 
Brethren Church 

. H.S.Olson, Pastor 
Wed.. July 1. 8:00 p.m. Bible 
study and prayer. 
.„ , , j. Sun., July 5, 10:00 a.m. Sunday 

v wil be no Lady s prayer sc hool for all ages. "Mission 
f i el lowsjiipjurinif J^_°n»'_°r._Sunday^l I :0O-S. m .-Morning ■ 
Julv - worship. 4:00 p.m. LBYF Social. 

July 7-19 Lutheran tenl ser- 
vices at fairgrounds. 
July 1I-1B, Junior youth camp.' 
July 1B-25, Senior youth camp. 

. Zlon Lutheran Church 

Alexander Sloff el. Pastor 

Sun July 5, OiOQand 10:30 a.m. 

Worship services, 5-lu. 7lh grade 

Bible camp. 

Tues., July 7. 7:30 Boards and 
c&uncil meet. 
We'd., and Thurs., July 8 and 9, 

'Emmanuel Lutheran Church 

H I ngbo Community 

Mnrius Haakcnstad, Pastor 

/ Sun., . July 5, Family night 

service, - 8 p.m. Mrs. Albert 

Swcnson and Mrs. Robert Olson, 

the hostesses. 

Nordcn Lutheran Church, Sun., 
July 5, Family League Social, 2 
p.m. A brief program at 3 p.m. 
AH arc welcome. 

last weekend. 

Mrs. Florence Anderson and 
Otto were coffee guests or Mrs. 
Anna McDonald and Marie 
Anderson at Middle River one 
day Inst week. 

Mrs. Edith Schcllcrstrom of 
Dcs Moines, Iowa came up on 
Sunday (or a visit with her sister 
Mrs. Bertha Johnston and Is a 
house-guest at the Oscar Skad- 
scm home. Mrs. Bertha Johnston 
is also visiting for a few days at 
the .Oscar Skadscm home. 
-Sunday visitors at thc'Oscnr- 
Skadscm home .were Mr. and 
Mrs. Jens Bach and family, 
of rural Thief River Falls, 
Mrs. Bertha Johnston of Middle 
Hlver, Mrs. Edith SchcllcrBtrom 
of Dcs Moines Iowa, and Mr. and 
"■■ " " also of Jown,_ 

-their way 

Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hagcn- 
beek, Rickie and Brian of Rock- 
ford, Minn.. Miss Ardctt 
ilugcnbcck of Milucu, Minn., 
spent part of their vacation 
visiting with their parents Mr. 
ond Mrs. Alfred Hagcnbcck and 
other -relatives and friends, and 
visiting there also were .two of 
Ardlth Haganbccks college 
friends, Miss Jane Titteslngton of 


Merclyn Hagenbeck returned 
homo with- her sister Ardlth to 
spend a week visiting with her it 
IMIlacn ond Mille Lacs Lake. 

Mrs. Anna Trochman of Thief 
River Falls and Mr. and Mrs, 
N orris Trochman visited Thurs- 
day evening with Mrs. Inga 
Larson of Trail, who Is a patient 
at the Northwestern hospital in 
Thief River Foils. 


Sunday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Nelson 
visited Sunday evening at the 
Harold Duprco home In Silverton. 

Mrs, Emma Rambcrg and Mr: 
an Mrs. Harold Nabbcn attended 
the old settlers picnic at Norris 
camp Sunday. They also visited 

Thorn and Hclmor Skomedal with the Edgar Bamberg's at 

™mih»uuwvuih-hi-ui». mora ana iicimcr axomcaai «*"" "»- ' 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hokkancn and and Mrs. Ed Nicholls ond Audrey Pitt. Minn. 

,„._ „ family of Virginia who had just 

, Minn., and Miss Ruth returned from a trip to the West 
"of Mesa, Ariiona. Coast, 

Mrs. Walter Pederson of Oklee, 

Mn. Margaret Pederson, Mr. 
and Mrs. Lorry Guitafson and 
Stacey were afternoon visitors 
Sunday at the Skomedal home. 

Mra.'Vcrn. Elder 


spending their vocation _. 
Canada and other points of in- 

Mr. and Mrs. 'Andy Llndgren, 
Rachel and Nathan of Utlca, New 
York, ore visiting at her parental 
home, the Gilbert Olson's and 
with other relatives ond friends „, ,,„ 

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Ramsey Auburn, 


Clan Orma _ 
St. 4. CIV. «u-***t . . 
Mr. and Mrs. Manvcl Moe left 
Thursday evening for Moorhcad 
where they visited at the Roger 
-Nygaard home.- Friday. eAfcrunfl 
they ottended the concert 
presented by the Melody. Four 
quartette at the' Fargo 
audltorulum. The Mow visited 
Saturday at thcDnvid VolkcrdJng 
home in Ada. They .returned ■ 
Saturday evening. 

Tuesday. June lBth Mr. and 
Mrs. Keith Klungncss and Ncal of 
■--■-— Washlr— - — 

were visitors at the Amanda Marvin Korsgodcn and two 

Torgcrson homo during the post friends of Twin Valley visited 

W cck ' Sunday afternoon at the Solbcrg 

Larry Myhrer of Thief River "home. Marvin is a cousin of 

Falls was a Sunday evening lunch Myrtle and Bcmicc. 

guest at the Norris Troenraann 

Mr." and Mrs. Rueben Wold, 

Mr, ^ Amandn i Tt ?'8"' on and Lynctto, Bob and Ricky attended 

Mr. and Mrs. Jnrvls Torgcrson 
and family were Sunday evening 
visitors al the Philip Torgcrson 
homo in Thief River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Klungncss 
spent several days lost week at 
their cabin near Waaklsh. . 
Mr.jtndMrs. Robert Hijlyerof 

the services ot the Galilee Biblo 
camp at Lake Bronson Sunday. 
Janice who spent the week at 
Bible camp returned home with 
her parents. 

Christ Wlndsncss of- -Mentor, 
was a dinner guest Thursday nt 
_lhc.Otto Rupprccht home Thurs- . 


.— orrOMTTBtST — 

*>»r«*J*uii Buiuina - - . 

i:W A.M.— fl KM. 

Holt Communif 
Items Reported 


gij tn Jtit jj tt j ttui t j n i n i in j n 1 1 hi u u tiuu in u t j n t j t j n n n n n tittri ti iinm tin jit truntmntirtimi tu til tTi ti n rn n iti i ti t Jtn ti i tuu i f J u 1 1 1 r j i n n r j i r j i n ^ 

fiiegpMof'70 I 

companicd by 


Sri rnili- rfsiv AdvrnlM Church 
Leslie Cox. Pnslnr 
.-Siil.. Julv 4. Sabbath school 
wilh classes [or all ages at 3:30 
a, In. Subject for the adult lesson 
isirchrist, (lie Answer In Man's 
Ihjesr. Worship service at 11 
a.m. There will also lie services 
at the i Camp Meeting in Hut- 

Suniiav, listen to the "Voice of 
Prophecy" over KSJB 

Plummer Lutheran Pariah 

M. J.SIlcIdahf.Pusu]r 
Immnnucl: .Thurs,, 2 p. 

ALCWB:30p.~ ''—-■ 

In church. 
Sun.. 9:30 a.m, Communli 

Ebcnczor: Sun., 11:00. n.r 

Communion service. 

Gilbert Olson home and with 
their house guests the Andy Lind- 
grcn family of Utlca, New York, 
xiuia,. * [>. m. David Bach of Rural Thief 
Council meeting River Falls is spending n few 
days visiting with his grand- 

parents the Oscar Skadscms. 

Yngvc Bcrggrcn arrived home 
on Friday after a 3 weeks tour 
through the European countries 

Klungness-lef l-for- Minneapolis, 
enroute they visited and were 
luncheon guests • at the Don 
Lundrigon home at Pine River, 
Tuesday, evening supper guests 
nt the Mnrlyn Dusick home In 
Minneapolis were Mr. and Mrs. 
Keith Klungncss and Neat of 
Auburn, Washington, Mrs. Pete 
Klungncss Mrs. Anna Lundln of 
Minneapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Dale 

„ . , , j, -, -,-. „ Wa,cl ! Rummage, bake sale and white 

"I-nKh for Today over Channel elephant sole at parsonage 
"■.;•. Fnrgo at ]l:3il_n.m. Subject garage. 521 North main at 9:r 

Itcdrcinrr Luthehin Church 
Sun., Julys, t0:30a.m. Worship- 
service. "" " 

Tues.. July 7, L.C.W. units home on Sunday aitc 

io**t Plr-nw' rhpflr vniTr "r/itl tn Ntr nittl TLTr< ('nrrnl 

will bo: "Headline-. 

Monday. llie\ Welfare Center 
will Ik' open to distribute clothing 
to those in' need from !) to \'i 

Everyone -is welcome to the 
services al the church. ^ 

All Sunday school teachers ■ 
from last year arc asked to 
please send back Hie 
questionnaire form. 

meet. Please cheek your "Call 
Worship" for time and plr -- 

and reports a very interesting Klungncss and Krlsti, Gary 

trip, and glad to be home again Klungncss. Miss Ellen Simcr, 

utter a sate trio. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Isaacson 

Visitors at the Yngvc Bcrggrcn n of Minneapolis. - 

imc on Sunday afternoon were Mr. and' Mrs. Carl Aune of 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll L Thief River Falls helped Rueben 

and boys .of rural ArgylcMr. ond Wold observe his birthday 

'" " and girls Tuesday evening. 

Trinity Lutheran Church \ 

■as tors: Reuben A. Wangberg, 

Harold K, Peterson 

Viking Covenant Church 

FredG. Granstrom, Pastor 

. Thurs., July 2, 10:00 o.m. Bible 

instruction class rehearsal at the 


Sun,. July 5, 10:00 a.m. Sunday 
school. Morning worship, H;0O 
a.m. No eve. service. Sunday 
afternoon July 5th. Junior hion 

Black River Luthrron Church 

St. Hilolre.Mlnn. 
Sun., July 5, 9:00 a.m. Worship 


Mrs. Newell Bcrggr 

■and Donna Lee, Mr. and Mrs. . Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson 

Oscar Amundson visited there In and family and Burton CIcland of 

the evening; ' . Minneapolis arrived Friday 

Last Tuesday evening Mr. and evening to spend the weekend at 

Mrs. Morton Brown of Loveland. the Edwin Anderson home. Susan 

Colorado visited at the Art remained Tor o longer visit with 

Skadscm home and later in the her grandparents, tho Andersons 

evening they visited with Mrs. and Fosholms. 

Bessie Magner and Maymc John Williamson of Thief River 

McLaughlin ot Thief River Falls Falls visited Sunday afternoon at 

night guests there, the Mrs. Gunhlld Knutson home. 

On Tuesday n district W.C.T.U. 

, - , „, , convention was held at the United 

? n ™ pc n™i len ™ B'ucwrtw Methodist Church in Thief River 

Falls. Thcre_ was_ a good 

..„ „„„ \ Lake Bible camp. 

y l ■'■oo-5'OO pm \ Attention to all campers DC 
■ for Mrs," Emma *■»>• '°, obtain your' pre- 
registration blank and health 
ly 2 700 nm Circle certificate at the church and ask 
e study" your.parent or guardian to fill it 

Iv ■ 4 9-3U n m ln ana bring It with you to camp: 
Chapel" on KTIIf! Thc Schedule for physical 
5 it-30 a m Early examination dates ' arc as, 
rvice 1 ■ "0 am follows:' Junior High Camp, July 
service ' Direct ctn . Trailblaier comp July 13lh. 
i KTRF D-30 d m Tnc exomlnation fee is $1.00. 

-■' ,' KTRF' Tues., July 7lh, 7:30 p.m. Bible 
i, Golden ?' ud y. ""d P rn y cr service at 
choir "oo n m Eunice Rosewood, 
ii the lounge! a'oo p m Wcd - J "'y B- Bible study and 
irelemecU^n the chiin:h—Pf' i, J" , J'-» o rv lce - , >t Viking- Cov. 

hurch, B:oo p.n 


Melvin Walla, P; 

Our Saviors- Worship sen-Ice 

9:30 a.m. N" midweek prayer 

meetings because of the tent 

,-' meetings on the fairgrounds with 

.. - the Wmdahl brothers each 

'' evening at JirIM p.m. Tent ser- 

_ vices continue each eve. through 

md.ihl brothers speaking 
licvc June 3U-J uly 5 each eve. 
i Fellowshin meeting on 
day p.m. al. Stranduulsl, 


Lutheran Pariih 

Rod Stucland. Pastor 

Jesus Is coming soon. 

Gospel Crusade with thc 
Windoh] Brothers, June 30-July S 
each eve. at B:30 p.m. at Che 
village hall, Strnndqulst. Minn. 

Sat., Noon, July 4th, Fellowship 
dinner at llcgland Lutheran 
church. Free will. Service 
following dinner at 2:30p;m: with 
the Windohl Bros. 

Sun., July 5th, Hcgland mor- 
ning worship at B:30 o.m. Sunday 

representation from the Union of 
thc District. Newfolden .W.C.- 
T.U. members oltendtng were 
Mrs. HJnlmer Martin, Mrs. Allco 
Knutson. Miss Martha Kleppc, 
Mrs. Albert Knutson, and Mrs. 
George Gundcrson. 

Habv Hoy florn 
Mr. ond Mrs. Harlan Garfvc 

ore the proud parents of a baby 
boy born on Sunday, June 21st nt 
the Northwestern hospital in 
Thief River Falls. He weighed 7 
lbs. and in ot. thc little fellow is.. 
. welcomed by 3 sisters. 
Congratulations lo the parents 
and to grandma, Mrs. Bella 
Garfvc and Grandpa 

Brckkcstran. n 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson 
and Mrs. Hannah Raskin of 
Ncwfolden. Their house, guests 
Mr. and Mrs. Wolter Hasten of 
Clark Forks, Idaho, visited at the 
home or Mrs. Esther Anderson of 
Strnndquist recently. 

Tuesday evening supper guests 
at thc Art Skadscm nomc were 
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Orient and 
Collelte ot Seattle, Wash M~ 
Gladys Johnson of Waliialla 

Mr. and Mrs. Knute Knutson 
were guests there Sunday 

Mr. " 

Dnk., and Mr. and Mrs.. Myron. Rueben Wold and Ricky attended 

Anderson and family of Thief the Eriekson - Ifcilqulst wedding 

Ilivcr Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Gene nt the Redeemer Lutheran 

Ovcal and Collelte were also church in Thief -River Falls 

overnight guests there. Saturday aRcrnoon. 

Angle and Alden Skadscm Saturday evening supper 

spent Inst week visiting their guests at the Edwin Anderson 
'Rnrndma-nnd-grandpa-Mrr-and— nomfrwcre-Rovrnnd-Mrsreonrad- 

Mrs. Art Skadscm. - Cornelius and fomlly of Virginia 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Skadscm.- and Mr. und.Mra. L. M. Larson 

Mlchacal ond -Michelle visited Mr. and Mrs. Arne Tuura of 

Sunday evening nt the Harvey Middle River were visitors at the 

Swenson home at Viking. Anderson home Sunday, af- 

The Ncwfolden senior cllitcns tcrnoon. 

met on. Wednesday, June 24 at Miss Laurie Trochmann was 

"g ular meeting nt thc among thc classmates whoat- 

,11 ,„llh -rr ,. Uni £ 0ic hiTlhda y party - for 

village hall with 37 present, with 
Mrs. Huicl Nelson as director. 
Mrs. Moaning Olson and Mrs. 
Albert Lokken demonstrated how 
to make many beautiful tilings 
with ceramics. Visitor- 

Joyce Schmidt at her home In 
Thief River Falls Thursday af- 
Mr. and Mrs. Manvcl Moe 
ipanlcd by Percy Nabbcn of 

.'Tillie Thompson. Mrs. John Thief River Falls motored to 

SJoquist of Ncwfolden and Mrs. Niagara N D Sunday where 

Tlllic Skuncs of Wnrrcn. A cash they were dinner ond afternoon 

donation wos given .by Mrs. guests ot tho Victor Nabbcn 

Harry Burnett of Minneapolis home.. 

_,...., . .,. and Mrs. "Mac Ludgen or Mrs. Pete Klungncss ond her 

Mrs— Arnold-Larson,- -SyblL — -Soginawr— Mich..- Mrs; — Albert — son - Gary^or"'Mlnncopo!lS~Ieft - 

<;,,«nr, nnj if,.i inn ,„«.» w n ( Larson., donated . a basket of Wednesday, June 17th for thc 



HolwrtG.U-cn. Pastor 

Wed.. July-l.Bil)(i-piii, Bible 
uiiv and prayer. ■' , ' 
Sun.. Julv 5. 8:30 a.m. 
evivallime WDAY » Fargo. U:45 
m. Church schoortor oil ages. 
Morning worship, 7:30 

Susan, and Karl Ann 
visitors at thc John Aune home on 
Tuesday on their way home 
(ram Thief River Falls. 

Mrs. John Aune accompanied 
Mrs. Arnold Larson and thc girls 
to Thief River Falls on Tuesday 
where they visited and were 
coffee guests at thc home of Mr. 
and Mrs. Vernon Aune. 
Mrs. Harry Bamclt of Min- 

-- — n. neapolis, _Mrs. Mnc_Ludgcn of 

.utheran Parish - "~ "S?'. 1 ?"'" 

. Wcsbkcr 

9:45 a.m. 

school at 0:45 
morning worship i 
Bclhanin morning 

Sun., July 5. Fellowship 
meeting in village hall, Slrund- 

aitlst, Minn, al 2:30 with Ihc 
'indnhl Bros. ^ 

flowers made of chenille stems, 
Lunch was served by Mrs. Jennie 
Anderson, ond Mrs, Florence 

A relative Get Together 

A group of relatives met ot thc 
»t„.../_.j ,. y p^ | fls[ 

East where they attended the 
wedding of their son and brother, 
Paul Klungncss to Leah Lucbkc 
at Mill Neck, New York. 
Saturdav. June 20lh. Mr. and 
Mrs. Dcwoinc Thiesscn and 
Brett of Prairie Village, Kansas. 
" and Mrs. Clarence Isaacson 

. Eve 

ing s< 




3. C Stndlnj. MorUdan . 

Ph. 681-3630 'Km. GBl-SflSI 

T&M RItii Falls, Minn. 


Good ridge. Minnesota 
Bruce E. Anderson, Pastor 
—'The worship schedule for 
Sunday, July 5. B:45, Failh; 8:45, 
Ekelund; 10:00. Tclemurkcn: 
lt:15. Bethany. Thc sermon text 
Is: Matt. 5:2Q-2G. 

Ncwfolden community r _.._ , 

Sunday, June 21st with o pot luck of Minneapolis and a classmate, 
dinner and lunch. The following Brian Moshgc or New York were „ 
M nnd_Mrs._Gcnc amorig. those who attended- lhe__| 

Col rl(P nt 5^ntltn u'rvfHtnd Mm irl.inan^** nnA ' 

Mrs. Ov'c-nT and "Colic tic of Scotlic" wedding! -Mrs, Klungncss ond _ 

Conrad Melo visited last Monday Wash., Marlln Swenson of Gary returned to the Cities 5 

with Mrs..Sum Lee al lhe_Good California. Mr. and Mrs. Gay lord Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Dale = 

'-""" .Magner und fomlly of In- Klungness-nndKrisdmct her at- ~ 

ternational Falls. Mrs. Gladys St. Cloud and brought her home 

Johnson of Wahlolla, N\ Dak/.' Sunday evening. 

Thursday. June 25th Jackie 

GaryJ. Olson, Pastor 
Thurs.. July 2. Grace A.L.C.W. 
will meet at 2 p.m. 

Sun., July 5, God willing there 
will be divine worship for both 
Grace and Our Savior's 
congregations at Grace church at 
8 p.m. 
. Wed.. July B.JJo-Biblo-study.- 


FOR $ ? 


■ 111.00* I^Hhl 

If you vyonl to talk about H, Call— 


nWIWMi FlM UI.l 

Samaritan Center in Warren. 

Mrs. Agda Ilolmstrom visited 
with Mrs. Hannah' Larson on 
Friday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Aune ac- 
companied Mrs. Arnold Larson to 
Strnndqulst on Saturday where 
_thcy visltcd.with mnny_ol_thclr 
ojd friends and later were eolfee 
guests at the Larson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tildcn Spildc and 
David of Halma accompanied by 
Mr. and Mrs. ' Andy Bakkc, 
motored lo New London on 
Friday, where they spent thc 
weekend visiting with the Lloyd 
_Bnkke.famIly..L 1 amltSpiIdc.wno. 
has spent the week visiting at the 
Lloyd Bakkc home returned 
home with them. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gotfrcd Bcrggrcn 
of Karlstad were Friday evening 
coffee .guests nt thc John Aune 

Mrs. Arnold ■Larson, Sybil, 
Susan, and Kari Ann. were 
Sunday afternoon luncheon 
guests at thc Ray Ness home. 

The Ncwfolden Garden Club 
were invited to the Loyal Johnson 
homent Middle River on Friday. 
June Z61h to view her boautilul 
Irishes which were all In bloom. 
Mrs. Johnson served a very 
delicious lunch. Sirs, Hennlng 
Olson, Mrs. Albert Lokken, Mrs. 
Selmcr Johnson, Mrs, Anton 
Anderson. Mrs. Florence An- 
derson, Mrs. Alice Lokstad.'and 
Mrs. Bill Salhrcr' 

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard An- 
derson. Corrlne, Rodney, ond 
Brian, .of ..Columbia, _Mjssouri_ 
arrived nt the home of his 
- m olherr.Mrsr Flore n ce Anderson - 
on Sunday for a visit there and 
with other relatives and friends, 

Mr. and Jilrs:' Andrew D«ln of— 
Niagara. N. Dak., were visitors 
at ihc Mclvin Malison home on . 
Sunday. They also visited at the 
home of Mrs. Alma McFarland 
.3 tl d_Rgd a . Anders on. on Sunday . 

Ituebcn Skadscm and three sons muiwu;, . uw uui jul»il- 

and one daughter of Devils Lake-, Schwartz, daughter of Mr. and 

N. Dak., Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mrs. David Schwartz, celebrated 

Skadsem and daughter of Grand her seventh birthday. Those who 

Rapids, Mrs. Gory Tanner of como with greetings for her In the 

Moorhcad, Minn,, Mrs. Jens afternoon were Robert Soutcr or 

Back and 3 girls, and Mr. ond Holt and Mrs! Ray Nelson and 

Mrs. Harvey Swcnson and family Cindy. Evening guests for tho 

all of Viking, Mr. and. Mrs. occasion were Mr. ond Mrs. 

Rodger Mcricn of International 
Falls, Mr. and Mrs, Mcrvin 
Skadsem. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred 
Sonum, Mr. and Mrs. Dale 
-Magner, Mrs. Robert -Manner. 
Mrs. Bessie Magner. Mrs. 
Maymc. McLaughlin, Mrs. 
Donald Magner, Mr. and Mrs. 
George Ilestekin, Mr. and Mrs. 
Jerry Hestekln and family and 
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bccklund and 
baby nil of Thief River Falls, Mr. 
and Mrs, Oscar Skadsem, Mr. 
and Mrs. Art Skudscnl. Mr. and 
Mrs. HjolmerLce. Mr. and Mrs. 
Orlin Magner and family, Mr. 
ond Mrs. Clyde Swcnson and 
family. Mr. and Mis. Lester 
Peterson, Mrs. Walter Becklund. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Btlnsmon, 
Leslie and Freddie Blinsmon, 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Odbcrg 
and family. Raymond Bccklund, 
Donna and' children all "of 

Paopf* somatfma* makm cynftol nnwrki about llafrwavlng. 
But It soro boats tlag-burnlag. 

Our belief In ffifi nation It tormthlng for d—p+r Ihon r 
patrlathm. tt U rh* •*nr»ision of honor and respect for the 
' Initltutlont and bfeuinoi we possess as Americans. 

— Orio-ot-thoto-lnttltutton*Ji,a-ch>irth_iad»p*ndtrn_ol state 

control. One of those blotting* h the right to worship according 
to the dicfafa* .of conscience. 

Of course, therm arm some earnest, welf-tnoanlnp; people 
who don't give a nickel lor the Chvrth — or fo It either. Iven 
their rlghf not to worihfp It equalfy goaranteed by our Con- 
ttltutionl ' , ' . ,'; 

That kind- of freedom Is hard fa come by'. It was hard to 
come by In 1776. And, In oar opinion. It It bmrt understood and 
most firmly preserved by those who thank Ood for it. 

On Friday, Juno 20th the Holt 4 
II met at the Holt school for c- 
tcrtalnmenL Softball was playc 
Lunch was served afterward 

On July loth there will bo a 4 
stylo revue nt the Middle Rlvfr 
school. Thls-is for any girl In tnc 
clothing project and mtercstcdln' 
modeling. / 

There will be no services at 
Nazareth on Sunday, July,5Ui. 

Tuesday evening supper Rues ti 
at thc Herman Peterson home 
were Mr., and Mrs. Volley 
-Ynmuoski of Pontiac, Michigan, 
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Johnson of 
Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. and Mrs. 
Murnctt Johnson of Vancouver, 
_ _Wash., Mrs. .Thorn Birkcland o( 
Scuttle, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. 
.Conrad Birkcland of Washington, 
Leonard Ness ond Kenny of 
Tuscon, Arizona, Mr. and Mj»- 
Olaf Ness, Mrs. Tilllc Johnson 
and Cora Johnson. 

Marie, Sarah and Albert An- 
derson were Tuesday evening 
visitors at thc John Ness home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tanner and 
" Ruby were Saturday evening 
— visitors at the Christ -Sostad- 

Sundoy visitors nt the' Jay 
Garthus home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Carl Burrell, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny 
Garthus > and family, Mr. and 
Mrs. Ben Garthus and Mr. and 
Mrs. Tom Fillmore. 

Lyle Johnson ond family of 
Thief River Foils and Mrs. Olgn 
Johnson spent Saturday and 
Sunday nt the Lorcn Mocn home 
in Fargo, N. D. 

- Mrs. Hilmn Johnson was a ' 
Sunday visitors' with ■Mprtln' 
Olson who is- a patient -at the- 
Northwestern hospital In Thief ■ 
Itlvcr Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. hlumett Johnson ■ 
of Vancouver, Wash., .Mr. and 
Mrs. Myron Johnson of Phocnbr,.' 
Ariiona and Mrs. Valley. 
Ynnuzcski 'were 'lost week 
visitors at the Keith Olson home. 

Thursday night supper guests, 
nt the Corn Johnson -home were 
Mr. and Mrs. .Volley Yanuzeski, 
Mr. ond Mrs. Myron Johnson, 
Mr. and Mrs. Mumctt Johnson. 
Mrs. Thorn' Birkcland, Mr. and 
Mrs. Conrad Birkcland. Leonard 
Ness and' Kenny. Mr. and Mrs. 
0|af Ness. Mr. and Mrs. Herman 
Peterson and Mr. ond Mrs. Tony 
Peterson. ■ 

Mr. nni) Mrs. Mumctt Johnson 
of Vancouver, Wdsh. left on 
Sunday for their home and Mr. 
and Mrs. Myron Johnson left on 
Monday by plane for their home 
in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Mrs. Inga Uoduhl was a 

Monday visitor nt the Elsie 

_Chrislofforscn and Mablo 

Wagner homes"! n"MIdd)o River. ' 

Mrs. F.LsieChristofforson, Mrs. 

Mablo Wagner, of Middle River 

and Mrs. Inga Rodahl were 

Monday evening visitors at thc 

— IdnHoricn home.— - — — — — 

Mrs. Torrance Lillcvoid and . 
LuAnn were Thursday visitors at 
the Moblc Brattcll home. Mable 

Tucudny Wednesday Thursday 

_Genesls _Gtntmi* Luke . 

26:17-25 50:15-21 6:27-S6. ■ 

Friday Saturday 
John — Matlhew- 
I5:D-17 ' 2S:3M0 



The "Kelster 'Support Hie Churcir ", Series, now in their 1 5rh Year. 
Wrnner of 12 National Awards from th» Freedoms Foundation, 
Valley Forge, Contributed to the Cause of the CHURCHES of this 
area by the following: Individuals & Businesses ... all Interested In 
a better, community and world! 


"Phone 681-4331 


Your Home Owned 
Independent Bank 

Phone GS1-402O- 
Thlof River Fnlls- 

Lcstle Nelson ond Dole. Mr, and 
Mrs. Henry Schwartz of Holt and 
Mr. and Mrs. Garv Ivcrson, 
-Melissa and Shelly of Goodridgc 
brought — birthday — wishes- _ 
belatedly to Jackie Saturday = 
evening. - 

. Supper guests at the Pete 
Klungncss nomc Monday evening 
of lost week were Mrs. David 
Itasmusscn and Steven of Den- 
ver, Colorado, Mr. and Mrs. Pale 
Klungncss and KrislI, Mr. and 
Mrs. Harold . Rasmussen and 
Mrs. Edna Gundcrson of Thief 
River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Klungncss 
and Kristl left Tuesday to visit 
her folks the Johnson's- at 
Madison, Minn. They left 
Saturday to visit with her aunt In 
Olcgo, Now York beforo thcysoll 
July 2 by ship S.S. France for 
London, England where they will 
spend a month touring the 


Gene Ilcnrlckson. Owner 
Complete Body & 

Fender Work 
Glass Installed — 
"Paint Matching- ■ 


SNO-JET Denier & 

Snowmobiles ' ' 
422 Atlantic Ave. N. 
Phone CHI -4351 

Mr and Mrs7 Arnold LoTSBirr 
Sybil, Susan and Kory Ann, and 
-Hilly— Rob is on_ we re Sunday,, 
evening visitors at thc Oscar 
Skadscm home 

Mr. and Mrs.' Adolph Bakke 

were coffee guests at the 

Florence Anderson home on 

Tuesday afternoon. 

Sybil Larson visited on Sundav 

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51G E. 8lh Street 

Thief River Falls 

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. 3rd St. b Atlantic 
Ph. G81.3312 T. R. Falls 


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u Helping Hand" ~ ■". 
., Member FDIC 
Thief RJver Falls, Minn. 


20S E. 4th St. 

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Thief Itlvcr Falls, Minn. 


Manufacturers of Lliy 


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t Formerly Bottom's 

Rest Home) 

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Shcasby 

Jr. U Sri, Props. 

Home for the Aged 

--Personal Attention and 


Phone G31 -3-184 

Garbage & Rubbish 


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Iver Tafls. 



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Thief Hirer rails 

Brattcll and Milton accompanied 
them home to GryRla to spend a 
few days. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lee of 
Grand Forks. N. D. visited her 
sister, Mrs. Christ Engcn on 
Wednesday at. the Valley home in 
Thief River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HaRglund 
ol Grand' Prairie, Alberta, 

- Canada, Mable Brattcll and Ida 
Horicn enjoyed a trip to Maple 
Boy on Wednesday. They also 
visited nt the Moblc Sonadon 
home in-Mentor... ....... 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HugSlund 
of Grand Prairie, Alberta, 
Canada arrived on Monday to 
spend some time visiting nt the 
Mable - Braltcli and Ida Horicn 
homes and also other relatives 
and .friends. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mumctt Johnson 
ofVancouver, Wash, were Friday 
night supper guests nt thc Tony 
Peterson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Johnson of 
Phconix, Ariiona, Mr. and Mrs. 
Volley Yanuzeski of Pontine. 
Michigan, Mrs. Thora Birkcland 
-of Scatilo,-Wash. and_Corn. 
Johnson were Wednesday 
visitors nt the Tony Peterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 
Saugstcun and family were 
weekend visitors at the Tony 
Peterson home. 

■ Nancy Larson of Thief River 
Falls is spending this week with 
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Tony Peterson. 

Mrs. Inaa Rodahl was a 
Saturday afternoon visitor at the 
(jlaf-Ness hdmc- 
• :Mr." and' Mrs. Clarence Dornn 
or So. St." Paul accompanied by 

■ Mrs. Nell Burnsbt Detroit, Mich., 
arrived at the Chris So us tad 

. homo nt T.R. Falls on Saturdav 

■ nobn to visit relatives and 
friends. Enroute here they were 
overnight guests at the Harold 
Saustad homo at Vcrgus. They 
togethOTwithMr. and Mrs. Chris 
Saustad were dinner guests 
Saturday ovcnlngof Mr. and Mrs. 
Evan Jcvnc. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Wnllln of 
Florida, Mrs. Bcrtrum Jevnc of 
Strathconn and grandson Tlmmy 
Conners of Hon/111., called at the 
Evan Jcvno home on Wednesday 

Mrs. Evan Jcvnc and daughter 
Mrs. Eddie Hcnhlng attended 
funeral services for Mrs; Inga 
Knutson atTrlnilh Lutheran at T. 
R. Falls on Tuesday morning. 

Mrs. Nell Burns of Detroit Is 
spending some time with her 
sister Mrs. Evan Jcvnc. They 
also visited relatives and friends 
in thc Holt and Mid dle R iver 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davidson 
and family were Sunday evening 
visitors nt the Hllmer Davidson 

— Mr.nnd Mrs-Fred -Seaberg-of- 
Baglcy wercMonday overnight 
guests at the Edgar Horicn home. 

Archie BJcrk of Madison, Wis. 
was a Thursday visitor at me 
Edgar Horicn home. 

Last week visitors nt thc Christ 
Sostad home were Mrs. Nellie 
Bums of Detroit, Michigan, Mr. 
and Mrs, Clifford Lee of Grand 
Forks, N. D.rMr. and Mrs. Oliver 
Canty of Middle River, Sam 
Rollund of Viking. Elmer 
Tollersrud of Middle River. Mrs. 
"Olga SkOglundrMrsr Hllmer- 
Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver 
Gronduhl. Mrs. Amelia Lien and 
Dcbby and Mrs. Evan Jcvne. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Ness were 
Wednesday evening visitors at 
the Victor Magnusons. 

Friday visitors at the Hilma 
Johnson home were Mr. and Mrs. . 
CarlSorcnson and Edna Evnnson 
of Thief River Falls and Olive 
and June Sollom.-' 
. .Mr. and Mrs. Pat McCuUogh_ 
visited nt thc Enrl Wagner home 
near Middle River- on Saturday . 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Johnson 
ond children of St. Paul were 
Wednesday visitors at tho Pat 
McCullogh home. 

Mrs. Oscar Fosholm and Mrs.. 
Krlstcne Ness were Monday 
shoppers In Thief River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson of 
St. Hllalre were Sunday visitors 
at thc Krlstcne Ness home. 

Friday visitors at the Krlstcne 
Ness home were Mrs. Hans Ness 
and David. 



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Ted's Radio & TV Service 

507 Harac* Ava. Phone 4R]-345« 

Andrew Dahle of Indiana, Mr. 
and Mrs. Thorman Dahle and 
Belle Austlnson and Arnold were 
Sunday visitors at Ihc Cliff Dahlo 

Mr. and Mrs. Denny Inman ot 
Thief River Falls ami "Sharon 
Davidson returned horn** on 
Saturday evening from Portland, 
Oregon ond Scntllc. Wash, after 
visiting relatives and friends. 

Myrtle Larson spent Monday, 
Tuesday and Wednesday with her 
sister, Mrs. Edna Llndqulst In 
Thicr River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Davidson 
and Jeff 1> f t for Casper, 
Wyoming on Saturday to spend 
some time. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Sop of In- 
ternational Falls spent thc 
weekend at the Rudy Cnristcnson 
K&mc. __ . _.. . _ , . 

Mr. and MrsTEImcr Haftglund - 
of Grand Prolrlc, Alberta, 
Canada and Mrs. Ida Horicn 
visited at thc.Ncls Johnson home 
" near Strtliloirc-on- Friday and - 
.also ot the Knute Nelson home: 

Harry Engen entered the 
Deaconess hospital in Grand 
Forks, N. D. for surgery on 
Wednesday. We wish him a 
speedy recovery. 

Mrs. Harry Engen and Becky 
were Thursday visitors with 
Harry Engen al tho Deaconess 
hospital in Grand Forks, N. D. 
-and they were also visitors and _ 
ovcmlgnt guests at thc Sam 
Brown home in lvjayvltlc, N. D. on 
Thursday night. 

Mr. and Mrs, Myron Johnson of 
Phoenix visited Friday at the 
SclmcrSorterhomcnna also with 
Norman Lesklncn who was 
released from the hospital that 

Mr .'and Mrs. Elmer Hogglund 
of Grand Prairie, Alberta, 

Canada and Mrs. Ida Horicn 
were weekend visitors in . 
Evelctli. Minn, at thc James 
Swan home. .„, „ . 

Visitors on Tuesday with Mrs. ' 
Christ Engen nt thc Valley home 
- in Thief River Falls were Mrs. 
Inga Sabo and Mrs. Russel . 
Nelson of Rosewood and Harry- 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hngglund 
of Grand Prairie. Alberta, 
Canada ond Mrs. Ida 
enjoyed o trip to Grccnbush and 
Karlstad on Thursday. They also 
visited at thc John Reed home In 
Thief River Falls and also at thc 
Edmond Uoland home, 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Olson and 
family were Monday night 
visitors nt the Hazel Chrislenson 
home in Thief River Falls. 

Those that visited Horry Engen 
at thc Deaconess hospital in 
Grand Forks. N. D. on Sunday 
were Mrs. Don Fritchlcy of_ 
Pelican Rapids, Mr. and Mrs. 
Walter Smllh of Moorhcad and 
Mr. and Mrs. Hllmer Lunkc or 
Thief River Falls. 

Inga Rodahl was a Friday 
afternoon visitor with Ella . 
Knutson at -the Northwestern 
hospital. Thcnf tcrnoon was spent 
cnjoylngn movie of Norway and 
other counties after which coffee 
and cookies were served to all. . 
— Thosirtha*-onjoyc4Ji-Sunaay — 
picnic nt the Ft. Detroit Park and 
museum nenr Detroit Lakes were 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dave Prnskn and 
Debby of Thief River Falls, Katie 
Prnskn and Inga Rodahl. ' 

Mr. and Mrs. DnvcPrasko and 
Dcbby of Thief River Falls 
returned home. from a trip to St. 
Paul, Duluth and Canada. ■- ■ 

Dinner guests Sunday at the O. 
T Ness home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Myron Johnson of Phoenix. Mrs. 
Thora Birkcland of Kent, vyosh., 
Mrs.- Ted-Blrkclnnd of-Scutllo,— - 
Mory Kraemer of Thief River 
Falls. Wayne Ness of Ossco, Mrs. 
Tillie Johnson. Leonard Ness and 
Kenny. Mrs. Corn Johnson and 
Mr. and Mrs. Orlln Ness, Mar- 
ccne, LcMac and Ronald. 

Mrs. Nell Burns of' Detroit, 
Mich, was a house guest for 
several days thc past week at thc 
Evan Jevnc home. She and Mrs. 
Jevnc were guests of Mr. ond - 
-Mrs.-Eddio-Hentuhg -und_Kny__- 
Dcll, also guests of Mr. and Mrs. 
Christ Sostad, of Middle River, 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Larson 
nnd Chester. Mr. and Mrs. Chris 
Saustad of Thief River Falls and 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rnnstrom of 
Viking. - , , 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Saastad or 
Vcrgas entertained at n picnic 
dinner at their farm near 
-Goodridgcin honor of their sister. . 
Mrs. Nell Bums of Detroit. The 
other guests were Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Albert Dahlmnn or Alvarado. Mr. 
and Mrs. Chris Saustad of Thief 
River Falls nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Evan Jcvne. , , 

Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jcvne left . 
on Monday to visit nt thc Mr. and 
Mrs. Sig Nygnrd home at 
Strawberry Lake. They visited 
with house guests, Mrs. Jean 
Williams and Kenny of 
AllKHiuerquD, New Mexico 

The -latest edition of thc In- 
ternational Directory of Genetic 
Services, published by Thc 
National Foundation-March of 
Dimes, lists 5GG service units — 
an almost 50 per cent Increase 
over thc \W edition. 

lis "Paycalion" lime for those 
who sell their '"Don't Wants" 
with a Times Classified Ad. 

Strandquist — 

-The Senior Citizens met nt 
Legion Rooms on Thursday, Juno 
251a with 30 present. Visitors 
were Mrs. Julia Klltclson of 
Seattle; Wash., Mrs. Ervln 
CIcmtenson of Groettlnger, Ipwn, 
Gcrda Johnson of Middle River. 
Nancy and Lisa Henrickson .of 
StephcnandRuthStorcby. Caffce 
guests were Mrs. Clifford Smith 
nnd Mrs. Arne LIndstrom. Gifts 
of money werogiven to the center 
by E. R. Anderson, James 
Donaldson, Louis Larson, Mrs. 
Clifford Smith, Gust Johnson and 
Helen "Peterson. Mrs. Albln 
Lofqulsl crocheted a rug Irorn 
wool yam which she gave to the 
-ccalocThoy madomorc-plllowfl . 
and sold them almost as last as 
they made them. They continued 
work on the clown doll, em- 
broidery sewing, nnd finished a 
rug on tho loom. Lunch was 
served by Ella Thun nnd Ame 
Hansen. After lunch, the Indies 
played games, and tho men 
played Whist or visited. Seniors 
who had June birthdays were 
John HolmBlrom, Bruno 
Borowicz, Mlnnlo Carlson, Mrs. 
Ed Stcnnes, Henry Bruce, and 
Agnes Jnnson. Only Bruno and 
Agnes were present. Nest 
meeting is on Thursday .-July 2nd.- 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carlson arc 
tho great-grandparents of a baby 
boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Darrcl 
Carlson at thc Karlstad hospital 
on Friday rrjornlng. 

Visitors at thc E. R. Anderson 
home this past week were Mr. 
and Mrs. John Person, Mr. and 
Mrs. Elmer Johnson, Mr. and 
Mrs. C. Klltclson. Mr. nnd Mrs, 
Art Anderson, Hannah Hnskln, 
Rulh Storcby, Peter and Isaac 
Thompson and daughters. 
Dorothy and Kathy Anderson and 
Nancy Nordin. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gllman Stcnnes 
ond Todd Stcnnes ot St. Paul 
visited at thc Roy Stcnnes home 
on Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew SJoquist 
of Colcralnc, Minn, vlsitcduf the 
William Wikstrom home on 
Wednesday morning. 

Mr. and Mrs.Hcynold Carlson 
visited a t the Ed Carlson homo an 
Thursday evening. 

Sunday supper guests at thc 
Stanley Stancyk home to honor 
thc 'confirmation of Stanley Jr. 
nnd Lucille were Mr. and Mrs.- 
Anton Korczak, Uohn Merynlk, 
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Eber- 
towiskl and family, Mr. and Mrs. 
Larry Eng and Mr. and Mrs. 
Ambrose Osowskl, all of Grafton. 
Mr. and Mrs, John Stancyk and 
family of Grand Forks and Mr. 
and .Mrs. Julius Kleinwn'chtcr 
and family. 

Visitors at the Louis Larson 
home this post week were Marvin 
Bocn, Pamela and Carol Nelson. 
Mrs. Donald Nelson, David and 
Jill, Mr. and Mrs. James Larson, 
Darwin and Donnvon and Mrs. 
Herman Nelson. 

Mrs. Grace Boen, Mrs. Mary 
LaDuc, Mr. and Mrs. George 
Lindgrcn and Mrs. Milton Un- 
dcrberg visited at thc Ed Carbon 
home on Monday. 

Mrs. Helen Peterson vlslled at 
thc William Wikstrom home on 

■*- nt 


homo on Thursday 

■ *~Lloyd LIndstrom and boys of 
Illinois visited nt the Arne LInd- 
strom home on Saturday. • 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thompson 
and fomlly left for their home in 
Saugertllo. New York., on Wed- 
nesday momlng. 

Johnny 'Lindgrcn, Gilbert 
Kolbcrg and Gertie and Hilmn 
' Lofstrom visited ot thc Ed 
, Carlson home on Tuesday. 

Oscar Sihlbcrg is seriously ill 
ot Uip Karlstad hospital, 

Mr, and Mrs. Douglas Thun 
and family were dinner guests at 
thc Ella Thun home on Sunday. 

Mrs. Herman Nelson, Mrs. 
— DonnldNelsonr-DnvId "and" Jill" 

and Mrs. Louis Larson were 

■ coffee guests at- the George 

Wollln home on Saturday 


[Catherine Eriekson and 
returned home at Longvlcw, 
Wash, after a two weeks stay at 
thc Alvln Eriekson home In 
Karlstad and the Earl Sihlbcrg 
home. While al Earls, they went 
lo St. Paul to vllt nt thc Boyd 
Sihlbcrg home, accompanied by 
Mrs. Earl Sihlbcrg. They also 
visited with Kimmy Sihlbcrg at 

thc hospital who hod then spent 

six weeks with two leg fractures 
and n severe leg cut that required 
skin grattlna. She was Injured in 
a mishap at. their home. At Inst 
report, she is back home and 
jloing fine. 


Tli iff River Falls, Minn. Wednesday, July 1, 1070 

their wedding anniversary and 
helped Elmer Ilolmstrom. 
celebrate his birthday. Mr. and 
Mrs. Wally Larson nnd family, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard Thompson 
and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 
Ilolmstrom visited In thc af- 
ternoon. " 

■ Mi. and Mrs. George Wikstrom ' 
visited at thc 0.wnr Johnson 
cabin on Sunday, 

Paulettc Knsprowlcz visited 
with Lois Klcinwnchler on 

Carlson celebrate her birthday. on 
Monday were Mrs. Herman 
Nelson. Mrs. Louis Larson, Mrs. 
Irvin Larson, Mrs. William - 
Wikstrom. Ella Thun, Anne 
Hansen, Wendell Llndgren 
EoucItn~SJo5tnind~nnd~Mr.— ;md~ 
Mrs: Harvey Carlson. Joloyne, 
■Twylo nnd Tammy. 

Visitors at thc John Ilolmstrom 
home this past week were Mr. 
and Mrs. Jonas Stromlund, Mr. 
and Mrs: Andrew Pederson and 
Marlon of Karbtnd, Pnslor Wilk- 
mnn of Lake ' Bronson, Mrs 
Philip Hougard. Mr, and Mrs. 
Arthur Frank of Donnelly, Anna 
Brekke, Mrs. Dick Welter, Mrs. 
Elmer Ilolmstrom and Mrs. 
Vernon Storcby. 

. Alvin Ilolmstrom home In 
honor of Roger's confirmation on 
Sunday. Those attending were 
Mr. and Mrs. John Holmstrom, 
- Ellon Slromborg, Ida Gunnarson,- 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kleinvachtcr 
nnd Jean. They also honored Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Alvin Holmstrom on 


Enjoy An 

Evening Out 
With Us 

Appearing ot tha 
Vlktng'Loung* for I 

' June 19— July * 
Is tha 

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Wednesday, July 1, 1970 ThlctRIvcr Falls, Minn. 

Visitors at the Ray East by 
home Monday evening were Mr, 
and Mrs. Akscl Gormscn. 
"Mrs. Olgif McMillan of Naples, 
Fin., Mrs. Luolla Brandt, Mrs. 
Nettie Olafson and Mrs. Donald 
McMillan of Roseau. Mr. and 
Mrs. Henry Grondnhi and Mrs. 
Ardcll Hollhusen of Thorhull 
were visitors at the Glen Larson 

ni, , 7« home last Thursday afternoon. 

rover in, R l !„_„- „( crookfllon and 

Week's Record 
In Gatzke Area 

Mr*. A1>MI 0.™mh 

Mrs. Akscl Gormscn ac- 
companied Mrs. B. A. Hanson, 
Mrs. Oscar Schcnkey nnd Mr- 
Hilda .Orpcn of Middle River ,_ 
visit their sister Mrs. JJtiaa 
Ducks lad of Fertile, who is a 
resident at the Twin Valley Rest 
— Home, Tuesday, and also visited 
Mrs. Hannah Aanson of llalstad 
a sister to Mrs. Constance Ruud 
at Gatzke, who also is a resident 
at the. same rest home also 
sharing the room with Mrs. 

Randy Larson is one of the five 
pupils of the G alike school who 
arc taking the swimming lessons 
at Roseau. 

Benjamin Backness of Mlnot, 
N.-D., and Mr. and Mrs. Perry 
Backness of Washington visited 
briefly at the Thorfin Ostby 
.home a week ago Saturday 
nnd also renewed several 
acquaintances in the Gatzke 
area. They are former residents ■ 
of Gatzke ' 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom Ostby of 
Thief River Falls -—--.— 

overnight nt ■ the -Thorfin Ostby" 
home. Mrs, Ray Eastby also 
visited at the Thorfin Oslby's 

Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Aunc Jr. of 
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Dale 
Newton, Jcffcry and Krlsti of 
Thief River Falls, Hogcr Graff of 
Greenbush. Connie Aunc. Mr. 
and Airs. Floyd Jesmcand family 
were guests tit- the Orin Aune 
home in Thief River Foils to help 
Timmy celebrate his 2nd birth- 

wltti Mrs. Pauline Dahl Friday 
afternoon. ' ( 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobble Anderson 
of Ogllvlc were recent visitors at 
Mrs. Anderson's parents, the 
Peter Aunc fnmllv nnd thev all 
visited at the Glen Larson home 
-last Sunday evening. Bobbie and 
Elroy Aunc left for the services 
Tuesday. Mrs. Chcsllc Ruud and 
Bonnie also visited at the Glen 
Larson's one day,. 


of ' - 

Abrahomson and Mrs. Chcsllc 
Ruud visited briefly with the 
Gerald Stanlslowskl family of 
Blaine at the Mrs. Petra Larson 
home Sunday forenoon. 

Magnus Mugoas of Roseau was 

a supper, guest at the Clifford 

McDanoghhome last Sunday. He 

T^ n « "' so visited at the Buddy Muga- 

. Tu « ( ??y. home. and_aUicr_EcMtlves_ 

.;^iJ]Jl-iPrivjitc :.UInn4 Is jpcjidlris .«!_ JUrsJngcbpra Lovoiijnd Mrs- -^ — hoApi 
-J twenty day furlough at home Ed Engolslad visited Potty Olson na ska school. ■ \ hadt 

before leaving for Vietnam. He 
has been stationed at Ft. Sill, 

* Mr. and Mrs. Don Kclscy, 
Mark. David and Heather, of 
Minneapolis and Mr. and Mrs. 
Glen Espc, Kay Lynn and Har- 
mon Joy of New Prague, recently 
spent a weekend with Mrs.. Olga 
Engevik and David and attended 
the wedding -* ""-'- -'--- 
Kathryn " 

the Northwestern hospital in 
Thief River Falls Thursday 

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Blahau- 
victi. Mn, Mao Tunhelm of 
Newioldcn and Kyle Larson of 
Mound, Minn, were supper 

S nests at the Ell Erickson home 
i Wnrrcn Friday. 
Mrs. Mildred Olufson, Charles 
their lister and Myron spent n few, days 
Harvey ' Eb- attending the church convention 

nnslca school. 

Mrs. Glen Larson and Rar 
and Mrs. Emil Larson visit. 
briefly ot tho Donald McMUIor 

-hospital a couplo of weeks having 
ho a surgery. 

The members of the Elizabeth 
circle held their regular meeting 
t the church parlor. a week ago 

a^w^ek withlprcsldedat the meeting. Mrs. 
Peter Aune presented the Bible 
My lim Abrahamson ' 

bighauscnot the United Lutheran at Embro, Canada. 

church at Gatzke. The Donald Lenuy Blahauvleti and Linda 

Kelsey's left for two weeks Champa^neofOklecIeftforCoon 

Rapids MoriHny to be employed 
at the plastic dishes factory. 

where they also \ ' ' 

last summer. 

C employed . 

jiam c_ nnd_ o thcr_Ecla tl v es _n t, 

Jackie Glcason, unofficially tagged The Great One, howls in surprised 
pain when the doctor administers foreign travel 'shots' in this 
hilarious scene from Joseph E. Levlnc's comedy presentation, "Don't 
Drink the Water," opening Sundoy. July Sat tho Fa lis Theatre. 

and Alan and Carl Carlson 

supper guests at the- Clifford 
Klamar home in honor of Cor- 
dell's Oth birthday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Enflelstnd 
visited Mrs. Ingcborg Lovcn and 
Roger last Saturday evening, 
Mrs. Agnes Engelslad visited 
there last Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lian 

attended the family net together 
ot the Lejt ion club room in honor 
of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Brandon 
of Coos Boy, Oregon nnd Mr. and 
Mrs. Fred Bales of Iteedsport, 
Oregon Inst Wednesday evening. 
Others present were Mr. and 
Mrs. Oscar Brnndon and Dolores, 

evening and* the Olaf Aune's 
staged nl their son and family, 
the Gerald Aune's. in Mln- 

Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs. 
Clifford McDonagh and Mr. and 

Mrs. Arnold McDonagh. Keith, ■ 
Knthy nnd Shelly visited nt the 

vacotfonat California, to visit the 
Bernard Engcvik's at Julian, 
Calif., and also relatives nt 
■ Sacramento. 

Mrs. Arnold Engclstad wos the 
hostess when Ihc following 
members of tho Mary circle held 
.their regular meeting at Ihc 
church parlor last Thursday 
afternoon. Mrs. Alfred Sporby, 
Mrs. Roy Eastby, Mrs. Thorfin 
Ostby, Mrs. Walter Lunscttcr, 
Mrs. Erik Aune, Mrs. Annie 
Johnson, Mrs. Pauline Dahl, Mrs. 
Clarence Lian and Mrs. Ed 
Engclstod. Mrs. Ingcborg Lovcn 
wos a guest far lunch. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grondahl 
and Mm. Ardcll Holthuscn and 

family of Thorhult, and Mr. and . „_„„ hn „„ um„««,i„„ 
Mrs. Glen Larson ond Randy p>"°" .&??,. ffiSSft^jr,, 
were guests Sunday nt Ihc Donald -5^, r l^£ .S^,, fc"^ 
McMfflon home nf Roseau. ah < ?$£&$. %?£$£$ "Ji 

Ainn inntn-whn h™« hern and Mrs. Alex Stanlslowskl nnU 

s'to A io cd L Th W lrf ! TeS ^ m n Cr ™ la I " V " n l?,^? b n 1 h - | 
vLilted with Lowell Larson at the """" ljmn * WIed at ' 
Glen Larson home Sunday, 

quick recovery. 

Mrs. Constance Rimd nnd her- : 
daughter Mrs. George Scvcrts of 
Middle River returned Sunday 

Kyle Larson -arrived from 
Mound, Minn., at tho Lyle 
Blahauviclz homo Wednesday to 
spend a few weeks. He ac- 
companied the Leslie Poetznlck 
family and Mrs. Olga Larson of 
Thief River Falls who had visited 
his parents the Mclvln Larson's 
at Mound. Ho is also visiting his 
uncle Arso Ingolls, 

Mrs. Pctro Larson and her 
house guests for a week-Mr. and 

Mrs. Gerald Stnnislowski, -.—--...-. „- _- 

Michelle, Jodl and Douglas of Dorrclland Jean Ann Scromstnd 

Blaine visited at the Wayne hod met them at the Forgo alr- 

Lorson home Wednesday at- port. They slopped to vlsif Mrs. 

— ~ • • • •'•■■ Ruud s sister Mrs. Hannah 

-Anncson of llalstad. and Mrs: 

Hilda Duckstad of Fertile who 

arc residents nt Uio.TwIn Volley 

Nursing home. 

home, to spend 

Bruce Aune, son of Mr. and \sludy. Mrs. My la 

Mrs. John Auno In Minneapolis, was the hostess, 

spent a few days with his grand- Alvin Dahl arrived Trom 

parents, Mr. and Mrs. Erik Aunc. Minneapolis Wednesday to spend 

Guests at the Erik Aunc home Mine time at tho John and' 

Sunday were Mr. ond Mrs. Clarence Dahl homes. 

Philmorc Nlison ond family of Mrs. WlllloTaloandMrs. Akscl 

Thief River Falls, JLIrs. Nettie Gormscn visited Tillic Anderson 

Oloison of Roseau, and Bernard at Northwestern hospital in Thief 

Linn. Rhcr Falls Wednesday .nf- 

Nell Morrlssey is a patient at tcrnoon. Tillic recently relumed 

Northwestern -hospital ot Thief from the University hospital In 

River Falls. We ail Wish him a Minneapolis where she hod had 


"MraTChcsIic Ruud attended the 

open house honoring Mrs. Annie 

eve-nlng-Viapiane'from-vrn- fe,!VSJ!£ Mlh blrthday nt 

couvcr. Wash., where they had G ^ la Sunday. 

spent o week visiting Mrs. Ruth 

Johnson and daughter Mrs. 

Walter Wilde (Alice) ond also, 

other relatives at Spokane and 

Tocoma. Wash., and enroute 

home when George Scvcrts ond 

Shelly v 
s at Will 

and Mrs. Harold Haugei . 
Anton Wagner. Mrs. Norn 
llaugen. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald 
Hougcn, Rhonda, Handy, Ryan, 
Itory and Rodney of Goodridgc, 
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wagner, Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Kermit Kcmnlt*. 
Debbie, Jodl. Knri nnd Brian. Mr. 
and Mrs. Arlnnd Brandon. Brett 
and Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Kenny 
Wagner. Lisa and Lan.i of Thief 
(liver Fulls, Mr. und Mrs. Ray 
Wagner, Lorae, Kent and Kurt. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wagner and 
Shown. Walter Brandon Is the son 
of Mrs. Bates, the daughter of the 
late Mr. and Mrs. John Brandon 
and are former residents of the 
Middle-River area. 

Callers al the Akscl Gormscn 
home during the week were Mrs. - 
Glen Larson. Mrs. Willie Tale, 
[tuby Larson. Crookston, Mrs. 
Olga.. EnKevik._Mrs. Mylnn _ 
Abrahamson. U'onard Johnson, 


Orpen of Middfe River, Mrs. 

Ingcborg Loven. and Arso 


Mrs. Ovidln Weber of 
Ncwfolden spent n- few days at 
the Clifford, Arnold and Emmetl 
McDonagh homes, lost week, Mr. 
and Mrs. Clifford McDonagh, Mr. 


_.._. ..I Mrs. Weber's 
wf olden Thursday Inst 

and Mrs. Richard Sim- 
mons and family returned to 
their home nt Princeton Saturday 
after spending a week ot the 
Mylan Abrahamson home ond 
.Ronald and Hob Simmons homes 
nnd with other relatives nt 
Middle River, Wannoskn ond 
Spring Steele. Other visitors 
during the week nt the 

— A bra ha msatr: home - were!" Mr; " 
and Mrs. Ronald Simmons nnd 
family. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell 
Anderson and Kristin of 
Moorhcad. Mrs. Sally Gentry nnd 
Mary Louise of Utah, Mr. and 
Mrs. Ingvald Gullickson of 
Middle River. Mr. and Mrs. 
Duwayne Thygcson. Michael. 
Mark, Brian nnd Bruce, Ruby 
Larson of Crookston and Mr. and 
Mrs. Eddie Johnsannnd family of 


River. Falls, Mr. i 

■:0O— CBS Newi 

Proir*m lubjtet u 

« Tonlihl 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Linn 
and granddaughter, 'Julie An- 
' dersonof East Grand Forks. Mr. 
and Mrs. Olaf Aune and Lyle, Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Clayton Carlson. 
"' ' ' " imy. of Thief 

ind Mrs. Ju'el 
Aune. snnron and Carole. 
Jaylene Aune of Minneapolis, 
Mrs. Minnie Shogren, Sirs. 

■ Pauline Myron, Mr. and Mrs. 
Clayton Ostby, Mr. and Mrs. 
Luverne Aune and family. Mr. 
and Mrs. Martin Lien and David. 

■ and David's girl friend, all of 
Minneapolis attended an open 
house nnd family gathering in 
honor or Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred 
Paulson, nt the lake ot Cameron, 

— Wis-Tlw- Lion 'b.- ond Juel Aune's 
e house guests ot the George 

Bottineau. N.D. and their . 
Timmy Occompanied them home 
again after spending the past 
week at the Grover.'s. «* 

Thursday overnight and supper 
guests nt the Howard Lunscttcr 
home wos Derlc Dean of the Red 
Lake Indian Reservation, A 
missionary spent' last week 
conducting services at the Gatzke 
school gym nnd Fridoy night Mr. 
and Mrs. Alvin Snlher, Aldyn ond 
Ricky of Badger were supper 
guests at the Lunscttcr- home. 

Mrs. Ingcborg Loven spent 
Wednesday afternoon nt the Otto 
Hagen home, rural Grygla, and 
visited briefly at the Akscl 
Gormscn home Monday evening. 
- Weekend guests at the Erik 
Aunc home were Mr. and Mrs; 
Philmorc Nlison nnd fnmliy and 
.. JohnEaslby o( Thief Rivur Falls, - 
Bruce Aune of Minneapolis and 
Bernard Lion, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Erik Aunc and grandson Bruce 
Aune spent Monday at the 
Philmorc Nlison home In Thief 
River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Engclstad 
accompanied their son Richard, 
when he returned to Minneapolis, 
where he is employed, Sunday 
and left -via plane to Tolledeaa. 
Alabama to visit Mrs. Engel- 

Scott and Mark Over guard, 
sons of Mr. and Mrs. Don 
Ovcrgoard, of the Cities, arc 
spending n week with their 
grandparents, Mr, nnd Mrs. 
Delmar Hagen, while their 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don 
Ovcrgaard arc visiting relatives 
and friends nt Seattle, Wash. 

Dale Torcn of Middle River is 
spending n few days with his 
sister and brother - in - low, the 
Gene Engen's. . .. _J __ 

Leonard Brekkestran returned 
home from Minneapolis when his 

here with him. He had his' 
medical checkup at his doctor in 

A week ,ogo Tuesday evening. 
Mr, nnd Mcs-OInf Aune, Lyle and 
RaymondVerc the mnny guests 
for Myron Jesmc's lOili birthday 
at the Floyd Jcsmc home. 


ncopolls, nnd spent the weekend 
at home. 

Mrs. Maude Wilson of Ardock, 
N.D., spent Thursday, Friday 
and Saturday at. Ihc Emmetl 
McDonagh home and nlso visited > 
at the Arnold nnd Clifford Mc- 
Donagh homes. MVs. Clarice 
Nordbom of Crookston spenl Inst 
weekend at the Emmctt Mc- 
Donagh home. 

Saturday evening Conrad 
Skybcrg of St. Hllalrc was a 
supper guest at the Howard 
Lunscttcr home, and. Lisa Bern- 
stein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 

Roydcn Bernstein at Mlddli 
.River, wos on overnight guest a. „„ „_ „ 
the Lunsctlcrs, whllchcr parents ""■ BOb f 
vislled nt . the Bill Bernstein u™°"nced 
home. The Roydcn Bernstein's 
were dinner guests Sunday at the 
Howard Lunsctlcrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald 
Engclstad, Dcrcl and Reed, Mr. 
and Mrs. Reuben Engcvlk. Mrs. 
Olga Engcvlk and David 

— „~ Lovcn visited at the 
Floyd Brandt home at Pcnccr 
last Thursday evening. 

We arc sorry we omitted Mrs. 
Carroll Curllss' name when we 
mentioned who served refresh- 
ments at the Gatzke school gym 
following the graduation exer- 
cises at the Middle River high 
school. Her daughter Pant also 
was one. of (he graduates. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Engcn, 
Colecn nnd Jason nnd Dale Torcn 
of Middle River brought birthday 
greetings to Mrs. Larry Dahl last 

Congratulations to Mrs. 
Paulino Dnhl, who become a' 
great - grandmother a week ago 
Tuesday, when her grand- 
-daughter and husband Mr. and 

. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gosleln of 
Greetjbush brought her brother, 
Olto Tola, home after he had been 
a patient at the Grccnbush 


Any She 

Kenneth Bakke 

Mont 6$V-U8S 
"Thief Jtl*w Wlsv.>- 

S jests for Ed Engclstad's birth- 
ay lost Wednesday. 
- John Eastby visited at the Erik 
Aune's and Rny Enslby.'s. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ostby of 
Thief River Falls accompanied 
Mr. and Mrs. Thorfin Ostby ond 
grandson Shannon Ostby spent 
Sunday nt Osnabrock, N.D., and 
attended the 25th wedding an- 
niversary of Mr. ond Mrs. Leslie. 
Rourkc which wos held at the 
Dovrc Luthcrnn church, nnd also 
visited with Mrs. Thorfin Ostby's 
parents," Mr. and Mrs. " Olto 
Samdahl at Milton. N.D. They 
ro turned -homo-Suoda yvovo ning _ 

Mr. and Mrs. 'Akscl Gormscn 


Mrs. Bob Stevens of Minneapolis 
" the arrival of a baby 

Sunday evening visitors and 
supper guests at the Ray Eastby 
home were Mr. and Mrs Jerome 
Hclstad and Jimmy of Roseau. 
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Aunc, and 
Bruce Aunc of Minneapolis. 

Mrs. Gerald Stanlslowskl. 
Michelle, Jodl and Douglas of 
Blaine. Mrs. Wayne Larson and 
John Wayne, and Mrs. Petra 
"Larson vlsltcd-wllh grandma 
Aune Sunday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Larson and' 
Itnndy, and Mr. and Mrs. Willie 
Taie visited at the Elvon 
Hamilton home at Goodridgc o 
week ago Tuesday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dahl. 
Beverly, Wayne and Jcffcry and 
Mrs. Petra Dahl of Minneapolis 
spent last weekend with the John 
nnd Clarence Dohl's, and thoy all 
nt tended the wedding of Connie 


FALLS Theatre 

SHOWl T-t TM. 

3 ao— nntiii,-i^oiniM 

IJ:00-nig Fleiur. 

;00— Ted** stunt 

;IS— N*w» it .part 

:M— Nm Tttport 

: :OS— N ooaeny Ncwj 

accompanied Iheirdaughlcr Mrs. 
Wallace Koclfch when she 
' returned to -Ijcr home at 
Rochester after spending a few 
weeks will) her parents. 

Mclroy Brekkestran Jr. of 
Minneapolis Is spending some 
time with bis aunt and uncle, Mr. 
ond Mrs. Carry Dahl and family. 

Jeremy Lund, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Jerome Lund Is spending a 
few weeks with his grandparents, 
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lund, while his" 
mother is completing her nurses 
(raining at Fergus Fojls, Denise 
Ruud, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Mylan Ruud Is assisting 
babysitting at the Lund home. . 

Mrs, Lyle Blahauvlctz spent a 
few days substituting as post- - " 
master al the Gatzke posl office, 
while Mrs. Petra Larson has a 
few days vocation, while her son 

-—Wedr-Thurs.-Fri.-Sar., July 1-2-3-4 
Only If&ff Dimeyeouldten ftfe 
' incredible JidesVerneeidr&duret 

t:oo— Anolb*r World 
;;0o — Pinj-Un. 
•TTm ruin« M it'll*" 
jo— 1 1 iHiii*r-iiniik i*r 

rrofrua nb^ci to ctuox* wuhoui WoU« 


B*for* you wleet a heotJng syitam, pay us a vWf — 
. wi'H show you how a compter* Natural Gas tysrVm can 
um yoa hundreds of dollars over Hi» years. 

Wednesday-liiursday, July 1-2 



20- •Zfic'Srxmco/' 



fHaggie Smith 

Doings of Week 
aP Rosewood 

Xn. B<Tt Km, ■!. I, 

siwnuu, Bs-tna 

icck ago Friday i 

-ind Mrs. Ray flat 

Susan, Barbara and Karen left 

Molskncss, Susan ond Janet 
visited Sunday afternoon. with 
Vic tor 'Rons trams. That evening 
the Vernon Ronstroms of Los 
Angeles called home greetings to 
Mr. Ranstrom. Last week Mr. 
ond Mrs. Donavon Ranstrom, 
Todd and _ Teresa had ipent 

joined Ihcm for the trip. They 
orrivednt the Gary Hook home to 
be weekend guests, however 
Susan Rolmstrom and Jim 
Peterson wcrehousc guests of the 
Art Holmslrotn family and 
Barbara waa-a-gucst of Mary 

and Mrs. Wesley Bring visited 
with Roy Holmstroms Sunday 

Over the Fathers day weekend 
Mr. nnd Mrs, Harold Sabo, Jon 
and Paul Stcen and Mrs. Pete 
Sabo wcro guests at tho-Jerry 

Marty of Minnctonkn. Saturday Sabo home at Glyndon. 
they, visited at Wallace Holm- Sunday the Harold Sabos, Jerry 
stromsand were supper guests at Sabos, Leon Elscths of Moorhead 

Art Ifolmstroms where ihoy were ,and Peter Sabo of Fargo went to 

Joined by the Gary Rooks and Strawberry Lake where tho day 

John Markusons. Later in the was spent boating and fishing, 

evening the Vernon Halmstroms Jane Sabo returned home that 

— - - i visit. On Sunday of- evening .nflcr upending Ihc 

- ond Mrs. Ray previous week visiting ' " 



strom and Jim Peterson were, smith fnmliy of KiJlcen. Texas 

coffee guests at Ihe Curtis Marti also telephoned Fathers day 

home. The group then returned greetings to Mr. Sabo, 

home again- by tho way of Un- Mrs. Glenn Odbcrg and Jill of 

dorwood. Ncwfolden nn.d Mr. nnd Mrs. L. 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Swcnson A. Meyer of -Thlcl River Falls 

vislled last Saturday ot Holl with wctMvening visitors at the Bert 

• t. __j .._ ,«._.-. «.__._j Kron hrtjMijn Sunday evening 

Mr. and Mrs. Christ Sostad. 

Friday evening, June 12, Mrs. 
Emil Hclloutst attended the 
bridal shower at the Alvin Wold 
home in Thief .Itlver Falls 
honoring Vicky Erickson. 

enJoy|r.„ _ ___ 

logcthcc-iiftcr the families had 
spent the afternoon at the Stelncr 
Community Picnic held at Ihc 
Stelncr hall. 
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 
-'-■- ■"—•-- -- J No— - 


Dlscusslon-wns held as to the 
Interest of the club In having a 
tour, the .coming girls workshop 
and the fair to be held the last of 
July nnd first of Agust. Greg 
Bulger, Susan Johnson, Laura 
Kro< Randy Lambert and 
Debbie Bcicrson wcro appointed 
to prepare the program ourclub 

„ . . . ._ _ r is scheduled to give In July at the 

evening visiting: Mr. and Mrs." county Leaders Council. Barbara 
Carl Gustafson, Mr. nnd Mrs. Holms trom nnd Peggy Lubarski 

m Sunday at the Peter 

Montry home were Mr. ond Mrs. 
John lilcscn of Viking and Mrs. 
•Margaret Slursor of warren. 

Monday Olaus Ma Its on was 
reminded of his birthday when 
the following guests came over 
with greetings and to spend ihc 


Axel Glutafson^Mr. and Mrs. led grpup,singing and Leonard 

Clnrenco Gustafson, Mr. and Kron gavcii project report on 

Mrs. LcRoy Gustafson and Mrs. - "Drawing, a Port of Arts and 

Forsbcrg all of Viking, Mr. and Crofts". An exciting evening of 

Mrs. Thomas Maltson of Thief " i-j.-..~ . .-.. . 

River Foils and Mr. and Mrs. 

Russell Nelson nnd Timmy Wold. 

Mrs. John Bauer hod word 

Monday that her uncle. William 

Flemmcr, of Canby, 

-■ "Ull.... ... 

lay night were 
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kron, Laura 

Bauer homo Monday 

mlng on Prl., July 3rd to 

Nelson, Wendy 

., _._ncy 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Wallace brought greetings to Russell 
Andorson ond family, Mr. and ' Nelson after returning from Lake 

; Weleski ond Denny Minne-w 

Friday, July 3rd „ 


Admission SU5 - 

Fathers day. On Monday 
ning Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, 
Debbie nnd Cindy brought 
lo-^ihutc " " 

the Russell Nelson homo to visit 
this week. 

Saturday night Elmer Kron 

was honored at a Fathers day 

supper at his home Chester 

Wood was nlso a guest. On 

Clarence Sunday. Elmer Kron was a dinner 

: Nelson a I 

guest at the Vcmon Wold home in Mrs. Irwin Johnson ac- 
Sandcrs. Mrs. Larry Kron, BUiy.^companlod Mr. and Mrs. 
ColIccnnndTnmmy.Sandra.Lcc Clarence' Peters on to Angus ins t 
and Sonin Wold and Chester Sunday where they attended the 
Wood spent the day sight seeing Golden Wedding Anniversary 
ond swimming on the Red Lake observance of Mr. and Mrs. 
Herbert Johnston held at the 
Angus Presbyterian church. 
Later they wcro supper guests at 
Die Johnston home. 
William Martinson, Bob, Dale 

family of St. Hllalrc 


. For information about a Single Llfi 

Policy that Insures ihet..- 
ire family — even covers new bo- 
les automnticnlly ]5 days after they 


ttS KsTrtaxn An, M. nL Ml -mi 

Lffe Insurance • Group Insurance • Annuities . 
Health Insurance • Pension Plans 

irday night 

they- celebrated the birthday of 
Mrs. James Rookcr when Janccn 
Rooker baked her grandmother a • 
delicious birthday coke and Uie 

and Leonard. 

Lost Wednesday evening Mr. 
and Mrs. Victor Ranstrom and 
Mrs. Clarence Molskncss were at 
the Carl Wcttcrlund home In 
Thief River Falls where Mrs. 
Thorvald Myhrcr was also 
visiting. A surprise going-away 
party wos given Mrs. Myhrcr as 
she was leaving on Saturday 
from Winnipeg on n trip to 

John Trochmnn of Delano 
came Sunday to get Tammy and 
Stcvewho had been visitlngat Ihc 
Hclmcr Kolbokdalcn home and 
Byron Trochmnn who had been ol 
the Mrs. Roy Cope land home. 

Tuesday Mr. nnd Mrs. Alvin 
Nclsonof Red Lake Foils brought 
Mr. ond Mrs. George Brucr of 
Seattle, Wash, to the Russell 
Nelson home. Mrs. Brucr is the 
oldest slslcr of Russell ond Alvin' 
Nelson. They all enjoyed supper 
together that evening at the 
Russell Nelson home. Wednesday 

present at this meeting were 
Laura Kron who was attending 
the Jdnlor Leadership conference 
in SL Paul that week, Monday 
through Friday and Paul Lam- 
bert, Wesley Soiney and Neil 
Johnson who were at 4-H caojp at 
Lake Sarah, Wednesday through 
Friday. We are proud of these 4- 
H'crs who ore able to broaden 
their 4-H experiences by taking 
part in such special ctivitics. 

Valley home in Thief River Falls 
with Mrs. Christ Engcn and 
Andrew Ellingson. 


weekend. visitors nt the James and Dean and Knuto Vnngo of ",i JJ " c ?, on nomc i,*L ctln , wtlJ ! 3 i 

Rooker. home, Saturday, night Detroit Lakes were sShfrday ^TreWofttt 

Kl&nffiE? &$?„!«? vlsk wi C m%Kd a M™ ClS B?uer 

SnH m™ "n«?«l™. n ^wfM* Tllnt cvcnin R Mr- nnd M«. Christ 

ond Mrs. Douglas Martinson, Thnmmnn nf rintrnii i ni<>> 

Rodney and Brcnda Joined them J r S at Nelsons 

fn - n „i„„i„ [n B cih er J in Canada. arr ! vcd al m^ns. 

over toenjoyit with her ond bring 
best wishes. 

Mr. ond Mrs. James Maltson 
nnd fnmliy or Thief River Falls 
visited Sunday evening with Mr. 
and Mrs. Thomas Mottson. 

Vcrn Meyer Is hospitalized at 
the Veterans hospital at Fargo 
where he underwent surgery lost 
week. His wife is staying In Fargo 
to be near him while the children 
arc visiting with relatives- in 

Mr. and Mrs. Emil HcliqUlSt sunner Ihev nil v<3trri In Wnrn-n 

KSS ! '?KSnS&''a -s,?-&™ 

i other injuries. We oi 

_ r this ...:.;..„_„ 

is out of intensive care. 

report a 

. Detroit Lakes. From there they 

,j.i„ .w^ciLj were continuing to Minneapolis to 

. w .'!!!. in l™ t . C .™ r y | visit their daughters, Mrs.lLowclI 

Rife and Mrs. AlcneSulthin and a 

( 100) (100 

Worth lOO EXTRA v 



t . XtO So. Kaln — IWrt Wttr.FoU« 



chevauer mfis saASIrs WiTitI 

-DTWaEUO w^Sii. -JS5S, «.-?.'«. 



wrfh John Wayne - Robort Mitchum 

Saturday, July 4th 




115 Wci» 3rd St. ">1i«,« UI.3222 


Sun.-Mon.-Tues,, July 5-6-7 






fDont , 

— <Water 

., Expires July 15 
~A\ Partlei'pfltlog Ootlc- Statfoos" 

Mr_and Mrs. John Bauef'and 

?M^ r M n ™t!i^^ H ^ n CVCnlne to Con'neclicut.wh'cre "they 

"iW^eSlWS. Ray ^d a month with onothe'r 

USttS oT d St M Paul W vte .artV^rS^gffir 

wjlh Mrs, John Rnnum In Thief 5!™,-"' U,c - D ?« K ™n hom .' 

River Falls. She had just 
returned to her home after being 
hospitalized in Grand Forks for 
Tlve weeks where she had un- 
dergone an amputation of a leg. 

After Sunday evening services Ki 
Rev. and Mrs. Walla, Mrs. Laura 

..- ..nd Mrs. . Ellsworth 

Iilylie of Thicr River Falls and 
Mrs. George Soiney and boys. 

Young people taking part in 

different activities tills 

Nell Johnson nnd Coiiecn 
\ taking courses in the 

., , .TicrsessionofschoollnThicf 

bkeberg nnd Mr. and Mrs. Emil River Falls: Jane Sabo nnd 
Hcltquist were guests at the John Barbara Holm* trom who arc 

Bauer home. taking-summer band lessons in 

Ricky Holmslrom ot St. Paul Ncwfolden and Gene Copclund 

came Friday evening 

lend - who lakes 


stroms. Bobby and Cindy Holmslrom, Jnnc Snbo nnd 
Bruggemnn of Thief River Fulls Tammy Wlcklund who ore taking 
nlso spent several days at part In the swimming lessons 

Holmstro"— «*..-.«.... 1_« -j — ._.., j .._h 

'""' idM... 

nnd Mrs. Wallace Holmslrom 
and family visited there. 
Robert Ferris of St. Paul was n 

' called nt the Robert Sorvig-homc. 

Wednesday evening Mrs. ■ 
Warren Mosbcck and family 
visited and were picnic supper 
guests nt the LaVcra Owens 
home near Euclid in honor of 
Gary Owen's loth birthday. 

Wcdnesdny Mr. And Mrs. 
Hnrlon Altepeler and family 
were breakfast nnd dinner guests 
nt the Henry Meyer home pf rural 
Red Lake Fulls. 

Tuesday Mrs. Virgil Eckstein 
Nancy, Mark and Stephen visited 
briefly In the evening nt the 
Woodle Almqulst home near St. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson 
visited at the home of Mrs. Glen 
Lindquisl.of Thief-River Falls. : 
Sunday evening. 

Sunday visitors at the Henry 
Mclln home were Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Bill Dc Boer, Danny and Diane 
nnd Mr. and' Mrs. Harold Buse of 
rural Crookston, Mr. and Mrs. I 
Fred Holsleln or Red Lake Falls 
and Mr. and Mrs. Mclvln Mclin. . 
Friday evening' Harlan" 
Altcpeter, Knrol nnd Cindy 
visited at Ihe Henry Altepeler 
home of rural Red Lake Falls, j" 
Visitors Friday evening nt thc-^B 
Harlan Altepeler home were — 
Pnmmy Slelgcr nnd Debbie 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
Kruse and children nnd Mr. and 
Mrs. Wm. Kruse spent the day nt 

Monday Mrs. Mclvln Melin 
broughl birthday greetings lo 
Mrs. Vcral Mosbcck. 

Mrs. Arthur. Roblno left by 
plane Fridoy fur Minneapolis' to 
visit with friends and relatives 
(here. Mrs. Roblno plans to 
return to thfs area around 
Sunday afternoon Mr. ond Mrs. 

I Stt.ourfull pacj« ad In Monday's Times for a mow I 
' | compete list of vafiitsV ■ 

j watermelon; 

■ " - $4Q9 i 


1 - 69 ° 

6J)6MWtf ( CUP this coopoSm 

Red Ripe 

20 to 22 LB. 

New White 

We added a lot 

big,quiet Ford 

...and cut the 

total price $110. 

iaOi»i HH IcHfrf-w... 


You'd oitpoct to pay a lot moro 
for any car In tho Galaxla 500 
elnao— ospoclotly with all Ihosc 
extra .foot uros. Instead, .wo'vo 

loworod tho prl col -That's 

what your Ford Dealer's 
Economy Drlvo Is nil about. 

Horo't what wo'vo added: 

• Vinyl roof 

• All-vinyl Interior trim 

• Spoclal metallic pnlnt ' 
■ Doluxo whool covors 

• Chromo rockor moldlnos 

• Chromo door odno guards 
Plus all of Ford's other 
flno features. 

Tho Gnlaxlo 500 you buy during, 
tho Economy Drlvo Is tho snmo 
luxury-oquippod automobile it's * 
always boon. With Ford's 

...famous qulot rldo. With tho 
opaclouo "Front Room" that . 

_j]ivcs_you moro lorj nnd knoo 
room up-lrOmTSmoottVfldo ond 

, v . in Thief River Falls. 
Neil is a tnombee-of' ihc "LitHc 

i American League" nnd plays on 

. the "Tiger" baseball team. 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Nelson 
and Timmy Wold visited 

— Saturdoy— night— at— the— Eldon— 
Burstad home ot Red Lake Nolls 
with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 
Johnson and fnmliy who arc 
vlsltlngfrom Hampshire. Illinois. 
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Bert 
Kron, Laura and Leonard and 
Mrs. Glenn Odbcrg and Jill of 

— Ncwfolden attended the. picnic of — 
Uie United Methodist church 
congregation held ol noon at 
Tindolph park. This was a 

~^rownlno-Revrimd-Mrsr Harris— 
who arc leaving this week to 
continue the ministry In Anoka. 

w Solum 4-11 Met 
. gular moot" " 
of the New Solum 4 ._ 
the 17th at Roscbonk ctubhou 
with Dwight Johnson acting 
chairman due lo the absence of 
the president nnd vice-president. 


:osp!lalin Ct 
the previous Wednesday. 

SI. Francis hospital in 

rged fron 
Crooks! o 

..Thoscj yjslLunuitJhcjiomiuof ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyer I 
Monday were Mr. ond Mrs. Hay ■ 
Boutain and family of Hoyt I 
Lakes, Minn., who ore spending n I 
two week vacation visiting ■ 
friends and relatives in the Red ■ I 
Lake Foils area. ■ 

ii^ M" Value 

B^st for 

(It never slicks together!) 






Expires 7-3-70 



And your Ford Donlor'o -,- 
Economy Drlvo savings don't 
atop thoro. You'll' (Ind spoclal 
bargains on othor models, too- 
Including Ford's champion 
savorTMavorlck. Soo your Ford 

Donlcr DoanrThoro'g novor 

boon a bolter tlmo-to save 


Sunday-Monday, July 5-*^ - 




-♦Baiod on comparison with Ford 'j luggostvd rslall prlco of a Ford 
Oalaxio SOO oqulppod with VuivjjntBrlor'lrlm, rocker pinot mold- 
Inps, doo r odgo guards, vinyl ro of and dolmo w hnol covors. _^_^^_ 


Set of 4 

-. tiys* 

Tremendous Buy! 
Frqstglow Tumblers 

Kelly Hardware 

Phom 481-4230 

Our Dujn Hardujare 




-^SSH S^SJ^- 




C W. MATTtON, ■ 

«. C. WATT»ON, tun«rlnttndtnt 



"There is an element of the busybody 
in our conception of virtue; unless a man 
makes himself a nuisance to a' great 
many people, we do not think he can Be an 
' exceptionally good man." 
Bcrtrand Russell 

A Better Chance 

Today we want to protest, to voice 
dissent against what we consider to be an 

considerable interest in both the state 
and nation as to whether or not the for- 
mer senator can return to national office. 


sWcdneBdny.JUIyl.IOTO Thief River Falls, Minn. 


- Thlslclty wds the scene or the 
Ninth district Legion con- 
vention.— Norman Torgcrson of 
Agder township was Instantly 
killed by lightning on the rami of 
his father, Silas Torgcrson.— 
Nearly 3.000 persons attended the 
annual picnic at the Red Lake 
Narrows, Stafford King being (ho 
guest speaker.— Mrs. Math 
iioriL-n nhd family went to 
Minneapolis to attend the wed- 
ding of Hoy M. Barzcn and Miss 
Marie Gross.— Bcrnhnrd 
Knudson was reelected president 


Bruce. Loric and Lorry, and Mr. lime Cammy and Jeff and Lorl 

and Mrs. Gary Aandal and Tracy Boutain took their first plane 

were Sunday dlncncr guests at ride, 

the Raymond Aundul home. ' Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Grinde of 

Tracy Aandal spent Saturday Thief River Falls visited 

with the Raymond Aandals while Saturday evening at the Henry 

her parents attended the Hovct - Mclln home. 


Mrs, Raymond Aandal. Judy 
and Dan visited Friday with Mrs. 
Barbara Moo and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dave-Duprco .— 

ISth Anniversary Celebrated 
A 23th Weddlna Anniversary 

Carty was held at tho Roy Larson 
ome Wednesday June I7th In mauncc sicigcr, uruce, Bryan 
,3E * PuSSZ^&B" 1 ■«« Bradley ■# h^. *"!«. 

to 10;4S a.m,The next stop will bo 
July Gth. 

Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Ilichard 
M oa beck attended the wedding of 
Elsie Gabor, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Ed Gabcr of Euclid and 
David Magsam, son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Merle Magsam of Euclid, at 
St. Mary's Catholic church in 

Maurice Stclgcr, Bruce, Bryan 

News of Past Week 
from Plummer Area 

Kn. WttUr ft 

Johnson of Ribbing with Mrs. 

Americans may lake their 

sportsscriously.butnotncarlyso f the Nordlondslag at its con- 

The political front will not be quiet in much ions in BraiU.wlwro mow volition In Willmar. 

r._ .li^ ^ than 100 soccer fans lost their . n .«_TiiinTvvi 

lives In fighting that ac- 
companied the country's winning 
the world's championship, 

the proud parents of a baby boy Roy Larson and Mrs. Minnie 
who arrived June 24th. -The new stcne of Thief River Falls u 
comer has been given tho name hostesses. Those present were 
Kurt Charles. Mrs. Frances Oski . Mrs. Mabel Moss of Thief River 
is the proud grandmother. Falls, Mrs. Gladys Borgani Miss 

Carl Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Geneva Overum, Mrs. Solma 
Lars Llndwlck visited with Mr. Fountain, Mrs. Marie Keily, Mr. 
andMrs. George Ricky at Baglcy. and Mrs. Art Knutson, Mr. and 

Minnesota this year. 

Hard To Believe 

Some of the excuses offered for higher 

K" rices aTe real facts of life,-but some are 
ard to believe. Consider the following 

.infiir liw We don't nlan to carr-v anv comments by Robert Graham, manager 

sT/ns'no" bur'n ?£?&&& StJ^K ?f PKM Ele/tric cooperative in Warren 

think that there could be a change made m that cooperative s monthly 

whichwould be of benefit to our you th, p ublication: 

■ The law which w'cUiink is unfair IsIBe Somcycnxirngo Detroit and Tulsa told 

one which states that bicycles must be us we could have zippier cars if they 

ridden on the right side of the road, with added lead tothe gasoline. Naturally hfs 

the flow of traffic. We don't think it's fair cost money and the price of gasoline 

for a bicycle rider to be placed at the would have to be increased, 
disadvantage of having his greatest Make sense?' Sure. You add 

dancer approach without being seen. something. It costs more. 

Admittedly, we make this protest in Now the government says most air- 
much the same manner as most protests pollution is caused by cars. And the worst 
take place today— without prolonged offender of all is leaded gasoline, 
study and consultation. Our opinion is So the other day an industry 

based only on a considerable amount of— spokesman, how this may be 
observation and a recent four-mile round true but naturally elimma' — "•- , " J 
trip ride. - co ^ money a "" the price 

The firm of . Johnson & 
Baumann. owners of the J & B 
drug store, announced plans to 
open a second .store, here on 
LaBrcc av. at Second st.— P. .0. 
Myhrum, long-time, member of 
the city council, died June 20 at 
the age of SI.— Frank Tunbcrg 
and Archie Hcnsrud, early 
morning golfers saw a moose on 
the local course. 
Mrs. C. M. Adkins wos reap- 
pointed to serve as a lay member 
. of the Pennington county welfare ■ 
• ■ x. .i board.— II. A. Kios was reelected 
Those U.S. Liberals ore hard to chairman or the county Red 
figure out. They want us to get Cross chaptcr.-Drcng BJor- 
out of Vietnam, and at the same naraa. formerly of TJIF, was 
time they clamor for greater named „ trustee' or St.- Olar ' 
Involvement In the Arab-Israeli college, No rlhfi eld.— L. B, Hart* 
fighting, 'i [ook over ns president of the . 

"H>— , , Rotary club July I, succeeding 

Quoted thought-to pondcr-An M . c . Gulbrnnson.-Tho first 
opllmistproclaimsthatwellvcln nnnua ) Northwest Dairy Day in 
... . ._.,.____,.,_ . vnrM . tuf was acclaimed as a huge 

-. u.nj .hid. /ufc ikiiuLavu, .m, uiiu UaVlq 

Mrs. Ray Vnudrin and Mr. and ■ honored. 

Mr. and Mrs. George 
Gorgcnson and David of Iron, 
Minn.- visited Saturday afternoon 
at tho Stanley Cameron home. 

Mrs. Arthur Itobino. Diana and 
David of Paris, France i 

with ; 

corfee i 

If the U.S. supreme court 
upholds a new low, ia-y car-olds 
shortly will be able to vote; giving 
candidates for office another 
11,000,000 voters to woo. 

People are funny, they my. 
Most of them want the front 
of the bus, llic back of the 
church, and the middle of the 

and family visited at the Lloyd Thief River Falls. Also Mr and 

Wjscth home Friday evening. Mrs. Carl Mosbcck, Mr. and Mrs. 

M f- °M d M n J $ chfl rd "'J? " Richard Mosbcck and Stcvo, Mr. 

and family Linda Hartcl and Carl nd Mrs. Mclvln Melln, Mrs. 

Nelson together with the Loyd Henry Melln, Mrs. Leonard 

Wlselh, Orvln Sunsdahl, Merlin Melln, Mrs. Louis Cassava nt of 

Drangstvclt, ond Roy Anderson Red Lake Falls and Mrs. Louis 

families spent Sunday picnicking Ulrleh and. Kim of Red Lake 

ut Red Lake. - Falls. Mrs. Minnie Slene poured 

Mr. ond Mrs. Frank Burdick of coffee and Mrs. Louis Ulrfch cut 

Austin and Mr. and Mrs. Ed thecakc which she made for the 

Burdick of Grand Rapids were occasion. 

Saturday visitors at tho Roy 

Nelson home. Mrs. Arthur Robino, Diana and 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Hanson David of Paris, France arrived at 

vlsltcdnttheGcorgePanckhomo "the "Howard -Hesse home 

Sunday evening. Saturday, Juno 13th. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Rogalla Mr. and Mm. Augie Anderson 

attended a Polish celebration ot ofLllcWlold.Minn.nrrivcdatthe 

Warsaw-Sunday. - yeral MosbeeJt home Saturday ' 

Thursday evening the Vernon for on extended visit 

Rogoljafamilyvlsited at the * 

• r-.i.-^ ■_ i Lutheran Church Women 

enry Ben- Meet 

Ited at "■- - — ■ -■ 



costs money and the price of gasoline is„ _„_ — — IL.w»r»wn««tti DLMWl III T til 

to have to be -increased; 

- Howard -Hosso- homo. -Thos 
brcscnlwcrcMrs. Lilly Pcrsonof . 
Thief River Falls, Mrs. Don 
Scurlock of Brea, Calif., Mrs. 
Dave Gunthorpc and Jimmy of 
Omaha, Nebraska, Mrs. Wilbur 
Hnllstrom, Mrs. Smanda 
Hallstrom of Thief River Falls. 
Mrs. Mclvln Anderson of rural 
Thlcr River Falls. Mrs, Virgil 
Eckstein and family, Mrs. Carl 
Anderson, Mrs. Edgar Naplin, 
-.Mrs. Maurice Stclgcr and 
Brldgit, Mrs. Douglas Stclgcr, 
. Mrs. John Stclgcr, Mrs. Minnie 
■ .Erickson, Mrs. John Erlckson 
and Craig, Mrs. James Erlckson, 
Marlow, David and Grant Mrs. 
. Clifton Johnson, Mrs. Richard 
Kruso, Tina and Tim, Mrs. Wm. 
Krusc, Mrs. Maymic 

Gullingsrud. Mrs. Leonard Mclin 
and Brent Weiss of Crookslon, 

Tuesday. Mrs. Vernl Mosbcck. 
celebrated her birthday with the 
following guests bringing birth- 
day greetings: Mrs. Robert 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Schlcfert 

,, r -,- .-'■;■' -■;•'■.: r 1 "* *? For S° »r*nt hist weekend ot 

Michael returned home last the home of their parents Mr 

Monday from a three weeks and Mrs. Art Schlefert and" Mr' 

vacation trip to California where and Mrs. Jos. Fisher, 

they visited at the home Of Dr. The Rhoda circle of tho Im- 

and Mrs. Erwln Samuclson In ' manuel Lutheran church went to" 

Palos Verdcs Penln. California. Hlllcrcsl Nursing homo In Red 

hnroulc homo they went through Loko Falls Thursday afternoon 

Mr. and Mrs. Tcrrcnco Crif- home of her sister the James 

filhs and children of Bern id j I Smiths at Cottage Grove 

visited over the weekend at the Mr. and Mrs. Edward 

Ellsworth MMIgan home. Parentcau visited Friday af- 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred NIcml ternooft at the home of Mrs. 

visited Sunday afternoon at tho Antoinette Lo Chance in Rod 

Robert Nlcml homo In Thief (Lake Falls. 

River Foils. Linda Arlt of Coon Rapids 

Mrs. Richard Forrlngton of arrived here lost Tuesday lo visit' 

Columbia Falls, Montana arriv- for a couple weeks at tho homo of 

ed hero last Tuesday to visit at her uncle ond aunt, Mr. and Mrs. 

tho home of her sister, Mrs. Arnold Arlt. 

Elinor Licako and with other Mrs. Wm. Warren (neo Ruth 

relatives here and In OkJcc 
She returned home Monday. 


Yosomito and Yellowstone park. 
Mr. and Mrs. Waller Peterson, 
John Rostcn, Alvld Morrlsscttc 
and Mrs. Bennlc Mania attended 
the Salem Lutheran church 

and Linda of Granite Falls visited 
last weekend at the home of his 
parents the Art Schiefcrts. 

Willis Mattison- of Tracy and 
Marlyn Mattison of Minneapolis 
visited over the weekend with 
their father. Christ Mattison at 
Ills farm home. ' 

Mohn Rostcn visited last 
Tuesday at the Mabel Rode, 
Palmer Rostcn, Gilbert Rode ontl 
Bcrgum brothers home ' *" 

where . , 

devotional program and enjoyed 

cofrec antf cupcakes with tho 

vr J C "1'hite B0 B n5 "XZJ&'l Coon R^pT^'orrivcd'hero"sunday 

Marv'nfut m™ Art tftSKSST "veil"*" "fend her vocation at 

Mr?. S^uChrm^fe Sr?!??™^ parents tho Gust 

Bennlc Mania, Mrs. Goodwin 

'aul Schoenaucr was taken by 

ambulance to Northwestern 

hospital In Thief River Foils on 

Friday afternoon. 

Miss Mary Lou Westerlund of 

Korvela) of Hyaltvlllc, Wyoming 
called Saturday morning at tho 
Ed Greenwnld home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Halle and 
Mrs. Segrld Tillman spent last 
Monday in Grand Forks. 

Mrs. Paul Schocnauep visited 
Sunday afternoon with her 
husband who Is a patient at 


Thief River Falls, Minn. Wednesday. July 1. 1970 

Lnrrv Konlckson spent last Rostcn ond Robert Carlson or 

week with his cousin Scott Moorhcad were Sunday supper 

»i n3 V, . , , .., , L '. ■ P" 313 ot "«' Bur,on Coriion 

Miss Potilda Wright who Is home. ..._...._ _ 

attending summer school In Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, 

Bcmldji spent the weekend hero Jeffrey and Jancllc of Cottaf 

with relatives. Grove arrived here Friday „ 

Mrs. Lionel LcMcre and Mr. visit at the home of her parents 

ond Mrs. Jerry LcMero of the Herbert Walter and to attend 

Augusta, Wis., visited last her class reunion from the 

weekend here at the Jos. Fallon Olummcr high school for 1BG0 

home and with other rclattveajn that waa hclihcrtSaturdayjind 

Red Lako Falls and Thief River .Sunday. 

Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Good of 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anda and Golden Valley visited Thursday 

James, Mrs. Tommy Braatcn, afternoon with Mrs. Olive 

Deborah, Tommy and Lorl, Mr. Wlchterman. 

and Mrs. Thos. Braaten ond Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edward 

■■—■■■■■-- - visited Sunday 

nusoond who is a patient at and Mrs. Thos. Braaten ond Mrs. Mr. and 
Northwestern hospital In Thief Johnson visited Sunday afternoon Parentcau 

Having'all traffic flowing in the same going to h 
direction makes sense on the surface. make s 

direction'makes sense on "the surface. Make sense? Not to me, How can It 

When the bicycle is included in that all- cost more to takeout something that am t 

inclusive word "traffic", however, -the there in the first place? 

flow becomes different m pattern. We J By George, if we 'fall for thhs one we 

can't think of a vehicle designed to carry deserve to get took. It kind a reminds me 

people on a roadway that does not con- of the announcement by a carpet com- 

nstently overtake and pass persons nnnv il " r ' nt ' fh " RiRonhnwer vears when 

Kootball and baseball 
are advised, never 
vaniih from the 
got to have something 
separate tti 


jany during the Eisenhower years when 
ihe economy was undergoing a spell of 
mild inflation. 

I was reading the Wall Street Journal 
one day and there on the front page in 
bold type was a press release by the 
president of the company saying ne is 

Intellectuals,. according to one 

Mayor Hen iloo of Duiuth 
won rndonrd by the state 
llepubllcan convention for 
Ihe nnmlnatlon lor lieutenant 
governor, Presumably he 
the DFL. 

- .. Safety' officials have often cited the 
danger to pedestrians who do not walk 
facing oncoming traffic. In our opinion, 
the same hazards exist for the person on 

a bicycle, perhaps to an even greater r — -- — -. —~- r -.. . „ 

degree. Control of the bike on varying sorry but the price of carpets has got to 

road conditions by riders of varying goup because the price of steel Iras been 

abilities must be considered. Inc f,?? s p d •. ., „ u MA .. „„„ 

The four-mile ride we mentioned was u What check! The man didn t even wj|j . 

aTamily cycllnc outinc on ; the, airport have the gumpbon. to think, up a logical: — e .Bdid«te. 

road one evening last week. True, there sounding,, lie. His board of directors 

ii some nuestion about calling that rib- should have fired him for laziness. Add bone _ ... 

to SFfiiS S ec ^blarStop C a S bui K , Seriously though, one of the big, things ^^M«™**^* 

used quite extensively by youngsters on bugging the country today is tffe -™«i ^ te-nwra^ftmgr 

bicycles: In spite of the surface condition mistaken notion tha with the unctuous S^lF woum "^ 

antl narrowness of the road, traffic is by help of hucksters the American Con- _„_ 

no means slow sumer can be flimflammed into believing 

If a car passing a cyclist does not anything. Under our free enterprise 

move far over into flie opposite lane, any svstcm profits are the-rewards of ef- 

-erranrmove by 'the bike rider would ficiency rather than chicanery. Is it any 

mean disaster. With traffic approaching wonder, then, thatafter so many years of 


Swimming lessons were being ( .J , 1lii»i1If"^.fc , !'SrViS« 

conducted at the Tlndolph pork ' "'*""• "• *•'■»« 

pool under tho direction of -Sunday evening Mrs, Robert 

Qucnlln Jones.— Sen. Hubert H. Sorvla and Debbie visited with 

Humphrey was scheduled to Chris • Krusc at . Northwestern 

spcuk In Oklec on July 4 ns apart hospital In Thlcf'Rlvcr Falls, 

ofthc Golden Jubilee Celebration Miss Judy Johnson ol 'inici 

commemorating the com- River Falls. dauRhtcr of Mr. and 

munlty's 50th birthday He was Mrs. Norman Johnson, received 

alsoscheduIcdtospcnklnBrpoks -J 1 " d lp lom , n F , r i aa y. Juno 12th 

on behalf of Slate Senator Roy ^,K?. r i!l l S!)?,. J, i l 3 lo . rcolkR . e in . 

The Black River Church 
Women met at the Mclvln Mclin 
home Thursday, June 25th with n av nrcpfinos- 1 
.!!^ll!^f^ rp ^ 3Cnt c ngt ^ Sorvig ond Carol, Mrs. Clifton 

Whlch/dcnlth With Old songs and • Warren MiMbivk flnrv fiene 

aw. wn-s ■•? ?~ »■?";• .SS"JSSTSi S, mS: 

Maurice Stclgcr and Bridpit. Mr, 
and Mrs. Oscar Mosbcck, Mrs. 
Donald Mosbcck, David, Diane, 
and Alan, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Augglc Anderson of Litchfield. 

. Notice ■. 
A general cleaning bee' will 
take place at the Black River 
church Wednesday, July 1st at 

or them, ore people who hove -wiseUi. DFL candidate for the Thief RlverFalls. May wecxtend Mr. and Mrs, Harlan Altcpclci 

congressional post held by Rep. 
Odin' Lonficn.— G. A. (Gene) 
Bcito. for a year and a half 
assistant cashier of the Northern. 
.Slate Bank of Gonvlck, became 
affiliated with the Northern State- 
Bank of Thief River Foils.— 
Clndys Odcgaurd of Thief River 
Falls was elected a state Eagles 
trustoo for 1900-01 ot V" — ' 
,, , , convention or the ....„.,.., 
Add boners-"Thc politician nU xilinry held In Austin June 20. 


1. a. vur. «i<iiti 

r'tlie rider. is unable to ^see ~open~ floutlng~Of~tlii5~~5fmcrple~u1 
'chicles are doing and take economy is flonndering in the throes of i 

,„.: — u r v,o m ..^t t,Su, "inflationary' recession? 

It is time for our large corporations 
and unions — and indeed all of us — to 
wake up to the fact that what is at stake 
here -is-the-very-system. itself -Jt is_timc_ 
for us to wake up to the fact that the new 

from the rea: 

what those vehicles „ v . 

appropriate action. He or she must hope 
against hope that the drivers will 
somehow avoid hitting them. It is im- 
possible with any degree of safety for two 
cars - to" meet" while - onc-is passing-a- 
" bicycle ridder. 

received a boost from the recent been teaching in-Tcharan, Iran 
upset victory ol the Conservative this past school term arrived at 

Burly over the Labor! tes In the the home or her parents Friday ■ 
clUsh-olocllon. {-njpjjj — Sho— wl)I--b»— visit ing- 

Halidom thought— Wonder 
what xort ol mischief the 
young dlmrnteni will think 
up to diicournKc a feeling of 
palrlolKm an the Fourth of 
July Saturday. 

1 rclnllevcs and friends In this 

Dinner guc 

Brcinny home Saturday 1 

nd Mrs, Ernest Brcinay and 

~ :.J.n«.... .....1 11- 1 

icrntulntlons to Judy on this 

Sunday Morya Hnllstrom nnd 
Mary Jo Nelson or Thier River 
Falls left for Minne-Wa-Kan 
Bible camp ijcar Cass Lake 
whore they stayed until Friday. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. - Art 
Hanson o[ Thief River Falls were 
guests and evening 

-i the evening Mr. and 

Mrs. Norman Johnson visited 
there also. 

Sunday evenina Mr. and Mrs. 
Donald Mosbcck and family 
visited at Hie Gust Iverson home 
in Goodridge. 

Sunday dinner guests at the 
Stanley Cameron home were 
Amos_McCanaghy and George 
Howie of Carman, Manitoba and 
Gordon Goodyear of Jollct. N. D. 
— Friday. even Inp; Mr. and Mrs. 
Clifton Johnson visited ot the 
Richard Mosbcck home. 

and family were supper jjuesls at 
the Henry Meyer home of rural 
Red Lake Falls. Saturday 
evening at which time Cammy 
remained for a visit: 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Benson and 
Jimmy ot Watcrtown, Minn, and 
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lorcntson of — , 
Thief River Foils visited last 
Tuesday evening at the Robert 
Sorvig homo, 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hallstrom 
went for a drive to Twin Volley 
Sunday to visit the Eldo Bentlcy 
family and Joined In on a family 
picnic which included a number 
of relatives. Later (hey visited at 
the Bentlcy farm. 

Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Henry 
Mclin visfted at the Carl Mosbcck 

Mrs. Harold Kalsncss and 


"Soya waul 

For That 






206 E. tad St 

la! River Folia. Mini 
Phone 631-2996 



Rap .... ... 

Steele of LoMoille, ._., 

Saturday afternoon nt the Walter 
Peterson home. They had been to 
attend the funeral services held 
for Nick Pahlcn Saturday 

morning.nt SL.Mnry' *-"- 

■ church in Euclid. 

Mrs. Minnie Pcderson visited 
Saturday afternoon at tho home 
of Miss Frelda Brcdcson. 

Marlyn Mattison of Mln- 

Mrs. Gust Chrislophcrsan. Mrs. 
Wnlly DuChamp jind daughter 
Charlcne, Mrs. Richard Frolland 
and Jcrilec. 

Last Sunday Fathers day 

guests for dinner ond supper at 

the home or Mr. and Mrs. Victor 

Schlcfert or Fargo. Mr. and Mrs. 

Glen Osblomson ond children of 

Fcr- Grand Forks, Mr, and Mrs. ■ 

Robert Swanson ond family of 

James Kolp and Thier River Falls and Andrew 

iolo of Grand Schlcfert. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hanson, 
Mrs. Art Hanson and Mrs. 
Melvyn Bergman spent last 
H-eckend in 'Minneapolis where 
they attended the wedding of 

Miss Sandra Hanson, of Mln- 

Cuthollc ncapolls to James Davis of 
Mankato at the Central Lutheran 

Mr. and Mrs. Gust 
Chrtstopnerson, Mr. and Mrs. 
George Schneider and Mrs. 
Segrld Tillman helped Mrs. Art 
Halle celebrate her birthday last 
Wednesday evening. 

Kelly Lclnlng spent last week 
visiting at the Gust Konickson 

Tom Toulouse of Oklee called 
last Tuesday afternoon at tho 
Albert Toulouse home. .. . 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Markley 

and family of Park River, No. - 
Dak., Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dubuque 
and children of East Grand Forks 
were weekend guests at tho home 
of their brother tho Jos. Paradls 
as tho ladles attended their class 
reunion .or Iho Plummer high 
school that was held hero 
Saturday and Sunday for 1960-01. 
Mrs. Annie Greenwnld or 
Hlilcrest Nursing homo in, Red 
Lake Falls camo boro Saturday 
and visited until Sunday evening 
at the Gust Westerlund home. She 

and twin daughters Carrie and 

Cothlo of Brush, Colorado 

arrived here Friday to visit at tho great - granddaughter" Miss 

*• * "■ renia the Herbert Arlecn Mnlwitz to Robert Slick 


Mrs. Larry Johnson and son 
David returned here last Thurs- 
day from White Bear Lnko where 
they hod spent a month at tho 
home of hcrbroihcr Mr. and Mrs. 
Duane Dclago and with other 
relatives and friends. She waa 
accompanied here by Mr. and 
Mre. Robert Weiss and son 

Daniel of Oxnard, Collf.,_who 

will spend three weeks with Lake Falls, Miss Mai 
relatives and friends here. Westerlund of Coon Raplt 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Russell Ohls Mabel Edwards -- J 

_ _ — lay 

evening by plane to - visit his 
father Paul Schoenaucr, who Is 
seriously ill at Northwestern 
hospital In Thlc/ River Falls ond 
with his mother Mrs. Paul 
Schoenaucr and sister Mrs. 
Martin Walker and Alcnc 
Mrs. Annie Greenwald-of-Rcd — 

nd David 

cametoattcndthoweddlngofhcr and sons Ted and Rusty left "Westerlund enjoyed 

church Saturday evening with the 
reception following at the church 
parlors. They visited at tho 
Norman Newland home In SL 

home of her _ 

Walter and to attend her class 
reunion of tho Plummer high 
school for 1901 held Saturday and 
Sunday. . 

Mr. and Mrs. Bill MolwlU, 
Paula and Michael of Hoffman 
visited over tho weekend at tne 
Lcm Dobson home ond attended 
the wedding of Miss Arlcno 

Saturday evening _. 
Redeemer Lutheran church hero. 

Mrs. Louisa Gauthlcr of 
California visited last Wednesday 
afternoon at the home or Muts 
Rosalie Reindcau nnd with 
friends at tho Senior Citizen 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anda nnd 

Mrs. Jean McCrai, 

Barbara of Thief River Falls 
returned home last Tuesday by 

supper Sunday cvcnlng-at the 
Gust Westerlund home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Strand of 
Gonvlck visited Sunday af- 
ternoon at the John Skjcrvcn 

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Haugcn and 

plane horn New York City where family of Duiuth visited Saturday 
they had visited for two weeks "I the home of his mother, Mrs. 
with her- sister Mr. and Mrs. -■**•■ 

Family/, SIu 


Schwelgert's or Peters 




CERVELAT » ...„„.,„.. 99° 

JKfettksut:; fesKa'Esii.a hmwms&sse; iKKTSffls sj^^fyusfis "SSTm-w s, e ,„» .„. 

Mcllic and Hank Mattison 1 

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Matt left 
Sunday for Minneapolis where 

they will spend a few days on a , , ...„ 

buying trip for their hardware Mabel Rode ond Arvld Engcbrct- 
storc. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. son of Fertile. 
O. K. Ophaug of McVillc, No. Susan Zimpcl the young 
Dak., arrived here Saturday lo daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Bud 

"take care or the Malts "-""-- "*' ' "--* - ' - 

during their- absence. 

Lutheran church. They left Albert Toulouse, Mrs. Tommy 

at the George ^ -eninft Mta Joyce echcdul^s^a^feig^r-armi 

Saturday were P^on rf Grand Forks^was^a Monday, June 22nd from 10 a.m. 

boya, Marie Brcinay and Mr. and Mosbcck home. . 

Mrs. Archie Placck and Wayne. , M "- Darlenc Ewlng . 

. -Saturday afternoon Mr. and family of Alexandria, Mil 

Where there is sufficient shoulder on young American Consumer will follow us 
the roadway, it should make no dif- down the road only so long as. we truly 
ference on which side a bicycle is serve^thcrsjvlMlesemn B ourselves. 

—operated— And— a nyoner- youngster— or~: ■ ^. _ 

adult, who mixes a bicycle with heavy (Jnderqround if) Press 
downtown traffic in any community is • 

inviting trouble. . The following editorial comment 

Ye s, a bicycle rider can check back appeared in the New Prague .Times: 

over hrs^onrer^rfOTilder^trloolc-for-ap- Ourgood-friendrGoionel Arch Pease 

proaching vehicles. When he or she docs of the Anoka County Union exercised the 

_so._howc.ven.- the. move tends to turn the constitutional right of freedom of the 
bicycle inlo the lane of traffic. Law does" pressby editorially criticizing a so-called 
not require, nor is it practical, having ''underground" newspaper, sponsored by 
hikes rq uip pc d- w Jl h rear .-. cw . m i rrors — two4e*iv-flge^irter-A-ceuple-oHette-- "" 

ci™ii_a. „„™ ,T-«-ti,ir- Mrs-Albert -Ptacek-ond-Woliy— vbUcd-frpni Mocday_lhrougli. 

Simlle-As .-numerous as Uie. visllcd-wilh the Gcome Breinnv Tuesday at the Hoy Larson home. 

illy ( 

candidates for governor who 
presented themselves at the state 
DFL convention last week-end. 

How much simpler it would be— and the Minneapolis Tribune took Arch Pease 

how much,safer in so many cases — to to task with baseless accusations of 

change the law to permit riding on the left censorship-, thus utterly ignoring his right 

side of the road, with the ability to have to freedom of expression. ' 
approaching traffic in view, the bike t„ dictator-ruled countries, an un- 

ndcr could act dcfen^ivelyjf necessary, derground press offers the only medium 

family. , 

Mr. and Mrs.- Bert Roppc of 

Ncwf olden were Tuesday nf- 

"tcmoon"cancra oTfhc Lawrence 

Maybe the reason that more Nelson home. 

nudists aren't arrested is that It is Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson, 

hard to pin anything on them. Donnnc and Chcrl visited at the 

George Pa nek home Monday 


Mr, and Mrs. Henry Bcn- 
-dlckson and Tom. were Tuesday . 
. callers at the George Panck 

Sunday afternoon Mr. nnd Mrs, 

Pete Brcinay Mr. and Mrs. Tom 

Br cinay and C harlc - ' 

Tiled -with "tho 

Looking - 

We think 
ages dese; 

r youngsters and riders of all 
: at least that much of a 

The sawmill will run only in the 
daytime the remainder of the 
season.— Willie, the II year old 
son of J. J. Vorachck. was 
drowned in the Bed Lako river at 
the power dnm.— Mayor Carl 
Krclzsscmar will be chairman of 

Pammy. Terry, Wayne and Kelly 
remained in the area to visit with 
.friends and relatives. 
— MrnindTllrsTTrnTEcksuiinor" 
Red LakO Falls and Mr. and Mrs. 
James Gavcn of St. Hllnlre 
visited Sunday niftht at the Virgil 
Eckstein home. - - 

Debbie Toll elson returned from 
Hugo, Minn, this week after 
having visited nt the Richard 
Mlrcault home for three weeks. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Swanson 
and family left Friday Tor 
Rochester where they visited 
v\lh Mr. and Mrs. Pnul^hnson- 
there they traveled to Sioux City, 

Mrs. George Panck, Dcbra and Iow « ^"ere they spent three days 
Darren on <T Mrs. Henry Ben- nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. Poul 
diekson and Karen were among Thorslcnson and Eric reluming 
those who attended a bridal home Thursday. 
shower for Sue Slokkc nl'thc Sunaiiy-dlnner-guests-nt-thc- 

lorlrecdom or expression. But, in tnis thoj-ourlh of July celebration TtepljVek^vUtt^th^rcJy% 

country, there is no reason or here. The parade will include ..... -> 

justification for any publication What- Chippewa Indians in their war 

soever to go "underground" except as P"*"'; " n * ^°ft i ;r i ? h . 'S nd - 

- they ma/exist in the. minds of the ^V^r^Stc^ed a 

publishers. Thankfully, _in America the picnic at Squaw Point sponsored 

The Political Wars r „_ u __ ruil , l3 lliU1EU 

FnHnrsomnnt of Son Wendell An- press i2 free to remain above ground and ^ b'y ^"sor^Mdlb'augrUcrs'of spent j 'th'e weekend as Wests of 

riP«nrih?lhoMinn«M^ "> express its opinions free and un- Norway. H. 0. Chommlc bcin R jicIodecatlhcKOrmitf 1 ?aldment 

dcrson by the Minnesota Ur L baturaay h , f onc of ^ ^ . 8 _ cak . rs ^_ i , lds ^ home in Thief River Falls. 

Bethlehem- Lutheran Church In 
Newf olden Wednesday cvcnlni 
The Panck's visited at the Clyde 
Swcnson home later that evening. 

Thursday evening visitors at 
the Raymond Aandal home were 
Mr. and Mrs, George Panck and 

Marlcnc nnd Valeric Hanson 

Carl Anderson home were Mrs. 
Don Scurlock of Brea. Calif., 
Mrs. Dave Gunthorpc ana Jimmy 
of Omaha. Nebraska, Mrs. 
Leonard Wick of Grand Forks, 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Nordlund of 
Alvnrado and Mrs. Lilly Person 
nnd Harry Johnson of Thief River 
_ Sunday Mrs. Henry Meyer ond 

vill create a race between Anderson and trammei ea. 

-Douglas Head for- the^gOVertfOrslirp^bT T 

Minnesota this fall. It should be an active Borrowed Nonsense 

campaign with generally fresh can-' " 

di dates, although Head has been in the At a meeting of- American corn- 
statewide political wars due to his at-, munists, the comrades were discussing 
torney general candidacy. world revolution. The discussion leader 

Of all the candidates seeking DFL asked for comments or questions. A „ 

endorsement for governor, we think Sen. member stood up hesitantly. "Comrade librarian here. 

Anderson was the best choice as an in- speaker," he asked timidly. "What : — 

dividual. Apparently the delegates happens-, to my unemployment com- 

-***■■- pensation checks when we overthrow the 

of the ■speakers. - 
"ConfltructlOn~or~Uie"'"ncw" Knox 
school were all rejected being 
about $23,000 higher than the 
architect's estimates.— Mr. and 
Mrs. C. W. Pope left for Min- 
neapolis, where Mr. Pope will 
attend the summer session at the 
"U" of Minnesota.— Miss Gcnn 
Granutn was reappointed.- public 

Mrrand-Mrs." GcorfflTFanck" 
and family visited at die Gerald 
Wayne home Friday evening. 

Sunday afternoon Mr. and Kirs. 
George Panck and family visited 
nt the Waller Panck home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nelson 
accompanied Mr. and Mrs. 
Laurence Phlllpp on a .sight- 
seeing trip Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Mochol, 

- Da I c— B outn in - nnd ~^n m i ly 


As wo on discontinuing toUklog wo will sell our entire bard 
ot goodl Routtolii milk cows at public ourtion on the fanner 
daraaca Swroww tazm located 8 mUu >outh and 2 miles 
.wesLoLrortlla-orJ.aiUM -north asd-a-mile* west ol Oarr.- 
Mlonosottt. (Rood will bo marked). 

Tues« July 7, 1 pjfi. DST 





10 younger cows and bred heifers, cnlvohood viiwlnnied.. 

I lat^e<Dr-arauiid-fmtm 
the middle ol January. 

Jreshen la tho next 60 to ™ — .-^^..^uu. 

noes broedlng and freshening dates will be giroa tho dor 
ol solo. Alio S bred bailers coming 2 year* old. • 

DAKT EQD1PMEIIT — 310 gallon Dairy Kool bulk milk 
-coolei. 493 gallon Z«ro bulk hi Suige milker 

4>ump and motor and 4 DeLaval PlpoUne Milker Oniu with 
electric 'puhurton and plpetlno. 

USUAL TERMS: Credit arrangements should bo made prior 



Don Cory, Twin Volloy, Minn. 

Mtnn . Lie tto.Mil- 




Wo carry t> stock ro> 

«p to 30 yen old. 




Mr. and Mrs. Art Schlcfert 
attended the Stephen • Knott 
wedding last Saturday morning 
at St. Josephs Catholic church In 
Red Lake Falls. 

Christ Mattison visited last 
week at. the -Marlyn Mattison of 
Minneapolis summer cottage at 
Lake Sullivan near Bralncrd, 
where he met his son Marlyn and 
spent the weekend with him. 

Clarence Johnson of San 
Francisco, Calif., arrived here 

Sunday for Park Rapids where 
Dill will be counselor at a Boy 
Scout Camp for a week. 

Mrs. Richard Forrlngton of 
Columbia Falla, Montana, Mr. 
and Mrs. Tcrrcnco Griffiths nnd 
children of Bcmidll, Miss 
JuaNita Llcske of Thief River 
Falls, Mrs. Elinor Llcske, Mr. 
and Mrs. Duane Adclmanand son 
Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth 

Mllligoi -■ ■ ■ 

Rarlck _..„., r _ _ „ 

and supper held Sunday at the 
home of Mr. and Mrs. OuWaync 
Rarlck nt Climax. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Niemi, Mr. 
and Mrs. Robert Niemi and 
Tamara, Mrs. Olgo Johnson were 

Sunday supper guests nt the _ 

Clifford Anderson homo In Thief where 

Braaten visited Saturday evening 
with Albert Toulouso at North- 
western hospital In Thief River 

A birthday party was held 
Saturday afternoon at (he Emll 
Molwitz home In honor of Danny 
Wlchterman on his 2nd birthday. 
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. 
Pot Wlchterman and Danny of 

Minneapolis, Mrs. Stella 

and Mrs. Richie Erlckson, Mrsf Floyd Hesse, 
ijoyed a picnic dinner Vicky and Nancy, Brenda Hesse, 

--■'-- ■-'■•*— - J - L - Russell Carpenter, Stephanie 

Am tson Barbie, Wayne, Connie, 
Jodi and Kevin Malwitz. 

Mr. and Mrs, R. H. Pahlcn, 
Kothy and Craig, Mrs. Nettie 
Hofius and Ollic Mattison went to 
Bemldli Saturday afternoon 
— *— - they visited ot the Michael 

Pahlcn home and enjoyed 1 

River Foils. __ _.._ „.,_,._._ 

Mr. and Mn. Clarence picnic supper with Mr. and Mrs. 

Duckslad, Mre. Palmer Roslen. Elmer FrochJich, Mrs. Tomhuve 

Leonard Bcrgum of Fertile and of Fergus Falls, who were also 

o.m^J'hu ^r„"n» t«""-iV~^'7t~ MrSl Gertie Peterson of Idaho there To help Mr. ond Mrs. oiNortnwcs 

n™™^ .^i™ iPiS"? 1 * 1 S c woro Thursday nllornoon coffee Michael Pahlcn celebrate their River Falls 

funeral services held for' hU micsts nt th* Rurinn nnrlsnn i«t ^wtHino nnn t».» nnf rvnin .u_i._.t; 

funeral services held for' his 
mother, Mrs. Mary Johnson who 
passed away Friday evening 
after a, long illness. Funeral 
services were held here Tuesday 
morning at the Immanuci 
Lutheran church. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Joel Nelson of 
-Annanda le-o rrlved- h ere Sundoy 

Skjcrvcn home. 

Mrs. Caroline ilaugen, Mrs. 
Carinc Anderson ond Mrs. Clara 
Hcmly visited. Friday afternoon 
with Mrs. Olive Wichterman. 

Mrs. Esther Mattison and son 
Marlyn Mattison of Minneapolis 
were Thursday overnight guests 
at the Roger Mattison home nt 

Mr. ond Mrs. Les Foster and 
Dean of Roseau visited over the 
weekend at the Art Frolland 
homo ond attended the wedding 
and reception of Miss Arieen 
Molwitz and Robert Slick 
Saturday evening at the 
Redeemer Lutheran church. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Howard 
Greenwnld of Minneapolis -nnd 
Mrs. Clarence Anderson visited 
Sunday afternoon at the Gust 
Westerlund home. 

Mr. and- Mrs. Martin Walker 
and Mrs. Paul Schoenaucr visited 
Saturday with Paul sSchocnouer 
at Northwestern hospital In Thief 

,,'ur' , nm "? -ncrr-aunaay Mrs. Clayton Larson wen 
Sf^iSSl "VSJ!^* ^ f^ 3 ^ at Sunday afternoon nnd.suppc] 
^^sE"« „" „- "!_?•»« 'ta Alfred Wafln 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Hagge, Jim 
and Betty visited Sunday af- 
ternoon nt the Arnold Arlt home. 

Walter Grecnwald who just 
returned from Lake Wales, 
Florida and David Westerlund 
visited Thursday morning ot tho 
-Ed Grecnwald homo. 

: fun of it!" 

shared the same opinion of him as 

member of the party. Furthermore, of all 

the candidates available, he stands .the 
' best chance of gatherinc enough support 

fd-regain Ihe governorship for the DFL. The Minnesota mosquito's stinger is 

The others were .too closely allied with only a couple of millimeters long— the 

special interests in one way ot another, pother four inches are pure imagination. 
Most of the other candidates endorsed ^ 

are not well known in this area. Sen. 

Hudj-Pcrpich-of-Hibbingi-endorscd for In+PrPKtit 

lieutenant governor, is not entirely un- ""<*»«'« 
■"lainlliar. Warren apannuus, endorsed tor 


„ - ".She lold-mc to pray every day. and 

attorney general, is well.known to party whatever I asked for I would get it. But it ' 
*- wasn't so. I tried it. Once I got a fishline, 
but no hooks. It warn't any good to me 
without hooks. I tried for the nooks three 
or four times, bul somehow I couldn't 
make it work." —Mark Twain 

people since he served as state DFl 
chairman for a time. The others have 
little to cither commend or condemn 
them here. 

. Because of his proposals for firearms 
restrictions, we would be sorry to see 
Spannaus efected as attorney general. 
We are sure that situation will be 
discussed more t han a before. 
the November elections. 

Lest we forget, of course, former Vice 
President Hubert Humphrey was en- 
dorsed' for U.S. Senate. There will be 

"Always hold Inst lo the present nour. 
Everv state of duration, every second, is 
of infinity : -*,ilue...._~have staked on the— 
present as one stakes a lajge sum on one 
■ card. and I have sought without ~ 
exaggerating to make"" it wis high as 
possible." —Goethe' 

Tho Admlnhrrofor of fhe Richard Tlmm tsroto will soil 
rha real property .of.RIchord Tlmm, docoosod, doscrlbod 
as follows: NEW of Section 8, TowuiJilp 153 Nortfc, 
Ronge 43 Wosr, less right-of-way containing 18.72 oc- 

Submit written bids to Nell-A.-MoEwtn. Arronwy at 
Low, Thltf River Folk, Minnesota, boforo Jury 7, 1*70. 
Salo will bo field ot rho Penning too Cowrty Coorrreom, 
-Thtaf -RI«rFoIIirMlnn«OM,-ot-l O:0fjrA~.Mr«r W«t- 
ne*day. July 8, 1?70, ot which rim* Intorostod bJddors 
may oppeor and orally -rait* their bid* If rhoy so do- 
slro. Tho luccenful blddor iho II bo r^cjolrod ro nrako a 
eoih deposit af $500,00' an~d~errmga~fW - paym*iit wtffc. 
In thirty (30) days o f.occeptanc o of Ms bid. S«D«r r«- 
lerves the right to reject ony and^ill bids. 


Now We Offer You a Choice . . . Look At These 



Jorauti . aencTvm 


All Stjlm An Alto AraiJaiJ* From 30 Exjxxnrt Jartamatia XodacoJar Film 


icsts nt tho Burton Carlson 1st wedding anniversary. Craig 
home. remained to spend a week at tha 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard SIcttcn Pahlcn home. 
ond family of Thief River Folia Tilrs. Richard Frolland and 
visited Sunday afternoon at the Jcrilec and Mrs. Art Frolland 
Clarence SIcttcn home. visited Thursday afternoon ot the 

_Mr. and Mrs.Jjiwrcncq Woldal Sorcnson brothers home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Laufman 
and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Hollar 
Vnndevcntcr, George Burthwlck 
and Mr. and Mrs. Gust 
Torsrimson visited Sunday 
evening at the Art Hnggo homo 
near Brooks. 

Mrs. Amanda Hofius, Mrs, A. 
J. Hugnes and Mrs. Gerard 
DcIIaan of Red Lake Falls, Mrs. 
Ilcttlc Hofius ond Mrs. James 
Gilbcrtson visited last Tuesday 
evening at the Lcm Dobson 

Mr. . and M rs. Fred Nlcml 
"vTslIc^'Tasl'Tucsa^ay'ovenlng at 
the Carl Koekcla home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wlchterman 
of Portland, Oregon visited 
Sunday evening at the Art 
Froiland home. 

Mrs. Jesse DuChamp and 
Cathy visited Friday afternoon nt 
the home of Mrs. ..Agnes 
DuChamp In Thief River Falls. 

Mrs. Hans Anton of Thief River 
Falls attended the Malwlti-Slick 

Vacations and equipment 
lor recreation and sports 

arc pari tithe good ltle\w 
every family. Bftrow all 
- the money you noerj (rom 
Thorp to buy whal you 
need -and have your fun! 

«ut - 

home. Evening rui 

and Mrs. Wally Seeger nnd 

Bradley of Red Lake Falls, Mrs. 

Lydla Secger and Mrs. Wayne 

Lance of Van Nuys, Calif. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anda. 
Steven, James, TImmy and 

Dawna Jo and Mrs. Rose Anda of 
Coon Rapids visited over the 
weekend at the Albert Toulouse 

and Tommy Braaten homes, 

Mrl and Mrs. Cla'ronco 
Duckstad, Mrs. Palmer Rostcn 
ond Leonard Bcrgum of Fertile 
and Mrs, Gertie Peterson of 
Idaho were Thursday supper 
guests at the John Rostcn home. 
Mr. and Mrs, Ed Fchr and 
Vickie of Minneapolis- visited a 
couple days last week at the 
home of her father Gerhard 
Karl Jon Mattison fourycar old 
- -"TnirJon-Mottiaon auff cred- 
. injury at his home Wed- 
nesday evening when a chip of 
Bias few in his eye and cut 11 and 
ho was taken to St. Michael's 
hospital In Grand Forks and on 
Thursday morning he "" J 

Walter Grecnwald returned 
last Wednesday by piano from 
Lake Wales, Florida where he 
had been employed last winter. 
He is now living at his home at 

Mrs. Roy Wlchterman of 
Redmond, Wash., and Miss 
Debby Wichterman were Sunday 
and overnight guests of Mrs. 
Olive Wichterman. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ncls Vlgstol, 
Steven, Maribeth and David left 

Friday morning for Ashton, -— -.- -■--.—;-■• ■■- 

lowo. whcrclhey were guests at Poul where she had spent 
the Richard Bangert home while ' — "•* "' """ ' ' ! 

Sunday at the Clarence SIcttcn 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pahlcn 
and Mrs. HctUe Hofius attended 
the funeral services held for Nick 
Pahlcn Saturday morning at St. 
. Mary Catholic church In Euclid. 
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Wichterman 
and Danny of Minneapolis 
arrived hero Friday evening to 
visit with Mr. and Mrs, Emll 
Malwitz and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd 
Hesscandtoattcnd tho Malwitz - 
Slick wedding Saturday evening 
at tho Redeemer Lutheran 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Dairy] Skallct 
and children of Minneapolis and 
- Mrs. Esther Mattison visited 
'Sunday afternoon nt the George 
Rcwcrtz home. 

Marlyn Mattison of Min- 
neapolis socnt last week visiting 
here with his mother, . Mrs. 
Esther Mattison and other 

Mr. and . Mrs. Howard 
Greenwnld nnd son Johnny of 
Minneapolis and Danny, Diane 
and Nicky Jaeger of St. Paul 
arrived here Friday evening to 
visit at the home of Mrs. Nick 
Jaeger and to attend the Mal- 
witz -Slick wedding and reception 
Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. 
Grecnwald returned home 
Sunday evening but the children 
remained here lo visit (his week 
with their grandmother, " Mrs. 
Nick Jaeger and other relatives. 

Miss Linda Jaeger returned . 
home Friday evening from St. 

attending the wedding as their' 

son and brother Russell Vlgstol 

was married to Miss Ruth Ann 

Banner! on Saturday afternoon ot 

the Methodist church at SIcbley. . "t Deaconess hospital and wll 

* — . Th«y rr iiimt-d h nmp his alstcra. Mlsa Tilda _V1 gaining 

,_- ^^lrs.-Hnrold Jcglum.-- — 

Lt. Col, and Mrs. Russell Ohls 
and sons of Colorado Sj 

weeks at the James Jaeger home. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Vlgstol. 
Maribeth nnd Steven were Grand 
Forks cnllcrs Wednesday. They 
also visited, with Andrew Vigstol 
at Deaconess hospital and with 

Colo Rev. ond Mrs. m. j. 
.Sholdahl, Mary Beth and Esther 
enjoyed a picnic lost Wednesday 
at Itasca State Park. 
Mr. and Mrs. Darol pi 

Thorp makes it happen. 

were with him there. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anda, 
Steven and James of Coon Rapids 
attended the wedding of her 
cousin Miss Rcncc McDunn, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Maurice McDunn to Maurice 

.ond Miss Lalhora Moynard. 

Mrs. Louisa Gauthlcr of 
California visited Friday mor- 
ning at (ho Edward Parentcau 

visit at the home of'her mother, Waiter Grecnwald of 
Mrs. Esther Mattison nnd ot the Terrebonne was a Saturday 
., ... .... .._ .,.-_ ppcr Bucs[ n( [hc Gus( 


Mr. ond Mrs. Darryl Skallct 
and family of Minneapolis 

. 2M Mob Av*. North 

home of Mr. and Mrs. Alton 
Skallct, as they came to attend 
. her class reunion which was held 
here this weekend. 

Mrs. Amanda Hofius of Red 
Lake Falls and Mrs. James 
Gilbcrtson attended the Lutheran 

at the Tom Dennis town home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard Frolland 
ind Jcrilec and Mr. nnd Mr 

Mira r-tortryn-waiurrtlurricii — MwnrffPorcntiauTWcrc^urJaay" 

home Friday evening from St. 
Poul where she had attended the 
Minnesota Girl Stato held at SL 
Catherines College as she was (he 
delegate from the Plummer 
Auxiliary unit and afterwards 
she had visited a week at the 


Phono 661-3132 




• R-ll (cowtent) 




(la 1 A 5 goL cam) 

• • wo • a-4o ■ 




201 N. Artantlc 

Diego. CallC who is here visiting 
with relatives In Thief River 
Falls and Roseau called here last 
Tuesday at (he Art Frolland 

Mr. ond Mrs. Francis Lcinlng 
nnd daughters of Wadena visited 
here last Tuesday at the Art 
Lclning home, They were enroute 
to Roseau trr-vtslt returning here 
and on Thursday they left ac- 
companied by Mrs. Art Lclnlng 
for Austin where they visited with 
> Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Lcinlng.' 
Mrs. Lcinlng returned home' 
Monday evening. 

Mrs. Esther Mattison waa a 
Saturday afternoon coffee guest 
nt the Carl Koskela home. 

Mrs. Ed Fehr and Vickie of 
Minneapolis visited last Tuesday. 
afternoon at the Albert Toulouse 

Sunday evening. 

Cukcr Hanson, an old nclghber 
of Alaska was a Sunday dinner 
guest at the home of Mrs. 
Caroline Haugcn as he used to 
live In (he Plummer community 
in 1030. He olsocullcd at the Aield 
Morrlsscttc home. , 

Calleralastwcckatthchomcof and son Timmy of Furgo 

Mrs. Olive Wlchterman were. Sunday supper guests at the Carl 
Mrs. Anna Berg. Mrs. James Koskela home. 
Rllhprijion Mr* Annn Sunday supper guests at (he 

Alvln Johnson name were 
Clarence Johnson of San Fran- 
1 Cisco Calif.. Mr. andMrs. Louise 
Pnquln of Cudahy, Mr. and Mrs. 
John Money of Thief River Falls, 
Mrs. Larry Johnson and son 
David. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Lee 
and Stephanie Arntson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Giast Konlckson 
ond family, Mrs. Wm. Wright and 
James visited Saturday evening 
at the 'Wayne Lclning home 
where they helped Mrs. Wnyrr 
Lclningand Miss Patricia Wrigl 
celebrate their birthdays. 

Mr. and Mrs. Willis MatUson 
and family of Winona arrived 
here Friday evening to visll at 
the home-of his mother, Mrs.' 
Esther Mattison and with other 
"rcIaTives oTfic Came toattcndhls 
class reunion of the Plummer 
high school held here Saturday 
. ond Sunday. ■ 

Louis Poquin of Cudahy, Wis., 
arrived here Sunday as his 
mother - in - law, Mrs. Mary ■ 
Johnson, passed awr —-"- 

evening. Ills wife has „ 

for several weeks with her 
mother. They arc guests nt the 
Elmer Lee home. 

Klngaford, Gonuino Hardwood Jfco% ttJtt%i% 

CHARCOAL .... ,20- $ 109 

Wta " d A lie 


Pt* trim or 




Premium, Soda 




Von Camp't 



Westerlund home. 

Mrs. Lud Halvorson _ 

Thursday dinner guest at the 
Russell Huotarl home. 

Lt. Col. ond Mrs. Russell Ohls, 
Rusty and Ted of Colorado 
Springs, Colo., Rev. nnd Mrs. M. 
J. Shcldahl, Mary Beth and 
Esther spent last Tuesday 
sightseeing In Winnipeg, Canada. 

Mrs.Scnrld Tillman nnd Mr._ 

arTiTMrsrLudTIalvorson enjoyed 
Sunday dinner nt Lon's Cafe in 
Thief River Falls and In the af- 
ternoon visited at the John * 
Ranum home. 

Mrs. Marie Kcla returned 
home Friday evening from a 
weeks visit to Williston. No. Dak., 
where she visited with her sister, 
Miss Esther Kuoppata and at the 
Robert Dubc home. i 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fox, John 

-Mr.-ond Mrs. Glen Asbjomson— 
nnd children of Grand Forks 
spent tost weekend at the Art 
Schlcfert home and with other 
relatives and friends. 

— BesHor — 

' {It never stifck!s togetKerl) 

-t (feamfntes 





on your* table 

"TTTevrafipiTarSpeas applo elder 
vinegar works wonders — spinach, 
tabbajo, cucumbers and green 
onions. Try S PEAS Vinegars on all 
your favorite, vegetables: asparagus, 
broccoli, bruise Is sprouts, cauli- 
flower and green beanj.. 

'Vinegir's as basic a seasoning for 
your table ai salt and pepper. Be 
sure it's always out . . . and be lure 
It's always SPEAS. 

FREEt "Vinegar booklet with over 
60wnystocookandeleanwltri vinegar. 
Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. 64120. 



Wednesday. July 1, 1970 .Thief River Fulls, Mlnu. 

Cosmos Ordered 
To Build Sewage 
Treatment Plant 

~~- In what was probably n 

Erccedont-settlng move, the 
llnnesota pollution control 
ngency IMPCAl at its June 13 

speciat_ meeting ordered thc_ 

village of "Cosmos lo build" a 
sewage system und waste 
treatment facilities. The 
equipment must be In operation 
by July 1, 1972. Cosmos Is in 
Meeker county. 

For several years, ,ltie MPCA 
and its predecessor. tho watci 
—pollution control 

(owned by U. S. Steel) Is I 


Changes 1 
scheduled lo be completed by 
Nov. 2G, 1973, In considering how 
stringent its standards should bo - 
for llic two plants, the- agency , 
took Into account the economic 
Impoct various standards would 
have on U.S. Steel's 2,500 em- 
ployees In Dulutli. 

The stale department or health 
will be asked to delay for 30 days 
mlt-.irhas — 

with Cosmos, 
according to MI'CA reports. 
Although ul times agreement 
seemed furthcoming, the village 
never built (lie facilities; It still 
does not have any public waste 
treatment facilities. 

"" In "August "nnd September- of- 
10ny, the stale sampled 
discharges from the village into 
the middle soutli.fork of-the Crow 
river. laboratory tests showed 
that the effluent foiled to meet 
discharge standards required 
under state water pollution 
control regulations, violating 
sLitc Jaiv. In Deccmbi'r ol j:w;y • 
typhoid bacteria was found in the 
effluent from Cosmos. 

' Cosmos contended that it could 
afford the cmt of 

■ -treat in 

plant and 

priority than 


ability to pay for the needed 
facilities, and ordered the villnge_ 
to build a treatment system. 

After months of negotiations. 
United Suites Steel corporation 

and the 






agency approved n plan outlined 

in o June IT letter from thc< 

already approved lor 
disposal system for HO trailer 
houses on Hie shore of Gull lake In 
Uikcshore, a community of 236 
■people in Cass county. The 
agency is mdking the request 
because It wants to check the 
■ ; — rpropose-d fncllities to make sure" 
that they meet MPCA standards. 
Lakeshorp has .no sewage 
system, The agency board may 
decide (hut If Lakcahore wants 
" s the 

to build (i 
— treatment system.— ~ 

The MI'CA staff filed n 
statement with the U.S. atomic 
safety and licensing board op- 
posing the granting of an Interim 
operating permit for fueling and 
testing of the ■ Northern States 
Power company (NSP) nuclear 
plant at Monticello. The agency 
remains opposed to a federal 
permit because NSP has failed to 
build tlie radioactive gas storage 
and treatment equipment, 
required In the state permit for. 
the plant. 

Also, the agency disputes 
NSP's claim that the plant must 
be operational this summer lo 
take care of poss ib I e- peak -power - 
needs. The agency con tends, (hut. 
the planfwould "not be producing 
enough power this summer to 
Like care of peak needs, and that' 
such needs, if they' do occur, are 
not tikely to be a problem 
because NSP has already 
arranged to. purchase extra 
power from other companies. 


Iverson Moves 
From Post With 
Civil Defense 

-' Phillip -A—Ivonjon,-formor 
Minnesota state department of 
civil defense director, has been 

appointed deputy' commissioner 
of ihc newly -created Minnesota 
department of public safety by 
Wallace Honglund. com- 
missioner of public safely. 

Iverson will continue to work 
closely with the Minnesota civil . 
defense division and will remain 
_mc regional vice president of. the . 
National Association of State 
Civil Defense directors and 

chairman or that association's 
resources committee. 

In his new position which starts 
an July ' 1, Iverson will ' be 
responsible for coordination of 
services contracts with other 
state departments; development 
of integrated fiscal services for 
the— 'new department— and 
preparation of the department 
budget; and establishment of a 

planning' bu reau w ithin the 
department "lo coordinate -lb 
activities with the state planning 
, director. 

The department of public 
safety Is a new state department 
established by the 1069 
legislature. It will consist of the 
slato fire marshal, highway 
patrol, "drivers license, motor 
vehicle, civil defense and (he 
bureau of criminal apprchjjisfan, 

Home Economist 
Discusses Hew 
Summer Fashions 


;' Classified Ads for 

Ev's Red Owl 

•Accents in 
fashion Include 
shoes, millinery, belts, handbags 
and gloves, hosiery, cosmetics 
and lialr. says Miss Mary Evert, 
Marshall county extension home 

_The ■■hun k" of jewelry is the 
newest, replacing to some degree 
-the— metal -multi-chain. - Rings - 
continue to be popular and the 
chunky clanging bracelet has 
returned. Chunky bends are n 
new Item, ollen seen in ceramic, 
porcelain or crystal. 

In shoes the clog and platform 
are the latest. Sandals are again 
popular and come in many styles, 
such as T-straps, open-toed, or 
closed toes and open bucks. The 
heel remains chunky but Is 
higher and the toe has rounded 
slightly. Suedes, kidskin. crinkle 





I See our advertiiemenf In Mon- 
I day Times for many more spec- 
I loll. C toted Saturday. 


Choice of Hamhurgor 


of 8 


Your Favorite Flavor. 

3 for 89 ( 


20 lb. sack 


dress will all he seen in shot' 

In millinery, Hie floppy 
unadorned slaw hat will make the 
summer scene. A close-to-the- 
head coverall version of (lie 
(urban is also popular." 

In bells thempe promises to be 
big. Hopes will be seen in 
leathers, twines, bamboos and 
corks. The applied metal look on 
leather Is also new. 

Handbags gn over Hie shoulder 
or across the body. The l!)2()'s 
mesh bag has relumed and the 
tole Is used for dressy wear. 
Gloves are dressy in knils and 
lacen lid bared on (op of the hand. 
In hosiery, sheerness gels 
fashiun momentum with use of 
prints, fate neutral colors as well 
rslons of'lhe spring 




Whllo They La'it. 

■ JIIJtiim.IIIJ.T7M 

this coupon cooo (on Jtiorr 



i-ie.i-oi.jAtt I 

ft us 

and body 
stockings are big fashiun items. 
In cosmetics the eye is defined 
by paler liners and smoky 
darkish eye shadows wilh purple 
the newest color. Lipsticks.. and 
nail enamel Ret a touch of color 
by using the brighter, clearer 
tones, Coloring in general Is pink, 
rather than coral, f»r a. fair- 
sklnncil look\ - ■ ■ 

" In hair the_ tendril gives the 

look. The 19; 
(o-lhe head style wilh on-lhe- 
cheek flips and the shaggy hairdo 
arc popular. Wigs and hairpieces 
are musts, wilh the long skinny 
braids the newest Hem, 

Crushed Glass - ; 
Used In Paving 
Highway In Ohio 

Minnesota highway depart- ' 
ment has received notice that 
crushed glass was used ns the 
bottom layer of paving material 
on a stretch of Interstate 75 In 
Ohln^substltnling for the usual 
gravel. Project engineer James 
O'Neal of the Ohio department of 
highways, which approved the 
process, said the equivalent of GOO 
million ..discarded glass con- 
tainers could eventually be used 
on the project. He said such a use 
wmi I d ~^tu pr «sc n t -a-nignitiennt— 
contribution toward ending our 
solid waste disposal problem." 
In a related development, the 
widespread use of discarded 
glass' bottles in the paving of 
.roadways was forecast Inst week 
by Itichard L. Cheney, executive 
director of the Glass Container 
Manufacturers institute, in an 
appearance before the Senate 

Subcommittee on air and water 

Outlining the possible uses of 
discarded glass In building bricks 
and glass wool Insulation, Cheney 
said that an even larger potential 
exists in the use of crushed waste 
glass us aggregate in glasphnlt, 
He -Raid the product is being 
developed by the University of 
Missouri in which crushed glass 
substitutes for crushed limestone 
in asphalt for paving streets. 
Cheney said that estimates In- 
dicate that the need for 
aggregate In most cities would 
far exceed the available glass. - 

Plan In Advance 
Before Travel 
With Your Pet 

. If your dug or-cat could talk, he 
would probably tell you be would 
rather not be taken on a trip 
requiring a great amount of 
confined traveling, according lo 
most veterinarians and animal 

He would be better off. . .and 
so would his human traveling 
companions, . .if he was In the 
care of n boarding kennel until 
your return. 

However, if foe any reason your 
pet must be taken olong, the 
Minnesota .'AAA advises 
preparing as carefully far your 
pet s Journey as you do for your 

It's of great importance, the 
motoring organization asserts, 
that the animal have previous 
experience riding in an auto 
befure being taken on a long trip. . 
Most dogs and cats have Initial 
tendencies toward car sickness, 
but they quickly overcome this 
with a little riding experience on 
short trips with frequent stops. 
If a pel shows recurring in- 
clinations toward car sickness, a 
veterinarian usuallv can suddIv 
the proper medication. Keep a ■ 
supply of the necessary 
prescription within easy reach 
throughout thc'lrip'. 

Your packing essentials should 
■ include items for your pet to play 
with, feed ing equipment, plus on 
: nrnpursupplyn mi s" fav orl t uiuod,_.:j - 
A collar wilh on Identification tag 
that lias your name and full 
address on It should be worn by 
your dog or cat. And, you should 
have a leash, muzzle and ccr- ■ 
lif icate of rubies Inoculation for n ' 

Many hotels and motels accept 
pels, and some necommodn lions - 
provide kennels at 'nominal 
fees, . lusunlly from 50 cents lo a 
dollar per nighl. 




Dexter Exp.alns flirftrtSSM 
750,000 Federal Grant 

Tfcfef Mm W*. PtMbgtc* County. Mtowota 


Tax Relief Aids 

New chances for economic 
Improvement for a seven-county p; 
area of noflharatem Minnesota — =r 



Would you Ilk* to eani 
S1.50O.00 a month cNjetr? 
If you do call us for fur- 
ther derails on this n 
new ultra modem 

noun"go - cma~i 



became o reality when It was 
announced that a Title l-D grant 
of 1750,000. Office af Economic 
Opportunity (OEO) funds, was 
approved and would be used In 
coordination by- the Mahube 
community action council of 
. Detroit Lakes, the White Earth 
community action council of the 
White Earth Indian reservation 
and tho Inter-County community 
council of Okice, rcperta Churle* 
Dexter of tho ICC office. 

Plans for economic assistance 
lo the area through special Im- 
pact, Title l-D funds, was 
originated by the Mahubo 
council, Delmar Hultgren, 
director. It was coordinated and 

Sunned with the other councils to 
sure that the benefits would 
reach oil of tho Bovctl counties. . 
which have similar problem! and 
useable resources. The seven 
counties to be served ore Becker, 
Hubbard, Mahnomen, Clear- 
water, East Polk, Red Lake and 
Pennington. Located within this 
area is the White Earth Indian 
reservation, the community 
action agency of which Is one of 
the coordinators, 

Tho 1750.000 grant Is a -follaw- 
upofo previous funding of 190,000 
which helped the Mahube council 
begin a program ofspeclol ty crc> 
production and a feasibility study 
into the timber potentials of the 

Although all administrative 
and operational policies have not 
becncstabllshca. the Brant will 
emphasize three major areas of 
effort. They are economic 
development, specialty crop 
production and timber. Under the 
project, low-Income residents of 
the seven counties will be given 
assistance In developing new 
ways of providing themselves 
with self -employ ment, of earning 
supplemental Income or 
_ becom 1 ng _b us| n css_own crs jjy_ 
themselves orln partnership wilh 

The Mahube- council con- 
centrated much of Its effort lost 
year In helping low-Income 
farmers with small or Inadequate 
acreage specialize In raising and 
selling specialty crops- such as 
strawberries raspberries, 
cabbage, cucumbers and others. 
Assistance has been given In 
establishing small acreage 
. suitable for specialty crops, 
irrigation, tilling equipment, 
seed, fertilizer and trining In the 
-r-spccla! skills needed.- This phase— 
of the program will be continued 
In the Mahube area, and with (he 
- added funds, expanded to the 
other counties. 

Inter-County Community 
.council has concentrated Its last 
year's effort in researching the 
timber potential of the area and 

new. U3cs_for_ aspen. and_other_Trom"foui 

wood that would bring a higher ~ " '" 
income lo the producers. Inter- 
County has also spent much time 
in establishing community action 
advisory committees with each of 
lis 21 towns so that community 
people themselves would have a 
chance to influence the council in 
its ■ selection of priorities and 

programs, Dexter said. 

Inter-County has researched 
for feasibility a cooperative 
blrdhouse and birdfecder 
production that could employ 
older people, and others, and 
could take advantage of some of 
the larger contracts that need 
_ hi g h . prod uc tlo n . to . q ualify._Th cy._ 
have also done considerable 

distributed by the state through 
Minnesota's 87 county treasurers 
will approximate a quarter of a 
billion dollars this year, ac- 
cording to Charles P. Stone, 
executive director of tho Min- 
nesota Taxpayers -association. - 
Home owners' relief, which 
■ makes possible the reduction of 
33 per cent, up to a maximum or 
(250, In real estate taxes levied 
against owner-occupied homes 
for all purposes other than debt 
charges, will require 5107,105^2, 
Stone sold. 

Other major components of the 
property (ax relief "total are 
131,271,130 for shared sales tax 
aid to municipalities, $28,480,414 
for shored sales. lax aid to school 
districts, and (79,274,404 for 
replacement of person nJ property 
taxes on farm machinery and 
livestock and on cither In- 
ventories or tools and machinery 
of business and Industry. 

In Pennington county tho total 
of these four major property tax 
relief aids this year Is 1744,839,' 
Stone said. In Marshall It Is 
1734,101; in fled Lake it Is 
1345,032; In Roseau it Is 1800,087', 
and In Polk It is 11,973,799. 
"The real estate tax relief this 
—year for Pennington county home 
owners amounts lo "' (229,729," 
, Stone added. "Municipalities 
within the county are getting 
(99.013, and school districts 
(92,470, In shared sales tax 
revenue. Personal property tax 
replacement totals $323,026." 

Indoor Shows Planned 
For Pennington Fair 

S " K .'fcJ, J , OI,NSON ' 19 - «*nu«hter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Johnson of 
rural Thief River Falls, is among the 10 candidates seeing the Miss 
Thief River Falls title at the Jayccc Aquacade. "I WnsaSand Crab" Is 
the title of her humorous interpretive reading as her talent number for 
the poReant to be held Friday, July 24. in the Lincoln high school 

Sheila Johnson 
In Queen Event 

Planning Group 
Accepts Printed 
Plan Wednesday 

Comprehensive plan for 
Pennington county was accepted 
by the Pennington county 
planning commission at Its 
meeting Wednesday evening. The' 
plan had been prepared by Beck- 
man, Swenson ana associates for 
Ihe commission. 

Included In Ihe plan— prepared 
in book form- with numerous 
maps and Illustrations— is much 
background material regarding 
Pennington county. Topics 
covered' include the following: 
Physical Data— Natural 
features and resources, existing 
land use. public facilities and 
ultllities and highways and 

Social, Economic— and-Ad- 

minlstratlvc-^rowth potential, 

. administrative nn&fiscal review, 

assets and liabilities and' plan- 

- ning goals and 'objectives; 

Land Development— Policies 
for land development, com- 
munity utility plans and policies 
und administrative recom- 

.Economic Development- 
Policies for economic develop- 
ment and administrative 


ti o 


administrative recom- 

Conservation of Natural 
Resources — Conservation poli- 
cies and administrative 
Public Facilities— Policies for 
.public^ facilities and ad- 
ministrative" recommendations^ 

YOUNG f- award winners In competition sponsored by Land 
u ,} $l e!tme F, "' ,ne - nrL ' Mr - nml W^ Sheldon Ericsson of 
Uadger. They will receive a trip to Ihc National Milk Producers 
federation meeting In Las Vegas. Ncv. 

Badger Couple 
Wilis LO'L Trip 



by Marvin Lundln 
Times Editor 
(ThU h the fifth In a irriei of 
articles on candidates for the 
Miss Thief (liver Fall. |JiJ F at the 
a n n ua I ~ J ay ce t~,\ qtlttaTHrrTTie" 
pageant at which Ihr IBT0 MIn 
Thief Itlver Falls will be crowned 
will be Friday. July 21. at the 
Lincoln senior high school 
auditorium. Plrase note change' 
In date from Saturday, July 25,) 
Between working full time and 
practicing with an oil-girl band 
from four to eight hours-o-day,- 
Shella Johnson is preparing for 
participation in the Miss Thief 
River Falls pageant. She plays 
organ for "The Candy Shoppc" 
which has a number of bookings 
at teen dances and fairs 
throughout the summer. 

Ninclccn-y car-old Sheila is the 
daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Glenn 
Johnson or roule 3,"ThicrRivcr~ 
Falls, a 19G9 graduate of Lincoln 
high school and will be n 
sophomore at Northland slate 
Junior college this fall. She is five 
feet eight inches tall, weighs US 
pounds, has brown hair, brown 
eyes and a 34-24-34 figure. Her 
talent— presentation -will -bo- a— 

,,-,-. humorous Interpretive reading 

in packaged birch fireplace wood entitled, "I Was n Sand Crab". 

:«Lq_?""e_prcscnIly invc3ugatmg__Hcr . sponsor- will- be -hor-om — 

■the potential o f a cha rcoal plant p| y cr , p nr klns Cnmrr drug 


Rodekuhr Named 

njoyment. Learning the organ 
music for the group's^rcpertolrc 
has taken so me extra effort. 

"We" start . practice at two 
o'clock" every day," she sold. 
"We usually practice for four or 
five hours, but we have practiced 
as long ns eight or nine hours. We 
even practice on Saturday af- 
ternoon, even if we ore going to 
piny for a booking that night." 

Sheila has been o Girl Scoui „,„,,• Ji r " 

and was a+H club member for— cl "V-" wn ,, dfnn "-mee Mng. 
several years, taking home M H| hep S" ccra """ailed were 
economies projects. She likes "" , , ," t Ilc ? i " a c ln ' flrs ' v, « 
dancing, listening to records. SL"™,? 1 ^™ 8 ™' 8C ?? nd 
swimming and writing poetry. vl„V£?'3 i Dw W™ 1 " ar- 

At Northland this fofl she In- ^.'Wrd vice president; Rev. 
tends to take courses which will lih K iSS"' BCCTeta ^ .?•?■ 
" " advanced srtidv neth Kohlerrtreai 

For Coming Year 

. t Instollatloi 
ceremonies held recently a 

Comprehensive plan for the. 
county and capital improvements 
program. , 

. Members of the county plan- 
ning commission arc Donald L. 
Olson, chairman; Charles W. 
Rodekuhr. secretary; Dnke 
Aycrs, Dr. O. D. Dclch, Dr. David 
M. Drown, Francis Hamcrlinck, 
Oscar C. Ilouskc. Hoy Lee and 
John Palmouisl.. 

A very limited number of the 
planning books has been provided 
county auditor. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon 
Erlckson, Badger, were selected 
-ns winners fn Land O'Lakes first 
"Young Farmer- Award" 
program. They will receive a trip 
to the National Milk Producers 
federation meeting which will be 
held November 30 to December 3 
at Las Vegas, Ncv. 

Forty young couples competed 
.for these awards— a trip to the 
National Milk Producers 
federation meeting or to the 
American Institute of 
Cooperation institute at Ohio 
stale university. 

Basis for the award Is 
Erlckson 's_acrnmplislimcnlK in 
his farming program, "his 

cooperative activities and his 
community service activities. He 
heads tho area American Dairy. 
association of Minnesota 
■ orgonliation and Is a director of 
the Northwest Dairy Im- 
provement association. 

The Erlcksons own a 480-ncrc 
farm near Badger where their 
main operation Is dairying. They 
have a high-producing herd of 
Uolstcins consisting of 97 head, CO 
of which are milk cows. The milk ■. 
goes to the Roseau Cooperative ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt- 
knecht, Cochrane, Wis., are the 
winners of the Am erican Instit ute 
of Cooperation trljT^ 

Warm And Wet Summary 
Of Area's dune Weather 

Grandstand showa-for-lhe 

Pennington county fair will be 
held rain or shine this year, 
according lo Milan Uorsheim. 
secretory of the Pennington 
County Fair association. Inc. A 
teenage "Rattle of the Hands" 
and Iwo Country-Western shows 
will |je held In the new city arena 
where all fair exhibits except 
livestock will also be held. 

Opening attraction nn Thurs- 
day, July 30. will be Ihe 
demolition derby to be held at 
8:30 p.m. In front of the grand- 
stand. Cosh priies will be offered 
to those drivers who can keep 
their cars in running order while 
demolishing the competition. 
. .Frldav.Julv.31,-lho -t-II oarade 
of champions Is scheduled in 1 
front of the grandstand, Bor- 
slieim said. At 8:30 p.m. the 
teenage "Baltic of the Bands" 
will be held, testing the strength 
of ihe arena construction and 
the car drums of spectators. 

Grand Ol' Opry fans will hear a 
number of .their .favorites 
Saturday nnd Sunday, August 1 
°nnd 2, when two 90-minute shows 
are scheduled at 8:30 p.m. The 
Fa ran Young show will be staged 
in the arena Saturday night. 
followed by the PeeWee King 
show on Sunday. At 12:30 p.m. 
Sunday the Thief River Falls 
saddle club will hold Its annual 
horse show. . 

Admission to the fair to view 
the exhibits will be free or 
charge, Borshcim noted, wilh 
admission lo be charged from the 
grandstand and arena stage 
shows. Due to the arena shows 
Friday through Sunday nights. 
Ihe arena will be cleared of 
exhibit viewers at 7:30 p.m. and 
admission charged from 7:30 to 
10 p.m. Persons purchasing show 
tickets at 7:30 p.m. will have an 
hour to view the Indoor exhibits - 
and find a good scat (or the 
evening performancoat 8:30 p.m. 
The fair secretary noted that 
all 4-11 club entries, women's ■ 
division exhibits, crops, garden, 
flowers and other homemnking 
and craft exhibits will be held In 
the new arena. Commercial anil 
industrial booths will also lie 
located under the bleachers 
around the perimeter of the 

Open class and 4-H club 
exhibits of cattle will be placed In 
the livestock pavilion (curling 
building) while hogs and sheep 
""- their own facilities und 

and7>oDliry"wll|-be-|rnhc— — 


help her toward advanced srady 
In psychology when she enrolls ot 
Moorhend state college -In 1971, 
She hopes to use her formal 
training in that field to become a 
social worker. .. 

Sheila has one brother, Burlon, 
who |s married and living in 
Roseau, and a sister, Diane 
Thune, of Red Lake Falls. 

Ach'cnbach nnd Fred Dnllmann, 
board members. 

Continuing iwo-yeur terms _.. 
Ihc board arc Charles Emanuel 
and Ami Aune. Dwfght Tangquist 
was_namcd lion tamer with Neil 

Slightly cooler than average Tcmpcrnture-wlde. June 1970 

„.., Mav weather gave way to the ranked near the top of Us class 

ig u rcr r Dr-Hrlt: — wormMUJuno^n-reocnl-hlsiory; — wltlr-throe— days" of obovc-90 

with o mean temperature of 67- 
full four-und-u-hoir degrees 
above Ihe five-year average for 
the month. 

And ll.was more of the same in 
the moisture deport r 


uaift take chances on old worn tires. ..tradu NOW. ..we'll buy rift unused mileage in yo ur tires. \ 

■ Pried o. iSo-n at F.railon* 5t»... C omp^itivfr ptK-J ot f».ilon« D«ltri o nd ol oil itotion. duplexing It,, f ir«lon, ii on 

committee has already 
established a small business or 
producing wooden pallets made 
from aspen. They have a conlroct 
for 5,000 such pallets lo be 
delivered by August 15., Under the 
new grant, work done by the 
Inter-County will be expanded 
into other counties. 

Delmar Hultgren, director for 
the Mahube council said, "We arc 
certainly excited about our new 
program and expect some good 
results from (his approach into 
solving some of the area's 

' economic problems; Much must 
be done in the way Of establishing 
branch offices throughout" the - 
seven-county area and in setting 
up workable coordination 
procedures between Ihc different 


Kotfke Named 

McEwcn ns In It twister and Junc 1970 ' s 4.07 inches equalling 
Donald M. Olson as assistant tail 1967 ' s fi K urc ns second wettest, 
twlsler. w "h 1 600's drenching 8.80 inches 

making the wettest June on 
recent record. The month started 
with an encouraging seven-day 
dry spell which gave some area 
farmers a chance to put in, in 
~iny~c.iEesT-thcir-fi--' --- 


Sheila moved to Thief River 
Falls from Roseau where she had 
attended school through nth 
grade. In high school at Roseau 
and Thief Itlver Falls -her ac- 
tivities included *Cirls Athletic 
association, Future Horn cmak crs 
of America, school newspaper 
staff, pep club and library club. 
She was named lo the National 
■ Honor society chapter at Lincoln 
high school as a senior nnd 
received the class personality 
award for the friendliest senior in 
the class of 1909. 

At Northland' state Junior 
college she was a member of the 
student senate and "N" club nnd 
participated In the recently- 
formed student action forum. 
-Fcc-several months she has 
worked as a volunteer in the day- 
-ntghHunlr-tif-Northw ■ 

To College Post 

ff/gh Performance T/re Center 


220 North Home* An. 

Falls Diesel Service 

■ ■ ■ ■ MZM3 

RrtthNM TJrw arsa available at 

Mwy. 5» South Thief Rl 

Tfaltf Hirer Foil*, Minn. 

Phon* 681-2656 

Perry's Service "* 

Sr.' Hire**, Mian. 


second week of July In 
iron out some of the com- 
plications that a project of this 
—scope -brings. More specific in- 
formation will be released to Ihc 


c been determined 

assisting the staff with 
who wont to talk, play 

Slay pool. "I enjoy It 
. but It seems like I 
don't have much limo for it any 
more," Sheila says. 
One of the reasons is her 
( Joining "The Candy Shoppc". She 
look piano lessons for several 

IVlllirri E. Kollkr 

Victor Charles, president of 
Northland state Junior college in 
Thief IUver Falls, announces the 
appointment of WiUard E. Kottke 
to the new position of ad- 
ministrative assistant and 
community service director. He 
will assume the >esponslbllitic3 
of this new position on July 15, 
■ 'j Object ive of the position is to 
promoteftwipwny programs of 
timely ond effective com- 
munications between the college 
and the' community that the 
college services, Charles said. 

Kottke Is well acquainted, with 

thcOhietnivor-Falls-aroa, Ik,ls ■ 

a former athletic coaclnSfiid 
social studies teacher at Lincoln 
high school. 

Kotlke's experience with the 
Flint community college, Flint, 
Mich., for six years In nn ad- 
ministrative capacity as director 
of health, physical education and 
athletics. He was a consultant 
(Continued on page i) 

grain— crops. -On— ihi . 

however, .IS inch fell, followed by 
.09 the next day. June to was dry. 
but a .52 soaker on the eleventh 
put thosklds to farm field work in 
the area. The wettest day come 
on June 16, when 1.75 inches of 
unnecded precipitation fell, -", 

ladings. A gradual' warming 
trend, which started with a high 
of 07 June 1, cased through the 
70's and BO's on following days, 
culminotlng in a scorching B3 
June G. The following day was n 
worm 88. und June 8 the mercury 
pushed Its way up lo n 91-degrce 

Pleasant but wet weather 
prevailed for the period from 
June through 27. with high 
temperatures ranging from 85 
degrees oh Junc 10 lo a moderate 
M-J u nc-iarinlerepexsetLi 

clEhth,__fJir D w'ed'by daily Sghs ln"lhe 70'. 

' u ■'"' , ''" and very low bo's. June 2S Ihe. 
thermometer hovorod nt the 94 
degree mark all afternoon, Ihe 

50's and GO'S, with a low of 39 
degrees - June 2 and n high low 
reading of 04 shared by June 23 
and 30. Average high for the 
month was 78.8 nnd the average 
low was 55.2 degrees. " ~ 

Building Permits 
Decrease In May 

In Thief River Fulls, the 
building- permits Issued during 
May of 1970 for new buildings nnd 
repairs nnd alterations. 

hottest day in June since 
degrees on June 30, 1900. 

Evening temperatures through 
most of the month stayed In the 

J23I.CO0. According to 
Hie Federal Res erve han k of 
Mlnneopolis", this was" a 
decrease ' from H22.000 ' for 
permits issued during May of 
1909. The cumulative voluatton 
for the year 1970 was S477,000 as 
compared with tl.042.000 In 1SC9. 

-H club building. This ye.-; 
William Stanley shows will be on 
the midway. 

Dr. Donald Goodrich, chair- 
man of the Industrial booth 
committee, states that there will 
be 34 booths available, six by 10 

feet"in-si7c;for business* firms 

interested in displaying mer- 
chandise nt the fair. The lireede 
company of Minneapolis will 
supply booth dividers and bun- 
ting for the event. 

Are Available 

Vaccination for German 
measles is now available to five- 
year-old children who did not get 
such a vaccination with their pre- 
school check-up. Because Hie 
immunization program ended 
June 30, a charge or Jl wilt be 
mode/or vaccine given those who 
will enter kindergarten next fall. 
Immunizations 'will be given at . 

cither the Fulls clinic or the Thief- ~ 

-River clinic, according to Mm. 

Margaret Race, school nurse. , 

There must be a waiting per- 
iod of at least 30 days between 
Ihc German measles, vaccina- 
tion nnd smallpox, hard red 
measles or polo vaccination. 

EXTENSIVE DAMAGE to this car was the result of an nceidei 
Friday oflernoon when the cor, driven- by-Mrs. Janice Harshnw of 
headed south on Stale Ave., pulled from a slop sign, making n left tur 
ontoThird street and colliding with a pickup truck driven by Walhic 
Striving west on Third, D.imajies wer 

Renncmo, Kcllihcr 

mated at 12,500 to the car. J250 to the pickup. Mrs. Ilarshaw suf- 
sl-ii cut on-tlie-lcft-shoulder-'nnd several -bm ken ribs.-and-a- 
senger In. the car. Marlys Eaton. Roseau, suffered cuts and 
ises. [loth were treated at Northwestern hospital. Thief River 



NEW J & B 

6BM292 ' 
681-4014 • 

All Nationally Known Brands 







A' , 

<*' 'trv 





■ :| 





C/"\^i a i a ^.-r-.. ,.-~.-_ uebora Jane Geisen We, 

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ^fc^^^^^/nCo/omrfo 

"" — ' — ' ' I Miss Dchnrn ".ninn fT n l>> n >. _ . 

l~De£ora Jane Geisen.Weds. Fourth Of July 

25th Anniversary 


Ernest Selles ~ 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl Sclte were 
honored guests at a 25th wedding 
anniversary open-house 
celebration on Saturday af- 
ternoon and evening, June 20, at 
their home in Gryglu. 

Planning the event and serving 
an hostesses were Mrs. William 
Kujanson and Mrs. Donald 
_Th_°.mns.. Mrs._CMord.Andcrsoa. 
assisted in the kitchen. 
Approximately ISO relatives 


Monday. July 6, 1070 

ThfefRivcrFnlls.Mina. VPnene I hune, 

~m_ Timothy 'Shea 

^Ilss Dcbora "Juno Galsen, 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs, James 
Cciscn of MIS CeJrfado Avenue. 
Loveiand, Colo., former residents 
of this city, became the bride of 
Donnld.Tobor Ley. son of Dr. and 

and friends were in attendance. 

Those framadistancc came from 

Washington. Fargo, N. D.; 
Wlnlhrop, Minneapolis and St 

Pou '' Afsopresciil were relatives 

arid friends from" Newfolden.- 

Thief Itivcr Falls, Goodridg* and 
the area around Gry'gln. 

Among the guests were UiT" 
couple's attendants at the 
wedding 25 years ago, Mrs. Jack ' 
aorenson. formerly Arh/nn Bush. 
and Ktnard Johnjon. White 
carnation boutonnloros and 
- corsages of deep rose carnations - 
accented with silver bows were 
presented to the honored couple 
and their attendants. These were 
Kilts from the Grosrields as was 
the three-tiered anniversary cake 
served ihrougli-out the afternoon 
and evening. 

The eake was decorated In 
while and yellow with yellow 
hells trimmed In silver. Topping 

"ic three- tiered cake was a large 

sifter enclosing ii miniature bride 
and groom kicked - by white 
double hearts with silver roses 
f'erched on the miner were two 
white doves holding silver 
wedding rings, Mrs. Willard 
/-irnaii, a daughter, cut and 
served Die eake as Mrs. Grosfield 

Wed In Bismarck The ceremony took place at 10 

Mrs. Gclscn chose a yellow dress 
with a blue orchid corsage. The 
mother of the groom wore an ofr- 
white ensemble, also with a blue 
orchid corsage. 
Following tho-cercmony-n- 

Party Given At 

~NM .Hospital ' 

Thief River Foils Ladies, golf 
club win-participate In Aquacade 
events according to plans made 
il tho regular golf club luncheon 
'-■"■— *— rThc "dub voted to 


Miss Darlcnc Thtmc- ana 
_. m ?, th _ y Snco exchanged 

wonnia.iaoorLcy.sonolDr.and - p n ii...Tir^ .'<. i£l~$"_ _2 U " .V . "mciicun 

_Mrs^ugenoI*yon Friday Juno— iJTrhiSrSP »h°-C"cn.ony-n--on-^es&y The club voted to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnsori- 

^ -w- y nony, juno— luncheon dinner, featuring the ™sist in these activities by or Spokane. Wash., and Mr and 

The ceremony took place at 10 ewK, ft wn ? wr J cd nt ,hc f 1 *" 1 " 11 ""' Mlca « oit dub Mrs - Norman Kclley of Scap- 

a.m..atSt.Johnthclvangelist oSS? K£ ,l . c 7 lte \ B P 1 .. Kr . ia ' ourn ^ The event was set for pooso, Ore., returned to ihcS 

""'J •"'»« "tiianget. 

marriage vows on Friday. Mav 

•iiuiiuihi: vows on many, ft 

13. at.St. Mary's Catholic churcn 

■at Bismarck, N.D. Rev. Donald 

Hill, assisted by Rev. Hensel 

Hendricks on, Pastor nt Trinity 

Lutheran church ,fn that city 
^officiated - .at-thc"doubI<T"ring ' 


• -The bride is a daughter of Mr 

and Mrs. Russell Thune of wrist di. 

nX^A^™?.? "'Wiethe hi VeVn'oorTengS 

™!L ' „ er .r al,Sl P?. rcnl l or the veil styled with a should length 
overvcll. Daisy motifs bordered 
the veils. She carried n nosegay 
' ' ith 

a.m., at at. jonn tnc Evangelist 
Catholic church nt Loveland with 
Rev. Omcr Foxhoven officiating. 
Mike Phillips was tho organist. 
Servers at Mass were Thomas 
Ley and Mike Ley, brothcrsof the 
The. bride was given in 
' was attired In a floor length gown 
of white daisy lace over white 
crepe fashioned with daisy lace 
wrist-length sleeves. A beaded 

h .7 . '" » ul =» UOOH. MISS 

Patty Ley, sister of the groom, 
ana Undo Bernard opened and 
aVrangcd the gifts ^s Mrs. 
Rodney Lampcund Mrs. Charles 
Green cut and served the wed. 

ding cako.„ ___- — 

For traveling on tho wedding 

IHn rrt flrm^A t At.. .-»_,_ .," 


ofvSaJUmh l , ' 1 . IN '' ari ( nl r reJlry °? ,r n » dM »- FrD ^ T r Johnson 
■Jr f ,£, h 0bH T?P l al , J : n 0Den hou « celebration on Sunday at 
heir farm home near Viking. Hours will be from 2 to 5 p.m. All friends 
■mil rejatives are welcome to attend. 

Sharon Tweten 

At the Rifl book were Julie 
(.rnsfield. n granddaughter, and 
^iiidra Kujanson, n niece of Mrs. 

Highlighting tlie reception 
(al) e was a flora I arrangement of 
pink carnations and white mums 
accented with a siller bow and a 

Similar emblems graced the 

wreaths on the silver candelabra — . — .—., . t- wi _. 

placed on either side of the floral I O " "_ " j AT 

arrangement. IS /70/70reO At 

Opon House Sol For Bridal Shower 
Raymond Sourdifi 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sourdlf 
of Newfolden will observe their 
SSIh wedding anniversary on 
Sunday, July 12, at an open house 
celebration at the Rkhnrd'Mocn 
home. Hours will be from 2 to 5 
p.m. A program will be given at 
2:30 p.m. All friends -and 
rein lives are welcom e to attend. 

Read Times Classified Ads. 

Jackpot Thursday 

Name drown In lost Thursday's lit Jackpot drowlnq' 
w« Mrs. Cari H. IWion. cfcy. »• w« -of ,*««*. 
Nome drawn In 2nd Jackpot wm Mn. Marrln Rehm, 
City. She was not present. Nest drawing will be Thwx- 
• ■ day, July 9. 




Miss Sharon Tweten was 
honored guest at a bridal shower 
held the Roger Sklme 
home. Planning the event and 
serving as hostesses were Arlys 
Hendrlckaon, Lucille Johnson 
and Doris Eggen. 

The honored guest was 
presented with a corsage 
designed by Vcrna Wold, uslnn 
variety of Kitchen items. TJ.. 
event began with a devotional 
meditation by Gladys Vcdum. 
Games were played and gifts 
opened and passed around for 

Those present, in addition to 
,. the honor guest and her mother. 
Mrs. Howard Tweten, were 
Carolyn TrontvCI. Orlnnda 
briksson. Mrs. Eldor Erickson 
Ardith Melius. Arletle Kom- 
pelien. Bobble Trontvet. Joyce 
Olson, Debra Olson, Bernice 
Sktme, Florence Carlson, Alice 
Hanson, Vernn Wold. Connie 
Grover, Evelyn Wold. Gladyj 
Vedum and Nona Tweten 

-...-. ....... . H44J. rut cum ui me 

groom ore Mr, and Mrs. Eugene 
■ Shea of Haiclton. N.D. 

Clvon-ln -marriage— by her 

1 _falhcr, the bride wore n street- 
leiiulh gqwri of lace over satin 
styled with long, seo-through lace 
sleeves. Her short veil was held 
In place by small flowers and 
seed pearls. She" carried a 
bououet of pink and white car- 
Attending the couple were Mr 
and Mrs. Martin Piticr, brother - 
In ■ law and sister of the brldo 
Mrs. Pllzer u-ore an aqua linen - 
dress with coordinating ac- 

A reception was held In the 
home of Mrs. Margaret YInemon 
following the ceremony. 

The couple will live at .2929 
nvenue north. Fnrgo, N.D. Both 
are recent graduates of the 
Bismarck junior college. The 
bride Is a graduate of -Lhe' 
Bismarck' high school and prior 
to her marriage was employed by 
the Red Owl Food center In 
Bismarck. The groom is a 
graduate of the Haiclton high 
school and In addition to at- 
tending North Dakota State 
university, he is employed by 
Hertz Rental nt Hector Airport. 

a green and white 
.The newly-weds- are spending 

"~"w -'w uic apenum 

trie summer months at Wcstclifi. 
Colo in the fall they will make 
their home at Fort' Collins: Colo 

■uiraminK a IOOJCS gall CJUO 

tourney. The event was set for 

July 10. Further details will be 

announced later. 
Plans were, also mode for a 

bridge tournament to be held this 
■ fall. This event will be open to the 

public. ■ ■ 

During the business meeting, 
golf committee, reminded the 
golfers how to mark their cards. 
She stated that in order to keep 
the records straight,, it was 
necessary that golfers record the 
date that they arc playing for on 
the cord. 

Announcement was made of 

yellow rosea - and" 

Attending the bride were her 
sisters: Miss Jill Cciscn as maid 
of honor and Mrs. L. Stephen 
Larson, as bridesmatron. Miss 
Cciscn was attired In a floor- 
lenRth gown of blue dotted Swiss 
complemented by it blue lllusli 
-ell hold by a daisy headplcc. 
She curried a nosegay of white 

ffciBiumiLi-mcuL wus mnaD oi 

the toWtoHons_jrccivjsiJ)yJhfl- 
■I«iir6Tub7The group was Invited 

.lomcs lost week after visiting 
relatives here, at Viking and 
Rodlum. Whflo hero. they were 
luncheon guests Thursday at tho 
homo of Mr. and Mrs. Thalcs 
Grindeland. Other guests were 
_Mr, nnd Mrs. Leonard Larson— 
and Bruce and EdSorenson, all of 
Viking, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold 
Anderson of this city. The 
follpwlng Saturday, the John- 
sons, Kcllcys, Mrs, Leonard 
Larson and Ed Sorcnson together 
with Ronald Anderson of Min- 
neapolis were dinner guests at 
the Harold Anderson home In this 
-xit- "- ■"— -' ■ - 

Princess Kay 
Competes For 

Miss Jancllc Go tike is 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon 
Gatike of Preston, competed 
with girls from 20 other states la 
Boston last week for the UUo of . 
American Dairy. Princess. 
^Hw- winner- will-rccdv 

veil hold by a daisy headpiece. 
She carried a nosegay of white 
and yellow daisies with bluo 
accents. Mrs. Larson was attired 
in a floor-length gown of yellow 
dolled Swiss with a yellow veil 
and daisy headpiece. Her 
nosegay of blue ond white daisies 
was complemented by yellow 

Sam Potter attended the groom 
as best. man. Jomes Ley, a 
brother, was groomsman.- 

For her daughter's wedding, 

John Olionj To Note 
Win Anniversary Sun. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Olson of 
Newfoldcn will be honored on 
their 40th wedding anniversary at 
an open house celebration on 
Sunday, July 12, from 2:30 to 5 
-p.m., jit the Westnker Free 
Lutheran- church at Ncwfolden. 

A program will be given at 2:30 

Children of the couple who ore 
making arrangements' for tho— 
event. Invite all friends and 
relatives to attend. x 

;y. inc »««iojuu. me group was mvitca WlUl am Pot uceft of Radium and 

aioring to participate in golf tourneys, the Robert Horicn family of this 

ud the July 7. at the Crookston Elks clly entertained, the Johnsons 

„»i„,i„_ eaunirtf »inh ™ n ^ ,T„i„ a -■ ,i.„ Kellcys, Larsons and Andersons' 

at a bclotcd Father's day 

gothcring at the Ed Sorcnson 

home at Viking. 

bride will be a" "senior,' 

In home economics, nno me -« "/ <■ m uil- ..rooKsion tins 

groom will be atlcndfng vctorin- country club and July 9, at the 

* (Imllnn nntt «1nh I. ..... _l 

'CMiiifoi JUarnival 

buunuy ciuu una umy », at tne 
Grafton golf club. It was also 
noted that Phyllis Mourn par- 
ticipated in the tournament at 
Red Lake Falls and received an 
Eagles on number four. 

Winners ,for June -23 were 
reported. In league play, Butch 
Kosel received the low In the A 
league land Ardls Botncr, in the B 
league." Sunny Wold 
winner of the golf cvci... ,..„.,„.„ 
closest to the pin on number (our 
Winning the day's prlic was 
Betty Roadfcldt. 

Hostesses at the luncheon were 
Eva Sindlng,' Kathy Wlnjum, 
Sylvia Olsph, Yyonnc-Bredeson- 
-and 'Marvel Van Rooy. 

Its "Paycatlon" time for those 
who sell their -Don't Wants" 
with a Times Classified Ad. ■ 

Coin Club Plans 
Family Picnic 

■^" k ?l ans . '?.■; a fnmi, y p |cn|c '° f« 

. the held at Warren will be made 
playing when the Thief River-Falls coin 
club meets Tuesday evening in • 
the meeting room of- the Thief 
River Falls public library. The 
Joint picnic with the Worrcn coin 
club will be held on Sunday, July 

r«C In 

off g u «. n »i an , 
Auitmlia, whic 

scholarship -and will represent 
the dairy former members of the 
American Dairy association as a 
-gocdwill.-ombussndress for"lho 
next year. 

Each of the competitors Is 
completing a year's reign as her 
state s dairy princess. Con- 
testants are between 10-23, and 
have at least n high school 
diploma. Major Judging points In 
the national contest ore: healthy, 
n atural otlrqclivg neBa.: 


August Johnsons 
Are Feted Orr 

■FMfurM from tho Kttchan 

Mrs. LlnlePeterlbfi 

God's piyj 

Mr. and Mrs. August Johnson "linVormese'dT^Ts'yesierdav 
re"laXs h Tn r S dr f T nU , y r Yca,cn f»' wflh '" "Tes and 
■a hSrrd « rhn II"! t [ lmda J™ ■■ »« ils P»1m Old aches, its 
' rld $A%» .^Sff-^'J «nd all its mlstakcsand- 
blunders has passed forevtr 
beyond recall 

Method: Add salt and 

w UU . UH a — macaroni to one quart balling 

There arc^wo'daysln the week wa '"- nH,1 « to l a - °olland ilmmer 

about which I never worry-two Tu t F me *"? 1 u done - Draln - 

. '- Ycr «"rry two Add the can of macaroni and beef 

1BHM , M , x wt i, Add 

cooked peas or equal 

u; /5th Anniversary «■ "■■i™ *» »n« «.«?, £S ?„Zt'.S' 

rural St. .HUalre, to help 
.'lebrule their 2ith wctT 


thini ceieDroie ineir 2ith wed- 
ding anniversary. Planning the 
event and serving ns hostesses 
were Mrs. .Larson, and Mrs. 

■ Minnie Slene. 
Mrs. Louis Ulrlch cut and 

served the anniversary cake 
which she had baked and 

■ decorated for the occasion. Mrs. 
Stene poured. 

Those present were Mrs. 'Mabel 

-■f P.- ...... 

fr until hot. Serv 

ibiii and a salad. .._ 

Tor thoic who tirefcr. thin hoi 


• with 

veuum and Nona Tweten, Those present were Mrs. Mabel 

?>£ndln£_gi!ls_but_uiiabIo-lo^ — alossJiK^GIndys-BorganrMIss — i 

attend were Dorothy Trontvet. Geneva Overum. Mrs. Seimn 

-i mine. It is God's. 

The other day that I don not 
worry about is tomorrow. 
Tomorrow, with all its Impossible 
adversities, its burdens, perils 
large promise and poor per- 
formance, its fnilures and 
mistakes, is as far beyond my 
reach as yesterday. 

Drawing at 7:45 P.M. 

Be In One Of TfrQO^qrticlpiitlng Stom 

-..end were Dorothy Tront.... 
vcrna Chrislensen. Ivndell 
Heierson, Ruth Nygnard. Clara 
Jacobson, Arlyce Twlstol and 
Becky Olson. 



Thttf River Fafli 

Geneva Overum, Mrs. Selma 
Fontaine, Mrs. Marie Kelly, Mr. 
and 'Mrs. -Art Knutson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Ray Vaudrin and Mr. and 
Mrs. Archie Anderson, all of 
^hlef River Falls; 

Also Mr. and Mrs. Carl 
Mosbock, Mr. ond Mrs. Richard 
Musbeck ond Steve, Mr. and Mrs. 
Me vln Melin. Mrs. Henry Mclin 
and Mrs. Leonard Mclin, all of 
(he Black River community; and 
Mrs, Louis Cassavnnt and Mrs 
Louis Ulrich and Kim of Red 
Lake Falls. 

■ -■ miu.t wrno preicr. (a 
dish may be heated in the 
topped with grated cheese. 
•Mrs. Peterson lives on a farm 
near Viking with her unmarried 
sop. Lavcrne. She does the 
housework, cooking, baking and 
taking care of the garden. In 
addition, she does all types of 
handwork, such as embroidering, 
knitting and crocheting. She -i 
cspec ajjy cnJoyD_mak(na 

-—"»!■'— -- "fnnlUh Ihl-n. - J7. 


Rifa SforbaJclcan To 
Marry Robert. Wald 

Mr. and Mrs. Hlldus Stor- 
bakken or East Grand Forks 
announce the engagement of 
he r daughter, Rita, to Robert 
Wold, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Wnld of rural Thief River Falls. 
Miss Storbakken Is a 19G4 
graduate of .the Warren hfnh 
school and is employed by the 
Citiien Slate bank at East Grand 

Mr. Wald is n IBjg graduate of 
the Northwest school of 
Agriculture nt Crookston. He is 

''"riagwHii farming . - ■ - . - ■ 

tedding Is 

and Its women's organiintlons. 
entertaining the groups in her 
home .whenever her "turn" 
comes around. 

And what is remarkable about 
all this? Mrs. Peterson does all 
these things from a wheel chair 
Several years ago, Mrs. Peterson 
tell on the streets in Tliicf River 
Falls, breaking a bone, which . 
yenr. The post four years havo 
been spent in a wheel chair or 

Always a very active person, 
Mrs. Peterson was determined 
that her misfortune wouldn't 
hinder her from doing the things 
she enjoyed. As she mastered 
each task, she went on to conquer 
others. Handicapped 

eon fight the battles of today 
carry the burdens of just one day 
or resist the temptations of the 
Today |s n Kift from God 
Thank Him for It. 

- 1 , 1 '? ° n ! v w hcn one wilfully 
adds tho burdens of those two 
awful eternities, yesterday and 
tomorrow, with such burdens as 
only the mighty God con sustain, 
.that one breaks down. Driving 
— Jncn-madare-noHhe-cxperlences 
of today but the remorse of what 
happened yesterday and the fear 
of what tomorrow may bring. 

These ore God's days. Leave 
them to Him.— R. J.'Burdelte. 

Personal thanks to all who have 
contributed Ideas, such as the ohe 
above, recipes and names of 
people to coll. as without these 
suggestions, the writing of Kit- 
chen Karnlvnl would be a chore 
Special thanks to the one who 
suggested coning Mrs. Llnie 
Peterson of Viking, today's 
contributor. In making the 
suggestion, she disc ribctT Mrs. 
Peterson as being "a very 
_rcmnrkable_womon_who_is-an ' 
Inspiration to all who know her." 
But more about Mrs. Peterson 
after her recipe. 

1 cup macaroni 
I leBipoon sail 
I can. macaroni and beef in 

tomato sauce. _i ■ 

I cup prnii 

" tablnpoon butter 

nTniurlty; voice quality . 
speaking ability; personality and 
poise; and dairy knowledge. 

Miss Gatzkc lives with her 
parents and two brothers on a 
ISO-acre dairy farm In Fillmore 
county. She graduated as 
salutatorian from Preston high 
school in 1SK3. Her high school 
activities included band, 
newspaper-staff, Thespian dub, 
FHA and National honor society. 
Reading, cooking, dancing, 
gardening and music were In- 
cluded in her hobbles, as well os 
being active In Luther league. 
For the past 10 months, Jancllc 
has been busy speaking up for 
milk and other dairy products. 

Plastic House 
Becomes Popular 
With Tourists , 

A new attraction has appeared 
on the Minnesota scene. It's 
Ensculptic, the "House of the 
future' 1 . Built basically of plastic, 
It has 3, BOO feet of living area. 
Though cove-like inside, ample 
windows and skylights bud the 
use of near white walls and floors 
uivc' the house a light, olry 
feeling. The brilliant colors and 
green plants used to decorate and 

"accent add to the" feeling of space 

. and warmth. 

merits from Red Lake, Pen- ■ 
nington, Kittson, Roseau, and 
Marshall counties as well as from 
Erskinc and Mentor In Polk 
Bashaw says fhal one of his 
'.o.K.tJnt creating ex periences 

normal trade os boilerman. As a 
chief boilerman, he Is responsible 
for supervision of care and 
maintenance of a ship's boilers 
and oil the equipment associated 

. with them, as well as for 

. receiving and InvcntorylngTucl 
oil and testing and supplying 
boiler water for the ship. In 
addition, as a petty officer he has' 
certain responsibilities of 
leadership, training and over- 
seeing of seamen. 
The recruiter notes that many 

-changcs-hnvetaltcn place in the „„ „, „„ u „ 

efjwy durlpg his term of service, rest of the advii 
especially in the field of train the Chinese sollt 
education. "When I first cqmo in. few of whom spoke English, in 
iwasjuslputonnshlpandloldlo the operation of tho ship. 
go to work. I learned my trade by The chief sees the security 
working at It, with maybe a offered by the Navy and the 
couple of two-or three-week possibility of retirement after 20 


Thief River Foils, Minn. . 

Monday, July 6, 1970 

came about during the summer 
of 19C8 when ho was Included in 
nn advisory crew whlchtrans- 
fcrrcd a destroyer to' the 
Notionalist Chinese .government. 
The World War II vintage ship 
had. been modernized and re- 
in the outfitted^ and Bashaw, with the 

, very 


years, ond he served four years In the Coast Guard 

and obligations of the U.S. Navy is Chief Boilerman previous to that. His recruiting duty In Thief River 
William Bashaw, Thief River Falls recruiter. Falls Is a three-year tour, of ter which he cxDccta to 
Bashaw has served In the Navy for the past eight Ro back aboard ship for i 

courses In some specialized 

study. _,_ 

"The 'new" Nnvy'» dlf- 
Irrrnt. Now most rnllitees 
with avrrage intelligence 
or hfllrr |f n rl ghl In y ' 
ivhrn they finish basic train- 
ing, -and the olelrr ffllawi 
who have been In a while 
can jjo to advanced training 
in tiirir sprcialllri." 
Not Just any sailor Is allowed to 
serve as a recruiter. " Bashaw 
advises. To be assigned to 
recruiting duty, a sailor has to be 
lended by ' 

the two greatest' 
advantages of a Navy career. 
The disadvantage highest on his 
list is the amount of time he 
spends away from his. wife, 
" v«rly,4ind-lheir three children. ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds and 
family of St. Paul arc. house 
guests a few days at the Frank 

-lllull! nomc. UJfllle VlSilirig'Wilh" 
relatives in the area and at- 
tending the 50lh wedding an- 
niversary open house honoring 
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Julius 

Mrs. Raymond Koslnewski 
and Irene of Stephen, Mr. ond 
Mrs. Stanley Grcmbowskl and 
Frank of Oslo were Tuesday 
afternoon visitors at the Thomas 

_.Samuclson home. _ 

Mrs. Randal Carpenter, 
Roxann and Mark drove to 
Winnipeg where they spent the 
weekend with- Randal who Is 
employed there and Shcri stayed 
with her grandparenH the Irvin 
Ivcrson'a over the weekend. 

Rey. and Mrs. Walter Black- 
wood of Dassel, Minnesota, who 
_ f ormcr pojio,. „t , nc 

Rev. and Mrs Fred Granstrom of 
Viking were callers Monday 

■SUlllM — 01 the Thnmnn.. 

aumuebwn home. 

their daughter Rcnao observe her 
birthday on Friday evening were 
Mr. and Mrs. John KJcllbcrg, 
Scott and Stacy, Mr. and'Mrs. 
-Sam Oswald. Mrs. Oliver Twlstol - " 
and Mr. and Mrs. Dlllmond 
Lewis, Dale, David and Dwayne 
of Juneau, Alaska. 
— Mrs. Joe-Taylor and Cris of 
Minneapolis and Mrs. Bruce 
Ford of Grand Forks spent lost 
week at their parental home the 
Ed Berg's. 

The ladies of the Oak Ridge 
A.L.C.W, are to be congratulated 
on the splendid Job of serving the 
lunch and with the decorating of ■ 
the church Jor the 50th wedding 


good wife. Mine 
our family and done a fan- - 
tattle Job. All the credit hat 
lo ko to her. Shf's slaying 
with her mother down in 
Auilln right now, but she's 
moving up hrre u week 

"I suppose as long as the Navy 

s.„:„r=hff^,5a K'iKMrter--" 5 

Navy Recruiter Has 
Many Years At Sea 

Though 11 . 

_residencc, Ensculptic Is open 

the public every afternoon and 
icveral thousand people have 
already visited this first of a kind 
home 23 miles west of downtown 
Minneapolis, FHA. chapters and 
art clubs, garden clubs and 

organizations have added 'En- 
sculptic to their list of places to 
. vislt_ wh en -in_tho_ Twin-Cltlcs.— 
Special group 

by Jim Lee 
Times Reporter 

While spending almost It and 
one-half years out of the last 12 at 
sea might seem like a rather 
unlikely thing for someone bom 
and raised in the highlands of 
Colorado to do, this Is exactly the 
background of Navy Chief 
Boilerman William Bashaw, 
Navy recruiter in Thief River 

A 1955 graduate of Westminster 

(a suburb of Denver), Colo., high 

school Bashaw entered the Coast 

Guard Immediately after 

private graduation, serving four ycarsin 

-that service. He tried civilian Ufa 
for a while, working and llvlngin 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but found 
the driving through traffic to 
work and home every day lost Its 
appeal, so in 1962, ho enlisted in 
the Navy. 

"1 like to' travel.". he mys. 
"and see the world. And 
the Navy has taken me ' 

around io I've seen a lot 

rof-lt—t-IItie— wld^ - open 
places, io I enjoy the ica 
life. II juit came naltiral- 

tlcipated. in a number of oxer- After his local recruiting 

clses in "stateside" waters, so ho assignment, which is normally a 

figures that he has 'spent an three-year lour of duty, Chief 

average of three months per year Bashaw says he will undoubtedly 

near enough home so that he go back to sea, lo work at. his 

could spend his evenings with his 

family. His home station has 

been in sobthern California for 

the past eight years, six of them 

at San Diego and [wo at Long 


The recruiter has spent all his 
time at sea on destroyer- type 
shins, "tin cans," he launhlnalv 
calls them. Re served on the 
guided missile frigate Worden 
in 1D65 and I9G0, during which 

tlme-lhe-shlp* operaled-as-a — 

search -and rescue craft, picking 
up downed aircraft pilots, on the 
Gulf of Tonkin In Southeast 
Asia. Ills last tour overseas, last 
fall, was spent on the destroyer 
Alfred A. Cumminghnm, which . 
engaged in fire-support opera- 
tions on the coast of South Viet-. 

mnnding officer., then screened hasshlpsnnd the sliips 

by ilie bureau or personnel In that's l he way If will be. There 

Wnshlngle- "" •«-« ■-■ ■" -• — ' J ■ ■ 

to Pick m 

and moral standards, weeding 
out those who may not represent 
the Navy in the best light. All 
recruiters must complete a 
seven-week course In the field 
before tlicy arc sent to their 
stations, t 

The —Thief River Foils 
recruiting station fs nnc oT about 
850 throughout the United Stales, 
and one of 2fl In Minnesota. Most 
Niivy recruiting stations have 

from one to four recruiters at a t , v „„„ 

time, depending upon the size of the program Mr. and Mrs. Molsk- 
the community In which they a a* ness and girls were luncheon 
located. Bashaw has a five- guests at Hie Alma Llndqulsl 
county area, handling enlist- home. 

Numedal . . . 

Mch Ohm, VS. I, Cttf. Ml-SSS* 

Mrs. Raymond Molskncss 
assisted with the teaching of 
Bible school that was held for two 
weeks at the Assemblies of God 
church In Thief River Falls. 
Their daughters Carol and 
Connie attended the school and 
tho theme was "Go Tell Vour 
World," theprogmm was held at 
the church P riday evening. Alter 


your hair 


care by 




lor tinted & bleached hair 

- gentle father never 

even delicate blondes. 

I) 50 1 12.60 



nuailablc. Individuals are also 

welcome, some hove already 

flown In from a* far as 

Washington and Denver or driven „ „.„. „„ „„ „ U111V1 Kin om lu 

' - from Wisconsin. Iowa ond the the Western Pacific since 19G2. 

hli Nai_ 
routine." he has been award'- 
ed the Navy and Coast 
, Guard Good Conduct Medals, 
the National Defense Ser- 
vice Medal, five awards of 
Ihe Vietnam Service Medal, 
and the Vietnam Campaign 









Year-round thrrmn!* in .trip., unit 
nolldi or High. Loft non-nllernonlc 
wrtivrs In solid... Moolilne w.iMmbl.- 
aml extra lonj; wcorlnrr.' T2.M In tc 
*0*W) In. 

HIGH. LOFT IIKALITIES ...... ._ > _.-../-l"- T 1 .— (j"- 

■ l-EI-PEREI.LS RIX. 11.95 MIRAI.UX . . 9" 

■ NORT H STAR P.UCm voUK PI.AMI g98 - 






Regular Si. 99 each 

- with any Dry-Cleaning an 

Oiler Good thru J.j|, )Sth 

NARverud Cleaners 

Phono 681-3441 



FU Head Pleased 
With Passage Of 
Milk Program 

— E tfa lti-Cftrtstlans on, Nfl nanaT 
Formers .Union vice president, 
expressed both pleasure and 
disappointment with the 
legislative maneuvering which 
provides for .extension of the 
school milk progrnm Without the 

-President^- it g nature. 

"First, I am pleased thnLthls 
measure has now become law, 
allowing the continuation ot the 
program that provides milk lo 
millions of school children, 
without intcrruplion or reduc- 
tion," Christiansen sold. 

"I am "also pleased tiy the 
obvious mood of ihc Congress In 
passing this bill and nuihoriiing 
1120 million dollars for-ils Im- 

"It Is disappointing and 
disquieting." Christlonson 
continued, "that n program as 
proven and successful as our 
school milk progrnm should have 
Id face the open opposition of the 
administration far its existence. 
ond then when passed by 
Congress, lo be denied the en- 
dorsement of. the President's 

"In my opinion" the form 
leader explained, "the impact of 
thin expression from the head of 
our government is certain to have 
a depressing affect on numerous 
plans and projects designed to 
expand and broaden 'child 
nutrition improvement. 

"To argue (hat only 10 per cent 
of the milk presently served 
under tills progrnm goes to those 
in poverty Is really admitting 
thai there is.rcnt need to broaden 
and improve the program so 
every child can participate." 
Christinnson said. 

"11 may tie that there Is need to 
consider other nutritional and 
feeding programs," the Farmers 
Union official slated. "However, 
umll they are In actual operation, 
and are providing this milk to 
school ehildern in a potteni that 
has proven to be as effective and 
workable as the school milk 
program, it Is neither wise nor 
fair lo discard this already 
proven and effective system." 
Christinnson declared "The 
.position that the funds ap- 
propriated for this program will 
now be used to supply milk or 
school lunch to only those 
■children In poverty, ond In 'this 

Kottke Named 
To Position At 
Junior College 

(continued from page It 


children to suffer the Indignity of 
being publicly identified and 
exposed to this kind of 
humiliation is completely in- 
defensilile os a vnlfd part of tills 
consideration. As a notion, we 
have little right to boast of cither 
our wealth or our I'ducallonol 

Tina resource per so 
developing adult education 
courses for the Molt foundation in 
Flint during these same years. 
Kottke has been In the field of 
education at the high school and 
college level for more than 22 
-year*-ln-hiHlory,-eociai -studies, 
physical education, -health 
education, supervision and 
athletic coaching. 

In business, Kottke was an 
executive vice prosldcnl- 
. manager of western division, 
Helmnc Products corporation. 
Santa Barbara. Calif. He has also 
been in the golf business as a golf 
professional and manager of- a 
number of golf and country clubs 
In Minnesota, North Dakota and 

Koltkc received his bachelor's 
degree from St, Cloud state 
college and his master's degree 
from the University ' of Mln- . 
ncsota. Addltlonalpraduatework - 
has been taken at the University 
of Minnesota, Now Mexico stale 
university. Black Hills state 
.college and Bemldil slate college. 
Kottke ottopdod Syracuse 
university for U.S. Army Air 
Corps training during World War 

Kottke has been the recipient of 
many distinctions, honors and 
awards In the field of education 
and nthlcllcs. He will be leaving 
his present position as assistant 
professor of education, at 
BcmldJI slate college. He and his 
wife. Lois, have one son. Randy. 

Naval Airman 
Home On Leave 
In Middle River 

Aviation Electronic Technician 
Airman David J. Inman is home 
on leave following completion of 
22 weeks of school at the U.S. 
Naval Air station. Memphis, 
Tcnn. He is the son of Mr. and 
Mrs. Alonio Inman, Middle 

Following completion of his 
leave Inmnn will report to the 
Naval Air Technical Training' 
center. Glencoc, Go. for duty. 

David enlisted In the Navy In 
Thief River Falls Oct. 3, l%a. He 
previously attended Northland 
Stale Junior college In Thief 
'Itivcr Falls. 

Two From Area 
Receive St. Cloud 
State Degrees 

and Ann? Jncobson at Mcintosh.. . n. rP .,.. 
Mr.Jind Mrs. Leon McMahon fT* ^' 1 . 

id Mrs. Leon McMahon ,_ - ;- - 
and Grandson Tommy were brief Monday, July 6, 1070 

callers at Sclmn Sanders on " 



Thief River Falls! Minn. 


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hansen's Turadav evening until Thursday at Grecnbush with Rev. Walter 

[rjrnl.mni nam" w n« Mi m » {„ "Qonj'nd_ot_tJi c _cJiurch for on e E. Bcomon officiating. Mrs. Otlo 

ast weeks paper. His name is ™wpriortoiheUmeof services. Tvaagc~ ST., and- Mrs.;- Henrys — 

Steven Douglas Kelm. Sorry. A complete obituary will be In Flatcn sang two ■elections with — 

Mr. and Airs. Milton Haugcn of ">e Wednesday edition of the 

Moor head spent last Sunday at Times. 
the Sam Haugcn home. 


Falls, winner of Ninth district competition, will 
compele July 23 in Moorhead at the'Amerlcan 
Legion auxiliary department convention. Scaled in 
the front row arc Mrs. Frank Hnrgcr (left), ac- 
companist, and Mrs. Normaa Peterson, director. 

Standing In front oro Mrs. Donald L. Olson and Mr 
. Ruby Hanson. Others left lo right are Mrs. Evorci 
Amundgaord, Mrs. Pearl Ivcrson, Mrs. Jomca 
Cuppetl, Mrs. Robert Reeve, Mrs. Jnrvis Prfchard 
Mrs. L. P. Winters, Mrs, Herman Dargus, Mrs' 
Ormond Johnson. Mrs. Mclvin Ernst and Mrs 
Richard Kotschcvar. ■ 


Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Harry ol 
ilberg attended the reunion at- ft 

Mr. ond Mrs. Kenneth Suns- 
•dahl returned homo after a 
vacation trip. First they went to 
Minneapolis where thev visited at 
the Luc Len Bo home. There they 
. met Mrs.. Lc Bon's parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Olc Sunsdahl. Mr. and 
Mrs. Kenneth Sunsdahl and Mr. 
and Mrs. Ole Sunsdahl left for 

Force Base. Then they went to 
Tipton, Indiana where they 
visited at' the Hank Sunsdahl 
home. Then they went "sight 
seeing to Chicago and on their 
way homo th™ -*— 
dinner n l the Jai 
Parkers Pralre. 

S.T.G3 Jack Sunsdahl, son of 
Mr. and Mrs. KcnneUi Sunsdahl 

Is home on furlough from Son 

Diego, Calir. 
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wells 

visited at the Amlc Markuson 

Fred Borchardt 
Funeral Services 
Held Here Friday 

Flatcn sang two selections v. 
Miss Susan Brand void as ac- 
companist. Interment wis In (he 
church cametery. Collins 
Funeral home, Grecnbush, was . 
In charge of arrangements. 

Pallbearers were Warren 
Emery, Elllason Emery, Henry 
Brazier, Clarence Melby, Selmer • 
Waage and Ralph Pcdcrson. 

Arthur Norman Nelson, r — 

Funeral services for Fred of the late Thomas and Mary 

Borchardt, 66. of Thief River 
Falls, who died Tuesday at 
Northwestern hospital, were held 
Friday at 2 p.m., at the Green 
Funeral home. Rev. ^Alexander 
Sloffcl, pastor or Hon Lutheran 
church, officiated. Mrs. James 
Dulflgcr was the organist and 
Mrs. . Lester . Vfgness, soloist. 
Interment was In Greenwood 
Pallbearers were Lowell 

Nelson, was born Aug.. 9, 1003 In 
Bnrnett township, Roseau 
county, near Grecnbush. He 
attended school in the Grecnbush 
community and spent his lifetime 
there working for many years as 
a carpenter. 

He is survived by two brothers : 
Mel v In Nelson of Grecnbush and 
Gohard of Barabce, Wis.; three 
Sisters: Mrs. Jcrdls Pcnas, Mrs. 
Myrtle Olson, both of Min- 

MSBA Session — 
For New Members 

Collins, Ronald Scullhorp, Duanc ncapolis and'- Mrs. Clifford 

the technical College „. 
Crooks ton. 

Coffee guests during the week 
at the Harry Solbcrg home were 
Mrs. Dick Marquis and Mrs. 

Mr. ; 

Noel, Martin Stenbcrg. Donald 
Engclstod and Archie Placck. 

Fred Borchardt was bom June 
21 1904 In Germany. There he 
attended school and grew to 
manhood. At the oge of IB years, 
he Immigrated to the united 
Stoics, settling In Thief River 
Falls where ho had since resided. 

He was employed for several 

... n»,u u.iu nixnu. anu ff"« *V «» &» LlllC RallrOfld. 

id Mrs. Hcnford Rolsland "<= later worked nl Oakland Pork 

Slgrud and Edwin Slgrud visited 
at the Harold Uglum home. 
Lois Swnnson was a coffee 
Tuesday with Mrs, Bert 

(Hilda) Foss of St. Hlloire, onda 
number of nieces and nephows. 
; His parents and one brother 
(Obcrt) preceded him in death. 

brought birthday gifts for Mrs. 
ESflar Miller and Marl Lou and 
also were lunch guests at the 
Miller home. Ella Hanson 6f 
Thief River Falls sent a card and 
gift but was unable to attend the 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Jones ond 
Mr. ond Mrs. Wilfred Stephenson 
visited at Beltrami and NcilsvlIIc 
" Sunday. 

> (.O.MI'ETK nt the American Legion auxiliary department con- 
ntlon music contest will be the Thief River Falls trio Including. Iclt 
on. Mrs. Jarvls Prichard and Mrs. L. P. 

- Earl Sanders 
Sanders home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sanders and 
Alnn of Embarrass spent from 
-Thursday until Monday nt the 
Sclmn Sanders home. 

Lloyd Crown of Thief River 
Falls passed away last Wed- 
nesday at Northwestern hospital. 
Funeral services were on 
Saturday. Lloyd is Mrs. Max 
Jcnson's father. Sympathy is 
extended to the family. 

Mrs. Kenneth Coan, Marcla nX-i 
and Roger visited Tucsdnv with {££tSn hoSD i ln | Funeral 
Mrs. Bobby Zavoral and Marlon. «ic ■•■"-■' ■ ■ 

nursing home and then at Wiener 
Motors Inc. 

He was married here In 1952 to . 
Nellie Arncvik. She survives. 

He wns preceded in denth by 
his parents and one sister. 

Arthur Nelson 
Services Held 

Mrs. Lloyd Thompson and i> *»»____■_ ■ 
Tommy visited at the Wilfred AT VreeflDUSh 

Stephenson home on Monday. 

Mrs. Bert Coan and grand- 
daughter, Mori Lou Miller visited 
with Lflii Stephenson on Monday. 
Clarence BcrgeSyn of Gully 
ay Saturday ' " 

Worm And Wet 
Is Summary Of 
June Weather 

(continued from page 1) 
The following weather figures 
are provided for the Times by 
personnel of the North Central 
airlines terminal at the Thief 
River Foils municipal airport: 

'heiS P?ri rV-SKJ . i "' vicc9 wl " « Thursday at 

..^Ba^nVrd.^: SSl-W ™ h ™ ««a»* 

. Orlando Cherveslod, Mrs. C. R. 

Increased number of Applcmon, . Mrs. John Cullln, 

Mrs. Bert Coan. Mrs. Joek 

Hadnleckl, Mra. Orland Hanson 

and Mrs. Ernest Swnnson 

motored to Argyle Tuesdny nf- 



. 71 3D 
. 77 44 

results in 

Once the studies have been 
completed, nnd Increased cost 
determined, the customers will 
have an opportunity to decide 
whether they'wont the increased 
service with the resultant extra 
cost. An estimate of two months 
will be necessary lo complete the 

Linnae Hanson 
Named P rincess 
"fiTState Event 

Gully. ' 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lund 

itckj. Mr, 0,,.„H „,„,„. ^"SfflKwi. crjtal or. Ihc 

Arthur Norman Nelson, GG a 
lifetime resident of the Green- 
bush- community, died Sunday- 
evening. June 28, at the Karlstad 
Memorial hospital. 
- Funeral services for Arthur 
Nelson were held Thursday at 2 
p.m., at the Zlon Lutheran church 


Published itmi-w.e%. 
Mondays & Wodnsidays. 

*t 324 N. Main Av*., 

Thief Rtvar Falli, Minn. 

56701 , 

Minnesota School Boards 
nssoclntion (MSBA) will sponsor 
an orientation meeting for ncwly- 
elected school board members on 
Tuesday, July m, at the Hotel 
Plck-Nfcollet in Minneapolis. 
Registration begins at B a.m. ' 
Designed to assist new school 
board members, the program 
.also features a discussion of 
problems for experienced board 
members and workshops for 
board chairmen, clerks and 
school supcrfntcn dents. 

Workshops for board members 
will cover school district policies, 
the school budget ond board- 
teacher relations. Donald 
McGulrc,' Lakcvillc superin- 
tendent; James Knutson, MSBA 
counsel; Jim Jacobs, MSBA staff 
member; and W. A. Wctlergrcn, 
executive secretary, will be the 
consul Utnts. 

Members of the news medio 
will present a special workshop 
foe superintendents. Bill 
McGivcrn, director of news 

tendance, records, -This- Urn o,-lho 
play is being offered for two 
weeks, Juno 30 Ujrough July 12, 
with a performance on July 6. 

Lead roles ore played by Mike 
Chandler.nnd Xcnia He ras worth, 
'directed by Terry Markovlch, 

ictlslicdii cctor, n nd . F nllon 

Gallagher, musical director. 
Curtain time is B;30 p : m. 

Mpls. Group Is 
Bringing Suit 
Against Board 

' Statewide appeal far support 
was issued today by the recently- 
organized Concerned Parents 
and Citizens of Minneapolis 
(CPCM) In their suit against two 
Minneapolis teacher 
organizations and the. school 

The action stems from the 
CPCM's reaction to . the set- 
tlement of the recent teacher 
strike In Minneapolis and points 
to threatened strike action again 
In 1971 ond the possibility or 
widespread strikes in the outstata 
area at well. 

In the Hennepin county court 
filing, the parent -clUten group 

telle nnd Cheryl and Corn Hanson 
of Gully. Agnes Ham rev. Gundn 
Halvorson nnd Mrs. Sclvln - 
Christopherson and Joe Pletchell' 
—woro-brlef-enllem-looon-FTidayr innird.iv 

Crookston were supper guesls at Uuro 
Norman Strands on Thursday. **"'« 

Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Bakke 

and Brcndn o[ Gonvlck were 

Sunday visitors nt the Albert 

Anknes home. 

-, Saturday guests at thn Albert 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 


Monday, July 6, Ifl70. 

Snm Ingn. Sclmn.Straml were Anncltc Flotcland, daughter of 

■yijiirday aficmoon and Sunday Diane F-vJe, daughtcrof MrTonT 


Laura Allcndorf and friend 
Gerald of Grand Forks were 
weekend visitors with Leo and 
Mary Allcndorf. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Wayne Halvorson 
and children of Fosslon were 
Friday visitors Tit the Dennis 

Helen Sordahl of Alma, Calif. 
■"i)1i,i,r^rifV.'^"'t-AV,in^7 nrr i™i here on- Thursday to 
I n .H?y «na Saturday visitors at lu . r sislcr nnd fnmi , Vp , he Demi& 
Halvorsons and with other 
relatives and friends. 
"Mr.'ond Mrs. Gilbert Nllson of 
Prospect Heights, III., arrived 

' Nelson. III. 

INVITED TO SING for the opening session of the 
.American Legion auxiliary department convention 
In Moorhead July 23 Is the sextette from the Thief 

operations for KSTP television; M h S it'ErS^tfEi 7 n ln " 
JlmlOlrmnn nrwtuvllinr wrrn ""^ " lal " ™ pcnnittcd to in. 
Jim Herman, news editor, WCCO (crvcne m ^ c oc ^ m iniUnkd ^ 

Second class postage 
paid at Thief Itivcr 
Falls, Minn. 5C701 


F*nnlngton County and 

adjoining countlM ISJ» 

per j*ax. Outslda 

oi«a SJSO p*r y«ar 

a editor,' WCCO 
raoio; anil Arch Pease, 
publisher, ABC newspapers and 
also a member of the stafc board 
of education, will speak on "Mr. 
Superintendent— How I sec the 
Public Schools." 

Warroad Bridge 
Work Underway 

7i™*. irK ,,,h "' ,hc B"»»«> Sturre fomlly on 
^.! pp J- a .}?!* .. Rar ^ ns Saturday evening. 

Glennle Lien vislled Tuesday 

Following the tour the grouj 
enjoyed n picnic supper at n park 
in Thief River Faffs. 

Mrs. Anna Swanson of the 
Valley home accompanied Mr. 
and Mrs. Ernest Swnnson 
Saturday evening when they 
vislled at the Alfred Solcm home 
of rural Thief River Falls. 
— M a ri Lo u' M i 1 1 era nd-M rs -Bcrl- 
Coan called on the Frank Lunds 
and Einnr Sands on Tuesday, 

f Television Schedule 

it the Kenneth Sunsdahl 

Rites Today For 
Simon Holmberg, __ 
Retired-Butcher iji^™ 

J. Simon Holmberg, 00, a 
longtime resident of Thlcr River 
Fulls, who owned and operated 
the Holmberg Meat Market until 
his retirement, died Thursday 
evening at Northwestern 

Funeral services for Simon 
Holmberg lire being held today 
(Monday) at 3 p.m., at the 
Evangelical Covenant church 
with Rev. Allen Fndcl officiating. 
ifiii( Interment will be In Greenwood 
( tov cemetery. Green Funeral ho me 
-" - — tr In'chnrgeofnrrn ngem ent s . 
. The body will repose at the 
church for one hour prior lo the 
time of services. A complete 
obituary will be In Wednesday 
edition of the Times. 

Work has been underway for 
about two weeks on the bypass on 
(he east side of the Warroad river 
■ bridge at Warroad. 

The bypass will be used by 
. traffic while the old "wagon 
brldgc"ovcr the Warroad river Is 
torn down midreploccd by a new ■ 
structure, d procedure that Is 
- cxpcolcd to take a year to 

Theold brldgcwos built In 1922- 
23 of four 75-foot spans with a 20- 
foot wide roadway ond five-foot 
sidewalk. The roadway, designed 
. and built before automobiles 
were common in the ana, wos 
wide enough for horse-drawn 
wngons, but has become too 
— narrow— line-to - me^neraraRT 
wldth of autos. 

The new bridge will be JM feet 
in length, with a 100-foot concrete 
approach at cither end. The 
roadway will be H feet wide, with 
a -six -foot -wide sidewalk on each 

. While the bypass is In use, river 
water, will be allowed to pass 
through an eight- foot-high by 12- 

the state of Minnesota through. 
Attorney General Douglas Head 
involving tho Minneapolis . 
Federation of Teachers (MFT), 

' the city of Minneapolis Education 
association (CMEA). the 
teachers as a class, and the 
Minneapolis school board. 

Kathcrinc Howard, coordinator 
for the organization, said they 
are "Bghtlng a battle which will 

. benefit all citizens and taxpayers 

of Minnesota in thc.-Iong run. 

.>,„ i„,_,- There. will be another teachers 

sjwEK atrikc ln Minneapolis in 1071, if 

what they want. The president of 
the Minneapolis Fcdernllf- -" 

QUARTETTE ENTRY from the Thief Hivcr Falls American Legion 

auxiliary will compete in the department music contest July 23 in 

'I nsk all Minnesota cllUcns to Moorhead. A previous Ninth district winner, the quartette Includes. 

leftto ■riBht,-Mrs.-Jnn p ts-Pr1crtnrd.'Mrsriluberi"Kecvc7'MrsrL.' P. 

Winters nnd Mrs. Rudy Hanson. 

Teachers promised It. 
"1 ask all Minnesota 
upporl our- Minneapolis group 
stiver J " '- 1 '" ' 

bypass, of paved earth-fill 
construction, will consist of two 
12-foot traffic lanes and a 

Paul Bunyan 
Playhouse Has 
"Guys— Dolls" 

Musical "Guys and Dolls" Is 
the second offering of the season 
"* "■" "~ ' "L-Bunya n -Play houso,— 


A tats, of floating crap games, 
dance hall girls, gangsters. 
— i._i — bonds, polic 

actively ond financially because 
the next strike may not be con- 
fined to Minneapolis alone. It 
came within* a hair's breadth of 
statewide proportion last month 
and may Involve the entire slate 
during the next school year", 
Mrs. Howard stated. 

In its suit, the CPCM asks: (1) 
The school board be prevented 
-from paying the striking icachers- 
an Illegal bonus to gct around 
Minnesota's "no strike low", (2) 
the school board be prohibited 
from paying the striking teachers 
for seven of the days they were on 
strike; 13) that the burden of 
proof that an absent teacher was 
not on strike be placed on the 
teacher and not on the citizens. 

Mrs. Howard pointed out that It 
Is the third provision which 

Grygla Community 
Events of Interest 

i. w. *. i*v*»», orr-rt*. sm-im 

— Mrr-nnd-MrsT-Nctt-ftnder so nr 
Jon, Jean and Eric of Sunlnnd, 
California arrived Sunday at the 
C. N. Anderson home for a few 
days visit with relatives. 

Dinner guests Sunday at the 
Clifford Anderson home were Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Neil Anderson and 
children, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 
Johancson, Donald and Phyllis, 
Manlcy Anderson and son Glen. 
Mr. ond Mrs. Mencer Englund of 

Twln-Vnllcyr "" 

— Mrsr-EnrryTostor, 
Loren and Lylc Cf Ruper . 
also arrived Tuesdny for a weeks 

River Falls unit. Members include, left to rlnht 
Mrs. Jorvis Prichard, Mrs. Everett Amundgoord' 
Mrs. L. P. Winters, Mrs. Robert Reeve. Mrs. Mclvin 
Ernst and Mrs. Norman Peterson. 

A week ogo. Sunday, Mr. and 
Mrs. Alfred Sorenson meUwith 
other relatives in Fargo for n get 
together. Mrs. Agnes Smith of 
Sacramento, Calif, returned 
home wilh them for a visit. This 
past Sunday, Mrs. Herb Sorcnson 
and Spencer and Mrs. Bessie 
Kowe, all of Wayne, Mich, 
arrived for a visit with relatives. 
A birthday party honoring 
three grandchildren of the Art 
Nordbys, Paul, John nnd Gwen 
Nordby was held Sunday at the 
Art Nordby home. Gucsls^prcscnt 
were Mr. and Mrs. Art Nordby, 
Mrs. Alice Tvclen, Mr. and Mrs. 
Howard Tvclen ond children of 
Thief River Falls, Mr. and Mrs. 
Orvls Nordby and boys of_ 
Cavalier. "N.'D.," Mr. and Mrs. 
Hoy Nordby and family, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Rodney Anderson and 
family andMr. ond Mrs. Lcland 
Lee and Perry or Thief River 
Falls. In the evening. Mr. and 
Mrs. Dnylc Kolnz nnd family of 
Goodridi:e._Mr._and_MnLAlnn - 
Telfilnnd and granddaughter. 
Vickie Ostlund of Grand Forks, 
N. D. The children oil received 
gifts nnd cards from their guests 
•nnd a birthday lunch was served. 
Mr. ond Mrs. Tom Smith 
visited Tuesday evening with the 
Art Nordbys. 

Mrs, Palmer Slstad passed 
away Monduy. She formerly 
lived near Grygla. Sympathy i 

the Albert Anknes he... 

Mrs. Marie Hruby, Roscltn and 
Jcrome.Mrs. Al Hadnleckl and 
Mathew and Mrs. Laura Cota of 
,Oklce. Mr. and Mrs. W. Grnberg 
of Okiee. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mclvin 
Bakke and family of Gonvlck, 
Mr. and Mm. Way no Bakke and 
boys of South Milwaukee, Wis. 
nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. James Lusslcr 
nnd friend of. Red Lake.- 

Mr. nnd Mrs. John Elsbrcncr 
nnd children of Inver Grove 
Heights spent Sunday nnd 
Monday evening nt the Albert 
Anknes'. Thev were enroule [o 
Biwnbic lo visit friends und alio 
o navy buddy at Cleveland. Ohio 
Mr.- and Mrs. John Elsbrcncr 
and children or Inver Grove 
Hoight.s spent Sunday nnd 
Monday evening at the Albert 
AoltncH. They were enroufe to 
Biwnbik lo visit friends and also a 
navy buddy at Cleveland, Ohio. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dunne Roulund 
and children of Unudeltc spent 

the weekend at the Ve 

Hovclsrud home. 
.Mr. and Mrs. Beimel' Strand of 
Crookslon moved their trailer 
house In Trail and .are spending 
months here. 


ceremonies «__ „.„„.,,. 

of Oklec. The 2 highest winners 

for ticket sale went to Paulcttc 

Anknes and Debbie Vcttleson 

They received trophies from Ihc 

Aaknes garage. The winners of 

the soap box derby were light' 

weight 1st Timmy Knlscr. 2nd 

Kurt Halvorson. 3rd Tommy 

- - - ,-,- Loilond. For the distance wns 

months with - Scott BnkkeofSouth MilWaukeeC - 

" "- " — '* years, wcn t lo ft. farthest of the 

25 entries in the race. Heavy 

weights, 1st Danny Flnseih, 2nd 

Steven Loilnnd, 3rd Rebecca 

Debbie Weberg accompanied 
her mother and brother, Mrs. 
Violet Weberg nnd Scott of Thief 
River Falls to Chicago, III., to 
visit with her daughter and son - 
in - law Mr. ond Mrs. Bob Fields. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bakke and 
boys of South. Milwaukee, Wis,. 
arrived on Thursday to visit at 
the Albert Anknes and Mclvin 

of Oklee and Mrs. 
Halvorson of Trail. 1st prize of 
J3.00 went to Gordon and Janet 
Flotcland/ 2nd prize 12.00 Mark 
VQinvn. 3rd prize (1.00, Darrel, 
David and Darren Evje. Jloo.oo 
winners vocre Elmer Nord, 
Fosslon, Mrs. Pcnrllc Pnzcnlk. 
Bcjou, Marvin Grover. Trail, M. 
Welscnburgcr, Minneapolis, Jon 
"-■"■' Gonvlck, Helmer-Hcn- — 


ime.Mrs.Bnkkccamelo drlckson. Trail. Lnrry Snthcr 
:lic COlh anniversary Gonvlck. Mrs, Ed . Busklngcr, 

nueen. Ml... , 

Anknes) was the queen of Trail 10 
years ago. 

On Friday, night, June a; 
Kathy Aaknes Bakke of South 
Milwaukee, Wis., was crowned 
Mlh anniversary oiieen 10 year= 
ago and came back to crown "' 
queen for the colli 

Fosston, Alvln Miller. Fosslon! 

Is -your attic full of Don't 
Mints? Turn iliem inlo ready 
:ash wilh a Times Classified Ad, 


Mr. nnd Mrs. Lcland Lee a 
Perry of Thief River Fulls n 
spending n week with refutivi 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ostlund, 
LeAnn nnd Leslie, Mr, nnd Mrs. 
Lester Ostlund and Robbv, Mr. 
and Mrs. Emmett. Finley of 
Ros eau, Mrs. Alien So og o, Daren 
:i n cTTummy, Mrs. Dah 

Trail . 

torncy general. "In "effect," the jj u " ls were Elnlne ond Janice 
--"lool board is saying thnt tho V," _".?" .°J..?I 1 . n . n _ C0, S 1 ^'. ""; 

taxpayer must 

teacher was on SItikc ruuier man 
the teacher proving that he was 
not on strike as the law requires. 
We contend that the burden of 
proof as to whether an absent 
teacher was or was not on strike 
Is on the teacher. It should not be 
up to any citizen to prove that an 
absent teacher was, in fact, on 
strike," she said. 

— ^Our— suit-notos— thii t - m any - 
teachers have sworn that they 
cnot on strike but the school 

Mun,ley Anderson, Karl and 
Gtcnda at the Hurry Johancson 
home besides, all the "above 
. mentioned who were guests nt 
'dinner nt the Anderson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ingvnld Peterson 
(o niece of Mclvin Sorcnson) of 
Osnkls vislled Thursday with the 
Norman Newton and Mclvin 
Sorensons In Grygla and nt 
Roseau wilh other relatives. 

Mr.and Mrs. Dunne Von "Wold. 
. Hriir e , II ebble_and._Dwiglil_of 

Thief Hiv 


i' Sunday 

afternoon and supper guesls a 
odm"inistrn'tion"ha"s"do"nc nothing the Phillin Von Wald home. 

In rhnllnnirn thi.»/» nfflrinvltK r-* 1 ?.- anQ _?_ l ™ 

Delano Flo 

family of Thief River Falls were 
. Sunday supper guests at John 

Weekend guests ot the Tom 
WebsicrhomewcreMr. and Mrs. 
_Rlchnjd Brooks Jrntid girls and 
Eloha Brooks, all ofMonlicollo 
nnd Julie Ann Johnson of Zim- 
merman. Minn., also Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Albert Moo of Grygla. 
Evening visitors there were Allen 
Korslnd or Stanley, N. D. and 
Lcland Korstad. 

Mr. und Mrs. Amos Thompson, 
Paula, Paulcttc and Bobby were 
Fathers day visitors nt_tl]e,Victar_ 
Anderson home In Bagley. 

Monday, n week ogo, Tilfred 
Vlkcn of Chicago, 111. vislled wilh" 
the Dollon Andersons. He spent 

i» -<„ m ..... .......... — .. fl boul a week -visiting wilh old 

and his brother William will be { r ^ 1 i " a fr cnds bcforc rclurnin K 
%tih of'these men arc natives ° Mr - "n^Mra. Earl Halvorson 
■iK Srir ir ££- " "'' ncuby_af_Goodrl.lgr w ere- 
oi uinnrrcn nnu >iiu»u lonncir Tn™:rtni/ ■>vi>n!n<r vitiinro ni iii,< 
singing and speaking 'and in- So^Paulsontn^e ""^ '" '"' 
strumental music. Meetings wiM ^ |Blto „ nl „ lc Kcrnc] Pau , M 

.be-held-each cvcning-nt-B-and homcUurinH the piisCu 

Sunday at 3:30 and 8 p.m.- Mrs.Amc Kujanson ond Sandrar 

The second week. July 14-10, Mrs. Amos Thompson, Bobby 
Rev, Rodney Stu eland of the- ond Pnuletle. Jimmy Halvorson. 
Ncwfoldcn parish will be the Earl Halvorson ond Bobbv oi 
speaker. The public Is cord i ally ■ GoodrJdge. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver 
Invited lb oirthe "services. ""'-' "" 

to challenge these affidavit! 
although they have lists of 
lickcllng teachers," Mrs. 

toward said. 

Correspondence can be 
directed to the pa rent -citizens 
Howard, 572B-3eth Ave. So., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 55417. 

'Tent Meetings 
Start This Week 

Northern Lutheran Layman's 
fellowship to sponsor two weeks 
or tent meetings nt the Thief 
River fairgrounds July 7-19. 
Speaker for the first week. July 7- 
12, will be Rev. Arnold Windnhl, 

and Ryan, all of Roseau, Mrs. 
Larry Foster and children of 
Rupert. Idaho, Mrs. George 
Yaegcr of Battle Creek. Mich.. 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mnrvln Foss and 
Jodi of Thief River Falls nnd 
Richard Foss of (he University of 
North Dakotn. who also spent the 
weekend nt his parental home. 
Mrs. Dill Power and children of 
Decatur, III. Joined them for the 

The Lydln circle met at the 
-Norman Newton home Thursday 
. June istli with Mrs. Bob Santt 
-loading -Biblo-sludy-and— Mre.- 
Erwin Johnson giving offering 
meditations. Mrs. Norman 
Newton and Mrs. Vernon Drnleng 
wore tho hostesses. 12 members 
attended and Mrs. Shnrlolle 
f inn sen's birthday was honored, 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Newton. 
Mrs. Clarence Peterson nnd Miss 
Charlotte Lovd attended funeral 
.services for. Miss Andinc Newton 
oi Hopkins, Minn. Tuesday at the 
Bethany Lutheran church, rural 
Thier River Falls. 

Mrs. Clarence Peterson 
brought Lynn Anderson home lo 
Grecnbush on Wednesday. He 
had spent n week at the Peterson 

H™. ABmt Aikm, TiaU 

M r. a nd Mrs . Erwi n PecyosLol 
SoulITMiiwaukec, Wis. nrrived 
here to spend a week with her 
mother, Mrs. HoSe Hruby nt 
Thief River Foils and her sisters. 
-Mrs. Radniecki ot Oklee and Mrs. 
Tanem nt Goodrldge, also her 
sister. Mrs. Anknes at Trail. 

Week ago Thursday evening 
Mrs. Gulrude Ellickson 
Tomlne Moe called on 
Albert Anknes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvln Bakke 
nnd Brcndn and Mr. and Mrs. 
Albert Anknes were sight seeing 
nt Bemldil a week ago Sunday. 

Hnlvor Itlkje oi Kent. England 
-arrived herc-on-Sunday-to-spcnd- 
somc time ot the Albert Aaknes 
horn e. 

Mr. und Mrs. Erwin Pervi 
South Milwaukee. Mrs. ... 
Radniecki and Mathew of Oklee, 
nnd Mrs. Hose Hruby of the 
nursing home at Thlcr River 
Fnlls were visitors at the Albert 
Aaknes home on Tuesday 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Aoknes 
and Hnlvor Rlkle were visitors nl 
the Al Radniecki home at Oklee 
on Monday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Olof Rlkjc 
Nelson, III, were visitors nt ihe 
Albert Anknes home on Wed- 
nesday, afternoon. 

Humphrey Will 
Talk At Cookout 


Mr. and Mrs. Kernel Paulson 

nnd Mr. and Mrs. Roy Paulson 

brought belated birthday 

greetings Friday evening to Mrs. 

Carl Dyrsclh. 

Former Vice-President Hubert ■ "". Bill Power. Patiy, Susan, 

H. Humphrey will be the featured Mlchoel. Timmy. Cathy, Colleen 

"CUest sDcnkcr at a Democratic and - BnaRolle of Decniur, III. 

Eut nicnlc at 5 □ m Fridav arrlved Tuesday for n visit with 

that the picnic will be held on the AddiIiona [ vteliwa Sunday at 
■former Hill farm, operated .by the Ordean Anderson home wore 
— ByrmrHiwHinTTicnr^orUiwte^ 

Tickets for the cookout arc of' ■ Tengcsdal.TheodoreSullnnd and 
fcred for sale by local DFL — '- " " ' 


Humphrey will also speak at 
the Kittson county fair at 
Hallock, at 8 p.m.. that day. - 




Your family will bo uiing mora 
hot weather during tho hot woa* 
thor ahead — more bath., moro 
laundry.^ And" romombor, you'll' 
got that hot wator in half tho 


B«caiis* ot othsr bnsl nws tatamts I era ■ 

Blty for 

. . •lllag th« 

Brlta Spot Laundst«tf«. ' ~ 

This Is an axcaUant 

succaural c/rmrlag 
TTio Bulldiafi and Eqjutpmtat art In excsllvat 
- 1 Ion. - riaauelal - records _ and - Utmt - arallabla - to - qut 


or T.Upooot 637-JBlSrM^t^^Uf^r 

Sullnnd of Skime. 
— Mnrr Wanda - Lcskiw nnd J^orl 
visited Saturday evening with Ihc 
Dal ton Andersons, 

Mr. ond Mrs, Alan Crenshaw 
and Derek of 111. 


Petersons from Saturday af- 
ternoon until Monday. Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Gordon Anderson. Rhonda 
and Lori of Grecnbush spent the 
weekend, nl the Clnrrncr 
Peterson home. Mrs. Ingn 
Salvcion and Mr, and Mrs. 
Sheldon Peterson and girl* were 
additional Sunday nilernoiui 

Mrs. George Yneger of Battle 
Creek. Mich, arrived Tuesdav 
nnd vlslled-rclntlves until ■the 
^following Monday nt the Gordon 
Foss home. She visited relatives 
nt Roseau, Gntcke and Grygla. - 

'__ eas e your __ 


with a 



Gas -Kv 

Appliance f Vtf 



Natural Gas Co. 

115 W«t 3rd Sf. 

P*on« 6B1-3222 



Wheel Cover 










A good rule ul thumb when 
TWpo n il I ng- t n-Job-or fers - of- nrty- 
Jttnri i* in Keep In mind the (net 
that a leglllmnte'empIoyerTiors - 
nol and cannot offer "something 
.focjiolhlmCJitflrC.Jndccd, Is thc_ 
Job opportunity providing insfnril 
success with a continuing 
guaranteed income. 

C W. MATTION, I*. Mb'. 

II. C. WATTtON, «up*flntt(Kl«rrt 



"Thf wnrlrt will alwnvs be Governed discrimination on the basis of race under 
By-sffiSntoSt™ ihSd not g try er a n nd -the gufeejrf lighting discriminaUon 
stop this: we should try and make the - Government contracts should be 

stop this: we should t — . ... 
self-interest of cads a little more coin- 
cident with that of decent people. " 
Samuel Butler 

Nobody 1 *: Fool 

President Richard Nixon, fielding 

questions from several members of the 

elite among television "news analysts", 

proved Wednesday evening that he is 

nobody's fool. We thought it was one of 

—his— better— appearances .and — that_he_ 

• -showed_more__confidence^ and deter- 

mination than on prior' broadcasts. 

He managed to effectively parry some 

Letter to Ihc Public, brought back freo of duty ir they 

I have often thought about can be Identified as such, 
writing n teller (o the public, but QUESTION: I am on alien 
like most other people, I hnvo sat moving to tho United States.- (a) 
back and wailed for Ihc next May I bring my personal effects 
person to dojl. , with me free of duty? (b) Arc my 
Having been born and rolscd In, household effects subject to 
Thler River Foils, I hove seen the duty? (c) Mny I import my 
.(nQW)_TRF_lneltes_band grow ; automobile free of duty? 
. f rom a (ow J n number to a ANSWER: (a iVou may import- 
awarded to the companies wnicn can marching unll we can well bo inlotheUnltcdSlatcs'frceof duty- 
make satisfactory goods for the lowest proud of. „]| wearing apparel and similar 
bid. That's the American way. If the low Having hod a sister and niece personal articles owned by you 

the federal government to the states and HmaKcsmcsadoriurushQmeur" -fbi-Your-furnlturc.* carpets, 

the nation's businesses and after going to other, small towns dishes, linens and similar 

Organizations. Then the government and seeing the welcome that our household furnishings mny be 

draws an arbitrary line between girls got, to come home again and imported into the United States 

5SS&h B iS e matity °" Q 6triCUy ^°"Or^,.X^e m ^ Kort^tr'an^r^n^ 

segregated basis narhanB ,„„ another unit going by." T hey ore not Importedfor sale; 

you thln»__,that perhaps we i understand it is thai time once n nd 3 They have been used 

■ rf thn Irion nf the nrosram? -— '- -•— -«-- --'-i'-- ■ ..»<-•... _.—___..: — .. ... . .,.__ 


Recent visitors M the Henry C. 
Olson home were Mrs. 'Myrtle 
Peterson ot Thief River Falls and 
Darrcl and John Peterson of 
Minneapolis and Mrs. Lcc 
tlcrzag and Tammy of Min- 
neapolis nnd Mrs, Hortcy 
Swanson'of Little Falls, Minn. 
and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Syrn- 
sky Ronnie and Kenny of Grand 

Dennis Hnllsirom, Mr. and Mrs. 
■Duonr Wnisbcrg-of -Moorhoad — 
nnd Beth and Joel Hallstrom, Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Lars Wold and Mrs. 
Annie Ho! man of Thief River 
FalIs"alI"enfoycdTrpiCtl!e-dlnnn — 

at the Robert "~ *■ — 


Governor LeVanJer 

misunderstood trie 13en of the program? again, when thc~girls win _ be — iibroocj-by ■ V' 
That ills educallolidbelng offered rather going to SI. Paul and I think thnt one year 


Mrs. Gjestad will move to 
Detroit, Michigan where Mr. 
Cicstad wilt Intern for l year as 
minister with the Evangelical 

nrnnn.ruLiuinn an/lSM CoVCTWnt Church. 

„, , ., Last' Thursday Clarence Ar- 

Mlnncsota will ploy an active nesono ond Steve Gjestad visited 

role in a significant national ot Fosston with friends and' 

observance this Independence relaUves there, Mr. and Mrs. 

Day, July -l. Melvln Stcne and Amelia Rcnsla 

"Honor Amcrlcn Day" has of Thief River Falls also visited 

been organized nationally under at A mesons recently. 

Forks. N. D. A picnic dinner was 
served at the Olson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ghotnd 
(Florence Ameson) of Chicago 
spent several days of last weckat. 
the Clarence Arneson home 

S!l!SiS 8 „„f ™m C thlSl B MF ™h K "> m " ° n Sunday. Mrs. Tilda 
Saturday anf ram ^ro Mr and rf * F.ll» 

Wolscth home 

Walscth served 

barbecued turkey. 

Mr. and Mrs. V. Rene Walsberg 
and family and Mrs. Dennis 
Hallstrom, Beth and Joel visited 
at Mens Eng els tads Wednesday 
evening. They also visited at 
Kermlt Finstads while here. 

Lynn and Laurie Flnstod at- 
tended the 4-K comp at Lake 
Sarah recently. Lynn served as 
councilor. Nancy Finstad is at- 
tending summer school. Nancy 
Finstad -attended the water 
carnival at Erskine.-M inn. -with 
Gall and Carol Sonde and Carol 

UM Transplant Team 
Has High Success — — 

of the jabs tossed his way, and tactfully 
refuse to say the words which the 
newsmen tried to get him to say. This was 
particularly apparent in regard to 
removal of troops from Cambodia. One 
newsman made repeated attempts to get 
the President to say that U.S. troops 
would never be sent back into that 
country. President Nixon said there were 
no plans nor intentions to do so but would 

make no definitc-future-ebmmitments. — Tk*r~h:-Mf,+*xw-Cirii* 
Much to our satisfaction, the ' ne LtgnTer OfOe 
President indicated that he understands 
the position of the United States much 
belter than the analysts, that he has 
access to information which the general 
public does not have, and that he is acting 
— n full confidence that what he does is for 

than dollars? Consider what the 
suggested headline for the news release 
stales: "Kunzig offers minority firms 
millions in federal contracts." 

It may be helpful to minority com- 
panies to receive special consideration. It 
mny be politically expedient to offer that 
special consideration. It may even help 
stimulate the nation's economy. But it 
isn't right. 

Gait (Mrs. Richard Ilcrgland) 
should be thanked forall the Work 
ond lime she has spent with the 

girls. ' ic) Your automobile may be 

Let us as Ihe public, the next brought in free of duty for the 

lime they go by, let them know irons porta lion of yourself and 

.that they arc NOT "Just another family. However, It you sell the 

unit going by." Our honds .were vehicle within one year after its 

made lo be used, so ict's use them importation, duties must be paid 

next time and let the girls know | the Untied Stales customs 
thnt we're proud of them. O.K.? . office most convenient lo you 

Good luck, girls, oh your trip to before Ihe sale Is completed. 

St. Paul on the Fourth. , QUESTION: If UJs Impossible 

. • i Mrs. W. T. McLean fnr me to bring all of my personal 

: — nnd-houschold effects wlih-moat_ 


the good of the nation. He gave reasons 
for his actions and the reasons made, 
sense. He was not simply parroting a" 
party line nor an administration slogan. 
We were encouraged by the 
■ President's interview. It reinforced our 
previous thinking that the nation's chief 
executive is nobody|s, fool. . -_ 

We're Being Informed 

According to a release from the 
University of Minnesota, Thief River 
Falls is one of the areas being canvassed 
by university students who are seeking to 
"educate" people about the Vietnamese 
war and encourage political action. 
Raymond Cole, university senior in 

aar-ftnantical-onpineering_fro m Pine 

River, is heading the "rural community 
action" program. Reportedly, there are 
1 55 students canvassing many rural 
i towns, including Thief River Falls. 

Cole says that many people in small' 

lowns are less informed about the war 

Uian people in larger metropolitan areas. 

Members of his group hope to "inform 

— and-cdncote-niral-Minncsota-about-thi 

The following appeared in an area 

Eapcr under the heading "Ageless 
. "It begins when she's 4 years old and 
suddenly a woman is 5',-j, the same age as 
a cousin or favorite playmate. At 7 she is 
9, at 11 she is 14, and at 15 she is 19. 
' During her 20's she's always 'in her 20's,' 
but the moment she's 31 she's 28. At 37 
she celebrates her 30th birthday. At 50 
she's 39, at CO she's 45, but at 70 she's 85 
and the longest living descendant in her 

family, and she'll more than likely reach 

loo in another six-ycars.-Theyears-when — visiting -friends- in_tho United — 
a woman is most opt to lie about her age states, om I entitled to bring gifts 
arc 15, 17, 20, 37 and 45, and in second . SS, me wilhouI ^ fmettt ol 
place are all the rest ... But men consider answer- Yes Each 
age.quite something else. .'Old,'- to most nonresident may bring in free of 
men, 'is somebody about 20. years older duty nnd internal rcnue tax gifts 
than I am.' But it probably goes more like for other persons if: 
this: a young man is one whom a pretty The total value of all gifts 
girl can make happy or unhappy; a "",!£) P.^ 1 " 8 I,lm docs no1 
middle-aged man is one whom a gfrl can ^f^ill remain in the United 
make happy but no longer unhappy; an SL)[es for Bt lcoit n houra . 
-old-man-is-ono-whom-a-girLcaD_n o longer He has not claimed thi s sioo 
make either happy or unhappy." 



QUESTION: Asa nonresident 


ANSWER: Yes. Your goods 
cun be shipped to you at a later 
time, or you may bring them 
yourself at a convenient time. 
Any customs office can explain 
the duty-free requirements to 

What Is your Customs 
question? If you have one, send It 
MAN, co U. S. Customs Station, 
Pembina. N. D. 

i committee headed by. twogrcot 
Americans— Dr. Billy Graham 
nnd Bob Hope— with the purpose 

' ekindling the American spirit 
patriotism and respect for 
individual liberties that made 
Oils country great. 

The serva ncc will make it 
evident lo ihe workd thai, while 
'we face problems as Individuals 
and as a nation, wc arc proud of 
■our country. 

The governors of the 50 states, 
the mayors of 108 of Ihe country's 
greatest cities and the national 
conference of mayors arc Joining 
Jhla_cffQlt_lo_draw_ our nation 
together. ""' r~ 

1 have appointed Mrs. Flusscll 
(Ithodn) Lund or Edlna lo lead 
Minnesota's endeavor on "Honor 
America Day'.'.' 

She, In turn, is calling on all' 
civic, patriotic and religious 
groups tq express their 1( 

iting at William Peltier 
..__ .„_._.._ ._ Ior 

M. Sgt.'and Mrs. V. Rene 
Walsbcra and Lisbcth, Vic and 
Mclodl Have returned to their 
home In Wichita, Kansas after 
visiting hero at the ■ Victor 
Walsberg home for a week. V. 
Rene Walsberg is with the Air 
Force at Wichita, Kansas. 
' Mr. nnd Mrs. V. Rene Walsberg 

visited nt Kermlt Finstads 

Victor Walsberg and Mr. and 
Mrs. V. Rene Wolsbcrg and 
family and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis 
Hallstrom, Joel and Beth enjoyed 
n fishing trip .to Wnrroatf last 
weekend. \ 

Mr. and Mrs. Duanc Walsberg 
visited at Walsberg! from Friday 
evening until Sunday evening. 
They also visited at Jim 
Engclstads and with, other 
friends and relatives. Mrs. 
William Peltier nnd Irvine 
Peltier were also visitors at 
Walsbcnis Jast week. 

by Bob Lee 
University Science Writer 

Even though the transplant 
opcrnUng room team Is mosked 
and gowned there is no mistaking 
its leader— Dr. John S. Nnjarion. 

Dr. Najarian, .professor ond 
chairman of the university's 
surgery department, has ihe 
dimensions of a pro football 
tackle (he was an All-American 
nt the University of California at 
Berkeley In 1M8). Yet when he 
carries a kidney ' 


Ei hit ™™K,m m """"i ""* ■ |J1 " '» Sacra/nemo and >'"■ Myl.n iluud. Dli, Dflmy 
wnni nls resnonslblllilps nrp nnrt <„uk ».. r> • i-,__;..n._ ~ Dn[ ] Dwlght Mrs Acnes 

Ennelslad, Airs. Glen Bcnxuton, 

Truck Train Nightmare 

war, organize opposition to present policy 
in Southeast Asia and to precipitate 
political action." 

Before these "infor med" students 
actually go out into the rural - com-- 

munities to enlighten the "less inforrfled" _. 

-populacerthcyreceive-fasBtatcdin-thc-U — Jengihof most of the t 

g I ft exemption or any par ronr" 
wilhln the immediately 
preceding six months. 

One wine gallon 028 ounces) of 
alcohlc beverages and 100 cigars 
The following editorial, appeared may be included within this gift 
recently in the Oklee Herald: exemption. 

In the opinion of the St. Paul Dispatch, QUESTION: I nm a watch 
a-trocking-industry-dream-hos-eome-true — r«pali 
in Nevada. """'" 


[flf iV/SI 

Attorney G«n«rd 
IWi •* Mlnns n W 

planning-i. .. 
,.,-.,„„, moving to the United States. May 

Truck trains made up of a huge trac- ' Wn« my tools with me? 

f'crnons seeking employment 
are nceustomed to seeing holp- 
wunted advertisements that 
seem loo good lo be true. 

The advertisement may read 
like this: "Nationally known 
company has immediate 
-openings T 

ringing bells- and blowing horns 
far two minutes ot lo am 
(Minnesota time), which coin- 
cides with the lime or n national 
religious and-' patriotic ob- 
servance in Washington, D.C., at 
Lincoln Memorial. 

Another approach to the ob- 
servance is a plan to request all 
clergymen to urge members to 
display the flag on July 4, lo ring 
church bells at 10 a.m., and to 
close their church services with 
singing of the notional anthem. 

I consider this a marvelous 
opportunity for nil of us to rc- 
nssess the priceless values of our 
American citizenship and I en- 
courage every Minncsotan to 
participate In this, ihe tMUi 
-uirthday_oI_Dur- Republic^ .___ 

Perhaps a measure of the 
Importance of this "Honor 
America Day" observance is the 
Identity of the honorary co- 
cliairmen or the national event. 
They are the Hon. Harry S. 
Truman, .Mrs. Dwlght D. 



LteatKM for docji In Mm dry of Thief River Fads 
am now past du« and must be purchased Immediate- 

It Is the Intent of Hie Police Department to be. 
sjla clMctlag cots for rabies bioeulatlosi. Regarding 
' this. Section 25.107 of city ordinances states: "No 

dog, cat or other animal capable of contracting the 

dlteasa of rabies shofl b* kept within Hie City with- 
out the fanw-flrtf being Inoculated against the dis- 
ease of rabies by a duly qualified veterinarian or 
person acting under hit direct supervision. The Inocu- 
lation shall be repeated In the same manner at Inter- 
vols of not less than one year thereafter and ofl anr- 
mals mutt bear proof at all timet of tuch Inocula- 
tions. If any animal be found within the City, whether 
running at largo or not, not bearing tuch proof the 
tame may be Impounded and kept In accordance 
with the pravltlont of 25.103 and 25.104 hereof and 
the penoJtfet provided In 25.109 shell be applicable. 


Ellon Commlngi,- Chief 

recipient, ho could be carrying 
delicate wlldflowcr. 

Ho is a gcttUo man, concerned 
about the clhlcs of his profession, 
his patients' welfare, and a 
constant search for better 
methods of treatment. 

About once a week at univer- 
sity hospitals some 14 surgeons, 
nurses and anesthesiologists 
assemble in operating rooms G 
and F to give a doomed person' 

It's a highly dramatic scene 
underplayed by the participants. 
Dressed in OH (Operating Itoom) 

what his rcsponslbllltlL 

there Is a minimum of wasted 
effort. The hands of four surgeons 
work as one pair. 

When the transplant recipient 
fs almost ready, Dr. Nojarlan 
enters, scrubs and gowns to 
supervise the final preparation. 
The university's Iransplanttenm 
has done so many (more lhan 120 
in the two and a hair years of Dr. 
Nojarian's chairmanship) that 
he knows they will be ready for 
him In Ihc OK nt a.m. 


nnd then the donor nnd when bath ' 
learns arc ready Dr. Najarian 
dons while cotton gloves over his 
surgical gloves and tenderly 
carries the life-giving organ from 
one room to the. other. 

A nurse has already prepared a 
stainless steel basin tilled with 
lcc saline. Dr. Najarian cools the 
kidney In the basin and cleanses 
il inside nnd out with a saline 
(mild salt water) solution. 

Within seconds the blood red 
kidney is oyster grey. Within 
mlnuics, after being attached to 
- thcreciplcnt'sblooa system-and 
bladder, It returns to its normal 
darker color. Usually ' the new 
kidney begins functioning Im- 

The whole procedure has taken 
less than five hours. Weeks of 
preparation and many hours on 
on artificial kidney machine arc 
over. If oil goes according to plan 
. the recipient will go home In 
about two weeks. 

Using related and closely 
matched donors Dr. Najarian has 

program. The organ Is much 
more difficult to transplant than' 
a heart and he has achieved only 
limited success In the seven liver 
transplants done here thns for - 
Dr. Najarion. «, Joined the 
University faculty In 1S87. 
coming' from the University of 
California at San Francitco 
where he was chief of the trans- 
plantation service and director of 

-- ' he surgical research , 

ihe waiting Inborn torica,_Slnc.£_Uicn_thn— 

University of Minnesota Health 
Sciences Center has become one 
of the major transplantation 
centers in- tho country. 

Week's Record 
In Gatzke Area 

Hn. AKmI aamiMit 

dium, m^«n 

Mrs. Olga Engcvik and hoi 
sister, Mrs. Arthur Hatselbcrg of ~ 
Sauth Haven, left vis plane last 
Wednesday for California to visit 

Thief River Falls. Minn. 


Monday, JnlyJl «J070 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Berg won- 
visitors nt the Aksel Gormscn 

home Sunday evening. • 
Russell Engcvik of Jullnn, 

sssaiEibjEss? tssr-sssr- 1 *- ^ «■**»!»--_ 

Russell is slaying nt his aunl ond f uc l la w , cre Mrs - "ling Dnnlcn. Monday afternoon. 

uncle Ihc ftcuben Engcvlk's V ?,"' SU i v . en - Davld - Jocl fl "d „ Monday visitors at the Merle 

JUfllifyh r s umm er EB^ " 

SOME PARTICIPANTS IN a onishalf acre gorden 
project on the Oscar Johnson Tarm cast of Thief 
lUvcrFolUoro (left to right) Earl Senum, Theresa 
Blschoff, Eugene Durslle nnd Orris Auslrcng. The 
project, sponsored by the Falls Day Activity center 
ond supervised by volunteer worker Mrs. Betty 

WlsnlcskJ, Is Intended to leoeh gardening skills as 
well as perseverance to retarded adult residents of 
the farm. Pianled In Mny, the garden Is expected to 
provideproduccfor the John son boarding home and'-" 
sold by the ccnler participonls. 

Jodl and Douglas of Blninc. Mrs. 
Pctra Larson and Lcland,-Mr. 
and Mrs. Duwayne Thygeson, 
Brian, MarkJWIchacl a 

were there on vacation and 
Lcland had a fow weeks furlough. 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Freddie Nelson of 
Souk Center visited with Mrs. 
Ingcborg Lovcn and with several 
other acquaintances around 

. , ..,„. __,,., „ _. „ ... Calike Tuesday. Thej" formerly 

relatives In other places in Steven and Tammy, Mrs, Eddie resided at the present Glen 

K, Mrs. Myi 
Arnold McDonoRhhom'c Sunday^ jw^.^ff i.w'S'i* 1 (cn , ,urln J? t w '° 
Mrs. Dwayne fcclson, Dean nift S^ 1 *L 1 f* h J d tt enk " ;,«<**y 
Dawn visited Monday evening at E^S™ . mnnv ."'« gifts and 
the Chcslle Ruud home. Terry carda ' -^ 

Ruud accompanied them' home Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
and spent Ihc night with Dean. p usl Ivcrson visited at the 
Other visitors during the week at Kenneth Kricl home. 
the_Ruud home were Mrs. Glen Mr. ond Mrs. Arne Morkuson 
visited Monday evening 
Lcltoy Johnsrud home. 

Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Louis 
Quam was a visitor at the 
Clarence Johason home. 'That 
evening Mrs. Mary Johnson of 
Grygln visited there ntso, 

Saturday Ole Stephenson, Tudy 
Urdahl nnd Henry Tnnncn were 
visitors at the Hcnford Holsland 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Eidelbcs. 
Dnrwln and Cindy were visitors 

Lnrson and Randy, and Dean 
McMillan of Roseau. Michael 
-Potorson, Mrs. Leo Orpen, Mrs; 
Holgcr Nilson, Rhonda and 
Marccnc. . ^ 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Polnn- 
sky, Gary, Mark' Cynlhlu and 
Paul enjoyed an outing nnd 
swimming at ihc Old Mill State 

sssjsssBtiAs- «'s;«;$s^«M^'--'= =«wra^ 


Sunday afternoon and evening 
guests at Ihe Bob Zavoral home 
were Mr. and Mrs. Swen 
Siulcstad nnd Rcnac. Mr. and 
Mrs. Jim Prlogc. Scott, Jeff and 
Jimmy nil of Phoenix, Ariionn, 
Mr. ond Mrs. Emi! Zavoral of 
Thief River Falls. Mrs. Clarence 
Johnson, Jcnn and Jim, Mrs. 
me Merle Nacsclh Dave. Den tie and 
JoAnn Lynn, Mr. and Mrl/Bobby 
Zavoral ond Ma t ion, Mr. and 
Mrs. •Rill Zavorn Ernie Zavoral 
and n cousin nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Kenny Coon, Marcia and Roger. 
Callers (luring the week at the 
Herb Vroa home wcic Sylvia and 
Barb Hermans on, Mrs. Melvln 
Hollcnbcck of Grand Forks. Miss 
Odessie Vran of Thief River 
Falls Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bucn- 
temeicr, Janet nnd Janice or 


Callers during last week at the 
Olaf Aune home were Mr. and 
Mrs. Lyle Blohauvicli, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Ray Eastby ana Rodney, 
Floyd Jesmo, 

Johnson. Wen da and Ryan of 
Middle River. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Arnold Mc- 
Donogh, Keith, Kalhy and Shelly 
visited at the Wallace Johnson 
home in Green bush Sunday, The 
Johnson's recently returned from 
Naples. Fla., where they visited 
Mrs. Johnson's parents, the 
Ad els ton Mugoas at Naples, 
Fla,, olio other relatives. 

and Kim of Thler River Falls, 
AlsoSue Lund of Wurroud, who Is 
rooming at the Orin Aune Aune 

-homo-and-Nadlne-omi-Sharon- ,„ t , 

Aune, Oriin Ostby, Glen Aune Michael of.Bcmldli spci _ 

Pnm Curtlss, Bobble SnarbV and weekend ot the Chcslle Ruud 

Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Richard home and thc'Pcter Aune home, 

Spencer of Minneapolis visited Bonnie Ruud-rcturncd to Bemldil 

there, Diane Beito also Wayne wilh (nem to babysit with 

Klemenlson of Green bush and Michael, while his parents, arc 

Dan and Dennis Weber of Min- employed. Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie 

ncapolls. Anderson of Ogllvle nnd Mr. nnd 

Enjoying n family reunion at Mrs - Carllon Kchrly of Bcmldjl 

Snxvold farm home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. . Mylnn 
Abrahamson visited, at the 
Ingvald Anderson home last 
Tuesday evening. 

Mrs. Mildred Olufson and Mrs. 
Ray Eastby were callers at tho 
Thorfin Ostby home Monday. 

Mclroy Brckkcatron Jr. of 

following guests for his birthday 
which 'was Saturday, Steve 
Sparby, Dwlght Ruud and Bruce 
Morrlsscy, and his dad took them 
all to show ot Thief River Falls 
Sunday evening. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Morris Anderson 
of Karlstad were visitors at (he 
-Thorfin Oslby home Sunday. 

A week ago Sunday Mr. and 
Mrs. Gene Engcn, 'Jason and- 
Coleen vislled nt the Elmer Korpl 
home al Middle River. 

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ness, and 
Roy Ness were visitors at the 
"rlln .Ostby home Sunday 

Sunday afternoon. 
Lorrlc Manderud nnd Kothy 
,u ,. Monday qyernlKhl 

Mrs. George A. Vran, Stanley 
Erickson, Coll. Mike and Lorcn 
Holcn. and Mr. Clifford Johnson 

Mr and Mrs. Sam Bra.lelic of guesti with Donna' al'lffi Erlfng of Alaska"' 

Grygla, Mr. nnd Mrs. James Dahlcn home. K pJi!„„f™ « 

PhIlip_of Thief River- Falls and This community was sure J^ n J £ re _ n( ? ,n Mr ""t 1 Mra ; 

visitors at. the Dclmar dcathof AllenOlson.Symtwthy is 

Hagcn home Sunday. Mrs. extended to the family 

Frances Hagcn also visited at Ihe Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hovet 

Ralph Hagcn home. ' " . . 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peterson 
SDcnt Fridav until Monday nt the 

Ben Peierson home at Shcycnnt:, Falls on Saturday alicrnix. 

N -.P nki ^ .. .., , L Mr , s - Erl,n B D "hlen and 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Sparby children nttcndcdn the Ccn- 

and Pete Nygnard visited at Ihe tennial_parade_ln_ Trait-on- 

Enocfc Johnsrud were callers at 
the Clarence Johnson home. 

Sunday supper guests at ihe 
Hcnford Roislnnd home were 
Kermlt Berg nnd Garfield 

Keddln C B o t f 1 Ro ^ 1 Mn l ' le 1 ndW I Scvcraon of Tmef iver Fa Is 
£?.™,2L n S °' "W". 1 °. vc ' . anu Mr. Bobby Zavoral nnd Mnrii 


MlnncODDlis l« snendlnir the """,' - w ?i u Y '™c aunuay nnu i-cic wygaara visltca at the tenn al parade 


it*-,;- i ™h»7., V!^ *f^hi ^^ »>" v sited there Sunday. Sunday. ■ Thursdav forenao 

] visited Ihere Sunday. 
w _uv««y, the 23rd Mr. and Mrs. 
Anello Aune, wn"s held at the Clarence Linn brought their 
church basement in Gatikc granddaughter Julie home to the 
Friday evening. A reading wns £}°y° Andcrsorrs In East'Grand 
-'■-- by TWra. Carlton Kchrley 


s after having spent ,_ 

'fAnclla'scouslnofDcLand'FIa)*, nl ncr grandparents. They also 
A solo by Bonnie Ruud; Ihc f<™ a J ncd overnlclil and were 
following ladles modeled some "rlhday guests of their daughter 

thho Lyle Blohauvieti home were 

Mr. and Mrs. Harley Ivcrson and -*...*.., ula 

Mr. .nnd Mrs._Eugcne Rondorf Ekwail home. 

Thursday forenoon Mrs. Ame 
Erickson, Mrs. Gust Pearson of 
Duluth. Mrs. Aliece Erickson of 
Juliet. Illinois visited at the Carl 

nioyed c; 

oncicnt- wedding gowns: 

Gene Engcn, Mrs. Ame Tuura, 
Jcon Anderson, Mrs. Willie Taie, 
Mrs. Ray Eastby, Arlyn" 
" ' Mrs. '" ' 

Johnson of Roseau, Mr. nnd Mrs: 

Hugh Hanson and Arlcttc »««i«>i«™. ;?"'™S , L!!! 1 "."'!''" i ""."I' "'" 

Johnson all or Seattle, Wash Bill Los' Tuesday John Eastby of Mrs. Bobbie Anderson. A hymn 

Kirk or Ronton, Wash., Mr. nnd ™ e t R' vc r Falls, Bruce Aune of h " ""■ »<*•»»-" '""-• n ~ " rt '~ 

Mre.FIoydJohnsonondfamllyof Minneapolis and Mr. and Mrs. 

Rock Point Mission Chlnlc, Erlk_Aune were visitors nt the 

Johnson. Mrs. Wayne Larson and 

' A reading by 

Mrs. Ander 

Sunday evening visitors nt the 
Arnold McDoiyigh home were 
Mr. ond Mrs. Clifford KInmnr. 
Cordcll and Ron a. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ovcrgaard 
returned from their trip to 
Seattle, Wash., Saturday evening 


also visiting 

Mrs. Leo Orpen. A scramble n " d stayed overnight nt the_ _Sunday . afternoon 
gume by the audience. The bride" "Dclmar IlflCcn home. Their sons Gram ond Jolle of 

to be. Anenn,"'aM , [Med ,, 'by l, 'h , cr Sc°" nnd ft|»rk , who had spent 

and fnmlly of TJiief River Fnlls, 
Mrs. Alvin Rnvndalcn, Mllo. 
Mark and Mcrlyn of Roosevelt, 
Willie Ingalls of Middle River and 
Arsa Ingalls, and Lenny 
Blnhnuvlcti who is 
Coon Rapids, spenmhe weekend 
at home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Juc'l Aune and 
girls visited his parents. Mr. and 
Mrs. John Aune at the Sheltering 
Ooks Rest home in Roseau,- 
and Donna 


Guests forSunday dinner nt ihe 
Clarence Ltan home wer Mr. nnd 
Mrs.' Erwin Hen ton of Thief River 
Falls, Olga McMillan of Naples, 
Fla., Mrs. Luclla Brandt of 
Roseau, Mr. and Mrs. Thorfin 
Ostby and Mr. and Mrs. Aksel 
Gormscn. Later lhat afternoon 
ihc Floyd Anderson fnmlly of 
„. „-,„,,™™, East Grand Forks came there on 

er cent success u,cir wnv nomc of ter . spend ina.^ 5 ,. -,. — 

— rate _ In _ [ransQlantcd "kidnovT — "icweckcnd ot'Uio'BcmidjTStbtc' Mr. and Mrs. Fronclfl Johnson 
.Bes-idcTh&TafpronSy &L*^L nd ^ and Tommy and.Lisa of Newfolden vlsjted o> 
.he has nlso devejopea and lm^ ^k^"ih^ m Sii J^ d , h 5 
proved, transplnfitferum which' n?^ J f J W* ndp,,rei,t »- 0,C 

achieved a 95 i 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
Thorkcison of Fargo, N.D., spent 
Snturday night nt the Jay 
Haroldscn home and visited 
Sundny nt the August and 
Marshall Thorkcison homes in 

Suppcrgucsts at Mrs. Ingcborg 
Lovcn and Roger Friday evening 
were Mr. and Mrs. Lyl( 

mother, Mrs. Peter Aune, nnd 
her fiance's mother, Mrs. Glen 
Larson, opened the gifts, and 
were passed around for viewing. 
Anello expressed her gratitude lo 
those that sponsored' tlic shower, 
with n hearty "Thank You," and 
who also served ihe lunch after 
singing the Table Grace. Mrs. 
Dwayne Nelsoni'Mrs. Leo Orpct 

the week with their grandparents 
Hngcn, accompanied them back 
to their home at Rosevllle. 

Mrs. Dale Newton, Jcffery and 
Kristi of Thief River Falls spent 
the weekend at her Barents. Ihc 
Olaf Anne's, while Dole was 
Visiting there 


Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Carl Ejtwoll, Mr. ond Mrs. Arl 
Yougcr of Brlmglngton, 
Washington and Louie Evcnson 
of Portland, Oregon visited at the 
Lcsler Evcnson home in Thief 
River Foils. 

Visitors during the week at Ihc 
Edward SJulcslad home were Mr. 
and Mrs. Alvin Sunsdnhl, Elmer 
England, Mrs. Gerald SJulratnd 
ond Jonle. Clarence Bcatris nnd 

Leslie Hookr 

of Minneapolis Thursday evening coffee guests 

Auncs Monday, at tho Clarence Johnson liomc 

were Mr. ond Mrs. Jim Prlgge, 

Scott, Jcffery and Jimmy 7r., 

Mrs. John Kotrba and Marie. 

Snturday nhd Sundny ■ Terry 
-Anders"" — ' ' "-*•'-- -■ 

Eidelbcs home 

Virginia Lcgnr and. Shirley 
-LugtensTin!Bpcndmg-umc"orthe — 
Edwnrd Stucv home. 

Tuesday afternoon Mrs, Dicky 
Miller and Tommy vislled with 
Mrs. Fred Dablowln Thief River 


Laurie ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bcndickson, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Arnold Gundcrson 
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Earl -Ripley 
visited at Carl Finstads recently. 

Rend Times Classified Ads. 

ransplnnt scrum which c] n ri>np» i jiin'i 
.u.s prevented rejection in more visUors ot the Mvlnn 
than io patients,. Abrahamson home ■"daring 3 ' the 

. of Si news release) "orientation material 
from trie group, consisting of a racket of 
materials with background information 
about the war, and information about the 

trainees. No experience 
necessary. Gunrnnlced salary. 
On the Job trnining." 
I~" -i~ "~ i.Tt-ir^'j"«U"i.„ui«ii nn „, m ,™kin proiessionai dooks, implements A person responding" to an 
trailers hitched on behind, now rumble nnd in3trumcnU aTC , r( £ of dulv ndvcr \ iiwmcn t [ this type may " 
Over-the -highways Ol _tnat i State._fc 1 acn_if they hov e been ow ned and used discover that the Job described Is, 
train IS 104 feet long, about twice the nbToad by the person cmlgraTiiiJ, indocdrtoogood to brtruc-Aflcr — 
Jengih of most of the Dig rigs On Minne- to Ihc United Stales. This duly- all the double talk is over, he may 
SOta and Wisconsin highwaysr — " frco provUion docs-not-apply-to^flndthat^ather_ttinrr_lielng hired 

" While the~Neyada&& 
the realization of a long time dream for* me(lt) for anolhcr „^ oni or r „ r 

the trucking industry, it represents a . sale; nor to theatrical apparel, 

nightmoare for the average motorist. properties and scenery. 

T hf industry nlrparly hns managed to QUESTION: I am a resldeni of 

get G5-root, double bottom truck trains S^n^^r^iHin^H 1 ^ 

hito most western states These consist of KXd^SS^Xi 

a tractor and two trailers. The triple the wedding gifts' 

bottom truck train is the next objective. ANSWER: No specific 

And after that, what! Four bottoms, five exemption from customs' duty is 

bottoms, six bottoms? Who knows? nllov.-ed a nonresident for wed- 

j..u..i:. s ..u U . a .. K »«« -.-• The Minnesota Legislature beat oK-a S.£tS.^ m «Zi! 

- country in-Southeast Asia. These young double bottom truck bill last season. The E™ ^C™ 1 ^t hie I an 

men— through their letters and their Wisconsin-Legislature rejected a similar exemption- within m days you 

visits and their return after separation proposal recently, and Iowa took the maybringlnwcddingglftsfreeof 

from service-do a good job of informing same position. duty up to the lotol of your 

— tho-runilareaJUie.v_Drgb ably do a better But lobbyists are busy in Washington 9"mptlon allowance. Gifts of 
job than the liberal press, the ab- * WhBrc-they-hopc-to-get-a-70-foot-truck— iL^-prjSi! 

brevJaledradioor^eJafcjiica.teleytsion^^^ulhorization bill passed which would 

-accounts of the_war— or the "informed" per m"inhe"se~bchcmoth5Tjn-all interstate- 
voices of U of M students, for that matter, highways.. Such a bill sneaked through 
We have but one wish for Raymond the Senate in 1%8 but was killedin the 

.._ — Now,-whcrc.elsecould-one-CxpecLto 
obtain such factual and comprehensive 
information of a strictly educational 
nature? Maybe directly from SDS, Jerry 
Rubin. Abbie Hoffman or other "in- 
formed" groups or individuals. 

Rural communities have sons and 
brothers and neighbors fighting for their 

lay ' naturally be 

i a management trainee, tlie'job 
entails door-lo-door selling on a 
weekend or evening basis. 
Rather than a guaranteed salary, 
his earnings may be on n strlcl 

^commission basis, solely. 

dependent on how many ilems he 
is nblc lo sell on a door-lo-door 

In some cases. Ihe Job seeker 
has been induced to enter into on 
installment contract for the 
purchase of n "demonstrator". 
The demonstrator may be 
overpriced, and niter signing Ihc 
Installment contract Ihe in- 
dividual may bt- legally obligated 
to pay the full price of tho 
demonstrator even though he 
chooses nol to go lo work for the 

rleak and thetr-information all run 

&jlc-arrdhis-groupr-May-their-garbagc: — Hauscafter strong pubh'c protest. Similar 

■ ■ ----' " --' ,: — -" — .legislation now is pending before the 

House Public Works CommlttlSK - ~ 

It is opposed by the Amcrioan 
Automobile Association, United States 
Conference of Mayors, National League 
of Cities, Federation of Women's Clubs 
and other groups. Eternal vigilance on 
the part of- the general public is neces- 
sary. Otherwise, what has happened in 
Nevada could well become a pattern for 
the rest of the nation. 

// Isn't Right 

General services administration of the 
federal government has committed SI0 
million in procurement for contracts with 
minority entrepreneurs under provisions 
of the small business act. "We're 
prepared to commit considerably more 
when this is used up," stated GSA ad- 
ministrator Robert L. Kuniig. - 

It is entirely proper for the govern- 
ment to purchase needed material from' 
having minority leadership. The employment nndhappiness, whetheritbc 
government, however, in restricting- to make baskets, or broadswords, or 
contract issuance 16 minorities, is canals, or statues, or songs." — 

engaging in discrimination in full scale Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Interesting Opinions 

"The crowning fortune of a man is to 

Blohauvicli and.Glen-SaxvoId, dcrson-jVnclIa- and -Lowell 

_ ...-_ ... married July 4. nt the United 

Lutheran Church in Gatzke. 
the Wayne Larson home Sunday Mrs - Alton Spnrby, Mrs. 
evening, Ingcborg Lovcn nnd Roger were 

' r„ n «i« „. ,y. .-i.rr „. „i birthday guests of Mrs. Floyd 

Guests ol .the Clifford K omar Brandt ntTvfnlung. June 10. 
hMM»« on J ay . Cornells oth Kyle Lnrson ofMound, Minn., 
birthday were grandma Mrs i„ spending a few weeks ot the 
Aimn Klnmar, Mrs. hi—«u .,,_■.? ... . . 

~"h~i(ai — 

iy fishing. 

Sunday evenin.. 

j „ k .„.„,„„ ,„ la „„„„„ ' Mrs. Juel Aune and family, Mr. 

Mrs. Wayne Larson, Mrs. Dale Q nd Mrs. Orlln Oslby. Shannon, 

Peterson nnd Mrs. Roy An- Tnmmy'nnd Tommy and Wendy 

j._._ .__n_ ..j ,-.....„ __. -and-HoKcr-Grnff-wtKrls-cmploy- - 

cd al Fertile, Minn., spent Ihe 

weotend there ond with his 

rents, Mr, and Mrs. Reuben 

Monday evening Mrs. Emma 
Olson and Brenda, Mrs. Ole 
Stephenson nnd Mrs. Joe 

Schloefer vislled -nt Ihc Lewis 
Quam home. 

amur ond children. Mrs. Paul" 
Klomnr and Karl, Mrs. Holgcr 
Nilson, Dole and Kcrrl and Mr. 
nndMrs.RolondKInmor. (We're 
sorry lo have omitted the name of 
Brent Klamar attending the 
Galilee Bible Camp at Lake 

Hnrold — LylcJjlattauvlctz-homo-and-his. 


Mr. nnd Mrs. Ame Tuura nnd 
Michael of Middle River were 
-visitors-at- tlic- Wayne "Lnrson" 
home Thursday evening. 

Mr. and "Mrs." Rny'Easlby 
visited with Vernon Gilbert and 
his mother Monday evening. 

Mrs,— Gerald 

uncle Aran Ingalls. He arrived 
Inst Wednesday accompanying 
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie PocUnlck 
nnd family and Mrs. EHn Larson' 
or Thief River Falls who hod ' 
visited his parents, the Melvln 

Larson's at Mound. 

— Visitors— nr~ the _ noy"~EastDy — 
home last Monday evening were 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Aksel Gormscn, 
— nnd-viBilors there Thursday 
evening were Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Thorfin Ostby. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rnugen 
nnd fnmlly of Roseau spent last 
Saturday evening at the Anton 
-Wagnerr-Harold— Brandon-nnd- 
Arnold HautfSn homes, and 
stopped to visit- nt the Willie 
Toica thot evening. 

Mnrlcne Carlson otThlcf River 
Falls spent Inst week with Carole 
-Aune_nttheJulc Auno home, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ray Eastby 
visited Sunday at ihc Jerome 
Hclsladhome at Roseau. 

Mrs. Oriin Ostby Tommy and 
Tommy and Wendy spent Inst 
Sunday nt her parents, the 
Martin Ness' ot Middle River, 
while Orlln and Shannon attended 
the worship services and Sunday 
schooLpir - ^- -'"--"'-"*"""-' ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ostby of 
Thief River Falls nnd Mrr^Uny 
Eastby returned last Tuesday, a 
week ago, from Mlnneopolls 
where they attended graduation 
exercises— and-vtslted - nt~t!fe'" 

Graff at Greenbush, and Sundny 
afternoon Mrs.' Aune and Mrs. 
Newton vislled briefly at the Berl 

Anderson home, at rural Grygla. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Dennis llnugen 
.nnd. fnmily_ l _of_.R(»cau_were,_ 

Sunday visitors and supper spent the weekend visiting at the 
guesls at Ihe Willie Tale home. Louis Quam home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thorfin Ostby ' Joyce Kriel and Slg Twelcn of 
visited ot the Frank Burda home Bemidji spent the weekend at the 
at Strathcona Sunday evening. Kenneth Kriel ' 

Northland Chevrolet. 

Wednesday evening supper 

guests at ihc Gcrold SJulestnd 

home were Lyle Walnc. Larry 

and Martin Kotrba. Glcnie Llan 

— Last-Fridoy-Genild-Gram-or- nnd-MrsrEdwnrdSJulcstfld-ond- 

Mlddle River visited at the '"S"?' -, , „ ' , 

Henford Rolsland home. P H' c Sfe y CVC ( nl 2? Mr 5i ? r 

_ . «» . Ekwnll, Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert 

Tuesday Evening Mr. nnd Mrs. Horejsh of Minneapolis were 

urlin Stenvlck of Embarrass, supper guests at Ihc. Joe Horejsh 

Minnesota were supper guesLi ot home In Tlik-r River Falls and- 

Ihe Norman Stenvkk home. They later the above were luncheon 

brought Lynn and Keith Slcnvick guests at tho Donald Grochow 

home Willi them. home at Thief River Falls. 

Mr.. and_Mrs- r qscar_Quam. — - Mre,-Alicc-Lunden-ond -Thor- 

L ^ ndcn of Bremcrtc 

Check Ybu Auto 

D Rodlotor CheckodT 

We no over every vltnl 


. ;rtpn, 

visited Friday 
Arnold Hovet 

Kenny Slucy was a Monday 

- j --■ ^ --j-w _ ..„.. ,„ evening c aller nl Ih e CnrLEknalL 

is presently KlnyinE_,Vi'lUi_his — Warrentoattcndtlioweddinpof-a — homer' 

sister and film i Iy the Gene classmate. Mrs. Kenny Kriel took Dnli 


Jimmy Torcn of Middle River Saturday Joyce nnd Slg went to 
' " vinE_,wlUi_his_Warren toatlcnd tho weddinpofa— 

Iy the Gene classmate. Mrs. Kenny Kriel took ( Dole Hammer of Smiley spent 

Engen's. and Sunday evening them back to Be 

they visited nt the John Sorter, afternoon. 

home atMlddlc River. There were qulle a few from 

Mrs. Ray Juhl visited at the <hls area lhat attended the SOth 

Clarence Linn's Monday af- anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. 

ternoon. Gerry Race at the Faith 

from hursday till Saturday \ 
the Dahlcn twins. 

Sunday afternoon Mrs. Laurel 
Wlltman and girls of Warren and 
Caroline. Donnn and Leah 
Dahlcn. Tcryl Rindahl 

U Got HMd'OveihaulIngT 
We check Jt thoroughly 
and give you n complete 
estimate or the Job. 

Q Starter TronbUT 

Better replace that worn 

O Car H»cdT for SummerT 
We adjust and replace 
creases, "oils, nml'corb. 


Aaseby Garage 

Phone 6SI-4534 

A-federaI_procurxineat seminar for «- • »• 

minority business is scheduled for July 10 DOrrOWeO-/VOnsense 
in Minneapolis. "Representatives from 

_ "Put oh a pound of porktor only 8 { ." 

the buying offices of all federal agencies 
—Will individually assist and counsel all 
minority businessmen interested in in- 
creasing their involvement in the multi- 
billion dollar procurement program, of 

"the United States government;"stales-H — — - ----- 

> GSA news release. "Doc.", said the executive to his - 

In a budget of billions of dollars, 510 psychiatrist, "I've been working too hard 
miliion.probab jyjsrU very muck But to and a m in b ad shape. I'll say something 
any small supplier, a piece of thai change ancTthenTrnliiediatc1>'-forget-wharrv?' 

An office worker, having cocktails .at 
his desk, looked up at his disbelieving 
boss. "Hope you don't mind, sir," he said! 
"Just a little celebration on the 10th 
anniversary of my last raise." 

would look mighty good in the ledger. 
Amont of the program is not what irks us. 
however; it's the out-and-out practice of 

said." "Can you give me an example?" 
asked the psychiatrist. "About what?" 
the executive asked. 

_Land_01LaJ<es_Pork Formula "5^7-9" growing 
and finishing program makes it possible." 

Yen nlr, youxaiLTiiine n'GO pound j>ia lo 200 jKiymiii 
-for n touirfwid ?osl of $1 1 .66— a liulo lew than 8c n ' 
.round for 140 pounds of naln. 

I'iRFormuIn "5-7-9" in liiRhlyconcehtniletl. Juki n 
little, mUi-il with your own fjrnins, jiroduci-Hii ration ■ 
' with nn ideal bnlnncu of nil nutrient* neei-sjuiry for 

---■growtnR hcnllhy, meiily-hoss— fnatl For tirrud. with 

special nntibiotien lo provide addeil ntisurunce thnt 
your pipn will Rnin nt iheir maximum rate with top 
- ' feed efficiency nnd extra health protection. 

Come In for all the facts. , 


«n ixitI. Av>. ; F"°°t Mi.iaw 

It's not the drink that kills, it's the drunk, the problem drinker, the abusive 
drinker, the drunk driver. This year he'll be involved in the killing 
of at least 25,000 people. He'll be involved in at least 800,000 highway 
crashes. After-all the drunk driver has done for us, what can we do for 
him? If he's sick, let's help him. But first we've got to get him off the road. 

Do something. Write National Safety Council, Dept. A, 425 N. Michi gan 

-Ave-,.Chicago..IlIin'ois 6061 1. And let your voice be hcar_4_ 
Scream Bloody Murder. 



SpoowTttt by Mm following In 


Jim* Embury,, Agnit 


SmB Gmmux Agmt 


T«u Katn Jb*rt Iml l*pt. TtaM la*. C* 



Stnnlstowski. Michelle, Jodi nnd 
Douglns of Blaine, spent n weeks 
vocation nt the Mrs. Pctrn 
Larson 'home, nnd at the Alex 
SLanisIowski home at Greenbush 
and relatives nt Warren. Pvt. - 
-Loiand- Lnrson, who -hns been 
stationed in service at Ft.- Sill 
Oklahoma accompanied the 
Stanlslowskl fnmlly to spend a 2D 
day furloufdi nt his mother, Mrs. 
Pctra Larson and other relatives. 
■Mrs. Willie Taic, Ruby Larson 
nnd Mrs. Wnyne Larson nnd 
John, visited with ihcm nt Pelrn 
Larson's, last Saturday. Lcl and 
iCts~[0T>c~B0lng"lo VTclnmnT" 
._.- his furlough. 
Visiting' with Russell Engcvik 
of Julian. Calif., nl the Rouben- 
Engevik's Monday were Dwlght 
Ruud, Bradley Abrahamson and 

Keith McDonnph. M ullu ,„, ltu m UIK 

Mrs.DonDld McMillan, Mrs.__-Clayton-Ostby-homc. Thcir- 
Luclln Brandt of Roseau nnd daugl](cr_Arlys-waB-one-or tho 
UiHr-housc-Euests-Mrs^OlEn Kraclooles. Mrs. Eastby also 
McMillan of Naples, Fla., were spent overnight at the Martin 
■upper guests al Mrs. Constance Linn home one cvcninR and with 
Ruud FVidoy evening and also Mrs. Esther ' Nelson and the 
attended the bridal shower far_. Herbert Bernslrom's 
. ->■_ ..... .. , L - .._.,„j Mr. nnd Nfrs. James Swanson, 

Rllo and-AInn-of-Minnenpolis 
spent Friday unUl Sunday a week- 
ago nt her sister, the Dale 


Linda Stccn of Hnlstad, Mrs, 
Carlton Kchrley of DcLnnd, Hn., 
■DJlil AnHln Aune woroj;tsltors-aL 
the Glcn^Lnrsort home Friday 

AccuColor— RCA's new system for color television. 
Model-for-mbdel, dollar-for-dollar the most viv id, m ost 
life-like,-most consistently accurate, most dependable^ 
. color in our history. A ncLour-mostautomatic. 

Anctla Aune a J i the United 
Lutheran church basement. that 
evening. Dean McMillan who 
spent last week with Randy 
Larson nt the Glen Larson home, 
accompanied Uicm home lhat 

Visitors ot ihc Lyle Dlohauvlcii. 
home Snturday afternoon ( 




•t Mfrctl»ndU*ri 
-Ph. Ul^aoa 

Itlvef, und - 5alurday evening . 
Mrs. Ingcborg Lovcn and Roger 
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul Klnmar 
ond Karl, visited there. 

- Congratulations to Mrs. 
Pauline Dahl who became a great 

- grandmother Tuesday wh err her 
-gronddo ujthtrr-Bonnlc- Schmidr- 

(Mr. nnd Mrs. Bob Stevens) of 
TiIlnnenpolls-TimrBmicTil] — fTie - 

United Lutheran church 
basement at Gatrke.-. 

Lowell Larson, who Is em- 
ployed in Minneapolis, nlso spent 
the weekend at home, ac- 
companying Ingvald Andt 

arrival of a baby boy. 

iVisllors nt the Erik Aunc's 
Monday w-crc John Eastby of 

" " "ill. Mm V'aIIIa 

, .... parents. „.. 

Gleri l-nrenn^ n[y j ITiiprty hrfiiiffht 

-r ii ^ck to Isanti (rural 

Winnenpolls) Sundny and 
visited their son and . brother. 
. , Lynn, nl St. Cloud, and stayed 
„, , . „ i --,-,- „ Nell i e - overnight with Lowell, and 

Olafson and Mrs. Luclla Brandt returned honic Monday 

of Roseau. and^Mrs. Brandt's '*— ■■■— •■ • - 

'l)ousc"ijuesl; Mrs, Olga^IcMillan' 

Thief River Falls, 

of Napl i 

Bobbie Sparby who is cm- 
ployed in Moorhcad spent the 
weekend at Iiomu-wllh his 
parents, the AHorr Sparby's. 

Mrs. Lyle Dlnhnuvirtx sub- 
stituted as local post midressal 
Ihe Go tike post office, a few days 
Insl week, when Mrs. Pctra 
Larson spent a few days nt home 
with Pvl. Lcland Larson nnd the 
Gerald SlnnislnwsH family, who 

mother Mrsrpnu*llnc~Dah7. who 
remained In Minneapolis to v '" 
her daughter and family, uic 
Edwnrd Schmidt's nnd her son 
Elmer and fomlty, and other 
relatives nnd friends n week. 

Alvin Dahl of Minneapolis Is 
spending some time at the John 
nnd Clnrcnce Dnhl homes. He 
visited at the Ernest Berg home 

Fabulous value! 
Solid state* 
RCA Color TV, 

ln.lhis RCA Trans Vista' model.; 
solid stoto components roploco 
tubes tor hiflfi lovol porformonco 
nnd dependability. Computor- 
dosignod RCA ultrn-bright 
c olor pictufo tu bo, Automatic . 

Fino Tuning (A.F.T.) selects 
tho best sinnnl oloc Ironically. 
Till-out control pnnolfor handy 
stond-uptuninn. Movo up to 
solid stnto* color at this oasy 


315 North Main Ave. 

We Service What Wo Soil" 

Photia 681-3044 

_ PACE 8 

Monday, July G, 1970 


News Happenings in 

The Good Hope 4-H club bcRdn 
iclr community beau II flea lion 

• OImb, Gt+i**t*. i 


spendina I 
ld)i. while 

Grnbowskl home. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Norman 
LledberK nnd famlly-plcked up nnomrs narrva 

Mr nn<T Mrs. Clarence Dnh en gJS^^L^M 

nnd enjoyed a picnic Jn the "... ,,«. /_..»>_.■— , 

BemldJI park. While there they 
visited Gay Liedberg who Is 
employed In Ucmldji: 

evening Mr. and Mrs. 

weeks nt Lake 
l r, I'nync at- 

k course nt 

program by picking up (rash, 
mowing Hie grass and planting 

" at the Coop creamery. 

--"-'--■'-- iro Mrs. 

_, _. Wallace 

Payne, Michael Hanson. Wade 
Pay no^M re^Orl li^ Ha n»on = ond= | 
Dale participated from (he Star 4- 
II club. 
Tuesday evening the Good 



■ Dahlen 



i home. Ingolf 
Unkken was a cnller Friday at 
the Dalilcn borne. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Allen Jones and 
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Stephenson 
were Sunday dinner guests nt the 
Jim Davis home at Beltrami. Mr. 
and Mrs. llusscl 1'arr and boys of 
Crookslon were guests there also, 
They also visited Nora. Gilbert. 
Henry nnd Obert Haugen at 
Ncilsvillennil witb Mr. arid Mrs.- 
Willie Johnson mid Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Allien llangan. 

- Thursdav evening gues(s nt the 
Joe Schloler home were Mrs. 
Wallace I'nvne and Mrs. I.iln • 

and Mrs. Gordon 
.on and children were 
eveniai! 'visitors at the 
Uivly hiirne. 
and Mrs. Gordon 
Itaniiy and Michelle 

sis at the 

Uslo and 
I at the ' 

tended .. . 

Uemldji Stale collefic 

ind Mrs. Harry Scvrc nnd 

■ Cheryl and Mrs. Doris 

of Thief River Falls left 

Sunday to visit relatives. In 


Mr. nnd Mrs. James Wells 
were Sunday callers at the Arne 
Mnrkuson home. 

Sunday- visiters of Mrs. Lena 
Iverson were Mr. and Mrs. Irvln 
Iverson and Mr. and Mrs. Gar- 
field- Iverson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscnr Manderud 
visited Sunday with their son 
Jerome Holandson and Mrs. 
Alvln Horning at Northwestern 
hospital and with their mother, 
Mrs. Mary Auge lit the Valley 

iround the flowering crab treci 
at the Moylnn town hall. Club 
members helping were. Vnlarlo 
Wisetb, Jane and Howard 
Liedberg and former elub 
member, Rosemary Liedberg 
and Mrs. Lynn Hanson and 

Mrs, Lynn Hanson attended n 
state PTA board meeting in 
Minneapolis Inst Saturday. 

Doris Ceryin and Jane 
I'reslebnk returned Friday nf- _ 
ternoun from Lake Sarah where" 
they attended a 4-H camp. 
Michael Hanson was a junior 
camp councelor. All are from the 

church w|lh the Ruth circle In the Oscar A. Johnson homo and 

charge— of the- -program. 

Hostesses: Mrs. Florence Berg, 
Natalie Haugcn, Luvcme Fore. 
Dernlce Oftclie nnd Fnrroll 

-Iter the- funeral for Mrs. Julia 
Johnson wcro: Mr. and Mrs. floss 
Weckloy nnd Orson Weckley of 
Dccrwood. Lyic Quigg of Deer 



c caller 

at the Hull) Liedberg home. 

Mrs, lluth Liedberg, Jane and 
Howard spent Sunday at Pine 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard "Miller 
and family were gueaLii Tuesday 
evening nt the Galen Dahlen < 

Mr. and Mrs. Verl Leckron. 

Keith. Pamela nnd Mlchnel of 

Grand Forks were weekend 

the Orris Olson and 


s. Odwln Blnckstnd 
Wirren were callers Saturday forenoon 
John Tanem accompanied by at the Horry Sevres. - 
-Mr-ai«rMrsrIngmnrTancnrtjf— — Mr-ond-Mrs.-Uren-Rnee-nnd- 
Irvgla left Friday to visit their ">mily were guests Thursday 
failier.JtiliusTaiiem.npalicnlnt evening nt the home of Odwin 
the Virfiinia hospital. While-there Blackstad. 
- - --' "r Henry 

returned Friday evening from SI. 
nd Mrs. Harold South Pflul *>«rc " 

. .11. - 

lluderly home. They returned 
home Sundav. 

Monil.iv callers at the ['aimer 
l.ovly home were Timet by Knssn, 
l.vle Walne ami Larry Kotrba. 
'Paul Cregnryk of liismnrk, N. 
D. came Sunday to spend some 
lime visiting with John' nt the 
Palmer Luvjy home. Paul Is nn 
Armv Imdilv of John, being 
.tunelhiT in basic training and in 

M inula v Mr. and Mrs. Gordon 
lli'itriekse-n- and children nc- 
eompaaied by Mr. and Mrs. 
Oscar Nurdling uf Oslo visited nt 
Hie home or Sirs. M, H. Graham 
at Cralton. N. I). 

Sunday evening guests at the 
Orvin Sunsduhl home with birth- 
day cake (or Mrs. Sunsdnhl were 
Al fieri J. Johnson nnd Gary nnd 
Mr. anil .Mrs. Kenneth Sanders, 
Kevin and Rhonda. 
' The (iillnwiiig families enjoyed 
a pot luck dinner nt lied Lake 
Sunday: .Mr. and Mrs. Orvin 
—SunsdahLund family —Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Lloyd Wiselli nnd family, 
•Mr. and Mrs. Dick Nelson nnd 
children, Mr. and Mi 

Idny eve ., 
; she spent a week 
Wednesday evening «"<™iing a junior leadership 
l.ic.iheru home. conference. - 

Tuesday Mrs. Betty Hanson, 
Anita. Kim and Robbie, Mr. and 
Mrs. Andrew Hanson and Mrs. 
Richard Lot! drove to the Cities 
and visited at the Aldcn Craven 
home at New Brighton and Hie 
Lloyd Tnncms at Invcr Grove 
Heights. While there. Mrs. Lloyd" 
TiuVm and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew 
Ifchtson visited his sister. Mr. and 
Mrs. Roy Olson nt Clenr Lake. 
Wis. Mrs. Betty Hanson nnd 
children visited at the Jim Nelson 
home at Ijike Balsam. Wis. and 
also with her sisters, Mr. and 
Darryl Malisons in Minneapolis. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Orris 
Olson, nfr. and Mrs. Verl Leckron 
and children of Grand Forks 
Mrs. Adah Marquis and Far! 
Marquis and Maria were lunch 
guests at the Dick Marquis home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. ■ Leon Iverson 
visited Tuesday with their 

SOME PARTICIPANTS IN n one-half acre garden 

project on the Oscar Johnson rnrm cast of Thief 
River Falls are (left to right) EnrI Senum. Theresa 
Bischoff, Eugene Burslle nnd Orris Austrcng. The 
project, sponsored by Hie Falls Day Activity center 
nnd supervised by volunteer worker Mrs. Betty 

Wlsnlcski. Is Intended to tench gardening skills as 
well as perseverance to retarded ndult residents of 
the farm. Planted in May, the garden is expected to 
provide produce for the Johnson boarding home and 
the activity center, and some of Uic crop is also to be 
sold by the center participants. 

River, Normal 

: i.i.rf. Anne Belto of Gonvlck, Grnnd_Mnrals,-Mr,-nnd-Mrs: 

! Mls3_Sarah-Strnnde-of— micr~^Johnny Johnson, and Irene 

River Falls visited with Mrs. Johnson of Crosby, Mr, and Mrs. 

Nellie Strande on Friday af- HcrbMelncrtof Erskine. Mr. nnd 

tcmoon. -._-" Mrs. Horry Johnson ana. Lowell, . 

Mrs. Bennie Carlson attended a .Mr., nnd Mrs. Orville Calhoan and 

surprise birthday party for her Randy, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnrrcn 

aunt Mrs. Sena Chcrvestnd . on Johnson nnd girls, Mr. and Mrs. 

Friday evening, ' Harold Mcrckdclvlti, Lisa and 

Saturday visitors nt the Frank Larry of Brooklyn Center, Mr. 

Votavn nomc were Francis arid Mrs. Irv Olson of BcmldJI, 

Karbovlka and Mr. and Mrs. Max Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bohnsock of 

Kasprick of Crooks ton. Devils Lake, Mr, and Mrs. Lester 

Sunday afternoon and supper Peterson of Fargo. Mrs. Horry 

guests of Mrs. Nellie Strande Ludvin, HUlsboro. N.D.. Mr. nnd 

were Mr. and Mrs, Johnny Mrs, Johnny Rustad, Mcintosh, 

Hanson, Mrs. Annie Strondc of Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence Olson, 

Oklee. Mrs. Slgna Strande and .Baglcy, Mr. and Mrs. Anton 

Cora Hanson. . ' Skanscn-nnd Mr. and Mrs. Bill 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Bcrgh Christiansen of Ersklnc. 

visited Tuesday afternoon nt the Sunday afternoon visitors at 

Edwin Bcrgh home. Mrs. Carlln the Edwin Bcrgh home were Mr. 

Berg and girls of Elbow Lake nnd Mrs. ElmcrDrovold, Mr. nnd 
were ^Thursday - and Friday - MrH~Mervln~RIndnhl,~Mrrand~ 

visitors. Mrs. Orlnnd Rlndahl, Mr. and 

Mr. and Mrs. Slgvald Pedcrscn Mrs. Carl Scvcrson and girls, Mr. . 

of Osakis ' were Wednesday nnd Mrs. Arlle Fare nnd Mr. nnd 

overnight guests at the Floyd 

Real Estate 


I. Edith Stapelton of Foley, 

Mrs. Robert Rnmbeek. Mrs. 

Orrln Rambeck and girls. Mrs. 
Llla Stephenson and Mrs. Orvis 
Olson were Tuesday 'afternoon 
lunch guests nt the Odwin 
Blackstad home. 
' Rosemary [Liedberg was a 
bridesmaid at the Ann Swift nnd 
Dale Marks wedding held Sunday 
nt Cnrplo, N. D. 

Mrs. Leon Iverson visited 
Saturday nt the Edgar Millers 
and picked up Roselie nnd 
Rhonda who had spent several 
days at the Miller-home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Galen Dahlen, 
Karla and Jacqueline visited 
Sunday evening at the Palmer 
Unite home near Grygh. 

Sunday afternoon guests nt the 
Galen Dahlen home, were Mr. and 
Mrs. Roger Kriel. Liza. Jeffery 
and Steven.- 

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Dahlen 
attended the 40th wedding an- 
niversary of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 
Ouren held Sunday at Pelican 
Rapids. They were supper guests 
at the Peter Ouren home. 

Mr. and Mrs, Bud Blnckstnd; 
and girls of Thief River Fajls 
'sitors Tuesday evening at 



Michaels hospital In Grand Forks 
and also called on the Verl 
Leckrons. Doreen Marquis 
returned home with them alter 
visiting since Sunday at the 
Leckron home, , 

Mrs. Mary Kusmak nnd her 
sister Mrs. Wayne Scott and 
' Becky or Roseville, Cnlir.Iefl by" 
bus E-riday to visit their brother 
and fnmllv, Mr. and Mrs, John 
Silvula at Anuka. Saturday Mr., 
and- Mrs. Silvala and Mrs, 
Kusmak took Mrs. Wayne Scott 
and Becky I" Minneapolis where 

Grecnbush nnd helped her 
celebrate her birthdav, 

GuesLn Snturdny at the Lea 
Elllngson home were Mr.- and 
Mrs. Robert Bcndlckson. Rlckic 
nnd Michael and Mr. and Mrs. 

Ole Prcstcbnk 

were Sunday dinner guests nt the 
Andrew Prestebak home, 
Mr. and Mrs. Vcmon Wikstrom 
_of Grygln visited Inst Jialurday 
evening at the Leroy Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Johnson 
and girls were callers Thursday 
evening nt the Sctmcr Helen 

Mr. and Mrs. Thorfln Oslby of 
Gntrke were gucsLs Wednesday 
evening at the Leroy Johnson 

Mr.' and Mrs. Kenneth WIscth 

nnd family were Sunday visitors 
at the Vcmon Brntcng home near 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwartz 
of Holt were guests Sunday af- 
ternoon at the Gary Iverson 

"David Hildebrand wusn caller 
Friday at the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. Leroy Johnson. 

Mrs. Llla Stephenson was a 
Thursday afternoon- caller of 
Mrs. Elmer-Johnson. 

~ ido Olson left Frldny 

of Stephen, Mrs. Joe Dilolonskl 
and Susan Drury both of 
Grecnbush, Mrs, Irvln Pcpllnskl, 
Susnn nnd Irvln Jr. of Milwaukee 
were afternoon visitors Tuesday 
at the Leonard Marynlk home. 
Mr. and Mrs. Emll Swanson 
were visitors Tuesday evening at 
(he Lou Hjclmcland home In 
Thief River Falls. 


Mr. and Mrs. AI Chase (former 
Louise Ness of Gullv) and Nnn of 
Leisure World, California have 
spent ' 2 months in. the area 

Alba ma and Kenneth Thorson of 
Seattle, Wash., arrived last week 
to visit at tho home' of their 
brothers the Ernest and Victor 
.Thorson homes nnd other" 

Mr. nnd Mrs, Floyd Berg spent 
Thursday to Saturday In Uic 
Cities attending their son 
Richard's graduation from Minn. 
Highway ' Patrol Candidate 
School held at Ardcn Hills June. 
16, while there they visited at the 
Charles Anderson and Russcl 
Rlngstad home and with Carol 
Berg. Richard is spending n few 
dayj at home prior to leaving for 
Golden Valley where he will be 

. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thorssen 
nnd Mrs. Edith Stapelton of 
Foley, Alabama picnicked on - 
Sunday Willi their cousins the 
Nick Shobcrts at Grand Forks. 
Mrs; Enrl Wagner ond Mrs. 
Verne Tharaldson visited Sunday 
evening with Mrs. Tillle Fors- 
berg. • - 

. , ,, ... . Elmer of Gully, her sisters Clara, 

;ra ulntlons to Mr^ nnd_ G crlcudejin(l AmandajjLFMstcn_!l?' lon ^; ..-„ —„ . 

Julius Alby who were and Grand Forks. On Sunday^ Nrs - Arnold Hrovoid spent 
«t rn ihoir nnidnfl u.^^un . .. .... — . .. .,„.__•_ Saturday afternoon nt the 

University of Minn. Technical 


honored on their golden wedding j unc 21, Mr.nndMra. Al Chase 
anniversary when on open house • W ere honored nt n fnmily reunion 
-was held in honor of the occasion nnu ; p i cn i c d| nncr „l Pine Lake. 
al the Oak Ridge Lutheran The entire Ness family from 
church Sunday afternoon Junc m |i cs nround were present to 

28lh, A program was „ 

followed, by a social hour and a 
luncheon was served Including n 
decorated enkc. Three- of their 
four children were home for tile 
happy event and they were Mr. 
and Mrs. Alan Alby and family of 
Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs, (Bob 

Anderson and' children, Mr. and the Odwin Blackslnd home. 



: garder 

.... and Lvtidn Bnrtcl. 

Marks Johnson and nephe , _ .... ,. 

Hid Zanders of Minneapolis There were over two hundred 
ktiI tile weekend at the Albert verities or iris and were in full 
Johnson homcand- with. other— bloomatlbiiitimu.-Tho-group-liad- 
Intucs. lunch with Mrs. Zippn and 

daughter before leaving. The 
club members returned lo Thief 
Falls where they 

they boarded the bus Tor their evening for Glendive, Montana to 

i.- >i... l- i> .i — . — i. ., pick up Kathleen Frilsch to go on 

n: trip to the West Coast, They 
plan to be gone three weeks. 

Mrs, Henry Paulson wns a 
cnller Saturday morning at the 
Elmer Johnsons. 

-Mr.-and Mrs.- Harold -Holon,— 
Diane and David. Mr. and Mrs. 
Leroy Johnson and girls ond Mr. 
and Mrs. Selmer Rolen and 
yus a family enjoyed a picnic dinner 
Betty Sunday nt Elmer Johnsons. 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Joscphsr- 

home. Mrs. Kusmak then ti 
bus lo (he Ted Kusmak home at 
Alexandria Saturday evening, 
where she was an overnight guest 
and was brought home here 
Sunday by the Ted Kusmaks. 
Mrs — Keoll-nnd-Beeky-vlsited- 
nearly two weeks here with her 
hlsler and with relatives in Thief 
River Falls. 

Mrs. Marvin Bakkcn 
caller Tuesday at tin 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Iven 
Melissa and Shelly were gu 
Saturday evening nt the D(i 
■Schwarti"home- for - J acky ' 

Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Wiselli and 
amilv were guests Monday 
■vermin '<> Orvin Suusdahls and 
.eroy Johnson family were 
ruesdn.v evening callers. 
-Mr^nnd -Mrs— Wnilnec-Pnyne- 
md family returned home Friday 

, Scbwnrt 


nnd fnmily of St. Paul spent a 
week vacationing here Inst week. 
Mltchel Joscphson remained to 

Thief River Falls and their 
daughter (Donna) Mrs. Harold 
Plew of Florida was unable to 
attend. There were ap- 
proximntclv 150 relatives and 
friends attending the open house. 
A complete write Up will nppear 
in the social column. 

Alvln Omdahl of Helgoland was 
a coffee guest Monday morning 
at the Frank Hlblc home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Andrews and 
David of Nashville, Tennessee 
arrived Saturday nt her parental 
home the Emll Swanson s where 
- they- will Itc-houseguestH- whlle- 
■visfllng in the area. 

Mrs. Leonard Furuseth, Mrs. 
Johnnna Furuseth nnd Mrs. 
Ernest Hclacnsel accompanied 
' her sister Mrs. Rlchnrd Walsh to 
Fargo on Thursday where she 
boarded the plane to return to 
Kenny Kalsnes accompanied 

sdmes Rcnnie 
-Svnnjord,— Bert- Conn.- fcrnest 
Swanson. C. R. Appelman, Orlin 

:hday and Mr: 

Leonard Holverson of Duluth 
was a caller Sunday afternoon at 
the Leo Ellingsons. 

Mr. and Mrs, Eugene Wlskow 
and bovs were weekend guests oI~ 
his mother. Mrs. Edna Wlskow at 

ilny — nl-the-Selmcr-HnlPn-and — Mrrnnd-Mra-George-Jorgenson— - Washrr-DiCT— where— they— sai 

bid i 

to Leisure World. 

Jodl Haugcn of New Rockford, 
N. Dak., Is spending 2 weeks with 
her grandparents, the Roald 
Haugcns, her sister Shcrrlc had 
spent a month here. Dole 
Mclandcr has been slaying with 
the Haugcns loo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Solstcln of 
Fosston -were "Thursday of-- 
tcmoon callers o t ihe Ted Nylnnd 
home, Mr. and Mrs, Albert 
B re I void were Friday evening 

Debbie Ann Mandt and Robin 
Sterns of Blnomlngton nrc 
visiting at the George Ness home 
and at the Ness cabin nt Pine 
Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Orvin Mandt 
and Cnndi arrived an Saturday 
for a 2 weeks vacation here. 

Kenneth Forsbcrg of St. Louis 
Park, Wnlly Rulkowskl and Keith 
of St. Paul visited aver the 
weekend with Mrs. Tillle Fors- 
berft and Peter Rulkowskl 's. 
Keith remained for a longer visit. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Rowland 
returned home lost Wednesday 
after n day visit at Jcsup, 
Maryland with Mr. and Mrs. 
Franklin 'Rouland, while there. 
Their son Franklin took them on 
several sightseeing trips around 

college campus attending 
Northwest school nlumnl 
Friday noon luncheon guests nt 


Cora«r of lit & MopI* 
Thfat BIvbi FcdJs 
PHONE 681-3832 

' Paint close out outside and 
Inside. Regular price as much as 
• 18.50 per gal, now some as low as 
$1.00 per gal. Selected colors. 
Tile, 12x12, vinyl asbestos as low 
as 12 cents each. Schlechtcr Paint 
ond Hobby. tttfc 

FOR SALE .— Jock pine 
lumber (Rough) 1x4x8" at fSO.OO 
per m'., 1x8x8" at (90.00, 2x4x8" 
at 1100.00. 2x4x10" at $110.00.. 
also a good supply of planed 
2x4x8!' and 10". Flooring 1105.00. 
— Oin. drop-siding 1110.00 Thr«- 
m lies east. Wannaska. Phono 425- 
.7522. Melvln E. Krucgor. 44lfc 

No. MS — 280 JUras . 240 
cropland, modata 3 bedroom 
home. Btnav bam. okloo 
school district. S1BJ00. Lou 
than Vi down, good terms. 

Leroy Johnson homes. 

Mrs. Llla Stephenson visilcd 
Saturday evening nt the Orvis 
Olson home. 

Mr. ■ and— Mrsr~ Truman 
Danlelson of Grand Forks, David 

nnd David on Thursday when 

fioing to the Cities and the Iron 
tnnge for the weekend to visit 
relatives returnlng_herc on 
Mrs. ArneSnmuelson nf Vlking_ 

Tcedy-orniTernrvVrFnlls-and vislScdatthV Thomas Samuelsan' 

home Saturday afternoon. 

Thursday evening -Mr. ami 
Mrs, Lloyd Olson 'nnd Kristl of 
Thief River Falls visited with the 
Raymond Molskness family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Norvnl Johnson 

were Joined by Mr. nnd Mrs. 

-Oscar Peterson, Mr. nnd Mrs. 

Mrs. Henry Zinter and Mrs. 
Elmer Johnson were callers 
Friday ol Mrs. Llla Stephenson. 


Klnts ui iiiiurusi, uuruuiu ijujij^: 
ey visited with the Bob Rouland 
. family at Stillwater and enjoyed 
n picnic nnd boating on the St. 

_eroix__ _^__. .-, 

- Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bravold 
visilcd at the Clifford Arveson 
home on Friday evening. Dnlc 
Arveson of Washington is 
spending a 2 weeks vacation with 
his parents, the Clifford Ar- 



Coleman Cos Space Beater 
Electric Clothes Dryer 
Electric Built-in Ranae, top 

1— Arctic boat 35 HJ. toe. 

tor with trailer 
I— need Campere (tmall) 
I— Camper Bus 
Z— Gas Hoor furnaces 
1— 75JW0 B,T.a. oU fumaco 
1— 5&000 B.T.TJ. gas space 

heater w/blower (frelabt 


Ho, 314 — 160 oats 
SJi oi Thtof BJre* FalU, 4' 
bedroom home. Includes 120 
oaes oi crop. Jmt »I1 JOOOO. 

Ho. 3IS — SS900. Bun B 

room modern bone, oil fur- 
naee, doco to store and 
school, located In Tblej El- 

Real Estate 

FOR SALE — 7 room brick 
rambler. 301 N. Kendall. Pb. 681- 
4309. 44tfc 

No. 333 — Jl JXM dowrl *riU 
put you In your own bust- 
nee*. Modern cafe, building: 

plUS "" »-»"'— — • — -• •>- 


Ha ,30* — 400 COW UMTT 
RAKCK — Two modern 
hornet, excellent out build- 
ing*, allei and mllee of new 
fence, new working corrals 
and chutes. 2 mllee of lln 
water plus 3 stack pond* 

Strout Really 

Vi mile 5.E of City 
n 59 ar coll 681-55K 



To b«jy or **I1 — 
Noil nw Minn 
Mmiwioto Fonra ' 


ArcU* WOm ar 

J. D. fWfpe 


105 Eort tod SL 
Iblel «t»er fnHa 

nao* m-sm 

Classified Ad Rates 




Public NoHces Situation Want. 

Card of Thinks 
We wish to thank everyone who 
helped make our golden wedding 
anniversary a day to be 
remembered, especially those 
who planned tho event, ALCW for 
serving lunch, Rev. Ma thro and 
Salvationists and others for the 
program, God bless you all. Mr. 
onofMra. Julius Alby. It53p 


story, 3 bedroom, 1 downstairs, 
kitchen., carpeted living room, 
■■ bath, full basement and at- 


Thief River Falls. Mlntt. 

WANTED — A used auto, slide wash'er, 

projector to be donated to the Sr. 
bfUzcns Center In TRF. Call C8I- 
. 5545. - 3153c 

FOB SALE — 1001 Sunlincr 
10x50 ft. 3 bedroom mobile home 
with front entrance with 10x30 f L 
heated laundry and play room on • 
back entrance. Located _in 
Ncwfolden on 2 corner lots. Also 
hooked to city sewer and water. 
Ph. B7f 23B5 or contact Sherman 
Lysnc, Ncwfolden, Minn. 


-FOR SALE — Year-round 
cabin on south Twin Lake. 
Possession immediately. Stanley 
Habcdonk. Twin Valley, Minn. 
Call 504-3563. 3t55c 

FOR SALE — New 3'bcdroom 
rambler, drapes, carpet, double 

counter top atove, dish 

- I50'xI50' lot. 14X04 





107 E. 2nd St Sh. 6M-4740 

Cardof Thanki . 
n My sincere and heartfelt 
Thanks to Dr. Scheuncman, all 
the wonderful nurses, tho staff 
and everyone elso who mado my 
stay at Northwestern hospital 
almost enjoyable. To tho people 
who visited, sent cards 'and 
_\ flowers. I will never forgot,_II_ 
- was greatly appreciated and may 
tho good Lord take a liking to you. 
Jerome A. Rolandson, lt33a 

- FOR LONG TERM, Low rale 
Federal Land Bank loans on well 
Improved farms, write or see 
Glenn E. Johnson, Manager, 
Warren, MlmV ■ nt fc 

New 3 bedroom house All electric 
and carpeted. Call after fi:30 in 
evening. 631-1233. imp 

FOR RENT - Modern cabin 
fully furnished, utilities nnd 
sleeping room, 681-2560. D 4 C 
Motel. 4itfc -- 

TOR RENT - Second floor of' 
Viking cafe located at 313 No. 
LaBree. Ph. 6 31-4450, TOtfp 

FOR RENT - 23x70 ground 

Door downtown location. Suitable 

Tor small store or office. Times. 

wtfe. • 

FOR RENT '- Duplex 2 
bedroom, fully furnlihcd. lights, 
heat, water, garbage collection 
paid. Large lawn. Move richl in. ' 
Ph. flfll-im ,4fllfc 

Form 7 home for rent. Four 
- bedrooms, within driving 
' dlslanccofThicfRlvcrFalls.Ph. 

No.' M5-1238. 3l53p ■ 

/ FORRENT—Fumfshedroom 
for working man or elderly 


Thief River Falls, Minn. 


Monday, July 6, 1970 

Help Wanted" 

WANTED - HalMimo field 

representative for 1 eight county 
arpa around Thief River Falls for 
Minnesota association for 
retarded children, Inc. For in-. 
formation please call Mr. Lon 
Miller. (218) 681-5470. 3t55c 

WANTED - Man for work on 
grain and beef cattle farm. 
Reasonable wanes plus benefits. 
House fum. Phone 773-2110. East 
Grand ForkSj < 2t53c 

Sporting Goods 

* eifartued to tr 




S Heating 

1414 IM.*™. H. 

n. hu Mm 

Quality Repair Paris 


2999 or 081-353L 


FOR RENT — Duplex, one 
bedroom opt. all fum. Lights, hot 
water, heat, garbage collection 
-aid. $100 monthly. Move right In. 


FOR SALE — 10' Slnrcraft 
Jupiter boat and trailer and 40 
h,p. Johnson motor. Phone 681- 

1J93. 3(54p 

FOR SALE - I5'. s ft. 
Fiberglass boat with 75 hp 
Evinrude motor and trailer. All 
in good condition. Telephone Gfll- 
4175. 2l53p 

"mnuflrm prnanr: njinicfi, UJlon, 
AnOcrion, Llndbcro and T«ie. All 

iimdifi wsl.ecl in* lo Say 

Pennington Count y dltnlar 

rvalfcn Hoard, lha 
Siabllliallon Commltta* 

■arvlCB and Ina CIvK 

Co i 

mpl an appranal □ 

-Phono 6fll-148n - 

Bus. Oppor. 

FOR RENT - 2 bedroom. un- 
furnished apt. 1130 per mo^G8i-_ 

1510, 44tfc 

FOR RENT - One three room 
and one four room home. Stan 
Lemky, Route 2, TRF. 681-1859. 

"WANTED TO BUY^^Uenuty - 
salon Thief River Falls or nor- 
thern Minnesota location 
"preferred. Confidential Inquiries. 
Write Box 27220, Mpls., Mn. 
55427. 2154c 

an attlmaim ptrcanlao* o 
idlnp oalno lei al S5«r t«il , 
iitolo drown out of lipar crnt 

PolH County li pi 

FOR SALE — 2 bedroom home 
in Middle River, nice location. 
" Call 222-3305. 4155p 

FOR SALE — 10 x 46 Dctroltcr 
2 bedroom mobile home, 1967 
model. Ph. 681-2231, 361fc 


201 N. AHonHe 

Phone 681-1590 

Mori I la trailer home, the latest in 
housing. Anscby s housing 

, pQfi SALE — New duplex, two 

mile west oi T. It. bedrooms each apt. with single 
from sales barn. nttJlc hed prngo for aacb, unit. 
Located on B5 ft. lot. Complete 
with lawn In and natural gas 
heat,. All improvements In. 
Completely carpeted, ceramic 
tile baths. Now rented. Price 
133,000.00. Ph. 081-3731. 2t54p 

Wanted to buy or trade 

tiques at Junction antique and 
Rift shop, one mile west of T. R. 
Falls, across from sales born. 
Ph. 681-5840. 98tfC 

Roll tickets lor sale— single 

roll, 2,000 tickets per roll 11.05 

book tickets, 500 per book. B5 

cents. Times, Mnln at 4th St. 


^„_Ti..... J n ~r_r™ rCwJ5 Dcnroom witn Dntn, tuny in- 

11.45 per ream. The Times. 

"92tfp "" 

Vacation Hlblc School 
Vacation Bible school at the 
Oak llldge Lutheran church will 
becin Monday morntnK, July 13th 
and ' continue lor one week, 
startin g nt 0:00 a.m. till 3 o'clock. 

are welcome and also reminded 
to brln« n noon lunch. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Alec Jagol nnd 
Sandl' of Angus . were visitors 
Sunday evening nt the llnreld 
Kalsnes hamc. .—- - -.- —, — ,-,„-^ ; - -.■■--: — • 

Mr._and_Mrs^Edward-BerK__M^- n " d -M^ r w j' ,ln , m T ,A m lfr v '' S — 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bern and "n d Dnvid oI „ Nashville, Ten- 
family, Mrs. Joe Taylor and Cris. ncsee were Saturday evening 
Mrs. BruccJ^ord of Grand Forks visitors and Mr. nnd Mrs. Arnold 
Mrs. Lilas Klefstad of Nor den Hclacnsel. Johnand Wayne were . 
drove to Pebble Lake near Fer- Sunday evening callers at the 
gus Falls on Sunday for a day'of Emcst Rclgensct home. 
Pjcnlcking and also to mccLJot; MIt n Ml w 'A^Kllslkif* K 

Donald Hanson observe his birth- 
day anniversary Sunday af- 
ternoon nt his home in Thief 
River. Falls. 

and Mrs. Donald Scvrc of 

of Mr. and Mrs. I 
Sundav evening. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Leonard 
Mnrynik were evening visitors nt 
the Melvln Johnson homcc in 

Mr. ond Mrs. Emll Swni 

Tnylorof Minneapolis 

Taylor and Cris returned with " 

Joe to Minneapolis that evening, 

MrsTErncnl ilclgcnsct was a - 
Monday brcakrast Rucst of Mrs. 
Alice Adkins and her sister Mrs. 
Ruth Lee nt the Adkins home in- 
Thief River Falls. 
• Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grem- 
bowski nnd Frank of Oslo, Mrs _ 
Raymond Kostrze wild" nnd Irene 

Todays Oldsmobile: 

The year-end buy 
that pays off 
three ways* 


8:25-20— S;00-20— 10:00-20 

FOR SALE — Used aluminum 
lilhgrophlc plates 33"x33", 23 
cents each. Ideal lining hog pens 
and granaries. Back door of 
Times. 38tfp -> 

FREE Skelgas regulator for 
home cylinder use. Call SJoberg 
Appliance. Wife 

Beer off sale from II a.m. til 
midnlghrKifo's Cafe. T.R. Falls. 


FOR SALE — Small house In 
Middle River, 1 bedroom, living 
room, large kitchen, utility room 
and bathroom with shower, 
13.800. Call 222-3387 for np- 
polntment. 47tfc 

FOR_SALE_— ^Exc_L_fltory_ 

commercial bldg. having full 

"basement, - z'bdrm; - and hath: — 
mod. apt. in the rear. Approx. 
33x30 store area suitable for TV 
shop, uppl. Repair, clcc. shop or 
other business. Att. garage. 
50x128 ft. corner tot. Close in. SJ3. 

Joc^Wendcl Really, 204 E. 2nd. 
Phone 681-1332. 2tS3c 


4 bedroom older horn 

oge, enclosed , _ . 
bath, close In. S3L00OML, 

I bedroom hone. 75' lot 

Auto, Trailers 

FOR SALE — 1»0 Ford 4-dr. _ 

- scdnn.-6cyl.nulo. trans. CallGBl- 
3541. 40tfp 

FOR SALE — 1905 Bulck 
Electro 225, 4 dr., hardtop, well 
equipped very clean, p.b., _p.s., 
very good tires, Sec it at 621 E. 1st 
St. Phone 681-4415. S2tfc 

FOR SALE — *65 Rambler 

station woaon, OcyL, auto., rndlo. 
Good condition. 510W N. Arnold. 
Ph. 681-1093. ' ' 50tfC 


your. aul board and lawn mower's „,,„„ 
KrvicSl now. Sully's_ Welding g^"" 
Shop. Johnson - Toro - liolcns 
Sales & bcrvtce. Phone 081-4672. 
TMcf River Falls, Minnesota 

''OI. . 24lfc 

FOR RENT — 3 bedroom 
upstairs furnished apt. Available 
July ii. Can be seen by ap- 
pointment. Ph. 081-4308. 




A Grade, large 

' *. uraao, medium :1 

B Grade, large 1 

Pullets ( 

C. Grade .( 

Puiiets ..;...:.:.: 

C Grade . 

cent, En » PWX 10 
County Miner «nt, 
par cent, RianMli 

Klttton County ]] 
ler Counly 4} per 

-40-A>-^/rintles-r m t-wltlr3'- 
bedroomhome, barn, other 

80 atree with I2xM trailer 
bouse all fumlehed faroilj 
room.. Two _cax_garooe. 



Phon» o8M57l 

Will sell reasonable. Phone 681- 
. 2283. 2153d 

FOR SALE — 90 cc Bridge- 
stone with ' windshield. 1,400 
miles. Duanc Zabinskl, Wnrrcn, 
742-7266. 4lS4c 


yntr ndlo-T.V. pnblimi, 

Stop in ar Celt 


rbone M1-53T2 or Ml-MTal 



Wheit Nn. 1 iiw m Ih Iml 

Wheal, No. 3, B7 test 1.3 


No. J, » lh: test S 

No. 3, 30 1b. u» « 

P1«I No. 1 2.8 

hydraulics, three point hitch and 

heavy duty Ford loader. Also 

John Deere No. n trailer type hvi." 

mower equipped with hookup (or uj 1>eed neV lev' 

hay conditioner. OBl-lBM, Harvey n.jXm ^ 

Troska. Goodridge. ■ aiMn ' uurum 



Hornet - (Ttrtineia - Form 

Phone 68M 052 

Buy _ 

MINNESOTA_mowcrs, rakes. 
and wagons at a price and 

Sua ran tee you will agree art 
est. Inquire today. Consumer's 
Co-op, T. R. Fnlls. It53c 

FOR SALE - Ono model C. IH- 
C tractor nnd mower. Harry 
Phlllpp. Rt. 2, TRF. 2154c 

Hwoet . 



RESOLVED, mat ifw Ptonlnoton 
county Board In reipome lo ilia an. . 
parent lanom economic Imasct o( a 


. pickup, 40,000 mites. 1B00 
Buick Lo Scbrc, 4 dr. Phone C8I- 
&30O. 2153d - 

FOR SALE — '03 Mercury. 
Good body. Good mechnnicnl 
condition, {305.00. L. Golden, 681- 
23D8. 2tS4p 

FOR SALE — 1065 Chcvcllo SS, 
-rdrrhdipr2ST'oeo > rcicnn~uhd~ 
new paint. C81-I0W. 2l54p 

TV SERVICE - Expert ser- 
vice by factory trained 
technician on' TV's, stereos ond 
ether electronic products. Larson 
Music Co. service dipt. 6B1-215C.' 

Mrs. Ernest Swanson ■ visited 
via telephone with her sister, 
Mrs. Warren Nailing of San 
Diego. Calif, on Sunday. 

Is your attic full of Don't 
wants? Turn them into ready 
-cash with a Times Class 1 tied -Ad.- 


PHONE 874-2495 




» tires. 

950 OUrer Diaul 

VVD9 dteeel hyd. ; 

931 Caee 3 pL 

B0 JJ). Diesel Kid. 

720 J J). Diesel BycL.P.TA. 

Loader for John Deere 41030 
83 Oliver Dieael S53! 
ZTMolln* &n 

- - 1G JLdemo. 16 lL_Tandem Dl*c._. 

1—4.H- jj). Trip Plow 

G ri.Molliie . Combine. . A • 1 

1«V, 1L CCA CulUroior 
IB lL'VLb7o"sncrak"lJt.'CultlTotot 

- New and Ueed Glecco* CuIUvqIoti 

IT lasrTitormon iry-whe rry ou - b uy lT'rrhe~4th-Annuot ' Yea r; En d ■ 
io now at youl Oldimobilo deolai'i— and rho toinfliaro lubitanlial 

V-0 (of peoli porfontiaoeo Ihcnnondi of milei longer . . . rutlprca 
(endoti . . . oluminiied enfiauit lyi'om . . . bioi-belled tiiei . . . mo it 
3* You get a. nice bonus or rrode-ln time. An Oldi h o oood 
_ nionf— trodilionally you get raon of yovr-dollan back when you'n 
to trade the neit lime around. 

tfyou think you can't afford an Oldsmobile's time to think again. 


FOR SALE="i:iB50 Ford V, ton 

pickup. Motorola T.V. (D & W) 
console. Dortablc Magnavox T.V. 

_ReminRlon model 8 ,25 cnl, rifle. 
B mm jap. pistol. Snow planes. 41 
Colt revolver. Double nccit 
electric guitar. Call 964-2509. 

'• S2tfC • ' ' 

Reduce excess body fluids with 
FLUIDEX diuretic molds, only 
H.C9-nt J It a DniRS. 4t54p 

REMOVE carpet paths and 
spots: fluff beaten down nap with 
Blue Lustre. RcntShampoocrSI. 
Kelly Hardware. ' »53c 

— German WW II military Items. 
Write or phone Lcif Erickson, 412 
S. Marklcy. Thief lUvcr Falls, 
Minn. 34tfp 

New and Reuseable' Steel for . 
Sale — Largest stock of angles, 
channels, flats, (trips, ban and 
ehecta in area. Wholesale pried. 
Bolts 30 cents. Good 55 gallon 
drums on hand. We buy scrap 
metals and iron. Evans SleeJ, 
Thief River Falls, Mlm. 

House For Sate: 

For Sale — A ■torj and i/j 
■2 bedroom house. Good con. 
dltlon. Separate garage on 
large well Iceot lot. Good 
terra*. Price 18.00000. ' 

2" octm laad'Iocdtod eouth 
edge of town next to ser. 
enth Auf Adreatiit church. 
1 1 JOO jq- peT-acre.-T<Tma. — 

For more Information 


Archie Wilson at 


105 East 2nd Street 

Thief River Falli 

Phone GSI -5524, or call 

-681-2M5 aiter-5:0 jun.- 

FOR SALE- Niwduplf 

bedrooms each opt. with _...„.. 

attached goragc lor each unit . tW 4-2742. 
Located -on -9i ii- lot.' Comploio 
with lawn In atJ natural gas 
heat. AJI Improvements in. 
','omplclely ca.-reitcd, ceramic 
tile nalhs. Njv rented. Price 

S33.000.00. Ph KI-T731. 1152C 

FOR SALE - 1058 In- 
ternational pickup, 4 speed, 
Gordon L. Johnson, St. Ililaire, 


Riveia Body Shop 

plow. $G00. Harry Phlllpp, Rt. 2, 

TRF. 215 4c 

WANTED TO BUY — 20 in. or 

larger brush breaker plow. 

_Plcaac state .make _and price. 

Write to Arthur Tieden LaPortc, 

Minn, 3l53p 

Household Gds. 

SPOT CASH' for your used 
furniture. One piece or a 
houseful. Ph. S81-32S6 or see 

JamlctBj&irniturc. «t(c_ 


Mirrors — Accmplclo sole. lion. 
of wall mirrors antl door mirrors. 
Sec them now at Coast to Coast.. 



i »LPo 1 1 c ^ . ti cf toai io> 

LOTS FOR SALE - Aaseby'a 

Housing Development, Hi way 39 Fury 1 4 dr. V-fl huto. 

FORSALE - 1906 Chrysler, 4 
dr. h. lop, air cond. i960 Chrysler, 
A dr. 1967 Ford, 4 dr. 1967 Chcv, 4 
dr. 1961 Oldsmobile, 4 dr. V-8, one 
owner. 1D64 Chev. 4 dr. sharp. 
19G4 Ford, 2 dr, 1964. Plymouth 
" 'lvedcrc, 4 dr. 1965 Plymouth 

GoodrWge School 
-Board Proc 



" Naw"3^b4HJrooftrlioffl«~' 
on one dtra lof". 
Fireplace. Poll o, 

1 V* ml. N. on Hwy.' 59 
Also bldg. lars, 1 A. ea. 

John Wold 681-3105. 

Mercury, 4 dr. V-fl, 

Bdick, 4 dr. onto. Bcmlcs Auto 

Sales. Phone 6S1-Sai2. 'ltS3c 

FORSALE — 1069 Chev. Sports 

Custom Impala. Ph. 681-2829 or 

.see E-CMarbcrvGrccnwood St— 

Imported Holland f 

i bulbs. 

FOR SALE— New 3 beoxoom 
house, full basement, double 
garage, hot water neaL Ph. 681- 
5634. 4Ufc 

FOR SALE — 19G1 Wcstwood 
10x50' 1961 Gold Seal model 
trailerhouse. Two bedrooms.- 
Furnished, air condltoner, 
1 louvered windows. Entry Bxio. 
fuel Unk. $3,300. Contact Ted 
Hcgvodt 681-3800. SOtfc 

FOR SALE — Year-round 

:ajln on South .Twin Lake. 
•-— jtslon immediately. Stanley 

FOR SALE — 1970 Mercury- 
Cougar power steering, bucket 
scots, mag wheels. 2.000 miles. 

Call 681-1109; 3t54p 

Livestock _ 

hulls, fat cattle for butchering 
also butchering hogs. Jopprti 

Inc. 681-2802, 63tfc 


Weed Spraying 

Lighr Sdr-Profwitod 



FOR SALE - Used beige wall - 
to - wail carpeting and pad. ap- Soaciei Sthboi 
proximately 12x30 ft. Phone 681- 

3509. ' 52tfc 


Membafi Pre«ni : Em 

■ CLEAN carpets the save and 
sare way with Blue Lustre. Rent 
electric shampooer ti. Coast to 
Coast Store. -H53c - 

FOR SALE — Six drawer 
dresser with large mirror, kit- 
-Then-exhaust," fan with light nnd 

Kllno cnllaa to order By Oielf. 
Wanton In inVHomff dconomki 
n al Bp.m,- 
o mlnofoi ol tho May n; \tm and 

Crttiar al US0M o.r monlf,- p| U i _ ™"£L ' 3r c Y^'^' r Kt 

tM.otta mon m-Praerar program; ~ ?!ii,7l,,r ^f'-' a - — 

cooki: Mn. Eon* McEnellr al tooa trr 

""m ..'.WLSo'Sir moV.hVM?," £»»!"«. 9"'^. „ 

Will do digging for water line 

drain fields etc. Contact Clarence 

-uniot, i>n.' CUl^Ula ur oai-3Mu_ 


FOR SALE - New '3 bedroom 
Rambler, drapes, carpet, double 
wen-counter top stove, • dish- 
washer. 150'xl50* lot. 14x04 
Morvilln Trailer home. The latest 
In housing. Anscby 's Housing 
i tdoor theatre. 

Pcnease white typing paper 500 
/ sheet aire Stixll, I1J3. Tht 
- Times. lltfp 

WANTED— June grass or blue 
gross to be used Tor cutting sod 
from. Call 945-3501 at Fertile. 



gas hcaT^grfragc. Phone 681-1294. 
- SOtfc 

moved. Make offer. One block 
cast of bowling alley on Oakland 
Park Drive. Ed Welle Const. Co., 
Moorhead, Minn. Ph. 233-1104, 

23C-I4B9. 51tfc ' 

1 FOR SALE - River lots 

100x140. Ph. 681-2829 or can be 

. -seen at Greenwood SL West. Sec 

E. C. Morben. 47tfe 

FOR SALS - 153 acres land 
short distance out on airport 
road. Gust Homme. Rt. No. 2, 
City. 3tS5p 

FOR SALE — 1970 Buddy 
mobllchomc. 12x50. Set up on lot. 
Call after p.m. 681-5871. 


Wonted to Rent 

farm house with 3 bedrooms, 
within 20 miles of TR. Falls. Call- 
collect 79G-3154, Oklce, Minn. 

exchange. 4 0tfc - — 7- 

Ncw teacher wants to rent a 
room; in a private home, with ■ 
some kilchen privileges. Con- 
tact: Box 133 Cedar Sauk Road, 
SaukviHe, Wisconsin. 4t53p 


Paying Top Prlcas 
40 H it . 6V u p c ut li u lB il 


r- Sauk Center. Minn. 
.' G12-353-22SQ 

Barth's Aerial 

. Spraying 

Phone 681-5464 
Thief River Foils. Minn. 

noy* peedf wcd'diiiaii 

FOR ItENT - 100 acres al "S»at 
_nlfalfa hay land Q ml. E. ondJiml. i_o-ii», 

N. Of TRF. 681-1503. 53tfc Gilmer 

. FOR SALE — Baled oats. ""TnTmc 
straw (chopped) excellent Mmum 
bedding at 35 cents per bale. 
Located from Ncwfolden 3 miles 
north, 15 west Phone -437-2031. 

I 122100 ptr (nonlhj I 

"FORSALE- Hay in skid piles. 

Phone 681-1128 or G81-3333. 

Lost ond Found 


Wilt trim, and shape hedges, 
ihrubbcry. cvcrRrscns. Have 
electric andhnnd trimmers. Free 
removal of trimmings. Call 681- 
34.08. 3t33p 

- -FOR SALE- i black pony 
gelding. b rok6"rid c, Call 681-4729, . 

FOR" SALE - "2 shorthorn 
cows, now milking. Jesse Bakko, 
Rt. 1. TRF. Ph. GB1-3996. 


LOST — Sun glasses with 

grescription gray colored Icnsc. 
lack frames with white trim. 

Call 681-45GI. 215GC 

LOST — Siamese kitten 
wearing white collar, near Knox 
school. Call 681-Io64. It53p 

Fruit & Vea. 

FOR S/U.E — Hcrmanson's 
rich- home-grown strawberries 
now sold every afternoon at his 
farm two ml. south of Thief River 
Falls off the airport road. 


Mr. and Mrs. Julian C. Len- 
dobela and Paul attended the 
wedding of John Galbraith of 
[fibbing and Linda Lagcrquist of 
Minneapolis in Minneapolis on 
Junc 20. Peter Lcndobela 
ushered- Pa uhLendobe)s and Bill — 
Brattland of Minneapolis were 
' groomsmen. John Galbraith 

formerly lived at Crygla and Is 
well known in this vicinity. 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Julian C. I 

' Read the Times Classified Ads 


PAGE 10 

Monday, Julys. 1970 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Little National 
League Expands 

Because of the number of 

_ participants,, the Little Notional 

League has decided lo expand 

from It's sin original teams lo 

eight teams. 

The set-up now finds the league 
formed of the Cubs.. Reds, 
Pirates. Dodgers', Glnnis, Astros, 

Gonwimwskl. Todd Cnlllm. Paul 
Storhoug. Scott Mongovcn. Mike 
Johnson,, Jeff Schmlti, Peter 
Ivcrson. Steve Wfgness and Mark 

Giants-Scott Lungllo, Steve 
Storhaug, Roger Haadfeldl, 
Brian Poppln, Marly Olson, 

Cardinals and McLn. Rosters of Trent Collins. Tim Sundc, Dean 

the teams include the following: , Colleen, Mike Brcglcr, Greg 

Cubs— Scotl Sobo. Mike Do Item, Bob Hall, James Shirley, 

Fanfulisi, "" " "" — ■ ■ - 

Men's Fast Pitch Softball 
Monday, July 
St. Hilnlrc vs. Falls Diesel 
Tuesday, July 7 • 

Schmidt Qecr vs. Mclvics 

Northwest Legion Baseball 
Tuesday, July 7 ■■ ------ 

Warroad at T. R. Foils 

Hallock nt Middle River 

E. G. Forks at Roseau 
Crooks ton at Warren 
Oslo at Ncwfoldcn 

Church Softball 
Monday, July U 
Free Church vs. Covenant at 

Vol Hall 

Conners, Garland Ilnlmer, Bruce 
Brink, -Stove Moats. Franklin 
Hag m~n, Craig Molstad. David 
Ulrich, Mark Huot. Dennis 
Syverson and Paul Ballingrud. 
Reds-Bruce Williams. Puul 
Phelps. Kevin Mnndl. David Osc. 
Tracy Ward, Jeff Bubbell. Jim 
Skaglund, .Miles Lund, Murk 
Ramrowski, Bill flobson, Bruce 
Storhaug. Brian Peterson and 
Mnnli '"' 


Astros-Chris Kays, Mike 
Fodel, Mike Olson, Randy 
Horicn. Jim White. Jeff Kosel. 

Brian Flnstnd, Wayne Guttcrud, 
Jim Seheuncmnn, Brian KJos. 
Charles Boycr, Kurt Nelson and 
Brian Broodwcll. 

Cardinals-Brent Walton,' 
Murray Dlckcn, Don Forney, 
David Penning, Tom BJorkman, 
Joe Courticyn, Brian Ilupprecht, 
Mark Mclander, Terry Bcich, 

— IJan Molberg.' Todd James Harris, Don Winjum. Hick 

J6hn Frochlc. Tim Tini Coumeya and Ricky Horlen. n t Baptist vs. Cloarbrook at 

nrtnnd Hnlmcr. Hruce Aslrnii— ChrU Knvn Mlko Cli-nrhrook 

Little National League 
Monday, July 6 
2:30 Cubs vs. Giants 
Tuesday , July 7 
1:00— Doifgors vs, Reds. 
2:30— Pirates vs. Astros 

Little Am crlcoip League 
Tuesday. July 7 
G:00 Yankees vs. While Sox 
7:15 Orioles vs. Red Sox 

Precautions For 
Safer Boating 
Are Suggested 

Before you shove off on a boat 
trip, be as sure as possible that 
you can shove back. Some basic 
precautions might sound 
_clcmentary. but their very 
simplicity might "cause- you- to — 
overlook them. 

Foul weather has long been the 
mariner's champ menace, so 
cheek your meteorologist as well 
.as your barometer before you 
weigh anchor. And, just' in case 
the predicted good weather turns 
perversely bod. makccertaln you 
ore equupped to cope with 

Gcntz,- David 
Peterson. Kurl Kloslormon. ' 
James Jaiinsan, Tim Wiskow, 
Steve Gliiufjue, Don Johnston, 
Tom Uondclinger. David Beito 
and Greg Schmiike. 

Dodgers— Scott Hergland, 
David Hngen, David bo, Louis 

and Dorwood Barrow. 
Mets— David Samuelson, Jon 
Miles, Rick Katstad, Jet! Thrall, 
Bruce Brink. Joe Dee, Joel 
ItanunvMlke Jfrah. Kent Simons, 
Jedd Nelson, Bob Bruggoman, 
Bob Brekkcstrond and Chris 

White Sox Lead In 
~tfttle~Le~ague _ Play — 

> games last 
week, (lie Tigers fell from first to Athletics . 
' aticforlhirdwIiilelheWhlleSox Senators . 
climbed in front of the pack in (he Royals . . . 
Little American League stand- 

Thc White Sox downed the 
Tigers .m and got by the Red Sax 
G-t during Inst week's play. 

The Orioles won (heir first 
. game of the year over the 
Yankees 5-4 but then dropped a 3- 
2 decision to the Indians, who had 
handed Ihe Tigers their second 
loss or the week by a socre of 0-1. 

The Red Sox stayed within one 
game of Ihe lead while splitting a 
pair during the week.. They 
■downed the Ynokees 12-3 before 
losing lo the While Sox. 

The Twins and Angels bolh. 
split their games- last week to 
remain lied for the lead in the 
American League standings. 

The Athletics won their first 
game in downing the Twins fl-3 
before the Twins came back lo 
dump the Angels 8-1. 

The Ajhlellcs wonthclr second 
in a row in defeating the Royals 
11-3. The Angels dropped the 
Brewers 5-t before losing to the 
Twins 9-1. 

In other action, Ihe Brewers 
blanked Ihe Senators G-o and the 
Senators came back lo bomb the 
Royals 13-3. 

SiandingS'Little American 


"with Mike Lundgren 

This writer spent on enjoyable training coordinator. Stationed at 

and active holiday weekend at department headquarters In St, 

Donnybrooke speedway by Paul, he will direct and coot- 

Brain crd^ watching the seventh dlnatc all firearms 

pheasants and farm era alike, 
points out Islcy. They provide 
winter shelter for the farm 
family and livestock as well a 

Good Duck Hatch 
Dependent Upon . 
Ktore Rainfall 

ctc-d " 

cies. . .smoke signals lor 
daytime and red [lares for night- 
time. . .extra fuel supply, as 
gasoline stations arc somewhat 
far apart at sea. 

Also, take along n first aid kit. 

flashlight and spare parts. Have 

an adequate supply of drinking 

water. . .and fire extinguishers 

esoia conscrvniion uepanmem . , ^ ^ be reached 

reported today. A census of the JS^;;^ X£ 

In the stole laic In May revealed . ,, ..'„ i",_ i, „„i„,„ ,,„,, 

about ,.,, un» „„mb/r „I duck. *>" ,f»P TJ'mS'JS. 

IIKNIIY 1IASTAI) OF Thief River Falls Is pictured here holding a 28 
pound carp- found by tho power plant grates In Thief River Falls 
Thursday afternoon. The fish was Identified and weighed by (ho local 
conservation officer. ^ 

A lot depends on the weather so 
far as next fall's duck hunting 
season is concerned, (he Min- 
nesota conservation department 


n lost yci 

„ , , ,.,. „„„ cen'lerof itns possible. Anddon't 

confined to the phonograph. 

It Is of paramount Importance 
that ypu-bjjyea sufficient supply 
of life preservers. . .and make 
all young children wear them at 
all limes while aboard, and while 

portions or the primary duck 
nesting areas of ihc state were 
low, and there were 50,000 fewer 
small ponds holding water than 
last year, a 23 per cent drop. 
Waterfowl spcclollr' — 

.fall must be adequate to playing"™,™; -j^H; All adults 
^^.^.^yZ i h S! ffiuo wear the llfcjockets 



How - Doy - Week - Mo. 


In Cream— Hot TJogi . 
BJJ.Quos— Mcdts— Sodas 
Banana Boats — Salt Drink* 

--Open II tun. lo II pan. 


Slh Street Gulf 

least until 
enough to 
water area. Otherwise thcre.wlll ",V", , 

hatched in such sites. 

They explain thai there was 
little run-off from snow melt this 
spring due to a lack of frost. The 
melt waters soaked directly inlo 
the ground. _which. should, help, 
maintain those ponds that rely on 
■tic woler table out arc of no help 
lo those dependent on surface 
water run-eff. 

Although the change in the 
census results from lost year is so 
binoll as to be statistically In- 
significant, there is some 
evidence that over-oil there 

when there is the slightest doubt 
of safety aboard. 
While sailing, be extremely 

skin divers 
be. . .and watch the waki 
boat stirs up. It might capsize a 
small craft or cause damage to 
other booLs and property. 

State To Check 
Mercury Level 
In Wild Ducks 

Minnesota ducks 

A CMISK i'i.AY at third during last week's Little Notional League 

action at the East Side diamond. Because or Ihe number of boys 

rhc "i£ Playing, the Little National League has expanded from six lo eight 

"slittlilly"lewer Kf"drb7eeaing"Tn checked -for mercury- by the- U; 

Minnesota areas this year. k "' ' ""'-- , "- - 

■ Mallards responded to suc- 
cessful Jiatchlng conditions last 
yenr'and" also lo the reduced 
limits in effect last fall by 

"showing un increase of about -30 
per cent in breeding numbers. 
Declines in other ducks such 

bureau of sport fisheries and 

wildlife, it was announced today. 

Richard Wcttcrstcn. game and 

fish director, Minnesota con-i 

servatlon department, said he 

increase of about 20 — has been informed that ihc ducks 

'ill bccollccted this summer and 

ilyicd by a laboratory In 

by Stuand 
Deo Mann 


' One of the better early lakes In 

Minnesota has been Cass lake. 

Del Gnngclhoff of Stony 1'iiint 
. says (hat ihe walleye fishing is -, 

n tnc ' Tr'ans-i 

Such -racing ^stalwarts ai 
PamclH Jones,' Mark Donohuc, 
Swede Savage, Pete Rcvson and 
Tony Dclorcnzo were present In 
the over two litre series. 

Milt Mintcr, an independent 
driver in a '69 Comoro, captured 
top honors by 11 seconds over 
second place finisher, George 
Foilmer In a "70 Mustang. Mintcr 
took over first ploco with Just one 
lap remaining lo edge Foilmer 
who lodged an official complaint" 
to race officials, claiming that 
Mintcr bumped him on the 

Donnybrooke Is the newest and 
fastest Ihrcc-mllo sports car 
circuit in America, especially 

- designed lo permit speeds ap- 
proaching 200 mph on the }« mile 
straight and from CO to ISO mph 
on the track's 10 turns. 

George Montogomcry is the 
president of Donnybrooke 

-■pacdway— which- has -an -in- 
novation of 'it's own radio net- 
work, with stations covering 
seven states and parts of Canada. 
Big name- drivers failed to 

Jlnlsfi—thcracc. yesterday, as. 
Joncs, Donohue, Dclorcnzo and 
many others had engine 
problems In the 70-lhp rocc 
before 40,000 racing fans. 
If you aren't Inclined to be a 

Sorts car fan, - people- watching la- 
jo very high on the Donny brook 
agendo. Among that many 
spectators one tends to find a few 
"weird" ones among the crowd. 
Fans sit on top of cars, in the 
stands, on Ihc ground and a very 
cute couple had the choicest 
scats, on top of the outdoor 

Binoculars come In handy for 
people-watchers - who arc 
sometimes frustrated In their 
attempts to tell the sexes apart 
by the 1 naked eye. Oflcn the action 
wasn't limited to the (rack itself. 
If a Mustang and a Comoro 
"happened to be side by side they 
would choose to find a victor 
between them. Mini bikes were so 
numerous that It was even odds 
for you to venture anywhere from . 
your car. 
Donnybrooke will play host to 

two more big races thfs_y_ear, 

along with scheduled drag racing 
during the summer months. The 
1070- Continental Championship 
scries will be at Donnybrooke on. 
August 16. On September 27, the 
Minneapolis Tribune sponsored, 
Can-Am race will be held at the 
, speedway. 

An overall picture found 40,000 
people finding a dry. dusty and 
enjoyable way to celebrate the 
4th of July in loke-fllled Min- 

How about these for 
trades. . .Bill Brown and Dave 
Osborn for Greg Cook. . .Reese 
and Rcnlck for Hoyt 
Wllhclm. . -Jim Knot for Joe' 
Torre. . .Leo Cardenas for 
Maury Wills. . .Bront Alyca for 
the draft rights to Snoopy. 
--Short -thoughts. -.-.Welcamo- 
bock Denny. . .Wouldn't It be 
nice to have Sonny Llston as 
heavyweight champ again. Re's 
so old that he makes more money 
from old-age pension than from 
fighting. . .Speaking of ogc, 
Hoyt Wilholm has pitched so 
man y seasons in the m ajors that 

food and cover for pheasants, 
rabbits, squirrels and other 
forms of wildlife, 

" In addition to Improving the 
habitat, project personnel are 
keeping close tab on (he 
pheasants in tho -experimental 
townships. Pheasants arc ccn- 
suscd in May and August to 
determine their responses to the 
Improved habitat. 

Success of the project will be 
determined by comparing 

"pnMSllM uumtjHS flud-rranting— 
success in the townships where 
habitat has improved with those 
in other townships where .no ' 
habitat work has been done. 

Although project biologists arc 
reluctant to predict the future, 
they are optimistic. -Pheasant 
populations ' in the area this 
spring have averaged from about 
65 to 125 birds per 100 miles of 
roadside census. This' Is a fairly 
good population in spite of the 
adversities of recent years. 
Islcy's goal is to double or triple 
this number in the next several 

""snowmoBlie [I'DininBT-pTDgnims- 
carricd out by the conservation 

Ellig Is a graduate of the 
University of Wisconsin, RJvcr 
Falls, and holds a B.S. degree 
with a major in saJcncc. He 
served In World War II with Ihc 
rank of captain. 

Pilot Project 
For Pheasants 
Makes Progress 

"Operation Ph easant" la — h_t_J _I '— 

p rog ress In g 'smoo Ihly , a ccording T60H15 - N(SB€M50 

to the latest release from the _ . ■• . ** ■ . 
Minnesota conservation For Watertight 

department. - w 

The 10-year pilot project was Individuals wishing to organize . 

funded for tho first two years by four-man teams for the annual 

the natural resources com- Jayccc water tight at 9p.m. July 
-mission and the 1969 legislature 23 are asked to contact Al Finney 

to demonstrate the methods .and by calling 661-Z1W on or before 

costs of Improving pheasant July 15.- 

habitat on private land. 
"Operation Pheasant" Is ™««-*»b»««~™™™™m^ 
. center cil_ln fouc— townships . 

located In Watonwan, Jackson 

and Martin counties. Farmers In 

these townships have been 

contracted to establish, or 

preserve patches'of cover and 
-food on -Iholr- lands- 

Shows Many Events 

■ ,'ITf- i.'u 

"Good Roads" 
Heeling lonight 

Minnesota Good Roads, Inc., 
and the Thief Rlvor. Foils. 
Chamber of Commerce are 
sponsoring a highway meeting 
tonight f Wednesday) ot 8 pjn. In 

Wlth.opcnipg events Just 10 
days away, final plans arc taking 
shape for Ihc many events of the 
16th annual Joyccc Aquacade in 
Thief rtiver Falls. Donald 
Grabanski, general chairman or 
the summer festival, announcer' 


Opening event will be tho 

Prestebak Elected To 
Head School Board 

Aquacade Open golf tournament 

"jndoy, July 19. at the Thler 

River golf club. The Aquacade 


Islcy. project leader, 
- reports that 3.C00 acres have been 
leased during this first season of 
operation. Farmer Interest In the 
project has been high and the 
project goal of ' establishing 
pheasant habitat on 25 to SO per 
cent of all the farms on the Tour 
townships has been achieved. 

Most contracts ore for nesting 
cover, such as alfalfa. Research 
in recent years has shown that 
there Is a chronic shortage of 
nesting cover in what was once 
highly productive pheasant 

- Winter food plots hove also 
been contracted^ far near good 
winter cover. During the lost 
decade winter storms have 
played a port In the pheasant 
decline. Project biologists arc 
currently contacting farmers to 
"' ml trccs_an[l shrubs— 

(ox ttewftt J 

treasure hunt's first clues will be 
announced Sunday with a $300 
' prize offered to the winner. 
"Shakespeare in the Streets", 
professional touring program of 
the Minnesota State Arts council. 
will present "The Comedy of 
Errors" Sunday, July 19. at 8 
p.m. In (he Elks park next to the 
Third street bridge. The public Is 
encouraged to attend the Tree 
opcn-nlr performance. 
"— -c hunt will continue 

mid b« * 
darful thing if so much of 
It wain't mixed with words, 

_0— - - 
Th« Politician who trios ho 
ptaaso overybody remindi 
ui of a puppy trying- to 
follow four different kidi 

at the 

a fim 

spring in odd areas and around 


■ Good farm windbreaks' help 

being taken it 

lakes In the 

pintail, shovelers and widgeon 

are offsetting the increase in tract. Approxli 

mallards. — gatheredTrum" 

Little change was noted in. the 

blue-winged leal papulation, with 
the large diving ducks, such as 
redhead and ennvasback, up 
slightly from 1969. 

The census shows an estimated 
-350,000 breeding ■ducks in the 
stale exclusive of wood- duck, 
.hich are Imposslbli 

Wisconsin under a federal' 

itely 70 birds. In 

■ay abend 
seoson. The day we w ( 
35-pound muskle enrr 
wns the third rnuski 
pounds to be caught in this 

■arly 19G3 

News From Fouton 

irgc Poul,\ who has the 

tackle shop in Posslon. has a 

' secret' lakcMt InTurtle lokc flve_ 

•nil. miles horthensl of "Fosston." His 

r "!£ two sons. Mitchell 'and Dove. 

along with Roger Am 

the state, will be examined. 

Wcttcrstcn said Minnesota 
pheasants tested to date show, 
none had In excess of Ihc 0.5 parts 
per million set as a safe level by 
(he U.S. food and drug ad- 
ministration. - - 

"Since the primary probli 

a iu in- L41UMK m inn area *_, ;;, , .- . . , 

IWnj pl™a_mt»xc■t_ A ","™^ , ,t5',■;!-"' , -^l!.< r ,5 , '?- 

-areas -and- Ihe -heavily- wooded 

How many young ducks will be 
produced byjhcso birds depends 
largely upon the weather. At this 
time prospects ore good. 

Wednesday, July 8 


Tues.-W«d.-Thu«.-Sat. Evenings 




American Legion Glub 

environment. ~Ii is necrsiary^io- 
check out ducksas well asother- 
.spcclcs," he said. 

He emphasized lhat It takes 
some time to make all the tests 
necessary to detect mercury but 
that the findings would be mode 
public as soon as Ihc department 
Is notified of the results by the 
bureau of sport fisheries and 
"wildlife. , - 

Flesh of IB pheasant* collected 
along Minnesota roads 
throughout the main pheasant 
range shows low concentrations 
of mercury, reports Jarlc 
Lcirfallom. commissioner of 

All arc considerably" below the 
0.5 p.p m. level regarded as safe 
by the U.S. food and drug ad- 
ministration and half of those 
an.ilyied showed no mercury at " 
all. Analyses were made in Ihc 
laboratories of_lhe Minnesota 

taken from Ilig W 
Iwn days later n 31-pounder was 
token at Federal Dam on Leech 

Gnngclhoff. believes that 
walleye fishing will be good on 
Cnss lake for several weeks. 
OttrrtnlH'nuMl) Itrjxirl 
Otlertail county txiasts of mnre 
- lhan_i .M»-Jakci_and_ni auy_o I 
-JJicnurcpruducInK in fine style" 
this early season. A!, 
Graham. Weimer, Long. Hose, 
Sybil and Spirit lakes have 
produced some nice strings of 
walleyes. Veteran fisherman 
Cecil Felt, who lives on Graham 
take, has had real good luck wilh 
ihc walleyes. On (he opening day 
of boss season he cnught a S'i 
pounder. Rod and Roger Hanson 
the Vcrgas Hardw 

Vh pounds. They used mini 
and spinners. \ 

More About Ilowslrlng \ 
Bowstring lake north of Deer 
River continues to produce limit 
catches of walleyes. Spauldlnk 
Rail Shop of Grand Rapids sci 
picture of eight fishermen, .... 
with limits of walleyes and n few 
limits of northerns. 

N'evls Report - - -- 

— Dusty's- Gateway-, station 
Nevis, where Ihc local fishing ■ 
contest-is conduclcd, reports that 
the 'serious' fishermen were 
getting their limits of northerns 
and bass. The Crow Wing chain 
has been producing very well. 
Boulder lake was producing some 
nice walleye catches. A six-pound 
bass was taken from 81h' Crow 
Wing Ihe opening weekend. They 

he 11 make more money drifting 
pension than he does pitching, if 
he ever decides to quit. . .Gatxkc 
downed Sundown, Manitoba for 
championship honors In the 
Southeast Manitoba baseball 
weekend.. . .If some Go-Go 
dancer came after me, I'm sure I 
wouldn't run the other way like 
- Wer Pa rk e r dl tfvTTJoe" Ku pp~Is~ 
. still a free agent; That's bccause_ 

Safety Training 
Coordinator For 
State Is Named. 

,Ncw appointment in the con- 
irvotlon department's division- 
of enforcement and field service 
was announced today by Con- 
servation Commissioner Jarlc 

Burton W. Elllg. 52. 
snowmobile safety ■ training -of- 
ficer al Pine City, was named 
firearms and snowmobile safety 

starved for o * 

t J \j .have one 

\J . J*- TODAY . . 

li)i&te\ *<"" "»yi 

—Jimdm'i .<mcLriidBT'»_ 


Fillow we know It such a 
bod do-it-yoursolf«r, when 
he fixed a cuckoo clock, 
the cuckoo backed out and 
said, "What tlmo is it?" 

— O — 
Youngiton at breakfast, fo 
moih.ri "Okay, 1*11 finish 
this careal. But after it 
makes me' big and strong, 
nobody's gonna make me 
oat It!" 

— O — 
Steak: the exception to 
the rule that anything 
worth doing should be well 

on °' — O — 

"Well donel"ji what you'll 

Bxclaim after you've been 

lo the Jewel Box, picked 

iut that wedding gift, and 

id out a lovely gift 

appod package for that 

icial brido. Use our Bri- 

lal Rogiitry Service, it's 

-fftEE.— : 

say lhat Ihey have talked to many wlml <rp iheir report with thii 

happy fishermen this - scas«n. Ul ?.^. , !i!". _.._'.._ 

Cecil also reports that the bis 
blue gill: ' 



e lakes. /- 

Al Pelican (Lipids. Walt Doe. 
Ihe one man Chamber of Com- 
merce, soys thot fishing in this 
urea is much better than a year 
ago. Lake Lida has been very 
good [or both the walleye and 
bass: Northerns and cropp ies are 


Here Is the bass score board: 
Gth Crow Wing, six pounds 2 
ounces; Deer Lake, 5 pounds 11 
ounces; eth.Crow Wing, 4 pounds 
G ounces; Oth Crow Wing. 4 
pounds 12 ounces; and West 
Crooked Lakcr3 pounds 

standard methods. 

The birds were taken primarily 
from corn growing areas.. 
Mercury Is -not used as a 
fungicide on seed corn as It Is on 
some small grains. 

One ruffed grouse token at 
Unamia wns analysed and this 
alto had very low concentration 

Studies show that the brown 
water found In many Minnesota 
lakes is not due to iron, but Is 
slain Irom Ihe mat of evergreen 
needles covering Ihc forest floor. 


, - BAR & GRILL 


. Cast oa Highway 59 


' \ 

, On Thursday at 9 p.m. the 
annual street- water fight will be 
held on Second street between 
Main and Knight avenues. This 
will be followed by a teen dance 
In Ihe city auditorium with music 
by "The Hay Market Riot". 
' One or the highlights of the 
Aquacade, the Miss Thief River 
Falls pageant, will be held 
Friday, July 24, at B p.m. In the 
Lincoln high school auditorium. 
Traditionally held on Saturday 
' evening, Ihe pageant has been 
changed to Friday night due lo 
several conflicts. Ten candidates 
from Thief River Falls and area 
communities will compete for Ihc 
Miss 'Thief River Foils title and 
an opportunity to enter the Miss 
Minnesota pageant next spring. 
— .No_cycnlS_nre_scheduled_fnr_ 
Saturday, but Sunday will be 
packed with activity from near 
dawn until after dork. 

A fly-in breakfast ot ihe Thief 
River Falls municipal airport 
will begin at 7 a.m. wilh serving 
to continue until noon. Activities 

Thief River Falls and take part In 
the day's events. 

The Aquacade parade, 
previously held on Saturday 
morning, will beheld at 1:30 p.m. 
Sunday in downtown Thief Itlver 
Foils. The parade will be 
followed by snowmobile drag 
races at 2:30 p.m. and activities 
at Tindolph park.. Canoe races 
and wars, innertube races and 

"other water events will begin al 
4;30 p.m. at Tindolph park, 
followed by the beef barbecue. 
Climax lo the day's activities 
will .be the aerial fireworks 
display al dark. The Jaycecs 

"have expended more than WW In 
purchase of fireworks for the 

-KAY»Kl.l,-|lKNNlN(;;20,daughterof Mrrand Mrs.-Eddlc Hennlng of 
Middle River, will be one of 10 candidates for Ihc Miss Thief River 
Falls title at the 16th annual Joycee Aquacade. The official Miss 
America Preliminary pageant will be held Friday, July 24, at the 
Lincoln senior high school auditorium. 

Kay Henning In 
Miss TRF Event 

system, Its problems and the 
outlook for development. Mia- 
nesota commissioner of high- 
ways Ted N. Waldor will deliver 
Iho report, 

William LoFavc. Thief RJvcr 
Falls, Is a director of Minnesota 
Good Roods, Inc., and chairman 
of the Chamber of Commerce 
transportation committee. 

105 At Northland 
Receive $56,643 
In Financial Aid 

One hundred and flvo North- 
land stale Junior college students 
received a total of S30.&U In 
, . financial old during the 1969-70 

,i school-yco n 

Thirty-nine- students received 
S3.l00.ln National Defense loans 
~ from the college. Fifty-nine 
students received (30,507 In work- 
study employment both on and 
off campus. Education op- 
portunity grants totaling S3.747 
were awarded to 14 Northland 
students. Eighteen students 
received , (3,400 through In- 
stitutional employment at the 

Scholarships donated by In- 
dividuals, firms ■ and 
organliotloos totaling (0,400 were 
awarded to 56 students by North- 
land. Ten students received 
$2,599 in scholarships . not 
awarded by the college. Eleven 
students received (1,000 from 
Northland Area Sports 
association (NASA) for athletic 
scholarships. Northland has 14 
students employed in flvo dif- 
ferent communities In the off- 
campus work -study program this 

by Marvin l.undln 


ITtih (« the HlMtli in a serlrs of 

artlelc-s mi candidates far the 
MisK Thief ULrrr Falls title nt Ihe 
umiual Javcrr Aquacade. The 
intrant ul'ulildi the 1070 Miss 
Thirl Itlver Falls will be crowned 



"Put d( 



nlnylng soflball on a women's 
league team, bowling, dancing, 
riding bicycle or watching 
spectator sports. She also sews, 
imost of her own clothes and Is 
' working full-lime this summcr-Ln. 
the bookkeeping department of 
Middle River Cooperative Oil 

who "lives in Thief River Falls, 
ondn sister, Mrs. Ivan (Jcancllc) 
Johnson of Fargo. N. D. This fall 

display-whichnnnuolly-nllructs— iiiey'Il~exireci - lo _ see~IlT[iIT"— shcplanslocntcrMoorhead-statc- 

vlnwera fmm n Inrffe area. .-_/,, .. .......i..- ___...-_; *. n iini, n in hipUf Ia nlthnp 

viewers from a large area. 
Grabanski encouraged the 

Eurchase of Aquacade booster 
uttons. the sale of which sup- 
ports a number of Aquacade 
events. Admission charges arc 
made only for the teen donee and 

The. college work-study 
program, educational op- 
portunity grant and natiiwiil 
dctehsctofln are federally funQfir 
programs. Northland state junior 
college's 1970-71 allocations for 
these programs arc: Work-study, 
(24,795; national defense loan, 
(S,S13; and educational op- 
portunity grants, (6,200. 

NW Minnesota 
Area Declared . 
Disaster Area' 

Governor Harold LcVandcr has 

officially declared lhat a stole of 
disaster exists in 1 1 northwestern 
Minnesota counties. The area has 
.suffered severe property damage 
as a result of the extraordinary 
wet spell brought on by virtually 
continuous rains since the spring 

ftep .-Andrew Skaa i 

Skaar Announces 
He Will File For 
67-B Reelection 

Representative Andrew O, 
Skoor announced this week that 
he will file for re-election as state 
representative from Legislative 
District 07-B (Roseau, Marshall 
and Pennington counties). 

Rep. Skaar has been a member 
of the Minnesola-tegislnlure since 
1903, and presently serves on six 
committees. He was appointed to 
the committee on legislative 
administration and rules at the 
conclusion of the 1909 session. His 
other committee assignments 
include municipal affairs, vice 
chairman; agriculture: ap- 
propriations; elections and 
reapportionment; higher 
education; and highways. 

In announcing bis candidacy 
for reelection, Rep. Skaar 
pointed out thai the 1971 session 
will be perhaps ihc most critical 
In recent years as it relates to the 
problems of rural Minnesota. 

"The question of leglslatlv- 

Stolen Tools Are 
Found Before 
Burglary Noted 

New Dentists To 
Begin Practice 
Here This Month 

A few 

unlawful entries and recovery of 
some tools mode up most of Ihe 
action in what the' Thief River 
Falls police department termed 
"a slow week." 

Three tool, boxes containing 
tools were located June 30 by city 
street deportment personnel. The 
— ;t department notified polir- 



congressional redisricting will 
be among the foremost- Issues 
thot will have to be faced by the 
1971 legislature. Rural Minnesota 
has a very vital stake in the 
actions lhat will be taken by the 
1971 legislature, since recent 
census figures Indicate n general 
decline In the population of rural 
M in n esot a-.— n nd— n—mnrked— i n- 
creosc in the population of Ihc 
seven-county metropolitan area. 
"Many llbcral-orlcnted 
politicians and newsmen con- 
tinue to ask for a reduction in the 
f the Minnesota legislature, 

and breakfasts will be 
fl y - i a. — Aqua cado~buttons' 
admit- the wearer to .^rmwuu^., 

lowmobde-drag-raees-and-beef— qj| )p j s jj^ - / 

......W..I « .^ |3n pounds, has Blond 

Kny_pe[l_Hcnning w. 

"an interview abouHicr 

favorite hobbles and pastimes. 
Thai bus In rank among Ihc more 
unusual answers. 

Twenty -year-old Kay Dell is the 
daughter or Mr. and Mrs. Eddie 
Hennlng of Middle River, a 1968 

school and 1970 graduate of 
Northlan d, s l ate j unior college. 

barbecue and show support of 
other activities. 

Advance sale of tickets for the 
Miss Thief River Falls pageant is 
now underway wilh tickets priced 
at (1.7S each. Tickets at the door 

i the night of the event will be 

Among activity chairmen for 
( Continued on Page 4 ) ^ . 

7 Incumbents 
File For County 
Office Election 


1 county auditor C. 

... Rodekuhr-repor'ted -Tuesday— ?J"^'-P roB ™. m - n 'le- 
thal sevw. incumbents for county * ,,os wt 
office have filed as candidates In 
the November election. 

Those filing are county sheriff 
Charles Richards, register of 
deeds Eugene Preslegnnrd, 
county auditor -C. VI. Hodckuhr, 
county treasurer A. E. Jorgen- 
son. county attorney Neil A. 
Mcfcwcn, second district com- 
missioner Donald L. Olson and 
fourth district commissioner 
Merle _ A. _Lind berg. Unfiled. for_. 
offices, as of yet. are those of 

- " ' -iLOi*. 

.. hoiel eyes and a 37-16-30 
figure. Her talent presentation 
will be a trumpet solo entitled 
"The Lonely Bull". 

During her college and high 
school years, KnyDell was ac- 
tivity personified. For-examplc: 

At Northland she _ 

basketball and v 
thcerleader-for-two years, 
college band ond "N" club twt 
years, coordinator or programs 
for the radio-television club, 
secretary of Ihe sophomore class, 
Sno-Fcsi . queen attendant. 
worked pari time in the ac- 
counting office under the work- 
Colleges" last year. 

In high school . she was a 
cheerleader, president of the 
band for two years, vice 
president of the student council, 
secretary of the Future 
Homcmakcrs of America., 
member of the school choir, head 
librarian in the library club, 
participated in class plays and 
was an alternate' In Reglnn R in 

the District 32 speech eontesL 

" For vuriely she was an 
alternate to Girls State, a 

Governor LcVandcr's ac- 
tion," said congressman Odin 
Langcn, "is a vital step In the 
process lo secure assistance for 
individuals who have been 
damaged by this disastrous wet 
spell. Federal law prevents the 
federal government from taking 

', any jiciibn_in_thcsc .silua|ions_ 

until the governor of the affected 

alfltc declares a state of disaster, 

fn my discussions with Governor 

LcVnnder on this subject, it was 

clear that' he fully appreciated 

the meaning of this disaster for 

Minnesota farmers; and his 

prompt action in declaring a 

state of disaster Is n real boost to 

Ihc effort to secure federal 

assistance for them." - - 

„, „ . The counties covered bv Ihe 

stling^_Dau.Ju|ann Ta Rq - Rovcrnor's declaration' arc 

in the""*- ■ f IuNlMU DC~ — Bel t rami, Beckcrr Clay. Kittson- 

~ ~ — " — ' Lake-of-thc-Woods— Mnrshahr- 

"to rural Minnesota, . ... 
reduction in the slic of the 

Minnesota House of Represcn- _, 

tatlvcs and Senate would only rather, George Stockman. 
mean a lessened personal • ■ 

relationship between rural voters 

Dr. Thnmns Dimlch and Dr.- 

William Beasley, 1070 graduates 

of the University of Minnesota 

dental school, will open a new 

dental practice In Thief River 

Falls this month. Tentative 

-starting date Is July 20. 
Dr. Dimich is a native of Bovie 

arid Dr. Beasley Is from Grand 

Rapids. Under Ihc rural dentistry 

program by which dental" 

students visit with dentists In out- 

state Minnesota. Dr. Dimlch 

spent some lime UkI year with 

Dr. Edwiir'd Nelson in Thief 

lliver Falls Dr. Beasley was n 

visitor in Hallock under Ihc same 

program: passenger in (he ear, was treate d ; 
T no mo yuunp, m en— Hhtp — □tMirtnwesicrn hospital fur hc-rd u '- 

redecorated the former offices of injuries, I' 

Catherine Jurgenson. city, was 
driving ouLot the alley between 
LaBree avenue and Horace 
avenue June3oat 0:35 p.m. While 
she made a left turn onto First 
lj)o[tilmcn_arc_mnrxi™ | ._Dr. slcc<M.jKT„cnr_was_struck by_ 

Dimich lo the former Judy Stock- another driven by Urvllle 

man. a Thief River Falls resident Sorenson. n. 5, who wos coming 

while her out of the Holiday station 

driveway. The Jorgcnson cor was 

director of elementary education. tContinuedon Fagc4) 

that Wilson Brothers store, city, 
had been burglarised the night 
before. The Incident Is still under 
investigation. Value of the tools Is 
placed at (820. 

At H:30 p.m. June 30 a pickup 
truck driven by David PVnska, 
city, wos proceeding north on St. 
— Paul n venue when it struck u cur 
driven by Joanne Anderson, Lake 
Park, who was driving east on 
Gulf street. Damage In the 
pickup was estimated nt (750.' 
while the car sustained (1,550 ia 
damages. Allen Anderson, a 

. situation reviewed at the annual 
meeting of the Thief River Falls 
board of education Monday 

Mervln Prestebak wns elected 
chairman of the board to succeed 

_ Morris Owen who did not seek 
reelection ta Ihc board at the 
school election this spring. Other 
officers elected were Charles 
Samuelson, vice chairman; 
Maynnrd Wcdul, treasurer; and 
Kenneth Murphy, clerk. Other 
board members Include E. C. 
Olson and Wallace Sparby, bath 
new board members, and" Dr. 
George Martin. 

Several salaries were set at Ihc 
meeting, including Nicky 
Carlson, Increase of 12 per cent or 
about (floo; Mrs. Lillian Itanum, 
assistant to the school nurse, 

. increase from MOO lo (-125 per 
month; Louis Longlin. . 
superintendent of buildings and 
grounds, increase from (9,600 lo 
J1D.7M annually: and Clarabclle 
Clou tier, head of cafeteria ser- 
vices,- increase from MI2 to H50 
per month. 

Resignation of Orall Johnson," 
counselor nt Franklin Junior high 
school, was accepted effective 
August 15, 

In local policy aclloa. the board 
set Its own salaries In accordance 
with state statutes at (15 per 
meeting not to exceed (300 an- 
nually. Clerk and treasurer of the 
district receive (500 each in 
addition to the regular salary. 

Northern and Union State 
banks were nunied official 
depositaries of district funds, the 
Times was named the official 
newspaper of the district, and 
regular meeting limes were set 
al the second and fourth Mondays 
of each month. Next regular 
meeting will be on July 27. 

Approval was given to a 
request from the area technical 
school tn call for bids on a steel 

. annex lo Ihe aviation' mechanics 
building at the municipal uirpcrt. 
Bids will be opened on July 27oniJ 
work will be done by the secimii 
year carpentry class at the 

Discussion w;is held mi an 
athletic director lor iln* district 
bul no action was taken A 
resolution was adopted lo place 
bus drivers, cooks, teacher aides, 
.secretaries and the school nursi- 
on temporary leave of absence 
for the summer months (vr 
purposes of I'F.ltA accounting. 

Drs. Nelson and Goodrich at 2H 
Lnllree av. N., above the Tiny 
Tiger discount store. Their 
furniture and equipment Is beijjg 

refill uncla! buramsry- - 

(175,534 at ihe beglnningof the 12- 
month period on June 30. 19C9, 
' b alance ol ( 40, 151 on June 

and their 


representatives. It would i 
further concentration of political 
-power— In — the- " 

(Continued unpaged 

Gloria Culkins 
Selected 1970 


Installed Sun. 

Recognized For 
20- Year Service 

Ed Slslcr. --- vocational 
agriculture teacher al Lincoln 
high school.- Thief River Kails, 
has been rccogniied for 20 years' 
service to vocational agriculture 
and the Minnesota Vocational 
Aglrculturc Instructors 

Attending- the 52nd annual 

conference for vocational 

agriculture Instructors. Sislcr is 

Joining more than 450 high school. 

_ .vocational. ond_ technical .school 


The official filing period, which 
began Tuesday. Is open until 5 
p.m. July 21. Filing may be done 
at the auditor's office in the 
Pmnington cou nt y cou rthouse. A_ 


Dots" stage band which played a 
number of outside engagements, 
a 4-H club member and president 
of Ihe Luther league at Thief 
Lake-Lutheran church. 
— When -not eating ie«i, she enjuys- 
Jazz and hard rock music. 


Milled as pastor of the church in 
a service conducled ' by con- 
ference superintendent Rev. Carl 
Janson. ttov, Mann recently 
finished his training nt North. 
Park Theological seminary, 

The pastor served the Covenant 
church in New Sweden, Maine for 
five and one-half years before 
entering the seminary. He earned 
his bachelors degree in education 
from the University of Maine, 
jintTl aught high school for one 
year. lie also served as an officer 
in the Salvation Army for five 
. ill's, ■ rcsigmnR— his— posts— In — 7-P^l-Sl^Paui.-^cmo-uI-the- 
Uulfalo, N.Y., as corps officer conference Is "Challenges for the ' 
ind director of emergency Seventies." 
lisasier relief for the Niagara The 20-year award presented to 
nmtier prior to becoming pastor Sislcr Is sponsored by Northern 
if the church in Maine. - States Power company In' 

_iU;v_Manii^ind.hia_wlfeJinvc recognition fo r his teachin g cr- 

hree daughters and n son.' forts. 

— m i ss j lnnsn n E . ir : Glorla- 
Culkins. was selected Queen of 
-Plummcr 1070 luring the Fourth 
of July celebration there. 

Lnsl year's queen. Julie 
Johnson, crowned the new queen 
during the coronation lhat took 
place in the Plummer hall. Queen 
Gloria also received a bouquet of 
long-stemmed roses. 

Other candidates for the title 
were Sharon Engcsethcr— Miss 
Plummer Creamery; Susan 
WIIIett-Miss F and M' cnle; 
Marilyn Waller-Miss Plummer 
Liquor sjore; Lynda , Hemly— 
Miss Plummer Stale Bank; Lois 
Mnnlei-MIss Plummcr Locker. 
and Barbie Malwili-MIss Hesse 
Grocery. All Candida 

3001 this yea.. 

The report showed total 
receipts of (3,3S5,ttG4 and total 
.disbursements of (3.25G.4.80. 
Receipts and disbursements 

'were listed respectively, for the 
various funds ns (allows; General 
fund. (2.930,522 receipts ond 
(2,77B,154 disbursements; food 
service. (117.630 and II21.B53; 
building fund. (20,637 and (1B.9W: 

: del>t redemption fund, (221.B89 
ond , $210,032; school auxiliary- 
fund. (1;7P1 and ill, 210; and 
capital outlay fund, (H7.476 and 
(KH.229,. Transfers to and from 
other funds are not included in 
the above figures, except ns total '_ 


While the district showed a 
healthy gain in financial picture 
fmm a year ago on June 30. the . 
treasurer's projected report for 

-J illy Is less encatiraging That — 
showed on expected dellclt of 
(144.144 at Ihc end of Ihe month, 
wlih the district .already 
operating > on_ warrants _a I- thii — 

Pnhlcn. Events Sunday included 
children's races, a pie-eating 
contest, penny scramble riad a 
Watermelon feast, sponsored by 
the Commercial club of Plain- 

KIVIXC -THR- Minnesota -award of- thy - ASCS "Ilislinguihhed- 
ce Award" T-Jesd.iv was Wallace Sparbv drill, executive, 
director ol Ihe Pennington county ASCS office. Presenting the 
a ward— uat-Sulv in— Erickiuii ,-Uad hit,— director— o f .. U m -ll- c ou n t y - 
*est ASCS district. The award Is presented yearly lo an 
ASCS employee who 'has done an outstanding job in his work, agri- 
culture in general, and his community. Sparby was selected from 
Minnesota employees nt an ASCS employees convention In Mnnkn- 
to. August fi, 7 and H he will compete with other stale winners nt 
■ the nntlimal convention In Hot Springs, Ark. ' _ _ 

Lincoln Class 
Of 1950 Plans 
20th Reunion 

Lincoln high school class of 
1D50 will hold it-i 20lh -class 
reunion in Thief ' River Falls 
- Friday and Saturday. 

The reunion will begin with a 
coffee hour July 10 at Redeemer 
_churcti..bti:lnjilnii at a.p.m., Jor„ 
the benefit of those arriving early 
for. the event. A lour of Lincoln . 

:lub Saturday i 
conclude the celebration. Social 
hour will bcglo at 6 p.m. at the 
Elks club, followed by* the 
evening meal at 7. 



NEW J & B 


All Nationally Known Brands 









Wednesday. July 8, 1970 Thief River Falls. Minn. 

I ft. To c 

i In 

Constance Margit Ekeren 
Weds William Cameron 

r jSIUnr'[lieir""iUirc; Ificy 
matching floral headbands, short 
ivory gloves and gold Handles. 

The groom' was -intended by 
Itichnrd Lundcll, Jeff Porsona 
nnd Dick Huffman. Serving as 
ushers were Hob Ekeren and 
Torn Ekeren. brothers of the 
bride; Jon Zcipcn, cousin of the 
groom, nnd Bill Cronkhlte. The 
men were attired in double- 
broated tuxedow nnd white 
;s. The groom's 
boulonnfere was- n -sprig of 
■fll epliimot t»T-Hi s— (I t It-mi o n In-hnd- 
whltc roses pinned- on Ihelr 

•For her daughter's wedding. 
Mrs. Ekeren wore on dress 
lopped by n matching Chanlllly 
lace coat, Mrs. Cameron was 
attired in a pink knit dress, [loth 
wore identical corsoges com- 
posed of white orchids. 

Following the dinner, 250 
gueMs were hosted al a dinner- 
reception nt the Lakeland room 
of the I'lck-Nlcollcl hotel in 
Minneapolis by the bride's 
parents and brothers. To com- 
plete the theme of the wedding, 
[Id rat arrangements tike those 
carried by the bridesmaids. 

■nlercd the tables'and graced 

The Orl'm Ness 
Observed. at Holt 

Ihe r< 

:eption hall. 

Highland I 1 
"hi- bride is. 
I .Mrs ulal 
i She IS 
g>liurg coll. 


f Mr. 

en of this 

graduate of 
;md leaches In 
in is the son of 
. Wallace Cameron of In- 
i.itKinal Kails nml the late Mr. 
icron. He graduated (mm the 
uTMtvol Minnesota. Dululh, 
the I'mvrrsily of Minnesota 
m-Ihm>1. Ik- is employed as a 
I for Northwest Airlines in 

,-i Itob Minion, Me* parish 
M. officiated at the double 

lev. Waller F.kcrVn and Bob 
uesM-v as readers. Special 
.ic was ufleTcd by Mrs' 
:er Kkcren. organist. She 
eil Handel's "Mcssa HI" for 

imuanied ' He v. Walter 
ren as lie sang, HachVLord 
s Chnsl. lie J' 

I "Tin 

1-ord's I'D 

cssliiiiat. Mrs. Ekeren 
plaveil Handel's ■'The Rejoicing: 
Music f<ir a I'eace Celebration. " 
T<i reflect (lie (heme of their 
wedding. Ibe bride and groom 
selected two songs. They were 
"Ijive One Aniillier" sung by the 
assembled guests led by Hob 

Cannelln playing his guitar, nnd 
"Today Is the First Day of the 
Hesl of Our Lives." sung by 
C.iunella as a ' prelude to the 

Forming n setting for the 
wedding party were 

arrnngenients of while orchids, 
stephanotis, baby's breath, and 
greenery on the altar nnd In the 
chancel, corresponding to the 
arrangement carried by the 
bride. Candelabra graced the 
chance] and marked the pews 
nlniig the center aisle. 

For her wedding, the bride 
eh use mi empire fashioned, floor- 
length gown of ivury organia 
featuring long sleeves fitted fnmi 
the soulder to the elbow and 
v puffed from' the elbow 'to the 
wriy, Enhancing the high 
neckline were motifs of hand- 
clipped lace roses centered with n 
cluster of seed pearls. Similar 
lace motifs, enhanced by scrolls 
and leaves were scattered across 
Jhe gown and full cathedral 
length train, A matching head- 
piece, etched with pearls, held 
her bouffant veil. 

Attending the bride were Mrs.' 
Clary Lnngness.'Mrs. Jon Larson 
of Thief-River- Falls 'and Ltndn 
llicl. Their ielecvclcss, A-llne 
gowns, also of Ivory, were 
designed 'with gold and crystal 
jeweled trim at the neckline and 
empire waistline. They carried 
bouquets of assorted bright 

Twenty-fifth wedding an- 
niversary of Mr. nnd Mrs, Orlln 
Ness of Holt wns observed 
Sunday, June 28. nt an open house 
celebration nt their residence In 
the village of Holt.* 

Serving as hosts and hostesses 
woro their children, Wnyno of 
. Osseo, Marccne, LeMoe and 
Ronald of Holt 

Spcclnl—gui .. 

Myron Johnson of Phoenix, Ariz., 
sister of Mrs. Ness, and Leonard 
Ness of Tucson, Ariz., brother of 
Mr. Ness. They were attendants 
when the couple, Orlln Ness and 
Thelma Lcskln 
June 2, IMS 

Lutheran church at Middle River 
with Rev. E. 0. Urness of- 

AJso present for the event were 
Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Ness and Mrs. 
Cora Johnson of Holt, parents 
and grandmother, respectively, 
of Mr. Ness. 

Miss Julie Sorter of Moorhcnd, 
niece of the couple, presided at 
the guest book. Punch was ladled 
by the Ness children. Marccne, 
LcMac' nnd Ronald, assisted by 
Valeric Benltt. 

Feature Special Ceremo_ny 

_. Ighting 

married, ceremony, symbolizing "Oneness 
Finnish In Marriage Through Christ", 
followed the exchanging of 
marriage vows at the . 
Evangelical Free church In this 
cJty by Miss Naomi Jean Tront- 
vel of Little Falls and Mervln D. 
Sorenson or Maple Plain. 

The bride is a daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Norrls Tronlvct of Thief 
River Falls. Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Leonard Sorenson of-Hector are 
the parents of Ihc groom. . 

The double ring ceremony took 
place on Saturday. June 0. nt 8, with Rev. I. Carlson nnd 
tev, L. Pardun officiating. After 
c was Mrs. Sclmcr . the vows were exchanged the 

A-llne, floor-length Juliet styled 
gown of polyester salapenu. The 
empire bodice of fine Venice lace. 
was designed with long Camclol 
sleeves of sheer pcoir. Matching 
Venice lace bordered (he 
detachable ehapcMcngtb train 
held In back by a large bow. To 
complement her nttlre, she wore 
an elbow length veil of silk 
illusion held by n Camclot styled 
headpiece. She carried n Dutch 
colonial bouquet. 

Miss ftenne Trontvct of Thief 
River Falls, n sister of the bride, 
was mnld of honor. Other at- 
tendants were Mrs. Ronald 
Trontvct of Thief River Falls. 
■in-law of the bride, and 

N-tnrJ On D, A ,,,„. Sortcrof Middle River, sister or bridcandgroom procccdcdlo the Mrs. Terry Mnvcus of ' Mln- 
OreO Dy DfOW/IS Mrs. Ness. The cake, trimmed nllnr for the special ceremony, nenpolis, Bister of the groom. 

And Johnsons 

with yellow roses and silver 
leaves wns baked nnd decorated 
by Mrs. Orvits Benltt. Separating* 
Champa"- - 

Hue! River hulls and Mr. and ,,;,„., ,"„ i.. n i»rino snmvs at lili 
observed their 5-lth wedding wilh u _,, ow J r i hhon «. nn „,, hl 

anniversary nt a joint celebration 
on Sunday. June at. To mark the 
event. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson 
were hosts at n dinner that 
evening nt the Top Notch cafe at 
Fertile. Following the dinner, 
they relumed to the Johnson 
home to spend the evening. 

The' two couples were married 
nt St. Hilalre on June 28, 19lfi. It 
has since been their custom to 
.celebrate their anniversaries 

Senior Citizens To 
Hear Attorney Berve 

Attorney iT 0. Bene will be 
Ihe guest speaker nt the regular 
meeting of the Senior Citizens to 
beheld Friday al 1:30 p.m.. al the 
Senior citizens center. Lunch will 
be served following the meeting. 

All Senior ciliiens in the area 
are welcome .to mieud these 

Read Times Classified Ads. 

On the nltor were three candles, 

with Ihc center candle unlit. 
Taking the ouler candles, the 
bride nnd groom together tit the ' 
center condlc. cxtlngushed the 
other two nnd knelt In prnycr. 
While kneeling. Rev. Floyd 
Daliell. uncle of the bride, sang 
Maliitte's "The Lord's Prayer." 
Ilev. Daliell wns also one of the 
soloists during the wedding 
ceremony. As the bridal parly 
assembled nl the allnr, he snng, 
I'urccH's "Before Thine Altar." 
During Ihe ceremony, Ron 
Trontvet, brolhcr of the bride, 
sang Dunlnp's "Wedding 
Prayer." Mrs. ldreason, 
n friend of the bride, was. 'the 
organist, plnylng "Trumpet 
Voluntary" as the processional. 
Fur the ceremony, candles, 
foliage and ribbon bows marked 
c very-other pew down the center 
nisle. On citner side of the nltnr 
,. . ,- . were spiral candelabra entwined 
the engagement and forthcoming - wilh Borlntlds of smi | ax ncecnt cd 
marriage or the r daughter. Kim wllh „],, K || w. carnations and 
to John Desotoll, son of Mr. nnd- — •—<--—-•— .... _ . >.i— 

wllh yellow ribbons. On either 
side or the cake were silver 
candles In Fostoria holders, a 
wedding gift 25 years ago. 

Members of ihe Mary circle of 
the Nazareth Lutheran church, 
Holt, assisted In pouring coffee 
and serving the lunch. 

Relatives nnd friends attending 
were from Tucson and Phoenix, 
Ariz,, Kent, Wash.; Osseo, Thler 
River Falls. Viking. Ncwfoldcn, 
Middle River and Holt. 

Kim Morkstrom To 
Wed John Desotoll . 


Mnurlcc Desotull of, 







Miss Mnrkstrom Is presently 
completing her college 
education. She will graduate 
from Moorhcnd State college this 
month with a bachelor of science 
"degree In education. 

Mr. Ilesotell received his 
bachelor or science degree In 

elementary education-- nt 

Moorhcnd State college. During 
the 1969-70 school term, he wns n 
member of the W ashington 
:UDlnui4iiey-i* i wo Wucul ly-d t - lied- 
Lake Fulls.'" 

— An-afturinKin- wedding on July 
23th Is planned. 

palm uronches. At the base of the 
candelabra were palm branches 
complemented by three yellow 

The bride wns escorted to Ihc 
altar and'given In marriage by 

Serving as Junior attendant 
Miss Debbie Trontvct, a sister of 
the bride. 

All were attired in identical 
floor-length gowns of yellow 
eyclel designed in empire fashion 
with short puffed sleeves. 
Marking the waistlines were 
nnrrow ribbons of deeper yellow, 
tied in front with a bow. Their 
headpieces were veiled yellow 
bonnets, trimmed with yellow 
daisies. All wore short while 
gloves and each carried a white 
Princess Ann baskel filled wilh 
yellow rases and while daisies. 
Attired like the bride's at- 
tendants nnd cn'rrylng a' similar 
basket was Michelle Trontvct of 
Thief River Falls, a niece or the 
bride who served as flower girl. 
In place of a bonnet, she wore a 
white rose in her hair, Darren 
Mnvcus af Minneapolis, a nephew 
of the groom, was the ring 

bearer. — 

Attending his brother as best 
mnn wns Lnncc Sorenson of 
Hector. Groomsmen were 
Marvin Mlkkelson of Thler River 
Falls, a friend of the couple, 
Da it el Trontvct, Ron Trontvet. 
brothers of the bride, nnd Terry 
Mavcus. brother-in-law of the 

party wore black tuxedos. The 
groom's boutonnlcro was a 
yellow rose, his attendants had 
yellow carnations and the ushers 
wore white carnation pinned on 
their lapels. 

The mother of the bride was 
attired in a light blue acetate and 
-rayon bonded crepe dress 
complemented by sheer illusion 
sleeves nnd rolled collar 
enhanced wilh embroidery. To 
complete her attire, she wore n 
bluc-vetled _ hcadplece— white- 
accessories and a yellow rose bud 
corsage surrounded by white 
— daisies and camellia foliage. 

Tho mother of the groom wore 

similar corsage on her bonded 

— drcsa Inribbcd paitcmTHcrtlress - 

.was styled wllh short sleeves nnd 

'a rolled collar. 

Special guest a I tho ceremony 
was Mrs. Gunda Trontvct, 
grandmother of the'bride. . 

A reception In the church 

parlors followed wllh Mr. and 

Mrs. Jerry H cutler as host and 

— hostess. Miss Joyce Dulzcll 

E resided at the guest book as 
Hss Mary Kvcno nndTtfrs. Gory 

Highlighting Ihe punch table was 
a large archway adorned with 
greeneries and white daisies, 
designed by Mrs. Martin Hanson, 
„ The pillared, four*-tiorcd, pale- 
yellow wedding cake, iced In 
while and trimmed with white 
daisies, was topped with a triple 
wedding bell ornament accented 
with lilies af the valley. Miss 
Carol Carlson and Mrs. Sheldon 
Holm cut and served iho cake as 
Miss Nancy Eldclbcs and Miss 
Rhonda Jcspen poured. 

Waitresses were . Esther 
Dalzcll, Carolyn Trontvct, 
Ocbblc Eldclbcs, Shcryl 
SJuIcslad and Cynthia Eidcibcs. 
Miss Etvannn Hanson presided at 
the gift table assisted by Glcnda 
Trontvct and Dorcttn Lcplcy. - 
'Serving the bride as her personal 
attendants were Miss Kathleen 
Skaug and Miss Bonnie Hnsscll. 
Guests attending the_wcddlng 
were from Moorhcnd. Hector, St. 
Paul, Minneapolis, Fergus Falls, 
Fairmont. Little Falls. Plcrz, 
liaglcy, CI car brook. Goodridgc, 
Tower, Arlington and Benson. 

For traveling to Ihe 
Yellowstone National park and 
Grand Teton Mountains the bride 
changed intoa beige. A-llne dress 

with white patent accessories. 
The newjy-weds aro now at 
home at 100 Newport Drive, 
Apartment 104, Maple Plain. 
where both arc employed. Tho 
bride Is a teacher In the 
elementary' school syslem'nnd 
the groom Is employed by Con- 
tincnlnl Telephone corpomtlon. _ 
Photo, Grosi Studio, Moorhcnd. 


Mr. nnd Mrs. Richard An- 
derson. Jennifer and Jodl Lee 
spent the Fourth of July holiday 
at the Darrcl Anderson home at 
St. Cloud. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wiley, 
Valeric, Billy and Jeff of Min- 
neapolis arrived Sunday to spend 
a few days visiting In this city 
with* Mrs. Wiley's parents, tho 
-Morris — Millers; — and— wllh — 
relatives and friends, in the 
Goodridgc community. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Syverson 
and- Cheryl and Miss Nancy 
Romnnak of South Milwaukee. 
Wis., arc visiting at the home or 
Garfield Syverson nnd Duane. 
Also n recent visitor at the 
Syverson home wns Douglas 
Syverson of Embarrass. 

Mr. and Mrs. Werner Jacobson 
spent Wednesday in BemidJI. 
Lnroutc they visited Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Nick Angeles ot Bcnn nnd 
wilh" Olaf Hnlvorson and Jean 
Johnson at 'Clcarbrook. 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Gobell of- 
Dululh and Ihcir daughter, Miss 
Marly a Gobell of Grand Rapids, 
spent the weekend in ihis cily at 
Ihc Lon Gobcl home, getting 
acquainted wllh their new 
granddaughter, Ann Marie, born 
June 21. 

Weekend guests ot the Gloria ■ 
Wheeler and Walter Evenson 
homes were. Mr. and Mrs. 
Wallace . Evenson and family of 
St. Francis, Miss Gladys Nelson 
or Minneapolis,, Mr. and Mrs. 
Raymond Peterson and Marclcl 
or llobbltt, Mr, and Mrs. Cleo 
Engclstad and Tamlly of Invcr 
Grove Heights and Mrs. Pat Todd — 
and_ct)Hdren of Fcllon. 

her foiher. She was attired in an groom.' The men of ihc wedding 




Julius M. Albys 
50th Anniversary 
Is Celebrated " 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius M. Alby oi_ 
-rural Thief" River Foils 
- celebrated Ihelr Mth wedding 

anniversary on Sunday, June IS, 

a I an open house reception at the 

. Oak Ridge Lulhcrnn church. 

Planning the event and serving 
"-flo-hnst and hostesses were their 

son, Alien Alby or Sioux Falls, S. 

D. ( and daughters: Mrs. LTIln 

Trickle of ihls city. Mrs. Robert 

(Janet) Reynolds of St. Paul and ... 

Mrs. Patrick (Donna) Plcw of ■ 

Maitlnnd, Flo. Mrs. Mnltland I 

was unable to be present but 

called her parents extending her 

best wishes. 
Present for the celebration 

were Mrs. Ralph Ness, of J 

Ncwfoldcn, the formen. Lclhn' | 

Toggart. a sister of Mrs. Alby, 

and! Martin Alby of Thief River 

Falls, a brother of Mr. Alby. They 
— wore— tho— attendants— at— tho- 

wedding on June 10, 1920 when 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius (Llllah 

Taggart) Alby exchanged vows 

at the Zion Lutheran parsonage 

In Ihls city. Rev, George Larson 
. was the officiating pastor. 

Mrs. Alby is the daughter of ihe 

late Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Taggart 
and Mr. Alby is Ihc son of the fate 

Mr. and Mrs, Ole Alby. 

The golden anniversary 
celebration began with a 
program. The devotional 
meditation was given by Rev. W. 
Mathrc or Viking. Mrs. Frank 
lllbtc served as mistress of 
ceremonies and also gave an 
appropriate reading. Two ducts. 
"Precious Mcmorlcg" and "Ola 
Gray Bonnet" were sung by Mrs. 
Clyde Swcnson and Mrs. Martin ■ 
Solscng. Jr.. wilh Mrs. Oscar 
Knutson as organist. Several 
selections w : erc also sung by a 
number of former members of 
the Salvation Army. 

Members of the American 
Lutheran Church Women served 
the reception that followed. 
Centering the scrvlnR table wns a 
three tiered anniversary cake 
decorated with gold roses nnd 
topped wilh a 50th anniversary Ed Sorenson Feted 
emblem. On either side of the n ,, _ _ ., 

cake were gold candies. Mrs. Recently By Famtly 

Lester Taugart cuty and served 
ihe cuke as Mrs. Lewis Alby 
poured. Boi 1 ! -to sisters- In-law of 
ouple. drs. Allen Alby of 


Sioux Falls, S. D. t daughtt 
law, presided nt Ihe punch bowl. 
Granddaughters Gnylcnc Trickle 
af this city nnd Mrs. Ronald 
Morey, also, of Thief River Falls, 
arranged the gifts nnd registered 
the guests, respectively. 

Approximately ISO guests 
registered at the guest book, a 
gift from Mrs. Patrick Plow of 
Moltlond, Fla. Those attending 
were from Sioux Falls, 5. D.: 
Chicago, III., Washington. D. C; 
Si, Paul, Roseau, Thief River 
Foils, Rosewood, Ncwfoldcn and 
Viking. " " 

For the event Mrs. Alby was AIL--*. kJ-I.A.J I* 
attired in a navy blue dress Albert MOISTOO IS 

complemented by a corsage of Honored On Birthday 



^'surrounded by white 
s gold netting and 
ribbon. Mr. Alby 's boulonnlere 
was a golden-yellow carnation. 

Lcster.iFosters._Ada, .. 

To Note Anniversary 

WEDDING VOWSwerc exchanged by Miss SuAnne Small and Charles 
Larry Anderson ot ft p.m., Saturday. June IB, at South Yale church or 
Christ In Tulsa, OkJa: Ronald Milton ofriciatcd. The bride Is the 
daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Small of Durant. Okla. Mr. and Mrs. 
Edwin J. Anderson of Thief River Falls are the parents of the groom. 
Attending the couple were Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Nichols of Oologah, 
Okla: Folfowinga trip to Colorado, the couple will establish their home 
in Houston, Tex. 

Farmers Union 
Oil Co. Reports 
$501,700 Year 

Sales volume of I3O1.70O— ah 
Increase of almost II per cent , 
over the previous year— was 
reported nt the annual meeting of 
the Farmers Union Oil company 
of Thief River Falls recently by 
manager Ferdlo Mandt. 

Net savings to the patrons were 
10,63 per cent of purchases, with 
cash refunds nnd stock retired 
nmounting to SZJ.BGC for the past 

Wliliam Runprecht of Thief 
River Falls and Jucll Chervcstad 
of Oklec were reelected to the 
board of directors. At the 
reorgnniiationnl meeting of the 
board. Rupprccht was reelected 
president. Other members in- 
clude Jarvls Torgcrson, Thier 
River Falls, vice president; 
Mclvln Mclln. lied Lake Falls, 
secretary-treasurer; Irwin 
, nnd 

Ed Sorenson of Viking was 
hoaorcd when members or his 
family gathered at his home on 
Sunday, June 28. for n belated 
Father's day ■ observance. The 
diancr served wns brought by Ihc 
self Invited guests. 

Those present were Mr. nnd 

Mrs. Douglas Johnson of 

iknnc. Wash.: Mr. and Mrs. 

in Kcllcy of Scapoosc. 

.. Mr; and Mrs. Leonard 

Larson and Bruce of Viking, 

Ronald Anderson of Minneapolis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Anderson 

and Mr.and Mrs. Robert Ho rlcit 

and family or Thler River Falls 

and Mr. .and Mrs. William 

JPotucck br RadEurri. 

Albert Motslod was honor guest 
at a ■ - - - 

house celebration 
July 19, from-2 to 4 :30 p.m., at the 
Grace Lutheran church at Ada.' 
All friends and relatives arc 
welcome to attend. 


Mr. and Mrs. David Duprcc of 
rural Thief River Falls announce 
the birth of a son on June 24. at 
Northwestern hospital. He 
weighed S lbs., 15^ oi.. and has 
been named Kurt Charles. 

his home. The meal, brought 
by Ihe guests, included three 
decorated birthday cakes, In 

"'"observance of his 81st birthday." 

Those present were Mr. and 

Mrs. Ralph Swnnson and family . 

Johnson and family of Argylc. 

^Mtiand M rs. Olive r Mnls lad and 
family, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton 
Molstad and family and Mr. and 
Mrs. Clebert Molstad and family, 
al! of Thief River Falls. 

Langen Praises 

Humphrey lauds 
Small Town Life 
In Oklee Speech 

Hubert H. Humphrey, 
Fourth of July speech In, OUee, 
expressed hla i'shock" that a 
White House committee had 
"turned Us back on rural 
America". Humphrey colled on 
the Nixon administration to 
reject the concluslons-of what ho 
called "the Ghost Town com- 

Humphrey referred to n'report- 

„_in the recent edition of "U. S/ 
News nnd World Report" which 
said that Nixon'* population 
committee had reported that "No 
amount of money or other federal 
help can reverse or stop the 
decline of the small towns in' 
rural America." 

Tho former Vlco President 
responded, saying, "I say that la 
the President ought properly be 
colled "The Ghost Town com- 
mittee" for that is what It will 
produce in America. It proposes 
a policy'of non-benign neglect for 
Americans who live In rural and 
small-town areas." 

Humphrey proposed nn action- 
program for rural America In the 
iflTO's. "We need a population 
policy that enriches rural 
America, not one that rejects 1L 
This means help for housing for 
young couples, for families and 
for the elderly. It means that 
governments nnd new - govern- 
ment facilities should go out to 
* small towns. 

"Tho government Is tho largest 
employer in the notion and 
relocation of government 
facilities in the lBWs can do for 
rural America In the I970'fl what 
the Homestead act did for rural 
America in earlier years. It 
means that the slate and national 
governments must help small 
towns develop elementary, 
secondary higher education. It 
means government help to 
develop airports and hospitals. It 
means tax incentives to bring out 
business," he said. 

"All this and much more must 
be done In Ihc 1970's ir America Is 
to grow intelligently in the years 
.ahead. There Is a good, decent, 

firospcrous and creative life to be 
Ivedin the small towns and rural 
America, If only wc are wise 
enough! to encourage It." 

Local Police At 
State Convention 

rour members ot the Thiet 
River .Falls police department 
attended the Minnesota state 
police convention and pistol shoot 
June 20-23 at Rochester. 

Sergeant Irving Swnnson, 
nttcndingyis official delegate of , 
the Thief River Falls depart-* 
ment, was accompanied by 
patrolmen Dennis Sctcr, Harvey 
Tauer and David Scramstod. 
. In the pistol shooting action, 
Tuucr earned the fourth-place 
trophy In Ihc marksman class in 
which he had to shoot against 53 
other policemen. Sctcr, shooting 
in the sharpshooter class, placed 
seventh In the "classification 
match, sixth In the time-fire 
match, and fifth In aggregate 


Thief River Falls, Minn. Wednesday, July 8, 1070 


^JUl. Nirmia r*U»H, It. B, 

Mrs. Herbert Swcnson and 
Knylynn and Mr.' and Mrs. 
Hcfmcr Mclhouse spent Wed- 
nesday until Sunday in Min- 
neapolis where they visited wilh 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mclhouse. 
Mr", and Mrs. Norman Voldness 
Marvin. Jerome and Arvld 
Mclhouse and Mrs. Lena Lifgren 
nnd Bnbc. 

Saturday they attended the 
wedding of Marvin Mclhouse and 
Eva Christian held at the Koty 
Cross Lutheran church In 
Lakcvllld at 3 p.m. A reception 
for the ncwlywcdfl was held after 
the ceremony at the Ronald 
Mclhouse home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman 
Peterson, James and Wayne and 
Terry Wold attended the golden 

Reminds Formers 
Of Compliance 
Filing Deadline . 

All farmers who arc signed Into 
the feed grain and wheat 
programs were reminded today 
that they arc required to certify 
their compliance no later than 
July IS. 

Winton Knutson, Pennington 
counly ASCS committee chair- 
man, stated that certification Is a 
musl item for farmers to be 
eligible for farm program 

Wednesday, July 15, is Ihc 
absolute deadline for cer- 
tifications. All farmers must file 
the certification forms in Ihc 
ASCS office on or before thai 

From Convention 

Thief River Falls couple has 
returned from attending a 
fraternal life insurance society's 
.national agency sales conference 
and 31st notional convention* 

Dnrrcll Bakkc. district 
representative oi Modern 
Woodmen of America insurance 
company, nndhls wife spent June 
21 through 25 at the convention, 

held al St. Paul. Bakkc. formerly 
Of Ncwfoldcn. corned the cx- 

Bense-pald trip by maintaining 
Igh production, high quality 
business, strict ethical standards 
and studies or Ihc Insurance 
profession. More than I, oca 
members of Ihe society nttended 
the convention. 

Thai Student 
To Be Guest In 
Himmerich Home 

Former residents of Thief 
River Foils Mr. nnd Mrs. Ervln 
Himmerich, will hast foreign 
exchnnge student from Thailand. 

Chaluoy Choannvlg, a high 
school senior, will live wllh the 
Himmcrich's, wtoo moved to New 
Richoland two years ago after 
residing 13 years In Thief River 
Falls, The Hlmmerichs have 
three children, Gary, n senior, 
nnd Bruce, n junior, both of 
whom attend New Richland- 
Hart I and school, and Lynne, who 
graduated from Lincoln high 
school. Thief River Falls, In i960 , 
nnd the Area Vocational school 
practical nursing course In 1969, 

The student from Thailund is 
expected to arrive in New 
Richland July 24. 

wedding anniversary open house 

S unday after noon for Mr. and_ 

""Mrs. 'Herbert joiinslon 'uniie 

Presbyterian church in Angus. 

Thursday morning Mrs. 
Herbert Swcnson .and Knylynn 
were cofrcc guests al the Norman 
Voldness home in" Thief River 
Falls. Also visiting there were 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lorcn Voldness nnd 
family ot Fond duLoc, Wis. — - 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Willie McGregor, 
Donnlc, Ronnie nnd Martha of 
Radium were guests Saturday 
afternoon at the Walfred Carlson 
home and also visited wilh Mr. 
and Mrs. Harvey Johnson and 
Linda of Minneapolis. Mrs. 
Johnson and Linda were house 
guests nt ihc Carlson home the' 
past week. 

Terry Wold and Wayne 
Peterson returned Sunday alter 
spending a week at the Galilee 
Lutheran Bible camp nt_Lokc 

Walfred Carlson Is n patient at 
Northwestern hospital, having 
entered Tuesday and underwent 
surgery Friday morning. 

Friday afternoon Mrs. Herbert 

Swcnson and Kay visited at the 
JHarvIn Moen home.:- ■ 
— Mrs. - Hetoros~Grlns!cy"onii~ 
dianapotls, Indiana and Mr. and 
Mrs. Hclmcr Mclhouse were 
supper guests Saturday evening 
at the Herbert Swcnson "home 

Pastor H. S. Olson or Thief 
River Falls called at the Walfred 
Carlson and Kenneth Carlson 
homes Thursday evening, 
, Mrs. Tlldo Nelson and Jack 
visited with Mrs.! Martha 
Swcnson Saturday morning and 
'allcrnoon guests were Mr. and 
Mrs. Willie McGregor, Donnie. 
Ronnie and Martha of Radium. 

Friday evening Mr. and Mrs, 
Harvey Johnson and Linda of 
Minneapolis. Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Kenneth Carlson and Kim and 
Mrs. Walfred Carl son were cofrce 
guests of Mrs. Anna Trochmnnn. 

Sunday afternoon Mrs. Herbert 
Swcnson nnd Kay were nmoag 
the guests visiting at the Harry 
Swcnson home in Numadal who 
came wilh birthday g reetings for 

"Mrs.' Hurry Swcnson . 

Legion Presents 
Awards To Local 

Special awards to the Thief 
River Fnlls police nnrf fire 
departments were presented by 
Ecklund-Holm Post 117 of 

Ihe American I -eg inn Monday 
evening for community service, 

Ed Fnldoe. Americanism 
chairman of the nost, made the 
presentation on nehnlf of past 
commander Donald M. Olson In 
Chler Elton Cum ml tigs.' and 
Captain Donnv-nn I.idcn. of the 
police department and Chief Hoy 
Langevin of the fire department". 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Siulestad 
and Bobby and Mrs, Charlotte 
Thockelt and Michael ot Phoenix. 
Aril., were Wednesday supper 
guests ot the Morris Miller home. 

Rend Times Classified Ads. _ 


Wall MtablUbad trucking; busuMa* la Thtof IUt*t rolls. 
Included I Truck*, rani, wanbrniw and special Inters tats 
Commarc* Commission "RIGHTS* In Soutfi Dakota, North 
Dakota and Mlnnraohx. Also ■xcltuitn. profitable, contract 
with North American -Van Lines, Tills U a pror»n buslneu 
that ha* provided protperltr. Independence and security 
lor two families for a generation. 



107 E. 2nd Street Thief Rrm rail* Phot)* 611.4740 

T tc oringrJustTrniBS ing-the' trophy; 


Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kohlcr and' 
lamlly of this cily spent the 
Fourth Of July weekend in 
Detroit Lakes visiting their 
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kohlcr 
and Mr. and Mrs. John 


Dorosior And Troska 
Engagement Is Told 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Dcroslcr of 
Red Lake Falls announce the 
engagement of their daughter. 
Nancy Ann. to Paul Troska. son 
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Sullivan Trosko 
of Goodridgc. _ 

Miss "Dcroslcr is o" 1B69 
graduate of Lafayette high 
sc hool, Red Ln k p Fa lis, nrnl.n 

Negro Actress 
In BSC Summer 
Concert Series 

"Tho World of My America", 
second program in the 'BSC 
summer arts concert series. The 
show will be staged In 
BSC's Memorial hall. Curtain 
time is e p.m. 

"The World of My America" Is 
both n light-hearted and n 
dramatic presentation of Negro 
poetry, songs and dances, 
anecdotes and commentary. The 

On Meat Imports 

Congressman Odin Langen has 
applauded President Nixon's 
decision to prohibit the Im- 
portation of -moot, from major 
meal exporting countries, that Is 
transshipped through third 
countries, primarily Canada. The ' 
President directed the secretary 
of agriculture to stop further 
transshipments through a third- 
country of meat originating In 
Australia, New Zealand nnd 

Earlier this year, Langen had 
Joined with, several of his 
colleagues in calling upon the 
President to prohibit this. prac- 
tice which had been used as a 
device by some countries to avoid 
their obligations under the 
voluntary restraint program. At 
that time. Langen pointed out 
that about IB million pounds of 
meat had been Imported into the 
U. S, by this method through 
Canada in 1069 and (hat the 
practice had been expanded to 

Sgt. Swnnso n al so entere d the 

ihow has been hailed ns.among the point where this 

Ihc best of its kind by drama 
critics in newspapers across the 
United States. 

Paulcnc Myers Is a veteran ol 
countless' Broadway plays, 
movies nnd television shows. 
"Winning" with Paul Newmon, 

ilng in at a rate of 750,000 
pouads a week this year. 

Rep. Lnngcn said, "I'm really 
pleased thai President Nixon has 
taken this step. .This practice had 
been costing U. S. livestock 
farmers approximately (24 

Also Big Savings in Shoe 



A Participating jackpot Store 

"Canadian Nat 
Combat matches at Winnipeg 
June 23 and 20, 

4-H Style Revue 
For Marshall Co. 
At Middle River 

"Your Zodiac Fashion Scope" 
Is the theme Tor the IDT0 Marshall 

-county 4.11 stylo rovuo. More than - 
100 4-H'crs will model their 
clothing exhibits at the public ' 
revue set fore p.m.. Friday nt the 
Middle River high school The 
public is invited to attend- and 
there is no admission charge. 
Registration will begin at 4:30 

-p.m. and judging will be af5:30 

Ji.m. Cedar 4-11 club will sertc 
unch throughout the evening. 
Jane Hart. PJalnvicw 4-H, and 
Waller Crummy, Argyle Hust- 
lers, will be announcers for the 

Opm Dairy 
9:30 to 5:30 

Thuii. 'HI 9 PTM. 

Jackpot Tfiurs. 


(Starts Thursday 9:30) 

306 Main Ave. 

Downtown - : 

Also Downtown 

Grand Forks. 



All Sale fabrics have been regrouped and 

re-priced for final clearance — Now the 

Savings are Bigger than ever! ! 

Values to $1.98 yd. 


— IB70 graduate oTihe Thief Itlvcr 
-Falls Technical school. She Is 
presently employed by Arctco 
Distributors In Thief River Falls. 
Mr. Troska is a 1965 graduate 
or the Goodridgc high school and 
a 1B08 graduate of Northland 
State Junior college. He Is 
engaged in farming near 
A fall wedding is being plan- 

Miss Myers has also appeared 
jti numerous TV programs in- 
:ludlng "Mannlx", "Then Came 
Bronson". "Dr. Kildnrc". 
'University Medical Center" and 
'The-Hallmnrk-Holl-of Fame"-.- 

Admlssion— for -Ihe— Paulcnc 
Myers concert is tt.50 for adults 
ind 75 cents for students. 

, Tlck- _ with— Jim — mlIllon - nnnually-ln lost-sales.— 

Grown and George Kennedy and This additional income would be 
"I'll Take Sweden" with- Bob a real assist for rural Ame rica/' 

Letter Carriers 
Recommend TRF 
For Convention 

"Minnesota Rural — Let 
Carrier's association, meeting In" 
Rochester-' June 21-24.. has 
recommended Thief River Falls 
as Ihe site of the 1B71 convention. 

The recommendation came on 
a vote by the convention 
delegates, which included, from 
Ihis area. Orvillc Larson, Arca-5 

E resident, and Mrs. Larson, 
cwfolden; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 
Mcrcil. Brooks; a_ad. Mr v and 
Mrs. Clarenci 
Goodridgc. ' 

Orval Lund, Lancaster, 
selected state president, 
Cameron Gray,. Climax, 
elected a member' of the 

rsdh" . of 



Values fa $2.49 yd. 

^£K yard 


60" Wide— New Pastels— New Weaves 


■T y«»d 

legTto $7.987d. 




Values to $2.98 yd 

$l37 yard 



Values to $4.98 yd 

$1 88 


Nylon Net 

Reg. to 39c yd. 



54" wide — washable — reg. to $4.98 yd. 

$188 . 




Group of 


4 Price 


Wednesday, July 8, 1070 Thiol River Falls, .Minn. 

Job Placement 
Director Says 
Some Jobs Scarce 



Agricultural economics and 
business ndminlslrntlon degree 
candidates have been reasonably 
successful in obtaining Jobs and 
many had two or three firm job 

- Job opportunities for graduates Agricultural graduates this 

in agriculture, forestry and homo l car shau ' d flnd employment; 

economics should Improve next h °* evcr 1 ' 1 it may "? ,?*, 'V' 1 ? 

year, University of Minnesota. B f°! lrnp . 1 ',m \ ,°c , , bci - r ' fir S ■ 

St. Paul, job placement director <*<"«• >] aieT wU ; i>*}™™ w '» 

r..i- L ..,. J .__ r.u be up this year about four per 
cent over the 19G8-G9 level, he 

Skaar To File 
For Reelection 
To State House" 

"ff re-elected In November I 
pledge to continue my efforts to 
represent nil nf the residents of 
my district to the best of my 
ability.' I will not be controlled by 
nny special Interest group, but 
rather will expend my efforts to 
wish ' 

"Schocnnuer are pending. 
Arrangement arc by the ,Pet- 
tcrson Funeral home, Red Lake 

Falls. __ _____ — 

— -A" complete obituary will bo'ln 
the Monday edition of the Times. 

James Zavoral 
Soo Engineer, 
Dies Tuesday . 

reflect the ■ 

James Zavoral, CO, Soo Line 
,, . „ L enRlnecr and lifetime resident of 
Ishes of all of the -Thief-River -Foils, ;" died "Tuesday" 

Ralph Miller suld. 
Although commercial firms 

and government agencies arc 
cultlnd back on personnel at this 
time. Miller said economists are 
predicting on upswing [his 
summer with employment op- 
portunities Improving next year. 
Forestry, fisheries and wildlife 
management graduates from Iho 
university had hoped to find jobs 
with the federal government, but 
_personnel colling! 

e fleet." The number ol these 
graduates receiving federal 
appointments Is very small. 
Miller said. State agencies have 
Increased their hlrings 
somewhat, although they are a 
Inrig way from closing the gap, he 

Forestry graduates -with 
mnjurs in lofesi '■ products 
engineering or forest products 
marketing have had several Jab 
offers and- little difficulty In 
securing employment. 
_„Home ccnmitnicH. majors who 
are willing to tench in rural 
schools have not hod a severe 
placement problem, but many of 
these graduates wish to stay in 
Hie Twin City area where there 
are few employment ■ 

— possibilities, Miller said: — 

Home economics graduates 
with degrees in foods, nutrition 
and food service administration 
have been reasonably successful 
in securing employment, but 
graduates in other specialities 
have received few job offers 
because of the competition for 
home economics in business 
related employment in the Twin 

There Is n scarcity or graduates 
with majors in agricultural 
education and food science and 
industry. Miller-reported. There 
are about SO openings for 

Stolen Tools 
Found Before 
Burglary Noted 

( continued from page 1 ) 
damaged to the tune of S200._ 

people I serve. My seniority In 
the House will enable me to 
continue to serve on key com- 
mittees and thus help strengthen 
the voice of northwestern Min- 
nesota In the legislature. Without 
seniority and an association with 
the majority croup, it is almost 
impossible to introduce and pass 
"sound legislation which can 
benefit, the people of this district. ' 
This is a basic political Tact of 


Published" torm.wsefcty 
Mondiyi S Wodnsldsyi 

st 324 N. M-in Av«., 

Thftf Riv.r F.lli. Minn. 


-Second class postage 
palii al Thief River 
Fulls. Minn. 56701 


Panslngton County carf 

adjoining count]** XGJXI 

p«i j*ar. Oulsid* 

atwa 17.50 ptr y*ar 


July 1 the larceny of a bed- 
spread nhd run from Grcondalc 
Manor Laundromat was 
reported. When police in- 
vestigated, two girls, aged 1? and 
IB, admitted the theft and the 
property was recovered. 

A car driven by HjamuT 
Lindbcrg, city, going west on 
Third street at 3;« p.m. July 1 
was struck on the left side by a 
Soo Line freight train which was 
headed north on the tracks. The 
Lindbcrg cor went off the street 
and hit the northeast corner of 
the Land O' Lakes building. 
Damages were estimated at 
II.Mo to the cur. 120 to the 
, building and none to the train. 
. — — Also ru ported on July I was the- 
larceny of some lawn ornuments 
from the area of 700 North 
Reserve, and two tires, valued al 
Sloa. from a local service station. 
Roger Deuli Krickson, rt. 1. 
was driving north on Lnlircc 
avenue, July 3 at 2:15 p.m. When 
he attempted to turn right onto 
First street, his ear was struck by 
a truck owned by UFA express 
company and driven by I'. M. 
Champeau, Noyes. The truck was 
also going north on LnRrce and 
reportedly made n right turn 
from the left Inne. Damage to the 
car was SIM, to the truck JW. 

.Mrs. Edward LeSelur. city, 
notified police July 3 that her 
house had been entered the night 
before. No damage was reported. 

called . .... 

mobile home had been i 
and some money taken from n 
bank In the house. The home was 
also reportedly left In a 
disheveled condition. 

possible during the coming weeks 
of the campaign. Should any of 
you have any questions regarding 
problems that should be resolved 
by legislative action, please feel 
free to contact me at any time." 
Hep. Skaar. slated. 

16th Aquacade 
Schedule Has 
Many Events 

^continued from page 1) 
the Aquacade are the following: 
Leonard Waswick, treasure 
hunt; Bob Ekeren. Sunday events 
at Tiiidulph_park;_._Lnrry_ 
Iljelmhaug. snowmobile dnig 
races; Jny llorchert. teen dance; 
Hob Kosel, parade;. Art llcinzc, 

S agonal coordinator; Lorry 
IcDowell. queen candidates; 
James Mntson, visiting royalty; 
Tom Creelis. concessions; Rick 
Contns, beef barbecue; Al Fin- 
ney, water fight; Roger For- 
sborg, pageant stage; Dunne 
Glass fireworks; Wallace 
Spurby. awards; Dwlght 
Tangquist. advance sales; James 
Sh e ra c k . seere [a ry ■ I reasu re r ; 
and Mrs. Jon Larson, Mrs. 
Jayeees activities. 

Northwestern hospital. 
Funeral services for Jnmcs , 
Zavoral will be held Friday at 10 
n,m., at St. Bernards Catholic 
church with Ilcv. K cough Pat- 
node officiating. Interment will 
be In the church cemetery. 

The body will repose at the 
Green Funeral home beginning 
this evening < Wednesday). 
Recitation of the rosary will be at 
8 p.m., Thursday at the funeral 

chapel, followed at 0:15 p.m.. by „„, „, „ .„ „ 

uy._inc_Kn|ghta_flf_ resident and retired moat mnrket- 
opcrator in this city, were held 
Monday al 3 p.m., nt the 
Evan Helical Covenant church. 

tl a.m., at the Salem Lutheran 
church, near Stephen, with Rev. ' 
Martti Wilkman officiating. Mn. 
Douglas Thun was the soloist and - 
Mrs. Casmlr Troika, organist. 
Collins Funeral home, Karlstad, 
was In chargo of arrangements, 
Interment was In the church 

Pallbearers were Paul Carlson, 
Eddy Nelson. Charles Krnnt, 
Arnold Larson, Chester Berg and 
Vcmon Fro I. 

Raymond Elnar Anderson, a 
son of the late Tom and Martha 
Anderson, -was born July 23, 1920 
at Stephen. He attended school in 
the Stephen community and was 
baptized and confirmed. In tho 
Lutheran church. 

Augusta Monroe- 
Pies; Services 
Set For Saturday 

..n».°"'!, _[^or-"i western _.. 

hospital. , 

Funeral services for Walfred 

Carlson will be held Friday at 2 

Brethren church with Rev. 

■ , Harold Olson and Rev..Marius 

Miss Augusta Monroe, 83, of Hookenstad officiating. ' 

this city and formerly of the The body will repose at the 

Radium wmmunlty died this Green Funeral homcYrom Thurs- 

mprnlng (Wednesday) al North- day noon until Friday noon and at 

western hospital. the church for one hour prior to 

Funeral services for Mlas the time of services. A complete 

Augusta Monroe will be held obituary will bo In the Monday 

Saturday at to; jo,a m„ at St. edition of the Times. 

Saturday at _.__ _. _.. 

John Lutheran church with Rev. 
Paul Biegncr officiating. In- 
terment will be Insihe Greenwood 

1 the 

The larsnt number 

i at a 

llrcc u 

Rites Held For 
Simon Holmbcrg, 
Retired Butcher 

Green Funeral Home after 4 p.m., 
Thursday and a\ the church for 
one hour priof to the time of 
services. A complete obituary 
will be in the/ Monday Times. 


A complete obituary will be In 
the Times on Monday. 

March 24, IMS he was united in 
marriage to Shirley Larson at 
Karlstad. Following their 
marriage, the couple lived at 
Slrandqulst where Anderson 

operated the Strondquist — in -i> — -j »_-..« r 

Produce store until 1959. He. then WaHTed WOXlSOIl 

moved to St. Paul where he had ■__ _■ #• • 

since been employed. rtmeJTll SefVICeS 

He is survived by tbxcc_sons; -. " 

NcfirsfaironecT with tho United 
States Army In Stuttgart, Ger- 
many; Rlckic, with the U. ■ S. Walfred Carlson. B2, n lifetime 

:conilli|T to the 
U.S. Office of Education, it 
H.99Q.G11 st Ihc Univrnity i>f 
California. Folliiwfng In irecind 
nnd third plnco rciprclivr ly bit 
' Harvard Univrnity. with 
7,dOO,3f.7 book., and Yale 
with -1.995,30b. 

Delayed Session 
Adds To Cases In 
Co. Probate Court 

Last week's delayed session 
added to this week's action in the 

--uiu «, una ween a onion : 
Pennington county probate i 
presided over by Judge Stanley 
N. Mortenson, put some weight in 


IfolmferBdJcdThuradnvf^rnino nrm xm Vietnam, ana itoocn oi rcsiacnt at Sanders ownshlp, 

.'xsssss^x sassssi-; i-»>"«°"°™«,««™& 

Warroad,^ who gave the ' Kcnnwi y- 

Mrs. A. Horning 
Funeral Services 

FY R_^F_Y_t_EJL 


inoni'Uti lUiii 

Ihis week's court report. 

Cases brought to court July 1 
by the stale highway patrol in- 
cluded Aricn Merrill. Goodrldge 
no driver's license, resulting In a 
130 fine, and having an open 
container of alcoholic beverage 
In a motor vehicle. K0 fine. 
Donald Gustnfson, Thief River 
Falls, forfeited a 115 bond on a 
Tobey, BcmldJJ. was fined *32 
with onc : lhjrd_siispcndefL_for_, 

fine; and Sandra Kulsclh, Thief 
River Falls, found guilty on a 
nuisance charno concerning a 
dog, 133 fine and order to dispose 
of dog immediately. 

"Teen Timers" 

Radio group "Teen Timers" 
from the "Moments of Melody" 
radio program will appear in a 
ftospol music concert al Okiee 
Lutheran —church — Sunday" 

piano, organ and Pakistani 

.. melody, hells.. Any one interesjed 
In attending is Invited. 

Tent Meetings 
At Fairgrounds 
Held This Week 

Road Times Classified Ads. 

evening. ., 

Directed by Rayomc C 
Koehlcr, Fosston, the group is 
made up of young people from 
seven different churches in the 

— Fosston nrcn. 

, . The concert includes vocal 
ensembles, guitars, outoharps, 

devotional message and sang an 
appropriate selection in tho 
Swedish language. Other special 
music included a duct by Rodney 
Brodln and -Marvin Anderson. 
Mrs. A. T. Dahlstrom served as 

Serving as honorary 
pallbearers were members of the 
Thief River 'Falls Camp of „ 

Gideons I nternat ional. of_which_2^DJn 

Triilmhrrtj wn* n rhnri*r mum. rhlrprh" 

-Holmborg was a charter mem- 

Set For Thursday 

Funeral services forMrs. Alvln' 
(Slgrid) Horning, GO, of this city, 
who died Friday at Northwestern 
hospital, will be held Thursday at 
- - - ,t— Trinity— Lutheran- 

Bonnie Forsythe 
Funeral Services 
Held At Fertile 

Funeral services 


Active pallbearers were John 
Vlelguth, David Droits, Einnr 
Johnson, A. V. Brodln, Donald 
Thyren nnd Rndney-Brodln. 
Interment was In Greenwood 
cemetery. The Green Funeral 
home was In charge of 

' John -Simon Holm berg was 
born Jan. 5, 1B9Q in Ovansho, 

ICCiBoard Will 
Meet July 15th 

Hoard of directors of the Inler- 
County Community council, Inc., 
will hold its regular monthly 
executive meeting nt the Vezinn 
cafe in CoodridRc July IS al fi:3U 

The business meeting will be 
held at 7:30 p.m., and the public 
Is Invited to attend at thnt lime. 


Major, and Mrs. George Glfford 
and family, who spent two weeks 
here; iit the Halbert Kvenstnd 
home, returned to Colorado 
Springs where he has accepted nn 
nssignment as instructor nt the 
Air Force Academy. 

VIsltinB nt the home of Mrs. 
Harold Blofson ore her daughter. 
Barbara. Mrs. Sam Cnnnlzzaro, ' 
and granddaughters: Tnmi Lin 
and Tract Ann. of Dallas Texas. 
Expected to arrive by plane for n 
10 day visit arc tier other 
diiUKhler. Murlys. Mrs, C. T. 
McL'onnell, and granddaughters; 
'Cynthia Jean and Leslie Ann, of 
Birmingham. Ala. 

and -Mrs.- Alton-Smith,— 

Thtirsdny,JuIy2.otFcrtilcatthe Sweden to Mr. nnd Mrs. Johan 
Little Norway church for Bonnie Holmbcrg. He attended school 
Marie Forsythe. 16, who died ond grew to manhood in Sweden 
Sunday afternoon. June 23. while n ' 10 w <" married there on April 
swimming at the Tindolph park M - 19lfl to Betty Mario G us tin. In 
swimming pool In this city. Miss October of 1923, he came to 

Forsythe was a sister of Mrs. America with his family, settling 

Charles Thorstnd and Mrs. in Thief River Falls. They then 

Richard DeRuytcr. both or Thief IIvkI "' Warren and Crookston 

River Foils. Since June Istof this Ior ° few years before returning 

year, she had been employed in 'o Thief River Falls In 1935. Since 

tills city at the A 4 W Drive In, then, he had lived In this city, 

Rev. S. T. Ydstlc officiated at owning and operating Holmbcrg 

the services. Soloist was Del Ray Mint Market until his retirement 

Knutson of Fertile, interment ln '903. 
was In the church cemetery. " c w "s a longtime member of 

Serving as pallbearers were me Evangelical Covenant church 
Rundy Ncllson of Erskine,-Pau]-- i,, ,. ,nta , ci, y' . " 

Carlson of Fertile, Rick . Survivors ore his wife; oneson. 

Kollnoski. Mark Ness. Rcgglo Ncis Holmbcrg of this city; one 

Bruggcman and Allen Narvcrud, K™d*»i, Allan Holmbcrg of 

nil of Thief Illvcr Falls. Hondorous, Central America; a 

Bonnie Marie Forsvlhc, a * iaIe J r ' Mra - J°*""«! Forsberg of 

Sweden, _... ... 

G us tin of Dover, Moss., and i 

If your doctor should tall you that 
rou will nner b* wall ogaln, would 
you bo untitled with tho amount ol 
Ufa Iniuranc* you now have? 


■TOirtl'rrTTnu - Dan"a~nr~JaeJtEflrP 
ville, Fin., arrived Tuesday to 
visit In this city at the W. Lloyd 
Spray, Will Hnrtseh and Mrs. 
(Jo raid Olson homes. 

Paul Schoenauer 
Dies; Funeral 
Services Pending 

I'nul Schocnnuer. 81. of 
I'luramcr died Tuesday night at 
Northwestern hospital ■ In this 

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eml 
Forsythe of rurol Fertile, 
born July to, 1953 at Urookston. 
She was baptized and confirmed 
in the Little Norway church nt 
Fertile, She had recently com- 
pleted her junior year In the 
Fertile high school. 

While In high school. she par- 
ticipated in all speech activities, 

wlnning_SKvnd_placc_in_story .. „ 

toiling in-the-Slato£peccb conU*t~—Mr*[r»cnry^<irBcefcOicnr.r^f^^ 

Services Today 
Af Shelly For 
Mrs. Henry Oien 

Rev. Harold Peterson will 

officiate at the services. Mrs. 
Harold Peterson will be the 
organist and Mrs. Roy Jensen, 
soloist. Interment will be — ttr 
Greenwood cemetery. . 

Pallbearers will be Justin 
Duhlcn, Harold Anderson, Jcrold 
SJulstad, Harry Sigerud, Pifford 
Arvcson nnd Orris Olson. 

The body 'Is reposing nt the 
Green Funeral homo and will 
repose at the church for on# hour 
prior to the time of services. 

Mrs. Horning, the former 
Slgrid Omiid, was bom Feb. 10, 
1910 in Star township. Pennington 
county, to Oluf and Thorn Omild, 
now deceased. She attended 
school and grew to womanhood In 
Star township. On Oct. 5. 1B33, she 
was united In marriage to Alvln 
Horning at Goodrldge. The 
couple lived and farmed near 
Eric until 1969 when they moved 
Into Thief River Falls. 

For the past eight years, Mrs. 
Horning had been employed. in . 
this city byThc Singer Sewing 
Machine company. 

She was a member of Trinity 
Lutheran church. 

Surviving arc her husband, one 
son. Chief Petty Officer Allen 
Horning, stationed in California, 
Md., one daughter, Mrs. Vcmon 
(Shirley) Christiansen of Bib- 
bing; seven grandchildren; two 
slaters: Mrs. Margaret KJclgren 
of Thief River Ffllls;'nnd Mrs. 
Then Gladden of Tucson, Aril., 
and four brothers; Obe Omiid of 
Goodrldge; Theodore and Paul of 
Minneapolis and Otto of Baker, 

in 1969. She also served .._ __ 
editor of the school paper, school 
photographer, was a member of 
the International Thespians, and 
the Girl's Athletic association. 
Survivors Include her parents, 
one brother, Tom at home; three 
sisters; Mrs. Charles (Mary Lou) 
Thorstod, Mrs. Richard (Betty) 
DeRuytcr, both af Thief River 
Falls, and Peggy TorvinCn of 
Benson; her grandna rents, Ella 
Ellegard of Fertile and Mrs. 
Elins Stahlback of Mcnnhga; 
three nciccs. one ncphcw_nnd. 
several aunts and uncles. 



Shelly, mother of Orvis Oien of 
this city, died Monday at 'St. 
Ansgar hospital at Moorhead. 

Funeral services for Mrs. 
Henry Oien are being held today 
at Shelly. 

A com ' 

Susie Peterson, 
76. Of This City 
Dies Monday 

Mrs.'Susle (Ncis) Peterson, 70, 
n resident of 219 South Duluth, 
Thief River Falls,- died Monday 
at Northwestern hospital. 

Funeral services for Mrs. Susie 
Peterson wilt be held Thursday at 
3:30 p.m., at Sinding's Funeral 
chapel. Rev. Harold Peterson, 
pastor at Trinity Lutheran 
church, will officiate. Interment 
will be in Greenwood cemetery. 

The body will repose at the 

"death. _ 

Vern Melin, 45, 
Funeral Services 
Held at Newport 

Vera E. Melin. .45. of Newport, 
son af Mr. and Mrs. Henry Melin 
of rural Red Lake Falls, died .. 
unexpectedly on Tuesday, June 
M, at a hospital In Newport. 
Funeral services were held on 

.. chapel, beginning _, . r 

Mtonlght (Wednesday). A complete 
^""bbUuary will be in the Monday 
| Times. 

a R. Anderson, 49, 

j Diet While In 

Area Visiting 

Raymond Elnar Anderson, 49, 
of-St. Paul and formerly-of the 
Stephen community, died Friday 
evening at the Grccnbush 
hospital. He hod been visiting in 
the Strandqulst and Karlstad 
communities for the post three 

Funeral services for Raymond _j 
Anderson were held Tuesday nt 

Fort Snclllng National cemetery. 

Vorn E. Melin was born Jan. 14. 
1923 at rural Red Lake Falls. 
where he grew to manhood. He 
served in the Korean Action and 
for the past IS years had lived in 
St. Paul vyherc he was a barber. 

In addition to his parents, he is 
survived by his wife, the former 
Dorothy Hellquist, formerly of 
Rosewood; one son, -Alan, a 
daughter, Julie Ann, both of 
Newport; two brothers: Mclvin 
of Red Lake Falls nnd Donald of 
Fredrick. Md„ and two sisters: 
Mrs. William (Marlon) DcBoorof 
Climax " and Mrs. George 
(Evelyn) Herman of Palmer, 
Alaska, — 



S. £. Slodloo;, Mortician 
Fa. 6*1.3(30 ttu. Ml Ml ill 



Regular or -puem Sire. Prlc«t itart «t ,..'. $23f.fS 




vm mi iihi ■:»KwiaRm^ r w«.«. — . .— ; 

»"«<!«n.K >■(*»<«,«*,« 




Lemonade, Lime Ado 
or Fruit Punch 
Makes 1 -quart 

W Wylers 
' imitation 


[(w" < — 3*\ 



20-qt. cap. w/ handles 




"-"" ■"■ ■■ "■"" »WBUCIIUCI1 IDE. 

oporaiinfl an overloaded vehicle. 
James Koropatnlcki. Thief River 
Falls, was fined «5 Tor speed, 
and Millon Battleson, Thief River 
Falls, received a 150 fjnc with $25 
suspended for having nn open 

Sheriffs department activities 
produced David Klopp, Thief 
River Falls, who gave up a SIS 
bond on a stopalgn violation; Roy 
Runncslrand, Goodrldge, 1)5 
bond forfeited on a similar 
chnrRc;. and Michael Helgoland. 
Thief River Falls, who was 
charged with drlvinn_over_lhe 
center line, paid *J0 fine with (25 
suspended provided he has no 
violations In the next six months. 
Gary Ullnnd, Mentor, forfeited 
n 124 bond, leading ofr a long list 
of speeding eases Introduced-by 

Ihc Thief lllv rr Fn lt. pnlhf 

department. Others charged with 
speeding were Joanne Wedul, 
Thief River Falls, 119 bond 
forfeited; Gary Aandal, 
Goodrldge, S18 bond forfeited; 
Phillip .Bollcs, Plummcr, 122 
bond forfeited; Irene Scuilhorp, 
Thief River Falls, JIB bond 
forfeited; Wallace Champagne, 
Brooks, J19 bond forfeited; Ar- 
nold Engclstad. Thief River 
Falls, Co fine with J3 suspended; 
and Roger Plttmnn, Goodrldge, 
120 bond forfeited. 

City police also charged Allen 
Iluchnor, Radium, with 
possession by a minor, (30 bond 
forfeited; and Allen FtUmnn, 
Warren, same bond on a similar 
charge. Gerald Dean Hanson, 
Red Lake Falls, paid n (30 fine on 
a careless driving charge, and 
Robert Wlsoth, Goodrldge. was 
fined (200 with (ioo suspended 
nnd surrendered his driver's 
license for driving "while under 
the influence of Intoxicants. Also, 
one drunk forfeited (15 bond. 
Tills week's session had Marvin 
Freeman. Thief River Falls, 
paying fines von- two -charges -of- 
ovcrloaded vehicles. (87 with one- 
fourth suspended on one and SB I 
wllh one-fourth suspended on the 
second. ,\ Goodrldge man, W. H. 
Steele, was fined $48 with, one- 
fourth suspended for overload, 
and Raymond Mosbcck, Thief 
River Falls, hnd a (00 fine wllh 
one-fourth suspended. 
Overloading cost Gordon 
KauKhnBcn. Thief River Falls, n 
(150 fine with one-fourth 
suspended. Richard. . Foster, 
Plummcr, paid n (10 fine for 
having no 1970 liccnsetabs, and 
4MeiiSinHeivaklou,-puloV*l&-fi . 
Forsberg Jr., Thief Illvcr Falls, 
forfeited a (200 bond for DWI, and 
Robert Reinbold, Brooks, was 
handed a (ioo fine. 15 days In jail, 
stayed, nnd six months probation 
'- -'•■■' -u having the title 

after suspension of his driver 

Older highway palrol cases 
included Sylvia Battleson, Thief 
River Falls, no driver's license. 
-$30 fine with (15 suspended, nnd 
an order to drive according to 
restrictions on her permit: 
LeRoy Elg. Dululh, driving over 
center' line, $30 bond forfeited: 
Ronald Jcnson, Goodrldge, open 
bottle, $50 fine; and Donald Vraa, 
Coodridge. open bottle, (50 fine. ' 
Sheriff's department cases this 
week included Jnck I'nine, Battle 
Lake, speed, (15 bond forfeited; 
-Elmer Harder, Cey Ion,- speed,- (1 5- 
hond forfeited; Donald. Griff in. 
Deer River, speed, (19 bond 
forfeited; Robert Kcinr. 
Ncwfolflen, worthless check, (25 
bond forfeited; nnd Alfred 
Loman, public intoxication, three 
days in Jail, stayed, and four 
in an (lis probation. 


this week Richard Booen. Thief 
Illvcr Falls, charged with having 
no 1070 license tabs. J10 fine; 
Thomas Roisland Jr.. Thief Ilivcr. 
Fn I Is, stop sign violation, (15 
bond forfeited: Clifford N. 
Johnson, TJewfoldcn, failure to 
yield right-of-way. (25 fine with 
(10 suspended; Michael Skibickl, 
Goodrldge, driving after license 
suspension, 20 days in Jail under 
the Hubcr law, car license and 
Hale- suspended. 

Tent meetings arc being held 
this week at the fairgrounds near 
the new city arena ln Thief 
River Falls with Rev. Arnold E. 
Windahl of Eagle Grove, Iowa, as 
guest speaker. With hlm-fshls 
brother, William, Fergus Falls, 
vocalist and song leader. Arnold 
plays the violin nnd William Ihc 

harp. On Sunday the services arc 
al 2:30 and B p.m. 

Tht' roliowing-u'eckrJuly 13:1V 
Ihr tcnl meetings continue wllh 
Rev. Rodney Stucland of 
Newfoldcn as guest speaker. 
Evening meetings will be at 8 
p.m. with Sunday, July 19, ser- 
vices nt 2:30 nnd B p;m. 
— -The moo tin genre sponsored bv- 
Ihc Northern Minnesota 
Lutheran laymen's society. 

Witnesses Plan 
District Meet At 
Bismarck, N. D. 

Thief River Falls' congregation 
of Jehovah's, witnesses has been 
Invited to the "Men nfGood Will" 
district assembly in Bismarck, 
N. D., July 10-19. 

More than 1.500 from North 
Dakota. South Dakota, western 
Minnesota and northern 
Nebraska will attend the 
.'meeting, one of 37 sponsored this 
summer by the Waichtower Bible 
and Tract society. In addition, 
roquesls-for accommodations 

THircrillVKRFALLSTIiVlES , .. - PAGE5 

_™crKiverFa]ls,Mlnn L VVcdncsdny7Jt»y8ns7(r~ 

have been received from Oregon, . 

Wisconsin. New York, and thl! Human Race— In the 

Florida. Kingdom Way." R. H. 

Main feature of the conference Wetenknmp. Red Lake Falls. 

will be the address of assembly [ocnl presiding minister, has 

_dlreclnr_R_L- Balier.JlroQklyn f announced thnt all local meetings 

N.Y.. whose topic will be "Saving wl11 °* cancelled July 10-19, 



Fanners Union Ins. Ag«ney 

Pbon* 681-2900 ' 



DELUXE 3!/ 2 -HP 20 INCH 


jUso_prcscntEd_lij , _d[i_policc_ 

Canvas Seat, ^C 
wood frame *r 



Robertson Lumber Co. 

N«tf to NorthwtiTtrn Hospital 


Acro« from ihe Pom Office 

David . Ullcgard. OkJee, 
speeding, 124 bond forfeited: 
Ralph Swlck, Thief River Falls, 
reckless driving. ISO fine and IS 
days In jail, stayed, with' six 
months probation; DaildShellcr. 
Thief Ilivcr Kails, careless 
driving. ISO fine: Eddy Lcmky. 
Thief River Falls, found guilty In - 
court "of careless driving. J50 
fine; Wayne Smith. Thief River 
Falls, found guilty in court of 
failure to yield right-of-way, 125 





\Vcdnesday.July8.ID70. . Thief HiverF'alls. .Minn. 

MarshairCbunty'Sfygia Sailor 

Fair Features 
Exhibits,- Races 

July IG, 17, IB and 19 arc (he 
dales for this year's Marshall 
county fair, to be held at the 
county fairgrounds at Warren. 

In addition to farm and home 
exhibitions. 4-H entries and 
commercial exhibits, the fair will 
feature "machinery row." to 
show farmers In the area new 
techniques and equipment. A 
"kiddles' program", with 
athletic events and a "nickel 
scramble" arc planned for 

On Leave After 
Recruit Training 



following completion of recruit 
training at Snn Diego. Calif. 

Davis S, Holthusen, son of Mr. 
and Mrs. Wallace Holthusen. 
Grygla. will report to sleclworker 
school at the Naval Construction 
Battalion base. Port HuiTtemc, 
Calif., after his leave. A 1D67 
Rrudunte of Lincoln high school, 
Holthusen attends Northland 
Stale Junior college in Tliief 
RiverFnlls before enlisting In the 
Navy Inst April. 

l irfr^x^ 

T " ■ 

-^i : 

■^■•■■liii- .'.■■■. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nelson. 
David and Jill of Warren visited 
nl-the— Louis- Lorson-home-on- 
Sundny. « 

— Mr>-o n d- M rsr G ltm aiTSl enneST 
Mr, and Mrs,- Merrill Stcnncs, 
ind Todd Stcnncs -ertjoyed 

Mrs. Don Lindqulsl of Concord, anrence Lindstrom and Mrs. 
California, Is spending o few days Hlldlng Wcslbcrg arc overnight 
■ visiting -ot- Ihe diaries -Krnnr — guests nt the Swan Lindstrom 
hom e. and- Arnlc Lindstrom homes 

MrsrEd-Fcrslund.-Mn- John while visiting friends and 
Forslund and boys. Mr. ond Mrs. relatives -In-thc.arca. 
George Wikntrom.. Jr.. nnd_ July JriLvisI tors at ArnleLlntl- — : 

picnic dinner nt the MorvlirBocn family, and Mr. and" Mrs! Mike strom's were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 

livestock parade, honor awards hl'fint'C-lh-Alri 
and the Marshall County "Style— Wl-Ulll»-IH-«IU- 

__liuecnrevue.-Tho -Prophets,- a- 
gospel singing group from Nash- 
ville, Tenn.. will provide the 
entertainment Friday evening. 
A tractor-nulling contest is 
scheduled for Saturday af- 
ternoon, featuring an exhibition" 
pull by one of the early tractors 
'from (be Oslo museum. Saturday 
evening Crand 01' Opry 1 stars 
Wanda Jackson, Justin Tubbs, 
Gary Van and Grnver lluwo will 
provide country- western music 
on Ihe grandstand stage. 

Competitors from Grand Fork! 
speedway will vie (or p riles 


- to celebrate the 4th of July 


SP5 Tlmmy- Rcnstrom left on. 
Wodncsdny for Oakland, 

villi their grandmother, . 
Emma Paulson, at Lancaster. 
' Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Stromlund 
visited at the Willinm Wikstrom 
home on Sunday evening. 

Mr. ond Mrs. C. O. Klrtelson 
left (or their home. -in Seattle, 
Washington, after a two weeks 
visit with friends and relatives. 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard An- 
derson and Carlccne Frold of 
Longvlcw, Washington, returned 

-_ visited nt tho Joe Adlls 

home on Saturday: 
--Dcbraand Dennis. Co jeski of -Wcstbcra^and-Clarciice-Uiio'.'-- 

Whitc Bear are spending n few strom of Phlnof. Illinois, Mr. and 

" i u laic and other Mrs. David Lindstrom and 

__ ,.. area.- /nmii - ■- 

Saturday supper gucsts'nt the r _. 

Emma Schcy home were Mr. and . Karen of Chicago, Innonois, Mrs. 

Mrs. Dewey Rood and Rlrls, Mr. Itijcbcn Gundcrson and girls, Mr. 

and'Mrs. Gordon Dorsvold and and Mrs. Morris Lindstrom and 


Amy or-Devlls Lake. N. D. add 
Mrs. Louis Sailor of Brentwood, 
Calif, were last weekend guests 

. The past week, visitors at tho 

Gilbert Olson home and to visit 

with tho Andy Llndgrcn family, 

who are house guests at the 

,, ... t. „ „ ,_■. , Gilbert Olson homc.wer»Mrrond — 

m^-r-SJl.'n 9, ^' °^P^ b r ilJ1 2f-Mra-HairrBJorHaard of Argylc. ' 

mv nr n«.ii« r ,.!,,. w t, "^Mrs/Ralph Sollom, Krlstl ond 

Randy of Oslo, Minn, and Mr. and 

Mrs. Karcniis HJelle and Miss 

Audry Martin. The Undgrens left 

for Battle Lake on Saturday, 

Program Heeds 
Greater Funding 

. The trouble with Minnesota's 
student grants- in ■ aid program 
is that it was funded at only five- 
tenths of one per cent of tile 
state's total higher education 
budget. President Edgar -M. 
Carlson of the Minnesota private 
college council said recently.' 

NKWFOI.DKN COMMUNITY SCHOOL. Class of Thompson, Moorhcad; and (back _ __ 

•IWi-heliHts-Mlh-clnss-reunlon-nt-the-Amerlcnn — Sockets— Thief-Hi ver— Falls;— Lester Snrcnsan, — to ihcirh'om'oTusl Tucs^y'oftcr 

Y'gion Banquet-room In Thief Hlvrr Falls July-4^01 Hcw fn l dr-n ; l. nr cn~Muen.i^ilv c i=3a y ;- 1 inward— tow-days-vlslt-wlth-Mrs-Martln- 

|heorlgi!ial_classof3lTncmbcrs,23partfclpoiedln. Lanfjllc. Thief River Fulls; Eunice Ness Korpl, Anderson and Warren and tho Bocn and Gilmnn Stcnncs homes. Mr. and Mrs. Verncr Frederick 

Scthre.-Newfoldon;' Marvel— Morris-Anderson familyv— — Mrrnnd Mrs. Russell "Anderson and family of Crookston were 

• (he reunlnnrnt which Stuart Scth re 
.ceremonies. Those present were (front row, left to 
right) Harlcy Engen. Seattle, Wash.; Ardls Johnson 
Hnrlholme. Rcnton. Wash.; Grace Melvie Rlcn- 
dealt, Fast Grand Porks; Evodla Halvorson Cook, 
Wheatland Wyo.; Dorothy Haugen Welkins, Kansas 
City, Mo.; Gladys Johnson Gast, Argyle; Fhyllss 
u'i.„i™i.i ^,.„j... En9t Grnnd Forks . nnd Cordon 

Witidahl Gander. 

Middle River: Stunn jcmic. nmioincn;' i 
Flodstrom HJelle. Viking; Orvllle Larson, Holt: 
Eleanor Uclnnd Anderson; Minneapolis; Leonard 
Ness, Tucson. Aril. ; Eloise Snugstnd Gilbert. Thief 
River Falls; Duane Larson. Tliief River Falls- 
Edith Fnrslad Knoke. Minneapolis; Milton Conklin. 
Glcnwood; and Elaine Johnson Lorenson, Portland, 


Carlson included Qut 

i the 

wig. aeader: 


— fairgrounds hnlf-mile track - 
' Sunday afternoon, with hobby- 
stock and street class races 
- planned. A 13-lap. 20-car feature 
event will be the highlight of the 



Idzeniii. presides 
al.Sl. Benedict. S 
Donald C. Skit 

I of Ihe college 




<nid the state tins "the 



purse is lobe divided bci 
winners of the 24-car event. 

William D, Stanley shows will 
provide midway enlertainment 

Lt. Col. Elmore 
Receives Medal 

Wtsoo— pu bl ie_su poor! to- Kl 11(1 1' 
.•en the vvr i' excellent slate scbnlarship 
it program and a fine gran] - in - aid 

program, whieb only needs to be 
funded. " ' 

The' student grants - in ■ aid 
program, which provide* -fundn 
(or students to attend colleges 
and universities within ihe state, 
"was funded at the level of less 

the total higher education budget 

iupervisor of the 
i-enningion Dairy Herd Im- 
provement association. Jis 
■fnllnwinR'hcrds usUic top 
association for May: 

Mylo Carlson, t.409 pounds 
milk and 5B.1 pounds buttcrfat; 
Donald Erjckson, 1,46s and 55.2; 
Marian Augustine, 1.375 and 52.3; 
Hermit Finstad. 1.339 and M.5; 
Harrow I.undeon, 1.400 and 43.3; 
imiggemnn Farms. 1.541 und 
411.11; Orlando Chervestnd and 

ame lime we feel obliged in 
onscienee to accept those 
indents who want thai kind of 
iucalion regardless of their 
L'eds." Idzerda said. 
"I don't. think this cun go on 
indefinitely. . , I don't know that 
:u lleg es_ can-lie- a - sel f-f u nd i ng 
public resource." he added. 

Student tuition pays about half 
Ihe instruction cost— (he rest 
must come from friends, foun- 
ilalinns and grants, Idzerda said 
of the private college. Related to 
the struggle for funds is the fact 
-ilia l-t 1 lo-ool I ege-"d ocs not~wnntt I 
be a haven for persons of Just the 
upper economic classes. The 
college of St. enedict. as most 
small liberal arts colleges, has 
<|uile a high percentage" of 
MudenlK from families of yearly 
that $6,000, he ad- 

Hnrtwig said the small In- 
stiiution has a belter ability to be 
unique as compared to the large 
university. While enrollment in 
Minnesota's private colleges is 
dropping, the colleges musl 
concentrate on their uniqueness 
■ n competing with state 
students, he 


Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Stromlund 
attended Dcnlsc Rood's birthday 
party on Friday. ■ . 

Visitors at the Clarence Bors- 
vold home last week were Mrs. 
Bob Gibson. Mrs. Virgil Braff, 
Mrs. Oscar Johnson nnd Char- 
malne, Mrs-- Emanuel Nelson of 
Karlstad and Mrs. Glen Wilkes of 

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Mcnrickson 
and family visited at the Emma 
Paulson home In Lancaster on 
Saturday, and again on Sunday, 
Mr. and Mra. Virpfl Braff, Lylc 
and Maria, Mrs. Robert Gibson, 
nnd Mrs. William Wikstrom were 
dinner and supper guests at the 
Gordon Gordhamcr home at 
Argyle on Sunday. Other guests 
were Mrs. Mary Mnttson, Mike 
and Barbara of Grafton, and Mr. 
and Mrs. Hclmcr Rokkc of 

rMTSRuTrruTforE. ... w .. 
n Thurs- 

family, Mrs. Art Lindcr ond 
Jaacllc, Mrs. Harlcy Frailer and 
children, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Russell Anderson and Mary 

Mrs, Don Llndquisl, Oliver 
Fladland. and Hilda Peterson 
visited at the Charles Kranz 
homo on Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Stcnnes'of 
St. Paul"" spent- the-4th-or_ July 
Bocn and Gilmnn Stcnncs homes. 


Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Klcgstad 
and Gordle were overnight guests 
at the Arnlc Lindstrom home on 
July 3rd. 

Bobble Ucrggrcn visited at the 
Frank Klclnwnchter home on 

Mr/nnd Mrs. Stanley Slancyk 
nnd Jcancttc attended the 
Thomas Stancyk wedding in Pine 
City -las I- weekend.— * 

' Sp 1 nnd Mrs. Nell Anderson of where thoy will visit with his 

Germany were luncheon guests mother, Mrs. Llndgrcn for a few 

at the Arnold. Larson home on days nnd then to Detroit Lakes. 

Saturday afternoon. where they will visit with the 

Mr. and Mrs Carl Auntr of Dnvc Romscy family till Wed- 

Thief River Falls were Sunday nesday when they will leave for 

afternoon visitors and supper their home In New York, 

guests at Ihe John Aune home. ' Mr. nnd Mrs. Nestor Austin and 

Mr. and Mrs. James Engclsrud son Gary of Milton, Wash, nnd 

arc the proud parents of a baby Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Edlund and 

boy bom June 20th at the North- tomily . of Puyallup, Wash, 

western hospital and weighed 7 -—'■--■ -• "-- * r ^„ 

lbs. and 14 az, and was named 
Jay Allen. Congratulations to the 
parents and grandparents. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Andy Bakkc were 
last Monday coffee guests 

arrived at the Oscar 

home on Friday for a visit at the 
Blinsmon home and with other 
relatives and friends. 

Mr. nnd "Mrs. David Tunheim 
and family of Calif, and Mr. and 

ofBcllfleid, N. Dakota arrived at Mrs. Gay hard Nelson,. Dona Id, 

the Emma Schcy home on Carol, Brenda, Dean, nnd Myron 

Friday. They left for home on and Grace and Greg Lindstrom 

Sunday. - visited at the Herman Nelson 

Sunday visitors at the John home during the week. 

Holmslrom home were Alvln Confirmation services were 

Holmslrom and 'Roger, Mrs. held nt the Bethcsda Lutheran 

Hlldlng Wcslbcrg of Phoenix, church on Sunday, May 2fl. Those . 

Clarence Lindstrom, Margie confirmed were Krista Boon, 

Welter, Miles Amundson. Lloyd Darlene Rcnstrom. Roger 

Lindstrom of Chlcaso. Mertll Holmslrom, Daniel Rcnstrom, 

Flowers and Beda of Thief River Henry Pcllls and Terry Lcfrooth. 

Falls, Mr. and Mrs, Elmer Holm-" "Danny Rcnstroms. Wlllord 

^"^"r-SwcnsonJiomc aLVlWnB.,_Jlljs.NewcJlJViusontm±lJnoa'or_ 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Larson, ThSer River Foils were Friday 

Susan and Knri Ann enjoyed a evening visitors at the Carvel 

picnic supper at the Ray Ness Gillumlhomc. 

home on the 4th of July. Mr. nnd Mrs. Gilbert Olson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gotfrcd Bcrggron motored to Detroit Lakes on 

of Karlstad were coffee guests on Monday where they will visit at 

Thursday evening at the John the Dave Ramsey homo and with 

strom, Mrs. Bertha Scholia 
Ellen Slromberg, Frank 
Grohowski Mrs. Mary Uhlnnd. 
and Jerry Strom berg of St. Paul. 

Mrs. -'•■-■ 

— Mrs. Ruth Lowry .. 
Wisconsin were dinner guests at 

,u.„ . Ju|y 

"Chilly Chilly Bang Bang" is Ihe ma 
Heather Ripley and Adrian Rill Inton 
thai mi me' open lag Sunday. July 12 ai 
Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes. 

tare Announces 

Pennington DHIA StrandquFsf . 
Report For May 

(leal ear that carries Gert Fnibe. 
n adventure the film of 
the Kails Theatre, starring Dick 

Itenstroms, Mr. and Mrs. Art 
Anderson. Terry Johnson, 
Christine Thompson, Pastor and 

Mrs. Wilkman, Mr. and Mrs. 

Dick Lcstion and Morris Anderson. Eric Ren- 
of Pontlac, .Michigan, slrom. Ted Agnes, Mclvin, Ar- 

" --■■ no |,i Klttleson. Mr. nnd Mrs. 

Clarence Kittleson, Tlmmy, 
_Ca roI_ S usa n -Reus trom^-Loon e — 
Wolz, Carl Britton, Mrs. Edwin 
Lefroolh, Carl Troska. Mni. BUI 
Nordlne nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Holland Duehnne, and Dchbyand 
Dawn Thun gathered at the 
Danny Rcnstrom home in honor 
of Darlene Renstrom and 
Daniel's confirmation. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry 
Hcnrickson (former Ethel Bixby) 
of St. Paul- were callers at 
Strandnuist Inst week. Mrs. 
Hcnrickson was a teacher in 
Slrandquist several years ago. 
Mr. und Mrs. Waller 
Hegstrom, Oscar Hcgstrom, 
Marvin Hegstrom, Mrs. Alhllda 
Robertson, Mrs. Mertll Ekmnn, 
nil of Minneapolis, Clifford 
Hegstrom of Laconla, Mrs. 
Hilmn McNealy. Paul Hcbert or 
Buffalo, Mrs. Joseph (Eslher 

irh,.l,l n rc. LV^.'.*, -- 

I Gayhard Nelsu 

Ctrry ■!■■■<■. Ilru^dri 

visited i 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Klcgstad 
and family were overnight guests 
at (he Arnlc Lindstrom home on- 
Sat urd ay, July 4th. 

Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Lindstrom 
and boyji_and_CIarence_Lli]d- 

I boys i 

The Senior Citizens met at 
Legion rooms on Thursday, July 

'. ih^ 2 - wil h 2I present, Mrs. Merrill ^„_ 

:5-^— BrevikrKcnt-nnd-Kcvliruf Red^'l-omTFIorence Wcslbcrg. Sw.... 

1,1 " 1C Lake Foils, and Mrs. Kline were \ Lindstrom. Mr. and Mrs, Arnold 
visitors. The Center was happy to • Klcgstad nnd family of Wirt, 
have Florence Stcnncs bnck Minn., Mr. ond Mrs. David Llnd- 
ogain. The Center extends" their strom. and Mr. and Mrs. Ted 

ilnccre sympathy to Mr. and '-»"'«« "' «"»" «'"» 

" "itennes In ' 

visited with Ida Blaze 

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Kasprowlci the Herman Nelson home 

nnd Pnulcttc visited at the Joe 4lh. 

Adits home on Sunday evening. Visitors at the A. Stallock home 
Visitors at tho E, R, Anderson during the 1th or July weekend 
home on Wednesday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Miles Wayne. 
were Mr. and Mrs. C. Kiltclson, Theresa Grcbowskl, Mr. and 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Art Anderson and Mrs. James Stallock and family 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wayne and 
Ron, Rob and Shelle. Tawncy, all of St. Paul. Mr. and 
Mr. und Mrs. Duvid Stromlund, airs. Frank Uorowicz, Jr. ond 
Cindy and Christie of Thief River family of Argyle, Mr. and Mrs. 
Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Leonard Stallock ond Michael of 
H ougard of Warren, Mr. ondMrs. Stephen, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Andrew Pcderson and Marion of Conrad Stallock. Jerry und 
Karlstad. Oscar Lockcn and Vickie, or Karlstad. 
Eldna Swenson of Lake Bronson. Visitors at Ihe Herman Nelson 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hood. Scott home this post week were 
andDcnlseof Holt, Mr. and Mrs. Gayhard Nelson and Carol, 
Victor Holmslrom, - Mrs. John Dcnisc, Grace, and Greg Lind- 
Holmstrom. ond Swan Lindstrom strom. Pom and David Nelson, 
visited at the Jonas Stromlund and Mrs. Louis Larson, 
home last week. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nelson 
Rev. P. G. Carlstedt and visited ot Hie Albert Nelson in 
daughter Rhodn of Sandstone Stephen on Sunday, 
visited at the Klttelson home on ■ visitors at .the Art Klein- 
Friday, wachtcr home during the 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Edmund weekend were Mrs. Edie dossier — 

Lubarskl and family, nnd Stanley of Menomonle. Wisconsin, Mrs. Lindstn 

Lubnrski visited at the Stanley RhodoBraddlckof St. Paul, Julie Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lindstrom, 

Stuncyk home on -Sunday=Larsaa-of St.-Paul.-Clairc and John nnd David of New Lei 

Aune home 

Relatives and friends received 
the sad news that Hay Anderson 
of Minneapolis und formerly of 
Slrondqulst passed away on 
Friday, July 3rd at the Green- 
bush hospital. Ray was also wcl) 
known in the NcwfoWcn area. 
Our sympathy goes out to the 
family of Mr. Anderson, his two 
boys Ricky and Nell, whom were 
serving over seos arrived home - 
to sec him before he passed 

Lust Monday visitors 'and 

Suesls at the home of Mr. ond 
Irs, Norman Folden were Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Axel Erlckson of Grand 
_Forks_j-Mr^_and-Mrs. -James— 

Krlckson and son of Shakopcc, 
■ Minn, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Raymond Erlckson and family of 
SI. Paul. 

Mrs. Hannah Larson was a 
dinner arid aflernoon guest nt the 
- ■ >. n g un( ]ny_ 

Audry, Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
Dablow ond Carla of Thief River 
_Folls._Mr. ond Mrs. Robert 
SJulstod and Bobby-of-Phoonix... 
Ariiona, Mr. and Mra. Jack 
Herrin and Mark of Los Angeles, 
Cnllf Mr. and Mrs. Joe- 
BourRles. Robbl and Tawny a of 
Mlnnenonlls Mr nnd Mrs. Jim 
Prtgge, Scott, Jeff ond Jimmy 
of Phoenix, Arlx., Mr. and Mrs. 
Swcn SJulstad' nnd Rcnac of 
Phoenix. Arte., LcRoy Elg of 
Dululh, Minn.. Cheryl SJulstad. 
Mrs. Charlotte Tnckctt and 
Michael of Phoenix, Ariz., Mr. 
and Mrs. Bert Coon, Mr. and 
Mrs. Kenneth Coan. Murciu and 
Roger, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald 
SJulstad, Mr, and Mrs. Edward 

SJulstad, Howard SJuistad. Mr.- 
and Mrs. Richard Thnraldsnn 
and family and Mr. and Mrs. 
-Bobby. Znvoral and. Marion. 
Slides were shown. "Poi~luck- 
dlnncr and supper was served 
and everyone enjoyed the af- 
ternoon and evening. 


Mrs. Edgar Miller, Mari Lou 
Shirley. Jacky and Gary and 
Henry Klemmcntson. 

Mr. and Mra. Bili.Trnxlcr and 
children left Inst Thursday for 
Jackson, Mississippi where they 
visited ot Bill's mother. 
- Last week Mrs. Glyn Cole and 
children. Alice Skrcland and 


Thief Hlvcr Falls, Minn. Wednesday, July 8, 1970 

Hammcr home. 

Mrs._ Alice Skrcland en-, 
tertained for Mrs. Glyn Cole's 
birthday. Her guests were Mrs. 
Arnold Hammer and Ruth and 
Mr. and Mrs. Hill Traxler and 

A large crowd attended the 
wedding at die Trinity Lutheran 
church for Vera Forgan and 
Roger Hovel Inst Saturday. 

Monday supper guests at (Jie 
Alvln Hyland home were Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Chester Fletcher of ■ 
Greenville, Ohio, Mrs. Winston 
DcFreece. Tamml and Tony of 

"Ohio and Mrs. Virgil DcFreece 
and Michelle of Thlci River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morrison of 
Minneapolis were Sunday 
evening coffee guests at the Alvln 
Hyland home. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Godon 
Hcnrickson, Rnndy and Michelle 
and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence. 
Peterson, Karl Jo, Beckle and 
... _. .. nj){ . 

it Tails. 

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wants? Turn them inln ready 
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ore visiting there. The Undgreni 
will leave for their home In New 

York on Wednesday. : ' -- — 

Supper guests at the Carvel RECENTLY HIRED to serve as a Pennington county deputy sheriff, 
,„ . _..__ ,.. ■(„„„„„„(„„ Clark E. Dahl Is a 1970 graduate of the two-year lawenforccmcnt_ 

course at Alexandria area vocational school. Da' '" 
tended high school here. 

Gillund home on Sunday evening 
were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lan- 
dcrvltlo and family of Argyle, 
Mr: and Mrs. Stanley Larson, 
Steven and Scott of Red Lake 
Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan 
Carfve nnd fflmily.Mrj, Hannah 
Larson and Mrs. Bella Garfvc. 
A family lawn picnic was held 
on Sundaynt the Oscar Blinsmon 
home. Those attending were Mr. 

a vocational school. Dahl ; /rom Borup, at-" 

Maynard Anderson family of week visiting at he Paul J. Haug 
Culmbla, Mo. were entertained to _home at Grallon, N. D. and at the 
a supper on Wednesday at the Mclvin Aosand home at An ' 

Robert Bakkc home at Thief 

River Falls. 
Mrs. ' El I da Mocn and ■ Mrs. 

..---..-- Harvey Anderson and her ru ,„»„ tJUI „., 

and Mrs. Nestor Austin and Gary granddaughter June Erlckson -evening visitors nt the Axel 
of Milton. Wash., Mr. and Mrs. were among the many relatives Gustafsan home 
-Eddie-Ediund-and— family- of— and frlends^who" attcndcd _ thc — " 

. Arthur Anderson, 
Hutda Christlanson and Mra. 
Hartvlk Engen of Thier River 
Falls were Sunday afternoon and- 

Arnold Larson home o 





Arnold of San Francisco, Mr. and 
Mrs. Ed Mnrtinok (Irene) of 
Chicago, Mrs. Lois Robseb and 
Ruddy of Maryland were here to 
attend the funeral of Mrs. Paul 
Hcbert. They were house guests 
of Edwin and Vance Lcfrooths, 
Holmslrom and Morris 

; Woi 

li. 1.307 and 47.B: 
■KJS nnd 47.4; and 

i. 1,100 nnd 47.0. 

ages are affected by 

.uf_(Iry_ """" 

Mrs. Ed Stennes in the pai„...„ _. 
their son. Willis. Soothing music stroma. 
was played on-lhe phonograph •=""''' 
while Uieladics worked dri carpet 
rags. They continued work on the 
clown dolls und mode more 
pillows, while the men visited. 
Lunch wns served by the Center. 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson 

Sunday afternoon visitors at 
Elmer Esklldsen's were Gayhard . 
Nelson. Carol. Merlyn Nelson. 
Martin ond David, Joel Simon- 
son. Gordon Klcgstad and Arnold 
Klcgstad and family. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Gordon Klegsind 

Visitors at the John Holmslrom 
home this past week were Mrs. E. 
R. Anderson. Mrs. Clarence 
Kittelson of Seattle, Mabel 
Slromberg, Mrs. Dick Wellcr, 
and Mr. ond Mrs. Rudolph Und- 
slrom of Chicago. 



.... -arolandSuslcRcnstromofSt. „ . . . 
aws are Included Pau | spcn , |hl . ^ o( Ju]v Goyhndrd Nel« 
averagefor that wcckcndattlie_WilIardRcnstrom bl »J ld .?)'' . J "'- v . 

■oduced is averaged 

the cows, giving the 

a record of the earning 

if the herd for the month. 

any dry caws are Included 

I h e Ji !■ rd , t he a veragef o r th a I 


mi- iiiui, wiHL-ii an- milking are 

high producers. 

There were 39 herds on test, 

with a total of l.aia cows, In the 

Petinioglon association during 

May. Ten cows finished with over 

pounds of bulterfat during Ihe 

19.100 816 

13.520 542 

13,190 500 

IG.400 597 

10.160 S14 

12.910 540 

16,740 033 

14.010 571 

visited nt the Ole Farstad home and Gordic of W . . ... 

an Sunday- - visitors—over - the- July— 4ttr 

Mr. nndJlrs-.iilanloy_Stanc.ylc — wec)(cnd_llie_ Gayhard — Nulton- 
~und family were dinner and »ome. also Mr. and Mrs. Herman 
supper guests at the John' "elscm. Joel Simonson, Elmer 
Stnncyk home In Grand Forks on Lskildscn, Mrs. Arne Lindstrom 

-' and family, Mr. nnd Mrs. Merlyn 

Nelson nnd family helped Mrs. 
Goyhndrd Nelson celebrate her 
birthday, Julv 4th. Sundnv Ar- 
nold Klcgstad, Joel Si 
Reynold Carlson and Wn _ cr . Ji r . ekkl ' 
Johnny Llndgrcn visited at the ' Gayhard Nelsons 

Eugene Klcinwnchlcr or St. Paul, 
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hougard of 
Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 
Larson of Ncwfoldcn, Mr. and 
Mra.- Lourcs RIeinwachter and 
boys of Stephen, and Mr. and 
Mrs. Stanley Donnrski and 
family of Thief River Falls. 


Marlcncand Marvin Brotlund, 
Charmnine Johnson and Ricky 
and Sherri Dalgre visited at the 
Oscar Johnson home on Wed- 


Ed Carlson home on Tuesday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson, 
Dion ond Kccla of Portland. 
Oregon, arrived at the James 
Larson home on Sunday. They 
visited nt the Louis Larson home 
on Monday. They wilt be spen- 
ding their " ---' -■■-- 

The family league will 
Sunday, July 12th. al R: 
■ -i Pastor W'" 

between the Porter home In 
Karlstad and the Larson and 
Nelson homes. 

Mrs. Ed Carlson was admitted 
to the Karlstad hospital on 
Friday morning. She returned 
home on Sunday. 

Visitors at the Frank Klein- 
vachtcr home on Friday evening- 
to wish Judy a tin] — "' " ' 
were Father Krcbs. 

with Pastor Wilkman ji 

Lunch will be ; 
Mr. and Mrs. Torkcl Hvidsten 

and Howard of Karlstad and Mr. 

__.. and Mrs, Gilbert Olson of 

vocation Ncwfoldcn were luncheon guests 

i Schey home c 

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3rd 1 Atlantic Fhona '(81-3512 

Gem, Mineral 
Show July 23-26 
At Minneapolis 

Upper midwest rockhounds 
will have an opportunity to ob- 
serve exhibits from throughout 
the world July 23-SG at the Mid- 
west Fcderntion Gem and 
Mineral show. 

Hosted by the Minnesota 
Mineral club, the show will be. 
held in the Minneapolis auditor- 
ium. Hours of the exhibits . aro. 
10 a.m. to n;30 p.m. Thursday 
through Saturday and 10 a.m. 
— - 1 o-fi-prm- J -Snnd ay-. 

Features of Ihe show, which 
will be opened at 10 a.m. Thurs- 
day by Harold- LcVander, 
governor of Minnesota, include 
jnili' carvings by Hussel Un- 
dcnlnlil. cut and uncut diamonds, 
ltoyi/1 Crown Elephant from 
Ceylon, a CO-pound lopai from 
Brawl, three-dimensional fit 

Mrs. John Holmstrom. Mr. 

Mrs. Julius Klclnwnchter and 
family, Mr, and Mrs. Jerome 
Berggren ond family. They on- 
'joyed cakes brought by the 

Mrs. Edc Rosstcr of 
Menomonle. Wisconsin, •>"<* 
Rhoda BradrickofSt. Paul < 

Klclnwnchter homo.' 

Weekend visitors at the Ken- 
neth Nelson home In Sauk Ccnte 

Randy Olson nnd Jay of Sauk 
Center, Mr. and Mrs. Donald 
Nelson. Maria, Darwin. Jody, 

at the Emr 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson 
visited ot the Jennie Johnson 
home In Newfolden on Saturday 

Barbara ond Claudia lierggren 

spent Saturday with Grandma 


py birthday— - Mr. 'and Mrs. Ludvlff Trane, 

- and Mrs.. Ella Thun, Anne Hansen, and 

" " " Reynold Carlson visited at the Ed 

Carlson home on Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vemon Frank- 
furth and Mr. and Mrs. Kddlc 
Nelson helped Mr. - nnd Mrs. 
Wlllnrd Renstrom celebrate their 
Sth wedding anniversary on July 



Puyallup, Mrs. Hannah Lee of 
Eureka. Montana. Mr. and Mrs. 
Dole Mngncr of Thief River 
Falls, Mr. nnd Mrs. Clayton 
Blinsmon and family, Mr. and 
Mrs. Albert Larson and Mr. and 
Mrs. Oscar Blinsmon. 

The Senior CI tlicns met at their 
regular weekly meeting on 
Wednesday, July 1st at the 
village hall with 35 present and 
Mrs. Hazel Nelson, leader. The 
ladies sewed on tote bags and on 
quilt blocks, while some ladles 
and men played whist. Mrs. 

Evangelical Ladles Aid 
The Ladies Aid of the 
Evangelical Free church of 
Ncwfoldcn will meet on Friday,' 
July 17th at 0:30 p.m. Hostess arc 
Tenn Hanson, Mrs, Merle 
BJornrud and Mrs. Floyd Han- 
son. Emma HJelle as program 
' chairman. The program will t>e in 
the next weeks paper. 

Sunday visitors ot the Conrad 
' Mclo home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry Bamctt of Minneapolis, 
Mrs. Mac Lledgcn of Saginaw, 
Mich.. Mr. and Mrs. Hans 
Hanson and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan 
Melo and family. 

Monday evening visitors at the 
home or Mra. Alma McForlnnd 
ndcrson were Mr. and Mrs. 
Maynard Anderson and family of 
.Columbia and Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Florence Anderson nnd Otto. 

family gathering at the Alex 
Cwlkla home lost Sunday near 
Middle River where they enjoyed 
a pot luck picnic dinner. 

Mrs. Amanda Russell of Thief 
River Falls and her son Don of 
Minneapolis visited at the 
Florence Anderson home on 
Friday aftemoon.- 

Sunday evening visitors of Mrs. 
Alma McForlnnd and Dcda 
Anderson were Florence An- 
dcrsonand Otto and theMnynnrd 
Anderson family or Columbia, 

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard An- 
derson and family left on Monday 
after a weeks visit with his 
mother, Mrs. Florence Anderson 
and brother Otis. They left for „,. Jluu „ 1U „ „„,„„ UL rh<. mini* Eiim™ n fcmiiv and , ate ' r wen ^ guc3t3 n( 
the Kenneth Coan home. Mr. and 
Mrs, Golen Dahlen nnd girls 
joined them for supper, 

Hlghlanding . 

Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Ernest Swnnson called on the 
Roy Anderson family. 

Linda Swnnson and her 
roommate of Minneapolis spent 
Monday til Tuesday al the Emcst 
Swnnson home. 

Saturday, 4th of July, Mr. and 
Mrs, Lawrence Srnsky, Joy. 
Judy. Paul, Nancy. Belly and 
Jerry and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 
Coan. Mnrcla and Roger and Mr. 
and Mrs. Arlin Sanders, Tamml 
and Chorlenc of Embarrass, 
Minn, had a pot tuck dinner at 

bcfoTclenvIng for their home ... 
Columbia. Mo. 

Mrs. Alice Knutson and LcRoy 
were Sunday evening visitors and 
guests at the 'home of Mr, and 
Mrs. Lloyd Hanson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ncls X Nelson. 
Mr. and Mrs. Donnic Nelson and 
family and Mr. and Mrs b Eddy 
Nelson ond family of Strondqulst 
spent the 4lh of Jujy at the 
Kenney Nelson home at Sauk 
Center. Mr. and Mrs. Ray 
Wcstcrlund and girls of 
Woukcgon, III. were also-visiting 

■ -— . Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Nelson of 

Mr. and Mrs. Conrad . Mclo Strandnuist nnd Mr. and Mrs. 

___mpanicd Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry Bamctt on a trip. They left 
Monday. They will go to the 
....... ^ „.-.,—. R— knnr - 


- seeing places. -This -wil l -bo-Mr 
~antrnlr J -———.-. 

Donnic Nelson and Mr. ond Mrs. 
Nels X. Nelson were Sunday 
evening visitors at the Ernie 
Nelson home. 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swe 


Mrs. Alice Skrcland and 
Marlon were coffee guests Thurs- 
day afternoon at the Skrcland 
Bros, home near Oklec. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Zavoral 
and Marion visited ot the Ken- 
neth Conn home on Thursday 

Last Sunday visitors at the 
Orvln Anderson home were Mr. , 
and Mrs. Larry Forsbcrg and 
family, Mr. nnd Mrs. Dick 
Halvcrson ond family, Mr. and 
Mrs. Jesse Anderson nnd their 

Srundduughter, Margie An- 
ereon of Shokopec, Minn. . 
Thursday Mrs. Orvln Anderson 
visited at the Harvey Ness home 
of rural Thief Rivcr Foils. 

Mra. Lloyd Lund of Thief River 
Falls was a coffee guest at the 
Bert Coan home on Saturday. 
Jib UEsrtay.flflecno nn Mr. nnii — 




their 50th wedding anniversary 

recently. ■ 'Correction 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Vic Chrlstcnscn The name of Mrs Esther 

were Tuesday evening visitors nt Bccklund wns omitted from the 

the Florence Anderson home and list last week on the family get 
to visit with the Maynard An-. the Ncwfoldcn p" 1 ' 

dcrson'familv of Columbia, "Mo., a week ago Sunday. Sorry a 

who are up for n visit. 

The Wet taker Ladles Aid 
■The Wcstakcr Ladies Aid will 
meet on Thursday, July leth at 
0:30 p.m. Hostesses arc Mrs. 
Cambcll Thompson. Mrs. Curtis 
Thtmipson. Mrs. George Lee, 


family motored to Grand Forks, 
N. D. on n business trip and later 
were coffee guests at the 
Freedom Martin home at Oslo. 

Mr; and Mrs. Leo McMnhon 
and girls of Minneapolis and Mr. 
and Mrs. Bert Coan were Sunday 
dinner guests at Ihe Kenneth 
Conn home. 

Fourth of July dinner guests at 
theClarcncc Peterson home were 
Mr. and Mrs. Freedom Martin 
and Jcancttc of Oslo and Altec 
Skrcland and Marlon. 

Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
" J -'" L "-" :o(fee 

For a Comfortable 


Let Ui Help You 




Mr, and Mrs. Maynard *Ari- 

dcrson and family of Colmbia. 

. Mo., Mrs. Florence Anderson ana 

'■' Olio motored to Grand Forks a 

Anna Swanson of'lhc Vnlley 
home was a <th of July guest at 
the Ernest Swnnson home. 

Shcri Swanson visited Friday 


31 S No. Molt* Ave. 


Visitors at the Louis Larson 
home this past week were Mrs. 
Donald Lcfrooth, Melonle and 
Greg, Mrs. Hcrmun Nelson. 
Danny Simonson, and Sopja 

Mr. ond Mrs. Arvid Carlson of 
Stephen, Mrs. Bob- Olson of 
Minneapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. 
George Plhlstrom of Celroil 
Lakes visited at the Ella Thun 
home on FHday. 

Mrs. Edo— Hossler— of- 
Mcnomonie Wisconsin, and 
daughter Khod.r of St, Pnul, 

Now We Offer You a Choice 


days with the Gord 
at Wirt. , : 

Evelyn Kline and Alex Huge 

iiome on Saturday. 

Mr. and Mrs^eWford Dahl of 
Minneapolis spent the weekend 
visiting relatives In thr 

ind .the 

I1Z5.0U0 Linde Sti 
• Admission Is free to anyone 
inking a four-pound or larger 
Like Superior agate to the show 
(or display.. Admission otherwise — 
is SI lor adults and 50 cents for 
children aged 12 to IG. Those 
under 13 are admitted free when 
accompanied by an adult. 


"113-Jiihiam JtTC.1T. Ph. GSl-jni 

Life Insurance • Croup Ini 

Health Insurance • Pension Pli 


Mrs. Hannah Holvorson n-a . ,. --. v--- ------- 

overnight guest Saturday at the afternoon with Morcla Coan. 

■ u .. UI1 . ior™. OUI - UI1U r U r««, Harlan HnWson home in Thief Mr. and Mrs. John Rosette and 

Wednesday where they did some River Falls. Sunday forenoon and .» )^La „t ^ r» 

shopping and also vlsflcd briery noon luncheon Mrs. Hannah weekend nt th P Co* 

ot the Floyd Anderson home. Halvorson was o guest at the 

Krlstie, Arlene and Mark Mrs. Charlie Hellouist home. 

Knutson were overnight guests Sunday uflcrnoon Hannah cn- 

on Thursday of their grandma, Joyed being among those who 

Mrs. Alice Knutson and uncle helped her sister Mrs. Marie 

LcRoy. Anderson celebrate her birthday 

Mrs. Florence Anderson and at her home in Thief River Falls. 
Otto and their house guests, the Kevin Anderson spent Inst 

■eckend at the Casper Jones 
home nnd with other relatives 

nnd friends. _. 

Linda and Betty Rosctt of Ely 
spent 2 weeks at the Casper Jones 

Mrs. CaSpcr Jones and her 

granddaughters, Linda nnd Betty 

. visited at the Obe Omtld und 

Palmer Paulson homes on Thurs- 


Look At These 



ia ixpoiuki ■ m ncTuns 



All StyliM An Alio Availablt Front 20 Exporan frurtamatfe Sodacalor tila 



Phoa* 681-3132 

Mori Lou Milter spent a few 
days visiting with her grand- 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Coan 
and at the Kenneth Conn home. 

Visitors at. the. Wilfred 
Stephenson home on Wednesday 
were Mrs. Wayne Carlson (Mnry 
Sklbicki) of San Francisco, 
Calif.. Mrs. Kate Sklbicki, Mrs. 
Caroline Lovly ond Mrs. Alnn 

Mrs. Alice Skrcland took Me*. 
Glyn Cole, Carln and .Bryant to 
the Peter Bcrkel farm at 
Greenbush. From there she went 

before she left for her home In St. 

Alice Skrcland visited at the 
Bert Coan home on Wednesday 

Family Reunion 
Those who attended the family . 
gathering at tho Goodridge hall 
on Sunday were Mr. nna Mrs. 
Morris Miller, Morrie and Gene 
of Thief Rivcr Fulls, Mr. and 
Mrs. Edwin SJulstad and Ivan, 
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eychancr 
nnd Julene of Thief Rivcr Falls. 
Mr. -and Mrs. Arnold Klem and 
family. Mr. and Mrs. Edsar 
Miller and family. Mr. and Mrs. 
-Bab-Whilry-and faml!j-of Min — 
— npolls, Mr, ond Mrs. Richard 

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller a: 


51-q^ ^ Paper Jqwels % 



Saturday , _ _ 

Sundays to A.M. to 2 P.M. 


Wednesday. July 8. 1070 Thief River Falls. .Minn. 


..... _ .. .1 the Dak* 

Wlldc norm.' In Detroit 
During (hi' iiflernnuri family 
members enjoyed bo.'ilinfi ;ind 

Saturday Henry Alti'iielcr, 
Mike nnd .Bonilii and tlurliiri 
— Altepeter, Kiirul mill CiikIv spent- 
Uic tiny flsninK 
Hogs. They cvinu- nuim 
nice st ring of northerns 

Co ri(! Inns arr i" 
a local boy. Gri'K H.illslr 

I In- tins 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kleven 
of WashlnBliin. .Mrs. Ilulda 
Kemiclkimil Lclloy nml Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Hrni-sl- Kleven of rural 
Wiirn-n visilwl nt the Kutly 
Kopccky homo Thursday 
evening. Uiiiuird Klcvcn, Ernest 
Kk'vrn. Mrs. Hid/la FVrenclk nnd 
Mrs. Itmly Kiipecky lire sisters 
and lirullii'rs. 

lli-ntum Kruse of Sacramento, 
Calif arnvitl Saturday and Is a 
iMHisofjuwil jit Die Wm. Kruse 
home while visiting with other 
frlrmK.'iridTPl.'itlves'lii Ihe area 
and uill Ik- hen for nnolhiT 

'vi'nlnu Echo Norman 
and dourcc Norman 
:* vjiiilitifti the James 




milking shorthorn honors 
Northwest Dairy Day -U 
FFA cattle show held in 
itlvcr rails June 'Jtli. 

Carl Andersnii. Mrs. I.illv l : 
of Thief Itiver Kails. Mrs, I: 
Seurlock o( lirea. Calif.. M 
Unvo fiiinihiirin- anrl Jill' 
" ' Nebraska and .M 




children of S 

l Ander 
Palls and ihrt'i' 

Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Aakcrlund 
I WhiMlon. Illinois are visiting 
t the J'ltmjh Urns, home ami 
Iso at the .Martin Fiialnd home *• 
f Thief Itiver Falls hovinK 
rriveil mi Tuesday and tilanninit 
i mi.tiiI two weeks In the- area. . 

Star . . . 

patient at Northwestern hospital 

in Thief Hlvcr Falls 

—Edgar— ilorrfe of. Oar I Inn ton, - 

ifSjiTiI JSLJVK?' New Jersey visited from 

. 17WM1 0*«rHB.__ nMday ,„, p r|dav nl (he , Icnry 

Notice ■ Hovel home. 

There will be a dinner served Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Johturud 

after the 10 o'clock service nt the and Kenneth visited Sunday 

Edlund dinlnR hnl] Sunday, July cvcninR at the Enoc Johnsrud 

12. Everyone welcome. home. 

A week ago Saturday evening 

Tuesday evening supper guests Mr. and Mrs. Hertford RolsJand 

at the Carl Ekwall home were viaitedntthcGordon Woldhomc. 
Mr. and. Mrs. Art Yacser of 

Bremerton: Wash.. "Louie 
Evcnson of Portland. Oregon and 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Evcnson. 
Roger and Donna of Thief River 

itou.iNC stiD nflcr il has been cut from the nthle- ■ 
tic field west of the Lincoln high school building Is 
a portion of the work involved In the filling 'nnd 
leveling of the field, which is notorious for dips and 
holes. The culling, began July 2, has been com- 

pleted, and Jorry Morbcn and Paul Olson, both 
seniors next term at the high school, and Jim Op- 
dahl, ninth grader at Franklin Junior high school, 
roll the sod to bo loaded and hauled to a storage area 
where it will remain until the field Is filled and 
leveled, ot which time the sod will be rclald. 

Saturday visitors at the Dick 
Marquis home were Mr. and Mrs. 
Vcrl Lcckron and family of 
Grand Forks, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. 
Orlss Olson, Mrs. Kenneth 
Thorson, Valerie and Kicth. 
Monlc. Maria, Mona and Earl Jr. 

Mrs. Al Longuist, Gall, Dennis 
and Arlcnc of Chicago spent a 
week in this area visiting friends 

■and-rdatives.- They— lefr-on- ..... _-._ 

Tuesday for an extended camp- attended a pot luck family 

Mrs. Arnold Hovct attended 
Ladles Aid at the Eklund dining 
hall on Thursday when Mrs. Loyd 
Waine served. 

Dean Ri_ndnhl_was nj>unday_ 
overnight" guest at life Oscar 
Nerhus home. 

Sunday afternoon callers at the 
Obert Hovel home were Mr. and 
Mrs. Charles Hcdccn and Mrs. 
Alice Lundcn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Morrison of 
Minneapolis visited Sunday af- 
ternoon at the Donnie ilorchck 
home and In the evening Mr. and 
Mrs. Morrison visited at the 
Alvln Hyland home. 
— "■- nnd-Mrs.-Carl-Ekwnll- 



id-Mrs. .S 

■Mr.-and-.Mr. . . 
Crysf.'il. .V. 0. and Afr ,m</ ,1 
Uiuchlm Camemn nl Tlui-f Hi 
Falls attended the wedding 
Dale Tueker i>( Kelhlier 
Pamela Dufculli- of Tfitslr 
Minn, at the Ziun l.ulhe 
cliureh in Hlack Diiek 
- ecepli 


■d the 
Sunday Mr. and Mrs 
esse and family 

S ^f'S! 1 "^ 


in | livens of rural Euclid 
e supper guests and evening 
urs at Ihe Warren Mosbcck 

rs. Leonard Larson, .Susan, 
rttr;- Ijinda-and" Michelle 
ied at (he Hoy Ursuti home 
irday from Fremont, Calif, 
n arrival Ihey visited briefly 
w HiiIhtI Stirvig home. 
r.wi.lMrs, Charles Naplln of 

me Friday night 
r the weekend 
e 'Monday al- 

the ItobeM 

■. Ann 



I the 


mi I'aulel 

ami Mi 
Oslo. U.Wr tlic H< 
visited al the Cliffar 
home in Hailiuin at 
Hesse and IJwna and I: 

"~! . 'J!"~Tnd-|)rhtiifSorvlB-jire"a[ieirdnijr 

!■ ,'.,'., ftdile Covenant camp near Grand 

:ds tilt-, week with Paulctte 

Dchliic goiiiji Saturday and 

" """ '" ' " "ediiesdiiy 

supper gues 
Sorvig home. 

Sunday Mr. and" Mrs, Harlan 
Altepeter and family were dinner 
guests at the Henry Meyer home 
-_nf rurnl..ncd .Lakc.Falla._Mra. 
.Meyer and the Altepctcra drove 
to Altcpelers home for a time in 
the afternoon. Cnmmy Altepeter 
returned home with her parents 
after' a weeks stay at her grand- 
parents home. 

Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Art 

Hanson of Thief Ilivcr Falls and 

Mrs, Richard Mosbeek drove to 

Grand Forks on business. 

Mr. and Mrs. Auggie Anderson 

i . !) o f..L llch field— cclurned-homc- 

'">*• Monday after a 10 day visit at the 
Vcral Mosbeek home. 

River Valley. 

Mr. and Mrs, Carl Syversrud of 

Hlbblng arrived at the Olflf 

Huot home in Thief River Falls. 

iins trip. Patty Johnson — 
companicd them. r 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson 
of Pembina. N. D. spent the 
weekend al the Leonard Johnson 
and Mayor Holcn homes. 

Ludvig Johnson and Mrs. Al 
Langulst attended the Fred 
Borchcrt funeral on Thursday 


Mrs. Dick Radnlecki was a Mr and Mrs Fdunr Miller "nn",t 

i.i'SS'nSSiSH'SS'.""*' '""" ■'<''"•> <" «™» w 

Orlando Chcrvcstad home. Wednesday evenlno m ihn ttoni-v 

Mrs. Olc Gundcrson, the Julian ifovet^ome y 

n^™"r. S nnrf & J.^fi. ' ™°™™ Lundcn left for his 

^» < Srtntih.n^fr h « Sh nfl tan >o In Bremerton. Wash, on 

n F^n^nn i.L^i n " dh0mC Th"«doy after visit ng in this 

B^nl ffi^^SS - "^. n "«a with relalivcs antf friends. 

Bunny Bcrgcrson was n Visitors during the week at the 

^nfrt 0J L?;^ n n i8ht 8Ucsl of anylonJohns^dhWcTcreMr? 

&_i(™;w _??"'■ , ii ■ "no Mrs. Bobby Johnsrud. Vickl 

Wednesday evening callers at nnd K olhy. Mr. nnd Mrs. Lclloy 

— ^P ^lnnS ^ 1 ^'^^^*"^P<«^^ohn=^ U d^Tam ^ ^^^ ^ d-L^Nae- 

rcunion at tlic Lester Evcnson 
home in Thief River Falls on 
Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Dick Marquis and family helped 
Mrs. Ada Marquis celebrate her 

Thursday evening Mr. and 
Mrs. Otto Omlld of Bakers. Calif, 
and Orvillc KJelgren visited at 
the Leonard Johnson home. 

Ludvij; Johnson, Mrs. 

Clifford Johnsrud, Candys and 
Christy visited at the -Jack 

Johnsrud homo.. ._._ 

GucsLs for a picnic dinner on 
the 4th of July .nt, the Bobby 
Johnsrud home were Mr. and 
Mrs. May or Holcn and family, 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson of 
Pembina, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. - 
James Green and- family of 
Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. fclay 
Johnsrud, Mrs. Edna McEnelly. 
Rocky Nerhus, Jeff Dahlcn and 
Jim Johnson. 

On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Erlln 
Dahlcn, Kelly and Kevin, Donna 
and Leah attended a golden 
wedding anniversary at Kindred, , 
"NT'D. Tor Mr. ond'Mrs. John 
Dahlcn. John Is Erllng'a undo. 
Others attending from here were 
Mrs. AIlco Skrclond, Gloria and 
Marion and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold 
Hammer, Ruth and Lynn of rural 
Thief River Falls.. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ante Morkueson 
■were Saturday dinner guests at 
the LcRoy Johnsrud home. 

Friday afternoon guests at the 
Clifford Johnsrud nomo were 
-Mrs. Jerry Brown and Joffery of - 
Parksvllfc and* Mrs". Jack 
Johnsrud and Gwcn, 

Monday afternoon Mrs. Clif- 
ford Johnsrud,. Candy and 
Christy, Gwcn and Susie Johns-' 
rud visited at the Willie Mostrom 
home in Gonvick and also 
helped them move to their new 

Mr. and Mrs. Enoc Johnsrud 
were Thursday evening callers at 
the Clifford Johnsrud home. 

Wednesday evening guests at 

JDojngs of Week 

■ Tin 

led hon 


Wednesday Tammy Ewlng of *&*' ?'„ *'' Jfte.Si m'^S "" d Bud Person of Grygla. 
-Aleundrte visited nt the WarVcn $l" Qr Q&* ta, $*&t!*L *" d , Mrs. Orion do Chcrvcstad will 
Mosbcck home. " r ?- «yr"D McCullcm of [nk _ ovcr renort i nl . u, P ni v . r 


f Pari 


i! July weekend.' 

_ l-isl .Sunday. Mr. luid Mrs. 

isited with Mr. and Mrs. Henry 
" '"-.and Mr " 

Mosbcck homi 
■ Tuesday afternoon Mrs. 
Herbert Grinde nnd Mrs'. Lclloy 
Larson of Thief River Falls, 





nl :it Ihe Clarence .S 

and Mrs. 
nsiiii jind family 
■ Herbert Grlttde 

Aakcrlund of Chicago 
visitors at the Clarence Swnnson 

Saturday Mr, and Mrs. Rudy 
Kopccky, Mrs. Nettle Kopccky, 
Mrs. Pauline Raymond of 
Crookston and Mrs. Elsie 
Mnrency of Detroit, Michigan 
were supper guests at the Emil 
Vonnsck home in Euclid! 

Last Friday evening Mr.' and 
Mrs. James Erickson and family 
-left forEmo; Canada where they 

Monday ill Ihe Hlaek Itive'r 
ehtireli al :t pin. .until Inrlher 
notive. All (!irls fniin 7lh t;r;i<!e..n 
up iire invited In parlietpatc. 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Donald 
Mosbeek and [ainilv were dinner 
"Kuesisat the itav M'ostteck'linnip— 

, Ihe Hesse family 
.' they brought a 
I Medregnr. along 


nl Julv 

,1 Miellv-s. 

l.asl Wednesday evening 
tmtne were Mr, ;ir«l Mrs. Kmil 
Vonasek nl Kucliil and Mr. and 
Mrs Alan Wheeler <iIThicl River 

.Sunday afternoon -Mrs. Art 
Armstrong, Carrie. Connie and 
Glen and Mr. and Mrs. Harold 
Van do .Slreek. Jeff. Urate and 
Tmimv of rural Thief River Falls 
he Richard Mosbeek 

lay evening Mr. and Mrs. 
:l lieaueliamp and family 
1,'inwini. Michigan anil 
■hllord Porter of South 
Mit'hiKan arrived at the 

ended a church convention. 
They returned home Monday 

Mrs, Robert Sorvig and Mrs. 
Leonard Larson visited Chris 
Kruse nt Northwestern hospital 
in Thief River Falls Sunday af- 

Saturday afternoon Mrs. Agnes ..-- i y. 

Mosbeek home, 

Ma Jeana and Pammy Stclgi 
have been busy lately pnlntir 

ihe Stelger offii 

Stciger Fiirms. 

... Julian Gundcrson family of 
Burnsvlllc. They left for their 
home on Monday. Other Saturday 
evening guests were Mr. and 
Mrs. Archie Gundcrson and 
family and Mr. and Mrs. Norman 

Tuesday dinner guests at the 
Kory Chervestad homcwrc'Mrr 'c n ni Riirnivtn»~ ~n«ii' _ _ j .v — ■ -.— ■■ 

Rolslond visited a week ago 
,.kc -.» r-,cpo,iS5 ■Si-iu.S IZi" " "" """"" m " mi 
Volley news. I Ihankyou for your Mr.'ond Mrs. Cliorlca Hwlecn 
cooptmllon over Ihe years and I Mrs. Alice Lunden «ere Sondsy 
?,'£e"eo'«,lSe l ro 8 S e' t °y.C , net ffmT «"«>»"«">"»" «-' 
items to Mrs. Chcrvcstad. Tlionk Mervin Rindahl nnd Paul were 
you again. ' Monday forenoon callers at the 

Supper and lunch guests at the Oscar Nerhus home. 
Joslc Huston home Sunday af- Fridny CVL . nil1){ Mr , nnd Mrs 
ternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Arnold Myrom of Haver Mon 
Howard and family of Mln- tana visited at the Obert' Hovel 
ncapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Ben. home 

Olson, Mr and Mrs. Goodwin Mr/and Mrs. Dennis Morrison 
Olson and family. Mr and Mrs. , nnd family of Anoka, Mr. and 
Norman Blackstad of Thief River Mrs. Gorv Morrison and John. 
Falls. Mr and Mrs. Richard Kulch ( Minneapolis were 
Rustan and family, Mr. and Mrs. weekend guest's at the Mnrdv 
Elmer Huston andJudy Mr. and MorXn C* '" M ° rdy • 

Mrs. Edwin Rustan of Ceder Emll Ennlund of Thief River 
&£!&, }Z a \,^\ «y"VV. W FwffandThcrt' jShnso'n o . 
Picpgras and Marco of Mln-- Anoka, were Sunday evening 

family of Minneapolis, Mr. and Fridn v evening supper guests 

Mrs, ,f?° 1 n .^ 1 ^ r of X^°^f lon i at B«: Carl Ekwall home wot 

Mrs. Violet Weberg and Scott and Mr and Mrs Art Ya eeer nf 

Charles Ronnie o> Thief River B rcmer t n Wash and R Loule 

Mary Jo and Jeff Hllgenian ^r'Zd" M^'oonl gKw 

returned- Jtome Monday || -an^'K:Kevln S nnd &o.t oTm i" 

the Richard ji ivcr y a n. 

Lanqulsl Dennis,' Gail and IhcErllngDnhlcnhomewcreMr. 

Arlene of Chicago were Wed- ""** "" " ""'"" n " A 

nesday dinner guests at the Billy, 
Wikcrt home. 
Mr. and Mrs, Henford Roisland 

rnt Monday In Grand Forks, N. 
and returned home on 

Thursday Mrs. Oscar Nrhus 
and Rocky made a business trip 

at Rosewood 

M». Sir* Kr», ■*. f. 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Montry 
spent lost Saturday nnd Sunday.. 
nt Twin Valley at the home of 
their family, the David 
Ericksons. On Monday they 
visited with Mrs. Saul Salce In 
Mahnomen. Monday afternoon 
Mrs. Montry accompanied Mrs. 
Salce, Carol and Debbie to 
Detroit Lakes to visit with Mr. 
Saicc who is a patient at St.- 
Mary's hospital where he is 
recovering from a heart attack. 
Mr. and Mrs. Montry returned to 
their home Monday night. 

: . Rosewood llomemnkrr. RDUERT MITCIIUM and GEORGE KENNEDY have a knockdown 

The Rosewood Homcmnkcrs ^^'''B"^" ° r'^'n Warner Broa.-Scvcn Arts" western. "The 

concluded their club year last ^GuysandlhcBadGuys. "opcningonSun., July 12ntlheSatclJltc 

Tuesday afternoon when they D^^wTbeatrc. MartmBalsamploystheMnyorlnthefllm. 

held anionic at the Bert Kron r- , _ „ _, _ : : ^ 


Kn, DurtLnti. Mi. U CHi- 

Mr. and Mrs. "Erven Olson, Tron 
and Brent were supper guests at 
the Bruce Lcgg home June 24th. 
The occasion being the. Olson's 
• wedding anniversary. The 
following Thursday evening the 

nnd Mrs. Omcr Olson was a — 
Thursday forenoon visitor at the 

Rofltj r-Sol cm - homo. : 

Airs. Duryl Lewis accompanied 
~ nfi Armstrong Mand--"" 

Saturday- cvcntni; caller at -the — day- evening -Mrs:- Glen-Olson ""THIEF'ItlVER'FAI r*iTIMK*T 

AlvinLlcliowhomcandaSunday called on them. Friday^ornH-Thlrf Itlvcr ™r^— -~- " 
forcnoon-cnlter-at-the -Daryl— MrtirDlas Klefsfad accompanied ' "'" ,tKcr *"»"• » 1Inn - 

. ,r-j Lewlshomc. them as for as Roche Pcrcce/ 

Mrs. Frank Armstrong Monday Enjoying a picnic dinner Saskatchewan, Canada, where Kohlmun -were among those 
afternoon and attended the Sunday. at the Frank Armstrong they attended a Mndson and attending Bible camp last week. 

funeral of Mr*. Morrw MarusJw home were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Olson reunion. Mrs. Klefstad ""' — ' * — '■*— -*— J 

returned home Monday evening. 
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Koropat- 
nickl were Friday evening lun- 
cheon guests at the Roger Salem 
home. Roger Alan Sol 


Wednesday, July 8, 1970 

at Angus. Afterwards Mrs. Lewis 
was a coffee and luncheon guest 
of Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. 
Martha Magsam at the Arm- 
strong home. 

Daniel vi iiLiiiLicaouuii, ... w 

Abeld, Mr, . and Mrs. Lorry 
Larson, Rodney and -LyncHc and 
"~ "nd Mrs. Roger Love, 

*»••» "■"".-,• .. , , .. '„',': "','"„""."■ ""ts^ 1 "»"«i iiuinv. nuH^r nmn oaicm niso «i uic parcniai i-nancs aorenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Johnson Richard. Carolyn and Marlys, all relumed home that evening after and Kenneth Maldment homes 

Robert Asp of Moorheod •. 

Friday dinner guest at the Dakc 
Aycrs home. 

Mr, and Mrs. Luke Maldment 
of Minneapolis spent the weekend 
at the pa rental Charles Sorcnson 

nnd Myrl were Saturday 

visitors at Ihe Dakc Aycrs home. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson, 
Kathy, Scott;- Brian and Jane, 
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Olson, 
Danny, Susan and Jeffrey, Mr. 
and Mrs. Leo Langcvin, Larry, 
Lcnao, Dale. Fern and Carol, and 

or Euclid, also Mr. and Mrs. 
Lloyd VoVca of Thief River Falls, 
Mr. and Mrs. Daka Avers, Ricky, 
Randy, Robby, Dlnne and 
Den Iso and Mr. and Mrs. Duane 
Olson, Danny, Susan and Jeffrey. 
Joining them In tho afternoon 
were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Arm- 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Johnson 
and Myrl were Sunday evening 
Visitors at tho John Gustafson 
home In Thief River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Swcn Siulcstudof 
Phoenix, Arizona and Mr. and 

w-iuiD, ujid. r vm unu muui. niu »nc mr. nnu mm. jhck nnn- rnocmx, Anzona ana Mr. ana Mondi 
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Nelson, strong, Bruce and Tommy or St. Mrs. Emll Znvornl of Thief River Lewis 
Garv. Dole and Dann enioved a Hilnlrp " Pniu »>•»• nim^m «,<».ir.n n— j„ 

Mahnomen. Mr. and Mrs. Lan-y 
Schormcr of Draylon and Mr. 
and Mrs. Andy Peterson. 

Saturday afternoon and supper 
guests at the C. W. Radnlecki 
home in Oklcc were Mr. and Mrs. 
HonnyLlndberg and Pauline, Mr. 
and Mrs. Fred Sorcnson and 
Jessica, Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
Pcrrnull, Mr. and Mrs. Don Berg 
and girls, Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
Lambert and girls. Mr 1 , and Mrs. 
Dick Radnlecki and family, 
Weldon Stctlcr, Frank Omcllfs. 
Mrs. Homnn Radnlecki and 
children, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. 
Bowman, Mrs, Gunnuf Gun- 
slenson, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley 
Radnlecki, Mr. and Mrs. Roy 
Jorgenson and family. Mr. and 
Mrs. Stan Radnlecki and Sheila 
and Bruce, Tom and Gcrnldlne 

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Salvcson of 
Minneapolis were Thursday 
supper guests at the Malcolm 
Slucy home. 

_tp Crygln nnd Thler River Folia, v 

Mrs. Obert Hovel and Dennis '' 
were Sunday afternoon callers at 
the Gust and Vernon Ivcrson 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Gene Fiddler and 
Joel visited Sunday evening at 
the Mordy Morrison home. 

Sunday afternoon Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Rnlph Gntzow, Debbie and 
Ronald of Forest Lake came to 
spend some time visiting atlhe 
Cart Ekwall home. 

A week ago Saturday Mr. and 
Mrs. Henford Rolslond visited at 
the Edgar Miller home. 

Gary Of telle is spending a week 
at tlic Clifford Johnsrud home. 
Sunday at Gilmer Oftclics for 
Mrs. Oftelie's birthday were Mr. 
and Mrs. William Mostrom,' Mr. 
and Mrs. Jorgen Oflclle, Mr. and 
Mrs, Arnold Rlngstad and Carey. 
Alfred Rlngstad. Mrs. Ida 
"Mostrom and Andrew and Mrs. 
Clifford Johnsrud, Candy and 
Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. 

and Mrs. Mayor Holcn and 
family and Mr. and Mrs. Bobby 
Johnsrud and family. 

Coffee guests ■ ot the Arnold 
Haugen home on Mondoy were 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnsrud, 
Candy and- Christy nnd Gory 
Mrs. Al Lanquist of Chicago 
-■ i Monday forenoon coffecj 

KirL-srarttiirErllngDnhlen homer - 


g Newfolden Cafe j 
July 12, 1970 

Serving 11:30 to 2:00 

and meet the > 

Able to attend were Mrs. John 
Bauer and Mrs. Douglas Mar-" 
tlnson. Other guests were Mrs 
George Soincy. Mrs. Emil 
Hellquist, Mrs. John Thompson 
and Mrs. Ray Holmstrom. 
Hostesses for the social afternoon 
that ended with a bountiful picnic 
lunch were Mrs. Victor Ran- 
sfrom. Mrs. James Rookor,-Mrs. 
Irwin Johnson, Mrs. Harold Sabo. 
Mrs. Calvin Peterson, Mrs. Larry 
Kron, Mrs. Roy Copelond and 
Mrs. Bert Kron. Children en- 
joying a soft ball gome or.ploying 
in the sand or on swings ac- 
cording to their age were Gene 
Copclnnd. Nell and Lyle Johnson, ■ 
Jane Sabo, Tammy and'Michael 
Wicklund. Colleen, Billy and 

I tho 

building . 

Strandquist . 


. UWI,&ialH 

Olnf Stoloas home included Mr. 
and Mrs. Ole Neslnnd, Elvin. 
Bammcrud, Mr. and Mrs. CarlC 
Syversrud of Ribbing, Mr. and ' 
Mrs. Joe Fazio and family of 
Hoy l Lakes, Mr. and Mrs. Lester 
Vad and children and the Orlan 
Stolons family. Afternoon callers 
were Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hen- 
drickson and Donald, Mrs. Gundn 
Myrum nnd Mrs. Alice L'undin. 

ii ...| 


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stronbcrg. 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gullratl nnd 

irandson, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar 
ohnson and Shcrri Dnlgre were 
.luncheon .flues ts = ot-lhc Claude 

'sident ol [he llllick 

age 45 of SI, Paul |: 

ield Friday, July 3rd al 1(1:3 

id Mrs. Robert Sorvig 
il viMied al the Vera! 

evening Hrenda Srnsky 
L'rrntRht guest of Lynns 
.'arrrii Moil.eck home 

family of Havre. Montana and 

Mrs. Gunda Myrum. 

. ,„ ,, „ , ,.,-,.,, Mr- and Mrs. John Cullcn and 

luncheon .fluesls = ot-thc Claude famllyJotUlLEHdJiyjorEoatiar,- 

JolTnscm-taVhnmirTjrramruSy— HlintwnSj^ln^iS.Swin" 

The_ occasion was to Wcdnesdajalhcr parents home, 

the E. A. Aliens. 

:, Radnlecki of Mln- 

honor Mrs. Paul Gullratl and 
Oscar Johnson on their birth- 

Hlvcr Falls. 
■"m™" t'^'u'n „ k... uhii Sunday forenoon and afternoon 

IllWmnn n mt fnmui Mr^ 1 « tf «KUCSLS Ot the Dick Marquis 

wfir Pi™! ™i y, M ? ,' homc ««rc Mr. and Mrs. Clayton 

S^t^&WeyS Giddier' W C jff "fed 

i \T ,lCt pS i , V ?fi, F ' ,,1S ° n W y ' Se Jenson" *"* J °° *"* 

Mrs. Phil Hllgemnn and Mrs. Sundnv omxti nt th.. p ,„Mn 

rSlSTlSrSv",'. KlTrScGlS «nd"Sc«S?'j.hrJjr, t S3 

^ttft? was aBiffi^Bp BSSfffis: 

-SSrtin Skreloid was - o - ■MS mlJ "naittWll=l_ 
Solorda^evealnj caller al Ihe Mr . J^ M „, «„„„,, 

&ilurdny dlnaer HuesL. al Uie , ltl -„„,,..„,„, Ilu ,,, q 
Elsle.nad Ivan Klmlrooah home Saturday dinner rucsIs w 

elery. May we 
))Ullne>l,illii. lar 


Ship Your 
Livestock To 
So. St. Paul 


t's Truck Line 

OfcUi, Mlnn«sora 

Ph. CoIItcl 79G-1MS " 
ot 7S«.4U1 

.Mcmrlu-aii and Wm.'Siindholm of 
Miiuieaixitis were visitors during 
ihrweekattlieWtn. Kruse hnme. 

. ...sICilv.Iov... 
i-olkinc of Mitt- 

J nl in Erickson 

mieKnckson, Mr. 

es Erickson nnd 

ii of St. 

!! Mell 

f SI. 

.-Mem hoMm.,1 in 
Falh and were 


USED (Butt/oWusei/)CJIR 

1967 Mercury 4 dr. Sedan, like new _'__' 

— All Power 

-1965 Buich Elecfra 225, low mileage 
1965 Buick LeSabre 4dr. Sedan 

Low Mileage 

^-W65-GhevroleMmpalcr-2 dr. H a r d t op 

1965 Chevrolet BelAir 4 dr. Sedan 
1964 dhevrolct 4 dr. Sedan 



Thief River Folk 

Uhlond. Mertll Flowers 

Sclma Flck. 

" Tlmmy Borsvold was an 
overnight guest at the Emma 
Schcy home on Friday. Sherri 
Daigre spent the weekend at 
Oscar Johnsons cabin. 

Mrs. Alvln Nelson of Newfolden 
died on Sunday. ,Mr. and Mrs. 
Nelson were former residents of 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Carlson 
and. family visited at the Ed 
Carlson home on Sunday, 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ncaly of 
Jacksonville, Florida, Mr. and 
Mrs, E. M. Skoglund of Argylc 
and Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Johnson 
of Minneapolis visited at the 
Klticlfion home on Saturday. 

Mrs, Alfred Carlson and 
Nannie Lcfrooth each won t5 ot 
the drawing on Saturday night. 

Keith Soudgrcn of Wisconsin 
ond Sue- Nelson were weekend 
visitors nt the Eddie Nelson 

. Orvillc Scficy of St. Paul 
arrived at the Emma Schcy homc 
on Monday to spend a few days. 
ile left. for home on Thursday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sjoquisl 
of Colcraine, Minnesota, were 
dinner guests at the Oscar 
Johnson home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Mcrlyn Nelson 
and family, Carol Nelson, Mr. 
and .Mrs. Gordon Grandstrand 
and family visited at the Herman 
Nelson home on Sunday evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Johnson 
were dinner guests at the Oscar 
Johnson cabin on Saturday. 

'Bent . 

ncapolis spent the -)th holiday i 

larcntal home. Other 

e Mr. 

k. Gunstenson. 

Those from here that entered 
the oueen talent contest held in 
Oklce on Friday evening were 
Becky, Patty and Beth Rad- 
.nlecki. Patty Is Miss Northwest 
Sunflower and made a guest 
nppcarance. Becky was one of 
the runner ups for Miss Oklee. 

Mrs. Raman Radnlecki, Paula 
and Charles visited nt the Eddy 
Stucy homc on Monday evening. 
Malcolm Stucy was also a coffee 
guest there. 

Reminder to Deerpark 4-H 
members: Have your dish towels 
hemmed, washed and ironed and 
bring tlrem to thcnnnunl picnic nl 
the Orlando Chcrvcstad home on 

July nth. ™ 

Saturday evening guests at the 
Olaf Stolons homc were Mr. and 
Mrs. Arnold Myrum and family. 
They also left for their home in 
Montana the same evening. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tcigland 
nndchildrcn of Mlnncopolis spent 
thrf week sight seeing nnd visited 
In Denver, Colorado with Mr. and 
Mrs. Carl Johnson, (nee Fnyc 

Other guests bringing birthday— 
wishes to Mrs. Sena ChervcstSd 
were Mrs. Lyle Mont ond Mori 
Lynn and Mrs. K. Evcnson. 
Thursday evening callers at 
Senas were Mrs. Ole Gundcrson, 
Mrs. Audrey Bcrgcrson and 
Julian Gundcrson. Julian was a 
supper guest at the Orlando 
Chcrvcstad homc the same 

"and family. 
RlchsTcf Rustan Home!" "* .*"" Da"[-;DenlsVnn'dJoAnn.'Mr.''n; 

irday evening c 
isrtf Rustan hon 

Frri'lSd L « n n d a''l!fr.°"j;r!?e «F'»^ = '^i MirS 

Waller Lundeen al He Deaeoncs. p„, ™ y K™ Ce,e!, and tXS 
hapJUl In Grand Fork, on L'lr.l't rtiTed "ft !& 
Howard SJuleslad. who is a 




319 LuBree Ave. 

Phone 681-1714 


mmy-Kronrclrtdy-Aiidt ... 
Steve Langlic, Karen and Bar- 
barn Holmstrom. Bobby ond 
CJndy Uruggeman,. Wesley, Ross 
ond Ronny Soiney_^odncy and 
, Brcnda Martinson and Laura and 
Leonard Kron. Having a late bite 
to eat at the picnic table were 
James Hooker. Victor Hanstrom, 
Susan and Janet Molskncss. Ray 
and Steve Holmstrom. and 
Douglas Martinson. 

l^isl Wednesday Mrs, John 
Bauer drove to Washburn, N. D. 
to attend the funeral services at 
the United Methodist church held 
for her uncle, William Flemmer. 
He passed away ut Canby, Minn., 
- where he was employed. f 
Lust Wednesday afternoon 
Mrs. Mike Johnson visited with 
Mrs. John Thompson. On Thurs- 
day Mike Johnson was a dinner 
guest at the Thompson homc. 

Mr. and Mrs, Roy Holmstrom, 
Barbara and Karen visited on 
.Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. 
Wesley Bring of rual Strandquist. 
Sunday evening they visited with 
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson 
— -and .Tuesday evening they had 
evening coffee with Mr. antTMrs.- 
RtiSsell Nelson. 

■ Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Harold 
"Snbo spent Ihe dny fishing nt 
Wheeler's Point on Lake of the 

Mrs. Bert Kron, Laura and 
Leonard visited Wednesday 
evening with Mrs. Mike Johnson 
in Thief River Falls and enjoyed 
birthday cakeand ice cream with 

Saturday afternoon Mr. ond 
Mrs. Alfred Haftcseth. Mr. and 
Mrs. Sam Oswald. Elmer Kron 
nnd Mr. and Mrs. Bert Kron and 
Laura were - among those at- 
TngJIieZfu- ' • '-- 

Gary. Dale and Onnn enjoyed a 
4th of July picnic at tho Marvin 
Mocn homc. 

Mrs. Lilas Klefstad ond Mrs. 
Glen Olson brought birthday 
greetings to Mrs. Gordon Olson a 
week ago Monday evening. 

Mrs, Howard Gulscth (Bessie 
Sllnger) ol California and Mrs. 
TUlle Johnson and Mrs. Anna 
Johnson or Thief River Falls 
were visitors of Mrs, Minnie 
Johnson a week ago Friday. 

Mrs. Dakc Aycrs, Ricky, 
Randy, Robby, Diane and Denlso 
brought a cake and birthday 

tiilolrc. " ' Foils were Thursday evening 

Mrs. Bert on Johnson left last visitors at the Gordon Olson 

Tuesday evening for Security, home. Mrs. SJulesUd and Mrs. 

Colorado, whereshespento week Olson ore cousins. Friday 

visiting with her brother evening Mr. and Mrs.. Gordon 

Clarence Dimmcn ond family. Olson, Kathy, Scott, Bna 

Norden church 1 , „ 

was well attended. A musical 
program - wa s - presen ted - by- th e — 
Virgil HJclIe family of Viking and 
also included solos by Steven 
HJeltc. A group of smaller 
children, which Included Sherric 
ond Alan Mclvic, Kathy Dyrdal 
ond Ricky, Randy and Robby 

sister ana aunt, Mrs. Lloyd 
VcVco in Thief River Falls last 
Tuesday evening. 

, Vem Hamrc of Numcdol was a 

Robert Jabllnski home In Thief Saturday evening coffee guest at 

IBM Data Processing course at 
the Electronic Computer 
Programming Institute, Min- 
neapolis, was John C. Wcndcl. 
son of Mr. ond Mrs. Kenneth 
Wcndel. Thief River Falls. A 1SC7 
graduate or Lincoln high school, 
Wcndel attended Northland Stale 
Junior college for two years 
before beginning studies ot the 

"River Falls. 

Derek of Baltimore, Maryland, 
and Mrs. Dennis Green, Debbie, 
Douglas and Mclindo, were 
among those who. attended the 
open house for Mr. and Mrs. 
James Brcznay or Seattle, 
Washington , In Th ief R iver Falls! 
n week ago Thursday, Mr. 
Brwnoy's birthday anniversary 
was also observed. 
-Mr. and Mrs. Glon Olson and- 
Mr. and Mrs. Ervln Olson, Tron 
and Brent met Mr. and Mrs. 
Ronnie Olson, Paul, Kirslcn and 

and Shelly Solscng spent Sunday 
afternoon visiting with Dorecn 
Dyrdal of St. Paul at the Lewis 
homc. and Mrs. Marian lloglo 
ond Bill were also Sunday af- 
ternoon luncheon guests there. 
Alvln Lletzow visited that 
Saturday^visilors at t he Bcrto n 

Lake Falls were Friday dinner 

fucsts or Mrs. Ray Solney. 
_ . .... _ undny, John Sheldon of Grand 

Stephanie of Bra] nerd at Union .Forks spent the day with the 
Lake and spent the 4lh of July os . Solncys. 
guests at the Julius Dohl cabin 

Johnson homc were Nancy and' ' fcJrncst Thdrsgaord scheduled - . _ 
Mark Dimmcn, and Susan Samp- Rive a talk onlhclr recent stay in 
son. New Guinia. 
Mr. and Mrs^Al.Klnnyof Red Mr. and Mrs.- Roger Solent. 

Jane were visitors at the Gene 
Nelson home in Viking. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dakc Aycrs, 
Rl cky,-Ran dyrRobbyrD laneiin a~ 
Dcnlsc were among those going 
to Warren SunHay evening to 
watch the fireworks display. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Clifton VoVcu ol 
Bcmidjl were a week ago Friday 
evening visitors ot the Ervln 

„. Olson home. Mrs. Olson. Brent 

Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. and Tron were brief visitors that 
itogcr Solcm, Roger Alan ond same morning at the Dave Mcllin 
Cynthia visited with Kothy Solem ' -■ — 

and Ken Nelson ol Minneapolis, 
Mrs. ' Ruth Solcm of Port 
Charlotte, Florida, ond Mrs. 
Carrie Solcm of Grygla nt the 
Alfred Solem homc In Stcincr, 
Mr. ond Mrs. Mclvin Aascby of 

Numcdol were Sunday evening Danny ._ __ „ ..,_„. 

coffee guests at the Harold overnight guest at the Leland 

Languas homc. Nelson home in . Sanders. 

A service has been tentatively Saturday evening Mr. ond Mrs. 

' *" "- J church at 8 p.m. La vem e Hamrc, Tnwnya, Kirk 

Mrs, and Klrbv, also Mr. nnd Mrs_ 

Jens BachTDavirJ, Diane, Rabin 

and Rhonda of Numcdol, were 

visitors at the Duane Olson homc. 

here and In Thief River Fulls. 
They returned homc Sunday. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Uaryl Lewis, 
Tlmmy and Todd were Monday 
evening coffee gucsls at the 
Martin Solseng Jr. home. Ncls 
Drydal of Thief River Falls was o 
Monday afternoon visitor at Ihe 
Lewis home and John and Krlsty 
Drydal of Sanders were Satur- 
day noon luncheon ond after- 
noon guests. 

BROOKS . . . 

family and Mary Miller or Crook- 
ston wer<; Sunday guests of Mrs. 
Marie Lanlcl. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Earl Gramer and 
family, Mr. arid Mrs. Marc 
Pa rentes u and family and Mr. 
and Mrs. Don Bang of Illinois 
were July 1th guests at the Aurtl 
Parcntcau home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Myhre 
ad as their guests Sunday a 
picnic dinner and supper, "Mr. 

Mrs. Leland Nelson, Gary and 
Dana were Tuesday visitors at 
the Gordon Olson home. 

Sunday Olson was a Friday 
overnight guest at the Lav erne 
Hamrc homc In Numedal, and 
Danny Olson was a Friday 

Last week HJalmer Raflcscth 

and his da liter, Mrs; James 
Schabel and four daughters from 
Michigan were supper guests 
evening at the Alfred II " 

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Johnson, 
Dwlght. Nell ond Lyle- were 
Sunday evening visitors ot the 

Glflon Johnson homc. 
■ Mrs. Harold Kagg and her 
granddaughter, Julie Lckstrom 
of Vienna, Virginia were. Thurs- 
day afternoon visitors at the John 
Thompson home,— 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds, 
Michelle, Shawn and Patrick of 
St. Paul were Sunday afternoon 
visitors ot the Ervln Olson homc. 
That evening Mr. and Mrs. Bill 
Jahnke, Penny and Leaunlc were 
visitors there. 

Saturday Frank Armstrong 
took his grandsons Ricky, Randy 
and Hobby Aycrs lo the 4th of 

.i-July Pow Wow ot the Indian 

Itaftcscth Reservation. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dlcrcks 
and Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Voth of 
Goodhue were weekend gucsls at 
the homc of Mr. Dlcrcks sis- 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd VeVca of 
Thief Hlvcr Falls were Tuesday 
supper guests ot the Frank Arm- 
strong homc, The occasion being 
Mr. VcVca's _ birthday an- 

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wik of 
Fosston, Miss Gunda Engcn, also 
Ed Carlson were Sunday af- 
ternoon visitors at the Jens Klerk 

Mr. and Mrs. Emmctt Lldcri 
and Julie of Hcnnlng and Mrs. 
Oscar Llden of Thief Itiver Falls 
spent the 4th of July at the Ardell 
Lidcn homc. Friday, Mr. and 
Mrs, Harold Matikc of Smiley 
and Mr, nnd Mrs. Larry Laucr, 

.... Alan and Cynthit 

Sunday evening visitors and 
luncheon guests at the Teddy 
Koropatnlckl homc near 

Welcome to the neighborhood Is 
extended to Mr. and Mrs. Burton 
Lane. Stanley^ Lori and Mary, 
formerly of Thief River Falls, 
.who haVe_now moved. Into jho_ 
Lena Dimmcn form. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ervln Olson, Tron 
ond Brent, together with Mr. and 
Mrs. Robert Jabllnski. Pammy, 
Lor! n,nd Debbie of Thief River 
■Foils and Mr. and Mrs. Clifton 
VeVca and family of Bcmidjl left 
a week ago Sunday for a camp- 
out at a lake near Bcmidi, 
returning homc the first part of 



_ Mrs. Douglas 

Odogaord, Steven, Lori, Julie 
Ann, David, Danny, and Douglas 
of Puerto Rico, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Harold Matikc of Smiley enjoyed 
o picnic nt the Ardell Llden home 
on Father's Dny. 

Wednesday afternoon visitors 
at the Junior Solscng home were 
Mrs. Edith Dyrdal, Todd Lewis, 
_and . Mrs. Don. Dyrdol_Greg._ 
Kathy, John and Krlsty of San- 
ders. They brought birthday 
greetings belatedly to Shelly 
Solscng nnd shared Dlrthday cake 
and lemonade with her at the 
close or the afternoon. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Dahlcn Green of 
Baltimore. Md.,' were Friday 
supper guests, and David 
Furuscth of Sanders wa 

UIL- IIUIIIC Ui J»!i. UlCItlUI ai.-»il-'r "H« J.ll, UIIU juts. LHII.J UldVI, «'■« »iV,lll«", ULhUUOW,, w. ,,,».., 

Mrs. Helen Puppc. Mrs. Dlcrcks Larry Jr., Shawa, Joel ond Jill of Leo arrived Tuesday lo spend a 

Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Bert 
Kron. Laura and Leonard and 
Mrs. Glen Odbcrg and Jill or, 
Newfolden enjoyed picnicking 
ond simming at Lake Bronson 
Slate Park. 

Tuesday night the Bert Kron 
family were greatly surprised to 
receive a telephone coll from 
Kcllh who Is with the Navy in 
Hawaii. Communication was 
much clearer and easier to hear 
than our local service in the area 
has been the last several weeks. 

Best wishes' ond much hap- 

and Mrs. Voth arc daughters < 
Mr. and Mrs. William htehrkens 
Sr. or Sanders. Sunday evening 
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mchrkcns 
and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mchrkcns 
Jr., Peggy, Duvid" nnd Paul or 

Thier" River Falls visited with the 
before- men tinned at the Puppc 

Mr. ond Mrs. Jens Klerk and 
Miss Gunda Engcn visited the 
afternoon of the -tth with Mrs. 
Olaf Hnlvorson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Johnson 
ond granddaughter Carrie or 
Minneapolis. Charles Joyce ol 
Fargo, , Mrs. Marie Joyce of 
Oakland Park, and Chester Joyce 
were guests at the George Joyce 
home July 4th. 

piness _nre_cxtcndcd_ to John Mr^and Mrs, Dahlcn Green Mr. and Mrs. 

-lleliqulst-and— Vicky— Erickson — and — Dor«k — of— ^ultimore. nTb joy.-l i aj T .beci 

Minneapolis visited ot the Llden 
homc and also helped Ardell 
observe his birthday an- 

.— Mr_mid Mrs.-Lovon (Swodo) 
Hcndrlckson of Mlnot. N.D., 
spent the 4th orJuly weekend at 
-the Floyd Italian homc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Deforest Green 
visited Monday evening at the 
Jesse Bakkc homc In Sanders. 
Tuesday evening they visited at 
the Ray Soincy ond Floyd Italian 
homes. Mr. Green also called al 
the Rolland Sonde and Paul 
Furuscth homes Friday af- 

Congratulations to Mrs. Helen 

Puppc on the arrival of a new 

granddaughter, bom June 30 to 

ilr. jind airs. Paul Puppc. Thc_ 

Mil en 

Mr. ond Sirs. Ray Solney, 
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. 
Dahlcn Green of Baltimore, 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rare!, 
Kay, Tammic and Dawn of 
Gainesville, Florida arrived 
Saturday to spend a two week 
vocation here with her parents 
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Hyde and 
other relatives and frlcndi. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul VcseHch and 
family of Beaver Falls, Pa., 
and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony 
Novak, Ron. Sylvcstor and 
Lorraine ^>f East Grand Forks 
and Mrs. Raymond Walter and 
Rcnae were Wednesday supper 
gucstsat the Walter Novak homc. ' 

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Brusfad ,ol 
Mentor were Saturday visitors at 
the Dan Naas homc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Med Mcrcil ol 
Thief River Falls were Tuesday 
visitors at the Laurence 
Morinvlllc homc. 
— Mr . a n d Mrs . Lioyd-Fournlar— 
and family of Columbus. Ohio 
came Thursday ond are visiting 
his parents Mr. and Mrs. George 
Founder and to attend thcirSOth- 


Annie Blair of Allona, Man., 
who was vocntionlng In Ontario, 
Mrs. Edna Hawthorne of Fcncton 
Falls, Ontarloand James Blair of 
Rcaboro, Ont., were Friday 
supper guests at the Mervin Hyde 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Guy Noycs of So. 
Milwaukee are~ visiting friends 
and relatives here and in Red 
Lake Falls, 

A large group of friends and 
relatives honored Mr. ond Mrs. 
George Fournler on Sundnv when 
they celebrated their 50th wed- 
ding anniversary at St. Joseph's 
church in Brooks. Hosting- the 
event was their children Mr. and 
Mrs.. Lloyd Fournler or Colum- 
bus. Ohio, Mr. ond Mrs. Luvcrne 
Lussier . (Joyce! 
Milwaukee, Wis. - 

and Mrs. Ted Braatcn and Mr. 
and Mrs. Don Olson of Manvcl, 
N.D., Mr. and Mrs. Chos. 
Clcmctson and Mrs. Mabel 
Nelson of Grand Forks, Mr. and ' 
Mrs. Wesley Myhre and girls. 
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Myhre ana 
family, Mr. and Mrs. Larry 
Myhre and family, Mr. and Mrs. 
Dcrold Carpenter and family. 
Evening guests were Mr. and 
Mrs. Sheldon Pigeon and Dicky 
Mr. and Mrs. Narclssc 
_Robidoux.and Mr^and Mrs. Pete 
Kaiser and family of Denver 
were Monday guests at the Pete 
Robldoux homc. 

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Reck and 
Kurtis were guests over the . 
weekend of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis 
Lee In Moarhead. 

Mrs. Leland Sana and Mrs. 
Mil ford Gustafson entertained 
Tuesday, evening nt a bobv' 
shower for Lee James Duckstaa. 
little son a( Mr. and Mm. Lars 
Duckstad at the Duckstad homc. 
Guests were Mrs. Stanley 
Rysavy, Mrs. Holland Toupin, 
Mrs. Esther Danlelson, Mrs. 
Lcnndcr Bcrbcrlck. Mrs. Wlllard 
Solic, Mrs. CllRord Duckstad and 
Mrs j Verne Schindlcr. After the 
gifts were opened (he hostesses 
served lunch. 

Darvl Wilkcns who is em cloyed 
-I n-t ho-Gi t i co-spen t-l he- weekend — 
with his parents Mr. and Mrs. 
Paul Wilkens. 

•• Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hyde of 
"Moorhcffd - Spent "Sunday here 
with his parents Mr. and Mrs. 
Mervin Hyde and with his brother 
and sister- in - law Mr. ond Mrs. 
Gerald Karcl and girls of 
Gainesville. Florida. 

Aurcl Parcntcau . was the 
honored guest Friday when a 
group of his friends from Crook- 

day. Happy birthday Aurcl! May 
you have many more.!. 

JoAnne Wirok of Minneapolis 
was a weekend guest of Shurlcen 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robidaux, 
Zodl and Echo, Mr. and Mrs. Pete 

n™^ r, N^n? e nlTtr™n5K -"'"V" j*"""" f »" «'*. miiwauKee, wis., anu mr. ana 

nephews. Normnn nnd Kenneth Maryland, spent Sunday fish ng Mrs. Dona d Foumicr of Oklee 
Olson, Wednesday evening Mr. u , Red_Lake:Sunday evenly th£ This ^salso n family reunion 

David Todd ond Greg ol ^i. i-uu. 
visited here with her parents Mr. 
nnd Mr. and and Mrs. Pete Rule. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ma re Parcntcau 
and family and Mr. and Mrs. 

there with them, and on Thurs- Sherry Solscng and Peggy 


mily enjoyed 
lie Sunday at 

itlvei _ _ 

-Katie and Nancy Carlson of St. 
Hilaire visited last week with 
their aunt and uncle, Mr. and 
Mrs. Harold Lambert. They 
returned to their home on Sunday 
when their father. Dale Carlson 

at the Redeemer Luthc 
church in Thief River Falls. The 

wedding reception followed in Uie 

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home. They began their return 
home the following morning. 

Adolph Doblas of Angus was a 
Sunday evening visitor at the 
Inar Mlkkclson home. The 
following afternoon Mrs. 
Mlkkclson was a visitor at the O. 
N. Urdal home in Thief Hlvcr 
Falls. ■ 

Mrs. Dave Mcllin, Chris and 
Kim or Thief River Falls were 
afternoon ond supper guests at 
the Ervln Olson homc a week ago 
Tuesday. Later In the evening 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Jabllnski, 
Pammy, Lori and Debbie were 

Mrs. Amanda Kczar ac- 
companied Mr. ond Mrs. Omcr 
.Olson, Ritta Jo and Greg to Pine 
Lake on the 4th, where they met" 
and enjoyed picnicking with 
Omcr's broghcr, Mr", and Mrs. 
Tcnny Olson and family and 
—sister,— Mr — ond— Mrs.— Donald- 
Paulson, Peggy and Kcllh of 
Fosston, and other relatives. 
Grandma Kciar also ac- 
companied Mr. ond Mrs. Omer 
Olson when they called ot the 
homc of Mrs. Olson's sister, the 
Howard Flntclands, and were 
supper guests at the homc of her 
brother, the Vernon Vocltx's, 
both al Trail. 

Debbie and Mclinda Green 
spent Sunday overnight at the 
Itay Solney homc upon their 
return with their parents, the 
Dennis Greens, from a 10-day 
visit in Oklahoma City. Monday 
afternoon Elaine Waller was' a 
coffee guest ot Mrs. Solncys. 
■ Mr. ond Mrs. Charles Sorcnson 
and Wcndel were coffee guests of 
Otto and Mclvin Sougcn In 
Stcincr a week ago Sunday af- 
ternoon. , 
— Alfred Solcm'of Stelncr was - a 
— Tuesday -morning coffee guest— 

Lnvcrne Johnson of Tioga, 
N.O., and his nephew, Timmy 
Johnson or Chorlcson, N.D., 
arrived Sunday to spend a week 
with Mrs. Minnie Johnson ana 
Dcwalnc. Tlmmy is the son of Mr. 
ond Mrs. Eldo Johnson. 

Dorecn Dyrdal arrived Wed- 
nesday morning from St. £aul to 
visit at the Don Dyrdal homc in 
Sanders and ot the Duryl Lewis 
homo, for a week previous to the. 
arrival here or her parents, Mr. 
and Mrs. David Dyrdal. 

Enjoying a picnic at the Omcr 
Olson homc Tuesday evening 
were Mr. and Mrs. Thornton 
Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Orvillc Dahl. 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Duprec and 
Mrs. Amanda Kczor, all ot the 
Thief Hlvcr Falls. 

Mrs. Esther Solscng ond Mrs. 

Edith _DyrdaI""rclumed home 


oyl. „ 

of Mrs. Dyrdal's brother. Earl 
Benson, since Monday evening. 
Enroutc home they accompanied 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Martinson as 
far os the Fred Wilde homc cast 
of Thief River Falls, where they 
visited with Mrs, Solicng's 
relatives until Ellon Solscng 
called far them later that night. 
Mrs. Ililalry Stoltman nnd 
Patricia of Thlcl River Falls and 
Mrs. Ralph Meyers were Wed- 
nesday 'afternoon visitors ot the 
Omcr Olson home. 

Mrs. Don Dyrdal. Greg. Kathy. 
John and Krlsty of Sanders, and 
Dorecn Dyrdal of St. Paul were 
Friday afternoon luncheongucsls 
at the Dory I Lewis homc. Dorecn 
remained to spend the weekend. 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hoord of 
Thief River Falls were Friday' 
evening visitors at the Martin 
Solscng Jr. home. 
- Leo-La ngevin of Sanders was a 

/ Friday morning from St. 

-PauIrWhcro thov had Keen guests— 

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washing machine. Older upright 
-piano , Kl t cliu'n ta bl*tand 4 clia irs^ 
:ul! GM-22C9. IMC : 

FOR SALE - 1 black pony 
fielding, broke ride. Call G8 1-4739. 

Wanted to Rent 

farm house with 3 bedrooms, 
within 20 miles of TR. Falls- Call— 
collect 796-3154. Oklcc, Minn. . 
exchange. 401 fe 


_ipr 3_r*tfroom"i^yiir"rwytgoo<t-- 
-wuiOor-wghLhouso. Col! CSI-24B0.- 

FOn SALE — Used aluminum 
lilhgraphlc plates 23"x35". 25 
cents each. Ideal lining hog pens 
and granaries. Back door of 
Times. 36Up 

New and Rcuseable Steel for 
Sale — Largest stock of angles, 
channels, flats, strips, bars and 
sheets in area. Wholesale prices. 
Bolts- 30 cents. Good 55 gallon 
-drums on hand. We buy scrap 
metal* ond Iron. Evans Sled, 
Thief River Foils, Minn. 

Mutator- for 

Beer off sale from 11 a.m. til 

midnight Kite's Cole, T.R. Falls. 

5011c . 

Wanted to buy or trade an- 
tiques at Junction antique and 
Kill shop, one mile west of T. it. 
Falls, across from sales barn. 
Ph. 681-5040. 98tfc 

Roll tickets far sale— single 
roll, 2,iioo tickets per roll 11.05 
Book' tickets, 500 per book. 85. 
cents. Times, Main at 4th St.. 

i lots 11.40 per ream. Colored 

mimeo B^'xll^-tirlOTeiim" lots. 
„I1.4S per renm. The-Tto n .. ' 

PHONE 661^3300 

1G0 A. farm next to Nowfol* 
deD- village "limits. Almost 
all under cultivation. Ho 
buildings. $70 per A. 

2 bedroom bungalow home. 
Large living room with wall 
to wall cabinets. Bath. At- 
tached garage. Beautiful 
shade trees, beautiful yard. 

1 bedroom home. Large kit- 
chan with lots ol cabinets. 
L. - H. FulL basement with 
Lennox all furnace. Large 
one car garage. Very good 
location. ' 

2' bedroom bungalow home. 

LJL & DJt haire wall to 
" walP carpeting. Large kit ■ 
chen bos new cabinets. Ut- 
ility room, garage, furnace, 
city gas. Lot 246 It. deep. 

4 apt borne. Verr well built 
house. Beautiful yard. Clo*B 
In. Income 5300 per mo. All 
street improvements paid. 
Tax S268. 




bath oil large master bed- 
room. Fully carpeted. Gen- 
erous cabinet and c o unt e r 
space In the kitchen. Am- 
ple dining area tar B-I0 peo- 
ple. Full basement, natur- 
al gas beat, 75' loL Bride 

beautifully wooded acre 
lot. Large carpeted lirlng- 
roonx. Kitchen has ample 
dining area. Extra large Ms 
30 It. garage. Just outside 
dty-llmiti . 

4 bedroom home la S.W. lo. 

borne on 43 A. of land 4 mi. 
So. ol TJLF. Goad dairy 
barn, granary and double 
garage.Ji/, _mL- river- Iroat— 

Classified Ad Rates 

4e Pwr Ward. tMfcilmwn «0c) 



• m. TUOMY 

Situation Wont. 


Hen/* yoor carom sickle 
mowing dotw now. In or 
aroand rown. 

Phone 681-2109, 


Thief Rivor Foils, Minn. Wednesday. July 8. 1070 

Situation Want. Auto, Trailers 


Rivera Body Shop 

Real Estate 

Real Estate 


and wiring In. Only XltUDO 
Exceptionally line 3 bedim. 
home cloee fo new Jr. H. S. 

3 bedrooms, bath and Id left, 
eaette In basement. Attach- 
ed garago. 


targe lot In choice East side 
location. Large Urlngrootn, 
formal dining room* San 

baths, fireplace, range, re- 
frigerator, drapes and cur. 
tains included. Patio, dou- 
ble garage. Beady lor im- 
mediate poster, ion. We 
xm show you this fine 
homo by appointment on 
days, nights or — ■ --- 

In excellent East side loca- 
tion. Owner's good taste A 
Immaculate care make* 
this ono -special". 





107 E. 2nd St Ph. Nl •474(1 


perfect common 

1. 3 bedroom, 3 story house 
In H.W, location. Single gar- 
age attached. New carpet- 
ing- and draperies go with. 
Auto, oil heat and electric 
hot water, rull basement. 

FOR SALE - By own*.,- *. „, ,,y„ 
bedroom house with hot water ; u «- 1 / aj - 
hoat. Comer lot, black topping 
ond garage. Coll 081-1775. 

Experienced - carpet and 
upholstery cleaning. Dry foam, 
shampoo. Fast drying. S. Brcnna. 


X. IP/i miles out with new 3 
bedroom rambler, good bam 
A pole barn. Other build- 

X S8J00 taxes this older, 
newly remodeled two bed- 
room home. Itlce corner lot. 
and garage," AU'street lm. 
i*"M In. 

4. In excellent ELE. side lo- 
cation. 81 ft.' corner lot with 
carpeted family roam and 
double garage -attached. 
Natural Cat heat hot wa- 
tor, built In gas store and 
1. Very nice condition. 

5. Very nice older 4 bed- 
-room home in good location. 
110 So._Xneale Are. Large 
single garage atfacheaVTcur 
possession. Auto. Natural 
Gas heat Hot water. 

FOR SALE - Year-round 
eabln on south Twin Lokc. 
Possession Immediately. Stanley 
Habcdonk, Twin Valley, Minn. 

Call 584-1563. 3155c 

FOR SALE — 2 bedroom home 
In Middle River, nice location, . 
Cull 222-3305 4t55p 

Fruit & Veg. 

FOR SALE - Hermnnson's 

en home-grown straw berries 
iw sold every afternoon at his 
;uivn. utv ii-kiuu uimiiiui; ...rmlwoml. south of Thlefltlvcr 
guard, orKnnlsl, trio for the Falls o[[ the airport road, 
singing, ushers, the Hannah cir- 2tMp 

FOR SALE — Used Kenmorc 
sewing machine In cabinet. All 

attachments. $25. Coll 081-2013. 

FOR SALE — Wringer washer, 
good condition. Kitchen cabinet 
with double sink. Ph. C81-3383, 


Read Times Classified Ads. 

silent phone? 



If the phone does n't ring, could 
be thatnotpf-iugli people know - 
you're thete. When you've got a 
service t o sell, you con cotint.on 
newspaper advertising to make 
that phone ring ... and ring . . . 
and ting . . . because newspaper 
advertising really gets the mes- 

sage across. Check with our Dis- 
play Advertising Department. 



For Sale — 330 acre 'dairy 
farm nearly all till able. 
Barn 33x140. drinking cups 
and stanchions for 55 cows. 
bam cleaner, grade A, milk 
bouse. 2 silos, 1.18x40 It 

30x40", garage 34x30", 1 

ha. steel bin, wood granary, 
3 bedroom 1 story house lo- 
cated aa good road. Price 
190J30 per acre. Terras argil. 

519 acre farm 231 acres till, 
able. Reit trees and brush. 
I GO acres are leaced with 
netting. 2 good wells 3 mi. 
off blacktop an good gravel 
road. Price 516,000.00. 

■-- FOR SALE— 10 x 48 Dctroltcr 
— --^2 -bed room- mobile-home,- 190T- 
model. Ph. 081-2231. 30tfc 

bedrooms each apt. will ...,._ 
attached garage for each unit. 
Located on 05 ft. lot. Complete 
with lawn In and natural gas 
heat. All Improvements in. 
Completely carpeted, ceramic 
tile baths. Now rented. Price 
133,000.00. Ph. 081-3731. 2t54p 

FOR SALE - House to be 
moved. Single story, modern. 3 
bedroom with bath, fully In- 
sulated. Aluminum windows. 220 
volt service. Slate, siding. Call 

G8I-5 435. 4155c 

FOR SALE — Small house in 

i, largo kitchen, utility 

6. Older 3-3 bedroom mo- 
dem home with detached 
garage. Now natural -gas 
furnace and hot water heat- 
er. S10J0OJXL 


7. Real line older heme, 

verted Into 3 living units. 
Main. apt. has 2 bedroom 
newly carpeted. Large lot 
Cloee to schools and down. 

. FOR SALE - 10G0 SchulU 2 
bedroom mobile home, parked In 
west Iraller court, seml- 
fumlshed. For appointment, call 

-681-1030 ask for Bob Flynn. 

ltM p „, 

FOR SALE — House In Oklec. 
- See -Mrs. Lillian Johnson In 
Oklec. »54p 

FOR SALE - Good 4 bedroom 
modem house close to school, 
churches ln_Newfolden, -Minn.. 
! Nice location. Cnmbcll Thomp- 
son, Newfolden, Minn. 56738, Dox- 
ies. 3t5Cp ' 

FOR SALE -"*i«l Sunllncr 
10x60 ft. 3 bedroom mobile home 
with front cnlrancc with 10x20 ft. 
hcnled laundry and play room on 
back entrance. Located ii 
Newfolden on 2 comer lots. Also 
hooked to city sewer and water. 
Ph. B74-22B5 or contact Sherman 
Lysne, Newfolden, Minn. 

FOR SALE - Good garage, 
"chcnprTobcTnovediiron rcroi tl ■ 
So. Tindolph. Call CBI-3377. 



Thiol River Falls 
Airport 69M0I4 
Home 601-2863 

Burt'i Rx-rr Shop 

LowMmower Servk* 

Welding, Electrical 


Call Collect 22B-334* 
(Plnewood) , 


vour cylboard ond lawn mower'* 
serviced now. Sully's Wcldlnu. 
■-Shop, Johnson - Toro - Rolens 
Sales & Service, Phono 081-4672. 
Thief River- Falls, Minnesota 
'01. ..2«fc 

B. Kewer 3 room. 1 bedroom 
home on comer lot with 
garage attached. Can take 
over CJ. loans. Auto. h*a> 
rural Cos heat, hot water. 
Carpeted living room and 

S. See our selection 
75' and 100 ft. lots. 

of 501 

HEW two nfiBriBOH 

10. Available July 1st. Lgs. 

living room, two bedrooms, 

"" J " — * utility roam. Mat. 

Pcnease white typing paper 500 
sheet slie tHfcxIl, SI .25. The 
Times, Mtfp 

—Picket fence, 173 lectrp lust o be - 
sold as a unit remove it yourself 
$35.00, Picnic tnble, round with. _ 
Lazy Susan top and four 
surrounding benches sealing 12. 
i35.00^ Conta ct_Mosluc ,ul_2»G, — 
J35.00 ltiHc_ 


WANTED —June grass or blue 
crass to be used for cutting sod 
from. Call W5-3501 nlFcrtile. 

Hip. 1 -. . 

solu.. portable Magruivox-T.V v 
Hemlngion model 8 .25 cal. rifle, 
a mm Inn. pistol. Snow_plones. t] 
"Xollre.viilvt-r. IJoublo ne'ckT" 


Brooks. Minn, on blacktop 
road. Modern 4 bedroom 
bouse, full basement oil 
furnace, barn 34'x60', quon- 
set 3S'x$0* granary 16'x 
30*. quoaset irxSO*. 1*00 
bu. steel bin, pole shed lor 
cattle. Price S3130O00. 
Tenns aTcdlable. 


— 105 East 2nd St. 

This! River Falls > 
Phono _eBl-5524 

II. Completely remodeled In 
and out a o*o In, 2-2 bed- 
ro om u nits and a bachelor 
apartment. Like new. 
$360X0 Ineotne, 


681-4087 — The Sron 
Gib ton Agency 

FORSALE-Onc model C.'IH- 
C tractor and mower. Harry 
Phllijip, Rt. 2, TRF. 2tS4c 

FOR SALE - - John" Deere 
model GOO II, S-1G trip bottom 
plow. MOO. Horry Phlllpp, Rt. 2. 
TRF. 2154c 

FOR SALE - Self propelled 65 
J.D. combine. Ph. 0BI-4B03 
Raymond Anndal, Oaadrldgc. 


FOR SALE - Coop mower, 7 ft. 

cut. 3 pt. hitch. Price »55. Would 
like to buy tractor with hyd. 
loader. Patrick McCullough, 
Phone 449-2G3I, Holt. H54p 

Harvest bargains, New 16M 
Toot No. 175 I. II. sp. swathcr, big 
duals, big motor, real ends, rcg, 
S3.550 now only $2,050: New 015 
I.II, combine. 12 foot pickup, 150 
bu. tank, cab. Must be sold this 
monthr interest free -[bianco -on 
combines, swathcrs, and tractors 
well into IB7I. Ph. M3-393I, Quadc 
-Imprr-Hallock— Minn. lt54c- 

EKpericnced babysitter will do 
babysitting In my home week 
doys/Pb. 081-2507. 2t53p 

WANTED— Babysitting Job by 
high BchoolsirLPh juifcaoj ■ 

For Rent 

FOR RENT - Modem cabin 
fully furnished, utilities and 
sleeping room;-CQ!-S560,-D 4-6- 
Molel, ■ 42tfc 

FOR RENT — Second floor of 
Viking cafe located at 212 No. 
LaBrcc. Ph. 6814450. 70tfp 

FOR RENT - 25x70 ground 

floor downtown location. Suitable 

for small store or office. Times. 


FOR RENT - Dupk-x 2 
bedroom, fully furnldhed, lights, 
heat, water, giirbnto collection 
nnid. Large lawn. Move right in. 
I'll. 6BI-HB0. 401fc 

FOR SALE - 1K0 Ford 4-dr. 
sedan, Ocyl. auto, trans. Call 681- 
3541. 40tfp 

FOR SALE — "G1 Honda 300 
model. Phone C81-1B42 after 3:30. 

..FOR SALE - 12^ ft.' 


FOR SALE — I960 Falcon 
Futurn sports coupe, cyl. 
.standard transmission. All new 
premium, white wall tires. Black 
interior, bucket scats, 681-1753 
alter 6 p.m. . 1154u 

FOR SALE -Homclltego-kart ' 
engine. 15,000 rpm. overhauled. 
(60,00. Can be seen at 423 N. 
Knight Ave. ltS4p 

FOR SALE — 1970 Honda 
model Trail 70, less than 1,000 
■ miles. Phone GBMG30 or can be - 

sccnJnd - house-Nrof- Rd'housc: — 

. It54p 

FOR SALE — 1902 Ford. 292 
' auto. Ph, 081-3777. U54p 

FOR SALE - 1061 Pont. 
convert. p,s. p.b. in excellent 

cond. l96o_Chrv, 2 dr, h.L sport . 

coupe in good cond. Call 378-3170 
Goodrlrjge alter 5:30 p.m. week- 
days." "Il54p 

FOR SALE - 1967 Blue and 
white Buick Skylark. V-S. 4 dr. . 
-scdnrt. Like new. AT., p.s. 35,000 
-1 owner miles, 15.00U left on 
warranty, new tires. "Andrew 
Lchrcr. 681-5333, Lot No. 54, West 
Trailer Court. 2tS5p 

truck. Ph, 6ai-3083. 

FOR RENT - 3 sleeping 
rooms, working man preferred. 
Hot water at nit times, private 
enlrnnce. 081-3787, 402 Red Lake 
Blvd. Il54p 

FOR RENT - Unfurnished 1 
room -apt. 2nd and Main. M0.00. 
081-3930. 54tfc 

- FOR RENT— Furnished room, 
for working man or elderly 
icrson. Hoi .and cold water. 
Inquire at Apt. No, 2 or call 681- 
2999 or (181-3501. 21t(c 

FOR SALE - 1902 Corvnir. 
aood— condition.— Engine— and— 

-good — oo 

FOR SALE - 1910 In- 
ternational truck, 1 ton with grain 
box and stock rack. Telephono 
081-1400, TRF.- It54p 

.. FOIL SALE :tt 19G9 FcrcL-4 - 
pickup, Gcyl.. 3 speed, 1900 Dodge 
>? pickup, 40,000 miles, 1906 
liuick LcSchre. 4 dr. Phone. 6BI-' 
5300. Ron Phlllpp, 303 E. 9th .St. 

— -^-2t55c- 


TV SERVICE - Expert ser- 
vice by factory Irnined 
technician on TV's, stereos'nnd 
other electronic products, Larson 
Music Co. service dept. 081-2156, 


Phone 68I-5913_ 
Residential, Commercial.. 

& Farm Wiring 


FOR RENT — Duplex, one 
bedroom apt. nil furn. Lights, hot 
water, heat, garbage collection 
paid. Jloo monliily. Move right in. 
Phone 681-14B0, SQlfc * 

FOR RENT — One three room 
and one four room homiv Sinn 
Lemky. Route 2. TRF. GBMBS'J. 

■ 2154c 

FOR RENT - All new 1 
bedroom air conditioned opart- 
men t;-s to ve.-ref rig ernt or, drapes 
and full . carpeting over Ace 
-Hardware. Call 681-4707. 
-Sltfc — — — - 

Now b Hm Host ta etf 

Use* Trolkr Hrrck 

CsMfom Modw 


FOR SALE — '63 Mercury. 
Good body. Good mechanical 
condition, $395.00. L. Golden. G8I- 

2398, 2t54p 

FOR SALE — 1005 Chevclle SS. 
2 dr^hdtp.-283-4-spd^Cloan-and- - 
new nnint. 031-1094. . 2l5tn 

FOK SALE — 1970 Buddy 
mobilehome, 12x50. Set up on lot 
Call after p.m. 681-5871, 

FORSALE — 2 bedroom home. 

nrgo kitchen, utility 

and bathroom with sno 1 
$3,800. Call 222-33B7 for 
pointment. 47lfc 

FOR SALE — New 3 bearoom 
house, lull basement, double 
garage, hot water heat. Ph. 081- 
5634. 4 1 If e. 

FOR SALE - 1961 Westwood 
10x50' 1901 Gold Seal model 

tiyill frhw iT- Tirn hcitrnnmii 



To buy or Mil 


Minnesota Farms 


- Axdil* WTImm or 
J. D. rWp. 


New 3 bedroom home 

on one ocro lot. 

Fireplace. Fatlo. 

2 car attached garage. 

1 V- ml. H. on Hwy. 59 

Alio bid?, tors, 1 A. ea.~ 

John Wold 681-3105: 

FOR SALE — 153 acres land* 
short distance out on airport 
road. Gust Homme, Rt. No, 2. 
City. 3t55p 

— FOR-SALE - River lots 
100x140. Ph. 6B1-2829 or enn be 
seen at Greenwood St. West. See 

E. C. Morben. 47tfc 

moved. Make offer. One block 

-ens t-of-bowllnR alley on Oakland - 
Park Drive. Ed Welle Const. Co.. 
Moorhead, Minn. Ph. 233-1104. 
2 3C-14B9. Sltfc 

FOR SALE - 3 bedroom 
rambler home. Bedroom,. living 
room, kitchen and dinette 'car- 
peted. Fireplace, attached 

Make the best decision— buy 
MINNESOTA mowers, rnkes, 
and wagons. Lowest prices, best 

Pre-hnrvcst sale — Chalmers 
190XT tractor, 1200 hrs. use and 
like new; Farmnll400gass3or 2 
pt, hyd,. TA etc.. TDlBa crawler 
with cable dozer; D-4 cat: TDO 
crawler: new stccroblc 6-14" MI. 
plow, trip beam, 3 pt. 'hitch was 
$1,035 now $1,635: new Dakon 
rock picker was $800 now $005; 
new 3Vi yd. hyd. scraper was 
$1,075 now $1,475; good used hyd. 
4-14" hl-clearancc I. H. plow 
$425; H fool I.H7dupIcx " field cUlIT- 
A-l cond. nt $325; 13 foot Jcffory 
chisel plow $150. Quadc Imp, Co., 

FOR SALE - Model D-4 
Caterpillar tractor and hydraulic 
doier. Has hyd. attachment for 
trailing Implements. Model 7-U 
scries. Electric starter on 
starting engine. Wide gauge, 10 
inch tracks. Rain traps on 
exhaust pipes. Unit in good 
operating condition. Can be seen 
at the Carl Hollo farm, 4 ml. west 

FOR SALE — 95 J.D, combine 
with pickup and straight combine 
attachment.. Oscar Schcnkey, 
-MiddicRlver; 222-3E23r~~"54ttc - 

Siwlng Machine Service 
Any make or age. Parts 
available. All work guatan-_ 
teed and reasonable, NOD- 
MAM VOLDNE3S. 621 East 
lit St. Phone 631-4415. 

Will do digging for water line 

drain fields etc. Contact Clarence 

Amtoi. 1'n.' 0814315 or 081-5840. 




5ewer lines unstopped with 
electric. machines. We.aro 
equipped to unstop kitchen 
•Ink, lavatory, bath tub fi 
wash machine drain lines. 

Phone 00-I-585Y 
or £81-1821 

FOR RENT — Basement npt. 

$05.00 per month. Tim Hanson, 
241 N, Knenle. Ph. GBl-3%7. 

FOR RENT - Large 2- 
bedroom apt. and garage. Ph. 
081-2508. 1154c . 

FOR RENT - 3 r'm. upstairs 
apt. 1 bedroont. 503 East 1st St. 

FOR RENT - Completely 
furnished, all paneled, com- 
pletely carpeted, one bedroom 
■-opucall cnt-joii. 54tfc 

FOR RENT - Two-room 
. cabliulll West Norn slnxL Ph. 

6B1-3143, 1154c 

FOR RENT - 3 room i 
carpeted. Private entr. Als 
turn, bedroom wltirstiower. 
utilities paid. Avail, now. 
Riverside. Tele. G8M037. 

.Ek'ctru 225, 4 dr., hardtop, well 
equipped, very clean, p.b.,, 
very good tires. See It at 621 E. 1st 
SI. Phone CB1-44I5-- 52tfc 

FOR SALE - '65 Rambler " 
station wagon, GcyL, auto., radio. 
Good condition. SlOMr N. Arnold. 
Ph. 681-1933. . 50tfc 

FOR SALE - 1007'v Firebird. 

red, p.s,, p.b., 320 V-8. automatic. 

23.000 miles. warranty 

mining. New Dunlop Foreign 

FOR SALE - 90 cc Bridge- 
stone with windshield, 1,400 
miles. Duane Zabinski", Warren, 
742-7200. 4I54C 

FOR "SALE"'-" 105B In- 
leniiilionnl pickup. 4 speed, 
Gordon L." Johnson. St. Hiinirc, 

FOR SALE -nO09 ChevTSports 
Custom Impnla. Ph. cai-2829 or 
set E. C. Morben, Greenwood St. 
■ West." 47tfc . 

Capable girl would like 
babysitting jab for the summer. 
Would also do tight housework. 
Call 294-2520 at Grygla. Il54p 

FOR RENT - 3 room apt. 
upstairs over Olc's Northern 
Supply. Unfum. Phone68l-l535 or 

Call 681-1103. 

Reduce excess body fluids with 
FLUIDEX diuretic tablets, only 
$1.69 at J & B Drugs. 4t5tp 

FOR SALE — Jack pine 
■ Lumber (Rough) 1x4x8" at $80.00 
per m„ IxExB" at $90,00. 1x4x8" 

ill $100.00, "2x4x10" at $110.01 


r. in. drop siding 1110.00 Three 
miles cast. Wannaska. Phone 425- 
7522, Melvln E. KrUCgt-T. 441TC 

Furnished. _.. 

louvcrcd windows. Entry fix 1 D. 
TiicI - I^nl^J^nor^OTiKict-Tcd- 
Hegvcdt 681-3808. OOlfc 


acres cultivated land, medium 
heavy soil, on blacktop road and 

Sriced to sell. Terms, Lorenlson, 
11-1191, ■ . H54p 

FARM: 200 acres opon land. 8- 
medium black loam soil. 
Numcdal twp. Only 175.00 per 
acre. Terms. Lorcntsnn, 0B1-1I91. 

. It54p 

-STOTTT.. ^.u.™.... . - 

kitchen, carpeted liv: 
full bath, lull basement and at- 
TaTJIuTdTTa i , n"(terCnlfHTP2208Tif ter- 
5 fur appointment. 4t59c 

FOR SALE — Nov 3 bedroom 
Rambler, drapes, carpet, double 
iven-counlcr tup stove, dish- 
washer. 150'xliO - lot. 14X04 

Morvliln Trailer home. The tatist 
in housing. Anscby's Housing 
Development by outdoor theatre. 


;. Large laundry room. 200_ 
-r- Iron tagc^Cnll" for flp- 

. 6BMI 


FOR SALE — Store building 
school house building at Hazel. 4 
mi. East St. HJlnire. Write or 
phone GC2-2702, WoltcriOdegaurd. 
Devils Lake. N. Dak.^ 4l57p 

FOR SALE - Older 1 bedroom 
house on nice corner lot. Coll 081- 

2232. It54p 

16 ft. 4 in. auger with light weight 
l'.*i h. gas motor, like new. Horry 
O, Shcm, Newfolden. 874-5191. 

Sporting Goods 

— FOR — RENT""" Cokmui. - 
campers. Vem's outdoor sports. 


h.p, Johnson mo 
1393. 3t54p 


Swensoo Plumbing 

4-Heating Ine; 

301 S. Merrlnm Ph. GSM44I 
Thief River Fnlls 

_1G - Siarcroft_ 
trailer anil 40 
or. Phone 081- 

— FOR- SALE - Modem '! room" 

house In Middle River. Very nice 

LOTS FOR SALE — Anscby's location and reasonable. Phone 

Housing Development. Hiway 5T 222-3007, Mrs. A. A. Lornngcr. 

So. 50Ifc - . ' Middle River. 2t55c 

Bus. O ppor. 

WANTKD T O nPV - T^ n „iy— 

Thief River Foils c 

mcrn Minnesota locatio: 

preferred. Confidential inquiries 



For Estimates CaJL 

Aai-231B_of 681-3265 

— McBWDE— 

Painting ft Decorating 

Phone 222-3304 
Middle River, Minnesota 

FOR RENT - Nice clean room 
by week or month. 681-1023 or 204 
N. Kendall. 2155c 

FOR RENT — 1 bedroom apt. 
rrfrlg. and electric, furnished, 
above Custom Motors. Available 
July 15th, Adults only $85, oo per 
mo. Sec Pete at Falls Supply. 

ining cond. Good (or s 

Would like $150.00. getting 
married. Call 081-1002. 2t55p 

': . -FOR SALE - 'ca Thundcrblrd 
coupe stereo, air cond. full 
power. Will sell at Wholesale 
price. 081-2500. H54p 

Lost and Found 

LOST - Sun glasses with 

B inscription gray colored lensc. 
Inck frames with white 

r FOR SALE -'01 Chcv. wagon. 
six cyl. jusl overhauled, standard 

trans clean.- 681 -4015 _aIlcr^6-_ 

■ - o'clock. 930 N. Arnold Ave. — - 
- ltS4p 

FOR SALE - 1909 Fury III 
Ply. 10,000 miles, p.b., p.s. set 
water skis ropes, 'i horse Ales 
motor, hyd. power take off, water 

_pump. spray cannccllons._G8I- 

1951 after p.m. U54p 



finest eq u i p ped" shop In the 
'itorthwest. Tax all year 
shoe repair Deed*. "Ladles 
shoes dyed. 

345 Students Finish 
Red Cross Swimming 


students took part In the 
Red Cross swimming lessons at pinr ••> 

■Franklin pool from Juno 8-2G. Of .,',*. . ■ „..„ » L , rnl ^ n ■» 

this number. 113 were in water Wednesday. July H, 1970 Thief River Falls. Minn, 

ndjustment classes. 64 beginners, 

_J"H_0.dvflnce beginners. . -17 . In- — , 

Erlckson. James -Forney, -Mark- -Ranum.- Kevin Rnnum, Theresa 

r life s 


students enrolled 
in the June 2) through July 17 
session. TJiere nre some openings 
[or advance beginners, in- 
lermediates and swimmers for 
the July I'D through August 7 
session. If you are interested, you 
may call Wii-1012 for information. 

Here's a" list of those who 
finished their lied Cross water 
wirely classes: 

Advanced Beginners— Richard 
Holncr, Susan Bntner. Tony 
llrnsseau, Tom Dnndelinger, 
.Mike F.rickson. Steve Ginuque, 
David Hngen. Tim Hartley. 
Mitchet Hoard.. Handy Horlen. 
Kicky llnrien, Vrislic Kother. 
Ciinnie Kompelien. Gitry-Lnldley, 
Cliarhvn UVullvy. Debbie Linn;"" 
.Jeff l.iden. Linda I.indeman, Jeri 
— Lund in— I.nri— Lund In ; 

.Melius. Tim Mehus. Mike Olson. 
K'aihy Cindalil. Keith I'oissnnt, 
Cindy Restart. Sarn S.iniuelsnn, 
Donald Slieltler. Kim Waale nnd 
-Sieve Witness. , 

Beginners— Dawn Anderson, 
.Murry Anderson. Jeff Bnsingcr. 
_i'ii icJi" £1 u si iifiCL. Andy_B elgn cr_ 

Forsborg, Jon Knmrowaki, 
Theresa Kotnskn, Pom Kot- 
schovar, Charles Kronborger, 
Dale Kronberficr. Jeff Lindquist, 
Allen Molstad. John Monroe, 
Linda Nichols. Greg Omdahl, 
Vicki Omdahl. Brian Ha num. 
Joel Ranum, Scott Saba, Jeff : 
Schmitz. Tim Schoonhovcn, 
Mark Slmenson. Tim Sisler. 
Kristin Solheim, Susy Svenn, 
Mark Thorstad. Tammy 
Trudcau. Kim Wlgnessond Mike 
Wi H ness. 

Swimmers— Jane Achcnbach. 
Scott Hetlach. Mark Qavldson, 
Joe Dee. Susan Dee, Donald 
Forney, Gary Frnnson, Sieve 
Geati, Joy Grant, James Harris. 

•Jeff Henrickson, Jay Hunzikcr, 
Sharrl Idso, Sheldon Idso, Lucl 
Jorde. Gloria Knupplln. Bill 
LaValicy, Hand! Myhrer. Coylc 

..Peterson, Paul Ph el us, _ Daniel 
Pluth. Pam Prichard, Jodi 

Scholln. Tcrrl Shetlcr, Scott 
Solheim and Mike Wlcbolt. 

Senior life saving— Evan Arm- 
strong. Debbie Fuller, Joel Fuller 
and Jack McDcrmld. 

Schedule for the Franklin pool 
is as follows: 
Monday through Friday 

8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - 
swimming lessons 

1:30 p.rr * " ~ 

3 10 a.m. - St. Hllaln: 

i Hcllacli. 

. Douglas Brink 
man, Creg llrnsseau. Delano 
Due. Pcrrv Hue. Teddy Carlson. 
1'am.Cerny. Joe Courneyn, Glen 
Davidson. GenrRi Desrocher, 
Johanna Desrocher, Tommy 
Keksloiii. Pat Krickson. Phil 
Fnrbi). Jndi Forsberg, Dcun 
Krandsen. Joan Ginuque. Mary 
Golden, Jne Hallstrom. Sherry 
Hanson. Scott Iverson. Diane 
Johnson, Keith Johnson, Jeff 
Join win, Joann Johnson, Brian 
• Kjos.- Joseph Kotaska. Mary 
Kolaska. GrcR l.imesund. Lorie 
Mnlstnd. Danny Nnrverud. 
Gregory Ness, Teresa Ness. 
Elizabeth Nichols. Karri 
Pcdcrson, Cindy Poissant. Steve 
I'oissant. Pat Sabol. Mike 
-Schimpf. JoAnn Schmidt, Dan 
. SelioonhovL'ii. Tnmera Shctler, 
Jaqy Te rues ,-Dnvid Wnnle nnd 
Mike Wefald. 
Junior life saving- David 
- linrnlnp,; '-DQii-'Curk. ■"Scott'* 
Engelslad. Tim Krickson. Joel 
FnlRcr, Scott Meltz. Jennifer 
Pluih nnd Bobbin Trniilvet- 
Intermediate— Tim Betlach. 

-Dcniic Bjcrkon _ScotI - 

lllankenfeld. Charles Bover. 
Janeen. Burstad. March'elle . 
t'uppctt, Clyde Davidson. Mary 
KiiRelstad. Pam Engdslad, Tim 
KnRelsiad, Jerry Krickson. Kurt 
Knckson. Pani Krickson. Roger 

Baseball Clinic Is 
Slate d For Bagley / 

East Grand Forks 

Arctic Leads Trap League 

Vnr Ihn flr«l limn In Ihrr* " ^"^"^ 

For the first time In three 
weeks, tho- Thief River Trap 
league is without o tie for first 
'place' in tholeaguo standings. 
Arctic Cat edged Custom Motors 
110-119 and climbed Into sole 
possession of first place, one 
point ahead of the Legion who 
suffered o 116-110 tic with 
Grundy's in Monday night's 

Union Slate bank downed 
DJorkman's 107-104 to climb Into 
a third place tic with L. B. Hum, 
who handed Wilson Brothers 
their fourth straight loss, 110-113. 

In other action, VFW end the 
Times ended In a tie, 112-112; A 4 
W dumped Coast-to-Coost 114- 
10S; Lind Motors knocked off the 
Pharmacy 120-113 and Northern 
State bank edged the Shrine 120- 

In Arctic Cat's one-point win 
aver Custom Motors, Burt Lane 
shot 21-5, Ronnie Shcrn 22-5, Lorn 
Brcnno 23-0, Ike Hoglln 21-5 and 
Gary Lane a 1M. 

For Custom Motors, Steve 
Johnson 'hod a 24-2, Dale Larson 
17-4, Dale Schnnticn 22-6, Mark 
Malison 22-1 nnd. Bruce Mattson 

Grundy's 3 3 2 B 

Pharmacy 3 SO 

Custom Motors .... 3 6 4 

Times 1 Q 1 3 

Coast to Coast 17 2 

Schedule for Monday, July 13 
Times vs. DJorkman's 
Wilson Bros. vs. Pharmacy 
Custom. Motors vs. " 

Slate bank 

Coast to Coast vs. Grundy's 
L. B. Hartz vs. Lind Motors 
Arctic Cat vs. Shrine 
A & W vs. Legion 
Union State bank vs. VFW ; 
The traps will be open Wcd- 
ncsday at B:30p.m. as usual. July' 
13 will begin thesccond half of the 
Northern shooting season In the Thief 
. River-Trap league 


with Mike Lundgren 

FOOD SECTION Pages 7 thru 8 

Thief River Falls Times} 

Volume Numbsr Rffy-nfn» 

Thill RIvir Fulls, Panntngton Ccunfy, Mlnntioti Wednesday, July 8, 1970 

Number 64! 


Due to Hie Joyce* Aqua- 
cade" pageant— July ~ 24, 
re 9 u lor Friday night aell- 

vlrlet will be cancelled for 

that < 


Thief River Follt. Minn. 

Boys 9 to IB c.nn get major 
league baseball tips from Min- 
nesota Twins scouts nt free bovs' 
baseball clinics scheduled lor 
Friday. July 10. at Bngley and for 
Saturday, July II. at East Grand 

The BoRley clinic will bcRln nt 
_C:30 p.m. nt the Brustiid field, .In . 
case of bad weather, boys ore 
requested to bring their own Kym 
.ihoes and meet nt the Baglcy 
hifih school gymnasium. 

The East Grand Forks clinic 
will beKln at 9 a.m. nt Stnuss 
nark. In case of bad weather, 
boys are requested to bring their 
. own gym _ shoes. and _mecLnt_the_ 
high school gymnasium. 
Dlreclinu. the clinics will be 
-Angelo Giuliunlrn scout for the 
Minnesota Twins and a former 
major league catcher. He will be 
assisted by' Twins scouts, John 
Mauer and Bill Kane. , 

■ The baseball clinics arc 
sponsored ns n'publlc service by 
tlio Minnesota Twins and the 

■ Minneapolis Tribune in 
cooperation with the Boglcy high 
school athletic department, the 
city of East Grand Forks and the 
chamber of commerce. They un- 
approved by the Minnesota State 
High School league Board of 
Control, and the North Dakota 
High .School Activities 

The Twins will supply bats and 
balls. Boys are asked to bring 
their own gloves, since they may _. 
huvc Hi tL op port unity, to. practice.- 
the techniques to be demon- 
strated. — 

— Fundamentals to be covered nt — 
the Boys' Baseball Clinics will 
include base running, throwing, 
sliding, hitting and bunting, in- 
field piny, outfield play, pitching 
and catching. 

The Bagley and East Grand 
Forks clinics are two or 39 clinics 
being held this year throughout 
the Upper Midwest by the Twins 
and tfie Tribune. 

MtlNGING IIDMI-: a fourth phice trophy from the Minnesota Police 
convention and pistol shoot nt Itochcster June 20-23 was patrolman 
Harvey Tnuer, Thief River Falls police department. Taucr earned his 
trophy byshootin mpetltorsln the time-fire match In the 
. marksman class. " 

Melvie's Dominating 
Men's Soft ball Play 


Angelo Giuliani will be In Bagley 
on Friday and at East Grand 
Forks on Saturday to hold a boys' 
baseball clinic. The- clinics arc 
free and arc sponsored as public 
service by the Minnesota Twins 
and the Minneapolis Trubunc. 

Melvie's continued their 
dominotlon of the fust pitch soft- 
ball league with a threc-hlt. 7-u 
shut-out over St. Illlnlrc to Ix*>m 
their record to 5-0 In the circuit 

Melvie's was also held to Ju->1 
three hlls-by-Dalngor of Si - 
Hilnirc but made the most uf.. 
walks and six" errors on the pari 
of St. Hllalre to score their runt 
Chrlstcnscn picked up the win f<;r 
Melvie's and added five 
strikeouts In five innings to In-, 
league-lending figures. 

St. Ililalre came back Mondjj 
evening, July 6, to bomb,.Fiili-> 
Diesel 14-5 behind the )ioii!rru:i*- 
ofDulagcrundBradin. St. Hihuu- 

Wdesky. rf . 

Irf'wii, 2b . .. 
Unejoy. If - 

J/ 2-3 o 


Si. Ullui 

G. Almquist, cf . . 

Dnlngur, p 

Brodm. 3b 

B. Almquist, : 
Gaven. rf ... 
Lindquist. c . . 

Aimquiii. G. cf . 
r\lnii|uist. It. cf . 

Dal.igi-r. p 

Hrodni. 3b . 
Dickrn. c 
Lindquist. c 
M Drury. If 


Holmes. 2b 
Ituon*. 2b ... 
T. Johnson . ^s . . 
Swrel. lb 
K. Jnhnson. rf . . 
I.. I'ederson 


Legion, in suffering 
somewhat of a set-back In their 
lie with Grundy's, had a 23-2 from 
Gory Broughton, Tom Creel is 22- 
_2. Don Perkins 19-6, Al-Pnulson 
1M and John Kolaska 17-2. 

Grundy's Blck Bruggcman 
■hot a 23-1, Tony Dom 22-1, Tony 
Dom Jr. 22-0, Bun Marvin 17-7 

over Blorkman's, had Jerry 
Wcndorff shooting a 22-2, Al 
"Schcuncmcn 21-2, John Mourn 18- • 
3, Arnlc Narvcrud 17-2 and Arnic 
Johnson 13-7. 

Pick Bjorkmon shot lfr8, Herb 
Achcnbach I4-B, Lawrence 
BJarkman 14-7, Dave Bjorkmon 
14-4 and Wendy Olson an 11-8 for 

Wilson Brothers had a straight 
25 turned in by Stan Wilson but 
still lost the match to L. B. Hartz 
to fall even further back Into the 
standings. Besides Wilson's 
. straight, Si Schnntien shot 10-6, 
Mcrvln Skadscm 1B-2, Dan 
Ra worts 10-a and Orville Fcragcn 
a 14-fl for Wilson Brothers. 

L. B, Horti' Pat Fischer shot a 
24-0, Howard Ha gen 22-2, Curt 
Bo Item 22-2, Dean Anderson 22-1 
and Walt Fischer a 19-5. 
Keith Buflgo. shot 19-5, Tubby 
—Lund 23-3. Cubby La nc- 19-5,- Roy - 
- Jorgenson 18-5 and Frank Hargcr 
14-8 In VFW's tie with the Times. 
For the Times, Bob Mattson ' 
shot 22-2, Mnrv Lundin 23-2, Don 
Cdnlcy 20-4, Clarence Mattson 18- 
S and Mark.Swanson KM. 

A & W dawned Coast -to-Coast 
114-105 behind the shooting of 
Warren lianncstad who shot a 24- 
3, Barry Fcllmon 21-0, Bob 
Ohlhauser 17-S, George lian- 
ncstad 17-8 and Bob Grindahl a 

. few of the annual managerial 
* changes in the major leagues. 
Chicago," Detroit, Oakland, 

Boston, Houston and San 

Francisco can begin to look 
_nro'und_for_a.ncw_facc to flU up 

space on the bench. All of these 

clubs were expected to make 

somewhat or a running for the 

division title In (heir respective 

leagues and each has flopped. ._ 

— Leo Durocher nt Chicago Is In 

the biggest danger of losing his 

Job. Phil Wriglcy. owner of the 

team, can sec in the attendance 

that the Cubs' decline is not 

appreciated by the fans in 

Chicago. Only 19,000 fans showed 

up for a double-header earlier 
.this week lo.wnLch. the Cuba, who.. 
arc accustomed to playing before 
packed houses, even In the 
daylight in Chicago. 

-There arc rumors of dissent, 
among' the Cub players and 
owners. If a manager can't get 
along with his players he has 
failed his Job. Any over the hill 
player can come in and tell the .. „ „u„'T? — ,,,„.„ ,„. 
players to swing, steal and slide, ,''° w **° u l n „ ' nc ' c H .ft 
but-lhc manager is supposed to £»*»• ; - J| £ (11 K ^ °" d M' 
act like a babysitter for40mcn; ^ unde , r ° r t , B! " N f lsen ' • n ' IUch 
peoplellkeDurocherJustca^tdo- "cesc for Jh. Bunnlng Dann 

Thief River Falls Elks will hold 
their second annual Invitational 
Baseball Tournament on Friday, 
Saturday and Sunday, July 10-12; 

defending- champs.— TRP-- 

_ ... —j year's .conr. 

- not a ti an. champ Ion Warroad. . 
Saturday's first round action 
finds Red Lake Falls playing the 
TRF Senators at a.m. and TRF ■ 
Brewers vs. Ncwfoldcnntll a.m. 
TRF Twins, nfler drawing a 
bye in the first round, will meel 
the - winner - o( the Athlcrjcs- 
Middle River contest white the 
TRF Angels will meet- the wlnier— 
of the Roy a Is- Warroad game." 

Semi-final games will .be 

played Sunday, July 12, at 12 noon 

and 2 p.m. w|th consolation 

honors being decided at 4:30 p.m. 

n l 8" The championship contest will 

tie nns begin at 6:30 Sunday afternoon. 

,. Pip et tone, Minnesota 
Annua I "Song of UIb waiha" 

You won't wish to miss 
Pipestone's annual summertime 
event, the pageant so brillantly 
staged every summer at the 
Pipcstona Amphitheater. This 
year's performances wlU take 
place July 24, 23, 20, 31st. In 
August, Inc cast of two hundred 
wlftpcrfonn on the 1st, 2nd, 7lh, 
Bth and 9th. 

Pipestone U the Gateway to 
■ Hiawatha Pioneer Trails. There 
Is the K O A Kamp Grounds, 
National Monument, Four large 
Motels and fine restaurants to 
serve your tourist needs while in 
or near Pipestone. Your family 
will cr.' -■ 

tncular. _. 

—Objib way- Indians'. Many oftho 
dancers arc dependents of tho 
Oblibway Indians. 
Cars with aged or crippled 
-porsons are admitted into'the 
pageant area. Others, must pork 
In regular parking' areas. 
Parking is free. You may desire 
to write for 'additional In. 
formation to: Mr. C. J. Wiersmn, 
president of PIONEER LAND, 
one of tho six groups who 
-promote Minnesota tourism, 

Drag Racing Events 
— — Upcoming Donnybrooke roclng 
"will bo held July 23th and 20th for 
iheN II R A World Championship 
i Drag Race at Bralne 

want to 'tell our readers about 
your town. 

Our WlihrsforlBTO and 1971 

Wo wish the state legislature 
would forget all about Bounties. 
This waste of money b stupid. 
Bounties never, have nor will 
control prcditars. 

We wish the Conservation 
Commissioner will open tho bass 
season the year around. Blueglua 
and crappiers are fished the year - 
around... why not bass? The boss 
is Just another member of tho 
sunflsh family. 

We wish the National Park 
advocates would forget IL Wo 
don't want Minnesota to have a 
crime infested garbage dumD. 

We wish all resorts would 
remain open during tho beautiful 
month of -October .'..the best 
fishing month of the year. 

■We wish some of the Sports- 
men's Clubs In Minnesota would 
Invite some of the fine. biologists - 
from Minnesota's Conservation 

™ t ""*T fTCKPAMAf 

' brought in a black bass weighing 
4 lbs. 12 ox. Alhln Daniels of 
Crystal Lake brought in a 4^i lb. 
bass also from Lobster lake and 
using frogs for bait. 

"Louis Slsko of Alexandria 
brought in a 8 lb. northern pike 
while fishing on Lake LcHomme 
Dieu. Dcrrlll Myer, also or 
Alexandria! fishing on Lake 
Carlos, brought in a lb. 12 ox. 
northern pike using a Redeye for 

"Pan fishing has been doing 
very well and John Hubbard of 
Albert Lea brought in a 13 oz, 
sunflsh using worms for bait 
while fishing on Lake Ida. Guy 
Ahlstrom of White Bear Lake, 
fishing on Lake Ida, brought in a 
one pound sunflsh. 

••Walleyes hove been doinj 


' «> "> forget 
j°l '"■ ThS 
iersma, _-«_/ 

6\0 ' NVlson, Dickrn 
_ii_3 o' ID. . 

R?'?k:-5 'W' 

28 14 7 9 

Looker 3, 
Drury. T. 
r ■ Gjovlk • 
ins. HR- 
C. Kails .DimM II PB— 

K-Nrl-on 2. 
IVelcsky. Lewis. 
Johnson. W'-Lookl 
Dverbyc. 2b— Ho, 

llfilnger. llrodl 

Northwest Legion Bosebal 
Thursday, July B 
Warren at Middle River 
Newfolden at E. G. Forks 
Warroad nt Crookston 
Oslo nt T. R. Falls 
Hallock at Roseau 

Little American League 

Ford. 2b 

Sullivan. If 

Cardinal, rf, 2b . 
Smith. If, rf 

!. cf .. 

Read Tunes Classified All. 

Hnmr . 

M. Hanson, .■ _ 

Christcnscn, p :i 

Lillejord.c 2 

Walker, lb 3,. 

Landman, 3b 3 > 

Let's Have A 


Come one come all to Hie 

Western Party 


Friday, July 10 


Newfolden Wins 
Legion Contest 
From Oslo 8-4 

Newfolden upped it's record to 
7-1 Tuesday- night with an 8-4 
victory over Oslo In American 
Legion action. 

iijornrud far Newfolden 
allowed only two hits while 
striking out. eight. in the five In- 
nings that he pitched. Hanson 
finished the game for the win-, 
i its, giving up one hit and 
.triking out five. 

Names like Billy Martin, Hank 
Bauer and Eddie S lanky will pop 
up as likely candidates for the 
open positions. They all have one 
thing In common; they were all 
fired from their clubs before. 
Reasons for their dismissals 
ranged from beating up a stnrt- 
-Ing" pitched nor belng~ablc UT 
communicate with the personnel 
and for losing more games than 
they won. ■ 

If these people couldn't do the 
Job in one city, .what makes the 
owners feel they can rectify the 
same problem on another team? 
— 0— 
Crookston downed the Thief 
River Trap league team last 
night in an invitational meet at 
Crookston 843-600. The local club 
had only 23 of a passible 08 
shooters on hand as they were 
out-gunned by 30 shooters. On 
August 18 the return bout will be 
held, with Crookston traveling 
here to meet Thief River Fulls. 

Jim Morse, one of the new play 
by piny announcers for the 
Vikings, was at one time a player 
agent for ;_ rookies coining into the 

n In 1968, Morse negotiated 

^rth^'CS-l^^ding fi7e < In~the ffrsTraund or 
" ,nc Snrme - ' Ioanlc the draft. The usual agent's fee Is 
from 10 to 25 per cent, and some 
pro football people were saying 
that Morse . must have netted 
close to 1200,000 a year. 

Grant for Wayne Mokl. . .Tony 
Ollvn for Alex Johnson and Clyde 
Wright. . .John Henderson nnd 
Clint Jones for Nick Ed- 
dy. . .Roy Winston for a carton 
of Marlboro's. 

In Lind Motors win over the 
Pharmacy, F.D. Ball shot a 23-1, 
Hoi Logc 22-1. Lambert 
Brunkhorst 22-t, David Lee 19-6 
and Dick Gricscn 19-4. 

Cal Wicklandcr shot 22-3, Stub 
Pnhlen 21-2, Runs Embury 19-5,- 
Jim ilusolh 10-fl and Ray Thyrcn 
a 15-2 for the losers. 

I n~ Nort he rrf S I u le~ bank* 
point win 

Wilson shot a 23-4, Sandy Wilson 
23-0, John Fcragen 19-3, Sid 
Brousc 21-4 and Don B rouse a 19- 


IrvlnWIIsan led the Shrine with 
a 21-t. Phil Pricr7nra"2CM,'Carr 
Lee lEHl,_Bob FlysjUM and Gene 

Hnnr uitlh n ia.1 ■ T* 






lea Cream— Hot Does 
BJ^ims— Malt*— Sodas 
Banana Boats — Soft Drinks 

Open II oua. to 11 pm, 


. wish the lawmakers would 
it about gun registration, 
ily protect the criminal. 
The Wolf Men 
The television show titled "The 
WairMcn" which appeared as an 
educational film by Biologists to 
prevent wolf population from 
extinction has proved its' point of ' 
view conscrvationally (and 
humanely) by enacting a Bill 
H.R, 15188 co-authored by 

(These men are colled hunters?) 
Predators are needed to 
balance our animal population.- 
Wolves and fox never over 
populate. They maintain their 
natural balance. It Is man who 
interferes. Civilization leaves 
them no place to run to. In spite of 
this Jact, Jhey keep _t heir 
population In balance. Fox can 
become extinct unless we fight to 
preserve them In order to hold 

s«r«:=K s=s«E$ s"^„-^ 

tickets! (This Is the advance sale 
ticket), wheel camping units 

On August lGth. the Don- 
nybrooke Continental Grand Prix 
Championship, takes place. The 
races arc nltracing new interest 
amongst Mlnncsotans nnd 
tourists is a new BOON 
to Minnesota tourism. 

We recall a few years buck 
mony of the resorts offering 
special rates for golfers! Perhaps 
your (own has an annual event 
that will altrack visitors to aid 
the economy while enjoying your 

--.,.... . — „ .j tack onto their* 

and Rep. John Saylor of Pcnnn., Bill H.R. 15 IBS... (And No Hunting 

which will moke It Illegal to hunt By Snowmobiles Or Aircraft..) 

GAME by olrcrafL Volumnes of protect The Fox.) 


8th Street Gulf 


, Any She 

Kenneth Bakfce 

Pboft* 681-1785 
Thief Rlvtr Foils 

mail and phone colls led to this 
decision. The public demanded 
protection far the beasts. About 
time too! We have 'yelled' a long 
Umc to help the wolf. It Is 
disgusting to see or hear of 'so 
called sportsmen' who hunt by 
aircraft or snowmobile. 
The SlyFox (Vixen) 
The fox has long been 
maligned. It'too is'in need of 
assistance from the 'sportsmen' 
outlaw hunting by snowmobile in 
winter! (or by aircraft.) The Bill 
- H.R. 131B8 will-olso-protect-lhe- 
fox from hunters by aircraft. We 

We have moved to the suburbs 
of the Twin Cities. We will con- 
tinue to travel the state of Min- 
nesota bringing you outdoor 
rcports-nsusuol. Mail may be 
forwarded to us by addressing 
Postal Box 303 at Detroit Lakes, 
Mn., until further notice, or care 
of this newspaper. 

Friendship With An 
Oriole Family 

A recent pleasant experience 
with an Oriole bird.. .kept us busy 
nnswering— his— chort les— f or~ 
oranges and bread crumbs 

visiting here from Jtlatloon, 
Illinois, caught his 14 lb. II oi. 
Northern at the same place the 
next day. 

Motor Vehicle 
Industry Fights 
Air Pollution 

Minnesota highway depart- 
ment has received word that the 
motor vehicle Industry Is 
developing a low emission 
vehicle to counter air- pollution. 
A spokesman far the Industry 
said the manufacturers or motor 
vehicles In the last decade have 
••Walleyes have been doing reduced the emission of unburncd 
very wefl nnd Clifford Scrdahl Bnsollnc.o source of air pollution, 
from Idaho brought in an 8 lb. 8 b >' more than B0 per cent. He said 
oz. walleye using a casting spoon 
on Milt lake. The weatherman 
—has promised pood weather and— 
from all Indications fishing 
should be good in Alexandria. 
Ely Score Board to Date: 
Fish Facts Scoreboard 
(Courtesy of Fishermen's - 
Joe Shcrck, Biwabik, Minn, 
Basswood Lake, 12 lbs. 3 oz.; 
David Dclco, Babbitt, Minn,, 
Fourtown Lake, ll_lbs. 4 m.; 
Wayne Hakalu, Blwnblk,' Minn., " 
Basswood Lake, 10 lbs. 13 oz.;« 
George Kimc, Austin, Minn., 
Moose Lake, ID lbs. S oz.; Jim 
Morrison, Evergreen Pork, 111., 
Cedar Lake, 10 lbs, 4 oz, ; Eugene 
Plascho, St. Paul. Minn., White 
Iron Lake, 10 lbs. 2 oz.; Dudlyc 
Mnljola, Winton, Minn., 
Basswood Lake, 10 lbs. 2 oz.; 
William Frederick, ML Iron, 
Minn., Gabro Lake. 10 lbs. 2 oz.; 
Donold Mlklolch, Ely, White Iron 
Lake, 10 lbs. 2 ox.; Marly Beyer. 
■PIninview, Minn., White froi 

to control oxidai of nitrogen have _ 
been under way for some time. ' 
"One way to describe our 
progress," the spokesman said, 
"is to say that one 1900 car emits. 
as much hydrocarbon as five 1970 
cars; and as much carbon 
monoxide ai three 1970 cars." 
. The spokesman disclosed that 
Ford has been project manager 
of the inter-industry emission 
control program, a three-year 
cooperative effort to develop a 
low-emission engine. This 

Erogram, he said, was Initiated 
y Ford and Mobil Oil company, 
and now includes 11 motor 
vehicle manufacturers nnd oil 

The program now can 
demonstrate some tangible 
results, he said. Laboratory 
successes arc being adapted to 
the modification of 24 "concent" 
motor vehicles and arc being 
road tested to establish II 

emission controls arc feasible In 
terms of durability, operating 
economy nnd vehicle per- 

He also said that engineers arc 
near a break-through on a used 
car anti-air. pollution kit which 
will sell at about 150 installed. If 
tests prove out, he said, It will 
reduce hydrocarbon and carbon 
monoxide emissions on older cars 
ns much ns 50 per cent. 

Primus Barley 
Not Approved 
For Brewer Use 

Malting Barley Improvement 
association has announced that 
the South Dakota variety Primus 
will probably not be classified 
with respect to Its acceptability 
for moling and brewing until 
after harvest bt the 1070 crop. 

Plant scale tests conducted 
with the I9G8 crop were In- 
conclusive and further extensive 
plant scale malting nnd brewing' 
tests ore being conducted with 
the 1909 crop. Results from all * 
collaborating brewers, however,' 
will probably not be available 
before the foil of 1970 because of 
the length of tlmo It takes to 
completely evaluate a new 
variety In plant scale tests. 

Results from those plant scale/ 
tests received to date indicate! 
Primus Is not equal to Larker and 
Dickson in malting nnd brewing, 




learned oi 'sportsmen' who after during the rainy weekend. He 

running down, a fox with ncw-ut the windows, clinging, 

snowmobiles, would leap from ycUmg his racous calls for at- 

their machine courageously and tcntlon until we would oppcar 

bravely "grasp the "exhausted- with" foodsT' Mornings "he" 

animal by Its furry tail and blast awakened us beating at our 

It against the side ■ of their windows. Late Sunday night he 

mochlnes,' knocking its brolns brought the rest of his Oriole 

ouL* We have seen fox after family.. -all clinging to our _ 

running miles to gain freedom, windows nnd all screaming for Garry Lclghton, Kasson. Minn., 

stand on their talis against the' food. Suddenly' oh Monday Romshead Lakc,"51 lbs!'! nt.: 

their last morning It was noticeably quiet. •-■■■- ■■•■ —-■- - 

i, ,„a ^ih .,,. -i-niccd nls caI | s for a (ew 

Lake, 9 lbs. 15 Oi.; Wayne 
Hnkula, Biwabik, Minn., 
Basswood Lake, 9 lbs. IS oz.; 
Donald Mlkolich, Ely, White Iron 
Lake, 9 lbs. 13 oz.; and Philip 
Tobcry. Evelcth, Minn,, Lake 
Four (Kaw.), 9 lbs. 12 oz. 


Kenneth Pulklncn, Embarrass, 
Minn., Basswood Lake, 23 lbs., 
oz.; Edward Makcln, Ely, So. 
Kuwishiwl River. 22 lbs. oz.'; ' 
Clyde Murch, St. _PauI, Basswood_ 
Lake," 21" lbs. 6 oz.; Ronald 
Bowsficid. Hibbing, Minn.. Lake 
One (Kaw.), 21 lbs. 4 oz.; Sheila 
Blnck,_Evclclh,..Minn., Eagles... 
Nest Lake One, 21 lbs. 3 or.; 

no strength left to fight, LOOK 
mean. Their fate met the same 
end, against tho snowmobile. 

Arctic Cat 


Union State Bank . 

L. B. Hartz 


A 4 W 

Wilson Bros 

Llnd.MoIors .. 

Shrine . 


HANSON'S BAR in Hummer 

-? ol,fn 9" Hwy. 5V 

Thursday. July 9 



9 P.M. 'HI Closing ^- Open 12 Noon 

Elks Steak Room 

Open every Saturday evening 
6:00 - 9:30 






Saturday, July 11 


Sarrtog 4-10 pjn. wMfc ilm — 5:30,? pjn. Sof. Nil* 
-— TU«J,wn>.iTHnilS;SAT. 



soli bathing . 


bwcmvesr for 
your vacation 

Dancing 9:00 to Closing 

— MUSIC BY— • 


American Legion Club 

Viet-Nam Veterans Welcome 



minutes, soon a softer reply \ 
heard in the distance, until 
chortling every few trees away. 
he put in his orange colored 
appearance, and flew overhead. 
Then off again into the distant 
tree tops. The weather had 
become sunny nnd his needs were 
no longer, an urgency, He needed 
us nomorc.We were pleased that 
he had answered our call and 
hurried back to say farewell. We 
miss hja presence 

John Pavllca, Chicago, III., White 
Iron Lake, 20 lbs., 13 'oz.; Ron 
Hoffman, Chicago, Newton Lake, 
20 lbs. oz.; Jim Kornsck, 
' Mcadowlands, Minn., Insula 
Lake, 20 lbs, 4 oz.; William 
Pulklncn, Embarrass, Minn:. 
Basswood Lake, 20 lbs. oz. ; and 
Robert Pulklncn. Embarrass, 
Minn., Basswood Lake, 13 lbs. 13 

— B/iss— ' 

Ron Hoffman, Chicago, Newton 
Lake, 5 lbs. 10 oz.; Donald 
Newfound Lake, S lbs. 8 oz.; 
Jerry Omoot, St. Paul, Basswood 
Lake, S lbs. G oz.; Glenn Kurnk, 
Burbnnk, 111., Eagles Nest Lake 
Three. 5 lbs., 3 oz.; Don Grzclak, 


Those planning vacations 

remember to write or call for 

your brochures EARLY, get your 

reservations in at your favorite ,^. ■ 
rcsorUN OW—Rcmcrabcr^ou Lof."— Wana lah, Ind..EagIcsJJcs LLakc^ M ■ M 

lumber, paint, plywood, 
Iniulstlon, door J, windows, 
builders hardware storm 
doois, storm ssih, 
floor tile, ceramic tile. 
roofing, tiding ... or 
jnylhlng that you noed for 
building. - 

state tourists are arriving by 
carloads! THIS IS GOOD 

It is the time of year to look our 
smartest! Clean up -Spruce up,,. 
keep our business places open, 
leave the lights. on, wear that 



For those of us in tourist 
business, It Is important to have 
recreations available for our 
young people. Keep them happy 
nnd safe "by knowing where they 
arc" this summer. Give them 
something to DO! Good 
citizenship pays off! 

Alexandria It c port 

Harvey Hammcrgrcn, 

manager of the Alexandria 

Chamber of Commerce, sends us 

this report: 

Three, 5 lbs. 2 oz.; and Lacy 
Williams. North Plnlnlield. N.J., 
Basswood Lake,- 5 lbs. 1 oz. 
Lee Arnson, Hoyt Lakes, 
Minn.. Sunday Lake. 24 lbs. 13 
oz.; Oscar Carlson, Ely, Minn., 
Basswood Lake, 23 lbs. B oj ~ 
John Nlahaliek, West Frai. 
III., Basswood Lake, IB lbs. 
Baudclte Report From 
Mrs. Elmer Ham re 
Fishing Be port 
Some of the Old-Timers who 
live in this area, agree that the 
Walleye fishing is just like "Old 
Times" when the'roaus were of 
dirt and gravel, and no one ever, 
heard orn camper. The fish run 
the gamut in size and the action Is 
Stan Grobclny of the Bnudelte 
Force" Station i 

And give away 

free urvlce for 
you. We'll help 
you plan, figure 
ind Kt ounge lor 
finance. Wg'll 
msjiure, plot . 
and plan with 
you. We'll 


Put the Peterson crew 
to work for you! 



Peterson Lumber Co. 

Tnhrf RIw FoDs 

1 The- wca the r - In-tho-Aloxan- — E I m or-'s— Spo r tmo n :i_ Cc ntcr, — 
dria area has certainly not been dejected and forlorn, to replace 
fishing weather, however, those ■ the lure he lost on a bit; Northern 
who were able to get out had Pike, which also was lost. Ho 
samegoodflshlng.Thoprcdictlon went directly -back to the same 
is for more settled weather from spot nnd caught the big fish. It 
now on. "Mrs. Roger Schultz of weighed 13 lbs. 3 oz. An clement 
Moorhcad, fishing - on Lobster of doubt crossed his mind though 
Lake and using frogs for bait,— whan als-buddy, George Bclton, . 




I Ti.i. f I ,ct ; r,n.,rtfi.,..-ic.- i-«.un / Get yours today. 

/ ^"-^U.' .Vinn 'fXi^.i', " / ---'.. 

cost or obligation! 

iho-n ol f -laiton* S'oiti. Comp«iiliv*lj> pfkad ol f neiione Dealt'* ond oi 

■ ■ ■ 


High Performance Tire Center 


220 North Horac* Avt. hnuou Tim =>«. mitou. m 

Falls Diesel Service 

Tt>l*f Rlw Wli. MIon_ 

Phoi» 681.2654 

Perry's Service 

St. HMn. Minn. 


Wednesday, July 8, 1970 Thlel River Fulls, Minn.- ----- Lutheran Pariih 

fii Church Services 

Rodney Stuciand, Pastor 
Making no apologies for the old 
time Christianity! 

Hcgland: Thurs., July 9, Bible 
study -In connection -with Indies 
-' J -* church at 8:30 p.- 

callcrs during the week were Wallace Ticman, Mm. Ravelin 

_Mra..Bcrncll-Myrom and Stacy, Maflnon, Mrs. Frank Olson ond 

Selmo Johnson and Mnrk Seattle Mick clion. ' ■ 

Votavn, Mrs. Gene Sc verso n of Mr. and Mrs. lialgrira Odcoard 

Thief River Falls, Mable of Chicago. "I- and Mrs. Bert 

Erfckson and Allon, Lcroy JohnsonwereTucsdoy vlslloriot; 

Johnson nnd Henry $wcno. thoAQomLcfldobeJabamoandat 

Mrs. Robert Burstad and Norman Johnsons Curio and 


Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloyd Peterson 
were Sunday dinner guests ill the 
Harvey Swcnson home. 

Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. and family were supper Hues Is at 
"Kl ! i vln ^ ndltr ' lndntIcn<Icdth0 " ,no Mrs. Lucille 1la?moning 
-Xififf*: i!3 S?il 1 * e . , ? . r s'_ p 5 r £ nomo to Ted Luke FnIIs_Fridoy 

n. _ «.___ .11 _•»-!. n. . -(jyijuljig- 

^ Mr. and Mrs. Glen Moose-Gnll, 

Hostesses are: Mrs, R. Fossell Bruce. Mrs. Allen Homme nnd Antique shop In SL Hllalre. Tho BlorRaard' and fam'llv 

Pastors: Reuben A. Wangbcrg 
Harold R. Peterson — 

Louis Hcrmansen 
Wed., July 8, 2:00 p.m. Golden 
Years choir. 8:00 p.m. Elizabeth 
circle meets at the home of Janet 
Hclcrcn. Esther circle meets at 
thchomc of Mrs. Stanton Dnhlen. 
Eunice circle meets in the church 
lounge. Faith circle meets In the- 
church parlors with Mrs. Donnld 
Grochow as hostess. 
. Thurs., July 9, 9:30 n.m. 
Joanna circle meets at the home 
or Mrs. Ernest Johnson. Lais 
circle meets at the home of Mrs. 
M. A. Mngnuson. Lydla circle 
meets at the home of Mrs. Harry 
Peterson. Martha and Mary 
circle meet together at the home 
of Mrs. Mcrvm Prcstebak. 2:00 

E,m. Altar circle meets at the 
ante of 'Mrs. Alvln Christof- 
ferson. Miriam circle meets in 
the , fireside _room with Mrs. 
Gunhild Syrtvedt as hostess. 
Naomi circle meets at the home 
of Miss Marie Oien. Phoebe circle 
meets at the home of Mrs. Ilatcl 
Olson. Prlscllln circle meets at 
■ the home of Mrs. J. E. Bloom- 
ilsL Rachel circle meets at the 

St. John Lutheran Church 


...Church of "Tho -Lutheran 

Hour" and '•This Is The Llfe"-TV 

Paul R. Blcgncr, Pastor 

Tum., July 7, 8:30. Church 

council. 4:00 Pastor's class for 


. Wed.. July a. 8:30 Choir 
practice. 8:30 75th anniversary 
■ Sun., July 12, 9:15 Sunday 
school. Film on sermons from 
Science. 10:30 Worship. Sermon: 
"Prnycr for Mission Receive" 
and welcome new members. 

Mon., July 13. 7:30 Weeken- 
ders' worship, 35 minute service 
of Word, prayer and song. 8:J0 

Quarterly voters' meeting. , 

Remember the 75th an- 
niversary observance the 
weekend of July 18-19. 

Sat., 8:00-10:00 Coffee and 
conversation hour. 

Sun,, 10:30 Festival eucharist 
with the Rev. SIcr Schrocdcr 
ircachcr noon festival dinner. 

jnd Mrs. P. Thompson. 

Sun., July 12, Worship scr- 
vlcoaC8:30a.m. Sunday school at 
.9:45 a,m. 

Wcstaker: Sun.. July 12, 
Worship service — "-" — 

Mlshawn and Mrs. Arnold 
Hauitcn returned home from 
Washington where they had spent 
2. weeks, visiting friends and 
relatives. Michelle Hawk of 

. .... ... ... _ Issaquah; Wash, accompanied 

Open house at church In honor of them back. She will spend a The Moccossin Garden club 
■ Mr. and Mrs. John Olson's 40th month visiting here. Mrs, Robert met Saturday afternoon at the 
wedding anniversary from 2:30 lo Burstad spent a week In Hawaii Sidney Wilson home. Mrs. Julian 
5 p.m. Luther league at B p.m. withherhusbandwhohadoweck C. Lcndobeja. the oroaram 
Wed., July. 13,- Bible study and off from duty In Vietnam. When -'-- , '- J '- - -■'—-—-- - 

Srnycr meeting at Wcstaker at there Mrs. fiaugen visited with 
:M p.m. - Sophie Arveson at Stanwood, 

Bcthanla: Sun.. July 12," Mrs. Bert Bean of Everett, Roger 

Covenant church ol Ltko Gloria, Gay ond Don took biaue 

™a',""!? "V."' *!?',";' ""ws'on " Bronson. On the r way home the Floberg, rJcbblo Blorenard nnd 

Itofttffii nni*¥£l 1 S? n nt iW G^dstrnnd/ visited at gSS&o^ M^WmbSS 

JegYrdsIeTtthursdaTrnVrniKi: !&£? rtW*S*'ll£ SVJ^" 11 ™ Hultgron home «m p at Uk* b™.«« Sun- 

•n't «.fc^.n*F , ?n^ W "'- ,rt2fl ^yStokkoandfamllyenjoySl MrH&h Anoerson was c- ^ 'R& ^ 

ait with cousins In Luverne. a picnic at the park at Lake comnnnlcrl hv mi.. vini» *m- ZS «_ isi—i. » j j 

Worship service at ii : 15 n.m. Ice Wilsons of Issaquah, Clnyfon nnd 
cream social In connection with Lyie Wilson of Seattle. Arian and 

Harold Amcsons-of Wcnalehee, 

2:00 community service of praise 
and thanksalvinfr. 
Watch "this Is The Life" each 

church— sack lunch". Rebekah 
circle meets at the home of Mrs. 
Leonard Brckke. Ruth circle 
meets nt the church parlors"wlth 
Mrs. Mabel Furr and Mrs. 
HJnlmer Peterson, as hostesses. 
Sarah circle meets at the home of 
Amy Gundorson. 8:00 p.m. 
IJorcus circle meets at the home 
nt Mrs. Stuart McLeod. 

Snt.. July II, 9:30 a.m. 

'■Children's Chapel" on KTRF. 

— Stm77JnljiirB730irnirDrivplnr- 

m. Mot ,. 
service, direct broadcast on 
KTRF and Channel 3. 6:30"p.m. 
"Lutheran Vespers" on KTRF 

Tuesday. July H. 2:00 p.m! 
Deborah circle meets nt the home 
of Mrs, Bernard Myers. 7:00 p.m. 
Council meeting. 7:30 p.m. Board 
uf Trustees. 

Wed., July 15. 7:00 p.m. 
Deacons meeting. \ 

SundayonchannelsBandlt. Join - 

"Tho Lutheran Hour" Sundays at ■ _ Melvin Walla, posU . _ 

12:31 on 1340 or at 0:33 on 1310. Our Saviors. July lz, Worship 

Listen (o "The Family Worship services at 9:30 a.m. Tent ser- 

Hnur" each evening nt 6:45 on v iccs each eve. at 8:30 with 

KROX. Crookston. Rodney Stuelnnd speaking 

through July 10. Services July 7- 

Seventh-day Advenlist 12 with Wlndall Brothers ot the 

Leslie Cox, Pastor lent. Invite others and 'come. 

Sat., July 11,- Sabbath school Services both July 7 and 12, 2:30 

with classes for all ages at 9:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. 

n.m. Lesson title Is: "Christ: Reiner, WorshlpservlccJuly 12 

Crentor and Savior". Worship at 11:15. 

service at 11:00 a.m. Bethlehem. Worship service 

— c llnten-to-the-"Volcc-of— BrOO-prmnJuiy "" 

cream social In connection with 

ladicsoidnt2;30p.m.Groupono ,.«..<, u . ,,».».>.««;. 

fierving. Roy Hawks of Issaquah ana 

Wed., July IS, Bible study and Morris ■Wilsons of Seattle, Wash. 

prayer at Wcstukcr'at 8:30 p.m. Bruce BJerkllc wnsn patient nt 

Pnrish announcements; The the Northwestern hospital In 

Northeran Lutheran Laymen's Thief River Falls for a few days, weeks— Hocamohome-Frldayaftemoon- 

of tent meetings on the Mr. and Mrs. Willie Good visited 

fairgrounds in Thief River Falls, with him on Thursday. 

starting July 7 through July 19 at Mrs. Floyd Hougcn, Steven, 

8:30 p.m. The Wlndahl Brothers Cheryl nndurcndn called at the 

arc. there the first week, try (a Willie- Good home Sunday af- 

nttend and specifically pray for ternoon. They also visited at the 

them. Em est Mostrom home. Mrs. 

Bo sure to tunc into the Knutc Hanson was a caller there. 

"Trumpet of Truth" each Sunday Mrs. Harry Hanson, Mrs. 

evening nt 7:00 p.m. over KTRF. Howard Hanson, ■ Wendy nnd 

. : — Joanne visited at the Albert 

Association of tree Lulhersni Howard home near Hlghlnnding ' 

—i- Friday, evening. -^—: 

Kraika . . . 

I, QmOMm, Stf-IIM 

Prophecy" . 
town at 9:30 a. 
for Today" ( 

KSJB James- 
i. Watch "Faith 
er Channel .11 

...... i.m. Subject will 

be ''Day of Rest", 

Wednesday evening there will 
be prayer meeting at B p.m. 

Everyone Is welcome at the 
Advent! st Church. 

Rlndnll. Rlndnll ladJcs aid July 
15 at 2:00 p.m. (Please note 
change of date) Mrs. Sabo and 
Mrs. O. Mnttsan hostesses. 

X.lun Lutheran Church • 

Alexander Sloifcl, Pastor 

Wed. and Thurs., July 8 and 0. 

3:ua, Rummage, bake sale and 

while elephant sole at parsonoge 

Bflrage. 521 N. Main. 

Fri., July 10. 7:30 at church, 
young couple group. 
*"- , July it. 6;30 at Wally 

As^emblleiofGodTabemacle - 
Robert G. Leen. Pastor 

Wed.. July 8. 8:00 p.m. Bible 
study and prayer. 

Sat.. July 11, 7:30 p.m. Men's 
prayer meeting. 

Sun.. July 12, 8:30 a.m. 
Revlvalllme WDAY (Fargo). 
9:45 a.m. Church school for alt 
ages. 11 n.m. Morning worship. 
7:00 p.m. Youth service. 7:30 
p.m. Evening service. 

Viking Covenant Church 
Fred G. Grnnstrom, Pastor 
SaCV July II, 10:00 a.m. 
Truilbmzor campers will leave c ~ „ 
for Biucwntcr Lake Bible cnmp„ Fc Jj?K 
near Grand Rapids, Minn. Thpl 

Sun., July 12, Sunday school, 
10:00 a.m. Morning worship. 
••■™ - Eve. tentative service 

a.m. Worship services. July 12- 

17. sth grade Bible camp. 

Tues.. July 14, 7:00 p.m. 
Educational chairmen meel. B:00 
n.m. Zion Lutheran Church 

_trnce-Our Saviors 

Gary Olson, Pastor 
Sun.. July 12. i God, willing 


at 8:0 

Tues.." July 14, 7:30 p.m. Bible 
study and prayer service nt 

Wcdfc.July 15, 8:30 p.m. Bible 
study nnd prayer service at 
Viking Cov. church. . 


' David Lillegard, Pastor 
Clearwater. Oklec, Sun.. July. 
12. Worship service at 10:00. 
Nazareth (Trail) Sun.. July 12, 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Burstad 

and their grand daughter, Pntti 
Sue Burstad spent from Tuesday 
to Thursday night at the Larry 
Shnskey home at Allkln. Kelly 
nnd Tracy Shnskey returned to 
their home after spending the 
grnndpa rents. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Johnson and 
Mr. und Mrs. Hnlgrim Odegnrd 
ol Chicago, 111. visited on Monday 
at the John Stenseth home. 

Saturday evening supper 
guests at the Martin Itchm home 
**r. and Mrs. Richard 
... ol Albany. New York. 
The Bethany ALCW met Thurs- 
aay afternoon at the church. 
Bible study was given by Mrs. 
Maurice Stenseth, dovollnns by 
Mrs. Frank Olson, offering 
meditation by Mrs, Gary Johnson 
nnd the hostesses were Mrs. 
Elwood Tiemnn nnd Mrs. 
Wallace Tiemnn. Guests were 

chairman, led In a discussion 

flower arrangements. All tho 
members brought arrangements 
thnt wero discussed. Those in 
attendance were Mrs. Alvln 
Burstad, Mrs. Julian C. Lcn- 
dobeja Mrs. Adam Lcndobeja, 
Mrs. Norton Nelson, Mrs. Henry 
Anenson, Mrs. Warren Wilson, 
Mrs. Wallace Tiemnn and Mrs. . 
Ed Koglln. 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dnvc Wilde 
-visited wilh-Mrs.- Alice Wildcat— 
the J. B. Murphy home Thursday 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Burstad 
were birthday luncheon guests of 
their granddaughter, Pamela ■ 
Burstad at tho Milton Burstad 
home Sunday afternoon. 
" Mrs. Ted Lcndobeja and Mrs. ' 
Lcn Sylvester returned Sunday 
evening from' a weeka trip to 
Arizona. Among the places they i 
visited was 'the Grand Canyon. 

-. Mr. and Mrsv-Normon Johnson ] 

of Thief River Falls were 
Saturday evening visitors at the i 
Dave Wilde home. i: 

Saturday evening Angela £ 
Mlckctsan visited with Emma £ 
Hanson nnd attended o picnic at E 
Tlndolph park with Bcv Borgcn. = 
Debbie Ilalvorson, Rcncc Wnld | 
nnd Jodl Adams. = 

Tclcmorkcn Vacation Bible I 
school was held the past week e 
with a program on Sunday niter 5 
church services. Those attending 5 
and Robyn. Johnson, Colleen 
Hursmon, Dlnnne Wilson, Betty 
Olson, Arils Anenson, Stuart 
Mickclson, Howard and Esther 
Goethe, Mnrjorle Llndblom and 

.Bronson Bible camp. 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson 
of Spokane, Wash, nnd Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Norman Kelly of Scnppoose, 

... r. —,r,-j- --_,-- &rl Krohn homo. Julie and John 

Visitors Wednesdoy ^evening ot Mead remained hero nnd will 

S° R °8cr Anderson home were spend come time at their grand- 

S&i nnd #"• H ^. Gcl H b & Pnrcnt» homo he™, also visiting 

Radium, Mr, and TWrs. Gerald at their grandparents, the Joe 

News of Past Week 
from Plummet* Area 

Mrs. Elmer Lee were Thursday 

supper guests at the Elmer of her parents the Alfred Waidali 

Hanson homo at Mentor. nnd her sister tho CInytdn Lar- 

Mr. und^rs.^Joh^Mancy. of. sons. 

L.,.r .,,... r,-„- j __j 4thof July _plcnJc dinner guesta 

nt the Jos. Tischart home were 

I^clSi n • rlU. ana M ?; Gtnla at ""w grandparents, the J 

Nybmnnd Tommy of lownand Mends otThlefRivcr Fn lis. • . 

m-".™ 1 «"■ Carl Anderson. Mr. nnd Mrs. Oscar Swnnson 

M^(nH„^ r "E- £* U 3£, t S nd ^^ to Alvarado on Saturday 

Mnrjorle, Mrs. Esther SJolInder, nnd visited nt the Ervln Moci_ 

K'i-, <I ' U }, V^" ^ JiS *&* home, also helping- celebrate 

Curtln nil of Grand Forks were Ervin Moen's blrtfidny. ThcS 

m«M .hi' M~ Cn . . !! I,C S£S? grandson Steven Moen returned 

SiS?i." Ul ° Mra ' 1Mo Flod " " omc w'th ^"i nnd will be 

Strom nome. spending a few days visiting 

Mr. and Mrs. John Guatnfsoa hcrcT *»•"«» . 


Sorcnson and Leonard Larson 
homes, also visiting other 
relatives and friends. 

Florence Oberg, Mrs. 

Hugo gears turn ponderously — meihlng with others 
'hlch turn tllll othori, andpower it born, onergy raleaied. 
Today moro and mow (jeors ond QadgeH moko living 
re and moro luxurious. Thsr» are machines to do olmoif 
rythlng, Applioncei entertoin u», leach us, train ui. 


One thing r cmoins individual. Thare's no "dial-a-molic'*.. 
.gadget lor.God, no puih burton. gimmick.. Man's search far 
meaning in his life It sllll hit own "reipomlbilily. 

When man only dreamed ol flying and the faitoit woy 
to travel was by horseback, God's Church was iho toorco 
ol oil goodnon and joy. It's no different today;. In a world 
whero man roeos for Iho jtart, the Church remains the 
well-iprlng of truth. 

Altond your church. Find faith and the good life. 

Wlchtcrman, Mary Jo and Scott 
of Coon Rapids, Marvin Lee of 
No. St. Paul, Joe Breldte of 
Minneapolis, Dunne Schoennuer 
of-- Phoenix, Ariz., Leonard 
Brckke, Mrs. Irene Bcnolt, Mr. 
returned homo Wednesday of- ^ilrT'ttE?", w i hIbcck j S™' 

t „, lemoon from Minneapolis where iSfu^f/'^W Mr j, , a . nd "?■ 

Cudahy,Wi5..aftcrattendIngthe theynndb^onabuylngtrlpfor ft?: "?"!£*• *S H d l, %t£° i 2 

funeral ■crvlesa.Jitdd-fcc.JictL-'nefr-nardwnre.storti-aad whilo Svrli?' ,„'„ ^ d J 1 flL™}?^— "j-S^rJSJ**"^™*""-*""""-": -•"-• "i«-™»- moryui i^c-nna .. 

mother, Mrs. Mary Johnson lost mCrctBagTMa^n«iflMi|-wtniI O ^ ^f^ .r 1 ^ 

Tuesdnv nt ih. i mn ,. n „.t Twins bnseball names at ™ ' I « v ,^/»l«. J?hn Roso and the home of Mra. Elinor Lieske. and Mrs. Arnie Wichtcrmnn and 
Metropolitan ■Indium. S!& n „i M i ld u?, d S" Ilon i B w 01 Mr. Md Mrs. Ed Potnodo and family of Coon Rapids, Mr. nnd 

Mr.ondMm.Mnurie*McDurui "1™"?.™- Wis., Mr. and Mrs gronddnughtor Karen Larson Mrs. ■ --'- -■' 

of Bnrnesvllle wero Sunday » lmcr """^ ?' Mentor, Lloyd visited Sunday afternoon nt the Wis., 
dinner guests nt the home of her ^S2Sv° f D ^'„ *?\ *& d W J * ntnodo norao to "** Loko Lcc - 

brother the Albert Toulouscs. f^ d ^. c , kson , ° r D K u L L { lke t. No * Foifa - Mr 

Afternoon guests wore Herman U$l "£?' W«^StorheimjMr». „ Mr. nnd Mrs. Kenneth Me- Curtis and 
Fellmnn of Tltief River FnUTond pSSSL^&f&fi P» £*** Donald ond fnmuyofGnry, Indj 

Thief River Falls and Mr. and 
Mrs. Lcroy Money nnd family of 
Park Rapfdn spent tho 4th of July 
1 at the Alvln Johnson home. 

Mrs. Duane Adclmnn nnd son 

Paul of Red Lake Foils, Mrs. 

Lawrence Waldnl of Thief River 

j^Falls and Mrs. Lillic Hnlvarson 

weekend guests at the - Wm. Tf"" RIverFnlla, Minn. 

Koskclo home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Amtson, 

.._._ „ ,.„ . „„ „„„. Mwuru (muBon , 5 n l!„ Ha n n ( wn h hom » "« d ■upper 

attended . tho funeral services 

Wednesday, Julys, 1970- 

mard Lolng. 

Mrs. Jack Barron of St. Paul, 

Mr. ond Mrs. Otto Amundson of 

Donnld WnhlbecJcTnd daugh enl . hdd orMrs ' MaSlm otthe 1st Mr -,.? nd Mra - 

of Thief River Fnlli, Clarence. United Churehl ^n Sauk Center "- £?S lnc ' m - and «"• "»«>ld 

!„►,.,._ „» c»- c- , — ,™_,.. ~J!>™_.}?" u tyP_ m ouux,.wnicr wickslrom. Mark, Teresa and 

Mary-Beth "of Oak Creek. Wis.' 
.Victor— Wlckstrom— Sonla nnd 

-..— _ _iurch 

Thursdny afternoon. _ 
tho aunt of Mrs. Koskcln 

Lutheran church. Mm. Paquln 
hnd spent thrco weeks hero due to 
tile serious Illness of her mother. 
They visited at the Elmer Lee 
home and with other relatives 

Mrs. Gordo Nelson of Thief „.,„ 

-Rlvcr-Fnlls-vtsited-4th-onuIy~Mrrand Mrs. WnlterPetcrson. 
with the Walter Petersons. L «thor July dinnerBuestant the nil,™ ; rvnt"«V 3itT T «r "t'miu"^; - 

Lost Friday evening Mlsa Lois homoofMr.andMrs.DonaldFox H 1 ^ Kn C £^J£,,, ' ™ y WM 
Mantel entertained In honor of were Mr. nnd Mrs. Herbert "H? ^ST%A "HSSS" ,« 
her pnrcnts Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Anderson of Melrose Park, Di., TwS* B «!firiJ?7?M« *S r S?,,t "*J 
MnnleT wedding anniversary nt Mr. and, Mrs. Iver suti* and j^ck Neffi,? 'w^/ShES 
their home, ofter guests were Hdmo, Mr. and Mrs. Burton t^Sj^,°Jjil\, p *}*^y& 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Melvin Eskeli and Carlson, Robert nnd Pnula Lynn. ■JFS.f^.S"? to y ult ^F th 2.* Ul 
soni— Mrr-pnd Mrs.-Hnrqld — ;Mr.-nnd MnrJoo rtaumtinson" 

, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer home. 

Mrs. Nick Fevlg ond Ella 
Cnusln wcrc^Sunaay evening 
visitors ot tho Davo Wilde home. 

Angela and Stuart Mickclson 

...riling wc 
a.m. Installation service lor 
Pastor Paul Mann. Guest 
speaker: Rev. Carl Jnnson. 
Superintendent of the Northwest 
District of the Covenant. 
Reception and fellowship service. 
3:00 p.m. Greetings from area 
pastors and Covenant pastors in 
the Red River Valley. Guecsl 
speaker: Rev. Carl Janson. 
There will be no evening service 
Sunday, July 12th. 

Wed.. July IS. 7:45 p.m. Mid- 
week Bible study and prayer 
—meeting, — . ■ - ■ 

service at Grace church 1 
with communion. 
Wed.. No Bible study. 
. .Thurs,. July 10, The Ruth circle 
will meet at Sam Brat toll's with 
Mrs'. Brnttell and Mrs. Palmer 
Hoi to as hostesses and Mrs. 
Mcivia Wilkcn's will give Bible 
study. The Mary circle meets 
with Mrs. Walter Jcllc and Mrs. 
Vernon Nelson as hostesses and 
Mrs. Sheldon Peterson will give 
Bible study. The Lydla circle 
meets with Mrs. Kernel Paulson 
as Bible study leader. Mrs. BUI 
Kicsow and Mrs. - August Kiesow 
as hostesses. 

joint worship — Worship service at 0:00. 

•ark, (Oklec) Sun., July 
12, Worship service nt 8:00 p.m. 

Messiah (TRF) Sun., July 12. 
Worship service at 11:15 a.m. 

St. Petri fCryglnirSun., July 
12. Worship service at 2:3U. 

the Sidney Wilson home. 

Kenny Larson of Minneapolis 
arrived Friday at the Httfus 
Olson home to spend a weeks 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Race 
celebrated their golden wedding 
anniversary on Sunday. They 
were the first couple to' •« 
.married -In JTcloranrkcn - churt^ 
-,.i,...i.v T° commemorate ■ the occasion 

Mr. and Mrs:" Ile'rt y G«UW B ^ i '" m ' f V T i l , ltend ^ ■ ^"*"P 


Henry A. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Adam Lendobojn 
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloyd Johnson 
-of-st: Hllalre visited "with "Mrfl— 
Steve Jaencttc on Sunday. 

Evangelical Free Church 
Ivan T.Carlson, Pastor 

Wed „_July-B.-B-p.m;-FamHy- 

nighl. Classes for all ages. G p.m. 
Jet Cadet picnic. Bring 25 cents 
and bring own pop. Meet at. the 

Sun., July 12, 0:45 n.m. Sunday 
..schoG!_hQur_li:0Q a.m..Morning_ 
worship. 7:00 p.m. Sr. choir 
practice. 7:30 p.m. Pre-scrvicc 
prnycr meeting. 8:00 p.m. 
Evening service (Bread of Life 
Hour) broadcast over KTRF. 

St. Hllalre ALC Parish 

James R. Swanson, Pastor 
■ Wed.7July8,B:00p.m:St.-Pnull 
Church Women meet at the 

church. The Calvary Church 
Women will present the progrnm. 
— Thursrand FrtrrJuly S undlO,— 
Pictures will be token for our new 

Sun.. July 12, 9:30 a.m. Calvary 
worship service. 11:00 
Paul! worship service. 


M. J. Sheldahl. Pastor 

Immanucl: Fri.. 2 p.m. Rhoda 
circle In the home of Mrs. Olga 

Sun.. 10:30 a.m. Parish picnic 
at Ebenczcr. with worship ser- 

Ebcnczcr: Thurs., 2 p.m, 
ALCW In church. 

Sun., 10:30 n.m. Pnrish picnic, 
with worship 'service. 


Mr. nnd Mrs. John Nelson. Mr. 
and Mrs. Eddie Arveson. Mrs. 
--, Lewie BJerkllc, Renne and Jancll 
i>t. ond Mrs. Arnold Hnugcn at- 
^ -■■■■,-- tended funeral services for 

Tues., July 14, 3:00 p.m. Ruth-cinrenee B erg crson-nt^t he- 
circle meets nt Blrdcnn An- Bethany church near Wankc on 
demons, 8:00p.m. Rachel circle Thursdav 

Angela Mickclson of St. Paul 
spent the weekend at the home of 
her parents, the Roger 

Mrs. O. II. Zenmcr of 
Jamestown, N.- D.. Mrs. Alice 
Wilde, nnd Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 
Murphy were a week ago Thurs- 
day dinner guests at the Dave 
Wilde home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anenson, 
Arils und Christy were Monday 
evening supper guests nt the Olc 
Lerul home. Other guests were 
Mr. and' Mrs. Ronald Cole of 
Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. Orlln Lcrol 
and family. Burnell nnd Vernon 
Anenson. Cnl Wagner and Mrs. 
Slgne Ilulaback and Carroll of 
Men om on lo, Wis. 

~ Mr. nnd Mrs. Daryl Ska I Id. 
David. Danny and Dawn of 
Minneapolis were Sunday nf- ' 

-ternoon visilorsat thehomeof his— 
sister, the Ted Koropatnlckis. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Bcmie Wilson 
nnd Michelle of Minneapolis were 
weekend guests at the Sidney 

morning. Mrs. Henry Wnnle bak- 
ed the cake for the afternoon 

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Olson and 
Lylennd Kenny Larson went on a 
fishing trip on Sunday lo the 

Ronnie Ronaorf of St. Hllalre. 

Curtis Ticman celebrated his 
birthday June IB nt the homo or 
his ernndpnrcnts, the Wallace 
Tiemnns. His guests were Mr. 
and Mrs. Wallace Ticmnmand 
Wayne, Milford Anderson and 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Elwood Tiemnn. 
Those that brought him greetings 
on Sunday were Mrs. Lawrence 
Phillpp, Judy. Sharon ond Kelly 
Tanem and Mrs.- Arnold Ham- 
mer, Dale and Lynn. 

Mike Hemmestvcdt- returned 
Friday from a twoTveck trip wlth- 
Mr. and Mrs. Orvlllc Jensen and 
J°e1,_Thcy vfsllcd^Wnshlngtnn^ 
D.C.. New York and Boston. . 

Dolores Goethe visited Thurs- - 
day evening with Norma Stucy 
and Esther visited with Tcryl 

r>[-,r(„hl * 

Swanson and children of Thief ol Anoka and Mrs. Emil Malwltz 

River Falls, Mr. nnd Mrs. Gnry visited Thursday afternoon with n f'f™'n7nM,' 3uii^Tirh'.»^» 
Haugen and children of St. Mrs. Annie Greenwnld at "S ^f^P'mmJ^, 7 ^*^ 
■-Hilafc, Mrs.._Gnry _Pctcrson, Hillcrest Nursing homo In Red Bt .S° ^P" 1 .. 1 ?* 1 **!? homo - 
Lynn and Darrcl of Duluth. . " Luke Falls.~~" 
Mrs. Bcnnic Mahln left Monday Mr. and Mrs. _ 

for Hunter nnd Galcsburg, No. Paula and Michael 

Dak. to visit with relatives nnd came here Friday from Park 
friends for a few days. Rapids where Bill had been 

Mrs. Vlrglnln Brault or Mln- counselor at a Boy Scout Camp, 
neapolls arrived here last They visited over the 4lii at tho 
Monday and visited until Lem Dobson and Wm. Malwltz 
Tuesday when she relumed homo - homes. On Saturday evening Bill 
—occompanied-by-her-moUtar, — attended hi j class reunion injlcd 

Mrs. Clarence Anderson who will Lake Falls. 

-visit therefor n week. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold SchJeld- 

Mrs. Fred Fredrlckson of rup who were recently married 

Devils Lake, No. Dak., Lloyd »• Moorhead ore now living in 

Hanson of Duluth and Mrs. Agnes Peoria, HI., where Arnold Tins 

Bredeson or Red Luke Falls accepted a position as mechnnl- „„ .„,„-. „„„,_ .. „_, 
attended, the funeral services «U engmcerwilh the enterpriser Ln^FnMs wm n 4^h a ' Sfil 
held for Mrs. Mary Johnson Inst Ca^Xrnold grnduated from "" „ n "l. waa „. B i™ °J.™? 
Tucsdny at the ImmnnucI NDSU nt Fargo this summer.' 
Lutheran church and visited with Albert Toulouse returned home 
old friends here. Inst Tuesday from Northwestern • 

Lowell Toulouse and Alfred . hospltnl In Thief River Foils 
Lund of Troll who are employed where he was hospitalized for two 

-at Forrest River rNoTTJak":. spent — weeks: 

the 4th of July weekend ot their Mrs. Bcnnic Mahln was a 

homes. Friday dinner guest ot the An- 

A birthday party was held Inst drew Grcndnhi home In Thief 

Friday afternoon at the Fred RlvcrFallsandlntcrvIsltcdMrs. 

Dallas, Texas enjoyed picnic 
,d Mr,. Don mm™.*,, „S X"«!S%SZ ^^Z'&TS^' 

Bredeson of-Red Luke Falla.- ™ -.,.—,«, ,„,«.„ «« 

Wliuier of thequUt at the Senior, daughters of Brooks and Mr, and . mother. ftlrs/'Segrid Tiliman. 

111,™ r-*-i.- i,u ~, t„t - ^ Clayton Larson ^enjoyed^n Don left Sunday bybus for home 

" *~ ••*-'"- but Mrs. Harrington and sons will 

visit here lor a week. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Arlt, 
Jimmy, Dnnny nnd Randy of 
Coon Rnplds were Sundny dinner 
guests .at the Lud Holvoreon 
home. „„„..,.,,, Ull , ru . 

Rev. and Mrs. M. J, SheTdflhl Be nnit of Thlflf.RlvnrFnlin-Rrv — vy ■ : 

"K!l^".HiT^^:™8^^^-S iSSd5 SI? n^^rs '- W! ' : 

. . _. A _nrr;ived_hero.&Iu^^DjW 

andMrsrWesIeyTayfireancj visit over the «h with Tier Wcsterlund Mra Hwb Dcrosicr ^hlvisflcd Sunday afternoon cry;" Miss Susan 1 

" ■■ — ■ and John Hose- -serving ■ ■£«i»; Wm / r,, a ? 1 ,5' North- " " 

were Mr. ' nnd Mrs. Loll S™ hMplU1 ln ma Hlvcr 

Pnquln, Robert and Michael of T r M »™n f H „i.i,~. c j 

CudW Onrence Johnson of Snn nf \L„ n !? n ^2ft? I . ^? Sun u day 

Vrnnrt*™ r*ut i™. n^Li,. „» niternoon with his daughtr 

guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ray 
Martens and daughters of 
Breckenridgo. Mr. and Mrs. 

iUUwi_Elmcr-Loo-horao.-Thoy- Lawrence WnJdal or' Thief River 
returned homo Monday. Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rnssmunson Miss Dcbblo Wlchtcrman, Mr. 
and -Mrs.— Arnie— Wlchtcrman; 

Francisco Calir Joe Brekkeof 1 ,u .J*"? nia dou Rhter 

' uS%1?Ki ^ nnaMrTDon l^ThW Rive^f ,Cm fl0epllnl 

Wahlbeck, Mr. ond Mrs. Leonard '"-.i™" "^ %*£- ■-„ 

Brckke. V and son Gregg. La 1 Hoerte°and family W lb 

. Ronald 

™ M ..»a 4th" of Julv " nfTe™™ „nH "«y * n«d Scott or Coon^nlds Tuesd;V^rcrn^nnO^Sa K vm7 Elmer to MT'nnd McDonald ««Po"j»- Mr and 

— — .,-;itL.„-- i y ut S m ??? °" d .a^tSnturdaynndSundaynfUie Lulhcrnn- church -In -Mcintosh Brckke Mr nnd 1 K-aiI Gcrnrdy nnd- fam y of Thief 

BID Halvribt, bo^wS^^dWDnSl ff cr Jr« home and with Mrs. where M^faSnahlmwifSSk Johnson. Mrs. Kcoj Fm" S'l" J"" 1 .^ «™v a P«« 

MqfHofrmnn teWA^S 1 0I ^5 ^^i" 1 ^.- .„_., ... ?"«" recent trip to Europe and wiUmar' Brekkers. Tischart S?«K£^^i^„» 

Sunday for their home In Brush, 
Colo., aftor vliltlng-forover n- 
week at tho homo of her parents 
iho Herbert Walter. ■ 

Saturday evening nt the 
Plummer hall during the 
crowning of tho queen forlhe 4th 
of July_cclebration.Mlfls_GIaria_- 
Culklns, wns crowned ouecn or 
Plummet I07n. Sho represented 
Hanson Bnrjuid was crowned by 
the 1969 queen Miss Julie Johnson 
nnd she was presented with a 
bouquet or long stemmed red 
roses. Other queen candidates 
were Miss Sharo n Engcscthcr, 

Wllictt, F°nnd 

M Cafe;- Marilyn Walter, 
Lynda Hcmly, Plummer 

State Bonk; Miss Lois Mantel. 
Plummer Locker; Miss 
Barbie Malwltz, Hesse Gro- 
cery, All the candidates were 
presented with corsages. Win- 
ners in the Kiddle parade on 
the 4lh of July were DeeAnn, 
Cindy— and-Neir^IIUoliirr - iiriil — 
Kathy Pahlcn. 

Mr. and Mrs, Louis Brasg 
and Mrs. Hope Gullingsnid u . 
Bnudcttc, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin 
Horder and family of Radium. 
Jimmy Brosgoila or Minneapolis. 
Evening guests were 'Mr. nnd 
— Mrs_Aibcrt-Roaid nf Radium. 
_ Miss Bcrgloit Longlle or San 

nlir. ---• "■ - ~* 

ii" "Til.—"; ^r: - ; ".. .,^1 i«.ciil trip to Europe 

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Vigstoland the various churches she had 
■on", and Dan^Vlgstol of Osseo visited on tour nnd the Passion 

At Sunday morning services at 
the Redeemer Lutheran church 
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Carlson had 
their infnnt daughter Paula Lynn 
boptiied with Rev. Paul Bcig — 

ilSKl. 1 "ii flT' „ Ed omrt»Ung. Sponsors were Tdr. 
nK »i'!i" d s. We t dnc8dnv ond Mrs.T)onald Fox nnd Robert 
evening at the Ray LauTmnn Carlson. ATtcrwnrds Mr. and 

„ . _._ Ray LauTmnn 
Mrs. Amanda Hoflus of Red 

to attend the National meeting or July. 
■ Prosbytc rian-Wom cn-of-US A-a t Mrs 

Fox, Robert Carlson 
and John Rosten.. 

Mr. and Mra. Robert Wclu and 
son Daniel of Oxnard, Calif., 
visited with friends hero 4th of 

Mantel home In honor of the 1st, -Then Conkiln. 

birthday of their granddaughter Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Opbnug left 

Lynn Peterson or Duluth. Those Wednesday afternoon Tor thi ' 

present were Mrs. Gary Peter- ' ' 

son, Darrcl and Lynn of Duluth, 
Mrs. Doris Peterson and Mrs. 
Buddy Cameron and son Todd or 
Thief River Falls, Mrs. Henry 
Tvcdt and children and Mrs. 
Melvin Eskeli nnd children. 

Swnndc Kcln of Minneapolis 
arrived here Wednesday af- 
ternoon to visit at the home of his 
mother, Mrs. Marie Kela. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. L. A. Meyer of 
Thlcr River ~ 

Wednesday afternoon ... 

home in*IcVillo, No, Dak., aRcr 
spending several days here at tho 
Hubert Matt home. 

Clarence Johnson left Saturday 
for Minneapolis to visit with 
relatives before he left by plane 
ror his home In Son Francisco, 
Cullf., as he came here lost 
Sundoy lo attend the funeral 
services held forhis mother, Mrs. 
Mary Johnson last Tuesday 
klrs. L. A. Meyer of morning nt the Immanucl 
Falls visited Sunday Lutheran church here. 

Purdue. She la a delegate from 
the Red River Prcsbytcrlal. 

Allan Peterson DA of Great 
Lakes, 111., and Mr. and Mrs. Lud 
Halvorson were Friday supper 
guests at the Leonard Peterson 

Ira^Gary-Pctcrson-of-Dtiluth— -thtrClurcnco-Vnil 

and Mrs. Fred Mantel attended 
the wedding ol Miss Vicky 
Erlckson to' John Helqulst 
Saturday afternoon at tho 
Redeemer Lutheran church In 
Thief River Falls. 
Mr. nnd Mra. Joe Rassmunson 

— and Mrs. James Smith. 
Jnnelle and JcRrcy left Sundny 
for their homo in Cottage Grovo 
after visiting for over a week'ot 
Ihe-home of her parents the 
Herbert Woltcra. 

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Pahlcn and 
Penny were Friday supper guests 
ol the Michael Pnhlen home in 
Bcmldjl. They were ac- 
companied home by their son 
Craig who had spent a week 

Mrs. Don-Harrington, 'David 
and Curtis ol St. Paul nnd Mnr, 
Scgrid Tillman were Sunday 
afternoon nnd supper guests nt 

Mr.nnd Mrs. Pete Gcrnrdy hnd n 

Slcnic dinner and supper at the 
crry Gerardy home on Sundny 
"- ~ J Mrs. Kenneth 

Red Lake Falls and helped Ellen 
Marie celebrate her birthday. 

Allan Peterson, DA of Great 
Lakes, 111., spent the 4th of July 

Willmar Brckke, Jos. Tischart, 
Mrs. Agnes Bredeson and Mrs. 
MlldredWillioms of Milwaukee. 

nt the Pntil Schoennuer home. -■- 

Mr. and Mrs.' George WoHncc_ 
"nnd"famlly nnd Mrs. Margaret' 
Asp of New Richmond, Wis,, 
were Sunday dinner guests nt the 
Wm, Koskcln home. Afternoon 
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Arlan 
Koskela and children, Mr. ond 
Mrs. Edward Arntson nnd 
Michael, Mr. nnd Mrs. Dick 

Mrs. Evelyn Kimble af Roseau 
was n 4lh or July dinner guest at 
the Rev. M. J. Sheldahl home. 
— Mr . nnri - Mrs — Loroy- M erenski" 
nnd family of So. Milwaukee, 
Wis., arc hero visiting at the 
home of her sister the Jerry 

Buford Lawson and Norman 

Dr. F. W. Hazard 


OlkUnd P.rtl Road 
If no animr Pnon« MI-MU 

weekend at the home of his Morcvltska visited Friday nt the 
parents the Leonard Petersons. Wm. Koskcln home. 

and Mrs. Kenneth Norbcrt Van Llth 

4th of July dlnncrond supper of Coon Rapids visited Sundoy Lnllbcrlc and family or Mesa, SabastoDol Calir arrived here 
lesb. nt thi. AmnlH Arl. h™« afternoon nt Ihn n,.H n n rnrt™ Arizono arrlvcdhere Thursdayjo Friday toylsUfw two ^'eoka with 

afternoon nt the home of Miss Robin Dube of Wllllston, No. 

Mabel-Poison, — - — -Dak.,_ls. hcrc_apcndlng the 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Toulouse, summer with her grandmother, 
Kitty nnd Margaret, Mrs. Paul Mrs. Mario Kela. 

guests at the Arnold Arlt home 
were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Arlt nnd 
family of Croon Rapids, Mr. ond 
Mrs. Reynold Ulrick of Bcmldjl, 
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylc Ulrick ond 
family of Minneapolis. Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Lurry Martini nnd Kevin of 
Thier River Falls, Mr. and Mrs. 
Wm. Ulrick, Mrs. Renntc 

Strope or Red Lake Falls, Mr. 
and Mrs. Ed Green waid and 
Dorothy. Wnync Gulllcmcttc and 
Mike Norby. 

niternoon at the Burton Carlson 

Mr. nnd'Mrs. Woltcr Loncrgan 

ol Cash! on, Arizona are now 

spending the summer with their 

son-in-law nnd daughter Mr. and 

Mrs. John Schulllng in Bcmidji. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hanson or 

••in. uti il-k, mra. iicnuic Mentor, Mr, and Mrs. Louis 

Hamncss nnd Cary, Mrs. Charles Paquln or Cudnhy, Clarence 

;pcnd their vacation at the home relatives here. He is visiting . 
ii her-tmrenlji thr- Pcir. r^r n rrfv« [j, c Ray Culklns home here. 

Rev. nnd Mrs. M. J. Shcldnhl 

Johnson of Snn Frnnclsco, Cnlir., 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Alvln Johnson were - 

last Wednesday supper guests nt 

the Elmer Lcc home. 

John Rose of Milwaukee, Wis., 

and Miss Donna Bcnolt or Red 
Lake Falls were callers nt tho 
Albert Toulouse home 4th of July. 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert An- 
derson or Melrose Park, 111.. 
arrived here Friday to visit a 
week nt the home of her pnrents, 

John Rosten visited Inst 
Tuesday with relatives in Fertile. 

Mrs. Gary Peterson. Darren 
nnd Lynn of Duluth nrtivcd here 
a week ago to visit at tho home of 
her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred 
Manlie. They returned home 

Mrs. Elmer Heggor of Grand John Rose of Milwaukee, Wis.. 

Forks and Mrs. Otto Amundson and Mrs. Ethel Wcstcrlund 01 

of- Erskinc entertained tor a " J ' *--***■- -■•*»■ 
picnic dinner at the. United 

meets at Wallace Nelson's, uw 

Arnold Aye. N. Shirley Nelson andYhffdrcn of Ribbing spcnT-.v 

leads Bible study. Councils meet-' weekend at their form here. Mr. 

- Faith Lutheran 
It rrlhrrn Church 
H. S. Olson. Pastor 

morning worship.— 

July 7-19, Lutheran tent : 
vices at the fairgrounds at 8 p 

July 1MB 
at Lal<e Spl 

Junior youth camp 

How Can You 
Best Help People 
~lrr~Trouu"le? — 

Listen this Sunday to the 
Christian Science Radio Ser- 
.:s for some Interesting in- 
siKhl.i-on this question. 
iVt on KTRF radio station 
- Sundcry 6:15 PJ*. 




Mr. nnd Mrs. Adam Lcndobeja 
and Mr. nnd Mrs. Bert Johnson 
were guests nt the Gary Johnson 
home. Hnlgrlm Odegnrd showed 
slides on Norway. \ 

Mfs. Ed Chrlstlnnson of Los 
Angeles. Calir. 'and Mrs. Rny 
Pornow were Monday nricrnoon 
coffee guests at the Alvln Burstnd 

Mrs. Slgnc Hnlnbnck and 
Carroll of Menomonic, Wis. and 
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Lcrol were 
Wednesday nflcrnoon visitors at 
the Henry Anenson home. 

- — am I . nl r 3 _ 1 . 10 rcncc iionsen. -Mr. viJl-ti TJi .ISnV^JS.l?!! D °"' 

. isThc Ufe" each- nnd Mrs. Clifford Johnsrud.Tilr.— J'J* 1 "" d ; |" n ,Sj?,u»n™^i7h - 
channeU Band It. Jain and Mra. Floyd Haugen and n«o Xri^ hSS^ l Uw 

children. Mr. nnd Mrs prrln -Thi- Telemarken ALCW- mM -Celebrated her birthd'oy' 
n a £K n, a. K ? lth u ? d Dc . bbl f' Fr day -afcrnooi^ ^ at theltenrV Sunday. Afternoon visitors w...- 
BSeSnd&e MrV t£rt A^nLh^Wc mbiAm^y ^er alitor Mr. and Mr. ^Charles 

at St. Pauli. 

Redeemer Lutheran Church. 

Plummer (LC-MS) 

. Church of "The Lutheran 

Jlour" nnd "This Is The Llfc"-TV 

""Paul R.'Biegricr, Pastor 

Sun., July 12, 9:00 Worship. 

Sermon: "Prayer for mission . 

10:00 Sunday school. 

Wed.. July 15. 8:30 fjunrterly 

.Sundny 1 

"The Luthernn Hour" Sundays at 
12:35 on 1340 or at 6:35 on 1310. 
Listen to "The Family Worship 
Hour" each evening at 6:45 on 
KROX. Crookston.- 

and Mrs. Orrln Haugen, Keith 
and Debbie of Ribbing arrived 
here Friday evening to spend the 
4th or July visiting at the Henry 
Sunsdnhl nnd Arnold Haugen 
homes. Mrs. O. Haugen and 
children will remain here for a 
weeks visit. 

Callers at the Arnold Haugen 
home recently were Mr. and Mrs. 
Frank Lund, Willie Good, Mr. 
_ and. Mrs_ CI rcncc Hanson. Mr. 

morning were Mrs. Lawrence 
Phillpp and Olar Olson. In the 
afternoon Mrs. Herb Goethe and 
Eshler called on her. 

Mr. and Mrs, Bert Johnson and 
Mr. and Mrs. Halgrlm Odegnrd 
ol Chicago, 111. were guests at the 
Julian C. Lcndobeja home Thurs- 
dny evening. Halgrlm Odegnrd 
showed movies of Austria. 

Barbara and Dlnnne Names 
left Monday for Minneapolis to 
visit with their sister nnd family, 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olson. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Herb Goethe 
vi.Hitcdut the Bert Thorstod home 
Saturday evening. 

"" Elwood Tiemnn 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Ivor SUtu and other. -Sunday.. . . 

relatives and friends. •"— " — '-" " — 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Pat Wlchtcrman 
and Dnnny ol Minneapolis visited 
over the weekend with Mr. and 
Mrs. Floyd Hcssc and Mr. and 
Mrs. Emil Malwltz and other 
relatives. — ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Matt 

Lutheran Campsite at Maple 
Lake on Sunday. for a family 
gathering or the Wickstrom 
families who were here visiting. 
Those present were Mrs. Jack 

Red Lake Fnlis called Sunday at 
the Elmer Lcc home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lauf- 
man and Teresa of Omaha, Neb., 

, Wm. Wright was taken to 
Northwestern hospltnl in Thief 
River Falls Saturday evening for 
medical treatment. 

Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Arlt and 
sons of Coon Rapids arrived hero 
Friday and visited until Sunday 
afternoon nt the Arnold Arlt 

Mrs. BcsslcScholln of St. Cloud 
arrived here Sunday to visit at 
the home of her daughter the Bud 

Mrs. Goodwin Kvasager_and_ 
Janet, Mra. Bud Zlmpcl, Lyncll. 
Susan and Nancy were Grand 
Forks callers Thursday. 

Mrs. Amanda Hoflus or Red 
Lake Falls visited Sundoy 

visited Sunday evening at the 
AHred Waldnl home. 

Miss Voma Schrocdcr or Thlcr 
River Falls spent the wecltend at 
the Ray Laulman home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Art Frailnnd 
visited Sunday afternoon nt the 
Sorcnson brothers home. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Merle Johnson 
and family or Minneapolis 
arrived hero Friday to visit over 
the 4th at the home ol her pnrents 
the Pete Gcrnrdys. They 
relumed home Jties day 

4th of July pot luck dinner 
guests nt the home or Mrs. Elinor 
Lieske were Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd 
Licskc ond Rick or Osseo, Mr. 
and Mrs. Terrenec Griffiths and_ 


SS! "VMS"" ? ™ U " s^"* °" h * ""•' v"n 

Saturday, July 1 1 

Snl» T too iliM 



Black & whlto W«Uh-Shat- 

load mar*, g nan 
Brown & whlta Walsh-Arab 

The Keister 'Support the Churc h' ", Se ries, now I n tfwir 15th Year. - 
Wmner'of12NationaI Awards from the Freedoms Foundation 1 
Valley Forge, Contributed to the Cause of the CHURCHES of this 1 
area by the following: Individuals & Businesses . , .all Interested in = 
a better community and world! 1 


Phone GS1.4331 


Your Home Owned 
Independent Bank- 

Phone CHI -4020 
Thief Hlvcr Falls 

Goodfidge, Minnesota 
Bruce E. Anderson, Pastor 
The worship schedule for 
Sunday, July 12. 8:45, 
_TeIemarken;_ io:00, Ekclund: 
11:15. Faith. Bethany 
congregation will have a picnic at 
Lake of the Woods Bible Camp. A 
worship service will bo hela at 
3:00 p.m. Dinner will be served 
after the 10:00 service nt Ekclund' 
church. Sermon text: Mark 8: 1-9. ' 

B^ a iy^ U „ c g.l n J Mlchdlc u-evotlons by Mrs/blsn'ey Wilson" j"" Mn. Huvelto Him Mm. 

JlawltJind-Orbon-Good^^— : flnd-oRcHnrmedilanbnVnlra:— Jl5"7" A 7" son ^ A > lls r and 

Sig Slgurdson. The hostess was chri * tv nm1 M " nr "» »-»««— 
*"- Those 


Cone Henricknon, Owner 
Complete Body It, 

Fender Work 

Glass Installed — 

"Paint Matching 

Is Our Specialty" ., 

SNO.JET Dealer & 


' 422 Atlnnilc Ave. N. 

Phone 6R1-1351 . 


Qunlliy Seeds & Feeds 
Funks' "G" Hybrid Corn 
Ph. 681-1461 T. R. Foils 


"We're Here lo Lend You 

a Helping Hand" 

Member FDIC 

Thlcl RJvcr FnJU, Minn. 


208 E. 4th St. 

Phone 681-333 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mostrom, 

Debbie and Randy were shoppers 

In Grand Forks, N, D. on Friday^^'^Vcrc Mrs. Orlle Ha/. 
dahl. Mrs. Alvln Burstad, Mrs. 
Sheldon Knutson. Mrs. Carl 
Llndblom, Mrs. Henry Waaie, 
Mrs. Slg Slgurdson, Mrs. Ivan 
Downs, Mrs. Howard Hursmon, 

.-.■y- - _ _ 

Christy, and Mrs. Gory Johnson H 
Brian. Monday afternoon § 


- — Attention-Farm 

For top prices consign your fivestock to the 


Sole eyery Tuesday 1 p.m. sharp 

^ Utte Hap. SW S-1 c=h« UU Bww. 
■rtafl Ymt Umfock n EaJ^ 


CUFF ROHLF, Manager 


grandson ferry called" "nt the 
Ernest Mostrom home Friday 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Jorgen Oftellc 
and Mrs. Arnold Haugen called nt 
the Lewie BJcrklle home 

Callers at the Arnold Haugen 
home Saturday evening were Air. 
nnd Mrs.. Jorgen Oltelie, Mr.and 
Mrs. Harry Hanson and jjrnnd~ 
doughtcrs Wendy, nnd Joan, Mr. 
and Mrs. Alan Homme nnd 
Mishjjwn of Thlcr River Falls. 
Mr. oiirrHTrs. Lewie BJerkllc and 
Mrs. Frank Lund called there on 

Mr. ond Mrs. Davltf Bicgcnck 
and boys ol Kelllher and Mr. n nd 

ntira. John fcnclcson spent the , 
weekend at the Clarence Hanson 

.home. Rac Ann Hanson, who is 

andBrendo visited nt 

Johnsrud home Saturday 

Mrs, Clara Nelson ol Canby, 
Minn, and Laurence Ilaug of 
Bcmidji visited nt the Elmer 
Engslrom home recently. Other 

Orlln Lcroiand family, Mrs. Bert 
Johnson, Anne Nelson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Ole Lcrol. Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Clayton Klnvcn and inmlly, Mrs. 

Hers were" Mrs. Ted 
Koropatnickl, Kim. Kelly and 

Congratulations to Mr. and 
Mrs. Sam Haugen on the arrival 
of their llrst grandchild, a son to 
Dr. and Mrs. D. K. Kcim. 


Open 7 days a week 

(9 n.m. to D p.m., Daily) 

Sundays 9 n.m. to-7'p.m 

Hot Bar-B.Q Chickens 

Dally 4 a complete line or 

Croccrles, Meats, etc 

51G E. 8th Street ■ 

Thlcr River Falls 

Is your attic full of Don't 
wants? Tum them Into ready 
cash with a Times Classllled Act. 




Petroleum Products ti 

Automotive Accessories 

LP Gas-Town it Country 


__ 3rd St. & Atlantic 

Ph. 681-3312 T. R. Falls 

THIEJLRjVER co-op _ 

Manufacturers at Lily 


Phone 651-3103 


IFormerly Bottom's 

Rest Home) 

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Shcasby 

Jr. & Sr.. Props, 

Home Tor the Aged 

Personal Attention and 


Phone G31-3-1S4 


Bemlc Wclgcl. Owner 

Guaranteed Used Cars 

Phone 6S1.5S12 

Res. 681-14G8 

Hwy. 59 E. 

Thlcr River FnlU, Minn. 


The Complete Hardware 


"Largest Toy L 

Gift Selection In the 


Light Fixtures— 

— Elocuical-4 PJumblng- 

Thlef River Falls 

Telephone GS1.3G64 

Dr. Orion D. Belch 
Dr. Lorry H]e(mhaifg 

-HOURS:,. ♦-(•-5 i_^ 
_f fsi 12 Sofardays 
r 4BMI20 

113 E. Third St 

Victor Wickstrom nnd daughters, 
Sonin and Karen of Minneapolis, 
Mrs. Richard McCook. Lisa, 
Karen and BUI and Lowell 
Amundson ol Dallas, Texas: 
Dcnisc and Linda Kcttner of 
Mahnomen, Mrs. Anna 

„„,„,„ ,„„.„„„„„«,„, Wickstrom nnd Oscar Wickstrom _ 

Northwestern hospltnl in Thief ™d Mr, and Mra. Elmer Heggar Arrowhead Camp 
River Falls lost Tucsdny and on nnd ' nml 'y of. Grand Forks. Falls. Cnnnrfn. 

Thursday had major surgery. ,„ AII ? n ,. p S , £ rs 3 n <* prcat Ln><cs, 

_.. RelaUvcs and friends hero to «'-, visited Friday afternoon with 
■Tittcnrj-th(rfuncroI"Mrvic'cs"held~ - l ,lB J El rBntf P arenla Mr ' »nd Mrs. 
for Mrs— Mary Johnson Inst Lw Hnlvorson. 

niternoon nt the Wnltcr Peterson 
nnd Alcid Morrlssctte homes. 

Mrs. Jan Mattison and Mrs. ■ 
Esther Mattison visited last 
Monday nflcrnoon with Karl 
Mattison ot St. Michncl's hospital 
In Grand Forks. 

Miss Lnthora Maynard entered 

_. — Mary Johnson Inst 

Tucsdny morning at the Im- 
manucl Lutheran church were 
Clarence Johnson of Snn Frnn- 
cisco, Cntlf., Mr. and Mrs. Louis 


John Deere Quality 

Farm Equipment 


T. R. Falls Ph. 681-Iiar- 


Garbage & Rubbish 


| Rt 3— T. R. Falls. Minn. 
Phone 681.3318 for service 


22 lb. Wmh-A-Rama's 
For Your Large Loads 


Phone G31-4&15 

Commercial A Residential 

Wiring, Plumbing * 



DELTA Tires 
Sales 4 Service 

Ph. 631-1179 T.R. Fall, 


"Be Sure With Pure- 
Town & Country 
Metered Deliveries 
. AAA Service 

Phone G81-99TO 
201 Main Ave. S. 
T. R. Falls. Minn. 

Fresh Baked- G<yd s Da I ly 

arlcly o 
^. ? Bakln„ 
209 E. 2nd St . 
Phone 6H1-1222 
Thief River Falls, Minn. 


Go Modem — Co Can 

Phone CH1-3222 
Thlcr River Falls 


Masonry Contractor 
Commercial & Rculdepllal = 
Phone 68I-3C02 R. R. 3 | 
Thief River Falls, Mint 



On the. Farm Tire Service 

220 Horace Ave. N. ■ 

Phone GRI.2GS6 

Thief River FalU, Minn. 


— Brook I ohm — bimehea- 
- tt Dlnneni 

Billiards - Pisa 
Phone 6HI.D009 
Lower Level Elks BldR. J 



Modern Woodmen Life Insurance 





v. k. wmn*. 


- — -HOME -OFFICE- - 

-•- BOCK islamic uintom 

Mrs. Thomas Sogcn'and "son 
Ernest of Edmorc, No. Dak., 
arrived here Thursday to visit 
with her sisters Mrs. Elinor 
Licskc and Mrs. Mrs. Lillic 
Halvorson and her hrother EUs-. 
worth Milllgan nnd with rclntivcs 
and friends In Oklec as she came 

attend her class reunion held 

Curl Koskcln 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Arnold Narvcrud, 
Holly and Jay of Thief River 
Falls and Mr. and Mrs, Goodwin 
Kvnsager nnd family enjoyed n 

Slcnic supper 4th of July nt the 
omc or Mrs. Bcnnlo Mahln. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Kenneth Hnovcn 
spent the weekend at the 
Arrowhead Camp at Nestor 
Foils, Cnnndo. 

Mrs. Anns Schumacher and 
Madonna visited Sundny nf- 
ternoon- nt- tho home of Mrs. 
Helen Jaeger. 

— MrsrAnnn "Wickstrom und'son 
Oscar, Mrs. Otta Amundson of 
Ersklncnnd Mrs. Elmer Hcggnr 
of Grand Forks attended . the 
funeral services held for Mrs. 
Ernest Kcttner on Thursday in 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Lcroy Money and 
rnmliy of Park Rapids and Mr. 

-evening at tho James .Gllbcrtson— children'— of-Bt-mldji. ..„„ 
homc.__ JunNitn Lieske of-Thlcr River- 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Dunne 
Parcntcnu. Ernest Pcderson. Adclman and Paul, Mr, and Mrs. 
Elmer Schjcldrup met last Henry Tvcdt, Jim and John ol 
.... !_.. ...,.l. ... -_.. ncd ^ kB Fn]l9| Mr nnd Mrs 

Richie Rarick, Mr. and Mrs. 
DuWnyne Rarick and family of 
Climax, Mr. and JUrs. Don 
Overt and of Fertile. Mr. ond Mrs. 
Ray Martens nnd daughters of 
BrcckcnridKc, Miss Linda 
Cardinal, Mrs. Lillic Halvorson. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Milllgan 
and Mrs, Blancho Snflcn and 
Em est of Edmorc. 

Mr. and Mrs. ArtLclning nnd 
Carole, Wayne Lclning nnd 
- dnughter Beth and Kelly went to 
Hnlton, No. Dak., Sunday where 
they were dinner guests at the 

o be 

icld here Sundoy afternoon In 
conjunction with the 4th of July 

Mr. and Mrs. Darol Brasgalia 
and son Timmy of Fargo visited 
over the 4th of July weekend nt 
the home of her parents the Cnrl 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Lem Dobson nnd, 
-Tcresn-Laulmnn were Friday 

supper guests at .the Rny Laui- 

mnn home. 

Miss Bcrgloit Lnngllc or San 
Diego, Calir.. and Mrs. Ed 
Lnngllo_ ol Thlcr River Falls 

B yr. old rilly. Block Walsh- 
Saddlo (Ilk* oswl 
Sorsrol Bridlss 

1SS2 *4 Hau«T Harris Dta- 

m! Tractor 
C Allis Chalmirs Tractor w/ 

bomomoda post dit**r 
1SS9 Cher. i/ t ton Pickup. 4 

spood wllh Floatslda box 
1962 9 tt John D^r» Ho. 8 

196a 5 ft John Door* Giro 

HV* ft.* CCA John Doera 

culUvotor. hrd. controU*d 
1S5S 13 I L Owtoooa swathsr 
* bar ' Co-op slda dollnrr 

raka on rubber' 
-4-U - McCormtck-D««ring 

plow on rubber 
2 bottom John Donre disc 

plow. »«inl- mounted 
300 jaL dlesal fusl tank 
7D0 (toL galvanunrd aquan 

water tank 
ISO goL oalvanlsad - stock 

3 htovr 'tool wattr tanks 

2 55 oaL barrtls 

v/t-x$r hyd. cjllncwr 

Rock djaoror beam 

Wtll pnss drill 

70 lb. anrll 

2 ho. Filoldairs compressor 
with Irooilng colls 

Horn branding sot 

2 cream soparcrtorm 

Vt 4 V* h-p. slsctrlc motors 

About lOO-lbs. welding rods 

Chain hoist 

Pip* Tlso 2 beach tIcos 

Balo slldo 

12x38 tractor tiro (good 

shopo) ™ 

Sslf.propsUed lawn mows*' 

Maskulator * 

Wins winder (or barbed end 

7 IL Int. powsr mower — 

Duncan-Fbrlo extension 

dining room table 
"4 kltchsn chairs 
Apt slia aloctiic ranga 
Bunk bod 

Phllco portoblo Hl-11 
Flowtr stand 
"3"sp»od Scbwinh bike 
Largs number ol (ruit Jars 
OthST" Items too" 

TERMSt Cosh or bankable paper when nrranpeme 
been made w-ih Clerk BETOsltTHESAXE « arSi 
your pwn bank Tor needed crcdltTNo properly t. 
as is. Not responsible ror accidents. 


f totnbausx-Auctlon Sal* Sarrlco 

. CoL Donald Stolnhauor. Auctioneer 

Ht 2, Thiol BJvsr Falls. Minn. 

lions* Ho. 45-02 

- Secusltr Stole Bank, CHark 

Oklee. Mlnnasata 

_ iy of Park Rnpi 

Sundny In Oklec. They returned nnd Mrs. Alvln Johnson were 
home. Monday. Sunday dinner aucstsat thc_John 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Edward Amtson 
and. Michael and Ward visited 
Wednesday evening nt the Wm. 
Koskela home. * 

Bob SJulestad of Phoenix, 
Arizona and Otis Miller of Thief 
River Falls visited Saturday 
evening nt the Paul Schoennuer 
with Denne Schoennuer of. 
Phoenix, Arizona who is here 

Mrs. Ray Culklns, Norbcrt Von 
Llth or Snbastopol. Call., Cor- 
nelius Van Llth of Hazel, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Marvin Mchrkcns of Thief 
River Falls attended a lamlly 
reunion of the Van Llth families 
-last - Bun do y-o I- Del ano. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Jerry Gcrnrdy 
attended her class reunion 
Sundny nt Oklec. 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Paquln of 
Cudahy, Clarence Johnson of San 
Francisco, Colli., nnd Mr. nnd 

Money home In Thlcr RIvcrFalls. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Erling Olson and 
sons of Thlcr River Falls visited 
Saturday evening at the Jesse 
DuChnmp home. 

Mrs. Gary Nelson and son of 
Dubuque, Iowa was a Saturday 
dinner guest at the John Skjervcn 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mc- 
Donald, Lnurie and John or Gary, _„„„„...,„„, „.,„ „u,, u « 

Ind., arrived here Friday 'lo Koskela. Lcroy Engcscthcr or 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Lcroy Money nt 
rnmily or Park Rnpfds spent U 
4th of July weekend, nt the Alvln 
Johnson home here and at the 
John Money home in Thief River 

-Allan Peterson of Great Lakes, 
HI., Mr. nnd Mrs. Normnn 
Vcrsdnhl nnd fnmlly of Winger, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Leonard Peterson, 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Huotari. Mr. 
nnd Mrs. Lud Halvorson enjoyed 
a pot luckplcnic dinner 4th or 
July at the Ftusscli Huotari home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Butch 

We've got to hand it to 

Bottlers of Pepsi-Colo S 
Mountain Dew -.Squirt = 

Thlcl River Foils. Minn. I 





• R-ll (cowtont) 





(In 1 & 5 goL cans) 
• M.CJ. -M0 • A-40 


Friday, July 10. 1970 

ot 4:00 pjn. 
Ucorrtrd at 309 Knight Aventx South 



201 N. AManHe 

Phone 481-1 5f 

1 CoUmt with' Sink 

2 Kitchen Tabln 
2 Smcul Tab lot 

1 Magorrine Rack .^ 

2 Sowing Machines' 
1 Swivel <^xilr 
Lawn Choirs 

-Pjsrap-OrgosM **ry-»kel 

Organ Stool 

Library Tool* 

Oak Arm Chair 

Boerrfc Iron 


5omo tools, cooking trttmsTrs, tineos, traaks and other 
mfsceBanooini ortlciw too tttanoratrs fo menfloji. 

1 Rirrlgererror 

1 Electric Stovo 

! OM Ptarform Kocker 

4 Old Roclton 

Old Clipboard] with glow 

1 EmtnoR 15" Tabic Mo- 
des TV 

3 Bods (CaRipJorstl 
1 Washls-g Mochlne 
1 Drotur 
1 Choir of Drawers 

when you buy a set of . 

Amoco 120 SS Radial Oval Tines 

r *I° ^SST^i?* ^ nmoni until settled (or. Hot 

The tipes that save you money 

on '" 

Mrs. Emma Myrom, Owner ~~ 

AndT Aderson 5T-1 and UBtrr'Brumem an S7-2 I 

JlucUoa Serrlce ■ 

Union State Bank - Clerk I 


sonnW else (pom ttn peopts win are (standard). 


* Main - Thl«f Rim Falls 


Wednesday, July 8, 1970 Thief River Falls, Minn, p "" 

St. Hilaire Events 
of Week Recorded 

^>uiuiili: Ilocso, Mrs. Carl 
Peterson, Mrs. vlrdean Grove 
nnd boys, Mrs. Oscar Pclcrson of 
Thief River Fall* and Mrs. Alice of Thief River Falls. 

u i-mttsi vrfnirwitiTunw^KSJ - 

joldle Kruse. 

Mrs. Leonard Larson or 

Frccmonl. Calif, and Herman 

Krusc pi Sacramento, Calif, were 

visitors Friday afternoon of Mr*. 

Mrs Gcoroc Johnson and Gotdic Krusc. Mr*. Larson Ii 

children of Red Lake Falls were here vislUng with her father. 

Wednesday afternoon visitors at Chris Krusc, who Is hospl tallied 

Hie Herman Sandberg home. and olso with other relatives. 

Mr_and_Mrs._Herman.Snnd-_ Mr._andMrs._Gt en.. Ober " ' 

Sunday "" 

Mrs. Blrdcon Anderson and 
Mrs. John Nelson of Trail at- 
tended funeral services for Mrs. 
Elflc Higdcm at Gonvlck on 

Sunday evening visitors at the 
Blrdcon Anderson home were 
— Mr.- and Mrs.-Chnrlca-Hasnedl: — Rroi 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Suroncn, 
Ranald and Barbara came 
Friday morning to Ihc Darrell 
Scvrc home. They left again on 
Sunday, accompanied by Karen 
Suroncn. who had spent about 3 
weeks at the Scvrc home. * 

their daughter Wednesday, Jw 


has been named Dandle Roc. Shu 
joins a family of 5 sisters and 
brothers, l-j 

Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Lundgren 
came up Sunday to visit with her 
mother, Mrs, Clara Robertson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ardell Lundgren 
of Coon Rapids were Sunday 

evening visitors at the Don Appcli - 

home. ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Ujll Sundholm of 
New Brighton cume Saturday 
andalnycd till Sunday morning nl 
the Darrell Sevre home, 

Mr: and Mrs, Eugene 
Bruggeman and Mr. and Mrs. 
John ftcinvold and family of 
Brooks spent last weekend — 

Spring I 

■ of the 

-, ,1 Steele 

Tuesday vlsllors at the Eugene 
Mrs. Art Lund of Thief River 

A cookout was held Snturdny at 
the Mrs. Frank Bruggeman home 
at Brooks. Among those at- 
tending were Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Eugene Bruggeman, Mr. and 
Mrs. Larry Uruggoman and 
family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard 
BruHKcmnr and family. Mr. and 
Mrs. Don Olson. Mrs. Bruce 
Olson. Mr. and Mrs. Elllng 
Ivcrson and family of Thief River 
Kails, Mrs. Ermine Bruggemiin 
and Pat of Thief River Falls, Dan 
Brugficmnn nnd Rosemary 
Bruggeman ,of Minneapolis. 

Sunday afternoon visitors at 
the Eugene Bruggeman home 
were Mr. and Mrs. Ed 
Bruggeman of Thief River Falls. 

Oscnr Sevre of Euclid 

near Detroit Lakes for swimming 
and a picnic were Mr, and Mrs. 
Harvey Suroncn and family of SL 
Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sundholm 
of New Brighton. Oscar Sevre of 
Euclid and Mr. and Mrs. Darrell 
Sevre and Julie. Joining the 
iup-1 rr th cm ft c moon - ror~ U iif 

Slcnlf were Mrs. Goldic Krusc, 
lr. and Mrs. Bud Krusc and 

Clarence Slblckl and Tammy of 
Thief River Falls. Rhonda 
Hcdlund of Thief River Falls 
were Saturday dinner guests at 
the Alfred Rasmusscn home. 

Mrs. Corn Rasmusscn of Thief 
River Falls, Mrs. Orabel 
— Brammcnschcnkcl-nnd' Shery 1 o f - 
Sioux Stc. Marie, Mich, were 
Wednesday evening cnilcrs nt the- 
Alfred Rasmusscn home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Nelson 
wcrcSundaysuppcrgucstsat the 
Event Yonkc home. 

Visitors at the George Norman 
home last week on Frldav and 
Saturday were Pastor and Mrs. 
A. Munson of Crosby, N. D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Irving McKcr- 
-chcr were visitors Inst. Saturday 
evening at the Ccorgo Norman 

Visitors last Sunday evening at 
the George Norman home were 
Dale Carlson, Wnndn and Barry. 

Miss Echo Norman of Chicago, 
Illinois Is spending this week at 
the George Norman home. 

George Norman, Miss Echo 
Norman of Chicago and Mrs. Ann 
Ingualdson spent Saturday and 
Sunday fishing at Red Lake and 

berg were Sunday afternoon 
visitors at the Erllng Andersons 
at Plummcr. 

■ Holly Anderson left far her 
home at Plummcr after spending 
a week at the Hcrman~Sandberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Vern Undqulst 
-attendod tho Softball picnic- In- the 

St. Hilaire park after the game on 

Mrs. Palmer Forsberg. Mrs. 

Stella Erlckson and Mrs. Darrell 

Scvrc drove to Grand Forks last 

Thursday to spend the day 


- Mrs. Stella Erlckson was a. 

Saturday colfee and luncheon 

guest at the Emil Malwitz home 
_ a t . Pl um racr_and_ also — hclped- 

Dnnnv Wltcherman. son of Mrs. 
witchcr roan celebrate his 

children of East 
were Friday cvcnl. „ ... 
the Otto Johnson home. 

Mrs. Fred Ncct and son 
Mcrvllle Ncct of Rlngstad, Iowa, 
"~~ Ernest Spauldlnfl 

there. Mrs. Motson and children 

were spending' a week In tho' 
- Cities visiting relatives. Scott 

Kuiel remained at the home of 

his grandparents for 

House guests at the Ole Lcrol 

home from Monday evening until 
.Thursday afternoon lost week 

were Mrs. Lord's cousin, Mrs. 


Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Krusc and 
family spent Sunday afternoon at 
Pine Lake. On their return home 
ihcy were supper guests at the 
home of her mother in Oklce.. 
Mrs. Evelyn Nelson. Mr. and 
Mrs. George Olson and family 
were also supper guests there. 

Michael Krune Notes 3lh 

Michael Kruse ~" 

Silverton . . . 

Mrs. Anna Nelson and Mrs. Ole 
Lerol_of Thief—River.. Falls at- 
tended LCW at Tclcmarken 
church In Kratka to which Mrs. 
Henry Anenson .was. hostess on 
Friday afternoon. 

lay _ , 

were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cole 
of Portland, Oregon. Hi chard is a 
grandson of the Lerols. Supper 

Suests at the Lcrol home thai 
[onday evening besides their 
house guests were Mr. and Mn<- 
Hcnry Anenson, "Qiristl, Arils 
and Vernon of Krotka, Burncll 
Anenson of Thief River Falls, two 
friends of Burnell and Vernon's 
and Mr. and Mrs. Orlln Lcrol, 
Tammy, Bruce and Danny. Other 
later visitors and coffee guests 
were Mr. and Mrs. LloytTCoIe, 
Roger and Marlene of Argylo. 

and Mrs, "Robert Race and 
Robert Thomas of Rochester. Mr. 
and Mrs. Race returned from 
their trip to Georgia and Fieri da- 
where they visited friends and 

Saturday at the Henry Anby River, N.D., and Laura David of 

home and Sunday at tho homo of . Gonvlck were Wednesday supper 

Mrs. Emll Lerud. On Monday he guests of Mrs. Helen Puppe. 

was a dinner guest of the DakoAycrs.Myrl Johnson. and 

few days Mlckclson family before leaving - Leo Langcvln of Sanders wen 

for home. Thursday evening luncheon 

Mrs. Arnold Peterson, Susan, guests ntthcDaryl Lewis Home. 

Julie, Ricky and David were Alvin Uctiow, and Hotter DyrdaJ 

.-. — j... . — t. .. _. ...-. of Rojcvjood wero coti,^ gueso, 

there tho two previous evenlr— 

. nnd -Warrcn.Lcwi] ' """ 

Arvcson of Trail 

afternoon visitors at the Lewis 

Thursday evening Mr. and 
Mrs. Merle Mogsam and Mr. and 
Mrs. David Mogsam .Dennis and 
Stewart Mogsam of Euclid were 

cn..Ober«_and__SclracUIulbflckDnd.»on_Carro!J Smiley. ....... ■ — — 

Grand Forks of Menomonle, Wis. and guests A going away party for , 
ng visitors at from Sunday until Wednesday Rude, who has enlisted In 

Linda and Cathy Lidcn were 
Friday afternoon visitors at the 
George-Joyce home. 

Friday visitors at the Bcrton 
Johnson home included Mrs. Carl 
Svcan, Vonnic Dlmmon and 
Ralph Lewis. Mrs. Bentley 
Paulson was a Saturday evening 
ivloui evenings, Mr. and Mrs. Ervfn Skoar and 

' if ptvl .OlOora-— .TryBve_ol .Cambridge _ arrived 

1 were Sunday FndaylovisltuntilSundoy atlhe 

AnfTSTttaflbcld Sunday at the 
home of his parents, the Herman 
Rudcs in Smiley. Mr. and Mrs. 
Culver Klsch and Kyle were 

among dpprosimatelv the Ihlrtv 

.reInUvea.who.werc.togcUicr.ror__visilars-at the Frank Annitrong- 

"duincr and tho afternoon, Mrs, 
Hannah Kisch Joined them in the 

• Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Peterson, 
Susan, Julie, Ricky and David 
were among the guests Sunday 
afternoon at tho Gary Nelson 
home in Newfolden. 

Llnnae Hanson Is a candidate 
for tho Minnesota Hereford 
Association queen contest which 
will bo held Wednesday, July 1 at 

Gwen of Wittenberg, Wis., were Mr. and Mrs. Nick Koropatnlckll 

dinner guests, and Mrs. Duke <«•»■«<» »™»"i» emit- h n .*h. 

Aycr*. Tllcky, Randy, Bobby, 
Dlano and Dcnlsc were forenoon 
visitors with them at the Arm- 
strong home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vcdum and 
Mrs. Freda Ekdahl of Thief River 
Foils were .Saturday, evening 
gucsta at the Gust Larson home. 

Miss Emma Rhodegaard was 

homo of his brothers, Andrew and 
Leonard, and with other relatives 
and friends In the area. 

Roger Solem and Cynthia were 
Saturday forenoon luncheon 
guests at tho Alfred Solcm home 
in Slcincr. -The prcvious.Tuesday_ 
evening Roger Alan Solcm had 
accompanied his grandparents, 

lathdr borne In Smiley, where he 
will visit for several days. 

Mark Lidcn of Thief River 
Falls spent Sunday with Mike at 
the Ardell Lidcn home. Cindy 
Lidcn was also a guest of Shelly 
at the Junior Solscng home 
Saturday afternoon. ■.„ 

Mrs, Doryl Lewis and Tlmmy 
left Tuesday afternoon for St. 

n . taj-ni, ,.j m™ rtji- wiicrc uicy vuiicu menus una ana Mrs. alios Hunsi 
HatSnJ ^SXvS I'n SirSJ ^itSSS al5 ° «**« tncir vaCflUon - They attend this field day. 
Hanson enjoyed a picnic dinner ,„ t two days in Chicago 

Hereford Ranch at Mahnomen. Friday supper guest at the Ardell Paul where they were guests at 

Ross Hanson of St Paul and Mr. *■—- - — «-- «— |J ■■»—■-« >- — --->-■ 

and Mrs. Silas Hanson will also 

with Mrs. Race's sister, Janice 

with relatives at the Tourist Park Wlln ... 

II* ftm™" ArlS, Mr - "" M ~ ""t™ ■«* Ru < 

Bcdard which wos held otNoocrs b^,,,, nnd NcUui Johnson 
homes In Grand Forks. They also 
were supper guests at the 

Mr.andMrs/Bud Kruse". Those vuuca nl ™ uav,a uuorM '- -— 

coming with greetings were Mrs. 

Goldic Kruse, Mr. and Mrs. ... ..,- ...-j .-..l l" , ,i."""_j »ik»»™ "<o vtuty uiuumjii' 

Lorry Kruse. Christy and Todd, M^'T ^ m- I^ C m- John HellquUt wedding Saturday 
Mrs. Willis Johnson of Thief «?'*£ n "i^ \l M " - n'lcrnoon at the Redeemer 

River Falls and . Mrs. Fcrdic n %°'9 Duprce Jr. Lutheran church in Thief River 

Anderson of Thief River Falls. _/% ? l3 ?, n ,.?i ,d ^ , Roi ?. fa ^ F"Ns. 

visited at the bavid Duproo Johnson ho^me. 
feSSKS'SS'K^S?^ »««ied. the Vicky Erlckson- 

4-1 1 Tour snd Picnic 

Silverton 4-H club will have 

their annual tour and picnic 

Thursday, July beginning at 7 

f.m. at ihc Richard van der 
logon home and ending at the 
Silas Hanson home. for a picnic 
suDDOr after all the 4-H homes 
hove been visited and the pkk 
Jecls of the members viewed. 


UN. tMin i*wi* bu. s. cur 

-the- Lake oftheWoodsr 

At lend i Wedding 
MrJ and Mrs. Frank Sweet, Mr. 
and Mrs. Stuart Sweet and Mrs. 
Elizabeth Brink left Thursday 
evening for Whitewater, Wis. to 
' visit at the Arnie Cords home and 
to also attend the wedding of 
Connie Cords and William Pilger 
held at Milwaukee. Wis. They 
returned home Monday morning. 
Others' attending the wedding 
were Mr. 'and Mrs. Ben Ben- 
dickson. (Margie Vik) of Min- 
neapolis and Mr. 

Daniel Austad of St. Hilaire and ■ 
Harold Austad of Grand Forks 
attended the wedding of their 
nephew Kenneth Ranum ut 

Stanley, N. D. on Sunday. 

Mrs. Roger Anderson, Murray 
and Heidi of Thief River Falls 
were Tuesday afternoon visitors 
at the Merle Holland home. 

Mrs. Darrell Scvrc and Julie 
and Susan Forsberg were visitors 
and luncheon guests at Ihc Henry 
Rux home Tuesday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Scvrc of 
Minneapolis were brief callers at 
the Henry Itux home Sunday 
morning. They were enroute to 
the home of his brc " 
Sevre, to visit. 

Harry Rux was a Saturday 
evening caller (it the Henry Rux 

Mr.'ondMrs. Robert Miller nnd 
family spent Friday and 
Saturday at the Loren McColium 

Harold Dupree Jr. 

Cindy Olson and Lorl Roisland 
_o f _Th lcf_Rivcr_Falls_were. 
Saturday afternoon visllorsat the 
Odin Hanson home. w ^ tmmi 1HH 

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence afternoon at the Ole Urol home. 
?fi c ™B n SESE?!?"',^ fy-J l F: Mr - a ^ M«- ""rold Dupree 

Norden Luther League will 
„,,„ jonsor a family picnic supper at 

Andrew D ahle- of Indiana- ond— wo.Nordcn church Sunday.- July— - 
Mrs. Adolph 5i.A,. b f ic . r ..?ll?? l £ oI L P r< !P- nm ,l_L n : ' 

tho David Dyrdal home. Todd 
Lewis stayed with his grand- 
mother Dyrdal during their 

Mrs. Deforest Green visited 
Wednesday afternoon at the Olds 
Chrlstlanson home In Thief River 
Foils. Thursday afternoon Mr. 
and Mrs. Green visited at the 
Dennis Green home in Thief 
River Foils. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Rude 
attended a Rude family 
gathering at the Herman Rude 

. ,„.„. „.„„„ _„.„ homo Sunday, in honor of Arlo 

Sunday afternoon vlitors at tho R*" 1 " who ht leaving for the Air 
Dake Aycrs homer Later the Force. . 
same evening, Mrs. Ernest M*- and Mrs. Bcrton Johnson 
Melvlo Sr., Oriel to and Darlecn, nnd Gory, and Arthur Paulson of 
and Mrs Douglas Wahl, Jodi and SL Paul were Saturday visitors - 
Shane were visitors there. '*"" *""" ""''■" , -''- h 

«,i,a. Ahu^vi >jwii;iii, luiKcr Alan 
nnd Cindy, Mrs. Alfred Sdem, 
Llda Muiry, Mrs. Vernon 
Mai berg and Mrs. Clara Jcanette 
went to Grand Forks a week ago 
Monday. Mrs. Solem and tho two 
children and Mrs. Alfred Solem 
spent the day at tho Stan Wick 
home there, while the other 
ladles kept medical op-' 
pointments and shopped. 

Mrs. George Solney, Wesley, 

the Inflr Mikkclson home. 

Christophcrson visited Thursday 

— Saturday-overnlghl-gursi-nt-the— Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Nelson. Mr. 
Darrell Sevre home. and Mrs. Carl Cloven of Grygla 

Spending Sunday at the BIN helped Mr. and Mrs. Vern eleven 
i;,,-,.i>. n i.„ --m.. ... u„u — i -i — [ Goodrldgc observe their 4lh 
"wedding "anniversary Wednesday 
.evening. . 

lujtju uiKi-. i*. kJ. uu auiiuu/ 

ofternoon where they attended 
the wedding of a relative. Dale 
By both to DcLores Fucllcr at 
Saint Oalf Lutheran church. 

morning and also wcro dinner 
guests at Ihc William Weiss homo 
at New Salem, former residents 
-of this community. On their way 
home that day they stopped In 
Moorhcad and called on the 
Mclvln Ncu family In tho 
evening. Mrs. Ncu is a niece of 
Mrs. Wold and Clarence 

SoIveig.Swenson of Thief River' 
Falls spent Friday and also ' 

eluding numbers by lEe Virgil 
HJelles of Viking, will be held nt 3 
p.m. The public Is Invited. 

Mrs. Ernest Melvlo, Orlottc 
and Darlecn, also Ncls Dyrdal 

ie uavia uupree nomc. "»" ±""'"-"j *"•", '"V" *Wlr" 

Supper gucsut Monday evening fl nd Terry of Thief River Falls; 
this week at the Harold Dupree *cre Saturday evening luncheon 
home were Mr. ond Mrs. OrvlIIe guests. and visit " 

Dohl of Thief River Falls. Callers 
there Sunday evening were Mr. 
and Mrs. Jcrrold Nelson ol 

Television Schedulej 

Eicsts and visitors at the home of 
dith Dyrdal. 

Congratulations to Mr. and 

Mrs. Julius Alby on their 50th 

v . , wedding anniversary celebration 

Mr. and Mrs. Silas-Hanson left observed Sunday afternoon, June 

Saturday, June 20, for Memphis, 
Tennessee, where they attended 
the International Sunflower 
conference. They returned home 

Friday the 26th accompanied by 
"-ryf Bondshle of Modesto, 
if.,_who was their house guest 

28, at Oak Ridge church. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dahlcn Green 
and Derek of Baltimore, 
Maryland, arrived Wednesday to 
spend a week at tho Ray Solney 
.___._ .._.. — ~,f n g ( -■-- 

til versa ry 
was celebrated when Mrs. Dennis 

S30 — Cartoon Tim* 
0:00— DtaUnr Show 

10:00— Sawllchtd 

loao— Th«t Olrl 

"1*0— Dm t at Ev«tr- 

II — — 

Green's 4th wedding anniversary 

IStOO— DUUnf for Del- 

1 liOa—OIUnoosa Ciut 
OttO—ttot WhMli 

130— Ilirav nan 

lO.-00—Skr IlawKS 
taJ0-O«arf* ol Junsli 
11:00- Ort II TbCfUMr 

B:Jo— Bun. Uidtcr 

until Sunday when be left for >,- — --- , ;-—;.- — : 

homcbyplane.Mr.Bondshlcalso Green. Debbie, Douglas nnd 
attended the conference. Mr. nnd Mclmda of Thief River Falls 

Sundholm cabin at Pelican Lake, 



Birthday Club Meets 
The Birthday club met 
Saturday afternoon at the home 
of Mrs. Hannah Johnson in Thief 
River FallsNTJiose present were 
Mrs. Henry rSnnuberg. Mrs. 
" Sandberfl. Mrs." 

-of Medford; Oregon were Monday 
afternoon vlsllors and . supper ^J 

.guests at the humcnf-Mra^ Goldic „,' 

Kruse. They were also overnight 

S jests and left again Tuesday. 
Irs. Kearney and Mrs. Krusc 
"are 'cousins.'" 

Herman Kruse of Sacramento, 
Calif., Mr. nnd Mrs. Larry Krusc. 
-Christy and -Todd-'Wcrc Monday 

FALLS Theatre 

showi 7.9 fQa. 

-W ed.-Thurs^Fri.-Sot. . July 8-9-10-1 1- 

" Wf 

attended the conference. Mr. and 
Mrs. Hanson visited with 
relatives at Waterloo, Iowa on 
their way down. 

Visitors Sunday evening at the 
Silns Hanson home were Mr. and 
Mrs. Ed Turcnne of Thief River 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dupree 
guests to supper Tuesday 

Joined the families for supper. 
Mrs, Soincy had made an ap- 
propriate cake which was served ' 
with ice cream later ln> tho 
evening. Friday evening Mr. and 
"MrsrCncster Rude also visited at— 

Sherry and Marie Sorenson, also 
were luncheon guests .Friday 
afternoon of Iris Chapman at the 
Lester Chapman home. 

Weekend guests at the Thomas 
Matson home were Mr.- ond Mrsv- 
Duanc KuecI, Susan, Sandra. 
Scott;Mlchcllcnnd Lisa of Grand::. .,„,„,.,, 

Forks, James Matson of Thlef^. .j^. ^.i Mro 0!e t,..] „.,, _ „. „ v 

River Falls also spent Sunday- , !Uldr nouw gucs ^ Mrs. Selmer Kl"k home. Saturday afternoon 

nivcrsary was observed, 

Mr.'nnd Mrs. Marvin Collins, 
Eric and, Heidi were Sunday 
afternoon visitors at the Jens 

3 rO»— Dtrtt SJudowi 
3 JO— Thru Stoaco 
4:oO—ii o'clock lt!«h 
'830— D«nnti Mtni«- 
8:00— Tmth or Conw- 

■3o— n»mr Nun 

7.-00— nnd/ Du— *- 

St Mr*. 

liulback and Carroll 
Menomolnic, Wisconsin visited 
Wednesday afternoon nt the 
Henry Anenson home In Kratka 
and at the Orlln Lcrol home. 

Mrs. Don Jordc and three 
children were Friday callers at 
the Arnold Peterson home. 

Mmes. Dale Sorenson ol 
Evansvllle. Vcmon Kees of Thiol 
River-Falls, llarlcy Knutson, 
Virginia and Valerie and Hnnnoh 
Klsch spent Tuesday In Grand 
Forks. Thursday evening Mrs. 
Sorenson and Paulctte, Mrs. 
Harley -Knutson, -Virginia -and - 
Valerie and Mrs. Vernon Kees 
were guests of Mrs. Klsch. 

Mrs. John Logcr nnd Mrs. 

S:oq— ii«ro corn* lh* 


0:00— Ion, American 

10:oo— Seen* Tonlftit 
to 30— Th» Avtfifcra 

Mr.and Mrs. Harley Lundborg of 
Minneapolis were visitors there. 

Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Mocn and *".TSr"i™i'"!5, V 
Keith of .Sanders were Friday b?" 
evening visitors, and Mr, and Cooct—n Ntwi 
Mrs. Ardell Llden, Mike. Unda. 
Kathy, Cindy and Chris were 
Saturday evening visitors at the 
Gordon Olson homo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hasby of 

1:09— Tala of Willi 
3 JO— D*t M*it*non 

4^o-Oott • nruuh 
130— PorUr Wnftontr 
S.-00— Dutk Owtiu 

J0-L*l'a llik* A 

T :©0— Nt»lywt-J Gam a 

1 JO—Uwrenn Walk 
tM— EnnlMH Hum- 

lOJO-iMUlloe lUovtt 

-TTJA — ■ 

Cone I.— ABC «•*■ 
lunday, July ta 

B^o— rmuiuc Vorttt 

SaO-DniJIer DotUht _ 
0:00-Volca of Church 
D 30— Splderman 

1 :00— OlracUona 
JO— IniM In Anawtn 

.J:0O— n.wiichfd 
1030— lint oirl 

1130— Ufa Mike A 

] TOO— H.wlywuj Cam* 

Hannah Kl 

dinner gue . ._. 

Warncs in Thief River Foils. 

Mrs. Hannah Klsch entertained 
the Dorcas circle Tuesday of- 

Johnson, Glen Peterson, Charles 
Krausc, Albert Arms, Charles 
Svcndsgaard, John Erlckson, 
Allan Warncs, John Lager, all of 
""•'-' °'"~ *-"- "— Chorlcs 

Aiut^ ihu-i rtiiLz. iTira. v^jm^ies '■"■ «',«^"^. • ,«h*«»mi,«,vi.o 

Jones, Mrs. Melvln Moldcn, and were among those attending tho 

— *""■ " 50th wedding anniversary 

celebration for Mr. and Mrs, I. N. 

and Mr. and Mrs. Dahlen Green 
or Baltimore, Maryland spent 
InsLIiicsday fishing at the Red- 
Lake Outlet. The day before, 
Jesse Bakkc of Sanders spent the 
afternoon ct Ihc Deforest Green 

Thief River Foils, Mi 

Jones, Mrs. Melvln M 

Mrs. Culver Klsch and Kyle. 

Syvcrt Hanson spent Saturday 
and Sunday in Twin Valley at- 
tending the doings at the Zlon 
Lutheran church. Saturday 
evening there was a confirmation 
reunion, banquet .and. program. . 
Syvcrt was the oldest conflrmand 
present. He was In the class of 

_1903. Sunday morning during the . 
worship services aHocal boy, 
Larry Olson was ordained Into 
the ministry. Four churches In 

. Twin Valley Joined together as 
one In-1B20 which now Is Zion 
Lutheran church and the 50th 
anniversary or this was observed 
uvlhe afternoon with a service 
and program after which 
refreshments were served. 
Dinner was also served at the 
church at noon. Syvcrt was nn 
overnight guest of relatives 

home. ~~~ 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mann and 

Danny Jr. or Bothcl, Washington 

wcrc.Saturday dinner guests at 

the Glen Olson home. Mrs. Mohn 

Is a niece of Mrs. Olson. 

Kcr nnu mm. Mrs. Don Dyrdal. Grefl, Kathy. 

were Sunday Jol "i "id Kristy and Mrs. Daryl 

of Mrs. Allan Lewis, Timmy and Todd were 

- " brlcfcallcrsattheWallaccLamb 

and Roy Wcstbcrg homes In 

Warren Monday forenoon. 

Mrs. Marlon Hoglo ac- 
companied Mrs. Marvin Olson 
and Kclli to Tabor Saturday 
where they attended Ihc wedding 
of Mrs. Hoglo'a nephew, Terry 
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Armstrong 


'- Friday, July 10 

TtfO— CT9 Mo rain* 

9:00— Captain Xansaroo 
tM—Vba Lucy- Show- 
030— Bav, HUltfflJa 
10:00-^Andy ol May 

1030— Lava ol Ufa 
It nO-Wn«ra th« Heirt 

ll-JS-COS Kin 
Il:00-Novn 4 Today 

uao-jfj ta* Worts 
1 *%$£?* Salratortd 
iao— Ouidlnf LUSH 
t.-OO— Saertl SWrtn 
. 1 JO— Edxa or Klfdl 
S:00— Adalaoo'i ADaT 
330— Saw rtmsooi 
3:to-uika Oouslaa 
0M- Oomar Tjim 

Mr. and Mrs.' Omer Olson, 
Rltto Jo and Greg spent from 
Tuesday through last Friday 
camping and slght-scclng at 
Reding Mountain National Park 
In Canada. Enroute home Friday 
they were also supper gucsta a 
Ihc Joncy Flatetand home at 
Kennedy. Mrs. Amanda Keiarof 
Thief River Falls spent Sunday at 
the Olson home. . 

Rosemary Harlow of Park 

rawall Hvoo- 

.030— Nrm « Tonl(M 
.1 :19— Uov» * TwilfM 
n»sw fllUtrEoluea 

9 ;00— Watky_Hacaa. 

030— Scooby Doo 
II :00— Monkaaj 

itopa PiUtop 
IS :00— Suparmaq 
II JOiJoWmj' Qutlt " 

130— Burtaida S 

JaekJa diaaaon 


tunsay, July 12 

S:00-Catheda™i et Td- 

:00-LaRip unto 1 

:oo-c«mar» TW»a 

B^o— Hold Jtuoaar 

too—TWa u, m, 

30— ThiTir tha Ufa 
x>0— laxumi 
30— aicrad tlaart 
:«*— Oirl alantia n 

H titan r 


I0fl0-CD3 Ifawt 
10:tS-Kawa « Tonlihl 

10 ns-Ea a 1 - eid»- ■■ - 

1^0— Captain Kanfiroo 
B.-00—Lucy Show 
030-Dav. UlllbJlUei".' 

10 M— Andy ol Uaybarry 

1030— Lov* a " " 

tha llta 

11 33-CnS Iftwi 

1130— Starch for Tom. 
11:00— Nawa 4 Today 
1130— Aj World Tumi 
1:00— Lova-aplin. Thins 
130— Culdlna Ufht 
l:00-6*cral Storm 
I30-Ed« oT Nllhl 
) ;00-^Mal»oo'» Allay 
)30-oMw Faahtona 
3:40-MUu DourIu 
tM— Comtr Fyta 
B30-^Cronklta Nawa 
8:00— Nawa 4 Tonlshl 

11:15— IOC rinal I 

WOAY TV (CK. t) 
Friday, Jury 10 
»:00-i Today 

S:00-It Takea Two 

B33 — Mora lUpoft 
30— CeocaUra Uoo 
— 1 :00— fiaic- of -Cratory— 
1030— UoUy wood 
—11:00— Jaopardy 
11 30— Who, What. 

Mr. Pen-Jel-y 
has changed his dress. 

830— llifh Chapaml 

— Pen-Jsl, the natural apolo 

Elln that means perfect 
or jelly . : . batch alter 
:h after batch . . . now 

— , _ jUf-find-the-Mfne— 

good product youVe trusted 
— foe-years.- AJoruj-with-33 - 


. 11. to— sur naal aa«*_ 

SalMrflay, July 11 

T:0O— Ifaekla at Jackla 

Th* Crunip 

103O— TllziUtonta 
II no— Jamba 
1130— Uodtrdoir 

ii*e—Dut Picturo 
is 30— Epic or tha St. 

1:00— DaaabaU 
1:00— Travatofui 
S:00— nui Andarfoa 
_B 30— lliinU*y_. JlrloJt.- 
l.-OO—Niwt. SoU. Waa, 
• 30— Ray SlavtnS' 

130-^dam 11 

E «^.irHlt.-Hov&- 
"Tha Otory Guya" 
I0:00-H«»fi. SpU^-Wa*. 
--■*i-rut±it ahow 

:SO— Hold Oatt 
1130— nuMM'a Law 
1130— SUr Itnal Nawa 

Sunday. July 12 
t.-OO— ThU la tha Ufa 
S 30— Oral rtotwrU 
BrtO— ChaUaoaa of 

(30 — Dttcovary 
1*0— riai liumbard 


1: 00— II Tikti Two 
B3S— Nawa rieport 

:0o— mo i2lu 

ilitJou* atwe. 

730— DIU Croaby 
8:00— Donanu 
B.-00-Ntwa, apti.. Wta. 
0:10— Paul llamy 
30— Il«d Itlvir Ttiaa. 
"Tha Spiral lload" 
1130— Alli*d Hllchceck 
11:00— Star i*lnal Nawa 
-M anday^l uly -U-^— 

Early ELBERT A MlUki* 



30— Who, What. 

t:os— noonday Nawa 



HEINZ-Hot Doc Sweet or Hamburger** r)flH At jB 

RELISH 4-*1 po Jk 

lobipll r AU $Q59J 

U3S— Uaikata 

' 1 JO— UlUMlUI 

lOo-nnfni Prtmla. 



(SECT iS, 
ILLER '&■ 



FLOUR II ■- ^*- 7 :K 

■^pmM i. ojPTHiscoiiPow K 

p^^ o ... ggc 

'fffil 2 w. 



Esptrts 7-11-70 — . 

'•Tha Kowboya" 


1 i Toog mn i XiaMH a rt a f a wtrnn ui-t l o t l c* — 


1% I 



TIL 9 P.M. 





Wcditcsday,-July8,l070 "Thief RtverFallsTMInn.- 

former state Bona lor, Is filing for 
Congress on the Former-Labor 
ticket,— Robert Peterson has 
bought an olovalor at Gaodrldgc, 
and will move It to this city to 
house his grain and iced 

C W. MATTION, Sim. Mflr. 

ft. C. HATTtON, itip«rl(rt*r»d««t 



(11) Friends you haven't seen for 
years tell you: (a) You've changed so 
much! (b) Youhoven'tchangedabit! (c) 

— --."Like its predecessor, our present 

civilization may be no more than ono of 

those crops farmers sow to improve tholr ..._ _. 

land by-the fixation of nitrogen from the You look wonderful: 

air; it may hnve grown only that, nc- . 
■'cumulating certain traditions, it may bo fn fhe Future 

ploughed into the soil again for better 

things to follow." — H. G. Welte — 

"Model T Courts? 

The following editorial appeared in 
the Oklee Herald: 

State Senator Wendell An- 
derson has been endorsed for 
governor by (he state DFL 
convention. If elected, he will be 
the third of that name to serve tho 
state, others being C. Elmer 
Anderson 'and Elmer L. An- 
Thc following .editorial appeared in dcrscn. 
the Morris Tribune: — o— 

— Around the first of the year, there A mnn named 
were the usual spates of forecasts of what 
!J ,e 1 Uni £l St S! cs c %& Io f k forward tc 1ID olluulu w 

during 1970. Since 1970 also raises the director of the budget 
America is using Model T traffic court curtain on a new decade, some of the -o- 

procedures in a sophisticated and forecasts have token a longer range look a mtcrbug ha* *« de- 

r ,_.. ._.„._ ..... 1 :„ ml ._.,_ . L . at the future. As might be expected, in defined ■• n sabotourlit. 

these uncertain times, the father ahead n „ m „„»„, Z?r*n*i, in „„™ 
the analyzers project their studies the a £™^\Z y imcf lUve™ 
more they tencf to seek refuge in hedges Grocery! a branch oi the Nash 

'oshlngton. If his nickname Is 
iledr he should be appointed 

-complex traffic system. That's the 
opinion of a veteran traffic court judge 
who is a member of the Washington State 
Traffic Safety Commission. 

He believes that bail forfeitures and 
fines do not make better drivers and that 
the key to the enforcement problem is the 
principle that driving is a privilege — not 
a right— and that the Constitution does 
not guarantee every adult citizen the 
right to a drivers license. 

The judge, Gil Duckworth, believes 
that most traffic offenses should be 

of one kind-or_another._ 

One observer had courageously 
tackled the question with virtually no 
hedging. In a recent address, Mr. James 
N. Sites, a student of governmental policy 
and presently head of the Washington 
office of a large public relations firm," 
summarizes, in a highly interesting 
u. n ,„.»! ,., unit Ulltll3 „ siiuuiu uv- manner, his conclusions on the all- 
handled outside the courts, with the important relationship .between govern- 

i thriving 

Odd word for today 

Dy the time a fellow Rett to 
be a sexagenarian, he no 
longer pull the acrnl an lex. 

revocation of driver licenses, limitations 
. upon driver licenses, and reference to 
driver improvement clinics. Except for 
- license relocations, which the law 
requires under certain specified cir- 
cumstances, Minnesota gives its driver 
license office authority to employ such 

Judge Duckworth argues that mere 
penalties for violations are useless as a 
deterrent to bad driving practices, and 

Mcnfolks shortly will be able to 
give their eyes a rest. Fashion 
experts agree that women will 
give up micro-mini skirts this 
fall. ■"— H 

From a Connecticut church 
bulletin: "Potluck supper. 
Prayer and medication 

. The Pennington Co. Medical 
society was organiicd at a 
meeting at tho golf club.— The 
Rev. E. C. Meade arrived from 
Staples to take over the pastorate 
of the Community Methodist 
church.-^S tone- thro wing vandals 
. broke 18 window panes in the 
Knox school.— M. C. Gulbranson 
was reelected chairman of the 
local polio chapter.— Harry D. ■ 
Myrom, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry Myrom, was killed In a 
one-car crash oh Highway 1, six 
miles west of TIIF.— Dr. George 
T. Van Rooy resumed his ' 
practice here after post-graduate - 
study at a Dallas, Texas, 

Eight - year - old Stephen 
Grcnler died from injuries 
received when he fell between 
two hayracks and was run over patrol 
on his parents' farm six miles 
northwest of Red Lnko Falls,— 
Coyn Knutson announced that she 
would run for the U. S. House of 
Representatives, trying to regain 
the scat she lost In 1058.— A 
caravan of TRF Chamber of 
Commerce members mode a trip 
by car to Oklee to congratulate 
Oklee merchants on the suc- 
cessful Golden Jubilee 
celebration.— Funeral services 
were held for Kenneth Miller, 
local man who died In a 
helicopter crash near 

Harrisburg, Pa,— Only one ,_- , — , 

■trnffic-acddent-woTTeported-to — Ol-I , ortland r 0refl< 
city -police over the July 4 Brcltaprcche- 

Stronger laws, as well mi the of Mrs. Hose Page In Brooka. r ' here for a two weeks visit. 

-cffortaafthc-Bchoolsr-lBw-en- Mrsr Rose" Page -and-Mr-raOr* - Tm." nndlHrsrArnieWtchteT-' 

lorccmenl personnel and safety Mrs-Adrian Fouroler visited «h man and rurally "f Coon Rapids 

crusades cun mako a difference of July at tho Edward Parcnteau and Debby Wlchtcrman wero 

In traffic -fatalities. Minnesota- home. Saturday evening dinner guests 

has seen a substantial 1m- Michael and Richard Green- at tho home of Mrs. Olive 

provement in the reduction of waM of Minneapolis visited over Wlchtcrman. 

fatalities per 100 million motor f"> *& °f J"ly weekend at tho Jesse Fowler and Meek Ed- 

vehlclo miles traveled. home of their grandmother, Mrs. wards of nulJas,. Texas wero 

In 1«W, tho totality rate was S.S "'« Jaeger. Saturday overnight guests at the 

In^lto7rT2rliriiMBrorIn-iBC3r «■*"- «---• • '->■- — < «... m-—. . 

4.B. The record put us 21st in the 
nation. \ 

However, our performance la 
10G9 with 4,8 fatalities per 100 
million miles put Minnesota well 
within the top ten states In having 
a low fatality rate. . _. 

Among the men of the Highway 
Patrol, I have noticed a aulet 
dignity, a sense of justice, and a 
commitment to firm, fair law 
enforcement. These qualities ore 
extremely important, especially 
In a time when the public Is ex- 
tremely conscious or the police 
and police powers. 

Highway patrolmen have a 
deepdesire to save lives, to serve- 
people. They accept assignment 
anywhere In tho state, working 
for a salary which, while wc have 
fought for improvement, still has 
a long way to go. 

■--'- ihe Minnesota Highway 

— to-andMri^FIoycVUoskMnd— Neb -Vigstol -home- as -Jesse 

son Ride of Osseo arrived here formerly In tho Marines with 
Friday to visit aver the 4th at the Russell VIgstol who was home 
home of his mother, Mrs. Elinor vujlUng. 

Lieslte. They returned home The children's races were held 
Sunday evening. in pjummcr park Sunday af- 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell vigstol SfHl 00 " wilh . ""^ attendance. 
returned here Saturday Rim .JSSSE -'"l!?" 8 for boys juwl 
their honeymoon trip to Canada 
and were overnight guests at the 
Nels Vigstol homo. They left 
Sunday for Omaha, Neb., where 
they will make their home. 

Mrs. Wallv DuChnmp and 
Mrs. Anna Berg visited last 
Monday evening with Mrs. Agnes 
DuChamp and Mrs. Violet 
BendJckson in Thief River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Skjerven, 
Mrs: Jean McCrary and 
daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Roger 
Skjerven and daughters were 
Sunday evening dinner guests of 
the Waller Poisons at their lake 
home at Pino Lake. 

Dcanc Schoenaucr of Phoenix, 

imposing the penalties and the courts coming decode. His views are the result at m; bllllo™ 1 ^^ 
hearing only the more serious cases such of sounding out a wide range of com- -«- 

as drunken, reckless and careless Petcmt authorities. He uses Washington, 
driving, hitand run. and similar offenses, B.C., as the base of his studies because, 
plus those cases fn which the driver asheputsit.itis "...theonly place Iknow 
claims to be unfairly charged.- -whoro .1 equals 200 million -dollars. And 

The plan would put more respon- for those who may be mystined by this 
sibility upon the administrative agency equation that s one-tenlh of one per cent 
for such penalties as suspension or of our federal budget of $200 billion "This 

■ — „ _._, — ,, ,,__.._.,_._ makes Washington the heart of ...0 

mechanism whose size is almost beyond 

human comprehension and whose impact 

on our daily lives is overwhelming." 

Further, "...Washington's influence over understand the older generation, 

business and the nation has become so and the second half trying to 

pervasive that a 'government presence' understand the younger 

is now felt in almost every aspect of life." Bcnoration". ^^ 

From this statement of facts, Mr. c ion ..„i,^7r7 hl ,,.,,.i„ .,,„„_ 
Sites goes on to delve into the economic^ -iRff^WtfdK 
U v».. ....... „, «« u U......B ,, lullllu , U1 , u social and politcal influences that may be them." 

favors specific corrective measures such expected to shape the course of govern- -0- 

as driver re-training, license limitations, ment acts and policies in the future. He 
and the like . explains President Nixon s concepts of 

For drivers who continue to drive decentralization and "reprivatizatton" 
after suspension or revocation of license wnich ?« _the basis of policies guiding the ^ Minnesota stale treasurer, 
he advocates penitentiary sentences up to J! 01 ™?' Administration. He describes the wno coliKta 13 ccnt3 ln ^^ on 
one year.~He also "advocates lifting the President s strategy of bringing state and every cigarette pack sold in Uie 
vehicle registration plates as well as the «>«u , governments, plus private in- state, is probably a bit alarmed 
driver license when suspensions or - j£ re 5. ts - int -° 5 partnership with g> ""ix percent drop in sales 
revwalfons-aretn-order; Washington in dealing-with pressing ">* year. -- 

It is becoming obvious that something problems. He notes that revenue-sharing 
different has to be -tried -There are too — * one method by which Mr. Nixon and his 
many irresponsible characters on the Administration hope to shift more 
road today who should not be privileged responsibility to the local level. However, 
Mr. Sites sees little chance of revenue- 
sharing — turning over to the states a 
part ofthe federafrevenues — becoming 
a reality. 

In fact,- the prospect of an casing in 

Writing- in_a. Blue Cross publication public direction and controls exerted-by. 

cntitled "Generation in the Middle", Washington, according to Mr. Sites' 
Elliott McCIcary offers a test for symp-_ findings, are something lessthan 
tomsof middle ape. For instance, middle promising. During the next decade, most 
age is apparent if you answer "true" to Washington "insiders" expect expansion „ _ _ „ ■ 

all but number four of these true and in government powers relating to such £*p 1 - =■ R - Van ^i 1 ' of . wlno J? 
false questions: things as environment, consumer KTewef the Cro7k^on brewer' 

(1) —Your wife now insists on protection, welfare, education, transport, was a trf visitor— Miss Hoag of 
shoveling snow for you. (2) —You notice, business mergers and housing. In every MwUcelio is viiiiingut the homu orthoprh 
that the airlines are permitting much area, business and the individual citizen of her brother, c. c. Jackson. 
younger girls to serve as stewardesses, may look forward to rising government ibio-fiftyyeahsago 

(3) —You call airline hostesses attention -^and probably direction. On ."^T, Mr ?; '-, T - A " md ,. a , ., , ■-,-: -.-,- 

'stewardesses/'. (4) -Friday night is the the political side.fiie nexf decade will see £»? «■ g* » ^ Jeir d£ *™ ™chincry ««J«u » 


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nicml 
I'M ted Wednesday evening at the 
Carl Koskcla home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Waldal 
visited last Tuesday evening at 
the Art Froiland homo, 

Mrs. Henry Althoff, . Mrs. 
George Rcwerii and Mrs. James 
GUbcrtson visited Thursday 
afternoon at the home of Mrs. 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Wichtcrmn 

glrlabctwecn thcagcs of 4 and IS, 
pic eating contest, penny 
scram bio and ladies rolling pin 
throwing contest was held In the 
afternoon. The penny scramble 
was very much enjoyed by 
everyone. At the conclusion of tho 
4th 01 July races for the children. 
a watermelon feast was enjoyed 
by everyone. These events were 
sponsored by the Commercial 
club of Plummer, Mlnn. T and nrc-- 
a yearly event. 


Arlrrmn Mi. Pn.Tl G^hiu^mTTJ 1H0345 WHO CWT1C [O W Stl Kin. 

•Sd Jlr .nS mSjJSJ aln "* 0"e»« « M ' M <"m 

ffiamp »u"?cd M s3id.y «" $"y y ?.' "" h °™ '.", """, 

lcn,»niflch™™SchS;o y riid fffi^iS^.S!"*- ™3 

Mm. MIU..I NcJana U North- {!£■ i," BC "„?.K' 5R' ™J 

» S! m, h«p 1M in Wo. River JE; JJ^'lj'S, «£. S 

K o° her S. iff hi 1 Sllrl ■" d Cnnd >' """ Mr »- ld « M°"">™ 

SS«" BiSiSr ai ""lAndrm. She received money 

Aie^ndrtoonJinyM,. Wj, jSj"™ '^SA^^X 

her BOth birthday and four of her '*?£?, ' 

m— d.i^^ Mr - ond Mn - A"' Wichterman 
"A Ti i f — nnd-famIly-Bnil-MIS8-IMbl)Ie- .,„ ¥ „ M ^ „,,";, :--., :-■ «„- 

Mn. Olive Wlchlermnn went lo „„ d Mr ,/oe„e Wlchlermin or 

WUllaton. No.Dnk., Mr. and Mrs. 

and'^afcTodland fi fiS," 81 ^ w& "«»»» 
-'iaiffpKL' ahSS." ™oAL&V or tho Immanuel 
nnrf m™ ?«.J h,^T a ' Lutheran church met Thursday 
fnmdv CM ° DuCham P ' afternoon at tho church parlors 

with Mrs. Art Lclnlng in char 
of the business meeting and ti.. 
Deborah circle In charge of the 

and family of So. Milwaukee, 
Wis., visited Friday evening at 
the Jerry Gcrardy home. 

n„ „ r IT 1 - Mr. and Mrs. Martin Walker of 

bovenior LeVander ^yi^j^^cningat 

Mrs. Ed Burstad, Mrs. Richard 
Froiland, Mrs. Richard Peterson 
and Mrs. Woync Lcinlng. 

Mrs. Anna Berg left Friday for 
Oklee where she will visit a few 
days with relatives. 

In theie day*, they tell u 
'they take you Into 11 
hoipllal fee flr«l. 

Add Things Wc Didn't Know 
'Til Now— That a •whale's tongue 
weighs more than three tons. 

to operate an automobile.' 

Do You Qualify? 

The Republican stale con- 
vention in St. Paul nominated 

. I have less than six months to 
put the finishing touches on my 

' program for Minnesota. Each 
day my time is scheduled so I can 
try to complete alt that must be 
completed. One of the things that 

. to mc was .a .must- was. to. attend— j 
the graduation ceremonies June 
30 for the Minnesota Highway 

i Patrol. 

-These arc unique men, who 
must have the ((rat aid knowledge 

.of.n doctor,. the. quick muid. of a 
detective, tho skillful reflexes of 

a racecar driver, the wisdom of a 

judge, the immediate problem 

solving ability of Action Line, and 

the courtesy of an Emily Post— 

all wrapped Into one. 
Their presence has a profound 

Impact on people. I have noticed 

that no girl, no matter how 
- beautiful. - can" make "a 

heart beat faster than the 
"iwaypntrol car. 
Highway safety Is' one of the 
ost serious concerns of any 

level of government. I nm 

irritated that people ha v. 

to regard our highway slaughter 

acceptable way to die, one 

. prices wo pay for progress. 
Every day in Uie United States 

four people die in airplane 

crashes, four are murdered^ four 

family of Mesa, Arizona, Mr. and 
Mrs, Ranald Gerardy and family 
of Thler River Falls and Mr. and 
Mrs. Pete Gcrordy enjoyed a 

Slcnlc dinner and supper nt the 
crry Gcrardy home. 
Mrs, Olive Wlchtcrman. Mrs. 

WeSe^'e'vS a? O^^^S^.^^JSWJ!^ ' 
Wlchtcr T — - 

Bradlye ond Mr. and Mrs. Alvln 
Waldal and John or Red Lake 
Falls visited Sunday evening at 
the Clayton Larson and Alfred 
Waldal homes. 

Mr. and Mrs. El don Vigstol and 
sons and Dan Vigstol of Ossco 


Mr. and Mrs. Dunne Adclman 
and son Paul lelt Sunday tor a 
row days vacation at Lake of tho 

Mr. and Mrs. James Jaeger of 
St. Paul arrived here Thursday to 
spend their vacation at the home 
of his mother Mrs. Helen Jaeger 
ond other relatives their children 
have been here visiting. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard 
Greenwald, Monte and Johnny 
visited over the 4th of July- 
weekend at the home of Mrs. 
Nick Joegcr and with other 
relatives and friends. Mrs. 
Greenwald and son Johnny will 
remain here to spend the week. 

4th of July dinner guests at the 

. -„ with. 

other relatives and friends. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson, 
Todd -and -Tori ■ of Fairmont 
arrived here Friday to visit over 
the weekend at the Wally 

beginning of the weekend. (5) —Friday 
night is the end of the week. (6) — AH your 
friends are getting fat, and look tired. 

(7) —You have observed that 
washroom attendants don't .smile as 
much as they used to, even when you give 

eoually startling changes — changes 
which are apparently already underway. 
Among "these, Mr. Sites notes the 
Republicanization of the South, subur- 
banization of American politcs, a rise in 
the number of black representatives to 

hoppers arc a serious 
menace to crops in several 
sections of Pennington county.— 
Otto Bremer of St. Paul, 
stockholder in the Farmers State 
bank In Grygla, paid over (10,000 
make up losses suffered by 
---"— rhen the bank 

them the dime. (8) —Clothing sizes are both national and state legislatures, as deposiii 

getting smaller, winters colder, popular well as in the city halls, andsurprisingly. closcd.-MIss Mary Jackson of 

songs stupider. (9)— You can recall when a possible decline in labor union political " " ■" 

it was possible to make out the words of a power. - „., ... ...,...-„.,„„ ..v.- l, u1 , uu « )ur »ir 

popular song. CIO) — You can remember So far-as business is concerned, the se "t n! i7 on ^ , il c MI ""f n P nl,s "Harvard safety-export -prcdTcreJ~and MrarilcnryFdumler Sunday 

when hoods were called gangsters and impactof public opinion will be felt more ^Llt-n^v^^ir^ "iat In the next is years one out of. in- Breaks and afterwards they 

were chased b y p -men. .11) -A good strfolv Jhan , evW Business will be KSS - — ™.m - .,-- 

way to read fine print is hold it farther confronted during the next ten years with tour of the eastern states and 

away. (12)— Your doctor has told you not great opportunities, as well as 1 great Canada.— r ■■ " 

to eat any of your favorile'foodsr 

You also Qualify as a middle-ager if 
you mark "b' as your selection to these 
multiple choice questions: 

(I) If strandedona desert island, your 
ultimate wish (except rescue) woulabe; 

(a) a companion of the opposite sex; (b) . t . 
akilof-boat-buildingtbols; (c) a suitable InfereSTMQ' OptMOnS 

(memorial. ** ~ 

L < 2 > M'nfcWrts remind you of( (a) sex; "He who begins by loving Christianity 

(b) chilblains; (c) your granddaughter, better than truth will proceed by loving 
(3) At your job, the maiority .of y o ur his_awn_scct_o£_ church better than 

great opportunities, as well as great Canada.— Math Barren Jr. took 
responsibilities. In the concluding words charge of the Minneapolis office 
of Mr. Sites, '.'Future business leadership ?' Ihc Moth Barren Co.-Thc Oen 
may well rest with those who can best "T?" l 'J^ F°.,l s , ™ ,a " ln 5.? b ?, k 
equate their private interests with the- AveaT Eighth sirce^-The 
public's interests- — and act ac- Anton Halls observed their silver 

cordingly. " _wrdding July 2.-Mr. aottJUrs- J. 

" Yotler are attending the Elks 

National convention In Atlantic 


Mrs. -E. J. Richards was 

reappointed to the county welfare 

board.— E. O. iverson was op- 

time is spent: (a) kidding the Christianity, and end in loving hlhiself pointed to serve out the 

' '-»'■*--'-- better th: " " - " ,h " *"" ° " -""■• 


out y our pension, 

<4~) "Plates"'are: (a) wedding gifts; 
(b) uppers and lowers. 
_ (5) You have just joined a gym; your„ 
purpose is: (a) to get out of the house one 
night a week; (b) to prevent a heart 

(C) A drive*in movie is: (a) a way to 
avoid paying a babysitter; (b) full of 
mosquitoes; (c)forkids. 

(7) Tom Wolfe is the author of: (a) 
"The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"; (b) 
"Look Homeward Angel". 

(8) "Blood, Sweat and Tears" is: (a) a 
popular rock group; (b) a phrase from 
Churchill . — 

(9) "Peace" is: (a) something to fight 
for: (b) a controversial word; (c) a 
rocking chair. 

n of 

ll-J'firjn lr. in if. t'.jrlh .ir 

d— A Jamestown, N.D.; firm was 

.„, . ,. ' awarded the contract lo con- 

I have the Simplest tastes. I am struct 238 miles of rural electric 

always_satisfied with_the_besL^ — -— _ lines on i«jow-bieLcr-«4i,«B. — 

Oscar Wilde Two additions lo the Community 

,,,. .. ,, , , . church edifice will be started 

At some time, I fear, everybody is a shortly, the cost to be about 

bore, Because everybody now and again 
has a fixed idea to impart, and the fixed 
ideas of the few are the boredom of the 
many." . — E. V; Lucas 

Borrowed Nonsense -" 

A man swallowed a ping pong ball and 
was rushed lo the hospitalfor emergency 
surgery to removelt. Upon awakening he 
was alarmed to find incisions made all 
over his torso. "Why?"- he asked the 
(.or A rumble ? ca, Jj: ja>_a ^USShl^Z?^Zf£e2^l 
in, "that's the way the old .ball 

Loura E. tfaplin. 

"disease": (bTfun forMwofTcfr temptatio 
for youth. 

bums, 54 from falls 


13* PERSONS; over half of them 
killed by drinking or drunken 

More Americans have died 
from auto accidents In Ihe CO 
years that wc have had cars than 
have died In nearly MO years of 
.11 — tragic wars. No wonder 1 

Ed Patnodc home were Mr. ond 
Mrs. Wm. Marwlti of Red Lake 
Falls, Karen Larson of Pen; 

Mr. and Mrs. 1 

Chrlstophcrson, Mrs. Emma 
Chrlstcnson, Mr. and Mrs. Allen 
Guillemot te andfamlly. 

Mrs, Roy J. Wichterman and 
Debby -arrived here Sunday to 
visit at the home of Mrs. Olive 
Wichterman. She also visited 
with her mother and sister In 
Thler River Falls. 

Mrs. Paul Schoenaucr and son 
Dcune of Phoenix visited Monday 
morning with Paul Schoenaucr at 
Northwestern hospital in Thief 
River Falls. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward 
Parcnteau attended the Mass and 



tioma of your choice anywhere . . . turn, 
'lakeside, sm»n tojunreltyor iuburt>l 
It's to easy to own a CAPP-HOME' Wc 

c :: '.'. 

and enclosa It .for you. Wc provide 


Wednesday, July 8. 1370 Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Holt Community News 
Items Reported 

Mnrthn circle (3) will meet al 
the Tony Peterson home on 
Tuesday, July list with Mrs. 
Peterson as hostess. 

Visitors at the Art Conhlln 
home over the <th of July were 
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Conklln of 
Minneapolis. Mr. and -Mrs. Roy 
Conklln of ChlsnRo Cily, Minn.. 
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Conklln and 
UirlofGlcnwood. Minn., Mr. and 
Mrs. Albert O'Nell of Anonolc 
Manitoba, Canada. 

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Erickson 
and family spent thc*th of July nt 
Wnubuh. Minn . to visit relatives. 
Kniiim S«ri:vin "f Thief (liver 
F.ilK ».ii .in overnight gui-M nt 
the- EJtlnn .S«tT.iii:i home last 

Mr and Mrs Merle Johnson of 
Mrlr.ioOiu err uiikcnd guests nt 
t lit- KorrvM Johnson home. 

Mr* Klainr Lorcnlsi:n and 
("aria and Lev d Port' "' 
l.ind. Urvgnn arrived on Monday 
tu s peril a wit It viiitlng at We 
Milttm Dnvidvun home ar.d nlvi 
*nh niiirr rvl.itivcs and Irii-nus 
burn l.orrnl-oii itf Portland. 
- t)rt'^'«n ;iJm» actoinp-jmcd ihrni . 
in spend M'viral wi-eks litre. u>:i(irs at tin- Milton 
l).iv;i!mii hun:e wire also supper 
i;in'ki B hit i- Mrs. Cbi::c Lonnl- 
«in anil C.irla anil Lif> Lucki-m 
ul i"nr!la:id. On-gun. Mr. and 
Mrs Diiinv Ininan and May tif 
I'lin-r tin ef Kails. Mr and Mrs 
Mi-rlr Jiilinsiin nl Melntosli. Mr. 
.mil Mis licririv Davidson and 
Ki-vm jr.d Sn-iVn lliihnslrom 
.(■rim; vi- 


H Ju!;usu:i_Arlin — Mini 

Bernard. Todd and Tammy. 
Jimmy Bernard and Dlnnc Turn 
of St. Paul, Mr. Andrew Dahlc of 
Dcpaurv, Indiana and Mr. and 
Mrs. Adolph Christopherson, 
Mrs. John Heed of Thief River 
. Palls. Mrs. Mable Brnltcli and 
Milton Hanson were supper 

Kucsls at the Torrance Llllcvold 
omc on Sunday evening. Other 
guests there were Mr. and Mrs. 
ary LUluvoId- and Stacy of 
Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs, 
Curtlss Lindners and Patty of 
Bloomington, Duone Llllcvold 
and Olnnno Hacked of Mln- 

Those that enjoyed a 4th of July 

foi luck dinner at the Raymond 
nugsteun (arm near Ncwfolden ' 
were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond 
S.iuKsiucn and family of Grand 
Kurks. No. Dak., Mr. and Mrs. 
Dunne Larson and family of Thief 
River Polls, Mr. and Mrs. Lewie 
Saugstcun of Ncwfolden, Mr. and 
Mrs. Art Lunkc ond Don and Mr. 
and Mrs. Tony Peterson. 

Mrs. Mablc BroltcH and Mrs. 
Myrtle Larson were Sunday 
ivinins visitors nt the Harry 
Enwn home and also al the Mrs. 
(). ll. Johnson home. 

Those who came to spend some 
tune at the Harry Engcn home 
and also weekend guests were 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith and 
fjmilv of Moorhead, Minn,, Mr. 
and Mrs. Vcmon Engcn and 
lamllv of Georgia, Mr. and Mrs. 
Don Crltchley of Pelican Rapids, 

Those that visited al the Ben 
Lardy home in St. Hltairc on 
iiiindiiyj*'cra.Thoca-BlrlMilo nd -ol- 
Senttlc, Washington, Mr. and 
Mrs. Olof Ness, Mr. and Mrs. 
Herman Peterson, ond Corn 

Mr. and Mrs. James Berg, 
Minn., are apcndjng some lime ni 
the John Ness home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Dohle and 
Jeff were Friday evening visitors 
al the Orvllle Ness home/ i ^--*"' 

Mrs. Mary Wagner and" ton 
Norman left for their homes In 
Minneapolis on Monday morning 
after spending the weekend 
visiting relatives and friends In 
the Holt and Middle River area. 

Mr. and Mrs. Pat McCullough 
and Mary Wagner visited at the 
Cor! Burrcll home Sunday af- 

Dinner guests at the Pat.Mc- 

; <.. 

. _ _«pol isr Mrsr Lc ft oy-strorrrnnd' 
LcAnn of Thief River Falls, Mr. 
and Mrs. Loren McCullough and 
children of Goodridge. 

Vliltors during the past week at 
the Orllrt Ness home have been 
Mrs. Blrgcr Born. Mra. Bcrtll 
Ness, Kent and Valerie Benltt, 
Mrs. Mabel Brattcll, Mra. Tillic 
Johnson, and Mr. and Mra. Bob 
■Skoglund, Robin and Ryan. 

Steiner ... 

tin. Attrt* MU«, Kt. t, air 

Mn. v*m» Mkitonr, ni. i. ch» 

Muzzy and Mra. Anna Muzzy: Lloyd Johnson home of rural St. 
Mr^Md .Mrs— Vcmon- MalbergA- Hllalre.— Mrr-and-Mrar"Adom" 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Muzzy and Lcndobcla of Smiley were also 

family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Muzzy, visitors there. 

Jerry, Kurt and Scott, Raymond Mra. Maudo Malhiou was guest 

Muzzy, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth of honor at her home Monday 

Muzzy, Michael and Dawn, Mr. evening in honor of her 87th birth- 

and Mrs. Odin Hanson and LeRay day, which was the 28th. Present 

Walbcrg of Grygla, besides the wcrehcrdaughtcr.Mn.EdOpclt 

honor guests. A spcclnlfeature of and her Granddaughter, Mrs. 

the dinner were the two birthday Dalo Wycuff and daughter Lisa, 

cakes baked by Mrs. Lester all of Eslncrville, Iowa, Mr. and 
Muzzy and by Mrs. Jim Muzzy."" MrsrLr-ArMeycrrMr. and Mra. 
Lunch was served later in the . Alton Nelson and Christine of 

afternoon. Yankton. S. D., Mra. Caster Moc, 

Dinner guests Saturday at the Uda and Raymond Muzzy, -Mrs. 

Alfred Solcm homo were Mrs. Alfred Solcm, Mrs. Lester Muzzy 

Ruth Leo of Port- Charlotte, and Mrs. Clara Jncnneltc, 

Florida, Arnle Solcm of Kansas Stclncr 4>H members' and 

'" and Mrs. Alice Adklns of adults who picked up Utter along 

„,..__ r-.„_ __„. roadsides Sunday afternoon as 

part of tho Homo Beau tifi cation 

:ity __ . 

Thief River Falls. They were 
nllemoon luncheon guests at the 
Vernon Malbers home. 

Mr. and Mrs. LaVcme Rondorf 
■pent Saturday evening at the 

project were Joan- and-John 
Rouach, Barbara Rondorf. 
Lcnnnc Yonkc, Del ores and 

Kafliy Hillyer, Janet to MeHam, 
'Gail Fuller, Conduce Passa," 
Terry Lubitz, Raymond Rausch 
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Passa. 

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Johnson 
and family were Sunday evening 
visitors at the Sig SIgurdson 
home of rural Goodridge 

Mrs. Ed Opelt and her 
daughter and granddaughter. 
Mra. Dale Wycuff and Lisa of . 
Eslhcrvllle, Iowa were hotisc^ 
guests at the homo of Mrs. Maude 
Mathlcu -from Thursday af- 
ternoon to Tuesday morning, 
when they left for their homes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Solcm 
his sister, Mrs. Alice Adkina in 
Thief River Pails Sunday. They 
also visited with Mra. Ruth Leo of 
Port Charlotte, Florida and Arnle 
Solera of Kansas City/sister and - 
brother to Mrs. Adkins ond 
Alfred Solcm. 


Brenda Mathson, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs, 'Clayton Mathson 
returned late last week from 
Rochester where she had been a 

Silent al St. Mary's hospital for 
i days. While there she un- 
derwent— corrective cardiac 
surgery. Brenda Is making a 
marvelous- recovery. 
'Mrs. Evelyn Nelson returned 
Thursday from"' University 
hospital at Minneapolis where ' 
she had undergone eye surgery. 

sister and brother- In- law, the 
Gust A. Gustafsons. Mra. Nelson, 
n former resident, now makes 
her home in Sacramento, Calif; 
She is spending the summer hero 
visiting ■ with her son "Orvllle 
Nelson and family and with other . 




Published *S 

A Week 

Senator Sinclair 
Announces Filing 
For Reelection 

hief River Falls Times 10 

Ifcfcf Uvtr Faff*. FtMlagto* Coaly, MbMWiota Moaday, Jafy 13. 1970 

NrnibM- *0 

Senator Donald Sinclair of 
Stephen has filed for a seventh 
term as State Senator 
representing the 67th Legislative 
district consisting of Kittson. 
Marshall, Pennington and 
Roseau counties. 

Sen. Sinclair stated that he 

i. lioyd Wilson. Scull iind 

Imm Casper. Wjomintf 

Mrs Lesli-r Omklin if Mui- 
ne.iniilis. Mrs Kay Cnnklui ot 
CJji'mim Citv. Minn . I.on Conklln 
..f .Minix;.H« nnd Mrs. Art 
rniikiinuiTt* Saturday visitors at 
Hie K.irrcl Itiinum Mnir.e in Thief. 
Itiver Kails nn Saturday. 

.Mri. (jiear Suvnson entered 
llii* Norltmi^li-rn lioipit.ll in 
Tliief Itiver Falls nn itie A\U ol 

Mrs Klcanor McMiliinn and 
Ji-rrv. Tun ami Miitt of St. Cloud 
;wd Mr. nnd .Mrs. Al L'ndt-ruerg 
.■ml Troy siH'iil Hie Jtli of July 
" the Oliver Gror.dahl 

Tl:>nc *ere entertained for 
su;>i'ir at tin- Forn-st Johnson 
J;umr on Thur«!;i>- evening were 
- Sjni l,orunt»oii_uI._Porlland.. 
Oreirnn. Mr. and Mrs. Denny and f.imtlv ol Thief Hiver 
Falls Mm KlameLorenisonund 
.'.id J Jiid Leu Lu-ekein ol I'urt 


_Mrs Harley- 

l;n:d. (irijiun and Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Miltun I);iu(Soii nnd fnmily. 
— Mn-Nnml ijnKlK— Shaurrnnd - 
I);iiui-1 miied at the Myrtle 
l„irs»ii biuie mi Tuesday. Moble 
limtieli visited lliere un Saturday 
evennin _ . 

Mr Mrs Corliss Liiiduvrj; 
uire Wednesday .nerniMhl in ilie UMv llratteti 

Those lh;it eiiiuvi'd .1 llh <i! July 
pitnir at Tiiulcilnh ruirk in Thief 
Km-r F.ills were Mr and Mrs 
Curiisi, l.indlierK and Pally nf 
Minni-.ip'ilis. Uu.ineLillevoluand M.-irkelt ■>! ineanolls, 
Mr ..ndMrs Itrute Llllevoldand 
jof.Thu-fltUurKalU, Mr^and 

l.iiAiin i 

■ L.llevold and 
...l.i. Mrs .Mable 
llr.iileli ar.d Milieu Hanson 

Mr and Mrs Cliff f)ahl and 
f.iniilj were nniiini; Ilie many 
.inemlii k n uienic ta liie fourth of 
Julv .it liu- Ili-lle AuMin:.on home 
(Hiiers il-.en- were Mr -iind Mr> 
Ted Ujlile <;f C.indn. N I) .. Mr. 
.•ml Mri Thorman Dahle." 
Shi-rryl and Mike. Mr and Mrs. 
I)i>n.ild Anderson. Judi and Mark. 
Kl.uiif Johnsen. Mr. and Mm 
Hull Andersun. Collelte and 
fii-uriii-lie. Mr and Mrs. Stanley 

KnKen and family of Seattle, 
Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Sam 
Drown of Moyvlllo, No. Dak., 
Mri. Christ Engen of Ihc Valley 
Home in Thief Itiver Falls. They 
were alno SundSy dinner guests 
at the Harry Engcn home. 

Mr. and Mrs. timer Hagglund 
of Grand Prnlrlc Alberto, Canada 
left on Tuesday after visiting with 
relatives and friends. 

Mr. and Mrs, Kenneth Johnson 
and children returned from.FIIn. 
Finn and olhcr points in Canada 
where they had been vocallonlng 
fur a week visited at the Pat 
McCullough home On Thursday 
and Friday. 

Mrs. Nornl Lunglle, Shawn and 
Daniel were Tuesdoy visitors ol 
ihc Ida Horien home. Other 
visitors there were Mrs. Katie 
Praikii ond Krislcnc Ness. ■ 

Mrs. Don Crilchley of Pelican 
Itopids and Mrs. Christ Engcn of 
Thief Hiver. Falls were Sunday 
visitors al the Ida Ho rich" ho me." 

Mr, and Mrs. Randal Sanncs or 
Jordan. Minn., were Wednesday 
visitors ot Uie Myrtle Larson 

Mrs- Mable Brottcli and Mllton_ 
-Hanson wcrc"U'cckcnd'V[»ltbr*"ut 
theTorrancc Llllcvold home near 

Nancy Larson of Thief River 
Fulls was a last. week- visitor- a L_ 
ihe Tcny Peterson home. 

Mri. Ida Horien spent the 
weekend ot the Donald Peterson 
home r.eor Middle Hiver. 

Visitors over the 4th of July nt 
the Mm Arvld Wlkstron home 
»-ere Mr. and Mrs: 'George~ 
Jar.sscn and [amity of Glcnwooa, 
Minn.. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis 
Wikstrom nnd family of Seattle, 
Washmmon. Mr. and Mrs. Carlyl 
..Hanson nf Roseau. 

Mr. and Mrs_Eldor Enfton and— 
boys ol Delano, Minn., were 
weekend visitors at the Ben 
(Jnrihus home. They were also 
vlsliors on Saturday aWhe Kenny . 
Gurihus home. Mr. and Mrs. Den 
(iarthus olso visited there on 

Orris Itodahl or So. St. Paul 
spent the - weekend "With" his 
miiiher Enua Hodahl. She. ac- 
companied him back lo speni 
week m the Cities. 
Friday night supper Rucsla at 
e blnrl Hanson were Mr. and 

Doat pay, that prsmlum oo 
TOUT boma or outo b*fora 
you cbtck our ratM. 

Vernon E. Hdton. Ag*nt 

the ...... ... _ 

Mrs. Carl Hanson, Cindy and 
Kevin of Puyollup. Washington, 
Mr. John Hanson of Torrance. 
California, Cindy Hanson will 
spend several days here visiting 
with her cousins 

■1th of July evening luncheon 
guests at the Keith Olson home 
were Thorn Ilirklnnd of Seattle. 
Washington, Cora Johnson and ., 
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Peterson! 

Mr.-nnd Mrs. Ted'BirkcInnd"uT~ 
-Senltle.-WashlnHttm lefr for" their - 
home on Friday. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Herman Peterson 
and Mr. and Mrs. Olof Ness spent 
the 4th of July nt the Corn 
Johnson home. 

siitiiNimmiimmmimmimimiiimmiii Niitiiimitmmimmmmitiimrmriiiimmiui 

The loan 
that cures 

Eajeihaipainlul overload 
ol bill and payments wilh 

_.a liffio'c cure boriniy- 

S50lo J500D or more from" 
Thorp and pay 'am allolfi 
Your monlhly payment to 
.■Thorp will be lower for 
eilet prompt leivice 
phone ahead 

value at this time because of the 
expected court-ordered reap- — 
pdrtionment of congressional and 
legislative districts following the 
1970 federal census. . . , 

Sen. Sinclair is chairman of the 
scna te finance eommi lice. Heis a 
senior member of the elections 
and reapportionment committee 
and also serves on committees 

commit tees and rules. Because of 
his position as chairman of 
finance committee, he is a 
member of the flvc-mnn 
leg islative ndvlso ry c o mmitte e. 
commit tee, headed by the 
governor, controls the ex- 

Kcndlturc of funds between 
■glslalivc sessions. 

Sinclair is a former President 
Pro Tempore of the senate and 
has served as chairman of the 
drainage and agriculture com- 
mittees. He Is a member. of the 
Great Lakes commission and is 
presently working on an 
agriculture sub-committee 
preparing amendments to the 
drainage- laws to be submitted to 
the next legislature. 

Sinclair will be on Ihc special 
senate committee that will meet 
prior to tho opening of the next 
legislature to assign chairmen 
and members to the standing 
committees for tho 1971 and 1973 

A life-long resident of the 
Stephen community where he 
operates a farm, Sen. Sinclair is a 
irnduntc of the University of 
illnnesota and Is a U.S. Navy 
veteran.- -— - — - — — ; 

Building Begins 

Augean has been set as (he 
tentative starting date for con- 
struction or 10 single-occupancy 
and lOdoubleKKcuponcy low-rent 
apartments in Red Lake Falls. 

Details of the' transaction. 

Award Contract 
For Highway 2 

Kern and Tabery of So be Jul 
with a bid of i3,0Cfl,7M is- tho 
apparent low bidder (or grading, 
applying aggregate base' ana 
concrete surfacing to TH 2 fx 
11.9 miles between 2 mile east of 
Til S9 near Erakinc and the 
.western corporate limits of 
Fosston. Work is to start August 
17 and is to be completed within 
140 working days. 

1^87 Exhibits 

In Marshall Co. 
Fair 4H Classes 

The 507' 4-H members In 
Marshall county will have 1,877 
exhibits displayed at the Mar- 
sha 1 1 county fair July 16-19, 
reports Mary Evert, home agenL 
The number of exhibits entered in 
each project of club work Is as 

Homeeconomics,7M (clothing, 
i n d.fnod, 514);— hnmt 

Commissioner Waldor 
Outlines His Proposals 

inlor high 


Pageant competition wiHnot bo 

entirely new' for Jeanne Sovde 

when she competes in the Miss 

Thief Hiver Falls pageant July 

l/cuiiih ui ii ii_- iruiiBUkuuii, 24. An entrant in Ihc Miss North- 

which is sponsored by the federal west Sunflower pageant at 

Housing and Urban Development Gonvick last year she wan the 

agency, were worked out during swimsuit division. She has also 

visit July 1 of. Red Luke Falls been in the Miss Oklec pageant 

will be one of the candidates for Ihe Miss Thief River Falls title at the 
10th onnual Joycee Aquacade. The official Miss America Preliminary 
pageant will be held Friday, July 24, at the Lincoln senior high school 

Jeanne Sovde In 
Queen Pageant 

by Marvin Lundin president of the Girls Athletic 

Times Editor association nnd president of the 

— (This i*.tho icvrnlh In n series — chorus, -who ro-sho -sang-flrsl = 

of a rilelM-on- candidates for- the — soprano. ""' 

Ml« Thief River Falls title ol the Other activities Included 

a mi ua I_ J ay cce_ Aqua cad c_Th c mem bcrshlp .uT.thc-llhrary.cJub- 

pageant at which Ihc IS70 Mlsi nnd workon thestaff of Iheschool 

Thief Hiver Fall* will be crowned annual. 

wlllbeheldFHday.July2t.aUhe A mcmhcT „, ^ Lulhcnm 
church In Oklce, she was' 
president of the Luther league. 
Junlor choir for two years. She 

provcmcnl. 158; special projects, 
114;. entomology, .51; 

R holography, 35; horticulture, 1; 
owcr gardening, 41; indoor 
gardening, 31; lawn and land- 
scape, -10; vegetable gardening. 
75; potatoes, 5; plant and soil 
science, 230;~ engineering, 135; 
and animal sciences, 227. : 

Entry time for oil 4-H exhibits 
except livestock will be from 10 
a.m. to p.m. on Thursday, July 
10. Lives lock entries close at 9 

Judging for foods, horticulture 
projects and booths will begin at 

Cm. Thursday evening.' 
Ives lock Judging and judging of 
other projects will begin at 8 ajn. 
on Friday momlng. 

The 4-H night program will be 
at fl;45 Friday evening, with the 
4-lr livestock parade. Crowning 
of the dress revuo queen will 
follow. Champion and reserve 
champion winners will also be. 
recognized at this lime. 

Director's List 
Students Named 
At Minn. Tech 

Housing and Urban 

Hedcvclopmcnt— commlssii 
Lcs Crichton, . Ira Locfflcr and 
■Rev. Roger Racbel lo the HUD 
regional office in Chicago. The 
purchase agreement between 

'ElRhtcerry ear-old Jeanne- is 
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs, 
Lowell Sovde of Oklce and a 1S70 
nraduuto-or Oklec high school, 
ihc is five feet six Inches tall, 

i 4-H club member for three 
years and Girl scouts for three 

For diversion she enjoys 
nlnvlng the flat top guitar and 
a friend, Hcth Hronkcn, has 

.^Maintenance costs™ 

will be almost three limes as 
much by 1930 as Ihey arc In 1970. "_ 

Durrill emphasized Ihc safety 
on four-lane highways ond noted ■ 
that emphasis Is being placed on 
this typo of roadway wherovcr- 
Elton Solsonfl. of Thief RivSii feasible. He noled that bridge 
Foils and Lyle Olson of replacement is also a major 
"Ncwfolden have been iwm«no~pronlcm— and-thnr—coBt— ot- 
itic director's list at the replacing 25 of its most critical 
University of Minnesoto high priority bridges Is expected 
technical college, Crooks ton, for 
scholastic achievement during 
the spring quarter of 1970. 

Problems faced by tho Min- 
nesota hlghwoy department were 

given a thorough airing Wed- 
nesday evening when a regional 

meeting of the Minnesota Good 

Roads association was held at the" 

Eagles club rooms In Thief River 

Falls. N. Ted Waldor, .com- 
missioner of highways, was the 

main speaker at the meeting. 
As was explained during the 

course' of the evening, more 

money is the answer to many if 

not all of the state's highway ' 

problems. Assisting the com- 
missioner In the presentation 

were assistant commissioners — 

J. A. Murchic, maintenance; C. 

K. Uurrill, construction; F. C. 

Marshall, revenue; and Gordon 
-Fny-tstnttrnldT!nHtn eerr-Etnto — 

aid. ' 

"- Murchle noted that (37 million 

out of a total of 5120 million 

available to the deportment In 

fiscal 1970 was devoted to 

maintenance of the existing 

system. Hosald one- third Is spent- 

In keeping the roads clear of Ice 

ond snow in ihe winter, one-third 

for keeping the road Itself in good LEGISLATORS from the area look a special in- 

condition, one-sixth for traffic tcrcst In the presentation by N. Ted Waldor, Min- 
■ control devices ond one-sixth for ncsota commissioner of highways, at a regional 

roadside maintenance. ■ meeting in Thief River Falls Wednesday. Sponsored 

'Expenditure of the main- by Minnesota Good Roads, Inc.. the meeting was 

lennnce funds includes 40 per designed lo present Ihc highway picture as It 

cent-to pay the 3,700 employees 

engaged in maintenance, 25 per 

cent to operate and rent equip- 
ment. 22 per. cent for materials 

nnd 13 per cent lo contractors. 
"If Ihc Inflationary trend 

continues at something less than 

five per cent per year," Murchic 

said. "It can be expected that Ihc 

total maintenance cost 10 ycors 

from now will have Increased 

fro m_ou r curr ent 537 million 

currently exists in Minnesota. Pictured left to right 
are Sen. Norman Larson, Ada; Hep. Andrew Skaor, 
Thief River Foils: Commissioner Waldor; ond Sen. 
Donald Sinclair, Stephen. All Ihc legislators are on 

highway committees in Ihe -legislature" wilh Sen. 

Lorson serving os chairman of the senate com- 

Owl Becomes Jenson Pel 


eche 1 

Jenson, Thief River Falls. If 
probably a "great horned." 
—Jenson, -who-runs-n— food 
catering service In Thief River 
Falls, has had the owl since 
"right after the last snowstorm, 
somctimcin April. When I found 
It, II was about four Inches r." " 
id alLfu K— 1 - found Jt-out 

cntcrtp!neJ_uj|IUQutJniislc.nt_n — jaUo-of-3.&-or-betler-for-l2- 

cost the deportment $100 
Marshall reviewed the 
Solseng._flon or Mrs. Esther distribution of Mi nnesoto motor 
Sotscng. received nn honor polnl Juel faxes. whTclThayo ■— ' 

developer Wayne Fuglcbcrg nnd weighs 120 pounds, has dark 

brown hair, green eyes and a 36- 
24-36 figure. Her talent number nt 
the pageant will be a modem 
dunce to the theme song from 
"Pink Panther". 

Sponsoring Jeanne in- the 
pageant will be her employer, 
Toupln's Third Base of Brooks. 
Miss Sovde has worked at the 

304 Mala Ava. North. 

| I Thorp} : 



CHEDDAR STIX . j»69< NO PEST STRIP . ."■*!» 


11V4 0I. , 
PKO. I UP 4 


Thorp makes it happen, 



Macaroni 2«&25< 

raw. vara? 
Shampoo MR' 99< 








Yob Gtf 

GoM Bond Stamps 


Every Purchase , 

More SavTngs 

Specifications' for the apart- 
ments now Indicate ' that 
-bedrooms and living-dining areas 
will be carpeted, as well as Ihc 
building community 

dwelling apartments is 
square feet, In the double 
dwelling apartments 400 square 
feet. Rents far the apartments 
will be calculatcd_a3__a. per- 
centage, not to exceed 25, or the 
inhabitant's income. 


High school activities arc 
numerous on Jeanne's record. 
She was a football and basketball . 

cheerleader for four years, vice 
president of the senior class and 
an officer of the class all through 
high school. She also served os 

hu m ber-of-even ts - in - the-Oklee- 
comm unity. She has also studied 
piano for four years, but received 

guitar Instruction from her 

Jeanne likes all outdoor sports, 
including swimming, boating, 
water skiing, fish and camping. 
She lists cooking as a hobby and 
likes lo dance. 

Family members Include a 
brother, David, 21; living in 
Illinois; a brother Leigh, 17, who 
will be a senior at Oklce high 
school; and a sister, Mrs. Scott 
(Cindy) Sundrud, who taught 
physical education for two years 
at Kennedy. 

This Tall Jeanne plans (o attend 
Rochester state junior college 
which offers a prc-nursing 
course, leading to a three-year 
degree as a registered nurse. 

more quarter credit hoursr-Ifts- 
major at the college Is soil ond 
water conservation. 

Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Vernon Olson, received an honor 
point rntloof 3.5 or better for 13 or 
more quarter credit hours. His 
major ot the college is recreation 
and conservation of natural 

Pennington GOP 
Women To Meet 

Pennington county Republican 
women wilt meet Thursday al 2 
p.m. nt Ihc Rex cofc in Thief 
Itiver Falls. All members of Ihc 
organization arc urged to attend 
and any women Interested in the 
llepublicon party arc invited. 

—from three cents on May4.-lS4t.ta 
— so vo n - con ts - a I - 111 e prcson 1 - II mo. - 
Minnesota gas tax went to seven 
cents on July 1. 1967. This tax is 
distributed on Ihc basis of 02 per 
cent to the state, 29 percent to the 
counties and nine per cent to 
municipalities having population 
of 5,000 or more people. 

Marshall used bureau of public ' 
roads figures to show that only 1.4 
cents of the 11.9 cents per mile 
which it costs lo operate Ihe 
average automobile goes for 
state and federal taxes. 

Fay cited the additional funds 
which would accrue to counties 
nnd municipalities If a 2.5 cents 
increase would be granted by the 
legislature in the state gas tax 
and a 15 per cent increase 

granted ~ —...-.- 


(Continued on page 41 


Many Methods Used For Haying 


The diet of eggs and -milk 
Jenson provided Tor tin 
have agreed with 1 1, because it 
now stands about one and a half 
feet tall, and is quite fully 
— feathered: — As — tire — owl— gr 
_Jenson. added rnw hnmbur) 
—vegetables and chicken in Its. 
which also includes an occasional 
vitamin tablet. The food is gulped 
down whole, but the owl. which 
cats from Jcnson's^ bund, is 
careful not lo bite the hand that 
feeds it, and has never mistaken 
a pinky for a morsel of food. 

The owl Is free to fly about, and 
Jenson soys that he has no in- 
tention of ever confining it. "A 
cage is not o natural habitat for a 
bird, "hesays. "Anytime the owl 
wishes to leave, it Is free to do 

The attention and handouts the 
owl gets ore apparently the only 
reasons It sticks around. It 
perches on Jensen's arm. being 
very careful not to dig In its Inch- 
long-plus talons. And the man 
anu ihe owl appear to be good 
friends, for. from time lo time 
Ihey nib noses (beaks?). In fact, 
the only thing that seems to 
late the o_wl Is someone 
to uchlng hisfealhi 

Having o rather peculiar pet is 
■n ot-ncw-f or-J ensonr-w hn-hos-had— 
close experiences wilh monkeys, 
' skunks, hawks, " 

THOUGH APPEARING rather belligerent, if not downright fierce, 
tills owl is quite tame and gentle, according to Gale Jenson, who has 
been caring for lUince April. The owl will perch on his arm. being 
careful not to dig In with its talons, and It will also eat from tils hand. 
Hobbling ihe food*down whole, but never mistaking a finger for a tid- 
bit. The owl is not confined in ony way, ond Jenson says any time the is free to do so. 

by Jim Lee 
Time* Reporter 
There arc a number of ways to 
do it ond a number of crops to do 
it with. But each year, "haying" 
is a hot, dusty Job, performed in hoy. alone.' 
perpetual fear of ' 

with a loader is his basic stacking 
tool, though he admits lo putting 
In some time with o pitchfork to 
"top off" the stacks. Still, he says 
that stacking is "the only way to 

iletten tried having his hay 

well n 


Time was when huge crews of custom-baled, but found that the 


Drklng together, 

along with any available hired 

help, would put up Ihc hay each 

summer. That was when there 

s more pitchfork work, when 

ii horse-power operated the 

_. j, rakes and stackers. 

Since the advent of the tractor 
—and mechanisation of farm work- 
that came with it, making hay is . 
now a family operation, and in_ 
fact. In many cases a one-man 
"operation, brought about through 
Increased labor cost and scarcity 
of seasonal workers, the "hired 
men" or another generation. 

Such a one-man "haying" 
operation Is that of Orln Slctlcn. 
who farms north or Thief River 
Foils. Slellen puts up over 100 
acres of hay each .year, which, 
with his usual 50-60 acres of otas, 
provides feed for his 40 dairy 

The farmer stacks all his hay, 
most of which Is alfalfa, though 
he says he has "kind of a mix- 
ture" on his farmstead. A tractor 

twine was expensive, and that Ihe 
bales were hard lo handle alone. 
"And the baling cost more than 
the hay was worth." he added. 

Someone who would -possibly' 
-disagree with him is Curtis 
Swanson, wboalso farms north of 
Thief River Falls. Swanson, who 
- has- 340 -n cres— of— s m a 11— grn I 
planted this year, puts up about 
_lDQ.acres of alfalfa. All is baled, 
loaded and stacked 


' The alfalfa is cut wilh a 
swat her, allowed to dry, and then 
baled. Behind the baler Swanson 
pulls a "bunchor." which collects 
the boles into groups of eight, 
arranges them into a rectangle, 
and Uicn releases them. 

The next step is for his son 
Wesley, lo pick the bales up, still 
In rectangular groups of eight, 
with a tractor ,nnd loader 
equipped with a bolMiandJing 
attachment. The bales arc 
placed, still in their rectangular 
(Continued on Pagc4) 

skunks w , 

Despite his life as an animal 
trainer. Jenson says he doesn't 
know if the owl is a "him" or o 
"her"'. "It's ornery enough 

(hough." he laughs. The owl 
apparently doesn't mind the 
barb, however. It just looks at 
Jenson with its big, innocent eyes 
nnd doesn't seem to give o hoot. 

Post Office In 
Roseau Becomes 
"First Class" 

Country store" Dorsey Enrolled 

Robbed Sunday | n Bailk School 

POSITIONING A GROUP of eight alfalfa hay bales area, gives some directions at to which <, 

on tho stack Is Wesley Swanson, driving a tractor The alfalfa, haled on the Curtis Swanson 

and loader on his father's form north of Thief River already been bought by Vatsaas, who will 

Falls, while Duano Vatsaas. who also farms In that his dairy herd. 

A post office must maintain 950 

revenue units, each of $74 value, 
for on entire fiscal year, or a total 
revenue of oboul (70.000. before it 
cams the designation. The only 
changes that will take place due 
to the new designation are some 
administrative procedures ond 
also some changes in restrictions 
on parcel po^it mailing. 

Two armed bandits reportedly 
robbed a grocery ^tore 17 miles 
east of Mahnomen last Sunday, 
escaping with 12.000. 

Themen, who wore masks, also 
held Jim Temple, Mahnomen, ns 
hostage while they used his car in 
their get-away nftcr robbing 
Mah-Kuncc store, operated by 
Herman Nclscn, located on 
Minnesota hlghwov 200. Temple 
was released unharmed later 
when the bandits changed cars. 

Family Night At 
Norden Church 

Mrs. Ernest Thorsgard will 
show slides ol New Guinea when 

~T3Tmi y ni g li l i s ti u ld-Wrd nralay 
at 8 p.m. at the Norden Lutheran 
.church. The Erickson string band 

. will play, lunch will be served 
and the public is invited to attend, 

RR Valley Picnic 

The annual Minnesota Red 
River Volley picnic will be held 
July 19 nt Salt Water Slate Park' 
between Tocoma and Seattle. 
Wash. Coffee, 'cream nnd ice 
cream will be furnished. 

William Dorsey. area extension 
coordinator. Thief River Falls, 
will be among the 150 persons 
from Minnesota, North Dakota. 
South Dakota and Wisconsin 
attending the fourth session of the 
Midwest banking institute, July 
19-24 on the Morris campus of Ihc 
University of Minnesota. 

The institute Is sponsored by 
the bankers associations of 
Minnesota. North Dakota, South 
Dakota and Wisconsin to assist 
bankers in rural arcos by 
providing Information and un- 
derstanding necessary to build a 
more secure and stable com- 
munity nnd lo improve Ihu 
bankers' ability to use ap - 
propriate management concepts. 

The curriculum for the first 
year students includes financial 
management in tomorrow's 
agriculture, farm credit analysis 
nnd farm enterprise analysis. 
Second year students study such 


sslng . 

management ability, farm i 
tcrprisc analysis, Ihe business 
nnd industry potential of the 
rural community, and small 
business analysis. 



NEW J & B 


c.ei-1292 - ■ 


All Nationally Known Brands 








— i*- ' 1 - 


J. Races Note 
50th Anniversary 
At Telemarken 

Mr. iinil Mrs. Jerry Knee of 
GoodridRe celebrated their 50th . 
wedding anniversary on Sunday, 
June 28. 

The day bcftnn with the couple 
attending service* nt the 
Tclcmiirkcn church In Krnlkn 
township, Pcnninfiion county, 
where they 'were mnrried SO 
years ago. Attending services 
with them were their four 
children and their families: Mr. 
and Mrs. Ernest (Uud) Ilace. 
David, Cheryl. Karen and 
Tommy. Mr, and Mrs. Lcren 
itace. CraiR. Neil nnd Jennifer, 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert IBornlce) 
(irabowsk.-i. Donald, Shirley and 
Mark and Mr. and Mrs. Otto 
(Edna) Omliil. 

Special music during ,tho 
service was a solo, "How Great 
Thou Art" by Karl Thompson of 
■Madison. Wis., a nephew of the . 

Tile festivities continued in the 
afternoon with an open house 
celebration at the r'nltli Lutheran 
church in Goodridge. iteftistcring 
the nuests and distributing the 
ihank-yuu scrolls tied with golden 
curd wvre grandchildren of the 
couple, Cheryl Itace and Donald ' 
Crabowska. Sisters of Mrs. 
Itace. Mrs, Laura Holvcrson 
-and Mrs. Gertie Joppru, both 
rnuhit h rpr e sidcd-nrthe-Birt — 


Monday, July 13.1970 

THIEF RIVER FALLS TIMES /_-.*„,. 7V~-«».* 

Thicr River Fails. Minn. Lester I aggart 

; Home Scene Of 

Family Reunion 

Lester Taggnrt home nt 213 
Parkview was the scene of a 
recent family reunion. The 34 In 
attendance Included the Im- 
mediate members of the family 
and their families. 

In addition to Mr. and Mrs. 
Taggart. they were the Adrian 
(Lots) Larsons of Roseau; the 
Peter (Carol) Tclgcru of Hawley, 
(he Jon (Dorothy) Johnsons of 
Minneapolis, the Gene (Fno) 
Bccklunds of St. Paul, Mrs. 
James (Marilyn) Erlckson and 
children or Thief River Palls; the 
James TaRgnrts of St. Paul, the 
Dale (LaVonne) Bernards of 
\Denver. Colo., and the Bob (Ivy) 
Myhrcrs of New Carroltton, Ma 

The Dunne Taggart family of 
Sioux Falls, S. D., was unable to 
be present. 

The event featured a picnic 
lunch and supper. While, the 
children spent the afternoon 

E laying games and receiving 
arse and buggy -rides,- ihclr - 
parents assisted with refur- 
bishing the property. 

■ Those attending also helped 
Mr.- Taggart celebrate Father's 

Sjulestad Clan 
Congregates For . 
Family Reunion 

Sjulestad family reunion war 
held an Sunday, July Sat the 
Goadrldge hall. The event 
. . r\ I featured a pot-luck picnic dinner 

Horace DalaaerS »nd lunch. Later fnthc cvcnlnsr 
_.# *. , #7. r.7=» c the Swen SJulcstads showed 

Of St Hilafre 
Note Anniversary 

Johnson, Mrs. Jerome Bray and 
Mrs. Ray Molskncu. 

The newly-weds are now at 
homo at 5111 Pioneer, Lincoln, 
Nob,, where both are attending 
Union college. Both arc 
graduates of Mn pie wood 
academy at Hutchinson. Photo, 
Fred Wier, San Antonio, Texas. 

S. Vollmer-F. Anderson 
Speak Vows In S. Dakota 

table, where the c 

cards were also displayed. 

A short informal program was 
given depicting in 10 year spans, 
tile married life ol c couple. 
Mrs. Il.'ilvnr Holen of Thief Iliver 
Kails read the pioneer history 
which she had composed about 
the couple. David itace gave the 
devotional meditaliuu. Vucnl 
selections included a solo, "The 
23rd Psalm" by _irl Thompson; 
. and several selections by the 
Tom Knckson family of Min- 
neapolis anil Mr. and Mrs. 
Uuruld__rkk_uii..._iid -son _of- 

Twn selections were also 
presented by Mrs. Kenneth Kriel 
and Vernon tverson of Goodridge 
who played and sang at the 27th 
wedding anniversary of Mr. and 
Mrs. Haee and at the wedding of 
Mr. and Mrs, Otto Onilid in I'M'. 
The three, youngest grandsons 
of the couple, Neil nnd Tommy 
_llac_e_ nnd Mark Grnbowskn, 

ni versa ry song and in leading the * 
ihled guests in sin Binf " 

SnriR" i 

T. ■" ,.j.-i u- •■' 
he Happy Birthdny 
honor of son-in-law 
Irabuwsku, who was 
observing his soih birthday. 
Special recognition was also paid 
tn .Mrs. K loren cc'St en vtkra-1 ong-- 
(ime neighbor of the Ilaces. The 
program concluded with Craig 
Itace leading the group In the 
table praver. 
E-'nr the reception that followed. 
' the head 

rmnp-cimn - mrcr-»r-wim~" 


Culling and servinR the an- 
niversury cake were Mrs. Edno 
Kuras of Duluth and Mrs, Enrl 
Marquis of Goodridge. Mrs! Gust 
Thompson of- Evnnsvillc. Ind., 
and Mrs. Lloyd Thompson of 
Goodridge poured. At the punch 
bowl were Karen Itace and 
Shirley, grand- 
daughters of the couple. 

Those who assisted in serving 
the reception were Mmcs. Harold 
Holen. _elm«r Holen, Palmer ~ 
Lovly, Harold Anderson. Herbert 
Vraa. Fl orence S tcnvik nnd 
"Mayor Tfolim: " " ~ 

Serving os reception host and 
hostess were long-time family 
friends of the couple, Mr: and 
Mrs. George Vrna. 

Initiation Rites 
Is Held By The 
:___?_._) Does 

At the regular- meeting of the 
BPO Does held Tuesday, June 23, 

- Lornt t n c~ K ra nberg p r.~~ CI c ndo ra " 
Ternes and Monti Johnson 
Initiated into the Drove. 
Feme Williams prcsidet 
meeting in the absv 
president Elba Collins. Honored 

-Exalted Ruler Frank Womack 
and past exaltcr ruler, Glen 
Peterson attended the meeting 

-and were escorted in by con- 
ductor Teen Berg. 

During the business sessions 
plans were discussed for the BPO 

Miss Sandy Vollmer, daughter 
of Mr. and Mrs. Wllmcr Volimcr 
of McLaughlin, S. D., and Forrest 
Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. 
Mnynard Molskncss of Thief 
BlvcrFalls, exchanged marriage 
vows on Sunday, June 7, at 3 

f.m„ at the Baptist church In 

Rev. Mowry of Pierre. S. D.. 
ot!iclated at the candlelight' 
ceremony attended by ap- 
proximately 150 relatives and 
friends. Miss Roxann Trunx, a 
classmate of the bride, presided 
at the organ. Soloist was Mary 
Lou llagclo. 

The bride was given in 
marriage by her father. For her 
wedding, she chose ' a gown 
des igned In traditio nal white 
sat open u. The R 

rcicntiora — ~ r - 
inson were '.. it 
■ove. Mrs. B 
iled nt the I 
jsence of ■ 

styled with" 
an 'A-llnc _sklrt, was com- 

filcmentcd by n high-rise bodice 
eaturing'o bateau neckline and 
full-length bishop sleeves. Penu 
D'Angc lace appliques, adorned 
with miniaturcsced pearls, were 
scnitcred across the skirt, bodice 
and sleeves. Matching luce 
motifs were repeated on the train 
that swept Into cotillion length 
from Dior bow caught at the 
neckline, Her full-length veil of 
silk illusion, topped by an clbow- 
length circular veil, washcldbyn 
crown of seed pearls', and 
"crystalsrshe carried ft bouqiiet or 
red roses accented with while 
carnations and satin loops. 

Miss Karen Larscn of Morgan, 
a. classmate of the bride, was 
mold of honor. Bridesmaids were 
: Anderson of Thief- Itlvcr 
Foils ' 

sleeveless gowns featuring 
satin ruffle oround-lho neekllno- 
and matching buttons down the 
front. Thoy wore pink, short 
gloves and carried bouquets of 
daisies with pink ribbon 


Judith Fjelland Weds 
Bruce Gilberfson of TRF 

Karl Kicsiof Thief River Foils. 
a friend, served as flower girl. 
She was attired In a white, floor- 
_.l cngth^gnwn _ styled .. with . .long 
sleeves. In her hair, she wore a 
matching ribbon. She carried a 
basket filled with red rose petals. 
John Kllngcnbcrg served as Bible 

Superior National Forest, (he 
bride and groom visited with his 
parents In Thief Itlvcr Falls, 
while here they were honor 
guests at a reception Sunday 
afternoon, June 14, at the Seventh 
Day Advcntist school. Hosting 
the event were .the groom's 
_ A program was given; Dr. Leo 
-Hcrbcr served as masler of 
ceremonies and also presented 
the couple with a gift from the 

congregation. Musical selections , „ llu „,, U1(M ,„,„ ,, 
—included a piano and violin duetr—johnaon:'"Lynn~Corln" 
"0 Perfect Love" by Fnyc An- 
derson and Mark Davidson; 
solos: "He'll Walk Beside You" 
by Ruth Nash, "Keep A Song 
Ringing In Your Heart" and "My 
Cup Runneth Over" by Nnoml 
Blom; and ducts: "The Yellow 
_Rose of.South Dakota" by Ruth 
Nosh and Mnynard Molskncss, 
who played guitar and accordion 
accompaniment; arid "Home 
Sweet Horn e"*by — TiTrs. Carroll 
Nosh and Maynard Molskncss. 
Mrs. J. Bray rentf-o poem und 
Mrs. Darrcll Glass gavo a 
reading, "The Bride and the 

" The program also included a 
comedy pantomime with Keith 
Johnson. Bryee Bray, Tom 
Molskncss and Mark Davidson 
serving ns wheels, George 
" Hcrhcr us" "the engine and 
Donovan Anderson os the old- 
fashioned gentleman who was 
taking his lady friend, Clyde 
Davidson, for a ride in the old 

Lunch followed with Jeri Lyn ' 
Bray, Susan Llmcsand nnd Kelly ' 
Ilcrbcr as waitresses. Mrs. 
Clorencc Molskncss. nunt of the 
groom, cut and served the 
-wedding-cnke-whlch she had 
baked and decorated with red 
roses. The punch was served by 
Mrs. Alvin Nordvlck, also an aunt 
of the groom. Susan' Molskncss 
Luna Blloff. Katie Ilcrbcr and 
Pauline Johnson were at the gift 
table as Alvlnn Nordvick 
presided at the guest book. 
Serving the reception were Mrs. 
Leo Ilcrbcr, Mrs. Luvorn 

Friends and relatives gathered 
at the Horace Daloger home at 
St. Hllolre on Sunday, Juno 28, to 
help them celebrate their 23th 
wedding anniversary. The event 
was sponsored by Ihclr children, 
Howard and Grace Daloger. 

To mark the occasion, the 
couple was'presented with a rose 
corsage and boutonnierc. Three 
floral arrangements, consisting 
of ro__t, chrysanthemums and 
carnations, also gifts, created a 
festive air. 

Those attending were Mr. and 
Mrs. Albert Heatckind of 
Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 
Nyborg and Mart of Moorhcad, 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Westncott, 
Ted, Mary, Dan, Joe and Bar- 
bara and Mrs. Ida Daloger all of 
Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. 
Vincent Da lager of Morris and 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Longer of 
Lake Park; 

Also Mr. and Mrs. Theodore 
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. George 
HcstcKlnd, Mrs. Axel Johnson, 
and Mr.^ and Mrs. R_rlaw__ 
Johnson; Lynn, Carlo and 
Colleen, all of Thief River Falls, 
Mrs. Haul Anderson, Art 
Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
Peterson, Neil and Scott, 'Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Aofrcd Rasmusscn, Mr. and 
Mrs^Thorsteln-Wolsolh, Mr. and 
Mrs, Blrdcan Anderson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Otto Johnson, Nancy 
Hcdlund, Mr. and Mrs: Ed Wlk. 
Itcv. 'and Mrs. James Swanson 
and daughters, and Mr. nnd Mrs. - 1st LI. EH 'A. Lee, who spent 

the Swen SJulcstads showed 
slides of families, relatives and 
scenes In Ariionn. 

Present at the reunion were 
Mr. nnd Mrs. Swen Sjulestad nnd 
Renca, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 
Sjulestad and Bobby. Mrs. 
Charlotte Thockett nnd Michael 
and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Prlggo and 
three sons, all or Phoenix, Ariz.; 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kcim, 
Amoln, Twyla, Randy and Greg 
of Lnkota, N. D.; Mr. and Mrs.' 
Jack Hcrrcn and Mark of Los 
Angeles, Call/.; Mr, and Mrs. 
Bob Wiley, Valeric, Billy and JcH 
and Mr. and Mrs., Joe Borglous, 
Jimmy and Tanya of Min- 

Also Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 
Eychncr and Julenc, Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Morris Miller, Morrle and 
Gene", nnd Mr, and Mrs. Fred 
Da blow and Carl a of Thief River 
Falls and Mr. and Mrs. Norman 
Miller, Michael, Vonnie and 
Brcndn of Grecnbush; 

Also Mr. and Mrs, Gerald 
■ Sjulestad. Cheryl and David, Mr. 
and. Mrs.. Edwin Sjulestad and 
Ivan, Mr. and Airs. Edward 
Sjulestad, Howard Sjulestad, Mr, 
and Mrs. Richard Tharldson, Mr. 
and Mrs . Leo n I versa n, Rosalie. 
"Roxarihe ond'IthontfnT Mr. "nnd 
Mrs. Edgar Miller, Marilou, 
Shirley, Jacky and Gary, Mr. and 
Mrs. Richard Miller, Bobby and 
Tami, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Elg and 
Audrey, Carol Elg, Lcroy Elg, 
Mr.andMr_.-Bort-Coon,-Mr, -and- — 
Mrs. Kenneth Coon. Mnrcla and 
Roger and Mr. and Mrs, Bobby 
Zuvoral, all of Goodridge. 

Dan Johnson, all or St. Hilalrc. 
The anniversary lunch served 
featured a decorated anniversary 
cake. \ 

Is your attic full or Don't 
wants? Turn them Into ready 
cash with a Times Classified Ad. 

weeks here visiting his 
parents, Mr. and Mrs; 'Art Lee. 
and with his brothers. Boycc and 
Arvld and their families, left Tor 
McChord Air Farce base in 
Washington, where he will be 
stationed. He recently received 
his promotion to First 

Patricia E. Schuster Is 
Bride Of Delwin J. Schob 

Baskets of yellow mums and 
white gladioli graced the chancel 
at SI. Bernard's- Catholic church 
in this city for Ihc2 p.m., wedding 
June 0, of Miss Patricia Ellen 
Schuster am) Delwin Joseph 

Itcv. Kcough Palnodc of- 
ficiated at the double ring 
ceremony with Rev. Alexander 

greens accented with yellow and 
mint green ribbons. Their peari 

Ecndcnts wcro gifts from the 

Mary Margaret 'Larson of Cass 
Lake,- b cousin of the bride,was 
flower girl. She wore a gown of 
white crepe nnd orgnnia with 
lace trim on the short puffed 
sleeves, around the neckline nnd 

Miss Tcrri Schob, cousin of the 
groom, served Ihc punch. 

The ihrec-tlcred wedding coke. 
with each tier separated by 
pillars and trimmed with 
miniature wedding bells and 
yellow roses, was topped with a 
white triple wedding bell or- 
nament. Mrs. Omcr R. Larson, 
aunt of the bride, and Mrs. 
William Belli, Jr., cousin of the 
bride, cut and served the cake. 
Pouring were Mrs. Joe Char- 
chenko, aunt of the bride, and 
Mrs. Gay Wamcckc, friend of tho 

Waitresses were Mrs. John 
Dyrscth, friend of tho bride, Miss 
Lynn Hasbargen, Linda Modigan 
and Rcnee Sherman, friends and 
former room mates of the bride at 
Bcmldji State college. At the gift 
table wcro Miss Potty Oldenburg, 
cousin of the groom, Ann Mane 
Bakke,' friend of the bride, and 
Mrs. Munro Poole, friend of tho 

Out - of - town friends -and 
relatives at th<* wedding were 
from Fond du Lac, and 
Taychadn, Wis., Oak Lawn, III., 
Minneapolis, Ncwfolden, 
Bcmidjl. Cass Lake, Deer River, 
Mahnomen, Crooks ton, Hibblng, 
Hopkins, Moorhcad and 
Goodridge. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ — — ■ • 

A rehearsal dinner was given ... , ... — 

by the parents of the groom at tho Welcome Wagon lo 

American Legion dining room Me(jf TuQJ> ^ p aJ .j ( 

Tlilcf Itlvcr Falls, Minn. 


Monday, July 13, 1970 

special guest at a meeting of Minnesota Good 
Roads, Inc., Wednesday evening In Thief River 
Falls, He is shown at left with Robert M. Johnson, 

executive director of Minnesota Good Roads 
(center) nnd William LaFave, chairmen of the 
transportation committee of the Thief River Falls 
Chamber of Commerce and director of Minnesota 
Good Roads, Inc. 

American Legion 

Tor members of the bridal party 

and out-of-town relatives.. 

For trovcllng to tho Black 
Hills, Badlands and Ycltowstono 
National Park, the bride was 
ittlrcd In B-ycllow-ilnen.A'llnc 

Welcome Wagon club coffec-in- 
tho-park will be held Tuesday at 
10 a.m.. at Tindolph park. All 
newcomers to the area are' 
welcome to allend. Mothers moy 

Sloffcl, pastor nl Zlon Lutheran down the front of ihc'bodicc. A 
church, giving the Bles sin g. The' white ribbon wa s lied n'mund the 
1,1-iJe is a daughtr" -■ " f ~ — ■' ----■-■■■-- — ■ .... ... 

,. FbTMr. anil waistline, matching the bow that 

. .. ;. Laurel G. Schuster of this held her net headpiece. She 

city. Parents of the groom arc ' '- J — •.!.-..--..-.» 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Delwin W. Schob, 

dress trimmed with white lace at* bring their children. Those with 

' children ore requested to bring n 

soft drink for them as only coffee 

now ot will be provided. Anyone in need 

" '" of rides may cnll Mrs. Glen 

lla ogen, mi.37M m- Mm John 

the neckline. 

The nowly-wcds 
home In this city nt 417 West 
-Third SireeL-Bolh-nrc.gradi 


.-■■.-. To permit our entire staff 
to take tHeiNannual vacation 


Most tie Floral Co. 

Thank-You- — : 

n Thief Hive 

a large arrangemunLof- 
yellow lady slippers, brought 
Irom Ribbing by .Mrs. Gilbert 

Seated at the head table 
together with the honored couple 
were .Mrs. Tony (Stella! Lucwk. 
who wijK bridesmaid at the 
wedding 50 years ago, nnd her 
husband, Mrs. Holen and Mr.'s brother. Herbert Race of 


mi. i jut. ir ci ii . i „ « roommate of the groom. 

-_^ , <—r Miss-JudtUi-Kny-FJclland-of—BrownrNnncy-Burns andCindv — Groomsmen were Ken Volimcr of - 


The groom was attended by bride, and Darold Nordvlck of 

following the meeting wi 
Gladys Loeffler and Bernice 
Looker. LuVnun Clinton was in 
charge of the entertainment. 
Mrs, Clinton won the prize for the 
evening and Teen Berg was the 
winner of the attendance prize. 
The next regular meeting of the 
drove will be held Tuesday nl 8 
p.m.. ot the Elks club rooms. All 
members are encouraged to 


Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Jcuness. 
Garrett and Cheryl of St. Paul. 
Elifabeth Mullen of Cloquct, Mrs. 
Helen Tsaumpas of Grand Forks, 
-NrLi.-rMtss-Anna'trickson-and - 
Miss Amandn Larson were 
Monday nftcmoon visitors at the 
home of Mrs. Lydia Olson 

. . . itthc 

United Methodist 

Parents of the couple nre Mrs. 
Freda Fjellond and Arlo 
Fjelland, both of Pendleton. Ore., 
nnd Gilbert E. Gilberlson of this 

Rev." Dwlght Townsen of- 
ficiated at the double ring 
ceremony. Vocal selections were 
provided by Arnold Myhra of 
Fargo. N. D., with Lindo Benscl 
as organist. 

Given in- marriage by her 
father, the bride was attired in n 
floor-length, A-line, satin gown 
worn with a long sleeve Jacket of 
white lace, designed and made by 
the bride. A rose-petal headpiece 
held her shoulder length veil. She 
carried a colonial styled 
bouquet, of red and pink rosebuds 
■ with white carnations. 

Miss Doreen Fjellond attended 
her sister ns .maid . of " honor. 
Bridesmaids wcre__Jeanne_ 

Gory Fjelland, brother of the 
bride, Peter Vcnncwlti, Ren 
Liner and John Normnndln, 
friends of the groom at Oregon 
State university. Ushers were 
Tom Williamson and Joe Brown. 
A reception in the church 
parlors followed. 

Following a wedding trip along 
the Oregon coast, Mr. and Mrs. 
Gllbcrtson will be nl home at 
Laramie, Wyo., where the groom 
Is area coordinator for residence 
halls ul the University of 

The bride is n graduate of the 
Oregon State University, 
receiving her bachelor of science 
degree In the spring of 1970. The 
groom received his bachelor of 
science degree in education from 
Moorhcad State college and in 
1903 received his masters degree 
in student personnel ad- 
ministration from Oregon State 
University. ■ 

-Golden~Years-Ghoir — 

Thief River Falls, a cousin of Ihc 
groom. Seating the guests were 
Keith and Robert Volimcr. 
brothers of the bride, and Tom 
Molskncss. brother of the groom. 
The men of the wedding party 
wore black tuxedos with black 
bow tics and white carnation 

The mother of the bride was 
attired In a blue lace dress 
complemented by a corsage of 
red roses and white carnations. 
The mother of the groom wore a 
mint green dress. Her corsage 
was composed or pink roses and 
white carnations. 

Theporcnts of the bride hosted 
a reception following the 
ceremony. Mrs. Keith Volimcr 
registered tho guests as Mrs. 
Gilbert Karlcn and Miss Annabel! 
Koch served the punch. The 
wedding cake, trimmed with pink 
roses, was cut nnd served by Mrs, 

Art Walker..... Serving . as 

waitresses, were Mrs. Freldn 
Friedel-and Mrsr-Pnuline Wolfe—- 

J & P WIG CO. 


Are Returning to 

, _We_- 


Begins Thurs., July 9th 9:30 A^M.^ 



Golden .Years choir of Trinity 
Lutheran church will present the 
program at the regular meeting 
of the Silver Creek American 

nt B p.m. 

Itcv, Harold Peterson will 
present the Bible study, lesson 7, 
'•The Madness that Is War", 
based on James <: 1-2. 

Mrs. Lowell Hanson, Mrs. 

Vernon Philtpp nnd Mrs. 

Scymorc Nelson, members of the 

-serving .grOti.. w l" bl = '" c 



Unit No. 34 

Thurs., July 16th 

10 A.M. to JO P.M. 

nlso or this city. 

Mary Oven and Mnry Gilbert 
served ns organists. Vocalists 
were Miss Mary Krnemer nnd 
Shirley Illllycr. They song. "We 
Have Gnthcrcd Here In Joy" 
"Lord Accept these Gifts," "This 
Is My Body" und "Ava Maria." 
The bride was escorted lo the 
altar nnd given in marriage by 
her father. She wns attired in an 
empire fashioned gown of silk 
— orgu ma v sty led ~ w it h -mi n i aturc" 

of Lincoln high school, the bride Tofte. G8I--133. 

. ..... .... _ — islB6-nndthcgroominl.-i.The In cascof rain, the meeting will 

irrled a white basket filled with bride Is olso a graduate of North- be held in the Trinity Lutheran 

yellow and white daisies. land State Junior college and church parlors. 

RlngbearcrwasTlmmyLarson „t!endcd Bcmidjl Stale college. _..,__, 

of Cnss Lake, a cousin of the The groom j_ the Film To Be Shown 

b "dc. Soo Line Railroad company. - — 

Attending the groom as best Pholo [_,„-, Ru ,i c jh^f kj Vcr 

man was Gerald A- Schuster of polls 
this city, a brother of the bride. J .i. 

Groomsmen were friends of the Trainman Auxiliary 

groom, Dennis Sullivan and .a_.1I r_- _• • 

--■ ■ -■■ * Will Discuss Picnic 

, . Dennis Sullivai. 

Walter Leach. Jr., both of Thief 
River Falls, and a cousin Richard 
Donahue of Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Ushers we re Dic k Howscn. of 
lusband of the" 


pleated ruffling that extended-in matron of honor, and Gordon 
three rows down the front of the person of Thief River Falls, n 
bodice and skirl. Matching friend of the groom. The men of 

"'"""" "'--«'• ,h » "h""-i edding parly, together with 

Ingbcnrcr, wore, dark 

'uffllng trimmed the chapel 
length trnln nnd also edged the 
- bottom of (he skirl nnd train, 
Venice lace appliques outlined 
the high neckline, flowed down 
over the bodice nnd enhanced the 
skirl and full-length bishop 
sleeves. The snlln ribbon cn : 
circling the waistline was tied in 
front with n bow. A princess 
crown of pearls and I card raps 
held her elbow-length veil . of 
bridal Illusion. She carried a 

trousers, white dinner jackets 
nnd hlnck bow ties. The groom 
and rlngbearcr wore yellow rose 
boutonnlercs while the at- 
tendants, the fathers and ushers 
were presented wilh yellow 
cornations for their lapels. 

The mother of tho bride was 
attired in a light blue, bonded 
knit, A-linc dress styled with 
short sleeves. Black patent nc- 

Plans for the Soo Line picnic to 
be held August 0, will be 
_dlscusscd Moiu_y_L the. regular- 
meeting- of -tho Trainmen 
auxiliary to be held at the local 
Masonic temple. The meeting is 
scheduled lo begin at 8 p.m. 

All members arc urged to 


At-Zion LCW Meet 

Zlon Lutheran Church Women 
will meet Tuesday at 6 p,m„-at 
the church. Included on the 
program will be the film, "Hope 
For all Seasons", wilh the 
Hannah circle in charge, 
Members of the Elizabeth circle 
wi II -s crvc- as - hos less esrr Naomi" 
circle members will be in charge 
of hospitality. 

Obert Gundersons Of 
Bojou Are .Honored 

Mr, and Mrs. Obert Gundcrson Crooksion, whe 

...__ iilreanic— ._ 

wilh sntin ribbon 

featured yellow lea roses and 


1 00 V. 


* VV«* 'N Wear Wigs 

* N*ver'Nee_ SorHog 

* Con b* worn over ws* hair 

\ WIG FOR. $2,00 

Mrs. Carole Howscn of Deer 
River, n cousin of the bride, was 
matron of honor. Other at- 
tendants were Mrs. Steven 
Swanson of Thief River Foils, a 
friend or the bride, as 

Hruggeman of Minneapolis . 
friend of the bride, and Miss 

— Sa n d rn - Sc ho b~orThl ef _ Rl vet 
Falls, sister of Ihc groom, as 

All were nt tired in floor-length 
gowns or sunlit yellow taffeta 
styled with square necklines 
enhanced In back by a yellow 
satin bow with flowing 
streamers. The fitted bodices, 

■ with miniature satin covered 
buttons in front, featured long 
sleeves of sheer rayon chiffon. 
Matching bows held their yellow 
veiled headpieces. To complete 
their atlirc, they wore white 
shoes and carried arm styled 
bouquets featuring n single long- 
stemmed yellow rose on a bed of 

— white -carnations, 

Mrs. Norman 

"Kragsethand family of St. Louis 
Park, Mr. and Mrs. Lnrry 

— — -E vcnolnd—ond — f nm i I y — of reception? 

of Bejou were honored recently at 
Ihc Norman Lutheran church, 
west of Bejou, in observance of 
their _th wedding anniversary. 

Planning the event and serving- 
as host was their son and his 
family, Mr. and Mrs. Elvcrn 
Gundcrson, David, Kevin and 

A short p rogram precede d lhe__ 

Regional Medical Program 
servlees Harold Mnrgulles, M.D.. 
frnm Washington. D.C. will 
address physicians and 
Regional Medicnl Program, Inc., 
meeting July 17 and IB. Friday 
afternoon panels of doctors and 
nurses and medienl-enre - con- 
sumers wilt discuss changes in 
the health care delivery 
program. The supper meeting 
Friday evening will be held at 
Mount St. Benedict academy, 
-, ■ . .... — D _ hjhcjjuHps 

ill deliver his address. Saturday 
morning thegroup will visit Thief 
River Foils lo tour, hospital 
foclllllcs and lunch wilh local 

A.S.U. Summer 
Com p Scheduled 

North Central 
Awarded Omaha 
Non-Stop Route 

Civil Aeronautics board today 
awarded North Centra) airlines a 
new nonstop route between 
Minneapolis -St. Paul nnd Omaha, 
announced Hal N. Carr. cha lr- 
man of the board. 

provide the first competitive 
nonstop service in this market, 
with inauguration scheduled for 
September 8. 

Four nonstop flights with 100- 
pas5cnger DC-9 fan Jels 1 will 
opera tc daily during prime travel 
periods lo fill existing traffic 

According to the C.A.B., North 
Central's service on this route Is 
estimated lo .generate revenues 
of over SI million and an 
operating profit of (loo.OOO during 
the first year. _ " " " 

In granting the- award the 
board stated, "We think it un- 
disputnblc that this award will 
strengthen North Central within 
its existing area of operation." 
Tlic airline will also offer Im- 
proved slnglc-cnrricr service 
from Hie many points ll now 
serves In Minnesota and 

Wisconsin Rock 
Festival Held On 
Rambeck Farm ' 

Art Unmbcck of Thief River 
Falls and Robert Rnmbeck uf 
Goodridge had a special Inlcrcsl 
In the "People's Fair", a rock 
festival attended by an estimated 
40,000 to 50,000 people near lola, 
Wis. They used lo llveon the farm 
where the festival wns held. 

"Both my brother and I lived 
there until we left to make our 
own way," Art said. "My 
ndfathcr homestcaded the 
n and my dad wns born there, 
farmed it all his life and died 
there." My nephew had been 
operating the farm until he sold it 
this spring." " 

The rock festival site was, 
described In the loin Herald as 
"Jcfl in a mass heap of rubble and ■ 
garbage" after the three-day 
event. Cost of policing the af- 
fair— ot which three people were 
wounded-wns placed at 125,000 
and the sheriff said, "It'll take 
years for the grass to grow up 
high enough to cover the rub- 

Is your attic full of Don't 
wants? Turn Ihcm Into ready 
cash with a Times Classified Ad. . 

Former Resident 
Gives Concert 

Former resident of Thief River 
Falls, bass-barllonc soloist Ben 
Martin, rielainki. Finland,' will 
present a concert n: 7 p.m. 
Sunday at Cloquct. 

The concert, to be held in St. 
Paul's Lulhernn church. Cloquct, 
will feature music by Handel and 
Bach ns well as Finnish songs. 
Negro spirituals nnd gospel 
songs. There will be no admission . 

Martin graduated from Lincoln ■ 
high school in 1901, and has been 
working and studying in Finland 
since. lie graduated with honors 
from the Sibelius Conservatory of 
Music in Helsinki, in .19GB,, and 
completed graduate studlcsMhis 
spring. Martin has appeared in 
concert in Paris, Prague and 
Chrudim, C.echoslovnkin. 
Stockholm, and Uppsala, and 
Riga In Latvia. A member of the 
Finnish Radio Chamber choir, he 
is also a soloist with the Finnish 
stale radio company. 



upernting at her home after 
major surgery at Si, Michael's 
hospital in Grand Forks, N. D. 

The mother of the groom 
a white, pink and brown floral 
print chiffon dress in A-llnc style 
with long sheer sleeves. To ac- 
cent her attire, she wore white 
accessories and a corsage of pink 
■rosoft-and-Ugh Upink -ca roations^ 

Special guests at the ceremony _vcnstads, ond attended the 
were Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A . Bo yer ond Dicken wedding. 
T_Irson d ["Crooks! onTMrsTD a gny Mrs. Esilier - Brum m ond ^bP 
Schuster, of Thief River Falls. West Palm Beach, Fla., a former 

Faribault, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin 

Kclvcrnnd family of South Bend, 

Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. Hnlbcrt 

Evcnstnd nnd Mr. and Mrs. Al 

Johnson spent a week at Big Pine 

Lake, near Pcrhom. They also u _. _ 

■spen l-o-f ew-d n ys~here-— ith-tire — HariTTrflnSDirorTr-lirMr. ond 

K.uKn.mrf. n** nt< nn j~A th„ Mrs. Albert Howard of Goodridge 
ond_ Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 
lib wo rd of "Okl ce . 

Relatives and friends nltcnding 
were from Crcsbard nnd Ip- 
swltch. S. Dak.: Hibblng. 
Virginia. Trail, Fosston, Winger. 
Gary, Ada, Oklccand Goodridge. 
Among the m were Mr. and Mrs. 

Galilee Bible camp at Lake 
Branson will be the scene of the 
American Sunday School union's 
summer Bible camp July 27 to 
August 2. 

The I7lh annual ennfert-nr--'" 

"DC - diri 


in ry 

ICC Director 
Recognized In 
CAP Newsletter 

Director of the Inter-County 
Community Council, Inc., Roy 
Jorgunson-was-f oat urod-in— tho- 
"Mect the Director" article in the 
July "Gopher Cap Newsletter." 
house organ of the Minnesota 
Community Action program. 

The community council, 
headquartered In Oklec, 
.fou r cuunUw: — In— nortlw 
" .infill 

Hermit E. Skoglund. Thief Iliv< 

Foils, Missionary Stan Ilockcll, . ll(l% lllt „„„. VJ „,. . 
"Devils- LnkerTTTXTTinirile^ rounded" linwHrand-hos- 

grandparents of the bride; 
Charles Schob of Fond du Lac, 
Wis., grandfather of the groom; 
Mr. and Mrs, Jack Donahue of 
Fond du Lac, Wis., godparents of 
the groom; Mr. and Mrs. C. A. 

resident of Thief River Falls, 
arrived Monday to visit in this 
city. While here she is a house. 
guest at the home of Mrs. Linda : 
Don Nelson and family of Los 

Boorcn of this city, godparents of Angeles, Calif., arc in ihls city 
the bride, and Mrs. Lyln Hanson vlslllng Mr. - Nelson's mother, 
ofThlcfRivcrFnlls.grcntnuntof Mrs. H. W. Nelson, and with the 

the bride. 

A reception In the church 
parlors, given by Ihc parents fir 
the bride, followed the ceremony. 
Mrs. Gay Warncckc and Carole 
Warncckc, friends of the couple, 
presided at the guest book as 

We will be closed all day Wednesday, July 15th 



W_ reduced prices to drmrlcoDy 

rent we could da this only one. a year; 



Mr. and Mrs. Slg Urothc 
returned by plane Monday •■ 
evening after spending a week 
"visiting relatives nnd friends at 
_Ya_mo„Wosh.. and.ot.PorUand — 
nnd Albany, Ore. 

Up to 50% off 

9:30 A.M. 




Corner of lit _ staph 
Tb-rt Fir— rails 
rHONE -_T-3B3_ 

The greatest clearance of women's Spring and Summer 
wear in the Northwest 

George Muckcnroth family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Virkus of 
Smiley were Saturday . dinner 
guests at the Hilda Wilson home, 

Miss Emily Hciercn Is visiting 
in Bcmldji at the Roger 
ttnsmusscn home. Before 
reluming home, she will nttend 
Bible camp with Rasmusscns' 
daughter. Amy. 

Mrs. Flora Allison of this city 
returned Tuesday from a 
vacation trip that included 
Glacier National park, Montana, 
Ihc Canadian Itockics. Banff and 
Lake Louise, Duluth, and with 
relatives In the Twin Cities area. 

Mn, Alhort ntti— nf I.i 


Open Thursday . &. ^^_r/2r^£^ 

iiaht frill 9 P.M ' *^-^"-^-^^^^^^^_P 

night till 9 P.M 

Thief River Falls 

Jack Pot 


Nomi'diu — « rln loit Tnnriaay's 1st J«c_p_+"_ru— l»£ 
was Mrs. Glodys Wllsoa, City She i«» shopping ot Hie 
Ace Hardware stare. Name drawn la the 2nd Jackpot 
was Mrs. Robert E. Swam on, Rf, I, Viking. She was eat 
present. Next drawing will be Vtvnday, July lei 





Drawing at 7:45 P.M. 

_B__in__ne_o f_thc 27_p_rtjcip__ng sti 

Vernon Graige ond 
Iwo sons of Cnlir.; Mr. and Mrs. 
David Graige nnd family of 
Denver, Colo.; Mrs. James - 
Wilson and three sons of Wlllmar, 
all former residents of this area, 
and Mrs. Anna Swanson, a 
resident of the Valley home, 
visited Wednesday afternoon a l 
the Hilda Wilson home. The 
Grnlgcs arc sons of Mrs. Oldrc 
and Mrs. J. Wilson Is Mrs. 
Swonson's granddaughter. 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wold, 
rural TRF, boy. July B, a lbs., »< 
oi., Shane Michael. 

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hougcn, 
rural TRF, boy, July 9, a lbs.. 13 _ 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Quick,. 
Plummer, bay, July ID, ID lbs., 12 
oi.. Roy Voldcn. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stunrt. 
Middle River, boy, July 10, B lbs., 
3=j oi., Samuel Steven. 

Mr. and Mrs, Larry Forsberg. 
city, girl, July 12, t) lbs., oz., 
Vcronlcn Jean. 

ind Mrs Wlnstnn fleny, ■ 

Chryston Harms uf Warroad will 
serve as Bible teachers, with 
young people from various Bible 
instituteshelping wilh counseling 
and teaching. 

Last summer US young per- 
sons attended the inter- 
denominational conference, 
known as "Camp Cedar," which 
stands for Christian Education 
and Recreation. 

The mileage death rate In I9C9 
was 5.3 deaths per too 'million 
vehicle-miles of travel. The 

lowest mileage death rate was 5.2 
in 1901, the National safety 
council reports. 

ndertaken such .projects as 
"Operation Mainstream," "Head 
Start." n health program, and ihc 
organization of IG senior alliens 

J.Tficnson began ns assistant 
director when the agency was 
formed, and become the director 
eight months later. Prior to his 
association with the council, he 
was employed fur 17 years by 
Northern Motors. Thief River 
Falls. He was married lost 

city, boy, July 13, B lbs., I24i 

Social Security 
Man Here Tues. 

Ted Hovcrstcn, fie 
.representative of the socl 
security district office in Grai 
Forks. N.D., will be in Thi 
River Falls al the city audltorlu 
on Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.r 





Our pbinntclBts live by this principle! Tfait's 
why we use only the b_at-qn_Ilty phimuceotl- 
cils. Tint's why we regnluly check their 
_eah_ess. Tint's why we Oil your ■picacrlptlon 
promptly . . . c_ien_ly. 



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Monday, July 13, 1970 

Thief River Fulls, Minn. 

to go out of Ihe cattle business, he 
doesn't feci thnt the expense of 
new equipment Is justified. "I'm 
trying to get away from all thnt 
winter work," he points out. "But 
I just can't keep the barn from 
filling up with cnltlc." 

Jn odditlon to the hay, Vlgstol 
feeds silage to his beef entile. lie 
also engages in small grain 
(arming, though he admits "We 
didn't quite get It all in this 
year," due to the wet spring. 

Though there Is some man- 
power required in Vlgstol's 
method of hay-making, he (eels 
thai the eventual quality of the 
slacked tiny Is better than that of 
much of Ihc baled hny in the area. 
His son David operates the sweep 
rake, which Is attached to the 
front of the tractor, while Steven 
assists in building the stacks. 

Regardless of the method used. 
iind the reason for using it, all 
.those Involved in putting up hny 
keep a wary weather eye trained 
on the west; hoping that the tuft of 
years of the 1970s just to' match cloud on the horizon mentis 
federal old something other than rain. And 
The commissioner suggested JJw f^;!'."* t „,^ n l ^, a 1 J^ i u ,^„ ft* 
(i increase of t ' ' "" "" """"'' «'""'••« 

State Highway 
Gives Proposals 

(continued from page 1) 
.In Pennington county, he sold, 
— acutuol slate old apportionment 
was W61.B85 In 1970. An Increase 
of I99.B17 to Wul.BQ! could be 
expected If Ihe. Increases were 
granted. In Marshall county, an 
Increase of J229.B+1 would be 
. noted and the Ited Lake county 
Increase would be 183,029. 

Commissioner Waldor's talk 
added status (a the_ figures 
already given, and a series of 
stepping stones to his proposals 
for Increases In stnle gas lanes 
- and motor vehicle license fees. 
He said that one and one-half 

cents per gallon immediately, 
followed by a two cents per gallon 
increase in every fourth-year, 
legislative session thereafter. He 
also asked a 15 per cvnl increase 
in motor vehicle license fees ond 
a surcharge on vehicle licenses 
for bridge replacement. 'Sur- 
-charge figures suggested were W 
(or motorcycles.. 17 <ot 
utomohiles and light trucks, f 14 

"haying" crews I 
last bale Is baled and the final 
stack slacked for, this year, 
despite the[f different Ideas as to 
how to "hay," ull will heave a 
collective "Whew! I'm sure glad 
that's over," 

Tent Meetings 
Held This Week 

Tenl meetings will continue 
nediuni trucks and $21 for this week near the city arena at 
heavy trucks. the fairgrounds in Thief Itlver 

"We believe it Is our respon- Falls. Itev. Rodney Stueland of 
sihilily as your custodians of the Newfolden is guest speaker, 
-highway-systcm-m-furnlsh the Evening services ore being held 
information and facts on Ihe 
ci"idinon-nr~thC" state highway 
network and its ability to meet 
(he future transportation 
requirements." Commissioner 
Waldor said. "It is the respon- 
sibhty of you as citizens and the 
legislature as. your represen- 
tatives, to provide the revenues 
required for a transportation 
system thu|. will handle the 
projected Increase in traffic 
volume for the Future. The 
decisions must be made now. It is 
really up to you!" 

Carl Larson, district highway 
engineer from Bemldji. also 
spoke at the meeting. He said 
that primary emphasis in the 
district at the present time is on 
completion o[ highway 2 which is - 
canceled to be fully four-lane 
(rum Crookston to Iloniidji by 

resident of Sanders township. Rev. Harold Peterson, pastor 

Pennington county, Carlson died at Trinity Lutheran church, of- 

Tuesday nt Norlhwcitern Delated at the services. Mm. 

"hospital.' ~ Arnold Hammer served as 

Rev. Harold Olson and Rev. organist and soloisL Interment 

Marius Hoa kens tad officiated at was in Greenwood cemetery, 

the services. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pallbearers were Clarence and 

Trochmon sang two selections Carl Anderson, William Hagcn, 1 

with Mrs. Ernest Mclvle as Norman Blackstad. Mclvln 

organist. Interment was in the Anderson and Albert Kopp. 

-* *• Mrs. Peterson, the former 

Susie Amble, was bom March 19, 
IBM In Thompson, " " *" - 

__ _nlty cemetery 

Hllairc. The Green Funeral home 
was in chargo of arrangements. 
Pallbearers were Norman 
Peterson, LcRoy Duggc, Axel 
Llnd. Vernon wold, Herbert 
Swonson and, Marvin Mchrkens. 

child, she moved to Sanders 
township. Pennington county 
with her parents, John and Julia 
-Arneson Amble. She grew to 

Woirrcd Carlson, a son of -the womanhood In Sanders township. 

Into Corl and Carolina Carlson, On Feb. 23, 1925, she was married 

was bom Feb. 13, 1SSS In Sanders at Thief River Falls to Ncls 

township, Pennington county. He Peterson. The couple lived and 

attended school in that com- 
munity and following his 

'marriage to Vorna- Trochmann 
on Nov. 9, 1030, ho had lived and 
farmed in Sanders township. 

.. He was a member of the 
Nordcn Lutheran church and 

formed in Sanders township until 
Mr. Peterson's death, in 1MB. The 
following year, ihc moved Into 
this city where she had since 
made her home. 

She is survived by one sister, 
Mrs. Fred (Blanche) Peterson of 

UNOFFICIAL WELCOMING committee of one Candy Passa 

(seated). Pennington county, welcomes a delegation of Redwood 
county 4-H exchange members, The group pictured is n small portion 
of the busload of exchange members who arrived in Thief River Falls 
Wednesday evening.. Hostesses. and. their charges are (left to right) 
Mrs. Maurice Stciger, Pennington county hostess; Robert Norcutt. 

with the Pennington" county hosts fora week, ending July IS. Activities 
planned Included tours of Arctic Enterprises and the Red Lake Indian 
reservation. ..-.__- 

Activa pallbearers were John 
Albln. Mclvln Hagcn. Walley 
Bcrgcr, Martin Hcdlund, Benard 
Olson and Ardell Markslrom. 

Stanley Albert Hulst was bom 
July 15, 1917 at Itoscau to Mr. und 


A resident of this city since 
1967, Mrs. Thompson, formerly 
Jean Itustan,*was bom In Roseau 
county on Feb. 17, IB99. In 1917, 
i Minneapolis where 

and hostess Mrs.-Lynn Hanson. The Redwood county group will stay gfetcf*- j u |j a Carlson", Esther 
...... . ,. -...,-.....!.... - - Wnnkowsk , t^ of san Fran . 

cisco, Calif.. Hulda Hirschfcld or 
Mill Valley. Calif.; Ethel 
Calloway of Minneapolis, Minnie 
Lccs of Los Angeles, Calif., and 
Ida Maxon of British Columbia, 

preceded In death by 

served as its trustee for many Detroit, Mich., and a number of 
years. He also served at township nieces and nephews. 

clerk for « years and was a " J '- 

member of the school board Tor a 
number of years. 

Surviving arc his wife, one 
daughter, Mrs. Harvey (Dclorcs) 
Johnson of Minnctonkn; two 
sons: Leonard Carlson of 
Spencer. Wis., and Kenneth of 
Thief River Falls, and seven 

Also one brother, Ted Carlson 
of San Lorenzo, Calif,; and six 

-ThesTservtcils — Mrs.- Albert- IluIsL-I fo -liv cd-at_sh c. was .em ploy_c«l_as_pas_lry_cook_ 

Many Methods 
Used To Harvest 
Area Hay Crop 


on hayracks to be taken 
_!£ slora go'pil e-Thora thii- 
hales are unloaded from the 
racks, still in groups of eight, ond 
placed on the slack, nil by the 
tractor and loader. The only hand 
work Involved is in tipping the 
bottom layer of bales on edge to 


e sponsored by Ihe Northern 
Minnesota . Lutheran Laymen's 
society. ,' 

Augusta Monroe 
Funeral Services 
Held Saturday 

Funoral services for Miss 
-Augusta Monroe.- eSrof-Iliis-elty 
who died Wednesday morning ut 
Northwestern hospital, were held 
Saturday ut 10:30 a.m.. at St. 
John Lutheran church where she 

Itev. Paul Blcgncr officiated at 
the services. Mrs. Sherman Idso 
served as organist fur the hymn 
singing by the congregation. 
Interment was in Greenwood 
cemetery at Warren. Green 
Funeral home was In charge of 

Pallbearers were Robert Ort- 
loff, Lester Burning. Albert 
Konald, Fred Kopp, Kenneth- 
Onken and Arnold Knoll. 
• Miss Augusta Monroe was bom 
April 25, 1 Bits ut Waconln to 
_Fnmk and Joha nn a M onroe. 
When'sHe wiis iTcltild. t lie family 
moved to the Warren community 
where they farmed east of that 
city. She attended school In that 
community. After the death of 
her parents, she continued living 

the farm with her brothers. ' 

:alllc . so thc_ 

hay he puts up each yei 
This year. Duane Vatsans, 
bought the hay. is helping 
the workTHt r esliitiaIes"thafthp— 
yield on a GOacre Field Is about 
'l ,ooo bales above the yeild on Ihe 
same field last year, due lo the 
moisture and also to the lateness 
of the "haying" season this year. 
VaLsaas will feed the hay. along 
■with some silage, lo his 45 head of 
dairy cattle. He prefers the baled 
hay to slacked hay because it is 
easier to handle inside his barn, 
and also because he can store a 
greater. weight of the baled hoy in. 
his barn. Swonson prefers the 
mechanized bale-handling 
system "because It's Ihe easiest 
Hot 1 know of.!' 

South of Thief River Falls. Nels 
Vigstol "hays" about 05 acres 
each year, of which 20 acres are 
in upland hay and the balance In 
alfalfa. He uses an "overshot" 
stacker, but power lo awing the 
by a pickup truck instead of 

11MB. they retired irom lurmmK 
and she moved into this city with 
her brothers. She was the last 
member of her famlly.-She nevcr- 

mnrried. ---- — — ■ 

Her only survivors are 15 
nloccc^and -nephews. Among- 
is Mrs, Louis Corny of this 

Roseau until July of 19C9 when he 
moved to SI. Hllairc. He had 
since worked In this city. , 

He was married at Roseau on 
Oct. 25, 19311 lo Vclmn Mlovac. 
She survives together with 10 
children: Itoger Hulst of Sola], 
Joile of Langdon. N.D.; Ilussell. 
In Armed Forces in Vietnam; 
Mrs. Art (Juneal) Anderson of 
Badger, Lucille, Wyanne, 

"Aisohls mother. Mrs. Albert 
(Ruse) Hulst of Roseau, seven 
grandchildren, two brothers: 
John Hulst of Badger and 
Clarence of -Roseau; and four 
sisters: Mrs. Dewey (Tlllie) 
lludd and Mrs. Dell (Evelyn) 
Johnson of Badger and Mrs. 
Elmer (Hose) Holland and Mrs. 
Arlyn (Adeline) Olmslcad. both 
of Roseau. 

He was preceded In death by 
his father. 

Perry Barron, 
Father Of TRF 

Funeral services were held 
Friday. July 3. at Winona for 
Perry Castocl Barron. 81, father 
of Donald D. Barron of this city, 
linrron died Tuesday, June 30. at 
tnl hemp lit Wl ~ 

and restaurant operator. In 16S3, 
she moved lo Taylor Falls. She 
lived (here until 1961 when she 
relumed lo Minneapolis where 
she resided until she came to this 

She was married on Oct. 7, 1930 
In Minneapolis to Gordon 
He survives together 

brothers and five 

sisters: Bcrnhard. Theodore. 


Dudley. 'Robin; Dayton and Troy.— Elln-and -Thllda Ilustan, oil of- 
■■ -■ Grccnbush. Mrs. Erlck (Annie) 

Enkcrs of Itosholt. S. D„ Mr.s. 
Ole (Bertlnn) Olson of Hawlcy 
and Mrs. Bcnlnda Hulst of Thief 
River Falls. 

One sister preceded her in 

mS! Nels Klopp. 74, 

Mrs. _,. — . ■ 

Dies Saturday; 
Rites Wednesday 

Mrs. Anton (Alice! KobetsKy of 
East Grand Forks and Mrs. 
Obcrt (Tlllie) Morbcn of Thief 
River Falls: . . . u. "* — *» *"«■--■ 

He was preceded In death by onc brother and 
three brothers: -_ . _ _ . 

r-=-i— Funeral-Services- 
Paul Schoenauer He|d Tnurs< p 0T 

Requiem Mass Is Susie p ete r$on 

Said At Plummer 

Nels Klopp, 74, of Thief River 
Falls, died Saturday at the Hilt 
Crest Nursing home nt Red Lake 

Funeral services for- Nels 

_Kloppji'ltlj>c.hcld.Wedne3day_ut^ Tuosday- 

10 a.m., at the Green Funeral hospital, 
chapel with Rev, Alexander iti. v 
Slotfcl, pastor at Zion Lutheran 
church, officiating. Interment 
will be in Greenwood cemetery. 

The body will repose at the 
Funeral home fn '" 

Rites Held For 
James A. Zavoral 
Soo Engineer 

Requiem Mass was offered 
Friday at. 10 a.m., at St. Ber- 
nard's Catholic church for James 
A. Zavoral," CO,' of this city. 
Zavoral was o lifetime resident of 
Thief River Falls and was em- 
ployed for many years as 
engineer for the Soo Line 
Railroad company. - He died ■ 
~ Norl.hwcslern- 


She was preceded in death by 
Tive brothers and one sister. 

Services Held At 
Roseau Sat. For 
Stanley Hulst 

Stanley Albert Hulst, 52. of St. 
Hllairc and formerly of Roseau, 
died Tuesday ut Northwestern 
hospital in this city.' 

Funeral services for Stanley 
Hulst were held Saturday at 2 
p.m.. at the First Lutheran 
church at Roseau wiih Rev. R. B. 
Torgerson officiating. Interment 
was in the Stafford cemetery with 
the Itelgeson Chapels. Roseau. In 
ch a EKcoLarranxcin ents_ 

following an illness of one yeor's 

Rev. Charles McCallslcr. in- 
JerlnV.. pastor at 'Firsl 
Congregational' church, of- 
ficiated at tho— services.' In- 
"lermeni was "In "Ihe" OaklaruT— | 
cemetery In, Minnesota City. 

A son of' the laic Irving and 
Minnie Casleel Barron. Perry 
Barron was bom Jan. 30, 18B9 ut 
Raymond. Iowa. He married 
Hazel EbcllroR on Nov. 5. 1919 at 
Glyndon. He had lived at Min- 
nesota City, Glyndon and 
Itaudette, where he farmed, until 
moving to Winona one yeor ago. 

Surviving arc five sons: Jock 
Barron of Ilaudcltc,' Harry of 
Dade City, Fla. ; Gordon of 
Ribbing, Donald of this city and 
Charles of Mlnnctonka; one 
daughter. Mrs. Robert (Phyllis) 
Dunn of Minnesota City; 21 
grandchildren and two slslers: 
Mrs. Ethel Torklldson of Baglcy 
ond Mrs. Vivian Lasure of Blue 

was preceded in death by 

evening (Monday) until time of 
services Wednesday. A complete 
obituary will be in the Wednesday 
edition. ot_the Timcs._ 

igh Pntnodc of- 
flcialcd at the services. In- 
terment was In the church 
cemetery with the Green Funeral 
home In charge of arrangements. 
— Hoiwhi ry-pa I llwof e riwefe O lc- 
Engclstad, Alvin Wold, Kenneth 
Maldmcnt and Otto Myhrer. 
Active pallbearers were Walt 



— Leach , - It ussei l-Bergcr,_Dennis. 
Kczor, Martin -Slcnberg, Hay 
Rambopk and Hilary Stoltman, 
.. James Anton Zavoral JAas. born — :, 
In Thief River Falls on April 73. 
1910 to Mr. and Mrs. John 
Zavoral, who arc now deceased. 
He attended school here. As a 
young man, he started working 
for the Soo Line railroad and was 
employed for many years as 

- He was a member of St. Ber- 
nard's Catholic church, the 
Knights of Columbus and Ihc 
Brotherhood of Locomotive 
Engineers. . 

lie was married at Forgo, N. 
D., In. 1920 to Josephine Cote. She 
survives together with two sons: 
Dale J. Zavoral of Cottage Grave 
and James It. Zavoral of 
Madison. Wis.; four daughters: 
Mrs. Waldo (Marjorle) Field of 
Minneapolis, Mrs. Donald J. 
(Phyllis) DeFooof Pembina, N. 

.^..- _ _ — _-- — g—. Di]—Mrflr— Theodore— (JoAnn) — | 

Rlfe^ToBe Held! Hamm of Oklee and Mi 

Arthur O. Lee 
Rites Today At 
Baptist Church 

Arthur O. Lee. G7, or Thief 
River Falls died Thursday at 
Northwestern hospital. 

Funeral services for Arthur O. 
Lee will be held today (Monday) 
at 2 p.m.. at the First Baptist 
church with Rev. Raymond 
Gasden officiating. Interment 
will be in Greenwood cemetery. 
. The body will repose at the 
church for one hour prior to the 
time of services. Green Funeral 
home is in charge of 
arrangements. A complete 
obituary will be in the Times 

Oliver Gronvold 

Requiem High Mass was of- 
fered Friday at 10 a.m.. at St. 
Vincent dePaul's Catholic church 
In Plummer for Paul Scliocnnuer, 

81, retired--- Plummer- 

buslnessman who died Tuesday 


Itev. Henry Carrlcre served as 
celebrant. Interment was in the 
church cemetery with the Pot- 
terson Funeral home, Red Lake 
Falls, In charge of arrangements. 

Honorary pallbearers were 
Lorcnce Grnnum, ' Jr., Ted 
LaCourslerc, Alcld Morrissettc, 
Joel Nelson, Walter Peterson and 
Carl Swanson. 

Active pallbearers were Jesse 
DuChamp, James Frosclh, 
Donald Hesse, DonnldSlc. Marie, 
Loroy Skjcrven and Roger Skjcr- 

.. .Paul. Schoenauer, a son of the - 
lille Paul a n d U rsula Schocnnuer,_ 
"wns bom Sept. 25. IBBa In Lake 
Pleasant township, Red Lake 
County. He married Edythe 
Cemann on Jan. 24, 1911 at Red 
Lake Falls. 

Schoenauer wns very active In 
Ihe affairs nf Ihe Plummer 
community. He operated the 
International Implement 
dealership and an oil business In 
Plummer for many years, 
rcitrinB-scvorol ycars_ago._Ho__ 
had the distinction of having the 

longest tenure on the Plummet; 

school board" He - served us 
treasurer of the district. He was a 
director of the Plummer State 
bank and had been a member of 
the village 

"- Funeral services for Mrs. Susie 
Peterson, 7G, of 210 South Duluth, 
who died Monday, July C, at 
Northwestern hospital, were held 
Thursday at 3:30 p.m., at Sin- 
din g's Funeral chapel, _ 

Get Your Car Ready 


Monday-Tuesday, July 13-14 


They took their stand at the WestV bloodiest frontierl 

David Wetald, 
41, Dies Friday; 
Services Tuesday 

David Wcfald, 41, of this city 
died Friday at Northwestern 
hospital. — . -.-1 '- ..- 

Funeral services for David 

with Rev. Reuben Wangberg 
officiating. Interment will be in 
Greenwood cemetery. 
The body jvill repose ol Ihc 

"Green" Funeral home until 
Tuesday noon ond at the church 
for one hour prior lo the time of 
services. A complclc obituary 

, in Ihc Worinowfay-cdilion 

of tl 

At Ringbo Church 

Oliver Gronvold, C3. a resident 
of East Valley township, Mar- 
shall county, east of Holt, died 
early Sunday morning at the.. 
Deaconess hospital In Grand 
Forks, N. D. , 

Funeral services for 01ivcr_ 
Gronvold will Schcld Wednesday 
at 2 p.m.. at the Emmanuel 
Lutheran church of Ringbo with 
Rev. Marius Haakcnstad of- 
ficioting. Interment will be In the 
Holt cemetery. 

The body will repose at the 
Colllns-Funcrnl-home,- --Middle - 
River, after 2 p.m., Tuesday nod 
at the church for one hour prior to 
the Time of services. A complete 
obi tuary will be published 

Richard (Sliaron) llorgc 
Thief River Falls; and 20 

Also surviving arc one brother. 
William Zavoral of Grygla and 
three sisters: Mrs. Edward 
(Mamie) Hudcrley of Warren, 

, Dcune Sen . 

Phoenix, Ariz.: two daughters: 
Mrs. Martin (Pauline) Walker of 
Oklee, and Miss Alone 
Schoenauer of Plummer; three 
grandchildren; one brother, 
Joseph Schoenauer of Red Lake 
Falls; and three sisters:- Mrs. 
Mary Albrecht or Bridger, Mont., 
Mrs. Ella Calinghan of Mlnot, N. 
D., and Miss Edith Schoenauer of 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

One brother' and three sisters 
preceded him in death, 

Funeral Services 

Held FriqWI=or^u 'S3£Sn^ 

_ J Z ^*- Z ITTTK^fViiBTWTJnB 

Change In Tires 
Offers Variety 
To Auto Owner 

Remember back when all tires 
were made of rubber, and then 
later when you could get only 
".'synthetic rubber"? 

Huylng. a tire was simple in 
those days because the only 
choice you had to moke wasln the 
size and the color of the sidcwnll. 
Nowadays the buyer Is con- 
fronted with tcrmssuch as bias, 
belted bias, radial and a whole 
new set of numbers denoting the 

Generally, the popular tire on 
Ihc replacement market Is the 
bins type. The term .'.'bias" 
describes the way the piles, or 
layers of fabric cord, arc placed 
in ihe-tlre. These can be made 
with cither two or four piles, or 
layers, of nylon, rayon, or 
polyester, laid criss-cross from 
rlm-edgc to rim-edgc. This type 
of tire Is usually bought by the 
person who will drive on them up 
to 20 or 15,000 miles, drives 
mostly on surfaced roadways and, 
not loo often at excessive speeds. 
If a person carries heavier 
loads, docs a lot of high-speed 
freeway driving and feels the 
need for a stronger tire, he wilt 
buy a bcltcd-hias type. (Most new 
cars now come equipped with this 
type.) The belted bias is basically 
(Jic same as the bias tire except 
that additional belts arc added 
between Ihe. .normal bias. plies 
and [lie outer tread. These belts 
cnclrcloThe circumference of the ■ 
tire and arc made of various 
combinations of rayon, nylon, 
polyester and fiberglass. 

Though more expensive than 
the conventional lire, the belted 
tire should g ive lon g er wear and . 

In addition; the United Nations 
postal administration operates a 
deposit account service which 
forwards new issues of U. N. 

■ tho ordering of individual items 

Interested persona should write 
for Information, enclosing a self- 
addressed envelope, to United 
Nations Postal Administration, 
United Nations. New York, N. Y. 

Auto Ownership 
Costs Show tow 
Tax Percen)agV— ' 

Thief Itlver Knlls. Minn. 


Monday, July 13, 1970 

. Aos and Mr. and Mrs. Peter 
Ruikowskl helped Mrs. Tillic 
Forshcrg' celebrate her 83rd. 

.. birthday on Friday. Mrs. Itucben 
Hydeen brought a decorated 
birthday cake. 

Star . , 





Siulcsiad and Cheryl, Mr. an'd 
Mrs. Edwin Sjulestad ond Ivan, 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sjulestad, 

Minnesota highway depart- 
ment recently received a com- 
munication which outlined the 
economics of auto ownership. 
The outline was made by E. L 
Cope of the bureau of' public 

Assuming a car runs 13.9 miles 
per gallon (national average), for 
a car costing 13, 200 new and runs 
10,000 miles a year for 10 years, 
the automatic transmission alone 
costshim seven cents a gallon (in 
first price and lost power ef- 
ficiency over stick shift.) Alr- 

CATHERtNG DALES Into rectangular-shaped groups of eight is. the bales arc picked up by his son Wesley who uses a tractor and loader 
Job of the "frame" towed behind the baler on the Curtis Swanson farm with a bale-lifting attachment to load the hay on racks, then unload it 
north or Thief River Falls. While Swanson bales hay, the groups of from the racks into a large storage stack, 

off to someone else. This Is what 
has happened in many cases," he 

There are practical problems, 
VanTries said: How is (he flDO 
million equity In area vocB|lonal 
schools going to bo taken care of 
In a merger with Jun I orcollegesT- 
"I'd want to know this 'before 
anyone proposed a merger of the 
schools. I'd want these problems 
resolved at least to Ihc point that 
everyone knows what tficy ore," 

Mrs. Orvln Rystod of Oregon 
and Mrs. Orlcan Agnes were 
visitors nt the Albert Aaknes 

Albert Aaknes attended the 
funeral of Clarence Bcrgerson ot 
the Bethany church on Thursday 

Nelson. *, 

Mr. ond Mrsr-Tiels C. Nelson' 
and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Roppe 
and Barbara were Sunday 
evening visitors at tho Mclvln 
Lee home In Thief River Falls, 

of Eau Claire. Wis,, Mr. and Mrs. 
Albert Nylnnd. Dale Melnnder, 
Mrs. Louella Rydeen. Mrs. Ar- 
nold Rugslnd and children. Mr. 

l^.-v IJUlllU 111 1IHUI IMVti rtlJJD, num tfcL,ftai„u «iiu *.iii,*,,lii 

Mr. and Mrs. John Brckkc of and Mrs. Dennis Haugen and 

. Gnifton. N. Dnk.. Mr. and M rs. ■ family Mr. a nd Mrs. I.loyi' 

Paulcttc Aaknes accompanied Newell Berggren andglrlsTMr ""~ ^^ — — 

battery i 

better pcrfbrmai 
' And for the driver who wants 
the very best In tires and moy 
buy -only one set In up to 50,000 
miles, there Is the radial. It Is 
said to give a firmer ride at low 
- fipoedsanda velvet-carpel ride at 
medium and high speeds. This 
tire has plies thot run straight 

_ ;s the tire from edge to edge 

plus two or four belts running 
around the tire's circumference 
under the outer trcod.'Thcsc belts 
provide the extra long life, trend 
stability and puncture resistance. 
Though they cost 
more than other llres, .... 
handling performance and long 
life usually compensate for this 

Bui here's a tip for winter 
drivers. Do not mix rodlals on the 
front with conventional snow tics 
on the rear. Most manufacturers 
mnke a special snow lire to be 
used with radials, 

tinted windshield 
BVi cents a gallon, 
allowing for effect of the con- 
ditioner's weight. 

The 111,600 that the car costs In 
10 years to own and operate, not 
counting interest and financing, 
represents olso"«" cents per' 

. gallon far depreciation, 31 cents 
for repairs and maintenance, 23 
cents for garage and parking and 
tolls. Total IsILGSpcr gallon. For 
power brakes and white sldewall 
tires, add another two cents. Add , 
still more for other luxuries thi 

~ca rbuycro ft en " demu tf anoday: — 

Ninety per cent of his car costs 
go for the car. Only len per cent 
goes for the taxes that help build 
his. roads tlf not diverted).. His 
car insurance alone costs up to 

taxes and license 'fees In most ' 

he said. 

Vernon Maack, vocational 
education director of the 
Alexandria 1 area vocational- 
technical school, said he thought 
the state vocational schools and 
junior colleges could be merged, 
.but "why change?", Minnesota is 
recognized as having one of the 
best area vocational school 
programs In the nation, he added. 

Reem ployment 

'her sister and brother- In-law Mr. 
and Mrs. Wayne Bakkc of South 
Milwaukee, Wis. back to 
Wisconsin lo visit her brother and 
Bistoc-ln-law, the Glen Aaknes 
and wllh other relatives and 

.Debbie Wcberg returned home 
after a visit In Chicago with Mr. 
and Mrs. Bill Field. 

David Haugen was a Saturday 
_.'tcmoon visit— -' " ""* 
Wcberg home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Lorention 
of Buxton, N. D. were Sunday 
visitors at the Art Wcberg home. 

and Mrs. Marlin Lee and family, 
Donna Lee, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Alvin Strand of Gonvlck, Minn., 
were also visitors there. 

On Sunday, June 28th a birth- 
day party was held at the Gary 
Nelson home honoring Greg 
Nelson on his first birthday and 
.also Barbara Roppe on her birth-, 
day. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. 

uno riimily. Jiiyi 

Rlndnhl, Mr. and Mrs. Hob 
Rouland, Mr. and Mrs. Merlin 
mien, and Mr. and Mrs. Hob 

Kenneth Brckkc uf Detroit. 
Michigan is visiting nt the 

Charles Uergh. Hay and Joe 
Brckkc homes. 
1th of July dinner guesis nt ihe 

Roald Haugen home were Mr. 

and Mrs, Dennis Hawser 

family, Mr. and Mrs. Do 

Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. 
Erllng Dahlen visited nt the 
LcHov Johnsrud home. 
- Callers during the week at the 
Gilmer Mandcrud home were 
Mrs. Hank Hcrmnnson, Sylvia 
ond Barbara, Caroline and 
Donnn Dahlen, Elmer Englund, 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hanson, 
Mrs. Dick Lott of California and 
Orville Kjelgren. 

A week ago Frldoy Mrs. 
Clifford Johnsrud and Candy and 
Christy had coffee with Mrs. 
Gerald Sjulestad and Cheryl. 

Mrs. Clifford Johnsrud and 
Mrs, Arnold Hnugcn attended the 
Allen Olson funeral and- af- 
terwards Mrs. Johnsrud was u 
-coffee gUEst-nt-thtrltnugcrrhomer 

Saturday evening guests nt the 
Clifford Johnsrud homew'ere Mr. 
and Mrs. Floyd Haugen and 
Urcnda of Hlbbing. 

The 2.C.B.J. Lodge held a 
meeting at the Albert Kotrba 
home Monday evening. Those 
nrcsenl were Mr. and Mrs. Bobby 
Zavoral and Marion, Mr. and 
Mrs. John Kotrba, Mr. and Mrs. 
Joe Sell lo (or. Mr. und Mrs. Frnnk 
Krbechek. Stanley and Chcnny 

inci' Mrs. Marvin «eison, Barry luwuy, sir. ,iuu ,ur». uunnvun .ummtn, jiwikj «»u 1.111-1111/ 
md Gerald. Diane Mocn, Mr. and Haugen and fa'mily.nnd Mr, and "ruby and Mr. and Mrs. Albert 


Mrs, Wallace Roppe and Barbara 
nil of Newfolden, Mr. and Mrs. 
Albin Holten and Michael Mr. 
and Mrs. Arnold Peterson, 

In Minneapolis 


VanTries Views 

Merger Of Tech 

£%?SS. School, College 



tamps Available- 
united Nations postage stamps 
arc now available in Swiss 
denominations for use only on 
mail from the United Notions 
office at Geneva. 
Formerly Issued only In United 

A merger of area vocational- 
technical schools and state Junior 
colleges might cause more 
problems than It would solve 
unless problems were identified 
beforehand, states Robert P. 
VanTries, assistant com- 
missioner for the division or 
vocational-technical education, 
state education department. 

Consoirdalloii 0f~Mlnnesotn's 
state junior colleges and slate 
_area_ vocational schools has. been 
suggested, but VanTries said ho 

icsota and northern 

Wisconsin servicemen returning 
-to civlllan-Ilfc-cnn now- obtain 
assistance In securing reem- 
ployment rights under federal 
law from the U. S. department of 
labor's labor-management 
services administration office in 
Mlnncapolisr — 1_ ~ 

Announcement that his office, 
in Room 110, Federal Building, 
110 S. Fourth St.. Minneapolis, is 
responsible for the ad- 
ministration of the veterans' 
reemployment rights provisions 
of the military selective service 
act or 1967, was made by John W. 
Bcaty, area administrator. Ills 
telephone "number is (012) 723- 


said, protects 

This law, Bcaty ; 
the job rights of men unu wumcn 
who leave their lobs to perform 

service and training In the armed ui% . ni t olvuu ., tlll a u „ ^ 
forces. It covers those who enlist. — Sunday, Juno 28lh, Mrs, Alfred 
n,„.„n n . 1 i. nnnu ,i, nn «.(nH„ni«t l/Xi HrSi j^rt n oppcnn( | Mrs. 

2nd at the Harvey Swcnson home 
at Viking to honor Mrs. Gladys 
Johnson or Walhalla, N. Dak., 
who was up here visiting 
.relatives and friends^on her 
birthday. Those ' attending 
besides the honored guest were 
Mr. and Mrs. Mervln Skadscm 
and Mrs. Wilfred Scnum, all of 
Thief River Falls Mrs. Stcvie 
Skndsem and baby of Grand 
"Rapids, Minn.. "Mrsr Clyde - 
Swcnson, Wendy, and Scotty, 
Mrs. Lester Peterson, and Mrs. 
Esther .Bccklund of Newfolden. 
Friday, June 2Gth visitors and 
guests at the Wallace Roppe 
home were Shcrrlyn- Roppe, Dan 
Olson, Jerome Nelson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Nels C. Nelson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Richard Roppe and Bernard 
Gonshorowski. They brought 
birthday greetings to Barbara 

Mrs. Bessy Magner, and Mrs. 
Maymc McLaughlin or Thief 
River Fallsivcrc dinner guests at 
the Art SkoUscm's on Sunday. 


well as those who arc inducted. 
Reservists and national guards- 
men performing .training duty, 

thaLJouiuitt-lhc I JL drills, summer encam pments . 

■ ould work any and cruises, also have reem- 

Stales denominations (or moiling 
exclusively from U. N. 
headquarters, New Vork, the 
stamps arc now available at face 
value in local currency from 

two systems 

economic benefit to the state, 

"We look with suspicion at 
academic administrators who we 
think might tend to water down a 
good vocational program in order 
ik« — it — academically 

throughout the world. 

ccptnblc. I don't think that Ihe 
fact that wc have junior colleges 
and area vocational schools is 
necessarily a detriment lo 

education In Minnesota. In fact, It 
- pro vldes-.n_ comprehensive op- 
. .. — . .__,| n 

_oIficcs.-or_from-Kfllos.ogoncic« — pariunlty-for-thc~peopte- In — nlstrftraccorded 

Esther Bccklund drove lo Strand- 
qulst to hear the Windahl 

very good. 

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Anderson 
and family of Thief River Falls 
accompanied by Mlchcal 
Skadscm left on Monday, June 
29th for Buffalo, Wyoming to visit 

with Mr. and Mrs . Dennis 

would have enjoyed had the j*"" 1 *™ un „ u ^ y n Y f l a l?K■ ft'" 
~.™„.. „n„,.p infi int- Kof-uirn hut Mrs. Gene Boo and family, fc.ii- 
remained in - the continuous u 

empoyorhisorherpre-scrvicc ', , nvo|d h[m& n dcel , 
employer. , , No one was seriously Injured 

This protection. Bcaty noted. _b uL _u lc _ car _ifim-damoged-bi^- 

Generalfy speaking, the law 
provides that the eligible ex- 
serviceman or ex-servlccwoman 
Is to be restored to the seniority, 

;nnH rnto nf pJIV he 

■:B— Newi 
SHJO-lt Taktl Two 
Piis-Nairi n.port 

B 30— ConeenlriUoo 
IOiOO— S»la ot Hi* 

U-S3— Ntw» Raport 
II ;M— Pmil-« 

Walfred Carlson 

Funeral services were held 
Friday at 2 p.m.. at the Faith 
Lutheran church In this city for 
Walfred Carlson, S3, of rural 
Thief River Falls. A lifetime 

FALLS Theatre 

SHOWS 7-t fM, 



Mrs. Gordon C. 
Thompson Rites 
Held Saturday 


csday's col 



Cordon C. tJcanl 
Thompson, 71, who resided nl 312 
North Crocker in Ihis city, died 
Wednesday al Northwestern 

Funeral services for Mrs. 
Gordon ' Thompson were held 
Saturday at 2 p.m., 
Lutheran Brethren church 
Rev. H. S. Olson officiating. 
Interment was In Greenwood 
cemetery with Binding's Funeral 
chapel 'in charge of 

Funeral Services 
Tues. For Carl 


Corl Christopherson. fi3, a 
longtime resident of Silvcrton 
township, Pennington county, 
died Wednesday moming at his 
farm home, 

„. Funeral services for Carl 

the Faith "Xhrislophcrson will be held 
Tuesday al ID a.m.. at the 
Silvcrton Luthcron church with 
Itev. Harold Peterson officiating. 
Interment will be in the church 
cemetery. The Green Funeral 
home is In charge nf 

McLcod and Oscar 


A-eompletc-obi I unry-wjl I - bf 

the Wednesday edition", of 1 

Monday-Tuesday, Juty 13-14 

Th'ckVan'Dykc- Sally Ann "Howes ■lioncl Jeffries 
.u. r.-*"Chitty CniKy "Bamj" "Ba^if/ 


Iiao-iioXUtUr SDow. 
1 :0o— D»t« ot Our Urn 

JW-ABotW WorM 
»ao— Urtsbt Promla* 
1:00— Party Lin. 

«*0— SUOMt tt«t« 

1 30— iiunutr-arlnktry 
1:00— H*wi, BpU., W«i 
_ B30r7YMh|Ur_iDCcm_ 
IDrDo— w.i., spii.. Urn 
I0JO— TmUfllt SZxn* 

10 W-Silt of l&a 

>, wt»i. 

lis — Country linn 

I MO— D«r j ol Our 
I 30— Hm Doctan 
i:oo— Anotlwr World 
130— Ttrttht Pronun 


S 100— Krut . nutlc - tuD 

7:00— Todir 


a as— N««n 

B:0C— II Takca Two 

DJS— Ntn 

o 30— Con cm tr» Uon 

oiuo — S*la of Century 


'X t 

i ;oo^P«ul . Ilirrer— 
1. -OS— Noonday Nowi 

130— nrljnt PromUa 
3:00— Ptnr Una 
4:00— Sunwt Mori* 
Darby '« nupn" 
Sitt— Paul llarvar 
B 30— ltunUar-UMnJUey 
■ :oo— N*wt, SpU, Waa 

10:00— W«„ B-oti.. K«wi 

130— TOBlxht Stww 

Proiram luojael to chufa without Motlea 

7^po-CHB Moralnf 

:00— Lucr aaow_ 

JO— Dav. UlUdltUu 

i:VO— Andy at M*y- 

10 30— Lova o 

• Ittart 

.S;00— Na* 

11:23— ens Kawi 

for Tom. 
4 Tod ay - 
IJ JO— A* World Tumi 
1:03— Lova-SplaiMlarad 
laO— Ouldlnj Ufbl 
3:00 — 3«crcl Slonrt 

a jo— zan of »n-ht 

1 ;oo— Aflelion-i Allay 
J 30— raihlonj \a Saw- 

3:*0— MUia Dou'flaa 
1:00— Oomar Pyla 
■ JO— Croruuu Mawa 
B.OO— Wawi a Tonlxnl 

10:00— Na»a 4 TonlxW 
10:45— Mo>1a 1 TOJufint- 

KXJB TV {Ch. 4) 
Nota Tim a CHinaaa) 
MM- ICC rtnal W*\ti-n 
WaontiOiy, 4u(y tl 
r^oo_cn3 Uomlrur 

■ ;00— Captain. Kangaroo 
»:00— Lucy Snow 

»ao— Oavarly Hill 
tO;oO-^Andy ol Mayberrj 

IJO-^a tha World 
t :00— Lova-Sptwidorad 
I Qulilnt Upil 

JJO— ttdja ot Nlsht 
J:0O— Adalaon'a AUay 
) :30— raihlona la 

KXJB TV (Cn. 4) 

(Nota Tlma Chanottf" 
I1:1S-XX riiul JMIUon ' 

Thoradiy, July 11 
7:00— CDS Momlos 

Complete Lin* 

Fairbanks Morse 
Water Systems 

(shallow <£ d«p woll) 
on hand «t 

Ace Hardware 

Minnesota," be added. 

"Comprehensive Institutions 
have never been hind to 
vocational In- 
stitution that's going to be alt 
things lo oil people frequently 
ends up being nothing to 
anybody," VnnTries sold. Area 
vocational schools nrc"one of the . 
few institutions Hint con be held 
strictly accountable for what 
Ihcy do," he snid. In. a com- 
prehensive institution, it Is 
"always easy to pass Die failures 

[eft jabs but 

military service. Jim, and Don. Mrs. Hannah 

"This law is Inlcnded to Insure Larson and Richard Larson 

that men ond women who serve attended the funeral services for 

their country— whether In time of Raymond Anderson at the Salem 

peace or war— do not lose their Lutheran church west of Strand- 

Jobs and other employment, quist Tuesday forenoon, 

benefits because of military Lunch was served for the close 

service " Deaty said' relatives nt the Shirley Anderson 

Prior to ileaty"s assuming ^^p^' Slrandqulst 

responsibility for the veterans' """"' ™ 

Fleetwood '70 

by Englander 


10:00— Andy ot May- 

11JS-CH3 Kawa 

13:00— Nora t Today 
1330— World Tuma 
1 :oo— Lor* - Spltndorod 

130— auidlns LIfht . 
3:00— Sacra t Storm 

o cban|« without NetUf 

:»— K»-rin»l Kriil 

Fleetwood "70 p'o- 
vidos hiohost qual- 
ity for your money! 
5uperTirm comfort 
"plus e-eluiivo do- 


$59 so 

reemployment rights program In 
Minnesota ond northern 
Wisconsin, it .was administered 
oy the office of veterans' 
reemploymcnl rights In Chicago. 

Trail . . . 

Xn. AtbaH AbJum, Trail 

Mr. and Mrs. Italph Peterson 

and children of Oregon arrived on 

—Wed n esd ny- to-s pend-somc- 1 im c~ 

wlth their brothers and sisters 

after the 

Fourth of July dinner guests ; 

the Wallace Roppe home 
Mr. and Mrs. Hi chard Roppt 
afternoon visitors were Mrs. Bert 

~~ ima^hT?trTiirmira, - trrr"orvm<r 

Petersons. Ordcan Agnes' and 

Kenny licrgersons and Carl 

— Swcnos and wllh other relatives 

and friends. 

Mrs. Wayne Bakkc and boys or 
South Milwaukee. Wis. and 
Paulcttc Aaknes were Wed- 
nesday nltcmoon visitors at the 
Hclmer - Christopherson home. 
Wednesday evening visitors at 
— Oio Albert Aaknes home were Mr. 
and Mrs. Ralph Peterson and 
children of Oregon and Mr. and 
Mrs. Wayne liakko and boys of 
-South Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gary ond Debbie Wcberg and 
Paulcttc Aaknes attended the 
funeral of Allen Olson at the 
Nazareth church on Wednesday 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bakkc and 
_l«jys_oLSouth- Milwaukee, Wis- 
visited with her grandmother. 
"ilrs-RoM-IIruby-oi tho nursing- 
-home flt. Thief Itivrr Ralls — 
Mrs. James Paulson was n. 
brief caller ot the Albert Aaknes 
home on Friday afternoon. . 

SA Douglas Evlc left Friday for 
San Francisco following a two 
weeks loavo with his parents, tho 
Lester Evjes. He will be stationed 
ot Treasure Island tor the next 
four months attending radio 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Paschc 
and family of Hoyollon spent lost 
weekend al the celebration at 

"~Mr.ond Mrs. Jack Simons and. 
family of -Duluth arc .here, 
.vacationing with -his grand- 
mother.' Mrs, Kate Si ill on*, and 
with other relatives and friends. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rex McCandless 
and Mr. and M rs. Arc hie Ncff of 

Roppe and Shcr'rlvn. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wallnti- ww..-. 

and Mr. and Mrs. Ncls C. Nelson. 

visited at the Arnold Lundin 
" homent Stephen on Sunday. They 

also visited with Mr. Nelson's 

sister and brother ■ in - law. Mr. 

and Mrs. Adolph Vik of Falls 

City, Wnsh., both Mrs. Lundin 
- and"^Wrs.~ Vik "were ' rVccrtlir 

rf|«i-hi»rn"< lrnm lhr ~ Karlstad 


Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bakkc to 

Warren on Sunday evening to see 
Hie fire works there. 


Mra. ratar Kaiaawaal 
Cany, M*-IaU 

Mrs. Hilda Kvaalc and Rodger 
and Mrs. Martha Frclte were 
recent visitors nt lidil with 
Nels Lee, also Randinc Hanson 
and called on Ann Anderson and 
Gladys Keymcs at Baglcy. 

Mrs. Ernest Thorssen and Mrs. 

Stopcllon of Foley, 

...a visited Thursday af- 

in with Mrs. Gcmina Kllcrt- 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Scverson of 
Fosston nnd Mrs. Verna Gore of 
St. Paul were Friday evening 
visitors ot the Edwin Bergh 

Mr. and Mrs. George Rice. 
Terr! and Pam of Whilu Bear 
Lake spent Friday to Tuesday at 
the Peter Rutkowskl home. Tcrri 
and Pam had spent 2 weeks al the 
Reuben Rydeen home. 

Saturday afternoon visitors at 
the Hilda Kvaalc home were Mr. 
_and.Mra^.Grunl Slick, Brcnda. 
Nenl, Craig and Brian of 
Uaudcttc, enroule lo Plummer lo. 
attend Ihe wedding of Robert 
Stick nnd Elaine Malwllz. 

4th of July weekend guesis at 
the Edwin Bergh home were, Mr. 
omd Mrs. Mil Dlesch of 
uwaluunu, r>ir. und airs. Curlln 
Berg and girls of Elbow Lake and 
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Brcmseth 
and children of Minneapolis, Mr. 
and Mrs. Lloyd Brcmseth were 
Saturday evening callers also. 
— Mrrand- MrsT-Bob-Rutko wskr" 
-and-Pcttrr-of- Minnclonka spenl - 
several days at the Peter 
Rutkowski and Martin Maple 

Sunday, June 28, Mrs. Hilda 
Kvaalc and Rodger. Mrs. Martha 
Frctte. nnd Mrs. Theodore Frctte 
and Merrldceattended ihe golden 
wedding anniversary of Mr. and 
Mm. Herman Lee nt Snroh 
church near Ersklne. 

The Good Neighbors birthday 
club met at the Hilda Kvaalc 
home in honor of Mrs.,Frettc 
'whose birthday was In Moy. 
Those present were. Mrs. Ted 
Ness, Mrs. George Ness, Mrs. 
Elmer Brovold. Mrs. Bernicc 
Carlson, Mrs. Bruce Brovold, 
Mrs. Harold Slelle and Mabel 
Erlckson. Mrs. Ted Ness 
received Ihe door priic. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vemon Nyland of 
Detroit. Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. 
Harold-McCarthy and liillyof Ml. 
Clemens, Michigan arrived lusl 
J7ridAy-to-visiLaUheJcdA'yland — 

Mrs. Andor Ness and family 
Detroit Lakes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Knudson 
and Virginia, Mrs. Gail Mithunne 
visited Inst weekend at the 
Claude Knudson home. They als 

-campcd"nt"B:i-' .— ..... 

, Mr. and Mrs, 
the Virgil Knudson family met 
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Jacobson 
nnd family for a picnic dinner at 
Park Rapids. 

Mr. and Mrs, Arnold Hingslml 
nnd Kerry of Dixon, California 
arc visiting at. the Alfred 
Rlngstnd . borne 

retail vi_ . 

Mr. and Mrs. Olio Soli 
Mrs. Laura Langselh nf Crook- 
sion visited Saturday afternoon 
at the Roald Haugen home. 

Mrs. Martha Frctte went to 
Atwnter on Tuesday to spend a 
few days nt the Theodore Frelte 

Mr. and Mrs. Nick Koropal- 
nickl of Thief Illvcr Falls visited 
Sunday evening at Ihe Claude 
Knudson home. 

Mrs. Johnny Erie. Mrs. Reuben 
Rydeen, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth 
Forsberg and Donna. Mr. and 
Mrs. George Rice, Tcrri and 


md Mr* 


Itutkowski and Peter, Mrs. Mary 

Kotrba. Sirs 7 Kotrba" served n'pol 
luck lunch at the close of the 

Lyle Watne wns a Saturday 
overnight guest of Larry Kotrba 
nt the Anton Kotrba home. 

Wednesday— aft crnoon-Mrs- 

Hobhie Zavoral and Marion were" 
visitors nt the Clarence Johnson . 

Sunday visitors (it the Chester 
Solbcrg home were Mrs. Mavis 
CUiusenand family. Mrs. Yvonne 
lledliind nnd Jenifer, and Mrs. 
.Ann Stcnvkk. 

Thursday evening Mr. and 
Mrs. Clarence Johnson, Jean and 
Jimmy were callers nt the Bob 
Ziivonil home then later in the 
evening all were coffee guests at 
the Merle Naesclb home. 

Family Itruninn 
A family g'olhcring at the 
Goodridge hall was held on July. 
5lh, 1070.- Those in attendance' 
wore Mr. and Mrs, Jack llerrin 
and Murk of Los Angeles, 
California. Mr. and Mrs- Joe 
Uourgles, Hobble and Tnnyn of 
Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. and 
Mrs. Fred Dnblow and Curia of 
■ Thief Illvcr Falls. Mr. and Mrs. 
Carl Elg. Carol and Audrey Elg 
of Ttilef Itlver Falls. Leltoy Elg 

Edwin Sjulestad ond Ivan, 
ind Mrs. Edward Sjulestad, 
Howard Sjulestad, Mr. and Mrs, 
Richard Tharoldson, Mr. and 
Mrs. Elmer Eychnncr and Julene 
of Thief Itlver Falls' Mr. and 
Mrs. Arnold Helm nnd family of 
Lakola. N.D.. Mr. and Mrs. Bob 
Wiley nnd family of Min- 
neapolis. Mr. and Mrs. 
Norman Miller and family of 
Grccnbush, Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Dick Milter and family, Mr. and 
Mrs. Edgar Miller and family, 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Miller. 
Morrle and Gene of Thief River 
Falls, Mr. nnd Mrs, Leon I verso n 
nnd family. Hoselie. Roxajin and 
Rhonda. Other friends and 
relatives were also In attendance. 
A pot luck dinner and supper was 

~Tuesday eVeningMrsrnicsier 
Sul berg 'visited at the Henry 
Hunsdalil home. 

Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Swen 
Sjulestad and itenac and Mrs. 
Clarence Johnson. Jean and 
Jimmy were coffee guests al the 
Merle Naeselh home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Anderson 
and daughters of Minneapolis 
arrived Thursday In spend Ihe -Hit 
of July weekend at the Harold 
Anderson home. 'They returned ■ 

.ho me .Monday. 




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ThUf Rlw Fotlt 





Monday, July 13, 1970 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 


C. W. MATTWW, »u* M B r. 

ft. C. MATTtON. tup«Hi>UlKfint 




"A Croat many people, maybe most way department in Its total program. We 
people confronted V " difficult do question the willingness andeven the 
SWt'n-oSfefeufe^r SiSlLSf & "SSIo/^ ...... . 


QUESTION: What docs the U. 
S. Bureau or Customs do with the 
drugs that ore seized? 

ANSWER: Drugs seized by 

thnn the price I paid. What would 
have happened if I had used it? 
ANSWER: You could have 
found yourself in trouble. 
Customs Inspectors know values, 
and invoices of lesser amounts 
simply arouse their suspicions 
and can result In the seizure of 
the merchandise plus duty 

QUESTION: Evory so often I 
read of Customs selling heroin 
and other drugs that have been 
carefully concealed. Are these 
seizures the result of advance 

ANSWER: Customs agents anil 
Investigators, frequently come 
upon information which leads " 

Scnppoose, Oregon, Ed Sorcnson, 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Larson 
were supper guests at the Bill 
Potueckhomc of Rodlum o wock 
oho Saturday evening. 

Mr. ond Mrs. Gerald Peterson 
and Janet or Tillamook, Oregon 
land Mrs. Dogney Peterson 
visited Monday afternoon at the 
Leonard Larson home. 

Ed Sorcnson was admitted as a 
patient at Northwestern hospital 
a week ago Monday, and Is 
reported to t>e getting along fine. 
Wo sincerely wish for him a 
speedy recovery. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Peterson, 
Janet and Jeanne of Tillamook, 
Oregon, Mrs. Dogney Peterson 

to do." 

—James Gould- Cozzens - 

the Bureau Customs Inspectors make 

_. .._ Dangerous seizures without any advance 

Drugs and they lake core of the information. These arc -called 

The Youth Vote 

■equire ad *"^?lv?i. i«yi„ o lBliitii«.urfI1 Drugs"and "ih'eP lakccarcV the information. These 

We expect that the 1971 legislature Will ^^^^ Marihuana seized by "cold seizures." 

grant an increase in the suite gasoline CustomakdcslroycdbyCustoms QUESTION: In arriving in the 

tax, but not over two cents per gallon. An by burning. Unilcd states by car, i have 

j-. ■ i „„o„..,„t increase will also likely Be granted in QUESTION: I" bought an ar- noticed that certain cars are 

The following editorial appeared ccnscfces but not over 10 per cent. The ticle in another country that was moved ahead to a parking area 

recently in the Grand Forks Herald: J.^nhnratTinr hrirlffes will Drobablv be supposed to be delivered to me and the people sent Into the 

election, both Republicans ana ... .... ,_ ■.. 

Democrats are studying surveys in an 
attempt to find out which party the new 
voters are likely to turn, if either. 
The surveys indicate ,hnf 

that the time. Maintenance is necessary, new 
«S SaM I nS^tnc ftallT tfpay^ 

hotel In time and was shipped to they are smugglers?' 

uw~ .™*~ --j .----,- -.-.-. me by moil. Should I have had to ANSWER: No. They may need 

day of the automobile— ana that day will pay duty on It? Immigration documentation or to 

be a long one for the automobile In one ANSWER: Yes, It was pay duty or even o stole liquor 

form or another will exist for a long, long dutiable You ore allowed up to tax. There are many other 

1U1 " - ---- $ioo (fair rcloil value) customs 

exemption on goods that you means' only that the inspector 

bring with you. Anything that Is (whether Customs or Im- 

shipped lo you following your miration) has found It. 

return lo the United States Is necessary for further 

subject to duty even though you examination. Rather than hold up 

iv have planned on taking It nn entire line of traffic, the car 

,r. in.iij__i k..~. -_.i arc .sent to — 

ih.ii ««..«—■— . - h1nVm»iv ticort: must TMiqt Hnv wllii you and It did.not reach you _ond passctlgi 

lircnts do, if they adopt any strong party ^ ,w. a „a oiScr oltlccr, ™«nu t 

Buriike their parents. «y_are ^^^.r^ffi. 

candidate and .ssue conscious^ -^ -%£££ ™i to 5c"charged a higher rate 

- „ „ „ ^-j§i!i&^ 

rcDresent Most young adults are still collected snouia oe ubta biumy iu shipped to mc duly free? ssri 

rather apathetic about their newly-won 
right to the franchise. In the four "states 
where men and women from 18 to 20 are 
now allowed to vote, only about one-third 
bothered to do so in the 19G4 arid l%8 
presidential elections. The ratio of voter 
activity among those who become 
eligible for the first time at 21 isn't much 

Probe "U" Faculty 

The following editorial in the Minot 
(ND) Daily News indicates that at- 
torney Lyman Brink of Hallock did not 
waste much time before getting into 
action as a relatively new appointee to 

QUESTION: I would like (o ihe examination, 
purchase a set of china while What Is your Customs 
overseas. It would probably total question? If you have one, send it 
more than my exemption. Could I lo the; CUSTOMS ANSWER 
have tliis set divided lntosevcral_MAN T c-o District Director of 
■ - ... - - .. - _ Unk _ 

.._,.,. ...J? S8271 ■ 

ANSWER: No.. You 
entitled to on-exemption up-to- 
1100 retail value on items you 
bring with you when you return 
from a Irip lo another country. 
Anything shipped to you Is 
subject to duly. Attempting lo 
have Ihe shipmcnl sent as gifts In 
separate packages each under 

Reports on Viking 
Hews of the Week 

A reception. 

Riven for 

e Tnc youth group apparently is less the University of Minnesota board of 
Involved -with public life and more in — regents. . - . * , h „ 

The Democrats expect that seven out the authority o? the regents to make such 

of Vl ne™ vo?e7s who do bother to an investigation woufd, in our opinion. 

Sgister-in states which, unlike North rest upon tnc responsibihty^Hhe board 
Dakota, require party registration as a 

Erelude to voting— will do so as 
emocrats. But the Democratic Party s 
national deputy chairman, Ira Kapcn- 

SU, "I ihinl^mw' be * meaningless thVr^nKVto-JfiSWac,^ 

' ™T,Sr " he savs "Everything I've seen" freedonrwhich they pretend to cherish. 

SL|s S ?s y ave^?n J epen e de„.group ^ the t-cgents recede 

ol people. ; _ Republican freedom on a campus where that freedom 

. i- f. _- ;„„u,.mA i n ihnovtonl thnl tho university 

„ ..... Rh 

Michael Dunrud by his pa 
.:■■,■■ < , ■-, i i _, __j Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dunrud 
$10 In value is fraudulent and • o(|er gro dunllon exercises from 
subjects the good to customs Ncw f ?den high school on Moy, 
seizure. - saih. ThDSc_-ottimdins_wcrc Mr. . 

QUESTION: In a catalog from om t Mrs. Aaron Hook, and boys, 
overseas. I saw on Item that a Mr. and Mrs. Ivcr Hindu ond 
friend of mine In this country Greg. Mr. ond Mrs. Willis 
would just love. May I order ll Johnson, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom 
and have II sent as a gift without Yulrzenko, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 
there being a duly chargo? Anderson and Jell, Mrs. Ivnh 

ANSWER: No. Only something Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold 
tluil you actually purchased BJorgaard and Bruce. "— 
yourself while in onothcr country M-nyn» *■»»« 
and sent to another person in the 

nnd Robert Anderson of Viking. 
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Peterson and 
boys, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Upsund 
of Thief River Foils enjoyed a 

flenlc In the park In Thief River 
oils Sunday, 

Mrs. Leonard Larson, Ed 
Sorcnson and their guests, Mr. 
and Mrs. Douglas Johnson, Mr. 
and Mrs. Norman Kelloy of 
Scappoosc, Oregon, and Mr. and 
Mrs. Bill Potucck were Saturday 
dinner guests a week ago at the 
Harold Anderson home in Thief 
River Falls. 

Mrs. Lloyd Raftcseth and girls 
of Moorhcad. Mr. ond Mrs. Paul 
Tangquist and Jason, Mr. ond 
Mrs. Dwlght Tongquist ond Heidi 
of Thlcr River Foils, ond Mrs. 
Halward Anderson and girls, Mr. 
and Mrs. Alfred Raftcseth had a 

Slcnlc sdppcr Saturday evening, 
uly 4th at the Clarence Tang- 
cjulst home. 

Glcnda Moose wos.a Saturday 
overnight guest of Diane Flobcrg. 

Mrs, Lizzie Peterson and 
Lavcrac were visitors at the 
Egbert Jklnlbcrg homo Friday 

Mr. and Mrs. Chorlcs Reiner of 
East Grand Forks were dinner 
guests at the Arnold DJorgnord 
home u week ago Sunday. 

1 regret I was unable to contact 
many of you llems- 
telephone line. I would much 
appreciate it If you have news for ■ 
inst week,- give me a call and I'll 
be glad to take It anytime during 
the week. Thank you, 

Rev. nnd Mrs. Walter Black- 
wood of Lake Jenny and Rov. 
Fred Crnnslrom visited with 
Mrs. Helen Johnson and the 
Lloyd Ronum'B Tuesday 

Mr. and Mrs. Lylc Stokkc ond 
family were Thursday evening . 

.visitors ~at- the- Roger. Anderson 


Glenn and Agnes Halvorson 
were Sunday evening luncheon 
guests at the Carl Gustnfson 

service they were luncheon' n nd family of Mayvllle, No. 

guests at the David Drolls home Dakota spent Saturday and 

at Thief River Falls. Sunday with Ihclr mother Mtb. 

Those from Viking who left Amy Hansen and with the Earl 

Saturday to spend a week at the Erlckson's. On the <lh of July 

Blucwatcr Covenant Bible camp they all enjoyed a picnic dinner at ' 

were Janet Ronum, John and the Eorl Erlckson's. 
Jancllo Hanson. Pegjtv Sustad. Mrs. Sclma Peters left Friday 

Donna WUhclm, Arlcn Quammc. [ gpend a weeks vacation with 

Randy Sklcrven and Faye Lynn relatives In the Twin Cities. 
Toslrup. Rev. Fred Gronslrom Mr. ond Mrs. Pete Gloss and 

lefl Monday for camp. family of Moorhcad spent the 

Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. weekend nt^thc Oscar Swanson 

Oscar Swanson attended the home. 

Llndquist nnd Edgar wedding nl Mr.: and Mrs. Ted Yutracnka 

Our Saviors Lutheran church In and family of San Diego, 

Warren. California were Sunday supper 

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Hoffman guests at Ihe Tom Yuincnka 

and children of Thief River Falls Home. , ■ 

spent,ihe 4th ot the John Ell Mr.ondMrs. Ervln Marusknof 

Ingson home. Minneapolis were Sunday dinner 

Rev.' nnd Mrs. Walter Black- guests al the Tom Vutncnka 

woodofLakeJcnnyandRov.nnd-- home. 

Mrs. Fred Oranstrom were Mrs. Hilda Paron of Lom»— 

Monday afternoon visitors at the Linda, California. Mr ; nnd Mrs. 

Grygla Community 
Events of Interest 

u Iwi n n, CnnU, SMUI 

Thomas Samuclson homc._ 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Dorrcll Bar- 
tholomc ond girls of Renlon, 
Wash., arrived here Wednesday 

visited last Monday at the Egbert 
Malbcrg home. 
Mrs. Russel Flobcrg r— " 

Mrs. Olga Larson and grand- 
daughter, LcAnn Pactulck of 
Thief River Falls visited recently 
itiih Mrs. Carrie Solem. 

Arne Solent of Kansas City, 
Missouri, Mrs. Alice Adklns of 

■ Thief RIvcr.Falls and Mrs. Rulh 
Lee of Port Charlotte. Florida 
visited a week ago Wednesday 
with Mrs. Carrie Solem. 

Tom Smith was reminded of his 
birthday . recently when the 
following came to celebrate the 
occasion with him, Mr. and Mrs. 

"~ JomM"TeIflIiind and two grand- 
daughters, Cindy Ness of Viking. 

—and -Pamela - Smcby. Mr. and 

and also the same birthday. The 
Frnntmans left for ■ trip to 
Winnipeg, prior to their visit in 
Minn ea polls with relatives before 
returning lo Oregon. 

Mrs. Ida Mac Korstad ond 
Lcland visited Saturday even big 
with the Tom Wcbsters. Surrttay 
the Websters and Korttads at- 
tended ihe Indian Pow Wow at 
Red Lake. 

Spccer Talbcrt of Aitchorage, 
Alaska arrived on JunoSOth for a 
short visit with the Dal ton An* 
-dcrsons and Carl Rueir 

and -Pamela- Smcby. Mr. and home Tuesday were Spencer 
Mrs. Allan Tclgjand and two Talbert^Larry TrontvedtoiThlef 

ond will spend a few weeks at the Wednesday forenoon visitor and 

Frank Johnson home. Coming coffee guest of Olavn and June 

specially to help the Johnson's Soliom of rural Ncwfolden. 

slcbrato f-'" '""- •■—■-"— " 

cerebrate their 50th wedding 

Mr. nnd Mrs. George Peterson, 
Jimmy and Johnny of Min- 
neapolis came to visit -" ""' 

Mr. ond Mrs. Oscar BJorgaard 
of Argyle were Sunday evening 
visitors ot the Arnold BJorgaard 

.,^^.. a „.....* .- — — Mr.' nnd Mrs. Kenneth Art- . 

home of their slater the LcRoy dcrson of BcmldJI were weekend 

Sustad's Sunday evening. They guests at the Richurd Anderson 

were overnight guests and left home. On Sunday the Richard 

Monday to visit a brother ond Anderson's and Kcnnclh An- 

thcir mother Mrs. Carl Peterson derson's were Joined by Florence 

: at Aokloy. London and son Harold of Warren 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Person of and enjoyed a picnic nt ihe Old- 

Mlnncnpolla arrived Thursday Mill State Park.~~ - 
and spent until Monday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bollmon or 

at the Rev, and Mrs. Fred Dnsscl arrived here and sur- 

Granstrom home. prised the Arne Samuclson's 

A week ago Sunday Almn Monday evening, remaining for- 

Droits and. Thomas Samuclson a visit until Wednesday, Roy is 

were dinner guests ot the Hilma a brother of Mrs. Samuclson. 
and Raymond DrotU home. a week ago Sunday a family 

Rev. and Mrs. Walter Black- gathering wos held at the Ed 

wood of Lako Jenny arrived here Sorcnsoh home. Those in at- 

a week ago Monday at ihe Rev. icndonce were Mr. nnd Mrs. 
and Mrs. VredGranstrom_homc.__ Douglas Johnson. Mr. and Mrs, 
-Tho-BIackwood's-wcrc-rormcrly.^Norman_Kellcy^uf_Scnpi»o3e " 

of Viking having served Ihe Oregon, Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold 

Covenant church here Tuesday Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert 

evening. The Covenant ladles aid Jjoricn. Ricky and Randy ot Thief 

had their regular meeting with — - *•- —>*«-- "'" 

the Blackwood's and Rev. and 

Eonddaughtcrs. Gwen Flom and 
id LynnShcridan of Thief River 
Falls. Mr. nnd Mrs. Art Nordby 
and two grandsons, Steven and 
Doyle Anderson. 

Funeral services were held at 
the Norman Funeral home in 
Grand Forks, N. D. Thursday, a 
week ago, for Mrs. Palmer 
Slslad. Attending from Grygla 
were, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Sistad. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arvld Sistad and 

Sirls, Mr. nnd Mrs. Stewart 
istod.and girls, Mr. and Mrs.. 
Wallace Sistad, Mr. and Mrs. 

River Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Ben 
Anderson of Thief River Falls 
and John Vikcn of Minneapolis. 
Wednesday, Sherry and Carol 
Trontvedl of Goodrldge vlsllcd at 
the Dalton Anderson homo ond 
Ihe Trontvcdt girls ond Steven 
Anderson were supper guests at 

1 Dalton Andersons. - 
Sunday visitors at the BUI 
ZavoralhomewercMr. and Mrs. 

Panek and Susan, Mrs. Harvey 
Troika. Mrs. Dale Svcndsgoord 
and Twyla and Mrs. Kermll 
Moldmenl. Vislllng guests were 
Mrs. Don Barth and Brian and 
Mrs. Henry Tronson. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson 
nnd girls visited at the Urs 
Llndwlck home last Monday 

Mr. ond Mrs. Vernon Phitlpp 
and Mike visited at the Joe Mead 
home In Thief River Falls Sunday 
evening. Mr. and Mrs. Woyno 
Peters ond family were also 
guests (here. 

■ Joe Phllipp ond Sieve Nelson 
spent the weekend fishing at 
Lake of the Woods and reported 
very good luck. They also visited 
with Poulettc Phllipp at Lake or 
the Woods Bible camp. 

■ —....j mlngMr. i 

a Hand -of 

and Mrs. John 

_ rr d at the Vernon 

Phllipp home. Mr. and Mrs. 
McFarlond ore-spending a week 
or so visiting relatives in this 
area and arc staying with Mrs. 
John Phllipp. 

Lorl Schulti of Si. Hllalre and 
Judy Wllhclm of Thief River 
Falfs spent the weekend as guests 
of Juanlta Hruby to help her 
celebrate her birthday. 

July 4th dinner guests al the 
Henry Panek home were Mr, ond 
Mrs. Kenneth Russell, Mr. and 


Thief RiverFalls, Minn. 


Monday, July 13, 1970 

home with them lo spend the 

Mrs. William J. Wayne and 
Mrs. Gerald Wayne and Dan! 
were. coffee guests at the Frank 
Donorski home Friday afternoon 
when they stopped to pick up 
Julie Wayne to bring her home. 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wavne 
and John and Mr. and Mrs. 
Rodney Wnync nnd boys of Circle 
Pines were Sunday evening 
supper guests at uio Gerald 
Wayne home. . 

Mr. and Mrs. Merle GJovik 
were Sunday callers at the 
Harvey Troska home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Knudson and 

-tholr- nephew Rob Knudson spent 

ikend nt Lake Lldfl-ncar^ — ondiamlly 

Mr, nnd Mrs. Andrew No Mock 
and family of Alvarado were 
Sunday visitors ond supper 
guests ot the Vernon Regalia 

Mrs. Stanley Panek and Mr. 
and Mrs. Robert Bcndickson and 
Richie spent the afternoon of the 
Fourth of July ol the Henry 
Bcndickson home. 

Dennis Bcndickson nnd Sue 
Slokke visited nt the Henry 
Bcndickson home Saturday . 

EXAMINING A REOULAHON tauta* rilh th. gjjf ^ffif fie nSWSSl'flfrJ'S ^" [ F^S^SC^P "* 

Jerry Sistad, David Sistad, Curtis 
Nordby, Mrs. Rodney Anderson 
and Mr. and Mrs. Art Nordby. 

rogram ore Staff Sergeant Ron Anderson, Thief 
. _iver Falls area recruiter; Sergeant Donna Porker 
and Sergeant First Class Ralph Lcnzmcicr, bolh 

United Stales or someone in 
another country sent home lo you 
as an unsolicited gi(l_ having a 
fair retail value of not "more than 
$10 may be exempt from duty. 
Articles ordered for yourself 

Sundsledt and Lisa Marie. 

Recent visitors at ihe Thomns 
Samuclson home were Mr. and 
Mrs. Raymond Kostrecwski and 
Irene of Stephen, Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Stanley Grembowski and Frank 
of Oslo, and Mrs. Arne 

Mr. and Mrs. Borne Westbcrg 

lis counterpart in 
■Mison Jr., 
also all these surveys 

Party. James Allison Jr., tends to agree. 
"there ' " ' L 

showing that neither party is gaming 
much-among the young voters," he ex- 

plains. Most coming out of college these 

days are much more independent. 

— — -political scientists-think that pohtieal- 
i ntrrnst may be i ncre asing among the 
young and that the old studies on the 
number who vote may be misleading. But 
they note that in the current unsettled 
state of the nation, young voters can I be 
given to either party out of hand. They 
arc less likely to develop any party 
allegiance than their elders and to be 
moved by prevailing political tides. 

Highway Troubles 

Plight of the Minnesota highway 
department— as outlined from many 
anfiles Wednesday evening by Com- 
missioner N. T. Waldor and his aides— is 
averyrealone. It'sa tough proposition to 
face the future's greater demands with 
expectations of very little increase in 
revenue.. ..or so it would seem. 

— — — The— natural— tendency— in— such— a- 
si t li nt inn— t he CCflcx a ction. so to speak, 
by administrators in tneaepartment— is 
to begin beating the drums for more 
revenue. Itevenue is a polite word for 
money. The .department won t get it 
unless the legislature appropriates it, and 
the legislature will not be eager to grant 
increases if the public is not sympathetic 
to the cause. 

The job of the department at present, 
-"therefore, istobuild a- strong- case-for— 
highway values and to show just cause 
for needing additional funds. That was 
precisely the reason the commissioner, 
members of his staff and officials of the 
Minnesota Good Roads association were 
in Thief River Falls, on Wednesday. It is 
the reason they have been or will be in 13 


wieks. , ■. „. , . 

Commissioner. Waldnr_ouU_ined fpur_ 

"" possible - alternatives -at - WcancsdayV- 
meeting here, with the optimum being a 
iwo and one-half cents per gallon in- 
crease in the state gas tax in the 1971 
legislature, plus a two cents per gallon 
increase in every fourth year legislative 
session thereafter, plus a 15 per cent 
increase in motor vehicle license, fees, 
plus a fixed annual surcharge on license 
fees for 10 years for bridge replacement. 
The proposed surcharge would be 52 on 
motorcycles, $7 on automobiles and light 
" trucks, S14 on medium trucks and 521 on 
heavy trucks- .- .. , - ,..-_, 
We don't question the value of good 
farm to market roads-We don't question 
the obvious safety of divided highways. 
We don't question the value of freeways 
in moving metropolitan traffic. We don't 
even question the efficiency of the high- 

rest upon the resi „ - 

to protect academic freedom on the 

campus. . 

"No doubt there are a few rowcai f 0I amli , tr ptMon from sources _ o( :M|'nnc'a fjolirvisTt'cd'SunuaVu? 

professors there Who Will msiSt that SUCh infordgncolmlricsarcsubjectto SeThSmni&mS^c. 

an investigation is repressive, and that duty if they exceed si in value. Lylc strclch and girls of 

, ,._._-. !_ ._ „i:n„ .u„ nn „rf nm . n QUESTION: I paid duty on, an Garden Grove. California were 

Item under SID that was sent to dinner guests at tho Willis 

measaglftandshouldhnvcbecn Johnson home n week ogo 

passed duly-free. How can I get a Monday. 

refund? - Saturday eveninft supper 

ANSWER: Wrilen Idler to Ihe guests at the Hilmn and 

customs office that Issued the Raymond Drolls home were Mr 

mull i-ntrv customi Form 3419 and Mrs " Herbert Person, ond 

mail intry. cusionu torm mij. jiuUjj^ta.orjiiruuauaiiLjtcu 

is abused to the extent that the university 
itself is disrupted. It is idle to pretend 

hrcimtmTtc-frgcd um c an -bc-scrved-by — furrtshing-a-copy-of-yot 

acUWtierand'ex'pVeTsionVwhich strike at "^ ««iP' ^m% 
the freedom of others on Uw.™mPJ»: _Sifi£?! fe S. r Bl S.i reasons. 

"Specifically Brink -asked for art in- why Mieve thli pockn(U> 

-VCStigation of those on-thC-Iacuity .Wno^ahould have been passed frce.-lf 

advocate discontinuance of classes, your cloim is valid, you will 

"striking "and who in other waysradvocate— .reccivc-yourrefund.— - — — 

■ riisrnntinn " " Wnnt is >' our CusInms 

T."':, nnlhinn in the report of the W^lion? If you have one. send it 

Thereis notningin tnert-portoi uit [o thc , cllST0MS ANSW eh 

regents' meeting to indicate mat MAN c ^ D|5[rjct Dinxlor ot 

President Malcolm Moos, a strong ad- customs. Pembina. No. Dak. 

vocate of academic freedom, opposed the jb37i 
investigation, On the contrary he is QUESTION: what can 

quoted as commenting that failure of travelers expect when they clear 

faculty members to meet classes and to °«!$«« "£ ye T n r r fl 7 vclorH , mav 
honor contractual, obligations adds "a ANSWER. Travelers may 
new dimension" to questions of academic 
freedom and of tenure. 

What we have come to call academic 
freedom, in the best sense, is in- 
dispensable to the climate of scholarly 

inquiry in any university. It is the ln5p , clion ahould lnkt . 

freedom of seasoned scholars to speak f lhB " n cxp<xU:d , u n» y („. 

freely among themselves, and to others, ^^ bv lhc morc thorough 

on subjects in which their knowledge IS baggage inspection being mode 

well founded, and on matters related to as port of on overall 

^to^ords-the-freedonvof-professors-to ftwen. CB to Ct ivii y^c ust m.osks 

red C 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Yutncnko 
and famlty intended, thc Yutr- 
zenka fiimlly reunion al lhc Mert 
Yutrzenka home of Argyle. They 
nlso celebrated their son Paul's 
5ih birthday al this gothcrlng, 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Kermit Malbcrg 
and family of Thief River Falls 
were supper guests ot lhc Egbert 
Mnlberg home Sunday evening, 

Enjoying a picnic on the lawn 
at lhc Russell Flobcrg home 
Sunday were Mr. nnd Mrs. -Floyd . 
Fullon and Ronald Mr. and Mrs. 
Jack Scheie and' Sherri of 
Goodrldoo. Mrs. Clara Halvorson 
of Thief River Falls, Mr. and 
Mrs. Wallace Peterson and 
family of rural Argyle. Arnold 
Vixlc and Rnynert Oswald. Thc 
occasion was to help Duanc 
Flobcrg celebrate his 12th birth- 
day. Birthday cakes were 
' mght by Mrs WaUd.CC 

Mrs. Orville Sustad of Arvadn, 
Colorado having n part In the 

Eirogrnm. Hostesses were Mrs. 
lichard Anderson, Mrs. Roy 
Copcland and Mrs. Fred Gron- 

Frlday evening thc Aleck 
Anderson's cntcrtnlncd nt a 
luncheon Mr. and Mrs. Gerald 
Peterson orTillumook, Oregon, 
Dogney Peterson nnd Robert 

Afternoon luncheon guests nt 
lhc Hilda Larson home Snturdny 
lhc 4th were Mrs. Leonard 
Larson, Mrs. Lloyd Ho num. Mrs. 
Clarence Tangquist ond Mrs. 
Clarence Guslafson, 

Mr. ond Mrs, Pete Gloss and 
family of Moorhcad. Mr. ond 
Mrs. Bob Ivcrsan and family, Mr. 
and Mrs. Erwln Moen and family 
of Alvarado were Sunday dinner 
guests at thc Oscar Swanson 

Fails," Mr. and Mrs. Bill 

Polucek of Radium, Mr. and Mrs. 
Lconiird Larson and Bruce. 

On lhc July 4th a G o'clock 
supper was enjoyed nt Ihe Mrs. . 
Dogney Peterson and Robert 
Anderson home. The -guests were 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Peterson, 
Janet and Jeanne of Tillamook. 
Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. Billy 
Peterson nnd boyii and Mr. and 
Mrs. Eddie Upsund of Thief 
River Fulls. , , , 

Mrs. Lloyd Rnfteselh and girls 
of Moorhcad spent the weekend 
at Ihe Clarence Tnngquist home. 
Mrs. Raftcseth attended the class 
reunion of lhc Ncwfolden high 
school which was on Saturday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Moron of 
Minneapolis visited with Grygla 
relatives from Thursday until thc 
following Monday. While here 
thoy were house guests at tho 
Mclvin Sorcnson homo- 
Mr. and Mrs. Art Ortllpp of 
Chicago, III. visited a few days 
with the Harold Bushes and with 
other relatives and friends. 

- Mr. and Mrs. John Franzman. 

— of Est acoda r Orcgo n-spent-the- 
past week vislllng relatives nnd 
friends In thc Grygla nrcn. They 
were house guests nt thc home of 
Mrs. Minnie Bucholz. 

David visited with the Rob 
Zuvorols and Clarence Johnsons 
at Goodrldge. ' 
Mrs. Rooert Mouris, Susan, 

Wisconsin. Sergeants Parker and Lctumclcr and 
Major Gotnon were visiting Ihe Thief River Falls 
recruiting office Tuesday and Wednesday for a 
progress check. 

Standing broad Jump, running 

„ brood Jump, high Jump, Javelin 

Kalhy and Michael of Jonesvilie. ._throw,_dJscus.thrpw. shot-put. 30. 
Wis. visited a week at the Bill yard hurdles ond M yard dash. 
Znvoral home. Ernie Zovoral of "The Cub Scouts within lhc 

plane to spend three weeks 
his grandparents, thc .om 


— Mr.-nnd Mrs.- Lee Rising, Jodl 
ond Mark of Omaha, Nebraska 
visited a week with her parents, 
the Bill Zavorals. 

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Moron 
and Mr. and Mrs. John Franz- 
man visited one evening with 
Miss Charlotte Loyd. 
. Eloync Holthuscn celebrated, 
her birthday July 1st In the af- 
ternoon ot her. parental home. 
vuiui mm mi. i-uiitiuuii. Guests were Mrs. Ingmor 
Nancy. Lori, Cheryl and David Tancm, Jimmy, -Judy Sharon 
Toll, all of Minneapolis. Mr. and and Kelly, Mrs.Jock Holthuscn 

k dinner and nn 
nficrnoon of visiling al the Grace 

Srish hall in Grygla July 5lh. ..' 
escnt were, Mr. and Mrs. John 
Franzman of Eslacada, Oregon, 
Carol and Terry Fnnimnn, 


cmaoFRAcnc phtsicuut I 


Kelly. Volerie HoUhusen 

and Blair Holthuscn, Mrs. Ardcll 

Holthuscn, Lori ond Vickie, Mrs. 

Henry Grondahl,. Mrs. Rudella 

Tancm, Susan and Curtlss of 

- Goodrldge, Mrs, Henry Elil of St; 

Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Nail Elli of 

urninc, i,ii, U i, u m ia , nui>^ Chicago, III and Mrs. Billy 

Ness. Julie and David, Mr. nnd -Wikert. Wendy, Donny and 

Mrs. Morris Slenberg and family, Penny. 

Mrs. Ronald Bucholi and family 
of Grace City, N. D., Mr. nnd 
Mrs. Harlcy Bucholz ond Pixie of 
Grand Forks. N. D., Mr. ond Mrs. 
Harold Finney and family of St. 
Vincent. Minn., Mr. and Mrs. 
Chcslic Ruud ond Terry of 
- Gatzkc, Mr, ond Mrs, Harvey 

nnd Mrs. Fred Grnnsirom and Peterson ond Mrs. Floyd Fuiton. 

Alma Drolls. That evening Rulh Sundny afternoon visitors -nl 

Drollsshowedslidesofherlrlpto the Cinrcnce Gustnfson home 
-Alaska- An -enjoyable -evening — wcrcMr-ond Mrs. Bill EJrink- 

wns spent. man and family of Crookston, 

DonnnWilhclm of Thief River— MrrnndMrsrJohn Guslafson and 

Falls was an overnight guest ot family nnd Rose Osborne. 
~ Peggy Sustad -Fridays Saturday— — Callers" - at "the Thomas- 

mornlni " 

ning Peggy and Don 

they clear U. S. Custi 
America faces a grave danger 
from drug abuse and lis Customs 
Service Is thc first line of defense 
against illegal drugs entering the 
country. If upon your arrival 
should laki 

among those who left by bus to 
spend thc week at Ihe Bfucwnter 
Covenant Bible Comp. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Lasscson 
of Mcintosh were Wednesday 
visitors al lhc Thomas 
Samuclson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alton Snckctt and 
Malcolm Tangquist were lun- 
cheon guests Snlurdny evening 
the 4lh al thc Aleck Anderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nelson ond 
family visited Wcdncsdoy 
evening ol the Emll Zavornl 
home in Thief River Fails. 

The- LeRoy Sustad's en- 
tertained at a home supper parly 
Thursday evening at their heme 
having as Ihcir guests: Rev. and 
Mrs. Orville Sustad and Kevin of 
Arvndo. Colorado, Mrs. Tillic 
-Susla d-and- Donna — W i ihclm _oI 

Samuclson home Friday 
Mr. and Mrs. Werner Jacobson 
nnd Mrs. Clara Blomqulst of 
Thief River Falls. 

Mr. nnd Mrs. Wnync Sundsledt 
and Lisa Marie of St. Cloud were 
Monday visitors nl the Mrs. Ivah 
Anderson home. 

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hjcllc. 
Clark and Steven enjoved o 

Sicnlc dinner on thc *lh with 
Irs, Lillic Flodstrom on her 

Rulh Droits of Minneapolis 

Richard Rude of Minneapolis, 
Mrs. Minnie Bucholz and Mrs. 
Esther Hope or Grygla. Three 
birthdays were also celebrated at 
this occasion, John Franzman's, 
Mark Stcnbcrg's and Harlcy 
Bucholz. Mrs. Morris Slenberg of 
Thief River Falls baked and 
decorated n large birthday cake 
with thc names of the honored 
guests Inscribed In colored Icing.. 
Monday, Mrs. Minnie Bucholz 
nnd Mr. and Mrs. John Frnnz- 
mnn were entertained at supper 
at the Harvey Ness home. Oilier 
guesls were Mr. ond Mrs. Morris 
Slenberg 'and family, Mr. and 
Mrs. Duonc Lusignan and Jill 
and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swanson 

n nrfMlrhnM n fThlr.fntvr.rFiTll^ 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bolko of St. 
Pnul nnd family spent a Tew days 
visiting at thc Vernon Holthuscn 
home. They went lo Warren 
Friday, but will return to spend a 
longer visit with lhc Vernon 

Grygla C